Silver Spring, MD, US

I started drawing when I was in kindergarten. I did all types of artwork through high school and college and now like to recycle.

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Recycled Toy Key Hooks

I haven't been perusing on JMS for quite awhile. Since I amassed collections of old toy pieces, metal and plastic over the years, I decided to make a few mixed media collage sculptures, "Climb High"...

The Grinch Was At My Window!

I have a stash of old wood windows that I've collected from local home renovations.  Every now and then I receive a request for a painted window and this one was a hoot.  A friend request a...

Washington DC sports Chest

I had this little, wood chest sitting around in storage for awhile and haven't done anything with it.  It was an unfinished chest with a little whitewash but it was really cute.  I decided...

More Wood and Metal

I found this file cabinet in a basement collecting dust and someone was throwing out this 1950s wood trunk covered in old masking tape.  I got it for free.  It took 2 hours to...

An Old Shed Converted into Tiki Bar

I always debate when I finish a project, whether to post or not because I tend to overthink my recycle projects but I like this one.   So, this is an old shed in back ofnbspmy...

I'm a junkie with a bad Thursday night habit

 So its Thursday night again and my weekly jaunt through the neighborhood checking out the toss aways.  Of course who can ignore all the obvious wood!  I bribed ournbspoffice...

Funky Junky Furniture

This last summer  I started some painting projects and now I'm finishing up.  My dining room needed a new look.  I think it now has a funky, cottage...

My Swap Junk BEFORE project 1-Racers7

When my Junk Swap partner Tracey a.k.a. whimsicalcottage sent my box I had addressed it back to my job because I couldn't wait to get home for it!  Thank you Tracey for such cool...

Recycled Containers with New Tags

So here's the method to the madness... In my art studio I had some old containers to place my junk items in and wanted streamline labels not just a stick onnbsp...


You know the JMS swap spurred me into action!  Last weekend I just couldn't fight the urge to hit one or more of the 9 thrift (I mean warehouse size!) stores near my...

Painted Recycled Wine Bottles

So I would never throw out my recycled juice bottles...NO NEVER!  I loved their shapes, colors and the smoothness of the glass.  But for the life of me I just couldnt figure out what to...

Junkin' in Maryland

So Thursday nights I take a trip through my neighborhood late night to look for tossed furniture.  Maryland doesn't have regular salvage or junk sales like the midwest but some...

NFL Team Old Country Window

My friend redid all her windows on her home but didn't want to throw out the old ones because they're all wood.  Since they have a country look she asked if I could do something with...

Painted Side Table

I found this side table at a thrift store for a couple of dollars.  It was already half primed with white paint so I primed the whole thing and painted a funky, whimsical picture on it.  My...

Recycled Lemonade Bottles

I didn't want to throw out some saved juice bottles so I thought I could paint them and now my 11 year old nephews are clamoring for their set of painted bottles.  I painted their...

Orange Cabinet Makeover

I found this old orange cabinet in the basement of my cousin's house.  It is made of a fiber board, melamine type of material.  They didn't want it so I'm using it as a cabinet.  Ive...

Recent comments

Re: Farmall Sofa Table

Very nice! Melody

Re: "Eye Candy"...

Very practical! Love how the ribbon is easily accessible now. Melody

Re: Before and After vintage chair

Love the toile pattern! I love when I see furniture remade because its such a shame to discard it when a little paint and tlc can change it's appearance. Very nice.

Re: Upcycled Victorian Chairs

These chairs look awesome! I love the tufted backs and distressed wood.

Re: Wildlife Assemblages Formed From Re-Interpreted Refuse

I had a fun time just looking and figuring out what they represented...really phenomenal! Melody


Yes, it does look like a tinderbox used for putting out cinders. Melody

Re: Warehouse Industrial Cart Coffee Table

Super job! Where did you get the great industrial wheels? melody

Re: The Vintage Wedding

Love all the vintage and antique theme for the wedding album. It really looks like it holds timeless memories. Its very creative! Melody

Re: Bathroom Remodel - Floating Suitcase Shelf

Thats a great idea and it looks really streamline. Melody

Re: recent use of old wood and fence boards

That is really awesome and GREEN! Its very artistic and I likey very much. Melody

Re: Final Destination - 1956 Plymouth Fury Hood Ornament

Very cool assemblage. Melody

Re: Organizing Photos...The Junk Market Style Way

You need to just stop it, right now! How do you come up with such super cool ideas?! Very funky and I must say I'm probably your biggest fan if you had a club, heehee. Melody

Re: Thrift store chair

Very nice work. The chair color and fabric really do compliment each other. Melody

Re: Audubon Carrion - Steampunk Bird

Super KOOL!! I have some old skates and now know what to do with them. Melody

Re: Chest Of Drawers For TV Components

I always love when a post comes up with a piece of furniture redone, it always makes you think which part of your own home it could fit in. Very nice! Melody


That is amazing! I know it must have been time consuming. Very cute! Melody

Re: "The Rocks Box" or is it "The Box Rocks"?

Not only does it look nice but that is a very thoughtful gift and I'm sure she will appreciate it more because you made it. Melody

Re: Garden Art

I think that is very cute and I'm sure the birds will love that cup when it fills up with rain! Melody

Re: Mexican Tile Plant Stand

You did an awesome job and the tiles really jump out! Melody

Re: Unique Sofa Table

Wow, that is awesome, a great repurpose! Melody

Re: Primitive Barn Wood Island

Very rustic, nice job! Melody

Re: UGLY nightstand transformation

The stand and color look really nice. If you want a super fix for the top, pick off all loose peelings from the surface top, fill all dips and chipped areas with a wood filler and/or spackle (might have to do it twice till level), when dry, sand it really well. Prime 2x and paint. This works really well with all the chipped veneers I resurfaced. Melody

Re: Got Mums?

Back in the 70s I remember we use to get milk and bread delivered to our house in NJ and anything that brings back warm childhood memories is a great find! Melody

Re: 'Rescued Rubbish' Lamps

The lighted "Art" sign is funkilicious and I love the olive oil lamp, such cute rescues! Melody

Re: Upcycled Roller Skate Keepsake Box Delivery Truck

KOOOOOLLLL...anything with wheels is super cool. Melody

Re: Rescued from the Rubbish Pile! Makeover SUCCESS!

I Love the thriftyness of the whole project! Melody

Re: doors ,any ideas for me?

Coooool...I see table, desk with sawhorse legs, cut in half for bottom of a hutch, man just endless uses. Melody

Re: Picket Fence Flowerbox

Crazy, awesome! So country chic and weather worn. Melody

Re: Georgio

Super cute and very useful! It must look nice on your porch or deck. Melody

Re: Sophia

I love the reuse of the window and wood! Really nice color too! Melody

Re: HoJo's Menu

Very Retro and brings back memories! You rock! When I left for college in the 80s there was a HoJo right by our college that us students would frequent, then they closed by the early 90s. I just loved that place and the one on interstate 95 in Delaware where my parents always took us. Melody

Re: Old Door Arbor

That is so super cool! I have several doors and was going to make tables but this is way cool too! Melody

Re: Repurposed Old Farm Windmill - Strictly for the Birds

Clever idea and the birdies must love it! Melody

Re: Repurposed Old Farm Windmill - Strictly for the Birds

Clever idea and the birdies must love it! Melody

Re: Bed Rail Signs

Nice repurpose! Melody

Re: My first Project

I love renovating old furniture (especially wood)! Looks great. Melody

Re: Michigan License Plate Flag

Super Kool and very industrial too! Melody

Re: Massey Ferguson Tractor Grill Side Table

Looks so rustic and funky! Love the texture of it. Melody

Re: Shutter Flag

How cute is that? Love it! Melody

Re: What's your number?

That is a gorgeous coffee table!! I love how you aged it and stenciled, very creative. Melody

Re: Lone Star

I think that is soooo creative! It looks so rustic and a little cowboy is running towards your house right now! Melody

Re: From garage to grandeur!!

Amazing redo! I love the aged boards. Melody

Re: shelves before and after

Very, Very cute! Melody

Re: My junk storage

Wow, I have tons of rusty nuts and bolts, that is a great piece to keep! Melody

Re: more lamp from old wooden tripod and a bookshelf made from a old door

Looks very cool! Love those lamps. Melody

Re: Feeling "all" Right - Coffee Table

Super Rocks (as usual)! Very unique. Melody

Re: Radiant Fire

This is very cool. I think the candles will make it look very antique. Melody

Re: An Old Shed Converted into Tiki Bar

Thank you! The Hut is looking good and will be done in a few weeks, I can't wait myself! Melody


Doors are the best! You can make dividers, shelving, desks...the list is endless. Melody

Re: It's Illuminating

Very funky, industrial retro! You always create "COOL". Melody

Re: Microscope Lamp

I just love it! How cool was that, its so funky too. Melody

Re: Zebra Chair...from dirty to flirty!

I love it when I see reupholstered furniture (I'm a jealous girl) especially the great shape of that chair, just terrific! Melody

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

As usual, a testament to the creativity that flows from some people from within! I always love your inspiring creations! Melody

Re: Bottle Crate Plant Stand

Wow, that is very clever! Melody

Re: Cool old "Typewriter" desk

I love old wooden desks, they look so solid and substantial. Nice work. Melody

Re: Art Show

I love to see fellow artists display their work. I did my first craft show last November and didn't sell anything either but it was great to get my artwork out. Keep up the good work its terrific!

Re: Curb Find

It amazes me how easy it is to recycle something, just love it! Melody

Re: Mosaic Window

This is super nice! What a great project and easy to do. Melody

Re: Happy Daddy's Day...memories

I just love it! I have a shadowbox with my Dad's things too...its great as a little reminder of his absence. Melody

Re: A new kitchen light

That is so cool! Melody

Re: Guarding the garden

I love a painting project that turns out fantastic! Very charming and whimsical. Melody

Re: mosiac window????

I love it! How resourceful you are with the plastic pellets . Melody

Re: ~ Megaphone Vase~

Super Cool...I love all the elements. Melody

Re: bird house

It is so charming! I bet the birds are gonna love their new condo. Melody

Re: Yard Sale find of the year: 8 foot industrial table/workbench


Re: Painted table

I think it looks terrific and I love the table legs! Melody

Re: more pics of my new space. I am so excited !

Love the doors and display...it sounds so exciting, too bad I don't live down there! Melody

Re: Goodwill Rescue Flag Project

Wow, what a great display, good job! Melody

Re: Prim Grubby Coffee Pot Light

I just love your designs, they are FANTASTIC! Everything you make is so homey and rustic, just love it. Melody

Re: Headboard Bench

A lovely story and the repurposed bench looks fabulous! Melody

Re: Abandoned Factory Lighting

Awesome lamp and all that great junk found in a factory, terrific! Melody

Re: Window Trunk

What a fantastic trunk and great use of windows! Melody

Re: Alphabet Lantern (Junk Swap project!)

I love this! The alphabet is cute and the tin is so industrial. Great project! Melody

Re: Greenhouses from old wood windows and industrial scrap material.

SO AWESOME!! I love old wood windows and you did a fantastic job converting to greenhouses! Melody

Re: From Clock Case to Jewelry Box

I love the decoupage and the antique look! You did a very nice job. Melody

Re: The Chimney Cupboard Family

AWESOME! I love the cupboard's distressed look too. Scott must have some great directions for building. Melody

Re: from terra cotta to whole lotta red!

That is very creative and the color is the bomb! Love that red-it sure will pop! Melody


I love this! I'm a collector of windows and chairs, this is such a fun repurpose. Melody

Re: Amanda's guitar coffee table

This is killer! I love funky and this is too funkalicious! Melody

Re: Coffee Tin Projects

What great items, I'm super lovin' this! Who could not love an old rusty coffee can (I save all the rusty nails I can too)! Melody

Re: Father's Day project

That is very thoughtful and creative! I think any Dad would love it. My Dad passed away several years ago and I have kept some of his childhood creations, so I'm sure he would love anything you've made for him. Melody

Re: Funky Junky Furniture

Born in a Barn- Thank You, I am a big fan of Lichtenstein too!

Re: Large Iron Gate

Nicccceeee. It looks heavenly. Melody

Re: O Spring of Junk

I love the items you repurposed and the garden looks so inviting! Finding curbside items seems like you discovered treasures, does'nt it?! Melody

Re: Tie Chair

Hey, that is a clever idea to twist them. It really does not look like ties but a colorful rope weave. Love it! Melody

Re: Picket Stool

How cute and the bird painted gives it a cottage feel. Melody

Re: Found on the side of the road

I'm a chair junkie too and you did a fantastic job! Melody


Very cute and retro! Melody

Re: Another $50 salvage yard find

Wow,that is really nice! I'm into black and white at the moment myself. Melody

Re: Rusty iron rolling cart

Its pretty cool. You could put a heavy plant pot on it or cut a circular wood base and find something to fit as a table. You must have a ton of stuff! Melody

Re: salvage yard sink

You have hit the jackpot 3x over! I always wanted a deep farmhouse sink and you have the ultimate and recycling it also, how cool! Melody

Re: Triumph Door Knocker

I love the metal and it must be loud! I wish I had the tools and access to finish up some cool metal projects...that's awesome! Melody

Re: Junk Swap - #5

I think that is so old and funky! I love the way you removed the metal from the leather and hung the keys, very inventive! Melody

Re: Broken Shutter Room Divider

Yayyyyy...I love doors and yours looks amazing! I have a few bifolds that I painted too and it just makes you want more. Melody

Re: trash junking

Funk-tastic! As an artist, I know easels are expensive unless you make your own and your recycle is just perfect! Melody

Re: No, Thank YOU Sir!

Junker Midge, you are the bomb! I super love the table and anything from craigslist or freecycle.com is gonna be a terrific repurpose! Melody

Re: Bottle Rocket

Very coool and lots of fun! Melody

Re: Old Letters to Make a New Entry

A,B,C,...1,2,3...I love, love the letters, my ultimate fave!! Melody

Re: How to Build a Chest of Drawers?

Super Nice! I love the weathered look and the street signs look cool. Melody

Re: Pictures of my home: the kitchen

Your home seems so cozy. So sorry to hear you're moving from Maryland (I'm in MD). I hope you get to take some of your treasures with you. Melody

Re: A Pleasing Palette

Looks very rustic and cute! Those pallets are good for so many things. Melody

Re: My Swap Project 9 & 10 - Bluebucket

Super creative! But the metal looks really nice without paint. Melody

Re: World Map Table

I love it! The lumps and different bumps kind of make it like the geological maps with mountain ranges and such. Melody

Re: Junk Swap project: my first attempt at a mosaic

I think it looks cute and very oriental! Melody

Re: Tennis Racket Frames

Very clever and cute! Melody

Re: Oak Harvest Table and Window Curio Cupboard

Love the woodwork, they are both terrific pieces! Melody

Re: Oak Harvest Table and Window Curio Cupboard

Love the woodwork, they are both terrific pieces! Melody

Re: Been Busy Lately...

How nice that the states are on the varnished wood and look so colorful! Love that! Melody

Re: Junk Swap

I'm sooooo excited for you! I know what its like to open your junk and especially if its a suitcase full of junk! YAHOO! Melody

Re: You Deserve A Crown

I love the computer keys (I have so many!) and I have a ton of wood too...nice use of all your junk objects! Melody

Re: junk swap project #1 & #2

I love the lil' funkiness your "glass man" emanates...he is really neat and the marbles give a nice shot of blue. Melody

Re: Built-In Desk Nook

It is just AWESOME! I love the old shelf and the repainted light just makes it so cute. I always see people throw out those original brass lights from homes but just a little paint changes the decor. Melody

Re: A Smooth Place To Hang Your Hat

Super cool and I love the half door it really compliments your old metal trowels. What a great project! Melody


OOOOO...I love the worn tree base! Funky idea. Melody

Re: Seat Belt

Hey that is a novel idea! I think it looks terrific. Melody

Re: junk swap box contents..... ready, set, go!!!

I love all the little "doodads" you received! I forsee some interesting projects. Melody

Re: Cloche from 3 Vintage Glass Pieces

Love the repurpose of all glass! Great you're on Etsy! Melody

Re: My Round Top/ Warrenton Antique Weekend finds

Lots of good stuff there and what a great day it must have been! Melody

Re: Lil' Cowpoke Armoire

I love how you repurposed the armoire and it looks terrific! Melody

Re: junk swap from gretchen /mimi toria

I love it! You received a HUGE amount of junketts! Melody

Re: Check Out My Junk...from the "Junk Swap"

I think you are our resident metallurgist! It was destined you would get a hunk of junk. Simply the coolest. Melody

Re: My Swap Junk BEFORE project 1-Racers7

Thank you, Tracey! I am excited for you too! I can't wait to put up the other projects. Melody

Re: Cans and bottles shed light

That is a very clever light- I also use aluminum cans (dog food cans) poked with artfully arranged holes, filled with tea lights in the summer. Nice. Melody

Re: Spring Projects

Great projects- and I think you licked those squirrels good! (check that the critters aren't peeking in your windows though!) :) Melody

Re: Thrifting Thursday and I got...WHAT???

Now that is some cool stuff! Melody

Re: Reborn Cabinet for Quilts

I love the brackets and the color is cute! Melody

Re: My Swap Junk BEFORE project 1-Racers7

Yayyyy!! Thanks everyone, this swap was so much fun. If I don't get my daily fix of JMS I practically have a seizure for the day. You guys really rock-such great ideas and junk fix-ups! Melody

Re: In love with Jack...

I just love your Junk! You have the absolute funkiest finds...can Jack have friends? :) Melody

Re: My Swap Project 7 & 8 - bluebucket

The clock is gorgeous, antique, vintage, gorgeous (did I say that again?)...love it! Melody

Re: My Swap Project 6 - bluebucket

These are so darling and they look good in your home decor (looking through the mirror heehee). Melody

Re: Junk, Glorious JUNK!!!!!!!!!! Part 2

Such junkalicious finds! I love the tin and the books (I probably would have kept them to read :)) Melody


That is super inventive!....and who doesn't love Audrey Hepburn and her movies. Melody

Re: Turquoise~Color of Spring~Embellished Medicine Bottles

Wow, how decorative and I love the colors! Melody

Re: One to grow on...

That is funky! I love the rustiness. Melody

Re: vintage magazine art: Part 2

I love the picture! I love that time period too, reminds me of what my parents wore when I was a child. Melody

Re: Elephabot

Very cute and smart! I love the wheels. Melody

Re: small decoupaged box

Its cute and clever! I know the black interior makes the pictures pop. Melody

Re: vintage magazine advert

Very avante garde and retro! Melody

Re: Tea Cart and goodies

I love the whimsy of everything, so colorful! Melody

Re: SWAP Projects from my Amazing box 'O Junk from JunkinLindsey PART 1 of Many

I really love how you repurposed your little table! It is soooo creative. Melody

Re: My Swap Project 4 & 5 - bluebucket

I love all your junk and how you assembled everything is so charming. Melody

Re: It's old, it's grungy.....it's wonderful!

That is a great find! And I hope you put it to great use. My Dad passed away several years ago and I know how hard it is to give away the memories. Melody

Re: What you can do with free 1892 house moulding!

Junky, funky, old mouldings-WOW that is a cache' of goodies! I would surely have to check these out....what did you say your address was? :) Melody

Re: Meet Roberta: My First Attempt at a Robot

I think it looks super cute! I'm trying some art assemblage too, it really is fun to put them together. Melody

Re: Junk Swap Fun...Thanks Marie!

All the pieces are fan-tabulous! I can't wait to see all the projects as they come in. Melody

Re: my grandma's old salt and pepper shakers

What a wonderful bible verse and how thoughtful to give to each of your siblings! I love giving inspirational and spiritual gifts especially to my 4 siblings also, it brings you much closer together. (I love the simple tags.) Melody

Re: A Lamp For The Birds

That is so sweet! Melody

Re: Junk Swap Project just in time for Easter!

That is so funny! I especially like the "sick" bulb and the "asian" one....too cute! Melody

Re: Simple Thrift Store Decorating 2

How cute is that?! AHAAAAA...I saw a lot of those white birds at a $ store and now I know what to do with them! Melody

Re: Simple Thrift Store Decorating 1

I think that is absolutely fab-u-lous! Who would of thought...hmmm sounds like a new idea? Melody

Re: old toaster kitchen night light

I love the metal and vintage look...nice. Melody

Re: A Fun Broken Chair Project...

Wow thats great! Melody

Re: Garden junk!

Yayyyy...I love your garden burner and "thingamajig" but it looks wonderful and aged! Melody


Love your repurpose! I also love the graphic of how to hold your pen, very cute. Melody

Re: My Swap Project 2 &3 - bluebucket

How clever and so crafty! The door hangers look so fresh and new!...Melody.

Re: Recycled Containers with New Tags

Thank you gals, I'm trying to be "green" and organized too. Melody

Re: My 2nd completed junk partner project!

The sign is marvelous! ...and what a collection of rulers, it gives me a few ideas for mine! melody

Re: My first completed junk partner projects

The clock is cute and very industrial-love both ways! Melody

Re: Junk Swap Project

It has an industrial look, I love it! It must be fun including your husband on the junk "extravaganza"! Melody

Re: you can't always get what you want...

Love the mirrors! The table is gonna look great no matter what you do with it. Melody

Re: Grandma Memory Collage

Such a great little memory board for your grandma. Melody

Re: Help me think of a name!


Re: Junking Saturday

Now you're talking! Thats my kind of junkin-take to the road and see what you come back with at the end of the day. You have lots of super items! Melody


OMG I love the doors and beds! You can make cupboards and furniture out of the doors, ideas are endless...good luck! Melody

Re: Old warehouse cart turned coffee table

I love the wheels and vintage look-super impressed with your handy skills! Melody

Re: Toasty warm light

Such a hip piece of work! How did you rewire this into a light? Melody

Re: and now it's time for...a round of "can this lamp be saved?"

I love old lamps too, because you can remake them any way you want. You can also sponge the spindle different shades of mint green and then rub over with a watered down metallic gray for an aged patina look or spray the spindle with a metallic paint for an updated industrial look. You might have to change the shade but whatever makes it look good to you! Melody

Re: tractor smoke stack turned willow vase

Looks so rusty and aged!...very funky. Melody

Re: Chimney Cabinet

Super creative and the picture looks terrific from my angle! Melody

Re: junk swap projects coming soon!

Great junk and I love the license plate! Melody

Re: Fringy Night Stands

The western pictures remind me of the Zane Grey (wrote of old west) novels from back in the early 30s...very cute! Melody

Re: My Junk Swap goodies from Laurel, aka Chipping Charm!

You know I'm jumping up and down right now! HOW COOL! Melody

Re: Thrift Store Box

I love the colors and of course the little flower on top! Melody

Re: Junk Linens turned Aprons

I'm so jealous!!! I was gifted a brand new sewing machine 5 years ago and still haven't used it. U Go Girl! Melody

Re: Best Man

Funny half man! ...But I bet you can tell my future with the gazing ball heehee. Melody

Re: Canning Jar Lifter Wreaths

Love the simplicity! Melody

Re: introduction and first time post!

Lots of great items...I think you have great ideas and I can't wait so see your redo projects! Melody

Re: Vintage Watch Jewelry Necklace

I love that watch necklace! Melody

Re: junk jewelry

I think you did a great job! I love your groupings very vintage...Melody

Re: My Swap Project 1 - bluebucket

That is so clever! I love the books too. Melody

Re: Transform a chest of drawers to a small dresser.

Super nice and very professional! Melody

Re: More TRASH to treasure

How super cute are those lamps! You did a very creative job on all your "dumpster" finds but I just LOVE your lamps!...Melody

Re: Rickety Old Wardrobe~Relives as a rustic Piece!!!!

Great recycle...And I love the antique look you gave it. Melody

Re: Vintage Iron Gate

Freeeeeee...I love that word and the gate! Melody

Re: Tag, You're It!

I like the rustic charm from the twine...looks so charming. Melody

Re: Greeniebot

I love those "bots", such fun! Melody

Re: [WRECKAGE] Cabinet

Awesome! It looks weathered, funky and recycled...so cool. Melody

Re: Junkyard Dogs...the How and "Y"

I love the homey, worn feel of all the objects...very nice! Melody

Re: Fuse-ion

How cool is that! Melody

Re: old chairs - refreshed!!

Wow they look great! I love refreshing old pieces, it just brings a whole new look to them....Melody

Re: "Olde Tyme" Collage

This is Super Fantastic! I love the drawer back used for your base (clever!). "Tyme" is on your side!....Melody

Re: Bench from a bedframe

Welcome! I just love the repurpose and it looks so strong and sturdy! Melody

Re: Featherflite

"Danger, Danger, Will Robinson!"...heehee reminds me of the series "lost in space"...very cute. Melody

Re: Global Change

It looks so cute and makes the globe more stately anyway! Melody

Re: A Great Marriage

I think that is ingenius (Is that how you spell it?)! I love it...Melody.

Re: Airstream Project

This is fab-yoo-low-sa! I love the colors and the theme looks 50s too! I have a neighbor with a broken trailer on the next block-if only they knew the treasure they had! Great job! Melody


I think its so cute! Try a walk through your neighborhood late evening before garbage day and sometimes you can find some great castoffs. Melody

Re: My First Post!

Welcome to the site! I can just imagine how it use to look and the redo now...just awesome. Keep up the work, its wonderful! Melody

Re: Words on Vintage Maps

Thats a smart idea! Melody

Re: seeing the light

I love it! ...and I have lots of doors with window panels. Mmmmmmm...I think I have a project in the works. Melody

Re: My Funky Chairs

I Love it! Super find! Melody

Re: Scrapyard lamp

Really cute and super cool lamp! Melody

Re: From Fireplace to Mantle!

Wow, they are smokin'! Melody

Re: Towel rods from antique gas lines

Terrific repurpose and very antique! Melody

Re: I'm such a dummy. . .

That is a super cool piece! You can get a Gel Fireplace insert (metal)...lots of places to buy online and put it inside the middle. That way makes it portable and they use gel can inserts that are smokeless and can heat a room also. No wiring or gas lines needed. Melody

Re: altered antique bottles and charms

Love your bottles-just clever! I'm a bottle collector too and just love the shapes...Melody


That is so darling! Love it! Melody

Re: Little Traveler wins!

Cheers to you! I love me some robo junk sculpture!! Melody

Re: Must be L-O-V-E!

Wonderful idea! I have so many of these wood blocks I picked up from a construction site...Melody

Re: 100 yr old door is now an adorable sitting area

Now I know what to do with all those old doors I have! Great work! Melody

Re: Old kitchen cabinet door has new life

Very nice! Melody

Re: ~Be My Valentine~

I can't take it any more...!! Your stuff is so SUPERCOOL! I especially like your concept sketches to plan out your ideas. (as my nephews tell me "SWEEEETTT") Melody

Re: Pretty Things

Beautiful! What a very nice display and it goes well with your living room. Melody

Re: The joy of JUNKING!

Jackpot! I would have my depends, boots and flashlight too! I love the moldings and great johosephat- what doors! Lucky dog you....Melody

Re: Valentine Fun

So cute! I love your vintage valentines on display...just makes a festive visual affect. Melody

Re: Serving up Style for the Big Game!

Hahahahaha...I love it! What a way to start up the SB football party. Very clever. Melody

Re: Ina's Piano Trunk

Very nice reuse! I don't think I could have dismantled my Dad's piano as nice as that. Melody

Re: Flea-ing in the Sunshine State!

Wow...lots of great things to check out! I wish I could have been there...Melody.

Re: Stained Glass Bike wheel spinner!

That is awesome! I love how you put each step to make it...not that I could do it but it makes the piece seem so crafted and artistic. Melody

Re: Barbed Wire Never Looked So Good

Looks cool and BRIGHT! Melody

Re: Chess Board Mirror

That is so very funky! I love how the pieces are all set up and the marbled chess board is awesome...Melody

Re: Still Testing My Metal!

That is awesome and I can't believe you cut it up...way to go! I would love to see how your "more industrial" side transitions into other projects, sounds exciting! Melody

Re: "Where Junk Resides"

Its my taste and has lots of great items...sure I take it! heehee. Melody

Re: State of Mind

I love the mix and match of colors. Melody

Re: Kitchen Rack

Cool, cool and super cool! Melody

Re: A Trip down Memory Lane- S & H Green Stamps Style

I remember back in the 70s when my parents would have rolls of those stamps in the glove compartment of my dad's jetstar 88. My parents would always tell us kids to count the rolls. What memories-I'm sure you'll come up with something nifty! Melody

Re: Painted Recycled Wine Bottles

Thanks for the comments guys, it's so encouraging and the amount of creativity on this site is awesome, More power to the JUNKERS!! Melody

Re: Garbage to Treasure

I love the containers on your shelving, displays of different styles and looks very cozy. Melody

Re: Healdsburg Vintage formerly Geyserville Vintage ... on the move October 2012

Very country cute! Melody

Re: Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Oh my goodness I'm dying for a cup of hot cocoa right now! Love the display...Melody.


Hey I'm cheering for them! I'm pulling for an upset over the Colts (Not a Manning fan of both brothers for you football girls!) The Fan is fan-tastic! Melody

Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

Thats a fun challenge! I'm in! (Finally someone will actually have to take some of my stuff without force!heehee) Melody

Re: Let Me Introduce Some Very Talented Junker's in Training

Super, super! I love to see how others repurpose and recycle. I also do lots with wine bottles and old computers! Melody

Re: Vintage Door Vanity

Its very cute. Love the little desk. Melody

Re: Practical-ly Pretty...

Great start to a new year...I just did that last year! But your house seems so homey and comfy, just love it! Melody

Re: Sweet new beginnings for Mayo jars...

Now thats a nice repurpose. Melody

Re: Thrift Store Finds

I'm a junky/salvage lover too! You scored some super finds. Melody

Re: Pink Sweater turned lampshade covering ..

The lamp is awesome and so is the magazine! Melody

Re: Mid Century Modern Shaw Walker Redo

I love it-too cute (and might I add "reusing")!! I have some metal tube furniture that could be redone too...now I know how (I love it when the steps are outlined). Melody

Re: Painted Crate Wood Cupboard

Waaaaayyyyyyy nice and vintagie (is that a word?)! Melody

Re: Coffee Lamp

I love the lamp and the colors. Melody

Re: Artist's tool box

Oh my! My tools and brushes are in complete disarray compared to your box...great idea! Melody

Re: Stop the Draft!

I love recycling, recyling, recycling....U DA BOMB! Melody

Re: dresser makeovers

This is so RADICAL!! I love it. Just to implement those ideas and create the new look is just Fabuloso! Melody

Re: Cupboard From Crate Wood

Super! I wish I had those refined woodworking talents! Melody

Re: my fish chair

Get the chairs out and start selling "Veronica's Chairs"! I think they are scrumptious! Melody

Re: Shutter Hall Tree

Super cute! Melody


Now I just love to see a funky, painted chair! I love to paint also and have lots of painted everythings in my house. You go girl! Melody

Re: Panel Door Headboard

Super duper cute! Melody

Re: Painted Jute Rugs

Your house resembles my house (in that it has funky painted everywhere! Love your ideas! Melody

Re: Cornice Makeover

Heehee...You have that funky vibe. Melody

Re: Before and After Chair Makeover

Super cool! I love its whimsy. Melody

Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

I don't even know what to say...that is an AWESOME table! I hope your talents are making you a few dollars because I can't see you hiding that funky table!


Re: World's Largest Pincushion

Hee hee...thats funny! I love it and hopefully it will grow on your husband! Melody

Re: Birds and Flowers License Plate Art

I love this idea! How cute is that! How did you cut the metal plates? Melody

Re: There's No Place Like a Midwest Home Show!

Wow, some great stuff! I wish I could snap up a few! Melody

Re: To sleep or To read, that is the question?

I love when junkers recycle and repurpose! Looks great! Melody

Re: Fire Truck?

I love, love, love it! Great use of recycling. Melody

Re: frame corner samples

I love the fact you have a lot of them! One idea is to nail a 2 foot long piece of 1"x4" between the L shapes and screw in from the back to create a small book holder or shelf with the L's on the ends. Paint and distress or however you like. Melody

Re: Winter Green Fresh

Super cute and fun! Melody

Re: Framing Up Vintage Bus Scrolls

That is so cool!

Re: Simple Monday Evening

Nice idea and might I add that I'm a Phillie fan!

Re: A Gift for the Music Teacher

So sweet!...I think that is a wonderful gift for a music enthusiast! My Dad was a classically trained pianist when he passed away in 2005 (a real soft spoken person). Any time a passion for music is passed to a student it is a real gift. Melody

Re: ~JUNKIES~ Booth from sketch to finish.

That booth was amazing! I love that you found those door and fixed them as the supports...very well done! Melody

Re: Art Axes

I love, love the painting! What a great project. Melody


lucky, lucky, girl! Have fun with it! Melody

Re: found old french doors

A terrific find! I found the same exact type of French Door and still am pondering about it. But everyone had such great ideas! A tabletop or top for a credenza for see-through? So many ideas....hmmm. Melody

Re: 3 Old Chairs = 1 ReNEWed Bench

I love the distressed look! Great job! Melody

Re: Ironing board daisy

Super Cool! How in the world did you get them up that far?

Re: I used to be an onion box

Anything wood is a plus! It is a charming little box and the soaps probably will drown out onions anyday! heehee Melody

Re: Junkin' Punkin' 2

I love it! So much fun and the full belly is hilarious (especially the faces on all the "eaten" gourds! Melody

Re: Tea Box Projects

Hey I love repurposing chests and trunks! I have a few myself. I love the casters and asian theme too (maybe because I'm asian hmmm). Melody

Re: A Rusty Repurpose

Salvage, rusty,...add in power tools, love that repurposed metal! Melody

Re: Princess Ready

That is so cute! I love the colors and the fact it was repurposed plus I started out junkin at my local Goodwill years ago and still get a thrill too. Love it! Melody

Re: Steel Spring Table

That is so coooool. I'm stoked about your use of metal...how awesome you can work with that material! Melody

Re: Texas Hoarders Estate Junk Sale

Did I say "Heaven"? Melody :)

Re: Suitcase endtable of another sort

Awesome!....I love that old rugged look and the glass topper is the bomb!

Re: Threshing tray coffeetable

Wow...I love all your finds! You must have a ton of cool stuff. Melody

Re: Another Crazy Lamp

Nice, very nice...What a great find! With your architectural background, all your pieces have such a sturdy quality. (You probably have a load of drawings from all your creations!)

Re: From Vanity to artwork station.

It looks great!

Re: Industrial Fan Grate Wreath

Thats the best idea ever...I had a couple of fan grates but I didn't know what to do with them! It looks great on your
garage. Melody

Re: barn dismantle

I would love to dive into that wood! Hot Dog! Melody

Re: Glass Flower

Very cute. How did you put the hole in the little glass vase? Love it! Melody

Re: Recycled Garden -- fence and all

I just love the effect with the stone and painting the weathered metal pieces...looks so rustic! Rocky also adds to the charm, he is a cutie! Melody

Re: since everyone does a bedframe bench..... here's mine!

It came out very nice! Melody

Re: Oh my!!! Not another window :)

The crackle finish is so charming and I love the colors. Melody

Re: 8 Pew Country Church Birdhouse "For Birds of Pray"

It looks wonderful!

Re: Junky Tablescape

Salvage Chic!...who knew. Great placement settings.

Re: teddy bears

I think they are so cute. If you can sew, you have the potential to make so many things!....Now if I can get this darn sewing machine to turn on!

Re: Vintage School Desk

Still looks great!

Re: Cheap chic

I hear ya girl, money is tight but great creativity!

Re: It pays to have friends in Junk places.

Super nice.

Re: This one will be a BIG surprise

Just love looking at it! Can't wait to see your finished product.

Re: Bench from old headboard

I saw one too!...I did,I did! But yours looks sooooo good! Nice job, very sharp.

Re: Trick or Treat

I'm psyched! I would have taken the box of numbers and ran out the house...super cool. Hey, I might need some of the liquid tool for my knees, they're rusty and squeak! Hahhaha!

Re: Recycled Window Turned Art Display

Its so cozy and charming.

Re: My Scrapbook Area

Now thats what I call inspiration! A great use for an old door (I've got lots of em'). Great area!

Re: Potting Table

Wow...now that is handy! Did you use reclaimed or recycled wood? It has a nice weathered look. Love the lights!

Re: Wooden Number Tags

I'm in love with your numbers. Now I know with those pieces of wood. Recycle, Recyle!

Re: Retro baby shower

Its great to see a new posting! I love the idea of vintage baby shower, so unique. I just gave my sister-in-law a baby shower and would have loved that theme. How creative!

Re: Recycled Lemonade Bottles

That is so kind of you. Thanks for a very inspiring comment!

Re: Junkin' in Maryland

I know, I know! I get so excited when I find junk its almost...no, it IS an obsession. I'm almost done most of these projects so just a few more weeks and KA-POW! lots of pictures! Heehee

Re: FINALLY!! Organized - sort of...

Great craft room and the lockers, my my my! How does one find such great items!? Luckeeeee!

Re: Fall Decorations

I think my state is sadly lacking in great junk sales! You are too lucky.

Re: All Dressered in Black

It is amazing. The color is just right and the furniture could be from pottery barn. Great job!

Re: Trinkets and Treasures Cake

Its so retro and colorful, love it!

Re: Happy Autumn

Very cool.

Re: Recycled Lemonade Bottles

Tintinjunkfan just email me. I can whip up a bottle in no time!

Re: NFL Team Old Country Window

Thank you! I get totally excited when I start projects. But the best part is when you really do it for a worthy cause and it just takes on new meaning. This was a smaller item that I donated but it was so much fun to do and my nephews just love to critique my work! KA POW!

Re: This Old Mom, She Has Junk (lots of it!) 3

OMG! You are my idol! I have 2 storage spaces filled with Wood, metal, chairs, tables etc...because it won't fit in my house. My sister thinks I collect too much junk, heehee. I see a reupholster project for that chair and the blocks could be put into a small shelf or curio...and...


The gate is so charming and a great entrance into your yard. Love it!

Re: bench

I love the creativity of reuse on this bench. It looks so cute and has a cottage charm. Love it!

Re: Hemming-Way

You are quite the clever inventor! I love seeing what you're going to make next. Your house must look so cool and industrial! Next time I find discarded metal things I'm calling it my Healy project!

Re: A great grate

Very funky! And you can use it for lots of hot dishes. I would never think to use it like that. Clever, very clever.

Re: Painted Side Table

Thank you so much, thats a nice compliment. I'm hoping my work sells too! I'm doing my first art and craft show this December. Its a little scary but I'm just putting my self out their slowly. Look out for more upcoming recycled projects this week. Everyone on this site has great projects and it gives you such artistic inspiration.

Re: Recycled Lemonade Bottles

Thank you! I love the positive comments. I have a backup of projects to post since my job kept me busy this summer. Stay tuned I'm posting them later this week!

Re: Old tool chest becomes a piece of furniture for my work room!

I love your craft room, it is so inspiring. I've been sneaking peeks at this tool chest since you put it on so I'm finally gonna tell you-I think this piece really ROCKS! Keep up the cool work.

Re: Orange Cabinet Makeover

Thank you, I feel really inspired!

Re: Orange Cabinet Makeover

Thank you, I know I will.

Re: Orange Cabinet Makeover

Hey thanks, I'm hoping it will be funky and very retro when I'm done.