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I've been a "junker" before anyone used the term. I loved old stuff even in high school, when it wasn't cool. I wore vintage clothes before it was cool, I didn't care, I loved them. Now my house is full of old stuff, I won't buy anything new unless it's something they didn't make 60 years ago! I even bought an old house because I loved the bedroom wallpaper so much (1940's era)! I love using most of it too!

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Re: "Spinning" with Spool Ideas...

I've never seen spools that size, cool!

I have that exact Westinghouse clock! Wish I had somewhere to plug it in and use it in my kitchen.

Re: Aging Galvanized Metal

I love it! Wonder if that will work on my metal chain link fence posts which look too new compared to my rusty gate. I'm going to try it! Believe it or not, I have plenty of the buckets, pretty easy to find around Nebraska.

Re: Small Halloween Projects

Cute idea, where did you get the lettering and cool cat pic?

Re: Repurposed License Plate Clipboards

Love it! Can you buy the clips separately or did you have to take apart another clipboard?

Re: All Fans on Deck!

Love it all, never thought of fans as an outdoor decorating object!

Re: Deck-orating...

Oh my gosh, I have a pair of old roller skates hanging on my old chain link fence gate. I'm going to put them to good use under a planter, what a great idea!

Re: O.K. for Cups...

I love it, I have one of those Swans down cake pans and have passed up buying another one, now I wish I had another one!

Re: "Tools" of the trade!

How cute, I have one of those gas cans, now I need a tool box!

Re: What did I do wrong???

Some types of wood just don't take stains very well, I had a dresser I tried to stain and it would not take the stain no matter what, so it ended up being the natural color, which was beautiful. Also, I don't see where all the paint didn't come off, guess I need to see a closeup photo. You could try a different stripper, but if the paint soaked into the grain, it probably won't come out. Why not paint the top and leave the rest natural. I guess I'm kind of confused, you say the top has never been painted, yet you say all the paint wouldn't come off? The drawer looks like a completely different type/color of wood too.

Re: Repurposed Door into hall tree (my first post)

That's gorgeous! But, where are the hooks, isn't a hall tree for hanging coats on?

Re: JMS Returns to The Today Show

Looking forward to seeing it. But when you say the 8:00 hour, is that eastern time? Thanks!

Re: Potato Masher Recipe Holder

Oh, now I know what to do with my extra masher, thanks for the great idea!

Re: Bathroom with a past...

Love it! I have never heard of that nickname for the toilet though. We just bought a house with a very different toilet, the tank is on the other side of the wall in a closet! And it's solid oak. The handle to flush it is on the wall. How's that for a strange toilet?

Re: Can you tell what these are?

Love it, love it, and you didn't ruin them to make the hangers!