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Re: Repurposed WWII Military First Aid Storage Suitcase Table w/ Sewing Machine Base & Yardsticks

Very niuce vintage! And the red legs of the treadle really makes the storage box stand out. Just a little curious why you would put a box on a stand though. You wouldn't be able to use it as a table top if the items inside need to be accessible.

Re: Upcycled Custom Green Storage Trunk Hairpin Leg Table

Now that is some vibrancy! Definitely a storage unit that would stand out in any room that it was put in. I'd definitely think twice about the colour myself, but after looking at it for a while, it reallya does kind of grow on you!

Re: Repurposed Vintage Red Locker Storage Bench

This storage bench has me very very confused! It's a locked, but there are chair backings, but hey! It opens up and there's storage space underneath it too. Totally mind-blasted!

Re: Repurposed Red Wagon & Singer Sewing Machine Base Storage Table

Now if that isn't a truly vintage looking piece of storage then I don't know what is! It's rather interesting how the different components come together though and it's definitely a one of a kind design!

Re: Repurposed Vintage Sewing Machine Cabinet for Storage

That's a bright colour isn't it! What happened to the sewing machine that was put into storage within the cupboard? Would also have been good to see what it would have looked like before the paint coat went on; if it wasn't too dinged up, sometimes the original paint and finishing could have made a really nice statement.

Re: Antique Wicker Trunk Storage Chest Basket

This is one of the more unique storage cases that I've seen but I find that wicker and woven pieces just aren't as robust and sturdy as they need to be if you're going to use them as functional pieces aside from decoration. Besides that, it realy is quite pretty, so I hope you find a good use for it! Cheers!