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This girl goes out early on trash days to find what's curbside and loves to go dumpster diving, as well as shopping on "Thrifty Thursday" (as I call it) for some great finds! Let's see - I love the beach but hate the sand, I love to eat but hate the grocery store, I love Motown music but really can't stand the Supremes, I love to garden but hate bugs! I can't sew even a button on but love to collect vintage fabrics ~ I just look at them and dream of what they could be! I collect a ton of things, but especially love my children's watering cans and shoe boxes, measuring spoon holders, washboards, vintage nursery vases, and HANKIES! This site is Fun, Fun, Fun (am also a Beach Boys lover) and I can't wait to see / post more!

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TING...went the strings (I mean xylophone) of my Heart!

I've been wanting to do this for some time now, but once my junk swap partner, Pam (TinTinJunkFan) sent me my box of goodies and I discovered the bottle cap for Ting, I just knew it was time to stop...

Thrifting Thursday and I got...WHAT???

Thrifting Thursday is here again and it was a great day with temp's hitting the upper 70's!  After our winter of snow, I was so glad to get out and about...I just bought stuff that I have no...

I've got some "Hang" ups!

I have a hang-up about hangers!  My collection is small (so far) but I love searching for them at the garage sales/ thrift stores.  I am almost sure no one else is there looking for...

Santa's shopping cart just arrived!

Thought I'd share my collection of vintage ornament, ornament hanger and tinsel boxes.  I think I must have been a graphic designer in a previous life because I'm so attracted to the vintage...

Chaining up the Ornaments!

My tree fell down last year and several of my "newer" ornaments crashed...but, I still had all of the vintage ones and decided to showcase them this year since there won't be so many on the tree -

Merry Christmas to All

Twas the night before Christmas and All through the house... A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL and to all a good-night!

Arvin is HOT!

I saw this little metal heater at the thrift shop Thursday ~ picked it up ~ put it back.  Then, as I was walking down the aisle, little JM voices kept Tsk Tsk Tsk'ing me!  I swear!  I...

Going Green? I'm GONE!

Going Green this Christmas? I've GONE (out of my mind, maybe!)

Vintage ornament display - better than Cake!

I used three stacking cake plates to display some of my old ornaments - I just got the striped one in the middle tier (it's marked Western Germany) from the thrift shop in a bag of really...

Vintage Stool cover - Ewwww!

Here's the vintage toilet seat cover that matches the toilet paper roll cover from an earlier post...it fit perfectly on my old stool.  Sorry for the play on words in the title - I couldnt...

Lots of Love Always Yours, Bill 1941

This card is 8x10.  It has a cellophane crinkly outer paper to protect the raised I Love You - in brass lettering -  and red ribbon - it's so beautiful!  The graphics on the...

Tree Stand Shopper

Tree stand or shopping lady or Santa? 

Well, I did the Button Project ...hmmm.....

Well, Kathy (Shabby Chick) thanks for the wonderful instructions ~ however, my Michael's didn't carry 19 guage wire so I had to use 18.  Then, I couldn't find any buttons since I don't sew, so I...

COOL way to showcase your villages

What a COOL way to display your Christmas villages ~ it actually looks cold in there!  A great re-use of a commercial regrigerator / freezer!  I saw this at our local nursery and just had...

Trellis trellis everywhere

When I found this gi-normous trellis at a yard sale, I just knew it would be a headboard.  The rub-on stencils behind added that dimension I was looking for.  Then, everywhere I...

Shopping for ideas ~ croquet, anyone?

Horray ! My first post!  I'm "shopping" for some ideas for my old 1920's shopping cart ~ I had glass cut for the top and bottom.  The top slopes down, so nothing breakablenbspor...

Recent comments

Re: Record players as art :)

This is absolutely awesome and what a wonderful idea! I am a vinyl person myself and this is just toooo creative. My wheels are spinning about who to gift one of these to for their Christmas gift. Thanks for the inspiration!
I wonder if you could do this with a 45 player? How cool would that be????????????????

Re: Copper Tray - Saved

You MUST turn this into a clock! With big numbers! How cool would THAT be?!?!?! Love it!

Re: Industrial Table [WRECKAGE]

Let me be the first to say WOW! This piece is remarkable and it does look really old! You did a great job, as always! Thanks for sharing and Have a great Labor Day!

Re: I love Rust

Seriously, you could print these out, mat and frame them, and they would sell like hotcakes....for sure!

MakinItHappen ~ OMG, you are soooo right about pic #2 ~ I can see it also, now that you mention it. I would so love to have this one in a frame and blown up to a 12X14....instant art and what a conversation piece!

Great work, Lindsey!


Re: Art & Architecture Junkmarketstyle - I just got home! Part 2

I need that rocker so much!

Re: Art & Architecture Junkmarketstyle - I just got home! Part I

Wish I could have been there!

Ditto on those doll heads ~ I am not a fan, either. THey're very Toy Story to me and also very, very creepy!

Love everything else tho! Thanks for sharing!


Re: My Swap Project 6 - bluebucket

These are really cute !

Re: Need a Pencil?

I've been waiting to make one of these myself using all my hubby's old golf pencils ~ don't cha think that would be cool for his "Man Room"?!?!?

Love this and thanks Jenny! We all love to copy you!

Re: dance necklaces using tap shoe taps

ABSOLUTELY adorable! and quite clever! I love this!


Re: Help me think of a name!

This looks like a spider to me so you could name him --- oh, what's Spiderman's real name? Is it Parker or something? I can't remember but I definately see a spider and it's definately a guy so Charlotte won't work!

Cute! Thanks for sharing!

Re: [WRECKAGE] Cabinet

Fantastic! Are they already lining up to buy?

Will you be opening up a shop or sell on a website? When? Where?

Details, details, details...because I know you do great stuff and I want me some of it!

Best wishes for your Wreckage!


THis is definately an egg thing-y but in picture #2 it looks like a bee hive! I can just see you adding some wired bees - bzzzz.
Thanks for the post and keep them coming!


Re: OXO ... Hugs n Kisses

This is really cute ~ love the OXO tins and now THAT's going on my list of junk to look for ~ that's what I love about this site - I keep adding to the list!

I didn't do any Valentine's this year because of the huge snowstorm we had here in Maryland and now I'm mad that I chose to just lay around and look at the blizzard instead of getting my vintage Valentine's out and displaying them! Oh well! I'll just look at yours!


Re: ~Be My Valentine~

Your are amazing ~ I could not believe when you wrote that these were cardboard letters that you painted/distressed...You really should go into business and I'll be in line to be customer #1 !!


Re: Barbed Wire Never Looked So Good

Who would have thunk? This is wonderful!


Re: ~Junk In The Garden~

Love these pictueres, especially since we were bombarded with snow last night and it looks like spring will never get here!

The bee skep is to die for and I also love the scaffolding with that luscious plant!

Great job ~ thanks for sharing and brightening up my day!

Re: Still Testing My Metal!

This is fantastic! I know you're not throwing out the piece you cut off so could you use the chain on it and make it into a caddy of some sort? Like to carry food to the table? Or what about a hanging candle-leir (SP?) over the table? Or, turn the piece over and make a large clock and hang it on the wall from the chain?

Whatever - it's great and would also be fabulous on the deck or porch since the more wear, the better! great job.


Re: Okay I admit it, I'm addicted to Thrift Stores

Yep - you're at the right place for your addiction. Everyone knows about my "Thrifting Thursday's" around my house! They're 25% off on Thurs., so I go to all 5 in my area ~ a trip around the Capital Beltway rain, snow, sleet or sun!

I am a thrift store addict and I do not want an intervention. Do not mess with me on Thursday's (or any other day when I can get away and go!)

Great post!


Great idea and good luck to you in the SUPERBOWL! My team, the Washington Redskins, have been there 4 times! It's soooo much fun to win!
I'm visiting NO in February, after the SB and Mardi Gras...boy, that town will never get back to normal with all that's going on down there after winning the championship!
Great city and good luck ~ this Redskin fan will be rooting for you!


Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

100% IN! Thanks - this will be really fun!


Re: Yes, It Spins Too!

Super looking table! I love it, as usual...another thing to look for now when thrifting along with rulers, bed springs, trophies, domes/cloches, maps, faucet knobs...and the list goes on! Thanks for a wonderful post

Happy Junking!

Re: Artist's tool box

Very nice and you are soooo neat! My goodness! I should be so lucky...

Thanks for sharing!

Re: Well Worn, But Well Loved . . .

Great collection - I think the cracks, crazing and discoloration add character...it makes you wonder who owned it and what did they think about it when it cracked?

Who wants bright, shiny, new stuff when you can have things that tell a story? I love that not much in my home came from some slick store! Who needs it? People come into my home and always remark that it's full of junk - wonderful JUNK! I love it!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful collection.


I also was inspired by the button bouquets on the site and I started making these last year. All of my friends and family now have one and I am obsessed with making them! I have everyone looking for buttons and now have an enormous stash and can't stop getting more!

Love these! You will have a great time making these ~ I make mine at night with the TV on and this way I don't eat junk because I can't get my hands all greasy!

THanks for sharing,

Re: Photo Finish

This is way cool! I love how you came up with converting this into a frame ~ I don't know/think I would have been as original, but now I'm going to start thinking frame whenever I see some junk!

With the internet nowadays, the time your girl is gone should go by quickly ~ I really was amazed at how quick it went for me when mine was gone - they leave, come home for CHristmas break, you settle in for the cold winter and then here they come again for the summer! It's really not that bad!


Re: Have Suitcases; Will Travel

Never too many! I, too am a collector but I limit myself to white and green only, altho now that I think about it, I do own a red! Oops!

My entire stack of white holds the grandboys toys - all their little army men, hot wheels, transformers, and a huge Lego collection. I love that they can play and I can close them up and have a neat display and no one would ever know of the chaos inside!

Never, ever think you have to much - of anything!


Re: Nesting Bird Server

Adorable - I love that NO ONE else will ever have this special dish...that's what makes it so wonderful. What a great job and neat idea.

thanks for sharing,

Re: What's Under That Glass Dome?

Jenny~ you've outdone yourself again! And I'm so happy about the info on domes/cloches. I've seen a LOT of domes over a cheese board - in fact, I used one to display a bird's nest once and it worked out great. They're really cheap and will work in a pinch if your object is flatter and shorter! They are all over the thrift stores.

Your trophies are wonderful - how come the only ones I ever find are the cheap plastic ones?

Keep junk-ing and art-ing! Looking forward to the next thing!

Re: Croquet anyone?

Looking good - the wood is fabulous! Love the croquet balls ~ Is that a handmade lampshade in the bottom right or umbrella or what? It looks interesting!


Re: What To Do With A Thing-a-ma-jig

Really nice display piece from one mother of 3 beautiful girls to another!

Hang in there - two of my three have given me 3 beautiful grandSONS!

Patti (aka Granna)


Very, very Nice! I love love love the tiara's and plan on collecting them whenever I have a granddaughter (so far, 3 grandsons)! I also really really love the rosaries - the beading on them is always sooooo pretty. I have gotten a few at the thrift shop, also. I just feel like they don't belong there so I bring them home and just stick in a drawer - I'm going now to get them out and hang them up somewhere!
Love it!

Re: Art Fun With Vintage Linoleum Cutters

Fantastic display and they do look like little soldiers! Just goes to show that you can make art from anything and make it look wonderful.

I love this project!

Re: Top "10" for 2010...Ten Very Good Reasons to Buy Junk

Great post and wonderful junky things to look for ~ if you don't already have some!

I'm spring cleaning early this year (trying to find space for Christmas stuff instead of the garage) and am inspired to move some of my junk out and on display ~ even if it's not in a great "vignette"....I love the balls just sitting there looking round!

Thanks and Happy New Junking Year!

Re: CafeTable ala Vintage Galvanized Door

Love this and the green is perfect!

I cannot wait to see what the letters are going to be!

I'm so looking forward to another year of great stuff from you ~ You and Jim should get together on your creations ~ I cannot imagine what your two great minds would come up with, especially after these two wonderful tables...and it's only January 6th!

Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

This is beyond cool! I bet it really looks neat when you're sitting at the table looking down...no tablecloth needed here!

Thanks for the post - I got so excited when I saw it was one of your projects...loce everything you do!



This is my kitchen color also. I've accented it with lots of retro red and white and love love it! Thanks again for sharing!



Love this ! You are one brave woman! I had bags of broken tiles for this project years ago and I chickened out! Now, after seeing this, I wish I had been courageous and tried it!

Gotta know - what's the name of the countertop paint? This is another project that I've been afraid to try in my laundry area - the laminate is an ugly marble-y thing, but otherwise in good shape so replacing is not an option now!

Thanks for the post and keep up the good work Oh Brave One!


Re: Blue Christmas

THose globes will come in handy tonight - I'll be using my collection to show the grandboys where Santa is throughout the evening!

Great display and love the blue! It's very icicle-y!

Merry Christmas!

Re: And the Stockings Were Hung...

What a nice display and I really love the artwork. My kids old artwork is framed and hung throughout my house and it will remain there - what's better anyway?

Love the red and black color of the stockings. I actually decided to use those colors this year for the wrapping and ribbons ~ I saw these colors in many stores this season.

Merry Christmas!


Re: "Just what the Junker ordered"

I cannot wait to see what wonderful things you do with all of this stuff - and, you're right, why do people throw things away like this?

Great find and keep on looking in the gutter!

Merry Christmas,

Re: Old Letters & Glitter

Love the letters! What a great find! Thanks for sharing!


Re: Beads & Buttons

Wonderful and very pretty - food reuse!


Re: Grandma's Attic

I'll also help and I'll bring the snacks and drinks! Just let me know when and where and here I come! I'm just around the beltway in Maryland so I can be there in 2 hours tops!

Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful time going thru all of this - you're one lucky girl!

Merry Christmas!

Re: I Love Christmas

Great displays - love the idea of the ice cream cups with the ornaments ~ maybe I'll try that NEXt year...

Going to get some pix of my tinsel box display to post - don't you just love all the old graphics with no mention of a store name or a celebrity?!! That's why I love vintage!

Thanks for sharing!

Re: A Traveler's Bag from Christmases Past

Great idea - now I know what to do with some of the stuff leftover that I didn't quite know what to do with!

Thanks for sharing ~ love the record!

Re: Chaining up the Ornaments!

HI and thanks for the nice comments - TrinketFarmer - the candies you're referring to I think are called RIBBON Candies - they are beautiful and I cannot find them anywhere around here!
The chain I used came off of a 3-tier basket that I had hanging on the porch and another random one that I think came off an older 3 tier basket...I think any thin sturdy chain would do!
Thanks again,

Re: Christmas Vacation...tree

Gorgeous! What does the one with MOLLY something say? I'd love to search for that one for a special someone...this looks so good and the insulator and pedal car are perfect!


Re: Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a Gigantic Pile of Junk

This is awesome! Love it ~ Love it ~ Love it. I guess the mantra for today is "Let the decorating for Christmas BEGIN" !!

Can't wait to see what everyone does this year - last year's Christmas posts were spectacular and this one really sets the mood and puts us off to a great start!

Thanks for sharing,

Re: Pennant Christmas Tree Skirt

This ranks up there as one of the coolest things I've seen on here all year...if not THE coolest! It is really fantastic! I will never pass up another pennant, I will never pass up another pennant, I will never.....


Re: wine barrel sunflower

Love this one, too!

Your pictures could be on a postcard - love the sepia tones!


Re: Ironing board daisy

I cannot believe the imagination of all of you out there in junk world.

This has got to be one of the most unusual and clever ideas I've seen on here yet and it's just beautiful!

Thanks for sharing!

Re: Sea Glass Christmas Wreath

THis project is perfect for me since I just cleaned and sorted all of my sea glass (I'm anal that way)

This is just beautiful and I cannot wait to try it!

Thanks so much for the post!

Re: Junk Pumpkins

These are terrific - great imagination!


Re: A Rusty Repurpose

Very cute! You're too brave - I would have been afraid of the saw with rust flying everywhere! I wish there was a class around here called "Power Tools for Women"...or even some men! I would just love to know how to use these tools and feel confident using them. I jerry-rig everything!

Great re-do and thanks for sharing!

Re: A Junker's Collection - Part Two

Wonderful post Part 1 and 2!

That light cover is screaming to be used as a crystal ball for the fortune teller at Halloween - just put a skull or a fake rat or some eyeballs or or or.... under it and voila!

This is really getting fun trying to figure out the whys and whats of collections! Maybe a book is in the making, Sue?!?!


Re: Hem Marker Memo Holder

This is cool ~ could also be used for a photo, but I like this idea - more of the unexpected.
Thanks for sharing!

Re: Suitcase endtable of another sort

Great idea - that's thinking outside the suitcase!!

NO idea what the answer to your question is - maybe cardboard?

Thanks for sharing,

Re: A Junker's Collection - Part One

I, too, am a "round" ~ I just pointed this out to my sister last week-end and we were laughing about it. She is so much an "angular" ~ liking things with a diamond shape! It's funny how we even were comparing our jewelry and there they were - my rounds and her marquise shaped rings! I'll have to check Google to see if I can find out what this means??!~?~?

Love your collections. I'm off to fine tune some of my stuff so thanks for the inspiration~


Re: Vintage Rotary Phone Clock

Having worked for Ma Bell for many years, I think this is just the coolest thing! I wish I would have saved the many phones that came through my storeroom ~ some were from the 30's and were extremely heavy - you could use them as a weapon or hammer!

Unfortunately, they were all property of Ma Bell - not throw aways like they are today! Oh, to know then what I know now! I could've probably smuggled a few out!

THis is super creative and I love it. Can't wait to find one and do this! Thanks for sharing


Re: Another Crazy Lamp

I cannot believe this ~ it's sooooo cool! Who would ever think that crusty old paint brushes and pails could be turned into an elegant lamp?!?!

I'm amazed and painting over this ~ oops, I mean panting!!


Re: Rustic Virgin Mary Shrine

Your shrines to Mary are beautiful - I love the Miraculous Medal on the bottom - very simple yet elegant.

Thanks for sharing,

Re: Trick or Treat...Mwah ah ah!!

Great display and I love the clocks! Very interesting!

Halloween is fast becoming the most decorated holiday - I'm starting to believe it and have got my whole downstairs ready! I personally cannot wait for the Trick or Treaters! They're tooooo cute!

Love your display and it can stay up all fall! Another plus!


Re: Trick or Treat

Jim, You've got some wonderful vintage Halloween decorations there - some Beistle die-cuts and some great noisemakers, also, I think! Check them out on ebay and you'd be surprised what they go for now! Your little hanging could be worth a haunting sum!!

I've got the same hanger and was just fiddling around with some of my die-cuts and skeleton hanging things and voila! Here you were and I'm off now to do just that with mine!

Thanks so much!


Re: Almost Ready For Our 7th Fall Country Junk Sale Friday 10/2 and Saturday 10/3 from 9-5

Hey Junkers! How about posting IN WHICH STATE these events are? There's all these great events going on and I don't know if I'm even close enough to get excited! I'm in Maryland, by the way, and we don't ever have anything like this here!

Thanks and please - STATE your STATE !!


Re: There's safety in numbers

Great collection and yes, I am also a collector of old clocks - didn't start out that way, but as I went from one yard sale to another that day, they all had a clock and a collection was born!

Yours look great ~ love the display!


Re: Trophy Coat Rack

This is just way too cute ! How perfect for a kids room, also!

You get the trophy for most creative junking this week, in my book!


Re: ICE COLD Canada Dry Ginger Ale Wall Art

This is wonderful - I've seen the wall hangings made from cut-up license plates and they are in the thousands of dollars! This one would be also!

You make the best stuff!


Re: Before trash day I need an idea

I think hanging small potted herbs and some small votives would be cool ~ or, prop it up or lean against the fence with a vine to climb up and over and around the hooks - that would be cool. Definately don't throw it away! Just come up with something before Friday and you're good to go! He won't remember after that if he's anything like mine!

Good luck with it and can't wait to see the post with your creation!


Re: What's New Pussy Cat - Contributor Challenge

Tom should be singing "He's the Man" instead of She's a Lady! This lamp ~ "It's not Unusual" ~ but really, it is sooooo unusual and it's perfect!

Your home must be lit up like a Christmas Tree with all the wonderful lamps you come up with!

Bravo ~ again!


Re: Vintage School Map Occasional Tables

These are great! I'm an East Coast girl (Maryland) so really like that we're representing! They are perfect side tables and I also like how they have a little opening on the bottom - you could put a little vintage globe there or a glass thing-y there maybe?? Whatever, they're perfect!

I cannot believe how tidy your work area is - all those cubbies marked with what's inside! Wonderful!

Thanks for sharing!


Re: New Purpose for Garage Sale Find

I'll be looking for one of these on ebay and at the yard sales and thrift shops NOW ~ this is just way too cool!


Re: Meet Reece, my first Assemblage Art apprentice!

That boy is adorable and his work is wonderful!

How great it is for you to mentor them by encouraging their creative side ~ especially now when many kids only want to play video games and watch TV.

Kudos to you and the boys! Thanks for sharing.


Re: Where do you keep a keyboard?... In a piano, of course.

Now this took some dedication ~ I see these junk pianos at all the yard sales and people are begging for someone to take them. They say they take up too much room and they need the room for an office!

The oak is also lovely ~ you did a great job ~ this would sell around here for big big money!

Thanks for sharing,

Re: Your Picture Doesn't Sing



Re: Time for Junk! (part two!)

The shiny one reminds me of a hubcap! Very cool!

Thanks for sharing ~ I think I need to do a clock ~ hmm, what can I use?!?!?



My entire powder room mirror area is done in vintage hand mirrors and I love the look, but now, I think I need to add some bling to them!

So much better than the builder grade square mirror that comes in all houses!

Thanks so much for sharing - what an awesome idea! This just goes to show that greatness can always be improved upon!


Re: Umbrellas

I'll be down that way for the Yard Crawl in August and will definately stop in to bring you my umbrella that I just cannot sell at the yard sale or ebay and I just cannot give to Purple Heart. It's a gorgeous green number with ruffles and gems - you'll love it and I'll love seeing you place!

Where, exactly is it in Winchester? My dad used to live in Middletown, so we were up that way alot. It's nice to have someone on here that's on this side of the states!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful idea!

Re: Great Crates

Love these crates and the colors are awesome! But, is that a "regular" lamp I see?!?! Love the simple, yet elegant, display of croquet ball also! Way to go - AGAIN!

Re: Faucet Knob Art Pieces

These sculptures are a real TURN ON !!!

I recently found 4 at a yard sale and was thrilled; now I see that I have a LONG way to go to say I have a collection

What a conversation starter!

I love it! Thanks for sharing and keeping up the awesome posts! I look so forward to seeing what you come up with!

Re: RAD-ical Lamp

Will you marry me? My hubby can't even put in a light bulb!

Just kidding, but this is fantastic! You really should get these into the marketplace somehow...here in D.C. this would sell for mucho bucks!

Thanks again for sharing and your painting is really wonderful, too!


Re: Coffeebot

Love this - he is really neat looking!

Re: Feeling "all" Right - Coffee Table

A W E S O M E . . . . . AGAIN!!

Love love love it


Re: Flower Power Garden Stakes

These are sooooo cool!

I've been having a ball making button bouquets since seeing a post on here and NOW I have to start making these! Can't wait for Thrifting Thursday to check out the silverware...

WOnderful post


Re: Hanging Planter made from an old Thermos

Can't wait to get my thermos -es?? out of storage this spring!

How DO you spell thermos in the plural?!

Great job and thanks for sharing!

Re: It's a Reel Lamp

You really should sell these things - you do such a wonderful job and these could not be touched here on the East Coast for less than a few hundred dollars! Seriously!!

Thanks for sharing!


Re: Putting a Little Light on the Subject

F A B U L O U S ~ again!!


Re: License plates are the key

Way cool!

I also would like details on cutting these instead of my fingers!

THanks for sharing


Re: "Call for Artists: SALVAGE - Reclaiming Recycling"

FINALLY something I can go to that's doesn't involve flying! Not tooooo far from me in Maryland ~ a day trip at the least and nice weather (hopefully) also!

Sounds like a great place to go to ~ Hope I see some JM stuff from the likes of Damon, Jim, Catbishop and Jenny!!??!?!

Thanks for sharing the info,


Re: Centrifuge Pencil & Pen Holder

Very modern and futuristic!

Love it and would love to see posts of the office re-do.



Re: Industrial Lamp Turned Display

Great conversation piece - I love collecting "things" that you can put other "things" in ... does that make sense?

Of course it does to you people!

Thanks for sharing!


Re: Have a Great Valentine's Day!


Like father, like daughter, it seems!

Nice work, Vicky!

Thanks for sharing!


Re: Screened Porch ..#2 & #3

Ditto Georgia - Love the glider!

We also have a hanging 3-tier basket but ours is filled with "koolie" cups for the beverages!

THanks again for sharing!


Re: Screened in Porch

I will never live in a house without a screened-in porch - we are out there all spring & summer and would try to stay in the fall if it wasn't so cold!

Ours is named "The Trap Porch" and we have a weathered sign hanging above the door to let anyone who enters know that once they go out there they're "trapped" becuz they will NOT want to leave or go inside!

My hubby hates that I won't fix the door from banging (he keeps trying to put up "stops" to muffle the sound) but I just keep taking them down and banging away!

Your porch is lovely - enjoy! Thanks for sharing!


Re: Cinderella Story

I collect old shoes so now I know what to do with some of them - I'll put some pics of the grandkids in there!

Great display and thanks for sharing!


Re: Super Sunny Sunday Swap at the Sunset

These are wodnerful finds and you are soooo lucky to have a place to go to and pick through - it's freezing here! OK people - enough! It's too cold here for flea markets and even when it's nice, there's nothing to go to unless you want to fight the traffic and travel 1-2 hours!

How does one go about starting flea markets? I know we have some great places to host them, it's just I wouldn't know where to start! Any ideas?!

I'm in the Washington, D.C. metro area - close to Baltimore and Annapolis.

You got some great items! Thanks for sharing!


Re: 1920's warehouse factory metal and glass windows from the scrap yard

Great find! I see tables, folding screens, room dividers, bars, wall hangings, all kinds of stuff! Wonderful things to come, I'm sure!

P.S. Love the new icon - but you're a guy!!


Re: globe lamp

This is very pretty and could go in a lot of rooms - it looks sorta futuristic, too, and would be fabulous in a mid-century modern room!

Nice ~ very nice ~ work!

Thanks for sharing!

Re: An "ugly duckling" project!

Very, very nice - I really like the way you layered all of the linens on it - that really makes it all the more wonderful!!

Great job! My thrift shop thinks it's an antique shop now so you got a great deal, too! The only thing mine charges $1.99 for is $1.00 Store items!

Thanks for sharing and lets see more!



She is wonderful !!

I have many girlfriends who would love to own her ~ you need to make more of these!!

Tooooo cute! Thanks for sharing.


Re: On Newsstands Now!

I still can't find this - I've checked Target, CVS and Giant (my local grocery store) - I can try Border's tomorrow and I sure hope I can find it!

Re: old wooden sign

I once had a friend named JOCELYN ~ maybe this is another way to spell it? I think the I is just there to support a missing letter since it's so much smaller than the others...Anyway, great sign !!


Re: random wooden pieces

They look like chair backs - they'd look really neat as side pieces to a book shelf if you could figure out the logistics of that...
Maybe a towel rack or apron rack or something to hold vintage fabrics if turned horizontally??

Lots of possibilities! Thanks for sharing again!


Re: japanese parasols

You find the most awesome stuff - where is the auction where everyone throws away so many useful things?

These would be beautiful hung from the ceiling in a room !

I also agree that a swap / sell would be fun - I constantly pick up things that are really not my style or my collecting thing just because I KNOW that someone somewhere would really really like it - I now have all kinds of little bits of "stuff" I'd love to give to someone who would really appreciate them!

THanks for the ideas! I see you're in Chestertown, is that Maryland by any chance?!

Re: Box Art

This shows that you care about the buyer - it always adds a nice. You did a wonderful job and I'm sure she'll be thrilled!

Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more posts!


Re: "Soilax Bucket" Tool Box Lamp

AMAZING !!! You are super talented ~ and such an original thinker!!

I look soooo forward to your posts - do you keep all of these things for yourself or do you sell someplace?

Thanks again

Re: Our Scrap wood floor

This is gorgeous and you are very lucky to have a hubby who is handy ~ do you rent him out? Mine is very good at folding laundry...


Re: retro space ship propeller table i made last night

You are a genius ~ I cannot wait to see what you put up ~ I'm still looking for the floor scrubber space ship to see how it will turn out - I was in love with that one even b4 you did anything to it!

Keep up the good work and happy junking!


Re: Assemblage Fun With Georgia Moon & JennyK

WIll I ever be able to throw anything away again? Hubby wonders why there's never any trash in the can anymore!!

These are absolutely wonderful! You done good, ladies!


Re: A Precious Gift

Jenny's things should be in a gallery somewhere! I love it and you are very lucky to have her - and the wisdom gal!


Re: Everything is Springin' up Daisies!

I'd love to find some of these old springs - this is really cute - I want some for my "flower BED" !!!

THX 4 sharing and welcome!


Re: Here is a 6 foot tall robot project made from the best of junk

Wonderful - of course, you have to keep the old patina and name him RUSTY the ROBOT!

I cannot wait to see him finished and look forward to all of your creations! Thanks so much for sharing!

Re: my next project..a floor scrubber spaceship..just a quick mockup.

WOW ~ that's all I can say!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: found this the other day.. anyone know what it is?

Definately an umbrella stand/coat rack and I think they also used this to hold canes or walking sticks! Toooooo coooool! Love it!

Re: Still playing with lamps

My New Year's Resolution is to try and make a lamp from something - these are wonderful...my favorite is the hat and purse, but I really like the bowling pin, too ~ hmmm...that Jenga would go great in my game room...
Thanks for sharing!

Re: Christmas Lamp

Now I know what to do with all my vintage Christmas tree stands and I have a year to find the rest! Thanks so much ~ I love, love this one! Merry Christmas!

Re: The City Floor Lamp and the Country Floor Lamp

I think Pottery Barn or one of those more upscale places sells a lamp very similiar to the surveyor's lamp at a very high price! Yours are beautiful and all the more precious because you made them! How clever ~ why not post the How-To's for us?
Thanks for sharing and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

Re: button mania

These look beautiful - your wire is different from what I used recently - do you twist it all the way down? Is is 19 gauge? I love doing these and the color combinations are so fun to make! Keep up the good work and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!


This is perfect! I actually own a bracelet that';s very similiar to this except there's no middle piece (spoon with initial)...You certainly could sell these and they'd do great! What a wonderful job and again, your Doby is very lucky!
Thanks for sharing,

Re: Pollyana's Lemons

I'm with Italianpeasant on the doll (they scare me), but I do love the lemon touches and especially the Real Lemon holder - I always thought they could be used for something and now I can see / imagine it! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Holiday Junk Angels by Georgia Moon & JennyK

Wonderful ~ I do have a large set of hinges ~ all rusty and chippy and very old ~ I guess I'll have to try this! I'm glad I wasn't there cuz I'd be in the ground now having died from a heart attack after seeing that mouse :(
Thanks for sharing!

Re: Vintage Surveyor's Ruler Art Piece

Wonderful job and this is soooo clever and unique! I love it and the quote is perfect...thanks for sharing and have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

Re: I'm done with holiday decorating...

Great job ~ now you've inspired me to do a display with all of my vintage clocks and another with my collection of white pottery...I was just going to leave all of that alone, but... And I thought, also, that I was done with the decorations for this year! Thanks for sharing and have a Merry Christmas!

Re: Let it Snow

I think this is adorable - but, I had a hard time making out the narrative - please use a larger font! Thanks!

Anyway, this is just tooooooo cute. The Santa on the far left intrigues me - what is it? Is there also a pennant next to him? And I love love the shovels!

This is by far my favorite Christmas display so far! Thanks for sharing!

Re: This little table's got game!

Great idea ~ I see these boards all the time at GS and thrift shops ~ next time, I'll pick one up!
THanks for sharing!

Re: found this antique dentist chair a few days ago

It looks more like an electric chair!

I've got 2 little grandboys - hmmm, wouldn't THAT make a great time out chair!

Really, though, I think it's wayyayyyyyyy cool and I for one would have absolutely purchased it!
Thanks for sharing,

Re: Fun with Buttons

It is addictive, isn't it? I've got to make a bouquet for my 3 sisters and 3 SIL's, so I need to get started...it's just that I have a million other things to do and only want to do these~ they are THAT much fun! Yours look great and I really like the bottles. I added some crystal beads to some of my containers to make them more stable and I really like that addition - just one more thing to look at. Maybe Sue should make the next contest about button bouquets since we're all on the band - I mean button - wagon!
Thanks for sharing,

Re: A Little Christopher Robin Advice We Should All Make a Promise To Keep...

Extremely clever and oh so cute...I love her! THanks again for sharing!

Re: Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

I take any leftover you don't want! I say more is more is more when it come to these lovely ornaments. There's just way too many ways to display them ~ you can never have enough!

Re: And, a little holiday something for the "powder room" too!!

Be still my heart! I have the exact same perfume bottle and tin sitting on an old round mirror, (with my new button bouquet, thanks to you!) but yours is FABULOUS with the bubble mirror! I want one! I almost bought a 3-tier tray just like this one at the thrift store Thursday, but they wanted $80.00! Sometimes they go too far, but if I'd seen this post first, I may have splurged!

Re: A little Christmas bling...

Very nice - I, too love to display my jewelry since I hardly ever wear it! The silverplate pitcher is beautiful and I love the angels. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Table Top Made With Old Printing Press Type

This is just fantastic and I'd bet it would cost hundreds at a shop someplace ~ my dad was a printer and I, too have a thing for all print-related things! This is awesome and looks great next to the chair...thanks for sharing.

Re: The Story of the Christmas Camel

Great story! Thanks for sharing and the display looks wonderful!

Re: Great for gift giving -- fun & easy photo displays

My vote is for the rake - I love it! Also, love all the other ideas - it really is amazing what you can do with some wire! Thanks for sharing.

Re: A few "borrowed" ideas

Love the Scrabble board and now I know just what to do with the one I have packed away! Talk about "borrowing" ideas! Love the pulley thingy too ~ I'll be using that this spring on the deck! Thanks for sharing.

Re: Button, button, who's got the button???

Can I be your friend, too, so you can send me one for Christmas?! LOL! Or, will you tell me how to make them (what guage wire, etc.) My girlfriends would all love, love, love these and I do too! Thanks so much for sharing.

Re: architectural sculpture

Hi ~ Could this possibly be an old Holy Water fount? I had one sorta like it with the bottom piece for holding the water ~ anyway, it's cool! It's kinda hard to make out the graphic elements on this, but if they look holy at all, maybe that's what it is! Great find! Thanks for sharing.


I'm green with envy! Hang it on the wall and maybe paint the area behind it a lighter color than the wall to really show it off and make a statement! Wonderful find!

Re: Another dessert stand, just my version

They say you eat with your eyes first also, and these sure do prove it! The glasses could also be filled with small ornaments and then turned over on the plate to add some additional color or sparkle. I'm starting on my Christmas table now and you've inspired me! I saw some glass plates at the Dollar Store ~ hmm, with my odd glasses this will be wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

Re: urban stool

Extremely cute ~ love it and the use of all letters from a magazine ~ keep it up and keep sharing!

Re: Got a pencil??

This is great! I cannot wait to try this with all of hubby's golf course pencils that are laying around everywhere but are too short for me to use! He'll love this hanging in his "man" room! And, I think I'll make another one like yours for my teacher daughter! Love this idea!

Re: Architecture in the House!

What a fabulous idea ~ hope you don't mind me stealing it! I have a thermostat, a doorbell, and a double light switch on this small foyer wall ~ and they're all over the place! Can't wait to find some good junk for this - hmmm, maybe some old brass doorbells, light switch plates...ahh! Thanks!