Joanne Roberts, Olathe, KS, US

As a lifelong lover of old stuff for its unique qualities and interesting stories, I love the personal touch old stuff gives to any room and the conversations it can spark. Im especially fond of wood that has the patina of age, old rusty metal things, letters or letter-shaped things, curvy metal chairs, and anything unique and creative (or with the potential to be). I'm FAR more impressed by creatively repurposed things than by fancy new stuff.

Having grandparents who believed in making do by reusing what they had and giving things a useful second life, I learned early the value of repurposing otherwise unwanted junk. Many an afternoon was spent exploring all the interesting old stuff in their cellar. It's sad that most of it was thrown out after they died. I'd sure love to have many of those treasures today!

My other Grandmother would give me her BHG magazines after she had read them. My favorite articles were the decorating ones. I still have one from the early 1970s of a family room completely furnished with $100 worth of junk, much of it things most people would have thrown away. It looked good then and still does today - junk style is of course a timeless one!

My shelves are full of books about flea market/junk decorating that I have collected for years. The Junkmarket books are among my favorites. So when Sue was in Kansas City for a speaking engagement awhile back, I went to hear her creative presentation and was happy to have the chance to meet her. She told me about this site, which I joined as soon as I got home. Thanks to her and ALL the other inspiring people and your creative ideas, I've been motivated to get a few things done and posted with more on the way - and a basement FULL of projects-in-waiting.

After spending time on this site I've also decided to pursue a long-held dream of opening a booth at one or more of my favorite local junk shops. I'll be sure to let you all know when that happens! (I'm on their waiting list...)

Thank you Sue and everyone for this great site and for all the inspiration! Also for making me feel welcome and helping me understand I'm not the only crazy collector of junk out there!

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Hem Marker Memo Holder

You know how some things just "speak" to you, begging to be taken home? I still don't know exactly why I'm drawn to this. Perhaps it's the memory of my mom using one to hem my skirts. I mustve...

More Freebies!

The antique sewing machine in its cabinet was a recent freecycle find. The vintage exercise bike was curbside by the trash along with several other things that went home with me. Turns out it...

This Old Mom, She Has Junk (lots of it!) 3

When I started this trilogy last month, I first posted some of the pieces I've adapted and used in my home. Looking back at those posts I realize it doesn't look like I have "lots of junk"...

This Old Mom, She Has Junk (lots of it!) 2

Here's a few more ways I've used old things and former junk in our home, this time in the kitchen and dining room. One thing not in the photos is our antique china cabinet my husband discovered...

This Old Mom, She Has Junk (lots of it!) 1

I thought I would share a few of the things i've done over the years with junk. These photos are of my "great room" (When did it stop being a "living room"?). I should add another photo of this...

Can you believe these things were FREE?

I'm still surprised. And happy.

Breadbox Beautifies Bath By Banishing Beauty Bottles!

Our bathroom counter used to be cluttered with cosmetic bottles (hairspray, saline solution, moisturizer, etc.) I had long been seeking something that would contain it all while keeping it...

Our Name in Junk!

Finally, my first post! It took awhile to collect just the right pieces and even longer to find time to get it on the wall and photographed. I'd seen for sale photos of letter shapes occuring in...

Recent comments

Re: Upcycled Old Sewing Machine

The rest of the machine would look nice and add a vintage touch sitting in a flower garden. add it won't matter if it gets rusty or has missing parts! The parts that keep it from sitting flat will help it sit in the ground. I'm planning to do this myself next spring with one I have leftover from several projects. Now I'll have to check it again for little pieces that might come off and make jewelry first! ;-) Thanks for the great idea! Sewing machines are among my favorite things!!


Re: Record players as art :)

Incredibly cool! I will definitely be watching for these now... What a truly creative and awecome idea!!! Thanks for sharing.


Re: Marburger Farms - Garden Edition

I agree with Lani, this is very well done. Makes me wish for spring to get out and start gardening again. Great job on the video!! I hope to be able to attend the Marburger Farm show some day. It looks incredible!

Re: Crestliner Chest w/ Buick Grill Center and Working Tailights!

I have a clipping from a Sunday KC Star Magazine a few years back showing one of your pieces (presumably yours, anyway...) that was similar to this. I've kept it for inspiration, planning to attempt to make a dresser look like a Craftsman tool box. I have the dresser, painted red & black. Seeing your pieces on here lately is motivating me to try to finish it!

Do you keep pieces at Nuance all the time? I need to get over there and check them out! It's across town from me but worth the drive.

Thanks for sharing!!


Re: Wine glass holder

I love it too - where are you all finding these spacers? I see them on here a lot... I'm a KS girl (granted, I live in the suburbs, but I do know what a farm is...) but I've never seen one. Any suggestions on where to look? I agree - they'd be terribly useful for all kinds of repurposing! (Like bed springs - I now have a boxful of 100 or so of those and need to get to work on some projects!)
GREAT idea! Thanks for sharing!

Re: A Desk Reorganization ala Junk Style!

I love it all! This would definitely inspire me to stay organized (for a little while, at least...) ;-) LOL Great reuse of items I might never have considered for these purposes! I may have to try some of your ideas... maybe they will work on this mess of a desk of mine. Thanks!

Re: Misc. finds from yard sales

You've got some fun finds! The first dresser is nice in wood tones, if it were mine I wouldn't paint that one, but I have painted other wood pieces.

The antique door cabinet is such a great idea - I have one here that I love an have been saving for an idea like this, so I think that I will borrow your idea. Now to get rid of all this snow so that we can work in the garage! Thanks for sharing!

Joanne (looking forward to garage sales in KS!

Re: What is this? Take a guess! What would you use it for?

I love it! I really like the idea of a mini bar. I wonder if it is big enough to hold a mini-fridge? Probably not, so it could sit on top, then add shelves inside. Or maybe it could be used as an entry table/storage for hats, mittens, etc. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

I have one with a very ornate cabinet that I disassembled awhile back (I posted it in its original state several months ago). I have several projects from it that I am just about ready to post, including decorative wall panels, a shelf, wall art, a message board and who knows what else!


Re: More from AAJMS...and an outing or two...

It looks and sounds like SO much fun! I really wanted to be there but couldn't make it happen this time. Maybe I can make the next one... Thanks for sharing your pics!

Re: Recycled Containers with New Tags

They look great! I wish I could get that organized...!
Thanks for sharing!

Re: Clothespin Bag

Very cute!! Thanks for sharing - I hope I still have a few things this small laying around to make one for our house. I don't mind when my family calls me weird for doing stuff like this - it lets me know I'm doing something right! ;-)

I love the washboard light switch plate too!


Re: Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

I'm trying to find a way to get there! Working on the hubby... I would so like to be there for what looks to be an INCREDIBLE event!

Re: Light Fixture Planter

Thank you for the lovely reminder of spring, even as the snow is piling up outside today here in KS! (On the first day of "spring" no less...) I've got a similar light fixture in my basement that will make a lovely planter! Thanks for the great idea!

Re: Junk on Parade Part 2

Very nice Marybeth! How great to find those cabinet samples roadside.
Alice, I know exactly what you mean!! :-)
Thanks for sharing!

Re: Junk Swap Set to Begin - Rules of Engagement

Thanks for organizing this and matching the participants, Sue! I am excited to meet my swap partner and get started! :-)

Re: Art & Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

I think this will be great! Anyone headed up from (or through) Kansas City? That's our neighborhood garage sale weekend, but we could have ours early - then I'd have $ for the good stuff! Hmmm...

Re: Ina's Piano Trunk

What creative reuses for a treasured piece! Thanks for sharing and inspiring the rest of us!

Re: New sign at Junk Store

How do I get there from Olathe?? (I'm guessing 69 or 169 south...) What is the closest larger town? I think a day trip may be in order soon! Thanks!

Re: Entertainment Center

Great save! Much nicer than the cheap looking new stands they try to sell you with these TVs. Creative, unique, and inexpensive. A triple-good idea!

Re: Barbed Wire Never Looked So Good

Jenny, you are SO cool! I probably never would have thought of creating a lamp from a barbed wire spool. LOVE IT!!

Oh, and your pun isn't THAT corny! lol

Thanks for sharing!

Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

I am definitely IN! What a great way to beat the "no garage sales til spring blues"! I get excited to see signs by the road only to see they are about lost pets, windows, or working from home...
Looking forward to this!

Re: Nifty Thrifty

Isn't it amazing how different things will look upside down? LOVE it! Very creative "thrifting"!
Thanks for sharing!

Re: A Simple Monday Floral Arrangement

As Marie said, this is "SIMPLY beautiful", Sue! I've got an old container for 8-track tapes and this might be just the thing to do with it. (It's not as pretty as your little case, though.) BTW, what was its original purpose? I've never seen luggage that opened on one end like that. Is it luggage for cosmetics or jewelry, or something else?

As our "White Christmas" snow is all-too-slowly melting here, what a nice harbinger of warmer, sunnier days to come! I might even "spring" for some fresh flowers!

Thanks for the Monday cheer!

Re: TV stand

Isn't free stuff wonderful? VERY creative use with nostalgic appeal to boot! thanks for sharing!
Pittsburg, KS, huh? We're practically neighbors!
Joanne (in Olathe)

Re: Art Fun With Vintage Linoleum Cutters

Simply (and beautifully) clever!
Note to self: add cast iron receipt bases to "wanted" list.
Thanks for sharing!

Re: Spoony Hooks

Very clever hooks - the twist is a great touch! I may have to try this at home! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

Jim, This is yet another fabulous project from the Junkmaster! Copper is such a pretty metal. I love the electic look of your table with your anitque chairs.

I'll bet you have the coolest house in town! And Kathy, ;-)forget WHAT'S for dinner; my question is WHEN's dinner??

Re: Framed Wrapping Paper

You've made these graphic papers look like they were meant to be framed like this all along! Thanks for sharing your great work!

Re: My Dress

This is a lovely wy of displaying your memories!

Re: How to Make A Paris Lamp

Totally cool! I love the idea of the styrene material for backing/weight. This may work for a clock project of mine!

Re: Sew worth watching TV!

I'm terribly fond of these old treadle bases. This is a great use for one! I love the shelf your husband built too! Thanks for sharing!!

Re: Time Well Spent

Those Target clocks must not have been made well! (I picked up a non-working one just like this at a sale in the fall! Your idea of covering it in mud is great! Your ideas are fabulous, like Sue says. Thanks again for sharing this!

Re: Masher Christmas

Tooooooo cute!! We LOVE mashed potatoes at our house!

Re: Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

I love the ironing board Santa! I have one with nno specific plans for it, so I will have to look into painting a Santa on it (or asking my artist friend to do it for me). Your old-fashioned Santa collection is terrific, and so is your Christmas tree in the old crock! Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Another classy project from you! You have such great style! I can't wait to see what 2010 brings. Happy Holidays!

Re: Announcing "The Best of 2009". With Christmas Quickies...Instead of Cookies

As always, these projects of yours are creative and beautiful! The change holder is so clever! I'll be on the watch for one of these myself. (My first job was as a carhop - years ago...)
Thank you Sue for this wonderful site and all the inspiration you've given us. Also, thanks to all the other members who contribute the wonderful ideas that now have my hard drive begging for more space! (A JMS feature that allows us to bookmark or save our favorite posts would be lovely)
A very Merry Christmas to you, Sue and everyone else on JMS! I'm looking forward to more inspiration in 2010.

Enjoy your holiday vacation in the tropics, Sue! It sounds wonderful. I'd take a holiday like that over the messy white stuff anytime! :-)

Re: Organizing for Christmas ....AND BEYOND!

This is nicely done! I'm curious, why did you say painting it was a mistake? I have something quite similar at home. (suppposedly it's a hog feeder) I like the idea of putting chalkboard paint on the front, but is there a reason for me to reconsider that? It's hung by our front door and has been great for holding extra keys, and posting messages with magnets. The slots on mine are perfect for holding mail. I LOVE the idea of using it for a holiday organizer! Never thought about file folders fitting in it either. (Something I'll have to check on...)
Thanks for sharing this creative and inspirational idea!

Re: Four-Poster for Pooch

This is darling! She looks happy and quite proud about her new quarters!

Re: "BR549, please"

WOW - I love the nostalgia of this! Aren't you lucky to get one that works too. If you'll have any chldren in the house - what fun it will be to show them how to "dial" the phone! (While you're at it, you could show how to "roll" up the car window too. :-) Today's kids don't know what they're missing!)

Re: Bottle Tree

I got an email yesterday about a site showcasing bottle trees. What a great idea! Especially for the true packrat (like most of us here...) I love the color combos and the way the light reflects on yours. So clever! Thanks for sharing!

Jim - We're looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


Re: It's Getting Frosty Outside

Very festive with old-world charm! I'd love to hear the stories those skates would tell too! This is beautiful, Jim!

Re: Nifty and Thrifty!

Beautiful lighting at a beautiful price. There's not a doorbuster special out there that will beat this!

Re: Elmer's Glue

LOVE it! Somewhere out there more of these surely exist. Just think how excited they'd be to know they could sell them to all of us.
Cool junk and even cooler project!

Re: encyclopedias

I love what you've done with these books! Your projects are some of my favorites. Keep posting! :-)

Re: A peek into our booth at the Scott Antique Market

Great booth! I love all the clocks! You have such a great collection of them. I need another junk fix... (Hello, my name is Joanne...) LOL
I made it to the sale @ Urban Mining (an occasional sale here in KC) this weekend and picked up a few treasures, so I should be good for a few more days. :-)

My dream vacations (The family want to go to WDW or a beach somewhere. Not me, I'd rather go junking):
MINNESOTA (of course) - We went last summer and I can't wait to go back for more junk!
and now, OHIO - Sign me up for the caravan!

Re: Outdoor Christmas Sled

Love it! You've inspired me to decorate the one in my basement too. Now, where did I put those skates? :-)

Re: Sugar and Spice....Make a Nice Christmas Tree

The copper is such a nice touch and a little unexpected (which makes it even nicer.) Fabulous!

Re: A Cup of Christmas Cheer

Your trees and the others posted recently are getting me into the Christmas mood (finally)! I admire your creativity and dedication.

Re: And yes, there are more....

Your monkey tree is so clever! What a great idea! No wonder it sold first.
Thanks for sharing!

Re: My first posted project - cookie cutter tree

Your cookie cutter tree is so cute and creative! I love little trees throughout the house. The metal cookie cutters tied with ribbons are so sweet and festive!
Have you ever put lights on it? An extra string arranged loosely in your colander should send little bits of light all around it and be very pretty.
I used to put a smaller tree like this in our kitchen. I removed the burlap and put it in an empty flour package (the smallest size.) It had small utensils and plastic cookie cutters as ornaments. I like your metal ones better - I need to find some!
I'm looking forward to seeing more of your projects. Thanks for sharing this one! You've inspired me to get my kitchen tree out again!

Re: Book Wall Decor

Such conversation pieces! Are you able to share the instructions or a specific source? I have some old math textbooks (rescued from neighbor's trash) that would look great like this!

Re: Christmas with Georgia

LOVE the pink trees! I've seen them in stores and waasn't sure how they'd look in a different setting, but they are fabulous. Your displays are very eye-catching!

I wish I could shop there too. Laurel & gailmarie, if your road trip brings you by/near Kansas City, can I come along? :-)


Re: Where do you keep a keyboard?... In a piano, of course.

How did I miss this back in May? I would have bought this... of course I'm too late and too far away so I guess I'll have to make my own. That's the best part anyway. We've been offered a player piano before, but turned it down. Now I have a use for one! Thanks for sharing your creative idea!!

Re: "The True Measure of Life..."

Fabulous! I love all the variations of color, style, and size in the rulers. Your choice for a quote is very appropriate and the gauge face is the perfect way to showcase it! Great project!!

Re: World's Largest Pincushion

Great idea! I like the whole combo (with the candle lights and mirror) even better after seeing this. I see you have a wild side!

Re: Candle Light

I really like the way the random lines of the key mirror blend with the random widths and waviness of the zebra stripes. Very nice! It sounds like your hutch may contain lots of interesting things... Great job combining them!

Re: Winter Green Fresh

Count me as another who has never seen springs this size. What a great find! I LOVE what you've done with it! Please share a photo or two once the flowers bloom. I'm sure it will be beautiful!
Thanks for sharing.

Re: Weight just a minute...there's junk in those paperweights!

Great stuff! They're all lovely and unique. I love the way the curves in the glass magnify what's inside. Hmmm, junk magnified... I wonder why I'd like that concept?! :-) If I could get to Ohio, I think I'd be coming home with an instant paperweight colection!

I've never seen empty paperweights before. What fun! I wonder if the same thing could be done with small glass lids, like maybe the ones sometimes found on old canning jars? I've got one of those lids - I think I'll look into that.

Re: Occasional Shop SOS!

I so wish we were in the same area, because I want to sell too! I'm on a waiting list for a booth at one here. Someday I'll have my own...
Like you, my house is overflowing!
Good luck with this new project. I'm looking forward to hearing about your progress!

Re: One chair found a home

Love the chair, the old chippy paint and the way you've used it! What an unexpected olace - the "unexpecteds" are what's so fun about all of this, huh?
Can't wait to see more from you!

Re: A "washed up" mop bucket? Nope!

I love this - the stripe & embellishments really make it so much more than an old mop bucket! You did a great job!
I that's one more thing on my list... :-)
Thanks for sharing,

Re: Sweet Junk at The BitterSweet Cabin

Thanks for all the great pics! I see MANY things that I'd love to have (long funnels, chicken condo, glass block window, and the sunflowers!) - if only this were closer! *SIGH* Why is it that the junk in OTHER states/cities is more appealing than our own??? Like I need any more of it anyway... (Of course I do!)
Have fun,

Re: antique mattress springs

I can see why the climbing vine loves it! I do too! It's such a fabulously creative way to block the afternoon sun on your porch! Makes me wish I had a porch in need of one. :-)

Re: Ironing board daisy

I am in awe and virtually at a loss for words (unusual for me ;-D ), except to say WOW!!! What a beautiful piece of art your barn has become!! Looking forward to seeing more of your projects!

Re: RE Boutique Sign

AWESOME! You really put some thought and LOTS of creativity into these. The signs alone would make me curious enough to check out this store! I love the circles at the bottom left available for special signs. (more circles, Sue!)
I love the name of the store too!

Re: RING aROUND the Rosie!

Thank you for the glimpse of your "endless cicrle of junk!" I think that does decribe this obsession: ("Hi, my name is _______ and I'm obsessed with junk!") ;-)

Maybe it's really all about those "RE" words: reduce (...using new things), REUSE (...old things in new ways), RECYCLE ( keep usable items out of landfills), and REPURPOSE ( all into cool "new" stuff!)

Round and round and round it goes. Where it stops nobody knows! :-)

Re: More Freebies!

I went with disassembly - it took most of the day today but it's done! Ended up with a LOT of unexpected fun pieces (wood * meteal). Stay tuned for pics soon!

Re: Steel Spring Table

Incredibly cool! I'll bet it's quite the conversation piece.
Thahks for sharing!

Re: October Floral of the Month

Too cute and her story is too funny! When or if the grrom shows up, this is a marriage sure to last, with all those round things and their "infinite nature"! :-)

Are there invitations for the wedding yet? You could make one from junk! Maybe that's where Junkenstein is - out gathering the goods...

Thanks for the smile!

Re: GoodWill Finds - Kitchen Wall Grouping

I'll bet you had fun putting this nice display together. I second the love for Goodwill!

Re: A Chippy Welcome...

So much cooler than the plain white fixture! A perfect combo of rusty and shiny/sparkly. LOVE IT! We have the opposite problem - our (cheap builder grade) entry light hangs from a very long cord and chain. Every replacement is too short. You've inspired me to keep looking for a solution. Thanks!!

Re: Halloween tree

Cute, festive and fun! My kids would love creating something like this too! I love the cobwebs and the scary jack-o-lantern!

Re: A Rusty Repurpose

What a beautiful table! old rusty metal, one of my favorite things!
You might still add seasonal accents inside like your branches, small pumpkins and gourds, greenery, etc.
I've got to learn to use one of those saws! My husband's handy but not usually around when I need these things done. Maybe one should be on my Xmas wish list... (a power saw - I have one husband already!) :-D

Re: West End Architectural Salvage

I was thinking (again) that MN has all the best junk - until I saw that this junker's paradise is much closer than that. Definitely worth a weekend trip! (and a stop on the way at Jim's Antiques in Bethany, MO. Lots of salvaged "junk" OUTSIDE. Too bad it was closed the day we were passing through...)
I'm very impressed by their memory boards. Who would think that something so simple (and decorative) could help an Alzheimer's patient regain some memories? It's quite decorative too!
Thanks for telling us about this great place! Hopefully there'll be something left when I can get there! LOL

Re: A Junker's Collection - Part Two

What's in my pile? It could be round metal chairs with curly backs (as in the post of all the junk in my basement) and old worn wooden objects (if it doesn't work or I don't even know WHAT it is/was, all the better).
Maybe it's also because circles are symmetrical and therefore balanced, creating harmony. Ok... I'm getting too philosophical now! But I do agree with Amy - it would be interesting to find out why we are drawn to certain shapes, colors, materials and textures.
I LOVE the black and white handle on the magnifying glass! (More symmetry?)and all the round rusty junk. GREAT collections!

Re: Threshing tray coffeetable

SO BEAUTIFUL! What a stunning one-of-a-kind piece. Your home is certainly full of treasures. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Re: Princess Ready

This is a lovely transformation! Isn't Goodwill great? it's one of my favorites too! (Just went there this evening, in fact...)

Re: A Junker's Collection - Part One

Great collection! I wonder if the attraction to round things has something to do with the infinite nature of circles? Maybe kind of a timeless thing - sort of like the junk we bring into our homes?

Re: Tripod lamp (small)

This is a great "it would go anywhere' lamp. Very nice! It looks like you've been busy! I'm looking forward to future posts of your work!

Re: Surveyor's tripod lamp

I like the wood tripod you made. It gives it a little bit softer look than the metal tripod would have had. Very warm and inviting. Thanks for sharing this great piece!

Re: Primitive Brick Barn Cats

So cute! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Toilet paper storage "cabinet"

A clever reuse that is too funny. I never would have thought of this! I'll bet it's quite the conversation piece at your house!
Thanks for sharing!

Re: The Art of Entropy

BEAUTIFUL! The bits of paint really look good with the sofa and your walls. The rusty parts just add to it! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!

Re: Doctor's bag "bookcase"

Another fabulous reuse! We need something like this too. Added to shopping list: one doctor's bag. I love this one!

Re: Scale napkin holder

Scales are great, aren't they? I love this reuse of one!
Keep creating!

Re: Harness ring "valance"

This is great! I've got a few of those harness rings myself. I've seen them used as swag holders, but never to hold a beautiful living swag like yours. It's "green" in so many ways!
Thanks for sharing!!

Re: Scarecrow Welcomes Trick or Treaters!

Very festive! I love those brick pumpkins. I can't wait to see more of your projects!
Thanks for sharing,

Re: Another great grate!

Very unique and creative! I love how it looks in your photo, and the holiday embellishments you and gailmarie have mentioned. i guess this adds another thing to my "look for list!"
Great job and thanks for sharing!

Re: Another Crazy Lamp

You've done it again! I am completely impressed by this. And what a great way to display - I mean store - those few odd brushes that aren't a collection! Undoubtedly we all have growing non-collections of odd things as well. One weekend of good junking = instant collection. I think ALL of us undertand that!
Thanks for sharing more of your great work! Your home must be a very interesting place!
In awe,

Re: Junky Tablescape

Beautifully resourceful!

Re: Garage Sale Yard Fun

Very nice display! Too bad the pump won't make watering the mums easier - wouldn't it be great to just pump a few times and water a wheelbarrow full of plants?

Re: Our Lady of Guadalupe Virgin Mary Shrine

I have a number of these statues that were my grandma's. What a great way to turn them into something with a bit more visual interest. It's very eyecatching!

Re: Trick or Treat...Mwah ah ah!!

Your display is fabulous! Are you sure you don't secretly love Halloween, just a little bit? I'm not fond of the whole T or T thing myself. We've had teens (and sometimes adults) come to the door in street clothes who just hold open a pillowcase and stare at us. I always make them dance or s ing, or something - sort of a trick for a treat!
Happy Holiday before Christmas!

Re: Vintage Rotary Phone Clock

What a clever way to reuse an old phone! If you have kids around, this can serve the dual purpose of teaching them how to read a dial clock AND a history lesson on what it meant to "dial the phone". Hmmm, how about making this part of a display of words no longer used, with their parts repurposed? Like an automobile window crank for "rollng up the window" made into a currently useful object. Maybe part of a paper towel or toilet paper holder. Hmmm...
Thanks for sharing!!

Re: Bench from old headboard

This is beautiful! I've been wanting to make a bench from an old bed for years! (Someday...) Isn't it fun to find freebies? Thanks for sharing!

Re: FINALLY!! Organized - sort of...

Your lockers are great! What a super way to sort organize your supplies. I'm jealous... Thanks for sharing!!

Re: First one door...then two!

What a great idea, and you've made it look so beautiful (and easy)! Fabululous!


I love chalkboard paint too, though I've never been brave enough to paint a whole door in my house. Good for you! It looks great and what a great idea. If you have little ones, this would be a great outlet for that desire to "write on the wall" that most kids seem to be born with! And phone messages, reminders to return items borrowed, lists of things that need to leave the house in the morning, etc. I feel my bravery level increasing already! Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing!!

Re: Edible Centerpiece

Sue, this makes even the vegetables look good. LOVE the jump rope handles made from old spools! I've got a big collection of these myself.
Five inches of snow? I guess there are some advantages to NOT living in MN! The appeal of the junk is strong, though...
Stay warm!

Re: ICE COLD Canada Dry Ginger Ale Wall Art

I don't know how I missed this when it was first posted - but WOW! This is incredible! You do such great work!

Re: i'll never do this again:)!

If it helps any, it's very cute! I totally understand about the "pain thing"; Even if you don't do this again, no worries - there's a whole world of other junk out there just waiting for you and you obviously creative style!! Good job and thanks for sharing.

Re: Happy Autumn

Another winner from the leading architect of junk! This is a beautiful arrangment. I agree, the old cart was destined for this use! Thanks for sharing your work with us!

Re: Junk fall decor

This is a lovely fall display, very welcoming. So of course we welcome you to JMS! Don't be surprised if it's addictive...
Looking forward to seeing what else comes out of your "craft/antique/junk stash"! This one's definitely a winner.
Thanks for sharing!

Re: button necklace

What a beautiful way to use old buttons! Love it, love it!!

Re: This Old Mom, She Has Junk (lots of it!) 3

Thanks Sue! The next time you're in KC, bring a friend and do come shop my basement! Be sure to bring some of that good MN junk to trade... LOL! I'm still dreaming about something I wish I had bought at The Buffalo Nickel (and have never seen anywhere else). I was afraid we didn't have room for it, but we could've left something (or one?) behind! :-)

Hubby is helping me today on some of the furniture refinishing projects I've collected. He wants them OUT of the garage - Hmmm... Maybe THAT'S how to get the "honey-dos" done! I'll have pics to post when they're done.
Keep warm - Brrr... It's cold here!
Joanne :-)

Re: bench

I just npticed the design on the front edge of the bench. Very nice. Was this part of the original set or did you create it yourself?

Re: Shutter doors

This is great! I picked up a couple of these curbside earlier this week, now I have a good use for 'em!
Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

Re: This Old Mom, She Has Junk (lots of it!) 3

Thanks everyone! What I love most about this site (besides the great ideas and inspiration) is the realization that others do this too!


This is an absolutely charming use for old silver coasters. Now they will be in high demand everywhere by Junkmarketstyle readers! I'd better head out quick...

Re: This aint your daddy's grill anymore...

Fabulous! I see grills curbside nearly every week. A portable potting "shed", what fun and very useful. Very clever reuse!

Re: bench

What a wonderful way to repurpose a bed into something both useful and beautiful! Great job and thanks for sharing.

Re: Prize

I wish I could be there! If I leave now I might be able to make it by 4 or 5 tonight and home by 2 or 3 in the morning... The kids can walk home from school and hubby can feed them dinner, right? :-)
I'm so sad that this is the only place on the list Sue posted in July that I did NOT make it to on our vacation to MN (Though I had great fun in Buffalo!) I'm hoping to make it back next summer and after seeing these pics this store is first on my list! Happy junking one and all!
wishing KS were closer to MN!

Re: Springfield Extravaganza - Part II - so much to see and so little time!

Thanks for taking us all with you; it's been fun! (Gotta find a way to be there next year...!)
I ca't wait to see what you do with the child's cabinet. I have one (built by my grandmother for me) that's special and won't be sold. so I want to do something fun with it and use it in our home. My kids are nearly past toy kitchens and prefer the Little Tikes one anyway.
Thanks for sharing!!

Re: Springfield Extravaganza - some of our stuff...Part III

I will have to come to next year's sale. Your pieces are beautiful! Hmm... how far is Springfield from Kansas City? (Ohio, right?)
It's amazing what can be done with bits and pieces many of us already have laying around. Great details and thanks for inspiring us all!

Re: Organ Pipe Photo Holders

Beautiful! I love the patina of the old wood, the unique look of the pipes BEFORE, and of course the creative way you've repurposed them. Tie clips are now on my "search" list. What a great use of them! I share Candy's sentiment: where do we begin to find such things? Care to send any "down river"?
This is why you're the "Sue" and I'm just the "wannabe"! :-)
Thanks for such great inspiration on a Monday morning!

Re: Window

FABULOUS! The metal strips and towel bar are wonderful additions. I bought a similar window last week after seeing another made into a message center. I can't wait to combine ideas and make my own! Great job, can't wait to see more. You've got great ideas!
Thanks for sharing,

Re: Serving up a "light" snack - vintage junk-style!

You're too funny! Love your speech - I'm another one that would be drowned out by the music or pulled off by the long hook...
Thanks for making me smile!

Re: Candle stick flowers

Looking at my long-ignored all-but-dead annuals, I'm in favor of growing a whole field of these! VERY creative and fabulous! Joanne

Re: Feedsack Handbags

These are DARLING! I'd love to have one too. Have you checked with local flea market, occasional sales, and even gift shops? I would think they'd sell quickly. Good luck!

Re: Serving up a "light" snack - vintage junk-style!

WOW! Love the lamp-turned-serving dish! Lamps will be on my wanted list now too. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. I'd love to have come and meet some of you. But there is an advantage to being far away: less competition for the junk when a must-copy idea is shared! LOL

Re: Recycled Fire Place Pumpkin

Super coolnique (that's my new word for cool, unique things)! I'll bet it'll be the talk of the neighborhood! Thanks for the great idea!

Re: fun with words

Could you use the Upwords tiles (in pairs) for projects that call for dominoes? There was a domino desk set posted recently and a soap dish in Junk Beautiful Outdoor Edition.

You might have more luck finding games, including Scrabble, at garage sales in areas with lots of kids. I'm amazed to often I find them unopened or barely used (like last week). Toys without batteries & noise must be too low-tech for lots of today's kids (or maybe their parents).

This is a great find! Good luck with your Scrabble search!

Re: Junk Angel

She is totally charming (and inspiring)!
Love it!!

Re: Juliette

Wherefore art thou Romeo? Maybe she's getting signals from him in her head! He'd better watch out, though. I'll bet she can hold her own and won't be toyed with... (Hmmm, there's an idea in there somewhere...)
Thanks for sharing!

Re: Happy Boy

Your work is SO clever and creative! Happy Boy will be even happier to know he's earned an A+.

Re: bus scrolls, vintage hand-made toy race track and big old industrial wheels!

I love the racetrack - It would make great "track" lighting! Have you done anything with it yet? I'd be fascinated to see it. I'm planning a "vintage toy" them for our basement bathroom (need to build it first...) Something like this would be great! ALL of these finds are great! I'll have to check later posts to see wht you've done with any of them.
Thanks for sharing!

Re: Happy Fall to All...

And they probably thought no one would want it because of the flaw! Great personalization and I LOVE your painted flowers and checks. If only I'd paid better attention in art class maybe I could paint!


What a beautiful way to reuse an old doll cradle! I love your idea of using the screen to keep the dirt in place. I have an old magazine rack that I am working on doing the same thing with, and will borrow that extra detail to make it work. Thanks!

Re: This Old Mom, She Has Junk (lots of it!) 2

Thanks for all the kind words, everyone. This room is one of my favorite places. There's no dining table in it, so I've been looking for a couple of comfy wingback chairs. We replaced the chandelier with a fan last summer and I'm nearly done with a cute Halloween decoration using the old one. I'll be posting that soon!

Re: File and Magazine Holder

Aren't these drawers great? I love this idea!
It's nice to find someone else from the KC area on Junkmarket Style. I checked out your online store - do you have a live store in Cleveland (or elsewhere)? I'llhave to drive out and have a look if you do.
Fabulous work!

Re: One Happy Junker...

WOW!! I too am SO jealous! I don't suppose there's an old oil lamp with a genie inside that you'd sell me? :-) I have the same dream here in Kansas City... What a find! You Minnesotans have such great junk. (We visited in July) I hope to visit again next summer) Have fun and know that we're all looking forward to hearing more!

Re: what it is, what it is ..

Or... could it be some sort of thin gear or wheel that has been flattened (run over by a car?) Maybe a pinwheel? I wish I knew how big it was, that may help. The circle part at the top looks original.. Could it be some sort of clip to hold the rest of it to car? I'm dying to know now! It's Wednesday, when are you going to tell us???? :-)

Re: what it is, what it is ..

I have no idea what it WAS (though I feel like I should), but it looks an angel now.
Can't wait to find out!

Re: Typing Tables, Office Chairs and Metal File Bins

If you live anywhere near, I would come and buy it all for that price!

Re: Typing Tables, Office Chairs and Metal File Bins

I have a typing table I am trying to find a use for too. I think it would make a great serving cart for tea/coffee and cookies or appetizers if you're the type that entertains often (we're not). It looks like one of yours has shelves below the top. Maybe they'd hold extra napkins and a tray of extra flatware or serving spoons? One of the file drawers or the file box might be useful placed on the shelf for storing extra candles, small tablecloths, napkins, or "emergency" stain removers, etc.
You could also use a file drawer to store/share photos on a coffee table. Especially if you're like me and don't get them into albums. If you're worried about fingerprints you can buy plastic sleeves that hold standard size pics perfectly. (Hmm, I'm starting to wish I still had the file drawers I had for h.s debate) Perhaps a tray could catch any pics that don't get put away or those that you wish to showcase.
I hope you can put them to good use. I can't wait to see how they look!

Re: JMS Post from the Past - "I'm Going All the Way to the Top!"

I WANT ONE TOO!!! I love this idea! Isn't it fun decorating with things you CAN'T buy at Pottery Barn or Target?! No offense to either store, but to me their look is generic. Even if someone else copies your junk decor ideas, each one is unique and its own conversation piece. I'll be on the hunt for my own. Great job and thanks!

Re: Breadbox Beautifies Bath By Banishing Beauty Bottles!

Thanks everyone! I've recently discovered that I'm less inhibited (about writing) and funnier the later it gets at night! RustyDiva - Your post was so clever, I just couldn't help myself! What a haul you must have had from there!

Re: Breadbox Beautifies Bath By Banishing Beauty Bottles!

Porch mailbox, what a great use for another old bread box! I actually have another waiting for inspiration. Thanks for the compliments and the great idea!

Re: Once Upon a Time in Texas.....

Hey RustyDiva, you're quite a writer!
Your eye for good junk is even brighter.
My mom had renters like this years ago;
But I didn't find GOOD junk there and so,
Of you I am jealous, there is no doubt;
Can't wait to see how all this stuff turns out.
Your story is great! I'm filled with laughter;
I'm sure your finds're happy e'er after!
Joanne :-)

Re: 650 Mile Garage Sales Pictures

We were in Tennessee that week and learned we would cross the sale's path, so we got off the interstate at 127 (Crossville) and shopped for the better part of the afternoon/evening. I can't believe how many sellers there were in just the mile or so from the highway we were able to cover! (So hot & humid too. We'd been in Minnesota in July - MN weather wins hands down!) I only wish there had been more room in our minivan for junk! (6 people and luggage doesn't leave much extra space! Next year they'll have to stay home) I found some great stuff! (The wheels have been turning ever since...)

Re: Our Name in Junk!

Thanks for all of the compliments! I love your idea of mounting the letters on something else. It would have made the whole process of spacing and hanging them SO much easier! I will have to do that with my kids' names, whenever they are collected. I also love the idea of putting it on the front porch. (We had one on our old house, don't on this one, but our next one will or I'm not moving! lol)

Re: JMS Joins in City Wide Garage Sale Fun!

Thanks for the recommendation of places to go in Buffalo. We drove out there and went to all three. I got lucky with Sweet Salvage, even though it wasn't their weekend. I met one of the owners at Buffalo Nickel and she let me come over for a look. I wish I could find stuff like they had around here. If we had more room in the car I think I would have filled it with MN junk!

Re: JMS Joins in City Wide Garage Sale Fun!

I wish it were a couple of weeks later! We're coming to Minneapolis on July 11-12 (after camping with my daughter's Girl Scout troop under the sharks at the Omaha Zoo). The family wants to see the Mall of America. Me, I'm more interested in "MN junk"! Will your warehouse be open during that time? Can you recommend some other good junk venues?

Re: Contributors' Earth Day Challenge

I love this idea! I've been planning for the day when our basement gets finished and have decided on a "drive-in restaurant" (aka A&W or Arnold's) meets "drive-in movie theater" theme. I can't wait to see the ideas from the "Grease" lp! (I would definitely be Sandy).

I thought of one for Lee Greenwood... Since his most famous song is easily "God Bless the USA", how about taking 45s with solid red, white, or blue labels and make a funky flag wall art? The red and white ones could form rows as the stripes, and the blue ones could fill the smaller area as "stars". It could be sized to fill a large open wall space, or a slightly smaller one. Wouldn't it be great if you could find patriotic songs on 45s to use? Perhaps on the wall of an American Legion Hall or similar club? They could sell as a fundraiser for charity. (I'm typing as the ideas flow. Not all great, but I'm trying.) :-)

Re: What Do You Do With A Free Electrical Wire Spool?

I love this! Very creative and fun! (Though I didn't get it until I described it to my husband out loud. Can I blame that on the cold I got as an early Christmas present?) My grandmother had one of these spools as a picnic table on her patio when I was a child. For years I thought that was its intended purpose! I actually had three smaller spools (found by the curb) that I stacked pyramid style and used as a stereo/speakers stand when I was a teenager. (Back when the stereo and the speakers were all pretty big. I recall that it had a turntable AND an 8-track player...)

Re: Live from Kansas City...

I loved the show in KC, and joined right away after getting home. Thank you for all the great ideas and inspiration! (As you can see from my screen name, I'm quite a fan!) My daughters enjoyed meeting yuou too and getting their picture taken with you. I recall admiring the tie stool from Urban Mining. I'm hoping to get down there sometime soon! I've got lots of junk of my own to get started on, and this seems to be just the place for ideas! Thanks again, Sue!