High Point, North Carolina

I love windows! I chase window replacement guys so I can work them into ART!

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...with a Junk Junk here & a Junk Junk there

Does collecting Junk make me a Junkie? To junk or not to junk? That is the question - and of course only has one correct answer....YES! Oh, and please forgive all the weeds.  We've had so...

My Kind of Aquarium!

Another salvaged window.  This one must have been from a bathroom or something because it is small and had no cross pieces.  It's one pane of glass.  The glass is from the scrap bin...

Kiss Me Frog.... or Else!

I had been holding onto this frog head for a real long time. A local gift shop was pitching it because it was broken.  I knew immediately that I wanted to frame it.  I used my recycled...

Recycled Window

This is one of many windows that I've done. It is a recycled window that I got from the side of the road, some scraps of glass from a Church window company and lots of shards of glass, glass...

Crib Conversion

Having a toddler with no fenced yard is a nightmare! When her crib got recalled (yes I know you aren't supposed to resuse it...) I couldn't see sending it to the dump. So with some extra 1x4s, screws...

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Re: Jack O' Lanterns made from metal paint cans

Way cool.

Re: Fancy Headboard

Way cool! I want one too!

Re: ...with a Junk Junk here & a Junk Junk there

Oh how sad looking at my beautiful tree! We got hit with a tornado this Sunday in High Point, North Carolina - and this tree is now in a pile (massive pile) at the curb along with everyone elses trees, siding, roof tiles, etc. This picture is definitely much nicer than it looks now. Now it is a mud pit with a tree stump. :(

Re: Recycled Window

OKFarm: Very carefully!

Re: Interactive Kids' Art Project

Way cool. Something to add to my Garage Sale search list!

Re: My Kind of Aquarium!

Renwoman: No pattern! I mostly cut and place the pieces. Sometimes I just keep moving glass around until I like the way it looks. I usually have an idea in my head and might sketch it out - it never looks like my sketch though! Thanks for loving it! This site is awesome for boosting egos! Wahoo! Thanks JunkMarketStyle (Thumbs up & a cheesy grin!)

Re: Recycled Window

KATHY H: You are definitely NOT out of your league! You are among such a variety of Junkers! All types and levels. Thanks for the compliment! Welcome to JunkMarket! You'll love it here. Do stay awhile!

Re: Bad Dog

I love picture #1 so much, I now have it as my desktop screen on my computer.Thanks Swiper! Naughty dog!

Re: Junkin' is the "SPICE" of life!

That came out really cool! I would have never thought of that, glad you did, cause it's awesome.

Re: Ladder-Planter

I love this one! I've been trying to find a ladder like it, and ya seems people are holding on to thier junk a whole lot longer these days! I look forward to snagging a ladder so I can do the same. Thanks for the inspiration! Great job.

Re: My Kind of Aquarium!

Thanks for the praise, it is much appreciated!

Re: What to get for the junker who has (almost) everything??? It's a "challenge" that's for sure!

Oooh, I see a Tin Man in the works!

Re: Kiss Me Frog.... or Else!

Thank you! I love my frog too! Now if only I could find a Prince!

Re: My Kind of Aquarium!

I plan on uploading a better version of this photo. One with light behind it~kp

Re: Sing your song for windows restored

I love the chubby little bird! Tweet Tweet!

Re: Recycled Window

Thank you so very much for loving this piece! I am honored to be the featured member. Thank you, and I too, look forward to posting more projects here. I LOVE JMS!
Kristi aka New2NC69

Re: Problem solved

Clever, clever, clever! I think I will try this too!

Re: Crib Conversion

I give credit to this idea to my MOM! Hands down one of the best ideas at our house!

Re: Recycled Window

Elizaleigh: Thanks for the tip. I submitted my window on the Greenwala site. Thanks!

Re: Recycled Window

Lovecrafting: it is as grouted piece. Each piece is layed down individually! Painstakingly so!

Re: Recycled Window

I am obsessed with this website. Honestly, I'm not even sure how I stumbled upon it. But, boy am I glad I did! Thanks for the comments.

Re: Door Becomes Twin Headboard

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Awesome job! And I agree, this would be mucho expensive if you bought it in a boutique! Brilliant....& inspiring.

Re: Avocado Green ... NO MORE!

Very nice! I love what you've done. It's a masterpiece!