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Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

I have a sort of scrooge-like friend. I thought I would make him a special Christmas tree.  It is a regular tree branch, with evergreen pieces hot glued to the tips. I used a paddle bit to drill...

Repurposed Door into hall tree (my first post)

I had been wanting to do a project like this, but I was unable to find a narrow solid door. While visiting my daughter I found one on clearance at the restore for $5.00.  The mirror was a full...

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Re: Cozy Cotton Sweater Throw

wow! I love this! looks so warm and cozy! gail

Re: Funky Sweater Purse

great repurpose! :) I love it.

Re: "BR549, please"

br 549! tells our age! love it! gail

Re: Christmas Chair cover

very cute! so colorful. gail

Re: Four-Poster for Pooch

how cute is that! I love it!

Re: Christmas on the front porch

Love it! great job.

Re: Junkin' in Maryland

I'm jealous! such cool stuff!

Re: Thrift frame to sophisicated art...

love it! Nice job

Re: Retro baby shower

it all looks wonderful! great job.

Re: Wooden Number Tags

very cool! I love numbers!

Re: ~ Vintage Ornament Wreaths ~

These are so pretty! You really do great work!
Could you please give us a few details of how you make them? What do you use for your base? What glue do you use?

Re: A shabby chic lamp makeover

awww, perfectly cute!


Re: And she is done! well for the painting she is

super job! it looks great.

Re: More great finds

nice! spindles at our hab store are $1.00 each.

good luck with your projects and your booth.

Re: A little on the wild side!

I too, thought it was tiled! You did a super job!

Re: corner shelf

very nice! I'm glad you were able to keep a piece of "history"
I did the same thing with a door from my daughter's house.

Re: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

wow! what a transformation! great job.


Re: Repurposed Door into hall tree (my first post)

Thanks all for the very kind words and welcome!

Paterd... oops! I posted the wrong picture. It does have coathooks on the finished project. :)

check out the second picture here:

The hooks really made the difference!


Re: Old windows and doors

lucky lady! let us know what you decide, k?


Re: What is this?

I was thinking ashtray, but I think sue may have it... former table lamp.
In any case, I would have scooped it up for sure!


Re: Ridiculously simple centerpiece....

yay! your first post! good for you.

30 cents? that's amazing!

Nicely done Anne!


Re: Fairy House

awww it is gorgeous! Very nice work!


Re: Moving into 2nd Gear!!

cool lamp!

Re: mid century chair re-do

very nice, love the color!


Re: New roadtrip finds.

cool stuff!


Re: The Key to Success

Love those frames! and I love old keys!

good luck with the sell!


Re: should I paint it pink?

I always have the hardest time deciding what color to paint. Tonight, I was asking my daughter "what color should I paint that cabinet door (chalkboard) She was no help. She said "white???"

Good luck with your decision, sorry I am NO help!

but I do like your table! great storage!


Re: lawnchair to patio pillow

super save!

Re: wood mosaic tabletop

I think this looks awesome! He did a great job.

Re: my version of $100. shower curtain :)

very creative!

Re: Vintage Redesign Jewlery Designer Scours Oronoco Flea Market for Treasures

wow! awesome!

Re: Old window coffee table


Re: Repurposed chest of drawers/TV cabinet

I've seen this on flickr, and fell in love with it as soon as I saw it!

Re: Headboard bench

I like making these benches. I currently have many in my inventory. :) Hoping to make some more when the weather cools.
Nice job! I love the color.

Re: Tin ceiling crown molding shelf

you've been busy! I love this! I never come across ceiling tin. :(

Re: Decoupaged table and lamp

Great idea to copy the images instead of using the originals.
It looks great!

Re: Always kiss me goodnight sign

very pretty. great job!

Re: Embellished mirror

I can't believe you got that so cheap! Great find.

Re: Broken china mosaic backsplash

I think you did a great job! I've never done mosaic. I've attempted it, but haven't completed anything yet.

Re: Vanity chair renewed

very cute! I'm not surprised you sold it quickly.

Re: Tiered Server

I love it! I too would like to know what glue you used. When I made one, it did well until it was stored in a cold room, and the pieces easily came apart.


Re: Chippy Sconce Redo...

lucky you! very cute!

Re: My First Post

cool pieces!

Re: garden angels

your barn wood angel is so cute!

Re: New item for upcoming "Barn Chic" Sale August 21 & 22

love it! the rake is an awesome addition!

Re: Newest Glass Garden Totem

I love totems! nice work, I like the colors.


I've made several of the headboard benches, but it never dawned on me to cut some off of each end to use as the sides. Just goes to show that there is always something to learn!

Re: Shabby Chic Bench

great job! very sweet!

Re: Chair Planters

good luck at your sale!

Re: Desk with Chalkboard Top

way cool! great job!