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Right after God, my kids, and my pets I guessed it...JUNK. I'm so grateful for the JMS community!

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Map Love Old Nightstand Facelift

My customer found these night stands free on the curb.  How I wish I'd taken "before" photos!!! They were a drab pecan finish with pieces of trim missing.  I replaced much of the trim so it...

from Seaworthy To SEEworthy: Canoe Flowerbed

My neighbor gave me an old blue canoe.  The keel was damaged and it wasn't fit for canoeing so I painted it yellow and converted it into a flowerbed.  Cut the bottom open with a jigsaw...

"My times are in Thy hand" Time Card Rack Repurpose Psalm 31:15

I acquired an old timecard rack for clocking in (I actually remember "punching in" back in the day).  It was begging for an opportunity to say something about time.  My favorite book had...

shutters + industrial steel shelving = awesome

I love heavy industrial steel shelving.  They are storage and decor essentials if you're like "us".  I salvaged these beauties from a long-defunct chemical laboratory and gave them a happy...

Yet another repurposed organ.

This project is ready to go home. The organ's original owner was the new owner's great grandmother. She had neither the use nor room for the whole instrument but very much wanted a useful...

Ladder love. So easy!

Ladders are so much fun!

Calling all the you see what I see?

It is stamped "Post Office Department 1962" but I see a shoe caddy.  It separates from the fabulous steel table and shelf and it's my new favorite piece in my industrial-retro themed home.

Heavy Metal: Midcentury Galley Cabinet.

Not sure why I felt the need to completely refinish this old thing, maybe there just wasn't enough rust to make it beautiful! Lots of elbow grease, patience, sandpaper, Bondo, filler primer, and...

Music themed wall hanging from castoffs

Music is a big part of my life and my friends' lives.  A dear, wonderful friend of mine is a singer and pianist, and I put this wall hanging together for her birthday.  The two sharps the...

Some people call weeds & throwaway frames "junk".

  My love for flowers and almost any live greenery, wild or otherwise, won't let me watch them wither and die.  These are picked and pressed from my little garden and any roadside with room...

File cabinet planter!

I always seem to have old fence boards lying around.  I took an old filing cabinet, turned it on its back, and attached these fence boards with barrel strap.  It's one of my favorite...

Trash find: retro wrought iron shelf

I couldn't believe this big (7 feet tall!) retro, amazing wrought-iron shelf was in someone's trash!  The guy throwing it out was happy to help me load it into my truck. 

Chicken wire love :)

My fondness (and it runs very deep) for chicken wire leads me down the most interesting detours.

Medieval Wheelbarrow Made of Junk

I was asked to build a medieval wheelbarrow for a stage prop.  When asked to create something, people like "us" (heehee) use what we already have whenever possible, and fortunately the...

Reclaimed shutter shelf

Perhaps everyone's tired of seeing yet another shutter/door project.  Or, (like me) maybe not! I needed a shelf for this particular spot in my family room and had a nice little pile of...

Lots of mileage out of one organ...

I'm currently obsessed with all the uses of a pump organ once it's no longer functioning.  And I'm like the Native Americans; I use every part of the buffalo.

New "aged" cabinet

  I needed a cabinet for a particular space and couldn't find anything for years.  So I resorted to my former MO, before I discovered the joys of junking.  I went ahead and built the...

Love notes

  "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" ~ Berthold Auerbach. As long as it washes away the dust but leaves the rust, I've got the best of all worlds!

An ordination gift of old, old organ parts for a shiny, brand-new pastor.

A dear friend's husband was recently ordained as pastor of our church.  I couldn't think of a more appropriate use for these extra organ parts I'd "harvested".  I found out in advance...

Further "Organ Harvest": more music-based art :^)

Here's another music-based shelf from old organ parts.  I just love them, the way I love music.  Since the instruments I use no longer produce beautiful sound, I try to give them new lives...

"Form" and "Funk-shun"

Chicken wire + spray paint + vivid imagination = my crazy dress form.

File under "virtues" :)

These drawer fronts were part of a 1903 Sole Maker wood file cab.  No kidding, that was the company name, so the Virtues seemed even more appropos!! The cabinet was falling apart, but these...

"Harvested Organ" shelf

This is the finished product, a small shelf about 24"  wide.  Repurposed Victorian era pump organ parts. With the exception of the mounting loops in back, all the hardware is original. Hyms...

Old fences become...

Someone I know from a nearby county's Habitat for Humanity asked me to build a picture frame for her watercolor, I believe it's to hang in a H for H office.  The challenge was to make it from...

Ancient Chinese secret?

Pulled this out of a neighborhood trash heap yesterday.  I have no idea what it is.  Once "assembled" it wouldn't work well for a table.  I can't identify its intended purposecan...

Doll bed from castoffs

I wanted to make a bed for this doll (not the human one) and the challenge was to do it on a zero money outlay basis.  I came so close!  If only I'd had these paint colors on hand!

Rusty metal cabinet reincarnation

This rusting old industrial steel cabinet in my neighbor's trash heap was irresistible!  The drawers and main door were rusted through and fell apart, but I saved what I could.  Its...

Another file cabinet re-do

I'm new to Junkmarket, and to the world of junking, which is why I didn't think to take "before" photos of my first few projects. This cabinet is at least forty years old, was badly damaged, and...

Recent comments

Re: Ladder Table

I think it is a cool re-use of castoff treasures!

Re: Entry table

This is the bomb, Studio76. What a great piece!

Re: My new upcycled ceiling light fixture

This is fantastic. I bet the lights are beautiful when they're on!

Re: Labor Day Bookcase

What an inspired use of unrelated materials! This took some vision!

Re: A Junk Piece with Multiple Uses!

Oh, super find, and great vision!


I love your chimney cupboards. Your projects are really inspiring!

Re: Garage Shelving to Pantry

These are fabulous!

Re: guitarman 2

Beautiful and creative!

Re: Organ button necklace with frosty grey beads

I have lots of these from dismantled pump organs, and you have inspired me! What a beautiful, creative reuse.

Re: Sewing Drawer as Riser

Your talent and creativity are inspiring!

Re: 60's ViewMaster Lamp

oh this is really neat! I would love to know how to make lamps out of the crazy junk lying around my house!

Re: Vintage croquet vases

What a fantastic idea!!! Wow!

Re: From a bed to a Nutcracker...

This is so clever. Amazing you saw this nutcracker in all those different parts and brought it together!

Re: Watering Can Reusing Soda Tin

This is wonderful, and so simple that it's clever!

Re: Shelves

I really love this whole thing. I am a great shelf-ophile as well.

Re: Good Golly Miss Molly

She's amazing!

Re: Knock Knee Trunk Table

Really beautiful! I love old trunks!

Re: A Beautiful Combination of Created and Found Objects

I just acquired one of these old beauties and have plenty of treasures to adorn her!

Re: Scrappy Side Table

ohhh, this is so beautiful. Who would think that junk could be so much lovelier than brand-new...but this is!

Re: Ultimate Salvage Potting Table

This is a masterpiece in several categories. Amazing!

Re: Pallet Patina

The coolest pallet project I've seen yet. Beautiful finish.

Re: Another old window revived

This is so simple and lovely. I have some old windows and it's inspiring!

Re: I Come In Peace - Take Me To Your Leader!

ooooh so cool!

Re: Shadow box window

I love all your ideas and the way you put them together!

Re: Organ-to-writing desk/dressing table-conversion: another organ project???

Thank you ML, I'll have to jog up and visit you some time!

Re: Organ-to-writing desk/dressing table-conversion: another organ project???

Thanks Sue. I tried to credit Midge's "Where Do You Keep A Keyboard" project with the inspiration but couldn't find it in the menu. Anyway, that's where I got the idea.

Re: How to Use Candles that No Longer Burn

soooo pretty! I never see kale here in the Tampa area, but I'm going to start looking now.

Re: old dog tags fan pulls

What a wonderful idea! I would never have thought of this. I have literal dog tags, from my four-legged best friends in Heaven, that I will put to proud use now. Thank you for an awesome inspiration.

Re: 1st Pump Organ Project

Oh my, I just saw this! I have several projects similar to this one on my JMS page, but you did it first. I will add this page to the description for credit. This piece is beautiful.

Re: Old Birdcages

I love this idea and the quaint bird pics on the blocks!

Re: New "aged" cabinet

Sue, GS, Jim, thanks for making it okay to build something new sometimes. Thank you for the encouragement!

Re: Charlottes Web Spider Baby Display

This is brilliant!

Re: My Steampunk Hat

I want to wear it too. What a cool hat, and what a great arrangement of elements.

Re: An ordination gift of old, old organ parts for a shiny, brand-new pastor.

"Bible Lotto" is an old game a friend gave me a while back. It's just a bible trivia q & a game. More like bingo really. It seemed like a fitting prop when I staged this photo :)

Re: Metal Trim

ohhh, I want some great metal trim like that! What a find!

Re: Jewelry from an old Brownie Camera

The jewelry is truly beautiful!

Re: Money to Burn

I agree, the colors are amazing. The whole project is incredibly creative.

Re: Record players as art :)

Thank you all for your encouragement. It adds further enjoyment to what I already love doing :)

Re: "Form" and "Funk-shun"

Lezlee, I've never been to Round Top, it sounds like where I belong.

Re: "...the old things passed away; behold, new things have come." 2 Corinthians 5:17b

bendreschler, your project is fantastic. You scored a great set of shutters. Love the verse. Yes, He is risen.

Re: Pipe Wrench Bird

This is just so cool Are you soldering?

Re: Pipe Wrench Bird

This is just so cool Are you soldering?

Re: File under "virtues" :)

I couldn't agree more Tammy!
- Lisa

Re: File under "virtues" :)

Thank you, fellow Junkmasters. I am still only a Grasshopper and learning from all of you:)

Re: "Harvested Organ" shelf

Thank you Laurel!

Re: "Harvested Organ" shelf

Thank you Midge!

Re: Vase Birds

Your projects are amazing, 'forge. Is this solder holding the metal together, or do you arc weld them somehow? Remarkable!

Re: The Aviator

This is fascinating! I agree with VReV; this piece is rocking a steampunk vibe. Awesome.

Re: Old fences become...

Thank you Midge. Remember to keep the old rusty nails; they're a functional design element :)

Re: Old fences become...

Thank you Midge. Remember to keep the old rusty nails; they're a functional design element :)

Re: Ancient Chinese secret?

Thank you galynn! Do you have any great ideas for it now :) ?

Re: Ancient Chinese secret?

I like the new ideas, MIH and Marie. Hopefully they'll show up again soon with new identities.

Re: Spelling with Treasured Junk

How clever! I'm inspired to spell something with what I've got lying around!

Re: Ancient Chinese secret?

Thank you Marie. I considered that possibility, but in person it's completely impractical for use as a table, as the margins are tiny and the embellishments make it unsanitary as well. Maybe a snack table for nymphs or fairies? Any repurposing ideas? Keep em coming Marie!

Re: Doll bed from castoffs

Ah, Midge! Although new to JMS as a member, I've been an admirer of your projects on this site for quite a while. Thanks for letting me off the hook in terms of expense :)

Re: Another file cabinet re-do

Well, Marie, that was the idea. Thank you!

Re: Doll bed from castoffs

Jim, it's high praise coming from the expert. Many thanks!

Re: 4 Old Plates = 10,000 Lakes

What a great idea. I wish there were more old license plates lying around here in FL! Nice work.

Re: my grandma's old salt and pepper shakers

Oh, this is so simple and lovely! And a great way to share God's thoughts with people.

Re: Rusty metal cabinet reincarnation

Thank you Kathy! I'm in Florida. I'll be planting soon and sharing pix of the cabinet sporting something happy and alive.

Re: My Christmas Junque Tree!

Ding! This is a wonderful tree. I hope by next year my family will go along with such a delightful motif, or I may just have to get my own Christmas tree! This one's great.

Re: Doll bed from castoffs

Kathy, RD, ATG, those compliments, coming from the "pros", mean a lot. This is a great community.

Re: It's time to play dominoes!

Such a great idea in so many ways. Very simple, yet clever. I love this.

Re: Another file cabinet re-do

Sue, RustyDiva, my humblest thanks to you both. What fun!

Re: Rusty metal cabinet reincarnation

Thank you RustyDiva. I'm new to junking and, more specifically to JunkMarket, so your comment is very encouraging!

Re: Re-do of tiny bathroom

This is a great little bathroom. I love your ideas!