Ive been junking too long to remember. I have done crafts since the 80s, thats when I started to create alot of things that I couldnt afford to buy. The things that I liked were okay but just not what I I made the items to fit my needs. Space was tight so I have made things to fit my house or the person's style, which I love to paint things for others. Now I paint on just about anything and I like to repurpose items into something new! I hope I can do this forever!!!

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Re: Playing with vintage hardware

I love these...I have two enamel pots in my shed area full of old rusty parts from all kinds of things. The one that you have on your ironing board [it looks like that is what is on] was usually used in a cafe for the receipts to be put on after the customer paid for their meals. What cool items and lots of memories. Have fun!

Re: Very distressed Chest of drawers minus 1!

I just saw this post and I love it! I like the fact that it is made from a family member. I can see alot of potential in this can repurpose it for an entertainment piece by using the top missing drawer for the Dvd player or such. You can also use it like someone mentioned as a sideboard in a dinig room with vintage tablecloths stacked in the empty drawer and napkins along with the extra dishes we all need for a large family dinner. I can also see it being used in your bedroom. The missing drawer can hold shallow baskets for jewelry or such and then you could put your lingerie in the other drawers...just some ideas. please let me know what you have done with it. I love to see transformations in progress... Good Luck!

Re: 4 Old Plates = 10,000 Lakes

I have loved these forever! I long ago picked up a box of old plates always hoping to do something like this but I have no idea how you can cut those old plates without killing my hands in the process. Can you tell me how you do yours? I have to do everything by myself and don't have money to buy equipment so I really appreciate your input to help me out. Thanks so much! Keep up the cool designs too!

Re: Need ideas for this wood column I found in trash?

I love all of the other comments and I am curious to see what you do. My dream would be to use it aa a welcome post for the entrance to your home. The old days would have had it at the beginning of the sidewalk to your house...maybe hang a sign with your families name and yr of house maybe...just another idea.

Re: AAJMS Spring Show 2010: Are You Ready?

I wish I could be there for that one I would especially look to see if you a 12th street sign, [I cannot find one anywhere] and I love the flower looking type metal parts, [I make flowers out of those for the people around here]. Like others I love the fan also with the squared off ends and the typography also. Anyone going that way?

Re: Prepping for Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style Event in May

I love the cameras, which by the way would love to hear anyone's thoughts on how to display them on the wall. I would love some funky unique ideas instead of the usual shelf to set them on...

Re: Junkin' Jewels

Oh everyone is right you are the Queen of Treasures! I make craft type items and sell them and one of the things I can't find enough of are good windows to paint on. I will sometime paint right on the glass or if the glass is in bad shape I will remove it and attach screen to the back of the frame and paint it that way. The white one would look cute painted with chickens like they would be in a chickencoop. I also love to take the timepiece faces and add them to a cool old photograph for a neat portrait. The pulley is neat to use for hanging a plant from on a back porch say maybe a chicken feeder with some catus growing in the bottom. Just let it down to water!!!!

Re: Faux Painted Walkway

This is it!!!!!! I have been lookin for a way to do a concrete patio in a circular design but cannot afford the pavers and all it would cost! I was going to have a plain jane cement circular patio without any design. THANKS to you I now can envision what my design will be on my new concrete patio!

Re: Nature's Junk

I would love to know what you used for the finish, we removed two huge trees on the side of our house a year ago and when the pieces were dropped of course the bark fell off so I asked to keep several pieces to use. Now I would like to seal them before they get ruined! Thanks!

Re: June Floral of the Month

I love the 13 on the box. My daughter and I are both 13 birthdates infact mine is this Sat.We laugh [and love] when it lands on Fri. It's very hard to take an old box with print already on it and paint it so I will have to look for an older one now so I can make this. So cool!

Re: Spoon Flower Closeups AND Spoon Angels

Love these & defintely will be making some for my craft show coming up this month. Thanks for the idea! Great job on the info too!!!

Re: Christmas Ornaments

These are really neat and I think I will be doing something similar that will be my own little twist if you don't mind. I have a new puppy so i won't be putting up my regular tree this year so I am going to use this idea and see if I can add them to an old lampshde and hang it up, that way i don't need to worry about him getting to it. really neat!!!