Marie Wirth, Bethel Island, CA, US

I grew up junking with my mom and my aunt over 40 years ago. I was 10 when I started spending my weekends digging through second hand stores looking for that one great treasure to take home. We got used to the teasing wed get at dinner that night over the rediculous things we'd brought home this time. Both my mom and aunt are gone now, but I still go junkin every chance I get, and I always, always think of them when I find the perfect thing! They would be so proud!!
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Family Tree

I was in dire need of a redo on my family picture wall in our stairwell. I decided to do this Family Tree which still "leaves" us plenty of room to grow!

Low maintenance pet

Old table legs, drawer pulls, and misc. screws and washers and a dog is born!

Broken jewelry, old Christmas lights...

Before I pack them away till next year...

Kitchen junk lamp

junk to funk!  

Turning up the heat on SPRING!

No longer feeling the heat, this old  heater register hold some cool spring color.

A mold that holds

This was filthy and broken into 3 pieces, but with very little effort it's whole again!

From bread bakin to shelf makin!

No more bread dough for these pans! They have now become display shelves in my stairwell for some of my huge collection of elephants.

Vintage Terrarium

I traded some sewing for this terrarium with a friend from our antique store, and I am thrilled with my half of the bargain!

Hold the phone - An estate sale find!!

This beautiful old phone was burried in a box of treasures from an estate sale, just one of MANY surprises I've found so far! Kinda like Christmas with each box I dig into! One down, about 85 to go!!

Another quick lamp

With company coming, I needed a lamp for the guest room fast! I dug through my work shop and found enough parts for this one!

From a really LOW chair, to high chair again!

This high chair was feeling pretty low, but with a little TLC, it's ready to go again!

A pocket full of posies

Any time an old pair of jeans finally bites the dust, I save all the pockets and any part of the denim that can be recycled and used in another project. Most of my friends now save theirs for me too...

If you just can't throw anything away...

Left over pieces of ribbon, vintage travel pennants, and old wool sweaters - All too good to throw away! Here are some ideas for reinventing them.

Holiday fast fixes!

A few more QUICK fixes to keep us moving towards Christmas!

It's coming, ready or not! (And I'm NOT!)

With work, work, and more work, I've had little time to get my own home ready for the holidays! I'm running out of time, so I'm going to have to kick it into high gear! Here are a few things to get...

Getting ready for the holidays...

The holidays are coming fast, and I am busy getting things together to put in my space at our Antique Co-op. We have a huge annual open house the first weekend in December which we look forward to...

Even more angels...

When is a chair leg not really a chair leg anymore?

Holiday wreaths

I've been out of commission for the last month and a half getting both knees replaced! FINALLY, I am able to get around almost better than new, and I can get back to my workshop to play! I...


Kind of a Pelican on drugs! We just needed a little color in our dark stairwell, so on a scrap piece of wood, this guy was woodburned and then painted. (and painted, and painted...) Probably should...

Cool old "Typewriter" desk

I happened to find this great old oak "typewriter desk" on Craigs list for next to nothing. They date back to the 1940s and are really amazing little pieces of the past. It's solid quarter sawn oak...

Another bird bath...must be something in the water...

After seeing OnEagleWing's bird bath, I thought I would share mine! I guess great minds think alike again! 

Rusty metal thing

No idea what it is, but I found this rusty metal cone thingy with a big hook on the end and grabbed it at a yard sale. The lady was shocked - said it was in the garbage pile, not the sale pile and...

A new life for an old crib...

Our old antique crib morphs into seating for the front porch.

LOVING summer break!!

School is out and junking is in! I've been SO busy these last few months that there hasn't been much time for fun, but there IS NOW!! I filled my truck yesterday with great stuff so let the good...

Guarding the garden

An old shovel and a little spare time - something I haven't had much of lately - That's all you need for this project.

Oak Table comes back to life

All my husband could say when we went to pick this up was "Wow, you really have your work cut out for you on this one".  Then there was a long silence...

I have a few hang-ups...

Scrap lumber, lots of misc. "stuff", and my hang up with junk becomes hang-ups!

A couple of quick wall hangings

Some rusty metal and old wood transformed...

In love with Jack...

A disguinshed older Jack, candle light, flowers, great food - what more could a woman ask for?

My first completed junk partner projects

This was originally used with small jars to store nut and bolts, and although it could still be used for that, I came up with a couple different ideas...

Garden junk!

Garden junk from the scrap yard!

My 2nd completed junk partner project!

I had fun with this one! Laurel sent me this really cool old folding tape measure that was already broken in one place, so I just did a little more damage and came up with this!

Toasty warm light

An old camping toaster became a soft night light.

Junk Queen Necklace

I love my "junk Queen" necklace from Alice and just had to share it with the rest of our junkin family! Talented isn't she?  :) 

My Junk Swap goodies from Laurel, aka Chipping Charm!

Check out all my cool stuff! Now comes the hard part...I'll post as soon as I come up with something!


This "W" which is what our last name begins with, is for my son and his wife who I am going to see next week in Texas! Fingers crossed that it makes the trip successfully as a carry-on! Yikes!

Star Attraction!

A few old rulers, 5 beads, a little wire, and a star is born!

A little yard somethin

I was home sick for a couple of days, but then my A.D.D kicked in and I had to find a project in between coughing fits! Sooo, some more glass scraps, old wood, rusty metal junk, and a jig saw...

Scrapyard lamp

This scrapyard find turned into a really cool lamp!

SCRAPS - Scroungers Center for Reusable Art Parts

If anyone out there lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, there is a great place to check out called SCRAPS. It stands for Scroungers Center for Reusable Art Parts and they have  everything...

scrappy sun catchers...

I COULDN'T let all the little scraps of glass go to waste, so I made a couple of sun catchers. Years ago these little pieces would have been swept immediately into the garbage, but not today! MY, how...

It's "Wheely" a clock!

When I saw Sue's gear mold clock I thought I would share mine which was originally an old wooden wheel.

The Key to my heart!

A roof leak in my workshop forced me to go through some boxes of my grown son's stuff being stored in a back closet. I found his key collection from when he was a child! I decided to use one of them...

Stained Glass Bike wheel spinner!

Heading for work one morning about a month ago, I was totally disgusted when I discovered that someone had dumped a load of garbage on the side of our road during the night. But - of course - I HAD...

Croquet anyone?

My son taught himself the art of wood turning and these were a couple of pieces that he tossed in the scrap pile because he didn't like the way they turned out. I, on the other hand, snapped them up...

This shelf is "wired"!

An old wire basket becomes the perfect shelf for a neglected corner of my work room!

everything's coming up angels...

An addition the our growing family of Angels!

Angels small and tall...

I was feeling kinda down because vacation is over and it's back to work tomorrow, so I did what I always do when I'm feeling that way - I head out to my workshop. This box of wooden table legs has...

Silver pitcher

I found this old silver plated pitcher at a thrift store this weekend for $2. By some people's standard (CERTAINLY not mine!) it was pretty sad looking. It was tarnished, scratched and blotchy - all...

I had a bright idea for this grill...

An old grill from a long dead piece of farm equiptment, my first ever attempt at making a frame, an old string of lights, 4 mirror hanging brackets and a little paint, and I have a kind of cool...

Old tool chest becomes a piece of furniture for my work room!

This beat up old rolling tool box makes a perfect storage caddy for my sewing room!!

Paver snowmen

lSnowmen made from eft over pavers (or purchase them for 58 cents at Lowes!) painted white and brought to life with buttons, fabric scraps, and a little black paint!  Makes a great doorstop!

Gift tags

Scrabble tiles and some jewelry wire and you have some really cute gift tags that won't get tossed in the trash!

From nut sweeper (!?) to wreath!

My son's in-laws have walnut and almond orchards and apparently these huge brushes are used to sweep the nuts on the ground out of the way so that the farm equiptment doesn't drive over and destroy...

Blooming junk

Wind this weekend - 80mph gusts - pretty much did in any flowering plants I had left. Thank goodnes my junk flowers are totally unaffected!


Sample cabinet door panels, some old wire, 2 old faucet nobs and some simple embellishments help make the front door a welcoming place to be!!

It's a sifter...it's a shell casing...it's a cigar box...No... it a vase!

Just a few of the things that have become vases at my house. Seems like almost anything can become a lamp, a clock or a vase!!

vase cuffs

These take off from Sue's shirt cuff idea, but instead of crisp white shirts, I used an old wool shirt, and recycled the cuffs and collar for this project.

Another great grate!

I found this grate at a wharehouse junk sale for a dollar. I had been looking for something to turn into a porch light for the front of my house. and I knew instantly that this would work.

First one door...then two!

One solid core door, a table saw, some hardware and a little paint and I have the dutch door I've ALWAYS wanted! This is probably one of my favorite elements in my work room!

FINALLY!! Organized - sort of...

I worked most of my fall break reorganizing my craft room. I found these GREAT used lockers on line that have 10 lockers per column, so I have 60 in all! Now everything has a place! Well, almost...

This aint your daddy's grill anymore...

I loved Geo's party/potting station, and so I thought I'd share mine too! When this BBQ bit the dust a few years ago, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I have a potting shed up on my deck...

I'm all out of tissues...

I found this ugly gold filigree kleenex holder at a thrift store for fifty cents, and it's been sitting around in my workshop collecting dust...

A great grate

This grate was my most recent find at our local scrap yard. It just seemed to lend itself perfectly to this!

Night-night Sugar...

Surgar is sweet, and so is this night light!

There might be something FISHY about this FUN(nel) lamp!

I'm redoing my work room at home, and I want a kind of funky industrial look. I have a wall of old lockers ordered and coming soon, so I'm in search of anything metal, rusty, and fun!This lamp may...

3 dollar glass dome!

I found this huge glass dome at a yard sale - it had some really unattractive Christmas stuff in it, and the base was a dark, dark brown. I like it much more now!

Time to water? Nope, time to relax!

An old watering can, the clock works from an old clock, a few glass beads and some Gorilla Glue, and Now we have a clock for our deck!

earring holder

Digging through the kitchen stuff a Goodwill, I found this broiler pan (I think!). I loved the round holes in it and grabbed it for 99cents. I knew it would make a great earring holder. I am SO over...

Ribbon, ribbon, everywhere...

I got so tired of my ribbon becoming a huge tangled mess, so I went out pricing those plastic storage containers. Too expensive, and they didn't hold enough. SO...with a shoe box, some old tissue...

A street light named desire...

I wish you could have seen my husband's face when I came home with this thing! I think it was an old street light fixture that was burried in the loft of a friend's barn. She was GLAD to...

Lotsa boxes...

Everything in the little boxes in this old printer's storage box means something to me. May not to anyone else, but that's ok, because it's mine!  The glass easily comes off and the contents can...

Garden Angel

Awhile back, Midge shared a really wonderful Garden Angel that she made, and I LOVED it, so I had to try making one for myself! Thanks SO much for the wonderful idea and the inspiration!

wooden shoes

One old pair of wooden shoes, a little ribbon, a little paint, some silk flowers - Done!

More of my free junk pile saves...

Digging through this pile of stuff that was just going to go to the dump was absolute heaven! We had such a great time and came away with what we considered to be real treasures!

Time to use some of these buttons...

I have 12 jars full of buttons, and it's finally time to USE some of them! I wired them into a floral vine and attached it to this wire screen that I picked up at a thrift store. It hangs on our...

Cooper's buddy!

Cooper #2 is made of old scrap pipe that my son welded up in the likeness of my corgi, Cooper!

More junk pile saves...

More Junk pile saves...

Cool rusty thing

A friend's of mine's elderly father passed away recently, leaving behind a house with 80 years of "junk"! The front yard was piled high with stuff they wanted to throw away, so of course she asked if...

Can you see me now?

I live in a rural area, on an island in the Sacramento Delta. Our fire department asked that we make our street #s more visable because they've had a difficult time finding addresses in emergencies...

All dressed up with no where to go!

This is made of a kind of chalky ceramic material, and I really have no idea what it's original purpose was. I just liked it. For now, she is a coat rack, but that could change at any time!

one more junk chime

When this 10 year old lounge chair finally bit the dust, I took it all apart, saved the springs, metal strips, wood, and wheels for future projects. This is the first! Gonna need to get a bigger...

Drop me a line...or a cookie...or a muffin!

Never, ever leave anything behind at the end of the year!

Now it's a coat rack...

Because I'm a collector of elephants, I knew there was NO WAY I was leaving without this!

Rag rug

Take a lot of left over fabric scraps cut into strips and sewn or tied together,  a Q crochet hook, and a little down time, and you've got a simple little throw rug!

Another JUNK wind chime...

Windchime made from old wrenches.

My "Pot Lady"

She's made of old pots, some broken but too good to throw away...She doesn't seem to mind!

A planter, or not a planter, that IS the question!

I thought it would be fun to share some of the unusual things we junkers tend to "plant"! Here are some of mine!

Maxine :)

Last weekend was her "welding day"!!

From Barnyard to my yard...

Old lamb feeders make beautiful hanging planters.

"Generating" a new lamp

During my weekly trip to the scrap yard, I found this old generator and some cool scrap metal that looked like fringe to me. It took a lot of elbow grease to clean it up, wire it for use as...

Chick feeder

Chick feeder, AKA a scissor display rack!

A little medicine chest first aid

From the junk pile on a construction site to my bathroom wall! This is what a little first aid can do!

"Gall"-y, it's s bird!

Take a beautiful, rusty cog, a few oak galls, glue, and an old vase, and what do you get? a sweet little bird in a nest!

Another Alien spotting...

Candle stick holders, a rusty thing a majig and a year or two in the yard, and another alien creature is born!  It's amazing how many of us have these somewhere in all our stuff!

shoe forms-lots of em!

Shoe form bouquet!

For the birds...

This silly little bird house is made from recycled old deck material. The details are woodburned on, then painted and sealed. I made several more to give away as gifts to friends!

Felted crazy quilt

Felted and appliqued crazy quilt

I feel like felting...

I buy old wool sweaters and blankets, and hand felt them by washing them in very hot water, and then drying in the dryer. This causes the knitted wool to become extremely tight wool felt. From there...

Doing some light sewing...

Lamp made from my old "Minnesota" Sewing Machine

From boring to - well, NOT!!

These thrift store finds I picked up for next to nothing and I had just a little TOO much fun refinishing them!  

Bathroom with a past...

My late husband was the BEST junker ever, and because I collect elephants, he came home one day with this antique "elephant" toilet and the oak box to go with it. He had to make his own plumbing to...

clothes pin flowers

I Found a huge box of old one piece clothes pins in a thrift store for a dollar for the whole box. so of course,  I brought them home, painted them, put them on wire stems and stuck them in an...

Shovel with attitude!

The face is painted on both sides and sealed with exterior varithane. It's been in my yard for almost 2 years and still looks great!

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Re: Scrappy Side Table


Re: Cubbie Table

This would work almost anywhere, its a great piece! Marie

Re: Chess Anyone?

This is so cool! Never seen anything like it! I don't play, but I would love to have this sitting out, it's wonderful!

Re: Update to previous post and a few extras ( also an old chair back)

Love it all! The chair redo is really unique! Great ideas, thanks for sharing!

Re: Entry Shelf

NICE! Very original!

Re: Yardstick & Galvanized Wash Tub Base Side Table

Totally cool table! Love it!

Re: Pallet Patina

Talk about a happy accident! That finish is to die for! Absolutely gorgeous!! Marie

Re: Cassie's Top 10 Pick for 2012: Vintage Hardware!

SO beautiful! Genius design, through and through! Marie

Re: Upcycled Vintage Canvas Bin Side Table

That canvas bin is so cool! What a find! I love what you've done with it, it is a beautiful piece of furniture now! Marie

Re: Got Junk in Your Trunk?

Wow! this is the best looking garbage can I have ever seen! It's seriously beautiful! LOVE it! Marie

Re: Upcycled Roller Skates Robot Keepsake Box Truck

So far, this is my absolute favorite! (For the moment anyway!) Marie

Re: Timebomb Shaker Clock Birdhouse & Elevated Teapot Birdhouse

LOVE your work! This is another amazing piece! Marie

Re: Dress Form from old mail bag

Wow! That turned out great! It's one of a kind, I love it! Marie

Re: Gifts made by my 10 yr old

SO sweet! My boys are grown, but I now have 2 little grandsons and another on the way, so I KNOW how special those hand made gifts are, especially from our rough and tumble little boys! Kudos to him, and to you for raising such a wonderful little guy! Marie

Re: Button "M"

It's beautiful, I bet she loved it! I know if it were me, I would have! Marie

Re: January Wreath Change-up

It's beautiful! I love the jar on wheels!! Too cute!! Marie

Re: Christmas Eve Lamp

Its wonderful, as usual, and I could see it changed up for Valentines Day, or year round for seasons, parties, etc. It's so cool!

Re: Kitchenette

Oh my gosh, that is adorable! Wow!

Re: Fancified light fixture

What a huge difference the shade makes! It's beautiful!

Re: Holiday Party Ideas for the Wine Lover

Beee-utiful!! LOVE the wine bottle cozy, that is so cute!

Re: Structo Keepsake Box Roller Skate Truck

That is amazing! I can't believe how the most unlikely things came together and look so right! Sheer genius! Marie

Re: Toilet Tank Turned Mosaic Planter

This is such an amazing piece! May I just say that it would look FABULOUS in MY yard??! Marie

Re: There's a sawhorse on my mantel...

Beautiful! I absolutely love it! It looks like it was meant to be there all along! Marie

Re: Christmas in a Can-ister...

Beautiful Laurel, as is everything you do!

Re: How to Use Candles that No Longer Burn

I've been SO busy with a new business to get up and running, and finally had time to pop in again...and what do I find? Another amazing idea! I LOVE this! Wow!! Marie

Re: New junk growing in my garden

I would never want to leave your yard! It's beautiful! And Jim, Jim, Jim...You will just have to find your OWN crusty hoe for your yard! Get to lookin! :) Marie

Re: Kitchen lights

SO cute! Totally love it! Marie

Re: Rose's Junk

Junkers paradise! I LOVE your stuff! Marie

Re: Behind Door Number One Is....

So sweet, and yes, your mom is beautiful! Marie

Re: Play the Music...Then Wear It!

gorgeous! Marie

Re: Free Things From The Dump

Lucky you, our dump is't free, they charge - a lot!! Marie

Re: Bread Minus The B...

Clever! Marie

Re: Samco Heater Upcycled Bird House

These are all absolutely amazing! I can't even pick a favorite! Marie

Re: Prince Albert Can Galvanized Gas Can Upcycled Bird House

LOVE this one too! marie

Re: Copper Steampunk Flour Canister Box Upcycled Bird House

Wow!! This is so cool! Marie

Re: Yeyas Antiques & Oddities. Making a Junk Idea A Reality!!

OH MY GOSH, it looks like heaven! I'd love to have a place like this near me!! Marie

Re: mason jars & burlap =elegant country-shab

Beautiful! Sounds like it's going to be an amazing day! I hope we get to see more! Marie

Re: Kitchen junk lamp

I had better pictures and lots of description but I could NOT get anything to save - LOTS of trouble posting right now! Don't know if it's just me or what, but I finally gave up and this is all it would let me save!! :{ Marie

Re: Cheers!

Awesome! The graphics on the sign are so cool and it's in such good shape. I hit a lot of estate sales out here in CA but I NEVER find anything like this sign! (One on Sunday was selling antique coffins (!!!) but no beer signs!!) LOVE this! Marie

Re: Mosaic Table

This is an awesome work of art! I mosaic tiled a picnic table and I KNOW how much work this was! It's just beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us!! Marie

Re: Recyled Ladder into Chair

I LOVE this! Marie

Re: Garden Mosaic

These are beautiful! You do amazing work! Marie

Re: Window Mistreatments #1

Clever!! Marie

Re: Glass Castle

Too cute! What great use for the old light fixture!! Marie

Re: mason jars & burlap =elegant country-shab

Sounds delightful! Those goblets are adorable! How much fun it must be to plan and gather all the wonderful stuff for this wedding!! Marie

Re: Fighting to Survive

WOW!! Amazing! Marie

Re: "Form" and "Funk-shun"

She IS fabulous!

Re: What did I do wrong???

Shoot, wish I lived nearby, I LOVE a wood challenge! There are color tinted stains too, that might be fun to try. It's hard to tell just from a picture, but I do think that if you tried a clear poly coat it might even it up quite a bit. It's such a cute little desk! Sounds like the wood has been so over treated with layers and layers of finish, that the wood cant absorb anything more. That's probably why stain isn't working. Good luck with it! Marie

Re: End Table Repurposed

Oh my gosh this is absolutely wonderful! I want to play with it! Marie

Re: Very distressed Chest of drawers minus 1!

It's beautiful! I'd wax it and leave it be. Especially with the sentimental value it has! Love it!

Re: Checker Top Table

LOVE the legs on this! What a perfect fit! Very cute! Marie

Re: Junk Architect ~ My Home Furnishings Store

Such a treat to get a peek into your past. Obviously You have always been amazingly talented and it is inspirational to see how your talent has evolved. I am realizing my lifelong dream of having my own store which will open on July 1st. I retired from teaching June 2 and June 3 began painting and renovating our new space! As they say, when one door CLOSES, another one opens! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

Re: Tool Tote!

So cute, and very impressive for your first time with power tools! I Love everything about it! Marie

Re: Riding Lawnmower

Too funny!! Marie

Re: 6' Black Buffet with 54 Oldsmobile Painting and Parts

this is amazing, absolutely amazing! My son went to college in Olathe, and I visited there many times! I would have LOVED to see this in person, it must be spectacular with the lights lit up!! Marie

Re: Repurposed Wooden Cigar Boxes as Art Purses

Wow! So cute! Marie

Re: Fireplace Screen

Breathtaking!! This is the absolute score of the century! I LOVE this! I'm with Jim...I want it too!! Marie

Re: Old Screen Memo/Photo Wall...

Laura, it looks amazing! I wanna be a guest in that room! Marie

Re: Industrial/Cottage Wreath

This is so beautiful! What an awesome find the cable was and those flowers are amazing! It is the perfect blend of beauty and braun! Marie

Re: A Special Gift

It's absolutely beautiful! She must have LOVED it! Really, I have never seen anything like this, it's amazing! Marie

Re: RE DO of coffee pot

What a great reuse, I love them! Marie

Re: Crystal suncatcher mini-chandelier

It's beautiful! Marie

Re: Rusty Canning Cooker Planter

It's SO cute, it should fly out the door now! I love it! Marie

Re: Michigan License Plate Flag

I LOVE your work! I am so glad that some recognition is coming your way, you definitely deserve it! This piece is amazing! Marie

Re: Vintage Projector Lamp

I know exactly what you mean about having to part with the things that we re-create and then have to pass on! This lamp would definitely be hard to let go, it is SO COOL! Marie

Re: Vintage Hat Easter Basket

This is so beautiful! Who wouldn't LOVE to get this basket?! Marie

Re: Reel Plant Holder

Oh my, I love everything about this, the succulents, the crisp clean white, the little bug eyed guy, everything! I love the way your mind works Sue! Reely cool! Marie

Re: Just LOVE old house fixtures.

I'm collecting stuff to try this, and I LOVE yours! Just need a few more things and a lot more time!! Thanks for sharing!! Marie

Re: WIRE BASKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh wow, these are SO cute! Marie

Re: Another industrial mirror!

Beautiful! I love this one too! Marie

Re: Pipe Wrench Bird

I SO love all of your stuff! You are SO talented! Marie

Re: "Sweet" Spring Wreath...

It's wonderful! I love it! Marie

Re: Vintage Go-Kart Coffee Table/Wine Bar

I think you should keep it! I agree, seems like all our BEST stuff goes off to someone else! This is too cute! Marie

Re: What's missing?.....The REST of the story

Such a clever girl!! That's so cool!!! Marie

Re: Stylish Wine Cart

Andrea, it's SO cool! As usual, you've managed to take something completely ordinary and make it extraordinary. Amazing! Marie


LOVE the toilet, that has to be my favorite! The buffet is fabulous too, you do wonderful work!! Marie

Re: VHS Re-use

WOW!! Clever! Marie

Re: Upcycled Candleholder

Beautiful treatment that turns nothing into something wonderful! Love it! Marie

Re: Oh, no! I've been Framed....but in a good way!

Oh wow, as usual, this is beautiful! LOVE the child's boots as bookends! It's all just perfect! Marie

Re: Wine a little bit .......

THAT is cute! I bet she will love it! Marie

Re: Vintage Hoosier Table Makeover

What an amazing transformation! Good eye! Marie

Re: Sewing Seeds in My Rustic Garden

I am just "SEW" ready for spring...We are on day 17 of rain and this makes me want some sunshine even more! Marie

Re: Metal File Drawer Chalk Board

LOVE it! Marie

Re: Junky Old Memo Board

It's wonderful! Very creative, different, inventive! Thanks for sharing! Marie

Re: Upcycled glass collage

REALLY beautiful! Marie

Re: Upcycled glass collage

Gorgeous! My kind of glass work! Marie

Re: Box Lot Left Overs - Ticky Tacky Fone Frame

This made me smile! Talk about not wasting a thing!! Marie

Re: Junk...is for the birds.

This is so cool, I love it! Marie

Re: Extreme Farm Furniture

It's so beautiful! You and your client have wonderful taste! The orange color is so cool...would look great in my house...Marie!

Re: Chicken Coop

Lucky little chicks with their beautiful new coop! It's wonderful! Marie

Re: Piano stool makeover

It looks GREAT! I just aquired 2 of these and they are also in the absolute worst condition. They were left out in the weather and the wood is such a mess, seat is cracked in half, brass is rusty, and I am DREADING working on them with all the carved legs. I start and walk away too! I'm trying to get inspired by yours...really trying! Thanks for sharing! Marie

Re: Hold the phone - An estate sale find!!

Oh I am liking that doorbell idea...Thanks Jim! Might have to get on that!! Marie


SO beautiful! I LOVE every little piece of it! I just finished buying a u haul load of stuff from an estate sale last weekend and can hardly sleep knowing that I have literally a storage unit full of treasures to go through! Thanks for the inspiring ideas for displaying! Marie

Re: Recycled Piano

Fantastic new life for that old piano! Wow! Marie

Re: Great Work Bench Island or Bar

Simply amazing! Everything about it is just beautiful! You are very talented for sure!! Marie

Re: one hundred dollar diningroom

This is spectacular! You outdid yourself on this one! Marie


A-Mazing find!!! So happy for you! Marie


OH MY GOSH, this is so incredible! Absolutely amazing!! What wonderful people to just give you such a gift! I KNOW you will do them proud and I can't wait to see what you make of it! I will be anxiously awaiting pictures! Wow, wow, wow!! Marie

Re: Frame the frame

These are beautiful! I love them all! Marie

Re: Slightly Sophisticated Coop Lighting

SO Cool! Love the lamp book idea! I'd buy it!! You should give it some thought while trapped inside with 50 feet of snow! Don't want to rub it in, but it was 80 here in California yesterday! Marie

Re: Vintage Poker Chip Pendant

SO cute! I love it! Marie

Re: Valve Handle Bonanza

Got a bit of a fetish for these too! I use them for everything from feet to flowers so you definitely got the better deal! Lucky you! Marie

Re: From garage to grandeur!!

It's awesome! What a fabulous piece! Marie

Re: Bi-Centinel Dresser

This is really a beautiful piece! I love it! Marie

Re: Chalk-up Another Junk Reuse!

LOVE chalkboard paint but I didn't know it came tintable! Gotta check that out! Your dustpan message center is so clever, as always! Thanks for sharing, I bet they will be turning up all over Junkmarket-land! Marie

Re: Spelling with Treasured Junk

SO fun! I spelled out my name with one of those old folding rulers! It becomes kind of addicting, everywhere you go you see letter possibilities! Yours are Wonderful!! Marie

Re: Solar powered COFFEE Bubble Tower

These are all amazing! I've never seen anything like them! Marie

Re: Patriotic, red,white, and blue Bubble Tower

WOW! That's awesome! Marie

Re: Bathroom Junk

SO Cute! I love that turquoise, I just cleaned up some really old vintage theater seats from a local theater that are that same color! It makes such a bright statement in contrast to the white! That truck is adorable! Great ideas! Marie

Re: Love Cannot Be Measured

Really cool, I LOVE this! Marie

Re: Ancient Chinese secret?

It looks like the largest one might make a wonderful clock face. The hole is already there for the clockworks to fit through. Love the cloche base idea too. would small bowls or plates fit in them for use a serving pieces, with maybe toothpicks in the small one? Hard to tell without seeing them in person, but they probably have many possibilities. Good luck, and I hope you show us what you come up with! Marie


How on earth did I miss this post!? I'm such an angel lover, I can't believe I didn't see this back in Dec! I LOVE it! Wow is all I can say! Marie

Re: GAME ON...10 min. project

That old door is beautiful! I think any kid would LOVE to have something like this! LOVE it! Marie

Re: assorted finds from today

One more thing - that Donald Duck projector would go for pretty good money in our shop! We have toy collectors coming in all the time and they'd be fighting over that one! Anything Disney or old cartoon related flys out the door! Marie
PS The "Vicki" I referred to in my other comment was Art Teacher Girl! She and I could do some dammage on a shopping trip together!! :)

Re: assorted finds from today

Shoot Vicki, I wish you were coming to California! We could shop your socks off! I know every thrift store, scrap yard, and recycled building materials yard within 75 miles of my house! We could do some damage! We are going to go hit some salvage yards this weekend in Oakland - wish you were here!! Marie

Re: Ancient Chinese secret?

We had something similar in our shop. It had a dowel-like piece that went through the middle that each piece sat on that made it a 3 piece tower. It was for snacks for entertaining. Marie


This is a beautiful piece! It's totally one of a kind and the details are amazing. I LOVE it! Marie

Re: TLC please

What a transformation! This is a Great save that proves that hopless to some just means good fortune to a junker! It's beautiful now!! Marie

Re: Out with the "New", In with the "Old"...

Laurel, it's wonderful! I love the tea light idea, and the bowl full of faucet fixtures is brilliant! What a perfect makeover! Marie

Re: Another file cabinet re-do

It's gorgeous! It has definitely gone from his to hers! Marie

Re: Rusty metal cabinet reincarnation

Wonderful way for this piece to live on! Very creative! I do hope you post it planted in the spring, it will be beautiful! Marie

Re: Mosaic: First timer!

Beautiful job! Marie

Re: Grain Scoop Vase

Simply fabulous! The finish on the vase is genious! Just one big WOW! Marie

Re: Clock themed New Year's party

You are an absolute natural, so I can't think of a better choice for contributor! Congratulations and I can't wait to see more of your amazing ideas! Marie

Re: Chalkboard Message Center from an old oval frame

Cute! Marie

Re: Add a little flair to your lair!

I'm right there with ya! It's great to do while watching TV or on long car trips! Marie

Re: Recycled Vintage Snowmen

Oh My Gosh,these are so cute! LOVE them!! Marie

Re: Illuminated Cream Bucket

So beautiful, as always!

Re: Skating to Christmas

Beautiful old skates! It totally says winter, holidays, fun! Marie

Re: Vintage cups served on a stylish new "tray"

The old drawer front is the perfect serving tray and your friends are going to LOVE it!! And those ice cream dishes--Wow! We are huge ice cream lovers - those are the coolest thing ever! No pun intended!! Marie

Re: Spindle Lamp

I love this lamp! You just keep them coming cause I never get tired of seeing what comes next! Marie

Re: Thelma - A Norwegian Zebra Princess

Amazing!! Wow! Marie

Re: Junkified Christmas decor (part 2)

Gorgeous! Marie

Re: Vintage Driveway Marker

Cool! It's perfect for Halloween! Marie

Re: Galvanized bucket filled with greens

Absolutely beautiful! Marie

Re: junk swap 2009

LOVE this! Wow! Marie

Re: Christmas Mantel

Such a pretty, traditional mantle! It really is beautiful!

Re: bait bucket Christmas tree

SO cute! LOVE the huge star on top!! Marie

Re: Lampshade Christmas Tree

What a beauty! Very unique, I love it!

Re: Antique Corbel Lamp

A beautiful work of art - it's fabulous! Marie

Re: Christmas Mantel

SIMPLY beautiful! Marie

Re: A Christmas Wreath with a Junky Welcome!

Beautiful as always Lani! Marie

Re: "Modern Art Inspired" Revamped Dresser

How fun is this! It's wonderful!! Marie

Re: Junk for Joy

These are wonderful! LOVE them! Marie

Re: Heart of Gold Necklace

So beautiful! Who wouldn't love it!? Marie

Re: 1st Anniversary Gift: Paper

What a beautiful gift straight from the heart! I love it! Marie

Re: Vintage Hardware, door knobs & furniture knob and pulls

Wow! I'd be like a kid in a candy store!

Re: United States License Plate Map of the Fifty States

Absolutely amazing! You do beautiful work!

Re: United States License Plate Map of the Fifty States

Absolutely amazing! You do beautiful work!

Re: Wheely Sweet Coffee Table

Absolutely beautiful! Marie

Re: Found item, industrial, steam punk lights by Mark Bell

Fabulous light fixtures!

Re: I like angels -- in a BIG way!!

LOVE her Midge! She is wonderful, and wow does she have presence!! Marie

Re: Cabin Raising - AFTER THE FLOOD!

I can only imagine how awful it is to lose everything to flood water. We live on a river in a flood plain too and our house is also up in the air! We have a pole house which puts the main level up above flood level - 9 feet! That means 22 steps to get up the the main level, but we sleep sound at night knowing we are safe! (I DID hate those stairs recently when I had BOTH knees replaced though!!) We will all wait to see what renovations you do! Good luck! Marie

Re: Bohemian Chic Lampshade

It's fabulous! I love the combination of fun fabric, trim and ribbon! That's my idea of a great way to spend a couple of hours and save a ton of money! I love the way it turned out!! Marie

Re: Fun on the bayou....

Oh Wow! Amazing work! Marie

Re: Play Like Dinner Party!

Sounds like so much fun! I hope we get to see the end results! Here's one more time when I wish I had a sister...Marie!

Re: Mimi-Toria's Version of SteamPunk

Oh Gretchen, this is so amazing! Really gorgeous!! Marie

Re: Pipe Wrench Grasshopper

Oh my gosh, I LOVE this! Marie

Re: Shutter Planter 2

Love this! Marie

Re: Shutter Planter

very cute! Marie

Re: One more try with those recycled plastic pots!

Really pretty! I love them!

Re: Recycled Glass

Absolutely beautiful glass work!

Re: Country Charm

It's beautiful! Wow!

Re: If the Shoe Fits!

Cutest shoe tree ever! It does have SO many possibilities!! Marie

Re: I love double duties! -- and Freebies!

So cute Midge, I love it! What a transformation! Marie

Re: A window makeover

I love these! Very original! Marie

Re: Industrial Trophies

These are so amazing! Who wouldn't LOVE any one of them!? SO COOL! Marie

Re: Ohio State Buckeyes License Plate Art

Love this, as usual! I can't wait to see what you come up with next! Marie

Re: Burlap Halloween Junk Wreath

Love the burlap and buttons! I'm working on one similar now, so I guess we must really have good taste! :) Marie

Re: Black & White Pumpkins

Gorgeous! Wow! Love these! Marie

Re: Holiday wreaths

Hey! It's my twin, separated at birth sista!! It's good to be back, me and my million dollar bionic knees! Thanks! Marie

Re: Free and Cheap Garden Accents

Free and cheap! Does it get any better than that?? Especially when it ends up looking like this!! Marie

Re: Shadowland Witch

So, so cute! I love this!! Marie

Re: A Little Fall "Shopping"

I love that little cart too! Where did you say you live???! Just kidding! (sort of) Marie :)

Re: AA/JMS Vintage Redesign Jewelry #3

Wow. It's breathtaking! Marie

Re: Drawers made into a shelving unit

Wow! Very clever! That's really thinking "outside the box"! Marie

Re: Staging a home for sale... with JUNK of course. :)

I'd want to buy the house furnished!!! Fabulous! Marie

Re: 5 unique JUNK picture frames

Gorgeous! I love everything you do! Marie

Re: shelves before and after

So clever! I love this! I really like the sentimental aspect of the ladder being off your girls bunkbed! Great project!! Marie

Re: Fall Foliage Fun

Gorgeous display! It just screams Fall! Thanks for sharing it!! Marie

Re: Another shed emptied for The Fall "Country Junk Sale"

Wow. I think I may have to move... Marie!

Re: Industrial Table [WRECKAGE]

A-MAZING! Everytime I think it can't get better, it does! Wow! Marie

Re: My version of the PB clock.

Alice, Alice, Alice, this is so cool! You have outdone yourself! Marie

Re: I'm finally rubbing off on my husband

What a great find! Kudos to your husband! I would love to know your secret...I don't think mine will ever become a convert! He still asks the same question every time I come home with a load - "What the heck are you gonna do with THAT??" :) Marie

Re: found treasures

Love it all! Wish I could have a chandelier in my yard but we have so much wind...Yours is really beautiful! Marie

Re: Try the wheelbarrow/wagon wheel combo. Tasty!

Just spectacular! Wow! Marie


Oh wow, the cat is DEFINITELY my favorite! I love it! Scary how alike our tastes are! I will have to post the pelican that I did hanging in my stairwell and you will see that quirky is one of my adjectives too! The thing with the holes is SO cool, what a great conversation piece! LOVE your stuff! Marie

Re: Vintage Market Day...and an unexpected trip...

So sorry about your foot, that had to hurt like crazy. Lucky you getting to meet Midge! It looks like it was an amazing day (cept for the ER trip!) and I bet next year will be even more so! Marie

Re: A Gravy Boat

Ummm, if it's worth $276 I might enjoy it just the way it looks right now! It's totally wonderful as is! Marie

Re: Heavy Duty desk Vice Grip

SO Beautiful! I absolutely love it! Marie

Re: It's Illuminating

It is definitely a floral spray holder, we have one very similar in the Antique store that I work in part time. I absolutely love it's new life though Jim, it makes an amazing lamp!

Re: Time Traveler !

SO cool! I can't wait to see it after it transforms! Hurry! Marie

Re: Roadside Treasure

LUCKY you! What a great find! Marie

Re: Flowers for a Rainy Day

BE-UTIFUL! Who wouldn't love these!!? Marie

Re: Flowers That Never Fade...

So cute laurel! Love them!! Marie


Andy is awesome! What a wonderful way to spend a day! Marie

Re: Birthday fountain

So dang cute! I love it! Marie

Re: Zebra Chair...from dirty to flirty!

Wow! LOVE it! Marie

Re: To Market...to Market...our first annual "Vintage Market Day"

So many beautiful things!! I would LOVE to be there with a lot of cash!! I know it will be a huge success, your things are so wonderful! Marie

Re: Inspector 12

Don't we all need a little help now and then? Apparently she has great taste!! Marie

Re: Crosses from "Junk"

Isn't it just so gratifying to take something that someone else considers useless, and turn it into something wonderful!? Love your creations! Marie

Re: Green Mountain State License Plate Map

I've been missing your posts and was so excited to see this one! LOVE your work! Marie

Re: Sea Goddess Nymph

Bet she's grateful! It would have been such a waste not to save her! Marie

Re: Broken chair to platter display

Bless people who have the sense to realize that their useless things are our treasures! Great save! Marie

Re: Unique Picture Holders

Never met a piece of vintage molding that I didn't like! Marie

Re: Framed VintageWatch Parts

That frame is wonderful. Love the "chunkiness"! Marie

Re: Updated Shelf

Gorgeous plates against the white of the shelf! Beautiful! Marie

Re: amazing bird cage

This would have been one of those things that I would have had a hard time parting with! It's beautiful! Marie

Re: Bottle Crate Plant Stand

I love old crates, and you've come up with a very cute way to put them to use! Love this! Marie

Re: Garden outhouse

Bet your contractor tells this story to everyone! Great save! Marie

Re: Curb Find

Of course he thought you were nuts! I get that ALL the time! This turned out beautifully though, so clearly you aren't!! Marie

Re: Rusty Candleholder

SO beautiful! And yes, the rustier, the better! Marie

Re: Art Show

Wow! LOVE your work! The circus tent frame - SO cool!! Marie

Re: 10 minute hanger dropcloth curtains

Junkily ellegant! Love them! Marie

Re: Freeze Frame

No idea what it is (kinda looks like an old doggie door!?) but what whatever it is, I really like it! Marie

Re: Need Help with Terracotta pots

Hi Kim! I have a couple of ideas, but I don't see an email address? Marie

Re: Trunk Find Make Over !!!!????

Ahhh, it is all about the thrill of the hunt...What a great find! Congrats! Marie

Re: Rusted birdcage to be made into a ......

I'd be one of those who says absolutely don't remove the rust! I would just seal it with a clear exterior sealer and there it would be! Of course, I can't wait to see what you do with it, because I never cease to be amazed at the creativity of everyone here!! Marie

Re: Mosaic Window

Gorgeous! Really, this is SO wonderful! You do absolutely beautiful work! Marie

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

THIS is fabulous!! Nothin else to say, because it's all been said! Marie

Re: Simple Glass Bottle Projects

Fun! Love these, and such a great way to put some of that great "stuff" to good use! Marie


I absolutely love this! What a beautiful job you did on it, it's so cool! I hurt my back several years back and while I was off recouperating from back surgery, I became hopelessly bored and mosaic tiled my entire picnic table! I swear, we could do some damage if we lived closer to each other!! :) Throw Midge in with us and oh my goodness!! I still think we should be planning a huge Junkmarket Style get together so we could all meet! Can you even imagine?!! Marie

Re: Work is for the birds...

What a lucky bird to get such a cool place to live! Very, very clever! Marie

Re: Barn Sale Count Down

I would LOVE to be able to come but I'm in CA and that's a long way to go! I hope it's a huge success, it really sounds wonderful! I will be anxious to hear how it goes! Marie

Re: I'm Really Into Heavy Metal!

Fab-U-lous!! I wouldn't have passed it up either, no matter how heavy it was! I LOVE it!! Marie

Re: Picket fence tablerunner idea

such a wonderful space, I would never want to leave! Marie

Re: Framing the Ancestors

It's SO pretty. What a great find! Marie

Re: Potting Bench

Could you put it on some heavy duty wheels? I LOVE it! Marie

Re: 5 drawer stand "Cherry Mash"

You are a plastic surgeon for wood! Wow! Marie

Re: Back to the Beach...

Oh my goodness Kathy, what an incredible collection of summer goodies you have! So beautifully done, so fun to look at (over and over), you are so talented! I especially loved the little purse, that is the coolest thing ever!! Thanks for giving us a peek! Marie


It says is all, doesn't it?! Marie


I LOVE this!! Gives me a wonderful idea for the dozens of huge old table saw blades that I have from my late husband's woodworking shop! Hmmmm...Thanks for sharing this creative "spin" on blades!! Marie

Re: Tractor seat spring tealight holder

So cute!! LOVE it! Marie

Re: Fish or Cut Bait

This is just too cool! Love the old wood, all it's character, the rocks, everything! Wow! Marie

Re: LeT ThErE Be A LiGhT!

I've missed your posts and I'm so glad you're back! I LOVE this light! You're right, they were meant to be together! Marie

Re: God Bless America!

Beautiful! I love it all, it's such a great holiday! Marie

Re: I Broke One Of My Favorite Vintage Flower Pots

So cute! Why didn't I think of that?! Marie

Re: Happy 4th of July

So much beauty in such simplicity! I love this! Have a wonderful 4th~! Marie

Re: Weekly "Piles of Hope" Vol 2

Doesn't get any better than this!! Marie

Re: My front porch

The bench is amazing! You are very talented! Marie

Re: A desk redo

Nice job! I know it was a lot of work, but it's beautiful! Marie

Re: AmmoBox Table

OH WOW! This is definitely one of my favorite things I've seen in awhile! LOVE it! Marie

Re: patio bench

Gorgeous! Love everything about it! Marie

Re: 50's gaming table

Very one of a kind, it's GREAT! Marie

Re: Marble ous!

I love this! Marie

Re: Graduation Open House Done on the Cheap!

It looks amazing! Isn't it hard when our babies reach the edge of the nest and we have to give them that last little push? It goes by so fast...Congratulations to all of you! Marie

Re: Birdie Builds a Nest

Maybe a sign saying Room for rent! How sweet is that! Too cute! Marie

Re: Old crate stairs

I SERIOUSLY LOVE these!! Awesome!! Marie

Re: A ladder that does it all!

Gooooness! Love this! Thanks for sharing it with us, it's fabulous!! Marie

Re: Bench

Wow! impressive! This is amazing, first time or not!! Marie

Re: Grrrr-ates!!!

These are all wonderful Laurel! I have quite a few too, I agree, there is just something about the intricacy of them that makes them so beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us! Marie

Re: Chalkboard Coffee Table

This is so cute! You thought of everything on this! It's a fabulous first post and we are all anxiously awaiting more! Marie

Re: Cabinet doors make great wall art!

Really nice! LOVE the chalk holder! Clever!! Marie

Re: Instant Ancestor Recycled Tintype Photo Jewelry & Purses

Beautiful! You're very talented! Marie

Re: Easy Garden Projects!

I love summer! It's so fun to load the yard with great stuff! Thanks for sharing! Marie

Re: Junk/Bell Angel

Adorable! She is a work of art! Must have been fun to figure out!! Marie

Re: Chalkboard Door

I LOVE this! Very cool! Marie

Re: Modernist plywood sculpture-"The Integration of Summer"

Wow!! It's fabulous! Marie

Re: Game Piece Serving Tray

What a labor of love! I bet they loved it - who wouldn't!? Marie

Re: Summer Junkin' Fun

Right up my alley!! I love that each piece is a total experience to look at! Too cute!! Marie

Re: Spoon Bugs in the Garden

My mom used to collect little creatures made of spoons and forks! The only one that I have is a fish! Yours brought back memories! Marie

Re: My Mind Is In The Gutter Today

Great minds think alike!! How funny is it that I just bought some of these same guards at Home Depot last week! It was the first time I'd seen them and they are perfect for little outdoor plants! Because they're galvanized, the do have to be de-shined though. Thanks for sharing yours! Marie

Re: glass gems for mosaics

It turned out beautifully! Marie

Re: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall . . .

Wow! Hard to pick a favorite, but I LOVE the car mirror turned birdie display! I think that's MY choice! They're all wonderful! Marie


Gorgeous transformation! Marie

Re: Recycled objects found at thrift stores

So cute! LOVE them all!

Re: AAJMS - A few of my favorite things

Amazing stuff! Wow! Marie

Re: Recyclying a metal vase with Mosaics

Amazing! This is beautiful! Marie


What a beautiful thing this is to look at! You are SO talented! I LOVE seeing the simple yet elegant things that you come up with! Marie

Re: Happy Daddy's Day...memories

Aww, I so love this. What a sweet tribute to what sounds like a wonderful dad! Thanks for a peek into your memories of him. Marie

Re: A new kitchen light

Beautiful! nuff said! Marie


I totally get it! I get excited everytime I go out into my workshop and see the big roll of burlap that I found way in the back of a storage closet. Probably been there 20 years but when I found it you would have thought I's won the lotto! It's the little things in life... Marie

Re: Dudleys Bed

SO cute! (The bed is too!!) Marie

Re: Honey Rose & K Modage Baubles

VERY cute! I love this look! Thanks for sharing! Marie

Re: Burplap Coffee Bean Sack Tote Bags

So cute! LOVE them! Marie

Re: "Found Money Makeover Patio"

Looks like a WONDERFUL place to just be... Marie

Re: Old door turned in to Bench

So cute! I think we all need an "I brake for junk" bumper stickers!!

Re: ~ Megaphone Vase~

Love this! I have one of those yell-a-phones but the huge one! Acutally used to use it when my son played football! He HATED it! I'm sure he wished it to be a vase many nights...:) Marie

Re: New Booth Photos

Gorgeous! it looks perfect! Marie

Re: The Toad House

This is the cutest thing ever! What a wonderful idea! Too bad about the crack, because I LOVED the petunias on top, but when the ivy grows in it will look even more amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Coming In 4 Days Vintage Treasures Market by the Pfarkel Sister's

Oh my...this is SO my kinda stuff! Would I ever love to be there! Marie

Re: In the Mail

These are beautiful! I love them! What a great find! Marie

Re: Yard Sale find of the year: 8 foot industrial table/workbench

What a beauty! Marie

Re: A Repurposed Dresser

This turned out great! It makes the perfect buffet!

Re: Vintage Window Flower Box

Lucky you! What a find! Marie


Ooooohhh, I really like this! It's wonderful! Marie

Re: My Mother's Day gift

SO sweet! What a really wonderful present! Marie

Re: Vintage Cardboard Mannequin Torso

She is a beauty! marie

Re: Rummage sale find

Great find, what a steal! I think we're all loving your new fan!! Marie

Re: Abandoned Factory Lighting

So beautiful! Love the simple clean lines, I'd love to have some of these! Marie

Re: Can You HEAR Me Now?

Wow! this is so cool! It gives a very spa like feel to the room! It's really beautiful! Marie

Re: Oak Table comes back to life

I use a product called Howards. You can get it an any hardware store. First sand very lightly, then apply it with steel wool (0000) and leave on a few minutes, then wipe with a cloth. No stripping, scraping, chemicals, it's AWESOME stuff. I have used it for years on everything. There is a Howards wax and feed that can be applied afterwards too which I use on all my wood instead of furniture polish and it lasts for months. Howards comes in 3 different shades. It doesn't strip, just removes all the dirt and grime and makes the scratches disappear! Amazing stuff! I didn't sand the legs AT ALL, just used the stuff and steel wool! Try it and you'll be hooked!! (NO, I don't get a check from the company!!) :)

Re: blue bottle bonanza

I've collected cobalt blue glass since the 70s! I love the deep rich color! They make me happy too! Marie

Re: Apt for Rent

So cute! What bird wouldn't love it!? Marie

Re: The Junk is Flying at Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

WORK just gets in the way of EVERYTHING. Poor all of us who can't go. (Yes, I am stomping my feet right now!)

Re: Arbor with old doors

I'm with your kids! I'd be hanging out there too! What a perfe3ct little place to be to enjoy what mother nature has to offer! Marie

Re: Beautifying a vintage spoon holder

So cute! Marie

Re: The Chimney Cupboard Family

Love these cabinets! They are wonderful!

Re: Need help with lead paint project!

A friend put many coats of clear varithane on hers to seal. Then since they were to be hung up high on the wall, she felt that they were safe. DON"T sand or strip! Airborn particles are not good!

Re: Proof It's In The Jeans

What more could a mother ask for than to have a child follow in her footsteps!!! You SHOULD be proud! Here's to the next generation of junkers!! Marie

Re: Mannequin Gets New Life

It looks like tons of work, but boy did it pay off! It's beautiful! And so it the necklace!! Wow! Marie

Re: "Picture Perfect" Books...

Laurel, this is one of my favorite posts of yours ever! These are so beautifully done, with so much thought put into each one. The use of the old frame parts, hair ponies - just too clever! Amazing post, I love it! Marie

Re: The Perfect Ending to a Life Well Lived

She is the perfect ending for the story of the curbside croquet! I'm just sad that it's over! It's been fun trying to guess what's going to happen next! I loved it all! Marie

Re: Yet Another Croquet Set Project!

Wow Midge! talk about being "on the ball"! You are definitely gettin some great mileage outta that Croquet set! If that guy only knew what he let slip away...

Re: Large Green Carboy

What a beauty! Marie

Re: Coffee Tin Projects

So cute! LOVE it! Marie

Re: Thresher finds new life as farm lamp

The base is amazing! I really like this! Marie

Re: Not quite done yet!

Very cute my friend, I love it! Marie

Re: Vintage Redesign Jewelry - Heading to Cali for the Week-end

Gretchen, these are so gorgeous! Your work is just amazing! Someday I hope to see some of it in person, I can only imagine how much more beautiful it must be! Marie

Re: claw foot curtain rod holders

SO cool!! I love them! Marie

Re: High Speed Office Organizer

Oh gooooness, I love this! What an absolutely great find! It looks amazing as a desk organizer! You were in the right place at the right time for sure! Marie

Re: salvage yard sink

Wow! This looks amazing! You are one lucky lady!! Marie

Re: Triumph Door Knocker

This is the coolest thing I've seen in awhile! I love the idea that nobody else in the world is gonna have one like it! Really, really great!! Marie

Re: Wooden Toboggan Planter

I really like this! It makes the perfect plant hanger, and it is SO original! Love the old wood finish! Marie


So pretty! Very cool idea! Marie

Re: No, Thank YOU Sir!

LOVE it! Very cool! Marie

Re: Bottle Rocket

OMG this is AMAZING! Marie

Re: Broken Shutter Room Divider

This is so neat! LOVE the chalkboard on one side and the fabric on the other. It makes it two pieces in one! And the green - I love the green! Marie

Re: Cast Iron Stove Bottom Ottoman

GORGEOUS! I mean it, this turned out great! Kuddos to you! Marie

Re: Junk Swap - Projects 3 & 4

Oh wow, I love everything that you've done, but that old work light with the candle...beautiful! Marie

Re: trash junking

Cool! It turned out perfectly! I LOVE those great roadside finds...Marie

Re: Infant prague assemblage

So creative! All of you assemblage artists amaze me! Marie

Re: You Shall Live

A-Mazing!! You are so talented! Marie

Re: Plant Holder Wall Art

It's a thing of beauty! I love it set with the old frames and plants...just one big WOW! Marie


Ooooh La La, I love these! I swear, we must be twins separated at birth! That's right up my alley! And, a dancing art teacher too! Doesn't get any better than that! My class has been doing hip hop for PE and I'm known to burst into song in class on a moments notice! I love your necklaces, so keep up the great work! Marie

Re: Old Letters to Make a New Entry

You can NEVER have too many letters!! Marie

Re: Junk Swap - Project #1

What great stuff you got! I love what you've put together! Marie

Re: Junk Swap - Project #2

"Simply" beautiful! It doesn't get any better than this! Marie

Re: Junky Centerpiece Inspired by ND Junk Girl

I LOVE this! Marie

Re: How to Build a Chest of Drawers?

How did you manage to contain yourself when you found these?? The final product is absolutely beautiful! What a score!! Your home must be an amazing place to be! Marie

Re: Junk Tables for $1000 Please

This just takes my breath away! It is Gorgeous!! Marie

Re: Vintage Silver Spoon Napkin Ring

Wow! Gorgeous! You do beautiful work! Marie


These are SO COOL! I absolutely love them! I am so thrilled for you! I know you said that you've been wanting to do this for a long time and now it's finally happening! My guess is that these will be a HUGE hit! They are wonderful! I'm wishing you tons of good luck! Marie

Re: Minnesota or Bust...or so the sign says...

Why, why, why is California SO stinkin far away from Minnesota?? Looks like it's going to be amazing! Marie

Re: blue and white from all over

Ooooh, LOVE the what this turned out! It's gorgeous! NICE work! Marie

Re: Spruced Up Planter Box

Gorgeous! What a transformation! Marie

Re: Rusty Dust Pan Bird Feeder

SO cute! I love this idea! Marie

Re: Bed in the Flowers

Just what your garden needed to make it a real eye catcher! It looks really wonderful! Marie

Re: A Pleasing Palette

So many great ideas for pallets! This one is awesome! Thanks for sharing, you always come up with the most creative ideas! Marie

Re: My Swap Project 9 & 10 - Bluebucket

Wow, lucky you! What a wonderful haul you made!! I love it all, the feeders are SO cool! It really looks beautiful with your eggs and those strings of pearls! Marie

Re: Scrap yard beds made good again

This is a beauty! I'm so glad you saw the potential becuause it would have been a shame to see this scrapped! Really nice job! I love it!! Marie

Re: Tick-Tock Table

Clever! The little foot stool makes the perfect base! Sometimes we all forget what a quick coat of white paint can do! Marie

Re: A Magical Garden Party Charity Tablescape event

This is SO wonderful! the guests must have absolutely loved it! It really does look magical! You definitely outdid yourself on this! Marie

Re: Stylin' Centerpiece

Beautiful! Love everything you've done here, it's fresh and fun, just what we need after this never ending winter! Marie

Re: Been Busy Lately...

I really think your work is amazing! I know your art will be a HUGE hit at the museum! That's awesome! Marie

Re: Built-In Desk Nook

Really, really nice! I love everything that you did here! Wow! Marie

Re: "Fiesta Tree Hangers"

These are so amazing! I have to have one in my yard! What a great idea! Thank you for sharing the how-to with us, I love this! Marie


What a wonderful little tree stand that has now become an even more wonderful lamp! VERY cool!! Marie

Re: Junk Swap

Amazing!! Wow, what an awesome bunch of wonderful stuff! LOVE that it came in the suitcase! Where on earth to start??? Marie

Re: You Deserve A Crown

So cute Lezlee, What an original idea! I love it! Marie

Re: Farm Fresh Fruit Bowl

SIMPLY beautiful - as always! Marie

Re: Our Yard Junk!

I love the use of the dryer drum as a planter! Who knew they would be so cool looking? I'm going to keep my eyes out for one! Thanks for sharing!! Marie

Re: junk swap from gretchen /mimi toria

Oh my gosh, that stuff is to die for! You're going to have some kind of fun with all that! Wow! Marie

Re: Check Out My Junk...from the "Junk Swap"

Those are so cool! They make perfect hangers for art! But...I would have loved to see pics of them strapped to your boots while doing a little pole climbing!! Just skip the electrocuting part! Too funny! Marie

Re: From Springs to Sprigs . . . Easter Accents as Simple as 1, 2, 3!

Beautiful! You are so right about the time, or lack of it! Easter has arrived much to quickly, and I'm not nearly ready! Thank you for the great ideas that are SO pretty and SO quick! Marie

Re: Why keep them in a drawer?

Wow, these are beautiful, and absolutely original! Really nice!! Marie

Re: Spring Projects

Those squirrels...so cute but what a pain they are! They devour all the plants I love most and torture my poor dogs by running up and down the fence line knowing they can't get to them! Good solution for your birdhouse, hope it works! They will probably mutate and develop stronger teeth eventually...

Re: quilts and a few other things

How nice it must be to have access to an entire warehouse! I'm jealous! Let us know how it goes! Marie

Re: Thrifting Thursday and I got...WHAT???

I don't know what it is either, but I do know that I love it! What a great find! I'd love to happen upon something like that!! Marie

Re: My Swap Project 6 - bluebucket

These are perfect for your hats, what a great idea! Marie

Re: My Swap Project 7 & 8 - bluebucket

Beautiful clock! I love the way it turned out! Marie

Re: Junk, Glorious JUNK!!!!!!!!!! Part 2

I have that same shortbread tin!! He is quite dashing isn't he?!! Marie

Re: Junk, glorious JUNK!!!!!

Wow! How to manage to go to an auction and get everything for free!? I need lessons! Marie

Re: My Swap Junk BEFORE project 1-Racers7

It just amazes me that there can be so much creative talent in one place! This site is amazing! Marie

Re: One to grow on...

What a wonderful, creative planter! I think I could have looked at these seperate pieces all day and never come up with this - It's so cute! Putting that fern in it just made it come alive! LOVE it! Marie

Re: vintage purses

Oh my goodness, that stove is a beauty! Lucky you to have happened onto that! Very cool! Marie


That chair...WOW! I love it, what a deal you got on it! Marie

Re: SWAP Projects from my Amazing box 'O Junk from JunkinLindsey PART 1 of Many

I love this! I never would have thought of it! Love the lights, love what you did with the base, I love it all! Very creative! Way to go! Marie

Re: It's old, it's grungy.....it's wonderful!

I love this! You were definitely in the right place at just the right time! Good for you! Marie

Re: What you can do with free 1892 house moulding!

I agree, Ooooooooooooooooohhhhh! Georgeous! LUCKY, LUCKY you!! Marie


The photo holders turned out wonderfully! Ilove them! This was so much fun, and I agree, I hate to see it end too! Marie

Re: Junk Swap Fun...Thanks Marie!

laurel, that disc (or whatever it's called!!) looks beautiful against the crisp white background! My son grabbed several of them off his in-law's farm knowing that I'd love them! ! I'm so glad you like it too! Marie

Re: West End Salvage

Goodness! An architectual salvage place like this could be very dangerous! We used to have a great one not too far from me called Sunrise Salvage, but they're gone...Sad. It's probably a good thing that I'm MANY states away! Marie

Re: Garden junk!

Thanks Rob! Now when people ask - and they always do - I have an answer! :) Marie

Re: "Coffee With Jackie"- a Tribute to Jackie Kennedy

I have to tell you that I think your work is absolutely amazing! Each lamp that you do is a piece of art in itself, and then the story that each one tells is just genius! I hope your work takes off, because it is wonderful!

Re: Barn-style Doors are Not Just for the Farm!

This is So beautiful! How fortunate for you that those planets aligned perfectly, because the result is absolutely amazing! Your home must be such a wonderful place to be! Marie

Re: Junk Swap Project just in time for Easter!

Ya just have to smile when you look at these! Cute! Marie

Re: A Few Results From My Junk Swap Adventure!

The stuff IS great, but wow, what you're doing with it is really cool! We're all waiting to see more! Marie

Re: A Lamp For The Birds

What little girl wouldn't love this?! Heck, what BIG girl wouldn't love this!? Very cool! Marie

Re: Garden junk!

RustyDiva, I KNOW you love that rust too! We would probably have a HARD time shopping together! I'm in California, so we only really have a month or two that we aren't pretty green. Right now, that's about the ONLY good thing about living here!! :)

Re: old toaster kitchen night light

So cool, I love the ornate grill on this one! I have an old toaster like this that we found in the attic of a house my son bought, but it isn't as beautiful as this one! Nice!! Marie

Re: A Fun Broken Chair Project...

What a really cool save for that old chair! It looks amazing! Marie

Re: My Swap Project 2 &3 - bluebucket

gorgeous! Wow! Marie


Alice this is so cute! LOVE the graphics! You are coming up with some great stuff! Marie

Re: Junking Saturday

Ahh, so much junk, so little time...What fun! Marie

Re: Pine Pantry

Georgeous! I absolutely love your work! Marie

Re: Showcasing "Schnibbles" on Town Names Cards

Amazing! These are beautiful! Marie

Re: Junk Swap Project

This is SO much fun! I love seeing what all these creative minds come up with! I love this! Marie

Re: Junk Swap

Wow! It's beautiful! You did an amazing job! Marie

Re: Swap Projects 1&2: Book Cover and Basket

I love everything you've come up with so far, and can't wait to see more! Marie

Re: First post from my swap partner.

I can't believe how FAST you came up with this idea! Using it as a planter is so clever! Way to go! I loved getting our junk boxes in the mail, but coming up with creations isn't always easy! Nice work! Marie

Re: you can't always get what you want...

Half off days are always the best! Love your stuff! Marie

Re: Light Fixture Planter

I love spring! Nothing makes it feel more like it than getting your hands in some dirt! This is really cool! Marie


Ideas for the barn doors?? YES!! Let me send you my address! Marie! :)

Re: Recycled Containers with New Tags

Wow, aren't you just the most organized one here!! Very Clever! These are GREAT! Marie


Wow! Where is your warehouse!!? Great stuff! Marie

Re: Old warehouse cart turned coffee table

I love your table and the family history that it represents! You did an amazing job on it! Marie

Re: Toasty warm light

Melody, All I did was use old lamp parts. I had one of those free standing light bulb holders - just a ceramic base with a cord - then bought a small clear bulb and the toaster just sits on top perfectly. I will add a picture of it! It isn't pretty - no one can see it! :) Marie

Re: junk swap projects coming soon!

Wasn't it fun to open!?! Just like Christmas! Can't wait to see what you come up with! Marie

Re: First Junk Swap project!!!

This is really cool! Wow, you really made a haul with all the beads and jewelry, lucky you! I love your sun catcher, very clever! It would actually look REALLY good on MY porch... :)Marie

Re: tractor smoke stack turned willow vase

That is awesome! I know not another person who has anything like it! SO cool, I would LOVE to have it! Good thing I live far, far away... :) Marie

Re: Chimney Cabinet

So hilarious about keeping the domestic harmony!! I do love it as a shelf though...but the thought of it's other use just cracks me up!! Marie

Re: Child's Vanity

Oh my gosh, this is so cute! Lucky little Madison! Marie

Re: Getting Ready for Easter

So cute! Wouldn't we all love to have a "plumber" connection !?! Marie

Re: Junk Linens turned Aprons

Good for you Rachel! I have 4 machines now, and couldn't live without them! Next you'll want to try a felting/embellishing machine! Totally addicting! Have fun with it! Marie

Re: Thrift Store Box

Ridiculous is good! :) Marie


Sounds like heaven! You got some GREAT stuff! Have fun with it! Marie

Re: Best Man

LOVE half man! Hey, a half man is better than no man at all! :) It looks so cool in your yard! What a great friend you have! I also have bowling ball gazing balls in my yard and LOVE them because we get incredible wind here and there aint no way these are going to blow away! Marie


Wow Alice,I LOVE the way this turned out! Amazing! It completely transforms the whole wall! It's VERY cool! Marie

Re: My Swap Project 1 - bluebucket

These are beautiful! Very creative idea! Marie

Re: kitchen island made from old dresser

Everyone has to have a dream! Best of luck with yours! That's exciting! marie

Re: The Bench is FINISHED!

LOVE the finished product! It turned out beautifully! Marie

Re: Easter Junque Wreath

The little fuzzy bunnies really take me back! EVERY easter basket I ever got as a child had these in them! So cute! Marie

Re: My newly designed booth pictures

So beautiful! I love the paper garland - so creative! What a wonderful space you've created! It's torture seeing all these great places to shop...and not being able to! Wouldn't time travel be a really good thing right now?? Marie

Re: eat your way around the globe lamps

Beautiful lamps! Marie

Re: "A Crown for the Queen"

Gretchen, this is beautiful, as always! You are so talented, and it is so exciting each time you post to see what that amazingly creative head of yours comes up with next! LOVE this one, and can't wait to see the next creation! Marie

Re: Junk Swap Project--just the beginning

How exciting!! I haven't mailed mine off yet, I'm still adding to it! Why oh why do I have to LOVE the stuff that weighs a ton!? (Good Luck Laurel when it arrives!) Your stuff is fabulous! It must be like Christmas!! Wonder what you'll do with some of it?? Marie

Re: Rickety Old Wardrobe~Relives as a rustic Piece!!!!

I love the deep rich red! It's wonderful! Marie

Re: Vintage Iron Gate

It's a beauty! SO many possibilities...Lucky you! What a sweet husband you have! Marie

Re: Junkyard Dogs...the How and "Y"

I would never want to leave this room, it's wonderful! Marie

Re: Tag, You're It!

So cute! Marie

Re: [WRECKAGE] Cabinet

It's a wonderful concept and I can't think of anyone who could make it happen more amazingly than you! It will be a huge success, no doubt about it! Marie

Re: Key Catcher

Aww, how sweet is that?! Some of my favorite times when my guys were little were days spent at flea markets! Love your kid's find! Marie

Re: A Good Place To Nest

Sweet! I think we're all beyond ready for spring!! Marie

Re: Picture Perfect Spring Welcome

Totally unique! I think it looks amazing! Marie

Re: A Couple of Fun Collages...

Wonderful! Each one tells it's own little story! I love them! Marie

Re: Candles ~ "kicked up a notch or two"

Adorable! Marie

Re: Some see a 'custard cup' ...... I see a 'mini glass cloche'

These are too cute! LOVE them! Marie

Re: Unique "Black Dot" Foundry Mold Table

Oh my gosh, that's beautiful Jenny! What a work of art! Absolutely gorgeous for sure! Marie

Re: Waterless Snow Globes & Pearls of Wisdom

So pretty! Love them! Marie


OH WOW!!! I bet every single one of us is wishing we could get our hads on some of these! What an incredible find! Possibilities are endless! Somebody could make a fortune if the reproduced these and put them on the market again!! Lucky, lucky you!! Marie

Re: Junk Gyspy meets Cowgirl Chic

What a cool mix of beautiful stuff! So fun! Marie

Re: Necklaces Reborn...Buttons, Too

Wow! Beautiful pieces! This site is all about having fun, and then sharing with people who just get it! It's great, isn't it?! Marie

Re: Jewerly Organizer

Very cute! It would work too as a serving piece, especially during the summer out on the patio, with goodies on each plate! Such a great piece! Marie

Re: Objects as Art

These are all wonderful, but I love the lab rings, those look so cool! And those foundry molds, they are beautiful! Marie

Re: Fuse-ion

Ooh, I woulda snapped it up too! Love it! Marie

Re: Attention! Remnants of the Past Vintage Show

Oh Boy!! I'm marking my calendar now! It's only about 2 1/2 hours away! :)

Re: "Do you have Prince Albert in a can?....Well you better let him out"

Cute! We - I mean my friends used to do the one about asking if their refrigerator was running. When they said yes, we- I mean they - used to say "well you better catch it", then hang up. Shame on them. Really, shame, shame, shame. :)

Re: Reclaimed headboard Now coat/hat rack

Great idea! Yours is really lovely! Marie

Re: Bet you didn't know how sweet dripping wax could be!

Very romantic! Nice! Marie

Re: Literally, A SPRING Wreath

This is SO stinkin cute! Serously, I LOVE it! Marie

Re: "Wander/Watch/Nest" Necklace

Wow. This is so beautiful. The tiny nests you create are amazing, I absolutely love your work! Marie

Re: Repurposing a crate

Wow! It's wonderful! So Clever! Marie

Re: Arachnibot

I absolutely LOVE this! It may be the teacher in me, but these are the kind of projects I love seeing children come up with! Totally creative, outside the box, and FUN! I love that you helped, but that she was free to create! That's my idea of a home project! SO COOL! Marie

Re: A Great Marriage

Fun! I love it's versatility, you're right, the possibilities are endless! Good things come to those who wait, you proved that! Great job! Marie

Re: "Olde Tyme" Collage

SO COOL! Every single part of your collage is a story all to itself. This is wonderful! Good luck, I know you will be successful, you have SO much talent! Marie

Re: Featherflite

I think you assemblage artists have just a LITTLE too much fun with your work!! I love this one!! Marie

Re: Piperbot

This is such a cool little family tradition! Marie

Re: Robopup

My kind of pup! Sounds nothing like the ones I actually have...Marie

Re: Letterbots

Cute little guys! Very cool! Marie

Re: Bench from a bedframe

It's wonderful! It looks sturdy, comfy and perfect for the yard! Love it! Marie

Re: Reproducing Old Documents

Amazing! What else is there to say?! Marie

Re: Cataloging a new adventure!

Oh man, what a save. Why doesn't stuff like that ever show up at the school I work at?? LUCKY you! Marie

Re: toille trunk

So Cute! Perfect for a girls bedroom! Marie

Re: All the Pretty Junk

Out of this world wonderful Candy! I love every single thing about it! You'll have a dining room that I'd NEVER want to leave! Really, really nice! Marie


This is Such a perfect example of how creative you are! You totally had to step outside the "box" literally and see this as something that it could be! It's beautiful! And I also agree, "junking" has now become the latest and greatest, which I guess is good! But for those of us who have been doing it forever, and are totally committed (or maybe should be!!) it has made it difficult to get our fix!! Anyway, I think this is amazing! Marie

Re: this old drawer

Winston looks happy! Now you HAVE to keep it!! I think its wonderful! Marie

Re: Heart of Toile

The picture of your mom and dad is so sweet, I love this! Marie

Re: My First Post!

Great post! Keep them coming! Marie

Re: Easy cutest pin cushion pin display in 3 minutes

So cute! I'm always cutting shoulder pads out of old sweaters and this is a great way to use them! Thanks for sharing! Marie

Re: Disk Spacers Re purposed

Great minds think alike Gretchen! I have some too that I aquired from my son also! And, I used them for the same purpose on my mantle! I LOVE yours and think they turned out great!! Marie

Re: Late Bloomers...

Beautiful Laurel! I Love those shoe stretchers too, and have to scoop them up too when the price is just too good to pass by! These are wonderful! Marie

Re: For the Love of White Junk

What a great haul! The trellis looks great on the wall, I love that! Marie

Re: To DYE for!

Alice, I LOVE it! What a very cool lamp you've come up with! I love having something nobody else will ever have, and yours has sentimental value as well! Marie

Re: Scrapyard lamp

Oh my gosh Jenny, you just made my entire day! If you ever get to Chico, they have the most amazing scrap yard! Well organized and VERY reasonable! Right off hwy99. I kept thinking that you would LOVE this one while I was digging around! LOTS of big pieces like the cool mirror project you did! Had I known she wasn't going to weigh me, I would have grabbed more! Going back in March! Marie

Re: A Fun Day of Junkin'

Junk Heaven! :) Marie

Re: From Fireplace to Mantle!

These are so multi-functional! I love all the options and I am such a fan of rusty metal anything! Beautiful! Marie

Re: Towel rods from antique gas lines

Awesome! That's such a great idea! Marie


Ooohhh, gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful! Marie

Re: "Shift Key" Necklace

Oh my gosh Gretchen, it's wonderful! I love every sinlge detail, it's just beautiful! Marie

Re: Sea Glass Lighthouse Sconce

I always LOVE your posts and look forward to seeing what creative thing you've come up with for your beautiful glass! I can't imagine how wonderful it must be to take a walk on the beach whenever you want and find such beautiful treasure! You are so lucky! Marie

Re: Little Traveler wins!

I'm so glad you won, and I don't think it was LUCK! This is a wonderful work of art! Junk Art that is!! Congrats!! Marie

Re: Faux Ribbon Necklace

Simply beautiful! It's so original, I've never seen anything like it! Thanks for sharing your brilliant idea with us! Marie

Re: SCRAPS - Scroungers Center for Reusable Art Parts

Love the shoebox shade idea! I'll work on that!


Yum! makes me want one right now! Marie

Re: OXO ... Hugs n Kisses

Very Cute! The color of the records is spectacular! What a great find! Marie


Cool! Especially the feet! What a great new life for that old drawer! Marie

Re: Must be L-O-V-E!

Marybeth, this is so cool! Love its simplicity, yet it boldly displays the most important gift of all! We could all use a large dose of LOVE in our homes! LOVE it! Marie

Re: Can't believe this one sat in the attic for so long

The table is beautiful, what a great idea! LOVE it! Marie

Re: Life Collection

I LOVE these, they are amazing! You are so talented! Absolutely beautiful, and they look like a huge amount of work went into each one! Marie

Re: Boy and Girl Assemblage Collage

Beautiful! These are really cool! Marie

Re: ~My Sweetheart~

This is amazing again! Your cuts on the hearts are perfection!! How'd you do that!? You have a very lucky sweetie, that's for sure! Who wouldn't LOVE this!!? Marie

Re: The Key to my heart!

Starla, These were actually my son's key collection from when he was about 8, and he is now 30! I do see them all the time though in antique stores and at flea markets. And actually they have reproductions of old skeleton keys at Home Depot! i just saw them there this weekend in the key making area. Wish I could be more helpful! Marie

Re: Patina or Dirt???

Very cool! And love the public service announcement! As junkers, we all need to be very careful! Marie

Re: Most say "a table", I'm thinking lamps !

Lamp, definitely, a table would be the most common choice, but I vote for something different! Go for the lamp! I'd have to do something with stained glass right now... I can see that in a window...I think I have an old sewing machine base in the shop...better go look! Can't wait to see what you come up with!! It's kinda like Christmas!! Marie

Re: "Bird of Nature" Necklace

This is exquisite. You are so incredibly talented, each piece I see of yours I love more than the one before it! Wow! Marie

Re: Zero to Toasty in 30 Seconds or Less

Doesn't get any better that this! Quick, simple, and a thing of beauty! Marie

Re: The joy of JUNKING!

Hilarious!! LOVE all your wonderful stuff, but the commentary is even better! Hope we hear from you again soon! Marie

Re: Coasters made from ceramic tiles

These are wonderful, creative and totally personalized! I think they would make great gifts! Very cool! Marie

Re: It's a Sun Kraft!

Of course I Love your lamp, but the video - What a crack up! I wonder if it was lung or skin cancer that got him first?! And wasn't the front door to the building amazing!? Wonder what happened to it! Thanks for sharing all of this with us! It's just what my Friday needed!! Marie

Re: Serving up Style for the Big Game!

Wow! These are beautiful, and SO creative. Your attention to detail in all of your posts is amazing! Seriously, these are all wonderful! Marie

Re: Putting a Little Light on the Subject!

Lani, everything you do becomes something so elegant! This is so beautiful! your home must be spectacular! Marie

Re: The Key to my heart!

Just an FYI - if you want to see some REALLY cool paperweights that Kathy did, check out her post in Blogs called "Weight just a minute...there's junk in those paperweights". They're awesome!! Marie

Re: Valentines, buttons and keys

So cute! What a great collection you have! Wow! Marie

Re: Chippy Cottage Charm will be at Benson Flea Market (Sioux Falls, SD)

OH wow, I wish!! Looks wonderful!! Marie

Re: Rosette Bib Necklace

These are incredibly beautiful! They are each seperate works of functional art! LOVE them! Marie

Re: Still Testing My Metal!

Oh! One more thing,just a thought, the chain and the part you cut off the barrel, could it become a light fixture to hang over the table? Keep the industrial thing going? Marie

Re: Still Testing My Metal!

How many times have I looked at this picture and I can't believe I haven't left a comment!! It's totally cool! I've been wanting one for my deck like this ever since I saw the one in Sue's book! I have the Glass top and access to the metal barrels, but I just haven't gotten it together yet. SOMEDAY...I LOVE YOURS! Marie!

Re: Barbed Wire Never Looked So Good

Loved the first one that I saw that you did, love this one, can hardly wait to see what you do next! Kinda like Christmas!! Marie

Re: Mirrored Plates

Cute! Very creative! Marie

Re: Valentine's Day Collage

So cool! Must have been fun to put together, I love it! Marie

Re: Kitchen Rack

Wish I had a kitchen big enough to do that! It looks amazing! Marie

Re: A Trip down Memory Lane- S & H Green Stamps Style

Ahh, the hours my brother and I spent with a sponge, a stack of S & H books and a box of stamps! That and Blue Chip stamps! LOVED going to the showroom and shopping! Those were the days... Marie

Re: Whoa Junkie!

Awesome! Marie

Re: ~Concrete, Cloches & Candles~

These are beautiful examples of just how exquisite a piece of old concrete can look with just a little help! Thanks for the inspiration! Marie

Re: ~Junk In The Garden~

Wow, your garden is spectacular! I love everything you've done, it just looks like a place you'd never want to leave! Marie

Re: How to Make a Gear Mold Clock

Hmmmm, I think I know where you should go looking...The "warehouse" is in Minnesota...belongs to someone who's name begins with an S...I think she beat us to them all! It's a gorgeous clock Sue, it really is! The fact that it actually tells time is just icing on the cake! Marie

Re: Rainy Day Sale At Georgia Moon

Georgia, it's So beautiful. How can you not do well?! Marie

Re: Painted Recycled Wine Bottles

I think these are amazing! You are so talented! LOVE them! Marie

Re: Baby, It's Cold Outside!

So cute! nothing like hot cocoa on a freezing cold winter day! Marie

Re: Beat up coffee table turns shabby romantic

Ha! I have 3 dogs, I can relate! What a beautiful save! Well done for sure!! Marie

Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

IN,IN,IN!!!! Marie!

Re: Funky Side Table

The table base is such a great find! It's all become a very cool looking table! Marie

Re: Yes, It Spins Too!

Jenny, it's wonderful! All the pieces seem made for each other! I really love this! Marie

Re: Throwback to my Youth - Take a little trip with me

Oh my gosh, this is SO cute! You DO come by it naturally! you two must have been THE hit of the bike parade!! Thanks so much for sharing this, and as for those pants, I think I had the same ones on in a picture my friend posted on facebook of us in high school! At least you weren't old enough to have actually bought them yourself!!

Marie :)

Re: Pink Sweater turned lampshade covering ..

Cool! Love this one too! Marie

Re: Mid Century Modern Shaw Walker Redo

This is fabulous! I love it!

Re: Stop the Draft!

Amazing, amazing, amazing! The paint job is so cool, and must have taken hours and hours...you are such an artist. As always Jim, it's absolutely wonderful! Next to the copper table, this is my favorite! (Ha! for now!!) Marie

Re: Sweet new beginnings for Mayo jars...

Very Cute! I'm with you, no jar ever goes to waste here either! I use them in my work shop to organize nuts, bolts, etc. and in my craft room for everything from buttons to embroidery thread! At school the plastic ones hold game markers, counters, and crayons! LOVE yours!! Marie

Re: Practical-ly Pretty...

Wow! Amazing! Do you charge by the hour? I could make you a rich woman!! Marie

Re: Trash to Treasure Clock Tutorial

This is wonderful, what a great way to share precious photos. Thanks for sharing with us! Marie

Re: One I for got in the "doll" series -- art junkie

Wow, those eyes...maybe just a LITTLE scary?! Marie

Re: Vintage Look Candle Hurricane Shades

So clever you are! I love these, they look beautiful and expensive! Very cool! Marie

Re: Coffee Lamp

It's a cool lamp, and actually, I kinda like the shade! Marie

Re: A Very Shabby to Chic Rocking Chair

What a transformation! It's hard to believe that it's the same chair! Beautiful job! Marie

Re: Hemmed up!

That's so cool! LOVE it! Marie

Re: tv tray cart turned laundry cart / basket

I so remember! We had them and I used to be the one who put the S & H Green stamps in the books to get the stuff! Too funny! I love what you did with yours, what a great idea! Thanks for the little blast from the past! Marie

Re: Fern Valley Window...

Wow! Can't wait to see the pictures coming up! Hurry up spring! Marie

Re: A Simple Monday Floral Arrangement

Oh wow, I LOVE this! I like the kind of taylored look it has that would go almost anywhere! SIMPLY beautiful again! Marie

Re: I've got some "Hang" ups!

I love your collection, it unique and fun! That's what collecting is all about, find that one thing that makes you smile and go for it! The thrill of the hunt is what it's all about! Yours is off to a wonderful start! I hope you continue to show us as it grows! Marie

Re: Well Worn, But Well Loved . . .

So beautiful! I love the pieces the most that do have the cracks and nicks! You are so right, that's what gives it all it's character. When I look at them I can't help but wonder who held it, and what it once held. Gorgeous stuff! Marie

Re: Piano Stool Side Table

What a beautiful old piano stool! I does make a really cool side table, Love it! Marie

Re: Junk Mirror with bling

Very cool! Marie

Re: Photo Finish

This in one of your best pieces ever. What an amazing frame holder it is and of course the beautiful picture of your daughter makes it even more so. If her grandmother doesn't love it, let me know! I'll gladly pay the shipping...
Marie :)

Re: Sea Glass Lamp

Oh my gosh, that's beautiful! Marie

Re: Cupboard From Crate Wood

Wow, it really is a beautiful piece of furniture! You are SO talented! Marie

Re: Would Thomas Edison be Proud?

It looks amazing! Kudos to you! Marie

Re: my fish chair

It's beautiful! I do the same thing and also have a garage full of painted furniture! I just do it cause it's fun and relaxing! It drives my husband crazy too! Too funny to hear that there is someone else out there like me!! Yea for us!! Marie

Re: Nesting Bird Server

So pretty, I love it! Marie

Re: Have Suitcases; Will Travel

What an amazing collection! I LOVE them! And - if they're all full, then how can you possibly have too many?? Thank you so much for sharing! Marie

Re: What's Under That Glass Dome?

Wow Jenny, not only is this a beautiful post, but it's full of great information that we can all use! Beauty, brains and so much talent - you and your art - Amazing! Marie

Re: Croquet anyone?

Patti - the lampshade in the last pic was originally one of those old cane lampshades left over from the 70's! I took the brown ugly wicker caneing off and then used fabric scrap strips about 1 1/2 inches wide, knotted (you could sew, but knotting is easier!) together, then woven in and out of the wire lamp skeleton. push them tightly together and keep going until it's filled. Done!

Re: Testing my metal. aka Testing my mettle!

You are hilarious! The table turned out beautifully, and I DO think you deserve a medal, or metal, or mettle...

Re: Musical Revamp

What a wonderful idea! I'm feeling inspired...I'm heading out to see what I have to work with!! Thanks for sharing!! Marie

Re: dresser makeovers

Beautiful! I especially love the first dresser, it looks amazing! You do NICE work!! Marie


Breathtakingly beautiful! you, Lani and Alice have done an amazing job of bringing such an unexpected piece into your decor! It certainly makes us all look at an old fish tank in a whole new way! I think I have one packed away at school, hmmm....

Re: What To Do With A Thing-a-ma-jig

Aww, I love the crystals and the sentiment behind them! Great post! Thanks for sharing it with us! Marie

Re: Benchs from headboard

The must sell faster than you can make them! They are wonderful! Marie

Re: Drawer-A-Holic

Too funny! We live at the end of a mile long road that has nothing but wetlands until our street, and someone keeps coming halfway down the road at night dumping loads of stuff on the side of the road! Everyone is so angry about it because it really looks awful, and I agree - except that secretly (well, not anymore!) I get a little excited each time it happens! I'm usually the first one to see it on my way to work, and of course I HAVE to stop and check it out! Got some great table legs and a nice rusty bicycle wheel this morning! Shame on me...

Re: It's "Cloche" to Baby Time

It's beautiful! Seriously, is there anything in the world more amazing than grandchildren? Seeing your child with a child is one of the most unbelievable experiences there is! Congrats and enjoy!

Re: Sheet Music Wreath

Really nice! Simple, beautiful, and ver creative! Marie

Re: Just Fakin' a Cake

Gosh, they look good enough to eat! Yum! Very cute!! Marie

Re: Foiled and ready to shine.

So cute! Wow! You can change what's inside to fit the season or occasion! Very ingenious!! Love it! Marie

Re: Art Fun With Vintage Linoleum Cutters

LOVE them! SIMPLY beautiful! Marie

Re: Silver leaf on the cheap

Cool! Can't wait to see the final project! Marie

Re: Photo Tin

The tin is cool, but the girls - SO cute! Marie

Re: Barn siding and projects

The plow coat hooks - too cool! I love them! Marie

Re: Our fireplace

Oh my gosh, your little dogs are loving it! Too cute! Marie

Re: Screen Savers

Great save and it looks great! Marie

Re: Happy Birthday to ME!

Wow! That is the BEST way to spend a birthday, isn't it?! Love your finds, especially the musical instrument! Wonder what you're gonna do with it? Can't wait to find out! Be sure to post! Marie

Re: Bottle Christmas Tree

What a cool tree! I love it, and it's never too late to see something beautiful! Very original idea! Marie

Re: Photo "Opp"...

Congrtulations Laurel! We always LOVE your posts so it is absolutely no surprise that you now have contributor status! I always look forward to whatever you have to share with us and this one is no exception! What a great way to get those pictures off the shelves and mantle! LOVE it! Marie

Re: The Kitchen floor

Gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful! Marie

Re: Church Treasures

I love the bench, it's beautiful! It all looks wonderful and is even better because it has special meaning to you! That's just an added bonus! Marie

Re: Top "10" for 2010...Ten Very Good Reasons to Buy Junk

Fun stuff! All projects in the making! Can't wait to see what some of them become! Marie

Re: Beverage bar....junk style!

It's fabulous! Really, it's a beautiful transformation, with such a simple but elegant look. LOVE it!! Marie

Re: more burn rescue

Alice!! LOVE the molding, it's wonderful, but I also love the painted pattern on your walls! VERY cool! Did you do it yourself? If so, wanna come and do mine!! :) Marie

Re: "Coffee And My Secret Ingredient" -CoffeeTime Lamp

I love your lamps! Each one tells a story which makes them completely unique! SO cool! Marie

Re: Cherish Boxes

What a wonderful keepsake! These are wonderful! Marie

Re: Rustic Glow

Love this! Simple, rustic but elegant at the same time! LOVE the handles, they really make the piece! Marie

Re: CafeTable ala Vintage Galvanized Door

SO cool! I love the green base and it has just the right amount of rust to make the green jump out! As always, I love what you've come up with! Beautiful! Marie


I would have snapped it up too, it's wonderful, no matter how you use it! Marie

Re: From Church Chair to Bedside Table

It's really beautiful! It's a completely original idea for a bed side table! Welcome, and we can't wait to see more! Marie

Re: Antique Style Cupboards-Made from old house doors & reclaimed lumber.

Wow! It's gorgeous! Who wouldn't LOVE to have this in their home!? Marie

Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

This is amazing! I have such a thing for copper, and this is by far the most beautiful table I've ever seen. My house is full of copper, including my kitchen sink and I gotta tell ya, this would look mighty fine in my house! This is by far my favorite project of yours ever (well, so far!). It's just plain awesome! Also Jim, thanks so much for the kind words on my rolling cart project. It meant SO much to me - especially because it came from you! We all consider you to be the "jumkmaster"! Marie

Re: Architectural pieces and cloches two of my favorite things.

SO, SO true Jenny! Alice, I love seeing your smiling face and hearing your words of encouragement! You are wonderful, and so deserve to be one of the best of 2009! Each time I read this post, I have to laugh at the mental picture of you both trying to dismantle a farm house with a pocket knife!! Congrats on a job well done! Marie

Re: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree Centerpiece

LOVE this, it's awesome!! Marie

Re: The ATV from hell

Hilarious!! Marie

Re: Panel Door Headboard

Beautiful! I'd never want to leave! Marie

Re: Dining Room

Cozy! Looks like a great place to hang out! Marie

Re: The locker room

Love lockers! I have a room full too! These look great!! Marie

Re: How to Make A Paris Lamp

Absolutely, totally deserving of best of 2009! What an amazing transformation!! Marie

Re: picnic basket...new again!

It's wonderful! What a great friend you have! Marie

Re: rolling pin collection

Wow! What a beautiful collection and you found the perfect way to display them! Very cool! Marie


It's beautiful, and I can't wait to see what you end up doing with it! Be sure to share when you're done! Marie


SO cute! It makes the perfect angel! Marie

Re: Let the music move you!

Noreen, this is amazing! Wow!! Marie

Re: Pantry Door

This is SO cool! What I wouldn't give for a pantry let alone a fabulous door like this!! I just this weekend braved the mitre saw myself! It was MUCH easier than I thought! Just get some practice pieces and jump in! Marie

Re: Painted Jute Rugs

Wow! Beautiful! Marie

Re: "One Cup, with Cream and Sugar" CoffeeTime Lamp

Sor far this is my favorite! But I'm sure that will change soon! I love your work! Marie

Re: Porch Holiday Spiff'n

What a fabulous re-do! And it sounds like you're having way too much fun to have it actually called "work"! We are glad you've joined aour big happy junkin family! Can't wait to see more! Marie

Re: "Give" for Kelsey

gorgeous! The grate is absolutely spectacular! What a beautiful piece! Marie

Re: Display for vintage fishing lures

Beautiful! I know a fisherman who would LOVE this! Your drawings are amazing! What a wonderful keepsake of a very special dad! Thanks for sharing it! Marie

Re: "Early Bird" CoffeeTime Lamp for a yard sale affectionado

I LOVE your work! This one is so cool, and who wouldn't LOVE to get a gift like that!?! She is very, very lucky! I can't wait to see what you post next! Marie

Re: First project of the New Year!!

It's beautiful, as are the words on it! I love that deep red color too, and the way the wood grain stills shows through! When you get tired of it, send it my way!! :) Marie

Re: The Front Porch

Too funny! I live on a river and when fishing we catch all kinds of things - chairs, windows, you name it! I've never "caught" onc as nice as yours though!! It's great! Marie

Re: My daughter's room

Fun! I only had boys so I missed out on the girly rooms! I bet she loves it! Marie


Absolutely beautiful! I love getting a peek into everyones homes, so fun! Marie

Re: Cornice Makeover

Oooh! This is very cool! Talk about a before and after! The black and white is really gorgeous! Marie

Re: Junkin' is the "SPICE" of life!

SO Cute!! This was a great pick for best of 2009! I would never have thought of doing this with all my old spice cans! Marie

Re: "Mambo Console" Bongo Drum Style Console Lamps

They turned out great! What a deal for 5 dollars! The transformation sounds amazing! It's good to be able to see past what it is to what it could be! Thanks for sharing! Marie


Thanks for giving us a peek into your world! Everything you've done is so much fun, it's the way art should be! I agree, your students are so lucky!! Marie


Absolutely beautiful! What an undertaking! There is a house in the town of Chico, CA that has the entire front and one side of their house completely mosaic tiled! Next time I'm there I will try to get a pic, it's pretty amazing! I love what you've done to your backsplash though, it is a work of art for sure! If it stops raining soon, I will get a picture of my outdoor picnic table that i mosaic tiled! It looks like we have very similar taste! LOVE YOURS!! Marie

Re: Recycled Lunchbox into a New Year's Eve Centerpiece

Very Cute! Love the old lunchbox!! Marie

Re: My "JUNK" Tree

It is incredibly beautiful! I am also glad that it's been reposted, because honestly, it's one of the most beautiful trees I've ever seen! Wow! Marie

Re: Colorful, Junky Backsplash

I love this! I did the top to my old picnic table similarly and I also get compliments all the time! love the lime green, it just grabs you eye! I bet it looks amazing in person! Beautiful work! Marie

Re: Farm Rescue

How on earth I missed this the first time around I don't know, but wow, this is amazing! It is absolutely beautiful! What a save! My dad was a commercial scale mechanic so I have a thing for beautiful old scales, and this one IS wonderful! Marie

Re: West End Architectural Salvage

OH WOW. What's left to say? What an amazing place! Marie

Re: Holiday Window

What a find! GREAT save! It looks wonderful and could be up all year with different seasonal greenery! Very cool! Marie

Re: Recycled Spaceship

OH WOW! This is so cool! Very, very resourceful, and beyond creative! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! Marie

Re: Junky Snowmen

SO cute! Each one has it's own personality! I agree with LuAnn, whoever gets this one is going to LOVE it! Marie

Re: old window

I love this! It's SO cold right now, and this just feels like summer!

Re: 2009 Christmas Blessings

Love all of it, but that barbed wire tree is so cute! We have lots of that rolled up here, so I might have to take that idea and run with it! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful stuff!! Marie

Re: Drawer Copy Cat

What a really great way to gift all the goodies! I would be thrilled to receive this! I bet your friend LOVED it! Great idea! Marie

Re: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas,,,Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night

I absolutely LOVE your collection! I read this to my Grandkids on Christmas Eve! It is by far the most wonderful Christmas story of all time! What a great collection you have! Marie

Re: And the Stockings Were Hung...

So cute! I love it all! I remember one Christmas when we had new carpet installed on Christmas Eve day! We covered the pantry door with butcher paper since we couldn't put up a real tree. I drew the Christmas tree and let my kids decorate it with their artwork! It was So much fun! Sometimes when the need arises, you just have to punt! Marie

Re: Mirror of Memories

So sweet! Who wouldn't love a gift so full of thought?! It's beautiful! Marie

Re: The Halls are Decked...

Your place looks beautiful! I'm so glad you get to sit back and enjoy it all! You're right, 2009 has been so much fun here, and I can hardly wait to see what everyone comes up with in 2010! Have the merriest Christmas ever! Marie

Re: Santa's shopping cart just arrived!

Fun! I remember most of it from my youth! I guess I'm dating myself...but I loved hanging the tinsel 1 strand at a time per my mom's specific instructions! Our trees were silvery works of art! I'd never have the patience now! Marie

Re: chair

What a wonderful chair to have come from a pallet! That's what I call a save!! I would love to have your talent! Marie

Re: Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

Wow! you are SO talented! I think the wood snag Santas are amazing, and how clever those Christmas card puzzle blocks are! Very cool stuff! Marie

Re: More or less Christmas

What a beautiful old trumpet! I think that's my favorite, but I love it all! Marie

Re: Masher Christmas

Adorable! I love them! Marie

Re: The BEST Reason to Celebrate!

Bless his little heart! And hugs to you for surviving what must be one of the most painful things for a mother to endure - feeling helpless while your child fights such a battle. What a wonderful thing to celebrate! Know that we ALL share in your joy! Marie

Re: The Holly and the...

We had a french fri cutter like this when I was a child! It makes a perfect sleigh! And an octopus trap?? I didn't know they even exhisted!! Wow! Very, very creative!! Marie


Simply gorgeous! Marie

Re: Candleboard

What a treasure to find in the burn pile! I love it! Marie

Re: Peace like a river

The beautiful glass against the rock, SO pretty! I love what you've done! Thanks for giving us a peek! Marie

Re: Christmas Vacation...tree

This is the coolest tree EVER! I have never seen anything like it! I think we all have rusty old pedal car envy too! And - I have to agree with you - NONE of us should ever ride ours in front of Gailmarie's mom! Ever. Wow! Wonder what she thought she said??! Marie

Re: A Greenery Christmas

What a huge difference snow makes! We don't get that here where I am, so I LOVE seeing everyone's beautiful snowy pictures! These are gorgeous! Thanks! Marie

Re: I have a Bright Idea . . .

Very creative! What a great way to save them from a landfill and have something beautiful to show for it! Marie

Re: Grandma's Attic

Oh, my, my,my,my, my...We could have some fun at your house!

Re: Beads & Buttons

Wow! These are beautiful! You are SO talented! Marie

Re: Deck the tree with junky stuff. . .

LOVE your tree! Marie

Re: Pop Can Stars

These are SO cool! I would love to know how to make them too! I have a thing about stars and seem to be amassing quite a collection of them! Thanks for sharing them with us! Marie

Re: vintage pearls

Very elegant! It looks great! Marie

Re: Alter-na-tree

Wow,this is really wonderful! You have such amazing creative vision! Thanks for sharing! Marie

Re: You can thank Disneyland for this one!

This is SO cute! Love the cat food can idea! Until I read how you made it I just couldn't figure out what you'd used! You are SO clever! Love it!! Marie

Re: Art with Architecture

So beautiful!!

Re: How to Create Sterling Silver Ornaments on the Cheap

These are so pretty and look SO expensive! I love them! Marie


Breathtaking! These are really wonderful! Marie

Re: Four-Poster for Pooch

Cutest thing ever!! My problem is that I have 3 dogs, and I couldn't have just one "Throne"! I'd have to buy a bigger house for 3 of these! I LOVE it though!! Marie

Re: Add a little Jingle to your Christmas!

So Beautiful! Marie

Re: Winter Garden

Wow! Beautiful! It's not something we get to experience where I am! Marie

Re: encyclopedias

Really nice! I love the pages as a background for collaging! Great ideas! Marie

Re: Elmer's Glue

What a find! This is so cool! Marie

Re: This project is a crock!

Probably not! At least until after the new year! Love your trees, they are so creative! Marie

Re: Welcome Screen Door

That red is beautiful! I absolutely love it! Way to go - again!! Marie

Re: Horse Collar Wreath

I love anything "farm"! This is great! Marie

Re: Warm Welcome

Believe it or not, I have an old sled - even though I live in California! Guess I should get it out and do something fun with it since where I am it will NEVER get used in the snow...Thanks for the great idea! Marie

Re: Barbwire Christmas Tree

Oh wow, I love this! The rusty wire with the crystals - an Awesome look! Marie

Re: Jewel Chest

Wow, it is fabulous! You do amazing work! Marie

Re: Birthday Bird Bath for my Mom

Aww, that was so sweet! I bet your mom loved them! They are beautifully done, I love your work! Marie

Re: Table with burned top

Great save! The tile looks really good! LOVE it! Marie

Re: a rescued tinsel tree with a new hair cut

It's SO Cute! And I LOVE your profile pic! Hilarious!! Marie

Re: Sled turned advent calendar

Love it's new look! Very cute! Marie

Re: Sanctuary ~ Doors to Headboard

Very luxurious! It's beautifully done! Marie

Re: 'Tis the Season

You crack me up!! That is hilarious! "I Only want the best for my family and friends!!" I love the red container though and don't care what USED to be in it! It looks great and that's all that matters!! Just glad you didn't use it for a punch bowl or something! That could have been a little un-nerving!! Marie

Re: Christmas with Georgia

Hmmm, I may have to take a little road trip...

Re: Bud vases turned into little lamps...

Very cute! They are perfect little night table lamps! LOVE them! Marie

Re: Wash Tub Coffee Table

Oh wow, I LOVE this! I have a couple of the galvanized tubs and I never thought to do this with them!! What a GREAT idea! Very, very cool! Course I DON"T have the legs or glass, but now I have something new to go looking for...Not that any of us need an excuse to go junking! Thanks for sharing Midge, this is really cool! Marie

Re: Bringing a Little Bit of the Farm to your Outdoors!

Wow, this is beautiful! I don't know what that farm thing is either, but I do know that I LOVE the way it looks with your bird bath!! Very cool!! Marie

Re: In progress

He's cute! Marie

Re: From trash to treasure.

Almost anything looks good in white! Great stuff!! Marie

Re: "PARIS" chairs, what was once old is new again!

They are wonderful - no wonder they sold so quickly! Nice work!! Marie

Re: Galvanized Worktop Table with Hammered Nail Detail

Oh, I absolutely love this look! I agree with Andrea, I'd LOVE to have this in the dining room too! It is fabulous!! Marie


I love this,Especially the teapot on top with the blue glass ball! VERY cool! Marie

Re: Be thankful...

Ilove all your beautiful junk! It's always fun to see what everyone else does and your posts are always wonderful! Thanks!! Marie

Re: Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a Gigantic Pile of Junk

Hilarious! And yep, I'm pretty sure "k" didn't make it's appearance until much later! After all the "Original Education Board" can't be wrong! Can it? Marie

Re: Drawer # 4 Does Thanksgiving

Such a cute story, Those are the ones that stay with us forever! Marie

Re: There's No Place Like Home - For Thanksgiving!

Aww, I love this! Marie

Re: Table top re-finish

Love the collage, you outdid yourself on it! I'm glad it's been reborn, it's beautiful now! Marie

Re: Happy Thanksgiving!!!

What a welcoming porch, who wouldn't feel at home there?! I hope your Day is wonderful! I agree, we are so lucky to live in this great country, to be free, and safe. This truly is a day to count those blessings, be with family and friends, and really think about how lucky we are! Have a great day! Marie


I LOVE this! That workbench top looks mighty familiar!! Have a Great day, and of course, thank you for sharing your talent with all of us, we all look forward to your posts! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Marie

Re: Happy Thanksgiving to All...The DRT Centerpiece

It's beautiful! I wish you and all of our JMS family the happiest Thanksgiving ever. Even in these difficult times, we have so much to be thankful for! Have a wonderful day! Marie

Re: A bow you can easily zip together!

These are too cute! I've been sewing for MANY years and never, ever thought of using a zipper for this! Very impressive! Marie

Re: A Thanksgiving JUNKMARKET Style

These are so beautiful, and I love the tubes! As for "stealing" them from Lani's car - Hey, that's what friends are for! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We all have so much to be thankful for! Marie

Re: Sugar and Spice....Make a Nice Christmas Tree

Fun! Very cute for a kitchen counter! Love it! Marie

Re: Something to sing about

I love these! They are so cute! And, by changing what's in them they can move from season to season! Marie

Re: Pennant Christmas Tree Skirt

Absolutely Beautiful! What a great idea for all those pennants tucked away! I come from a family of sports crazed people and this is such a great idea!

Re: Hall Tree

I really like this, it's simple but very elegant. Nice work!! Marie

Re: There's No Place Like a Midwest Home Show!

It's beautiful! Wow! Marie

Re: It's so "cloche'" to Cristmas time!!!!

These are beautiful! And the meaning behind each piece makes it even more so. Thank you for sharing it with us! Marie

Re: World's Largest Pincushion

Long live Whimsical wackiness! This is a great piece of furniture! Marie

Re: Birds and Flowers License Plate Art

Oh my gosh, this is too cute! What a lucky sister to have such a talented brother! I LOVE this! Marie

Re: Fire Truck?

Wow! Sounds like a huge amount of work, but well worth it! It's amazing! Marie

Re: Winter Green Fresh

This is so cool! Imagine them when they bloom! LOVE this!! Marie

Re: Feeling A Little Starry-Eyed

I definitely have a thing for farm equiptment finds! These are cool! I have some that I got from my son's inlaws farm, and LOVE them, but man are they heavy!! The red is beautiful! Marie

Re: Framing Up Vintage Bus Scrolls

I am so glad you're back, I have SO missed your posts! These are amazing, I'm not surprised that they sold quickly! Welcome back and Can't wait to see more! Marie

Re: Roller Skates-Whoohooo!!!

Too cute! Who wouldn't love them!!? Marie

Re: Hey, Hey, Hey . . . It's a Holiday Hay Rack!

It's beautiful! I have 2 lamb feeders that are similar to this, and when the flowers in them finally give in to winter, one if them is destined to be on my porch! LOVE yours! Marie

Re: Over the Top Pens -Vintage Flair Never Goes Out of Style

These ARE cute! Love them! Marie

Re: A Rustic Collage

Oh wow, very cool! LOVE the old rusty wheels! Welcome, this is a GREAT place to be! Thanks for sharing! Marie

Re: Where did I put the cabinet door this time?

This is very cool! I love that you can change it up too! LOVE it! Marie

Re: Door turned desk

I love the big, hunky legs! It looks great!! Marie

Re: Time to clean out the basement for the Holidays

Very cool! Love the possibilities for this idea! Thank you for sharing! Marie

Re: Glass Terrarium

WoW! It's wonderful! Marie

Re: Winning with Winter White

Beautiful! Of course it sold! I'm glad we got a look before it was gone!! Marie

Re: rusty easel

Perfect new life for old chain! Very creative, I love it! Marie

Re: wood rack

I love functional art! It's beautiful!

Re: A Gift for the Music Teacher

What an absolutely beautiful gift! She sounds wonderful, and I know she will be so touched! It is truly a gift from the heart. Thank you for sharing it with us! Marie

Re: Shakers on a stick

Very cute!! Marie

Re: A new addition to the front yard

Wow, it's awesome! I love your work!! Marie

Re: What to do with sap buckets...take a look

Beautiful and so quick and easy! What did we do before modge podge!? Love these! Marie

Re: My Holiday Projects

Absolutely beautiful! I love the trees, and can see why they were gone in an instant! It's all so elegant! LOVE it all! Marie

Re: Sea Glass Christmas Wreath

It's beautiful, I love all of your creations! Marie

Re: Fall-ing for Junk...

I love getting to see everyone's cool fall displays! These are beautiful!

Re: Fall Back Decor

This is wonderful! I love the fall with all the color changes. We still have summer here, but I'm ready for cooler weather NOW!

Re: How to Spruce Up Your Porch

This is really cool! Who wouldn't love to have this on the front porch? I know I would! Marie

Re: From frumpy to fabulous!

Beautiful! Frumpy to fabulous is the perfect description for this!! Marie

Re: Leafy Sail Sculpture

What an amazingly beautiful piece of art! Wow!~ Marie

Re: Birds of a Feather Grandfather Clock Birdhouse

This is almost too beautiful to put outside! It looks great! Marie

Re: RING aROUND the Rosie!

Beautiful, beautiful stuff! Wow! Marie

Re: RE Boutique Sign

OMG This is BEAUTIFUL! Talk about functional art, this is IT! You are so talented! Thank you for sharing this with us! Marie

Re: "Emerging from the JunkYard" and Designing for a Cause

Love the Habitat re-store! My husband is a volunteer job site supervisor for Habitat so it's a cause that is very dear to my heart! I love your room design, it's amazing! Marie

Re: Junkin' Punkin" at the Library

Aww, I love her! Too cute!! Marie

Re: Ta Da!

It looks great, and I love that all of the beautiful things in it are from your grandmother! It's wonderful! Marie

Re: Halloween tree

I love your halloween tree, it's too cute! I also LOVE your Corgie Fairy in your profile picture! I also have a corgi and just love him to death! Yours is adorable! Tried dressing mine up one Halloween and he bucked like a bronco until he got it off! OH WELL!! Wont' do that again... Welcome to Junkmarket! Marie

Re: A Rusty Repurpose

Wow, this is beautiful! It would have looked great with the branches, but this is fantastic! Very cool! Marie

Re: Steel Spring Table

Really neat! I love that huge spring, what a find that was! How did you get the saw blade dull enough so that it doesn't pose a problem as a table top? This is pretty amazing looking! Marie

Re: Barnyard tealight display

What an amazing find, and a beautiful reuse. It's wonderful!! Marie

Re: Tin trunk end table

I have a love of old trunks too and I love this one! You're right, "down with traditional"! Words to live by! Marie

Re: Threshing tray coffeetable

This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen! Totally unique, and absolutely beautiful! I really love it! Marie

Re: Harness ring "valance"

i've never seen anything like this before, it looks great! Very creative valence! I love it! Marie

Re: Another Crazy Lamp

Oh my gosh , it's great! Love all the colors in it, love your concept sketch, and the old brushes.Very cool Marie

Re: Industrial Fan Grate Wreath

Awesome!! I absolutely LOVE it! Marie

Re: Another great grate!

Gailmarie, I'm just trying to keep you on your toes!! :) I agree with you, there are all kinds of seasonal things that I could do with this! I just got some cool fall leaf garland that I am going to try for now, and then I love the greens with bulbs idea! Thanks! And as for that snow -I love it as long as I'm inside looking out! Californians can barely drive in rain, imagine what a mess we could make with snow!?? Guess I'll stick to the stuff in the can...

Re: From discarded pottery....

Love them both! Lucky you to have such a talented friend, and to be in the right place at the right time! Marie

Re: Scarecrow Welcomes Trick or Treaters!

SO cute! I love it all! Marie

Re: Trick or Treat...Mwah ah ah!!

WOW. Just WOW. Marie :)

Re: Thanks!

Holey Cow, that's a lota great stuff! I'm excited to see what comes of it!! Marie

Re: Garden Arbor Creation

Wow, that's amazing! What an amazing reuse! I would have never guessed what it was in it's previous life!! Marie

Re: Bench from old headboard

WowQ It's wonderful!! Marie

Re: teddy bears

Adorable! I also make something similar, only mine are called "Memory Elephants". I Chose them because I collect them, but also because of the idea that an elephant never forgets! Your bears are absolutely beautiful, and because I KNOW how much work is involved in them, whatever you charge for them is NOT enough!! Thanks for sharing with us!

Re: old doors

Very cool stuff! Marie

Re: I Had a "LIGHT BULB" Moment

I really love this, what an eiciting find! You're right, I bet there are endless possibilities for this little beauty! Marie

Re: lace roses

These are beautiful, I'm gonna have to try some! I have tons of lace that is just waiting to get put to use! Thanks! Marie

Re: Trick or Treat

HA! Would have loved to see how you talked your way out of that, especially since you were caught red handed! Hilarious! I really LOVE the box of letters though, and it would have been worth a trip to the "big house"! Marie

Re: Retro baby shower

Very Cute! Lucky you to have a daughter who also loves vintage things! I am crazy about my daughters in law, but they are definitely not into vintage anything! DARN!! Welcome aboard! Can't wait to see more!! Marie

Re: Xray lamp...

This is cool, very unique! Marie

Re: I love a collage

Everything you do is so elegant! I love the room divider and can certainly see why it was snapped up! These are really beautifully done! It's always such a treat to see what you'll do next! Marie


What a great idea! What ever did we do before we had chalk board paint?? Isn't it great?! Marie

Re: Old Bedding into Christmas Stockings

OK, I'm off to go dig through my linen closet to find my old quilted pillow shams that haven't seen the outside of a closet in years! I knew I was saving them for a reason! These are too cute! Marie

Re: Window Pane

Oh my gosh, I'm with you Midge! Those kinda guys are harder to come by than that cool old window!! Better hang on to them both!! Seriously, I love your display! Thanks for sharing! Marie

Re: Edible Centerpiece

This looks good enough to eat, for sure! I LOVE the gear bowl, what an amazing score!! If it's any consolation Sue, we don't have 4 ft. of snow, but it's pouring rain, our power was out for 6 hours, and there are trees down everywhere here in sunny California! We apparently only have 2 seasons here now, summer and then immediately into winter. Spring and fall just don't happen anymore!! SO, I do feel your pain... Marie!

Re: Trinkets and Treasures Cake

Too much fun to look at!! Must have been a blast to gather the stuff and put it all together!! Very cool!! Marie

Re: Ladder Shelf

Very cool idea!! Looks great! Marie

Re: Candy find me?

Very Cute! It is a great way to stash goodies out of sight! Marie

Re: All Dressered in Black

Nice! I think black is becoming the new "white"! It's really gorgeous! Marie

Re: 1950's Schooldesk

OOh, love it in black! This looks really beautiful! Marie

Re: A pair of buttoned up lamps

This looks so good! I love the buttons with the little silver rings, it looks so cute! What a great idea!!

Re: Fall Decorations

What a steal! It's wonderful! Marie

Re: This aint your daddy's grill anymore...

Thank you all for your kind words! I was hesitant to even share this because I thought it might be a little to "junky", if that's possible! My husband and kids just shake their heads every time I come up with something I think is cool, so I never know what to think! But you all made me feel so good! I love being here with other people who just get it like I do!! Thanks!!

Re: i'll never do this again:)!

Oh, but it looks SO good! Thanks for "sticking" with it!! It's beautiful!! Marie

Re: Happy Autumn

This looks amazing. We don't get much Fall color here in California, so this is such a treat! The shopping cart is the coolest thing, I would LOVE to find one of those! Beautiful!! Marie

Re: Junk fall decor

Rocky ROCKS! He has great taste! The red metal box is really wonderful, I'm kind of a rusty metal lover myself! Thanks for sharing and of course, welcome to the absolute best site there is, you'll love it here! Marie


It a wonderful second life for beautiful old clock case! Nice save!! Marie


Those are certainly words for us all to live by! Love it! Marie

Re: Garden Glass

These are so fun, a great addition to every garden! Marie

Re: Family Jewles

Oh wow, these are SO wonderful! I've tried my hand at beading and jewelry making and I just don't have the knack. These are beautiful, and definitely my style! LOVE them! Marie

Re: Shutter doors

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing it with all of us! Marie

Re: button necklace

I love this, it puts all those buttons to the perfect use! Marie

Re: Garden Junk Ensemble for Fall

Love it! I can picture flowers in the tub too, or I have one on my front porch with a small pond pump so that it makes the perfect trickling water sound. Great save on the roadside find!! Marie


I think I'd have to MAKE time! Looks like a wonderful place to comtemplate what to do next!! Marie


Oh my gosh, amazing as usual! This is adorable!

Re: Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without...

PIeces of the past, I got one of mine on ebay for 30$. Have you checked there? Joann fabric has new ones - wait for a 50% off coupon and it isn't too pricey. In shops they cost an arm and a leg!! Marie

Re: Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without...

These are beautiful! LOVE the apron, it's almost too pretty to get messy! You are very talented! Marie

Re: Potting Table

Gooness, these are fabulous! You two make quite a team! Love them all! Marie

Re: This Old Mom, She Has Junk (lots of it!) 3

It's the thrill of the hunt! We don't need any of it, but finding it is so much fun!!! Marie

Re: Junk on "Parade"

I think I speak for many of us when I say that I could move right in and be very happy there!! Beautiful stuff!! Marie

Re: new use for vintage pokerchips

Clever! I love them!! Marie

Re: Mosaic Table

You found the perfect table to tile! The edging already there makes it look like it was made for tiling. It looks wonderful, you made it look like a million bucks! Nice work! Marie


Wow! Who wouldn't want to fall asleep there!? Tis is wonderful! Marie


This is an amazing gate! The spur as a gate latch is So cool,I've never seen anything like it! It's absolutely beautiful! Marie

Re: Painted Side Table

What a fun table! I also have lots of this kind of artwork mixed in with my stuff at home, so I am very partial to this wild kind of art! It's fabulous, I LOVE it! Amazing to look at, but just as much fun to create! Can't wait to see more! Marie

Re: RC Cola Cooler Turns Over a New Leaf

Oh wow, this is right up my ally! I love, love. love it! It's perfect for potting or partying! I also love the little piece right next to it, that's a cool piece too! I'm guessing you have been really busy, but we have all missed your posts! This one is wonderful!! Marie

Re: Recycled Lemonade Bottles

Oh my gosh I LOVE these! I'd love one to use as my water bottle at work! Nothing worse that trying to figure out which one at the lunch table is yours, giving up and having to do without! Wouldn't happen with these! What a great idea! Very, very creative idea! Marie

Re: Climbing my Chippy Ladder to Success!

Lakelover69 - I'm with you - I ALWAYS worry about lead contamination, which is why I ALWAYs seal everything with several coats of clear varithane or poly before I ever use or display. I know that some really prefer the natural old look, as do I, but I can't risk inadvertantly making anyone sick. ESPECIALLY my precious little grandkids!

Re: Climbing my Chippy Ladder to Success!

This is SO cool! I've been looking for something like this for my stairwell and have had NO luck, and you have found the perfect piece! It is really, really beautiful and I love all your goodies that make it so special! This is seriously spectacular! Marie

Re: my booth in warrenton, tx

Wow! you have a ton of really cool stuff! Again, here I am in California, far, far away from all the fun... Marie

Re: Welcome to The Dark Side.....Of Color

That leather chair is to die for! Looks SO comfy! What a wonderful place you have! Marie

Re: Escutcheon plates

Functional art! I love it! Marie


We all need to slow down a little, what a great message! This is a really cool piece, thanks for sharing! Marie

Re: Dramatic Red Side Table

I love this! What a beautiful piece of furniture! Marie


Very cool! Love the look it gives the concrete! Marie

Re: Artful Rust

Oh My Gosh, this is awesome! What a steal! I absolutey love it!! Don't you love that look you get when they just don't understand WHY you want something they find absolutely useless?! Marie

Re: found object assemblage

Really beautiful! Collage is harder than it looks! I've played with it, but believe me, noting I'd want to share! I have a huge appreciation for how difficult it is to make it look so easy!! Marie

Re: Organ Pipe Photo Holders

Absolutey beautiful! Who in their right mind wouldn't love to have these!!? What an amazingly creative use for treasures. And the pictures - just too cute!!

Re: A great grate

Rusty Diva, we could have a GOOD time! There's plenty of rust to go around, and to have a partner in crime would be SO much fun! Then the guys at the scrap yard could make fun of you too! And of course if it isn't rusty when I find it, out in the yard it goes to be watered until it is!! Wish we lived closer, that's for sure!!

Re: salvaging old barn more photos

That's awesome! We once got to do that with an old church that was being torn down to make room for condos. We did all of our kitchen cabinets and a breakfast nook out of the lumber. We just used a grinder to bring up the grain and take off the grime and then sealed it. It was really beautiful! Lucky you! Marie

Re: My first antique mall booth!

Congratulations! I KNOW you'll be a huge success! Your things are beautiful!

Re: Springfield Extravaganza - some of our stuff...Part III

GEORGOUS stuff! Wow, you are a very talented group! I love the beautiful little hand mirrors and the print of "Rosa" - What a transformation! Thanks for sharing your amazing creations, I SO wish I could have been there!! Amazing work! Marie

Re: Gas Lamp to Candlestick: Quick, Easy and Pretty Too!

The base is really wonderful! What a great find! The shade with the crystals and the the fine wire - beautiful! Welcome to the site! Marie

Re: Autumn Junk

Very fun finds. I love that your neighbors want to actually buy your mums, too cute!! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us! Marie

Re: New life for old objects

Beautiful! Marie

Re: Funkalious, Junkalious Lamps

Oh my gosh, these are absolutely amazing! How fun must they be to put together and then stand back and enjoy! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!! Marie

Re: Almost Ready For Our 7th Fall Country Junk Sale Friday 10/2 and Saturday 10/3 from 9-5

That's it. I'm just gonna have to move! Marie :)

Re: Hemming-Way

Oh, LOVE these! I see them occasionally too and was also trying to figure out something to do with them!! Brilliant! These would look mighty fine in the room I'm redoing now...What a great idea! Marie

Re: Welcome Fall!

I LOVE the roller skate as a wine bottle holder, that is SO cute!! I hope you sell tons of stuff! Let us know how it went! Marie

Re: Boot Scootin' Planters

Ahhh, great minds!!! I also planted one of my son;s boots! It sits on my front porch full of asparagas fern! He left them here just a little too long, and VIOLA! It became a planter! Love yours!!! Marie

Re: CandyLand 50th Anniversary Tin turned Tin Wall Clock

Too, too cute!! Marie

Re: De-Light-ful Serving Pieces...Inspired by Shabby Chick...

These are wonderful! I have several too that I've put together, and always get lots of compliments! I love all of yours and would hate to have to pick just one favorite!! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!! Marie

Re: Fall Apple Fest Centerpiece

That is SO pretty! The reflection in the mirror is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Marie

Re: Miniature US License Plate Map by Design Turnpike

Wow! This is so amazing, and I bet it WAS painstaking! I would LOVE to have one of these in my classroom! Marie

Re: "FALL"ing for the Springfield Extravaganza - Part I...

Great stuff Kathy, and it sounds like you had a blast! Sure wish I lived closer!! I hope you did well!! Marie

Re: Simply Said

These are SO cute! Isn't the Cricut amazing!? Everyone needs one!! Marie

Re: Michigan License Plate Map by Design Turnpike

These are so cool! I've seen them done of the whole U.S. but I love the individual Michigan theme! Must take an incredible amount of patience to create!! I love your work! Marie

Re: My Simple Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday Project!

These are great!! I love the way your mind works! These are 3 distinctly different styles and they are all amazing! WoW!! VERY inspirational!! Marie

Re: Serving up a "light" snack - vintage junk-style!

Ya know what? You guys have just a little too much fun back there without the rest of us who live a million miles away! Thank goodness you let us live vicariously through your posts and blogs! Looks like SO much fun!! Marie

Re: Thank You One and All

I love the show and tell idea! We could also bring one thing to give, and maybe draw names. I am just so excited that it's going to happen! Too soon to start packing??! Just kidding of course - kinda!! Marie

Re: Just the START of my birdhouse collection...

I'm a birdhouse lover too and had to smile when you talked about the wasps living in them! We have a huge wasp population here too and I always have to close up the opening for that same reason!! LOVE your collection! Marie

Re: Reel-ly Fun New Plant Stand...

This is really a wonderful find, and the fact that he just tacked in on is great in case you do change your mind and make it a table! Sounds like you have a great place to shop! I love all your treasures!! Marie

Re: Trundling Along

I really like this! I am working on one (from a baby crib) to hang in the window of my workroom. I'm hoping it will work as a sort of privacy screen and catch all hanger for pictures, etc. just as yours does! Love that yours holds brushes too! Very cool as usual!! Marie

Re: Recycled Fire Place Pumpkin

This is GREAT! Very, very clever! Marie

Re: In the HOT seat...

Very Cute! I love the ties, the color of the wood, everything! Thanks for sharing! Marie

Re: Bed Spring Candle Holder

Way cute! I agree, not in a million years! Marie

Re: Thank You One and All

What a wonderful post Sue! Friends have to be the best gift ever, all by themselves! I suggested the Junkers Reunion, and I was really serious! I'd go anywhere to make it happen! I'm so excited to think that it actually might! I may not sleep again until it becomes a reality!! YIPPEE!


I just came across this going through old posts so I don't know if you'll ever see this, but I LOVE what you do with old tools! Very creative way to display beautiful old well used pieces! Marie

Re: Doing some light sewing...

In response to RickE1, I can appreciate your point of view as a collector, but as an avid quilter, it made much more sense to me to take the machine off a dusty, dirty shelf in my workshop and turn it into something useful. With the exception of drilling a small hole inside the machine where it is completely unseen, the beauty of this georgeous machine has been unharmed. AND, it's inside, in my studio workspace where I can look at it and enjoy it's beauty every single day! As for the actual value of the machine, I only paid $15 dollars for it originally on Ebay, and I see them on there all the time, so I'm hoping that I didn't actually negatively impact that part of it. It was listed as a machine head-no motor. I definitely do appreciate your concern as a collector though, and I hope this helps explain why I chose to do what I did!

Re: Barn Burner Wall Sconce

They ARE meant for each other! This is so beautiful! I'm hoping to get to my friend's farm this weekend for a little bit of digging through her barns. Very inspirational!! It's a 10 again Jim!!

Re: Jelly Cupboard from Junk

This is so cute, and I am very partial to that green! Love all you stuff! Thanks for sharing! Marie

Re: Sunny Table transformation

I love the detail on the table, it's wonderful! I agree that yellow suits it!! I want it!! :) Marie

Re: This Old Mom, She Has Junk (lots of it!) 1

It's always fun to get to peek inside our fellow junkers spaces! Thanks for sharing your beautiful room with us!! Marie

Re: Just Plain Horse Sense

This is really cool, I LOVE the way your mind works!I would love to have this one for my very own!! REALLY like it! Marie

Re: Chippy Cottage Charm Flea market booth

It looks beautiful, and sounds like SO much fun! Marie

Re: There's safety in numbers

These are too cute! What a great start to a beautiful collection!

Re: 3 dollar glass dome!

Alice, I know! I looked forever for a huge one! Guess you're right! Just have to keep buying till you find the right one! That's my motto too! Marie :)

Re: Garden Cloche

This is fabulous! I love it! Marie

Re: I LOVE some good garage sales!

Must have been an overall great weekend to shop, because I found this cool rusty old metal, rolling, three drawered toolchest for only 5 dollars! Can't wait to start working on it! Yea for all of us!! Can't wait to see the curtains up, and I LOVE the Christmas dish cloth too! Marie

Re: Friends what would we do with out them

I bet she loved it! Lucky her to have you for a friend! It's wonderful! Marie

Re: Pick up the pieces.. but Never Forget.... 9-11 Tribute

So beautiful, and I'm sure, difficult to share. We are all so grateful that you did. Hugs, Marie

Re: Another 9-11 Tribute

It was a difficult day, but this is such a sweet rememberance. Thanks for sharing it. Marie


It looks fabulous and so does your beautiful yard!

Re: Don't be Chicken - Nightlight

It's 6:30 am and what a great way to start a day - laughing! You are hilarious! I've never seen anything like this, it's wonderful to look at, but your step-by-step is even better! Now I also have an uncontrolable urge for a drink with an umbrella in it!! Thanks for sharing!! Marie

Re: Simple Monday's - Take Two

It's just perfect. Makes you want to sit down and quietly take it all in. Really, really pretty!

Re: handle solution

I really like this, they go perfectly with the metal drawers. Very, very unique! Marie

Re: simple monday fix to unfinished project ;)

It is beautiful!! Marie

Re: Look what I found

Holey cow, what a haul! I'm gonna go hit our strip mall some evening!! What a great idea! Love your stuff, that must have been so exciting! Marie

Re: Help...Any Creative Ideas??

I have an indoor 400sq. ft. room where I do inside stuff- sewing, decopage, painting, woodburning. Then we have a huge shop outside that is a total disaster because it's full to the brim with dirty outside junk! That's where my saws, power tools, soldering stuff is found. Someday I'd like to really organize it, but it would be a mammoth undertaking! I have just one organized little corner, the rest is a mess!! I can't wait to check out some of the sites people are recommending! Good luck with your space. The thing is, stuff just keeps growing...there is never enough room! Marie

Re: what it is, what it is ..

Umm, yes, that's exactly what I meant - a top to a Christmas tree ornament!!! :) Marie

Re: old suitcase and spindle legs make home decore

LOVE this, it looks wonderful and is functional too! Marie

Re: What a Hoe!

Too cute! Nothing like a piece with multiple uses! I love it! Marie

Re: Junk for the Den/Office

I love the thing you got on Ebay, it's wonderful! Welcome to the site, and I can't wait to see more of your ideas! Marie

Re: File and Magazine Holder

Isn't it amazing what a little paint and a creative mind can do?! It's really pretty. Marie

Re: what it is, what it is ..

It pays to look down when you're walking! This is really cool, and Joanne is right, it does look like an angel now. I really have no idea what it is, but it looks kinda like those pins that you squeeze together and put in something and then becomes a loop to connect one thing to something else. OK, that makes very little sense, even to me so I"ll stop now before I completely convince everyone out there that I'm a complete idiot! I will just quietly wait with everyone else until Wednesday!! Marie :)

Re: Thrift Store Candle Holders

Georgeous! Marie

Re: license plate star ..

It's wonderful, I can see why is sold immediately! I really love it! Marie

Re: A shabby chic lamp makeover

Very, very cute! I love anything that has to do with chenile! Marie

Re: More treasure hunting

Looks like Christmas!! What a great haul you made! Marie

Re: One Happy Junker...

Holy Cow! You are amazingly lucky! Nothing else to say!!!

Re: Freeby :-)

Yep, I'd paint it too, but I tend to go really wild and crazy so I'll keep my ideas to myself! Safely, I'd go with a soft color - green, blue, cream and then distress it. What an outstanding piece! Marie

Re: Fall Arrangement

Those shutters are beautiful! The squirrel is so cute, what a great thrift store find! Thanks for sharing! Marie

Re: I Don't Know Why This Caged Bird Would Sing....

You are just too stinkin cute! What a blast you must be to be around! I love your posts! Marie AND, you are right, there is no bad chocolate unless it's the empty wrapper that it used to be in!

Re: Old windows and doors

OOHH, I could see it backlit on a wall behind a sofa. Great, great find!! Marie

Re: Moving into 2nd Gear!!

It's very cool, I don't think I'd be able to part with it!What a lucky friend! Thanks for sharing! Marie

Re: Bird Totem

Very clever, and the little bird on top is adorable! Marie

Re: Hey! Look what I found...

Wow, it's beautiful just the way it is! Lucky you! Marie

Re: Hess Truck Toy Tire Earrings!

Too cute! The sentimental things always get to me, so I love these! Thanks for sharing!! Marie

Re: JMS Post from the Past - "I'm Going All the Way to the Top!"

What a fabulous find! I love it and that's exactly what I would have done with it too!! Very, very lucky for you to have been in the right place at the right time for that one! Marie


Aww, it's beautiful, and so is SHE!! Marie

Re: Beautiful glass lids and bowls...

Great idea, the lids look beautiful on there, but I'd love to know what you used to fasten them to the wood too! Very cool looking!! Marie

Re: Pre-Oronoco Gold Rush Estate Sale

HA!! I guess stopping in California and picking me up would be a bit out of the way, huh!? Sure looks like fun!! I'd love to be there too! Marie

Re: Spindle Vase - Editor's Challenge Project # 3

These are so cool! Marie

Re: Bird Cage Lighting

Amazing! The way it transforms your walls and ceiling into a work of art is just beautiful! Marie

Re: canadian ranch/farmhouse items

Your place is wonderful! It's so fun to see where others live and what they do to make it "home"! Thanks for letting us take a peek! Marie

Re: wagon wheel fence and gate

That looks awesome, what a great use of the wheel! Marie

Re: coat rack and scale bench

Very cool, especially the bench!! Marie

Re: old canadian airforce foot locker

Oh my gosh, it's a beauty, I love it! Marie

Re: The Five Feet Table

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, you never cease to amaze me! That is SUCH a cool table! Wow! Marie

Re: Architectural pieces and cloches two of my favorite things.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time!! Good for you for saving all that incredible stuff!! Marie

Re: Ol' Blue Door

I think we all have door envy! Wow, what a steal at $8. Lucky you!! Marie

Re: Somebody STOP me!!!

That is really cool! I have several signs too, but NEVER thought about a table top! Now that you've done it, it seems like such a no brainer...Hmmm, what does that say about me?? Thanks for the great idea! Marie

Re: Girls' night at the workshop...it's nothing but fun!!!

My best friend Charlie and I have lots of those work days and they are absolutely the best days ever! I love your wreaths but love even more the fact that you take the time with good friends to make them! Thanks for sharing them with us, and I hope to see lots more of your joint efforts! Marie

Re: Chalk Liner Wreath

It's absolutely beautiful! Who wouldn't LOVE to have it hanging on their front door!? Can't wait to see what comes next! Marie

Re: Sneak Peek and Guess Your Best

It's a popcorn popper isn't it? We had one and when my kids were little, they loved taking turns on the handle while it popped. Brings back memories! Wonder where I put it? Hmmm. Marie


I was so glad to see this post and your idea for filling it. I have my 30 year old son's Antique French iron crib that I want to do something with. I cant decide whether to make it a bench or plant it. I was trying to think of the best way to fill it, and love your idea. I'm recovering from knee surgery, but as soon as I can I want to get going on it! Thanks for sharing yours, it's beautiful! I love your posts and always look forward to them! Marie

Re: "Barn Chics" July Sale

One MORE time that I wish I didn't live in California...I would love to be there! Marie

Re: See what $3 can buy?!

SO talented!! It's so perfect right there, it was made for that spot! Marie

Re: Phosphorus centerpiece

What a great find, and the wildflowers are so pretty! Thanks for sharing it with us! Marie

Re: wine & cheese cart

Way cool, nice work!!

Re: Nature's Junk

It's beautiful, I love it. Nature at it's finest! Marie

Re: Camp Lamp

I probably say this every time, but I think I love this one the most! And this is just more proof that you can turn absolutely anything into an amazing looking lamp! It's wonderful!

Re: Sentimental Junk...

It's beautiful, and the fact that it has such special meaning makes it even more so! Thank you for sharing it with us! Marie

Re: Clean up finds

Oohh, good stuff! I love those drawers! Bad time to have the trailer out of town!!! That must have been so much fun though! I love it when great junk comes at you for free! I'm excited to see what you do with some of it! Thanks for sharing!! Marie

Re: Our Name in Junk!

That sounds like so much fun! Great idea, I think I might give it a try! Thanks so much for sharing it with us, and welcome aboard!! Marie

Re: old tools

Great collection! I love old tools too and I'm always watching for them, lucky you! Marie

Re: This is my chalkboard painted cupboards with yardsticks and chalkboard paint

Very cute idea for the border! Marie

Re: Garage Sale Table Turned Out Neat!

Wow,Pretty amazing before and after! It is perfect for your game room! Marie

Re: ~Mother's Day Present From Hubby~

What a beautiful yard! There isn't anything that beats rusty stuff in the garden! Thanks for sharing, it is amazing stuff!

Re: Crib Conversion

Not in a million years would I have thought of this!! I actually have a complete crib in the shop! Don't need a fence or gate right now, but eventually someone will! Very cool! Marie

Re: Faux Painted Walkway

Absolutely amazing! I am in awe...Marie

Re: Recycled Window

Very nice!! Is it leaded or copper foiled? It is beautiful! Hope we get to see more soon! Welcome to the most amazing website around! Marie

Re: Doesn't Matter if it's Black or White . . . .

Every post gets better and better! Each picture is filled with inspiring ideas for all of us! I'm so glad that you are willing to share your beautiful things with everyone! Marie

Re: Frameous solutions

Clever!! Great idea! Marie

Re: Garden Glass Topiary

Gosh, I would LOVE to be your neighbor!! It's beautiful! Marie

Re: Rug for Safety!

Georgous! What else is there to say! Marie

Re: Calling all folks in Arkansas !

Ahh, in my dreams...I would LOVE to be there!! Marie

Re: Old electric panels?

I really like these, especially the dark red color! What a great find! I hope you show us how they look when they're actually framing your art. Welcome, and I know we'll see lots more from you - this site is addicting!! Marie

Re: Old Washing Machine now a Planter

Oh, oh, oh, what a steal! It's wonderful!! Marie

Re: Flatbed Trolley gets a new Life as a coffee table!

Oh my gosh, this is beautiful! What else is there to say!? I LOVE it! Marie

Re: Wiry Joe Clock

Wow Jenny, this is SO Cool! The colors, the graphics, everything about it! I LOVE it! You are so stinkin talented!! Can't wait to see what comes up next! Marie

Re: Look What I Saved From the Trash!

Fate. That's what this is!! It was meant to be yours! Lucky, lucky you!!! Marie

Re: See the Light

What a great save, I love both lamps! Very, very clever!! Marie

Re: ~More Glass Garden-Art~

I've made a few of these myself, but yours are spectacular! Can't wait to see more!! Thanks for sharing! Marie

Re: Gone Crazy!

We are all in the same place, so you certainly never need to apologize! We are all hooked on junk, and I love seeing what everyone else has to offer! Go ahead, post away! I think it would be amazing to have a big ole junk Market convention so we could all get together! I'd LOVE that!!

Re: Clay pot cat

This is really cute! Having made 2 of the pot ladies for my yard, I whole heartedly agree that they are NOT easy, and are in fact a ton of work! Worth it when you're done, but still they take hours to make! I love your kitty though!! Marie

Re: Garden bench from antique baby bed

Wow! I did the same thing with my 30 year old sons antique baby bed! It's off being repaired, just needs a little structural welding repair. When I get it back I'll post it! Once again, great minds must think alike!! I Love yours, it's beautiful!

Re: Glass garden totems

Beautiful, and I love the GARDEN letters on your fence! I'd love to have those!! Marie

Re: My First Entry...Shabby Roses and Pedestal Plates

Oh WOW! Now I know what to do with all those outdated patterns that I didn't know what to do with!! These are wonderful, and I can't wait to try some myself! Thanks for sharing!! Marie

Re: Gardens at Cabin Update

What an amazing garden! Who would ever want to leave? Thank you for sharing this with us! Marie

Re: Lights, color, glass

I really like this, there's nothing better than lights and colored glass! What a great idea! I bet a bunch of us will give this a try!! Thanks for sharing a great idea!! Marie

Re: For the birds, too!

How cute is that? Love it!! Marie

Re: Bling for Sue! A must have for her upcoming sale.

That is SO sweet! Way to go Alice!! Marie

Re: hubcap clock

It's beautiful! I like the numbers, it looks perfect the way it is! Marie

Re: Ski bench #1

Ver Cool! I made a table like this for one of my sons. This looks great!! Marie

Re: Furnace Blower Table

AWESOME! I love it! What a great re-use!! I'v never seen anything like it!! Marie

Re: Pennyrugs revisited

Amazing!! I had to enlarge it before I could even believe that you weren't kidding! That is an awesome paint job! Wow!! Marie

Re: Vintage Cash Register Art Piece

How cool is this! Those old numbers are so neat, I love it! It's fabulous as usual! Marie

Re: Welcome to my cottage......maybe

This is SO cool!! I do have a dock that this would be perfect on...I love it!!! You and I seem to be on the same wave length once again!! Marie


Oh, I love this, and I could definitely use it on my deck! What a lucky find! Marie

Re: More License Plate planters

Bird houses work! I've used old lic. plates as the roof! Love the planters!! Marie

Re: What a Racket!

This is way cool! We have a sports memorabelia room and I think this wants to live there... :) Marie

Re: Big Girl Bed

I bet she does love it! It's wonderful! Marie

Re: Tennis anyone?

Hey, I have one of these in the back of my closet, left over from my tennis days!! What a great idea! I'm gonna have to go dig it out! Thanks! Marie

Re: Bed Spring picture / card / recipe / note / holder

Very cute! I think the possibilities are endless! Thanks for adding to the list!! I love these! Marie

Re: The JennyK Room @ Georgia's First Occasional Sale

When is the NEXT sale? I want to plan my trip!! Marie

Re: Storage Footstool

Very Cool! Love it! Marie

Re: Bench/Coffee Table

I love Mackenzie-Childs too, I often sit with the catalog and wish I could have it all!! Your box is georgous! Nice job!! Marie

Re: Glammin' up my girl

Hilarious! She's ready for anything now! Marie

Re: Bird friendly coat/apron rack

I love this, its beautiful. Everything looks like it belongs where it is - the bird, the decorative balls, the color you painted it. Perfect! Marie

Re: More Garden Junk!

Beautiful! I am a firm believer that the garden is really just another BIG room in my house! I spend so much time there, and it needs to be wonderful! yours is! Marie

Re: Givin' the stool the BOOT!

Too cute! Marie

Re: Teen Scene

She's awesome! What a fabulous room! Marie

Re: Down Home DIY Decor

Very nice, what a great save for the old doors!! Marie

Re: The JennyK Room @ Georgia's First Occasional Sale

OH WOW. I could move right into that room and live happily ever after! Amazing, amazing, amazing! I love everything in it!! Marie

Re: fencing in the platters

Beautiful, what a clever idea! It looks amazing! Marie

Re: My Little Turtle-Pig Meter

Oh my gosh, too cute!! I would have kept it too!! marie

Re: Get your Lighting in Gear!

Nice! What a beauty! Marie

Re: Laundry Basket

ANYTHING to help make doing the laundry less painful is a good thing!!! Marie

Re: Scrabble Tile Transformation

What a great idea for a kids room too! I love it! Marie

Re: More of my free junk pile saves...

Andrea, thanks for sharing your idea! I love it and am going to go searching now to see what I can use for legs! And, now I actually know what this thing originally was! Marie

Re: Georgia Moon's First Occasional Sale

When, where? I know you're quite a ways away from me, but it would definitely be way worth it to me to make a trip! I'm in northern CA in the SF bay area! Can I get info?! BEAUTIFUL stuff!! Marie

Re: Garage sale ScOnCeS become Showstoppers!

Again, WOW!

Re: Tuffet for chair

Ok, LOVE the footstool even more! Too cute!! Marie

Re: Chair - Ugly Duckling to a Beautiful Swan

WOW. It's fabulous! Marie

Re: Yard Sale is all done Up JM Style...The Details

OMG what I wouldn't give to NOT live in California right now! I SO wish I could be there for this one...Whaaaaa! Marie

Re: How To Resize Photos

Most digital cameras, unless they are really old, do have a resize option. You may have to hunt for it, but it's there somewhere!! If you set it for email size or web post size, then they automatically work for posting. If you have microsoft there is an option where you go to edit photos and you can resize there too. It's all so confusing and depends on your camera and computer! Uggg. Why can't it be easy!! Take your camera to someplace like BEST BUY or any camera shop and ask them to see if you have it! Good luck!!

Re: Fabulous Cat House

Wow, lucky cat! Marie

Re: Did you ever wonder how to display those old hankies?

I love the art work on the side! Very clever idea! Marie

Re: A Cool Coat Hanger

I love this! Isn't it great the way SO MANY things can become either a clothes hanger or a lamp!!? This is definitely too wonderful to destroy in any way! What a perfect "fit" for it!! Marie

Re: Clean-up that Yard With a Little Junk!

Your yard is heaven! Absolutely perfect, I wouldn't change a thing! Marie

Re: New Potting Bench from Salvaged Wood

Wow, I love this! Marie

Re: Firewood becomes trellis project

What fun to make it with your daughter! When the mandevilla starts to climb it's really going to be cool! Love it! Marie

Re: Avocado Green ... NO MORE!

Wow! Very cute, what an improvement! Welcome, and I can't wait to see more from you!! Marie


This is amazing! Your posts are always SO beautiful! I envy your photography skills! I really love this! Marie

Re: Door Becomes Twin Headboard

Beautiful! Who wouldn't love to sleep here! Can't believe you got the door for nothing! What a score!! Marie

Re: Gazebo redo

It's so nice to be able to make a save like that, especially when the canvas only lasted a year. This way, it lives on and you can actually get your moneys worth! Great save!! Marie

Re: Is it REALLY a Watermelon?

This is the cutest thing ever! It's a great way to turn something so ugly into a work of art!! I love it!! Marie

Re: Got Gas!

This is really cool! Another amazing lamp, they just keep coming!! I am also a big fan of old cans of all sizes and shapes! I am actually working now on one that I'm going to use as my address in front of my house. The fire department has asked us all to make our numbers more visable so I think mine will be now! I will post when it's done. Thanks for sharing another wonderful lamp with us! Marie

Re: Arithmetic, Vintage Flashcards, Resin, Ball Chain = Really Groovy Necklaces

I've been on vacation and missed this post! I LOVE these! I'm a teacher and would LOVE one of these!! A+ on these necklaces!! Marie

Re: Vintage Chain, Chandelier Crystals, Little Eyeglass Necklace

Wow! It's beautiful, one of a kind, I love it! You're very talented! Marie

Re: Moms garden bench

Welcome to Junkmarket! Your bench is beautiful! I am also an old furniture painter, so I know how much work goes into something like this! I love it! Can't wait to see more of your work!~ Marie

Re: Can I Have Your Number ?

Beautiful as always! Marie

Re: Scrapping for Junkers

Ok, now these are too cool! What a great idea, I just love the way your mind works!! Marie

Re: Jenny K. Sets the Table with Some Spicy Junk

This totally makes a meal an eating experience! How fun this must have been! Marie

Re: Tole Lamp Planter

That looks SO cool! I love it! What a great way to keep it, but in a whole new way! Marie

Re: Just waiting on a friend...

What a beautiful yard! It looks like heaven!! Marie

Re: What else can I do with this??

I have something very similar, and I put a collection of beautiful blown glass balls in mine! Marie

Re: Collar fun!

Very cute! The collar was a great save, worth every cent! Marie

Re: What do you do with a bedspring, fabric and shuffle board puck? Make an Art Doll of course!

That is cool! I LOVE it!! Marie


Absolutely georgous! Marie

Re: I have a new email!

Wow, that's awful. I So agree. If they just put a fraction of their energy into being productive, moral human beings they could make this a much better place to be! I'm so sorry that this happened to you! Marie

Re: Bird Houses and Wall Hangings

How fun is all of this! Cute stuff!! Marie

Re: Drink Up! CrAzY Bottle Collection

WOW! This project is right up there with Jenny's beautiful desk! Amazing, as always!! Marie

Re: Summer Garden Hose Wreath

So cute! Who doesn't have an old hose laying around somewhere! Great save! Marie

Re: The REAL Inspiration!

And, the very best way to be able to keep it for yourself forever is to photograph it! That way it's there for the next lucky person to stumble upon! It's amazing! Marie

Re: "Flowerbed"

Love it! I saw one in a magazine that had the old box spring welded into it, and in each round spring was a clay flowerpot blooming with annuals! It was adorable too! Marie

Re: Homeless Shelter Apartment Makeovers

This is what life is all about! My husband works tirelessly for Habitat for Humanity as a project site manager. If we didn't have people like you (and him!) this world would be a little less bright. Thanks for sharing this with everyone, it's wonderful!

Re: How to Make a Table from Cardboard Scrap

It's fabulous! Good for you for hanging in there, because it was definitely worth it! What an accomplishment, we're all proud of you!! I might have thrown it all in the trash on pick up day out of frustration!! Lucky you having someone to bounce ideas off!! That had to help!! Love it!! Marie

Re: window table

Very cool! It has become a beautiful piece of furniture!! Marie

Re: Old Shipping Crate Flower Boxes

What a great compromise, and it's wonderful to look at!!

Re: Mirror/stained glass/shelf

Can't wait to see the finished project!! Marie

Re: "The Key to Your Universe is That You Can Choose"

I really like this! You have to wonder about all the people who these keys belonged to...

Re: Que Sera Sera...Whatever will be...will be...by none other than Doris Day!!

You are SO amazingly clever! I can't believe the thought and work that went into this! I am really impressed! Very cute!! Marie

Re: It's a Salad Spinner

This is beautiful! I just last week picked up an old kodak film tin that I just love. I have't decided what to do with it yet, but I will eventually...Thanks for sharing this, it's wonderful! Marie

Re: Oil-Free Magnet Board

Wow! Great minds think alike! Very cute! Marie

Re: Garden Table Leg Candle Sconces

That looks fabulous! It makes a beautiful sconce and just think, you have 3 more!! Very creative thinking, I love it! Marie

Re: Navigational Chart Tote

Very original, I love the tote bag idea! Especially if they came from your son! Marie

Re: Vintage 78 Record Clock

I love the little music stand it sits on, that totally makes it! Kudos! Marie

Re: Belt Basket

Very clever! It looks great!! Marie


Wow! You're not kidding! This is great stuff!! Lucky you! Marie

Re: World Peace

I agree with Amy, it will make me look at old globes in a new way...especially since I'm a teacher, and we all know how fast globes become obsolete! I watch them get tossed on a regular basis!! Not anymore!! Thanks! Marie

Re: Garden Frame Hanging

Neat! I love the way you see outside the box (or boxspring!)

Re: Fire-Planter

What a wonderful piece! It's beautiful!

Re: June Floral of the Month

Stunning! I love the wheels on the crate, that's so cool! Marie


Beautiful! I wish I had your photographic skill! I love your posts! Marie

Re: 1977 Chicago Schwinn Twinn

You have to be one of the luckiest junkers around, that is an amazing find! Please show us the end product! Can't wait to see it! Marie

Re: Kentucky's 400 mile yardsale

Oh WOW. Why doesn't California have sales like these?? I'm with Jim - RUN don't walk back and get the chairs!! That kind of sale would be SO fun!! Marie

Re: Vintage Pitch Pipe Flower Vase

Breathtaking. I love it.

Re: Camping Stools Turned Table

That is amazing, I love it. Talk about thinking outside the box! Marie

Re: Bookseller's Garden Trellis 2009

Wow! I don't think I could have come up with this in a million years! I'm impressed!! Marie

Re: Just having some graduation fun!

Boy, those wheels of yours are always turning!! What a Great idea!!! Marie

Re: Huge Chalkboard

Don't you just love chalk board paint!! What did we do before we had it??! Marie

Re: Potting Bench made from Scraps and Junk!

Very nice, I LOVE it!

Re: My Junk Haul!

Wow!! I do love my neighbors, but seriously, nobody has ever given me great stuff like that! Lucky you!!! Marie

Re: What's New Pussy Cat - Contributor Challenge

Ok, there's nothing left to say, it's all been said! As usual, I love it! Can't wait till your next creation comes up! Marie

Re: Before trash day I need an idea

This is cool! I definitely agree with Midge, I can see it used to display pictures or art work. But I also Sew, so I could see it as a storage place for ribbon, beads, etc. It looks like the hooks are staggered, so maybe a coat tree in a mudroom or entryway, or in the back of a closet to organize and hang purses? Outside by a potting shed to store clay pots or garden tools. Of course it would look even better once it's rusted up a bit, but wow, it has lots of potential! Don't throw it away! :)

Re: Picture Holder Perfect for a Crash Test Dummy!

It's really cool, but your kids' art - Wow! They are very talented!

Re: Garden Bench

How sweet is that?! LOVE it! Marie

Re: Canning WOOD be NICE !

I never cease to be amazed at the creative talent out there! These are really cool! Marie

Re: Pop Art Bracelet

These are really nice, I love them! Very creative idea!! Thanks for sharing! Marie

Re: Time for Junk!

I love these! I like making my own clocks too, and it's funny how after awhile, everything starts to look like a possibility! These are great!! Marie

Re: Your Picture Doesn't Sing

This is beautiful! Very unique, I love it! Marie

Re: Rag rug

Crocheting it up takes very little time, it goes very quickly because it's just one stitch over and over! I wanted mine tight so it's a single crochet, a double would make it much looser with larger holes. The time consuming part is sewing or tying all the strips together! I used a rotary cutter to cut scraps into about 1 to 1 1/2 in strips, then when I felt like it, I sat at my machine and quickly sewed the strips together. If not, I tied them with a simple knot and then when it was done, I went back and cut off all the little tails. I just worked on it when I was sitting watching TV or in waiting rooms at the dentist, etc. so I can't really say how long it took. I thought it went quickly. I will definitely try another one! Thanks for asking! Marie

Re: Bird Cage Desk Organizer

I have a couple of old cages in my workshop! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing! Marie

Re: Garden Window "Nest"

NICE! Love it! Marie

Re: 3 tiered cart makeover

What a steal is right! It looks fabulous now! Amazing what a little paint and sandpaper can do! I love it! Marie

Re: Antique Sale FUN!!

Your things are beautiful, and the way they are displayed - Wow! No wonder you did so well! Marie

Re: Before & After - Part 1

Great saves, I love them both! Marie

Re: Happy Mother's Day

Lucky, lucky mom! It's beautiful!!

Re: My first potting bench

This is SO cute, I love it! Nice work!! Marie

Re: Old Window redone with chalkboard and mirror

beautiful stuff! Welcome and can't wait to see more! Marie

Re: More jewelry from Pieces of the Past

These are beautiful, I have a feeling they will sell like crazy! I wish you the best of luck, not that I think you need it! Marie

Re: Meet the Cover Dog

I have 4 dogs of my own, which makes me a total sucker for a good "dog" story. I love this one...What a sweetheart Shadow is. Marie

Re: Junk Mama Birthday Gift for her Shabby Chic Daughter!

I bet she loved it! Very cute! Marie

Re: Hanging Planter

I love this, what a great little planter and conversation piece! Great idea!! Marie

Re: Vintage Vogue Frame

I love your vision, the way you stepped outside the box and did something fresh and different! Can't wait to see more! Marie

Re: Candlelight in a Box

I Like ths A LOT! I just picked up an old box for a dollar fifty at goodwill yesterday, this might be a good fit for it! It's fun to see your take on the idea from the book! Thanks! Marie

Re: record challenge - butterflies are free and so are records

Wow. Those are absolutely wonderful. I've never seen anything like it, amazing! Thank you so much for sharing, especially today! The flea market is rained out, I'm feeling like a disappointed little kid, and this was like a breath of fresh air! Thanks! Marie

Re: Making miracles

Aww, she's adorable too! Very cute!! Marie

Re: My latest "creation"! Am I still having fun, or am I just losing it?

NO definitely not creepy, she's fabulous! It's raining out here now or I would snap a picture of my "pot lady" on my back deck! I just know she and yours would be best of friends!! And, I just made a scare crow lady with my class at school for our 3rd grade garden and I think she'd fit right in too! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her! And isn't a SILENT partner really the best partner of all!! Who could ask for more!?! Marie

Re: Greetings from Project Land

Wow! That green chandelier is georgous! You have beautiful stuff, I'm sure you're going to amazingly well! I'll be sending you good luck wishes! Marie

Re: Shabby Chic Costume Jewerly Holders

These are so sweet! Marie

Re: Junk Chime

Very, very cute, I love it! Oh boy, I can't wait to see other people's junk chimes, what a great idea to share! I will take pictures of some of mine when I get home today! Is this place the best or what?? Marie

Re: My Texas-sized Junk Swap Package!

WOW! What a fabulous haul you made! It must have felt like Christmas! How fun is that!! Marie

Re: LP album trays

Perfect re use! I love it! Marie


Wow, beautiful stuff, now you'll be even busier!! Marie

Re: The French Flea Occassional Market Place

Georgous stuff, Wish I was there!! Marie

Re: typewriter key jewelry

I really LOVE these, but how sad will it be when the keys are all used up?! Marie!

Re: A junking weekend - on the road to Kentucky...(Part 2)

I loved you blog too! What a great group of junker pals you have, haow fun is that! Marie


Exquisite! I love them! Marie

Re: Got Me An "A" !

I love the "A", it definitely gets an A! I actually really LOVE the idea that we could kind of watch for things that we know someone might be looking for. It would be like having shopping buddies all across the country! There could be something BIG here!! I'm going to the huge Antique flea Market in Alameda, CA. this Sunday - Can't wait!! Anyone searching for a hard to find item?? Let me know!! Marie

Re: Garden Totems

They are cute! Hail in Texas and horrible wind here in California! But the pipe in the ground is a good idea, they might just stand up to the wind! I think they are wonderful! I have a couple similar in my yard but they are made of old pottery pieces stacked and glued! These catch the light beautifully I bet! Marie

Re: freebee's from a friend

Oooh goo-ness, what great stuff is that!! Just a little slice of heaven that it was all free! You're gonna have a ball! Marie

Re: Vintage Spoon Bud Vase

Very original idea, I love it! Thanks, I can't wait to try it! They would make great little party favor gifts for guests to take home. Marie

Re: Galvanized Flower Garden

Oh wow, I have the perfect place for this - MY yard! I LOVE it! Marie

Re: Victorian Kitties Sitting Pretty Footstool

This is amazing! Very beautifully done! Marie

Re: Shabby Cottage Plant Stand

Oooh, nice, I wouldn't change it a bit! I love it! Marie


These are so neat!I love them! These kinds of things just make a garden come alive! Thank you for sharing them with us! Marie

Re: Maxine :)

Junkmama, you have a welder hubby!? You lucky girl! I feel fortunate that my son welds, but he's 2 1/2 hrs. away! He's probably glad, because if he were closer, I'd be over there every day with a new project!!

Re: Contributors' Earth Day Challenge

I just can't wait to see the lamp Jim makes out of records! This should be WAY too good to miss!! Marie

Re: Cast Iron Stove Picture Frame

These are wonderful, what an amazing find they were. They are so beautifully ornate, but at the same time have that heavy rusted metal look that I love. I definitely have frame envy for sure! I LOVE these! Marie

Re: Business Card Holder

That phone is too wonderful! What a great re-use! Marie

Re: Vintage Desk - turned Shabby Chic

I love the calendar page you chose! I actually have a poster of it hanging on my wall at school! I guess great minds think alike! The desk turned out beautifully and I can't believe you got it for only 5 dollars! What a steal! Marie

Re: I LOVE My Junk Swap Partner!!!

This is SO cute! I love it! And, Judi, if you read this, yours will be mailed on Monday, I just finished packing it up! Can't wait for you to get it! Marie

Re: Dockboard table

Oh, I love this! Very cool!! Marie

Re: Vintage Tray Transformed

Beautiful! Love the changes you made! What a difference! Thanks for sharing! Marie


Too cute! I bet they'd like to meet Maxine in my front yard!! I think they may be related!! :) Marie

Re: Terracotta Moss Garden

Very pretty! Love spring when everything comes alive again! Thanks for sharing! Marie

Re: old barn door turned outside shower wall / hall tree

That's so neat that one faucet can actually be hooked up to water! How clever was that?? This is so original and very cool!

Re: Crib Notes On Weaving - Shhh, Don't Tell

Elegant looking! I love it!

Re: Outdoor Pot

I love this! It would be cute filled with chips for outside entertaining too. Very cute!

Re: Repurposed Footboard

Oh my gosh, that's beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Re: From Barnyard to my yard...

Wow Troy, I LOVE that idea! I have access to more, that would look really cool. Do you happen to have a picture of them?

Re: Heavy Table Makes a Mighty Statement

I just saw a manhole cover at my scrapyard too, but I had absolutely no way to get it home. :( I love yours, it's fabulous!

Re: Moasic server

Oooh, I really like this! Very pretty!

Re: old blue jean denim purse tote satchel

VERY cute! I lvoe anything made of denim!! Especially recycled! Marie

Re: Circle Silhouette from Wooden Spool and Goodwill Dress

Beautiful! I do these out of black paper every year for my class at open house time. It makes a wonderful keepsake for parents. Marie


Fun stuff! You will be busy for awhile, but it will be fun to see what beautiful stuff you come up with! Marie

Re: Great Crates

LOVE this as usual! The colors are great! I have a glass heart collection that I display similarly by putting them in the little boxes under the glass. Very cool. Marie

Re: On the road again...

Wow, wish I lived in Kentucky...You have beautiful stuff! Marie

Re: stirrup frame

Very cute, and the picture in the buckle is perfect, I love this! Marie

Re: Need a new candle holder?.......no trouble!

beautiful idea, I love it! Seems like it could also be turned upside down with the wire side up for a different look, maybe hanging. Very cute! Marie

Re: Beep

Very cute, I love the little fire truck!

Re: Turbin Lamp

The shade is so cool! I love all the lamps that everyone comes up with, it's so fun to see how all the creative minds work! Thanks for sharing! Marie

Re: Catch Me on The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda!

That's SO exciting! I'm off on Monday so I can't wait to watch!

Re: Fish Box Cat Bed

Too cute! Maybe one of these would keep my cat off my chair!!

Re: HAPPY EASTER! vintage bunnies & lots of them.

What a wonderful find! They are beautiful!

Re: "Vintage Redesign Take 2"

Beautiful! You are so talented! I loved the first one, and the second time around is even better! Wow!

Re: HERCULES POWER Mirror Project

What a fabulous find, and a beautiful transformation!

Re: a good day shopping :)

7 of them!! Wow, that's what I call a really great day's worth of shopping! Those are too cool!

Re: My Junk Lamp

Very cool!

Re: Upcycled Pillows etc.

I love them all, but expecially the striped bag! How fun is that! I finished a couple more myself, but sold some at a craft fair last weekend. Yours are really wonderful! Marie

Re: Faucet Knob Art Pieces

I know I already commented once, but honestly, the more I look at these, the more I LOVE them! They really are beautiful! Marie

Re: Upcycled Purses Redux

They're beautiful!

Re: Strange Cargo Returns.

Very cool, I love the hammers, that's pretty clever!

Re: Faucet Knob Art Pieces

Wow, these are awesome! They are absolutely wonderful to look at! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Re: junk necklace 1st. try

It's beautiful!

Re: No Empty Nest Blues for Me!!

Wow! You have a ton of cool stuff! What a great way to make sure he doesn't move back home! I did that too when my youngest moved out! :)

Re: Old Window Mirror

Wow! It's beautiful! Lucky you! What a great sister you have!!

Re: Shabby Chic Muffin Tin Trinket Holder

Very pretty! Mine hang on the wall with photos in them.

Re: Coffeebot



Beauty AND function! It's very cool!

Re: Utensil Holder - Old Heavy Lard Press

My first thought as well, was to wonder why anyone would have a need to press lard?! But it is definitely a wonderful old find, and certainly worth 4 dollars! It's cool!

Re: Bad Dog

OMG! As the owner of 4 dogs myself, I have seen those faces SO many times! My corgie is a habitual digger, and that sign is absolutely hilarious! It's perfect! What an adorable dog yours is!

Re: Repurpose Vintage Shakers to hold your Glitter!

Very pretty! Amazing what a little glitter will do!

Re: Mint Tin Frame

Cute! I'm going to Trader Joe's today! I love this!

Re: RAD-ical Lamp

I love it when I see one of your creations pop up on the site! This one is amazing as always! You definitely have bucket-ability!!

Re: What to do with iron table base and Chinese checker board?

This is cool! It WOULD look good illuminated! Nice work!

Re: A Vintage Decanter Lamp

I so agree with Alice! I never really minded being called "quirky", or having my junk style taste called "interesting" followed by an eye roll! But now that it's become trendy, I can do a little smirking myself! It's so nice to have a place to share ideas and have them be appreciated! Thanks! Marie

Re: Fake Garden Pillar

Cool! It looks great!

Re: Bookends from vintage molding

This is beautiful just the way it is! What a find, I love it!

Re: ...More salvaged fencing!

It looks great, I love it!

Re: Kim's master bedroom makeover

As you continue collecting, you'll have so much fun as it spreads from your bedroom out to the rest of your house! Have fun with it!

Re: My self-imposed junking intervention (aka organizing my basement workspace...)

It really is fun to see where everyone else creates. Makes me feel a lot more normal! I have a workshop outside for dirty work and a huge room inside for "clean" work. Not very organized because I always have a dozen things going on at once, but I know where everything is and I guess that's all that really matters!

Re: Yellow Primitive Dresser

I know that look! I get it on a regular basis! The dresser is awesome, that's all that matters!

Re: Upcycled Sweater Purses

Love these! :)

Re: Solig Lanterns made from Trash

Wow! they really do look like the old tupperware tumblers! Pretty clever and the price is certainly right!!

Re: Robot

I love this guy, He's too cute! My son and I are working on a junk sculpture. I collect and he's a welder. Can't wait to actually start putting it together! Thanks for sharing yours!

Re: Junky Clipboard Turned Handy Photo Holder

How sweet is that...

Re: Industrial Style Lamp

Wow, this is SO cool! At first glance, the steel looked like glass rods! Really unique!

Re: Potting table

Love this! It's beautiful!

Re: Feeling "all" Right - Coffee Table

Again, WOW! There's nothin else to say!

Re: Datebook Wall Art

Welcome, you'll love it here - and this looks wonderful!

Re: Door bench

What a beautiful bench, thanks for sharing your idea!

Re: Ready To WORK

Oh my gosh,I love you alien guy, he is so cute! If you're anything like me, it's good that you took that picture of your workbench all tidied up. I can't even remember when mine looked remotely presentable!

Re: Upcycled Wool Cuffs

Georgous, and what a ton of detail work! They are beautiful!

Re: Mp3 / Cell phone Cozy

LOVE these! I also made one for my cell phone and to keep credit cards and gift cards in so I always know where they are! And of course my sunglasses needed one, and everyone I know's sunglasses...and every denim shirt I own has been felted...It truly is an addiction!Yours are just too cute!

Re: I feel like felting...

I've been loving your stuff pennyheaven, it's amazing! And I agree, it's an addiction! I can spot a wool sweater from the door of a goodwill store, and have to fight to keep from running to grab it! Sad, but true...

Re: FLEA BAG!!!!!!

It's definitely going to add a little class to any flea market! It's beautiful!

Re: Easy project for a fun planter

HA!! I love your description: "The thingys for playing that yard game where you fling wiffle balls!" Hilarious! It's too cute, whatever it is! Thanks for making me laugh!

Re: Project Leftovers Put to Good Use

That looks great! Very clever idea!

Re: Viking Cowboy and Sailor Joe Lock People

Oh, oh, oh, I LOVE these guys! You are brilliantly talented!

Re: Putting a Little Light on the Subject

Wow! It's fantastic! I love The red/orange color, the shape, everything about it! What a great find and an even greater end product! Just amazing!

Re: "Purse"analities!

I've seen these before but didn't know how to make them. Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to try it! Yours are beautiful!

Re: It's all about the wine...

Very, very cute! I love it!

Re: It's a Reel Lamp

Amazing, I really, really love it!

Re: Ready to Welcome Ya'll to Texas - A Rough Rider for Raffle

This is just too cute! What a blast this must have been to make, I love it!

Re: My Painted Furniture

Wow. Beautiful!

Re: Ice Tongs Paper Towel Holder

I LOVE it! I have a TP holder much like it! It's wonderful!

Re: Tiny Pink Teacup Tulle Tree

this is just too cute! I love it!

Re: Industrial Lamp Turned Display

Cute! I have an old dock light similar to this! What a great idea to fill it with "stuff"!

Re: Just great grates!

These are beautiful! I just finished digging through a junk pile on a friend's farm and this gives me inspiration for some of my finds!