Amy N Withers, Kennewick, WA, US

Im a Junker by nature! But my love to repurpose items, and coffee, came from my Papa (Grandfather). He had an old red shed that was filled with every tool imaginable, and as a child I would sit and watch him refinish furniture, or repurpose something he dragged home from the junk yard. He handed me my first drill when I was 5 years old! And well as they say, the rest is history! I have been drilling holes in everything I can get my hands on ever since!
After years of running hotels, and now running a non-profit organization, I find myself wanting to get creative again. Now that my son is in school full time, I started dragging out the drill again! This time, I have a few more toys to go with it now that I am a bit older. But to this day, I dont pick up a tool without thinking of all the wise words my Papa used to say to me as a child. Always make it something someone else wishes they had! And Always make it beautiful for yourself!
My Papa is 92 years old now, and still going strong! He still is always fixing and repurposing stuff that he drags home from the junk yard!

I started a blog last year...so bare with me as it along with everything in my life is a work in progress! http://junquechic5.blogspot.com

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Birthday: 01/11/1977

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Sailor's Coffee Table

My youngest brother has been on deployment twice in the last 4 years, and just recently came home and moved off of base!  He told me he needed some furniture...especially a coffee table...

Night Stand Renewed!

A freebee from my brother...renewed in a Eruopean Chic

Chorkie to Chalk Board

I picked up this giant Chorkie (our family is all about about Chorkies which are a Chihuahua and Yorkie mix dog) pic at a local thrift store.  I loved the design...and it was one solid wood...

1940's End Table Redo

I loved the look of this 1940's Art Deco End Table Night Stand.  I painted her red, than black and sanded down to the red to give it a unique look!  I painted the drawer pulls to look like...

High Chair

I have had this old oak high chair minus the tray in my garage for several years.  The plan was to use it for my own baby someday.  Well since that never happened, I felt it needed to find...

Little Red Rosie

Another thrift store find!  I wanted to keep that country look, so I painted her red and hand painted the rose damask image on the top and center piece!  One of my favorite pieces...went to...

Old 70's Wicker is made New Again

One of my favorite redo's...  A couple cans of spray paint, new fabric on the cushion and a Fresh New Look!

Old Plastic Mirror

I purchased this old plastic wood look mirror and gave it new life and a new home!

Simon Barker's New Bed

Simon Barker is the newest member of our little family.  He is a 15lbs little dude who thinks he is a Rottwieler when in fact he is a Chiweenie (Chihuahua, Wierner Dog Mix).  He has brought...

Auntie's Dining Table

I actually enjoyed working on the table much more than the chairs.  I painted the base Behr's Seven Sea's blue after 2 coats of primer, distressed it with a coat of hickory gel stain, to give it...

Auntie's Dining Chairs

I was asked by my Aunt to paint her old dining room table set, that she got from my cousin.  6 White chairs later...I swear I will never paint something white again!

Old Plastic Gold is RENEWED

I picked up this fun but ugly old plastic gold mirror.  I was was really torn on whether I should keep it a mirror or make it a chalkboard.  So I decided to do both!  I primed the back...

Sun Yellow!

I painted this old wooden shelf many years ago...and decided recently that it needed to be freshened up a bit.  I wanted to make it bright...so I picked Rust-Oleums Sun Yellow...and So glad I...

Readable Orange Picture Frame

A friend gave me this painting of a mountain, that clearly has seen better days.  I loved the frame though, and knew I could do something incredible with it!  I painted the frame a bright...

Reclaimed Wood to Sunshine Yellow Child's Bench Rocker

A child's sized rocker bench made from reclaimed lumber...now the perfect prop for a professional photographer!

Dictionary End Table

I picked up this old end table at a local thrift shop over a year ago.  The top was in pretty bad shape, and I didn't feel like sanding it down...so I covered it instead with dictionary paper...

New Candle Holder

I had this old brass lamp base that I never knew what to do with.  Than I picked up this giant votive sconce...and glued them together...and viola...a new candle holder!  

Weathers Chairs to Purple Friends

A dear friend of mine had a nasty fire in her home this past Dec.  Few things were saved, and so I considered myself blessed when she brought me these 2 little chairs to redo.  They had...

Tacky Plastic to Dynamic Red!

I found this tacky plastic framed old HOMCO pic at a junk shop and knew I could give it a new life!   I painted the frame 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of RED, and a coat of black glaze. nbspI...

Brass Lamp to Purple Urn

So I got creative and grabbed an old brass lamp and dismantled it.  I then attached an old brass hanging basket, by simply drilling a hole and bolting it to the lamp.  I mounted a plastic...

Grandma's Chairs

Grandparents finally cleaned out the garage...so that meant all the furniture came to me!  Oh joy!  My dad brought me 4 of these rosewood rose back dining chairs...three are salvageable the...

Gifts made by my 10 yr old

My 10 year old little boy asked that I share his project with you all! He wanted to make gifts for his teachers, our favorite neighbor lady, and Grammy (my mom) this year...so I told him to have at...

Keep Calm Cupboard Doors

I have seen these Keep Calm signs all over the internet and LOVED them!  So I decided to try my hand at a few for Christmas Gifts.I am a stock piler from way back, and have a collection of solid...


My friend brought me this end table and asked that I make another kichenette out of it for her 3 year old little girl.  Her husband couldn't believe that it was the same night stand he had had...


My mom brought me this cradle to paint.  3 coats of red, 2 coats of custom pink on everything BUT the 18 spindles...some white stencils...cute cushion...and done!I will never handpaint spindles...

Grandpa's Homemade Toy Box

When my generation of grandchildren were in our elementary ages...my Grandpa made each of us a small toy box.  My Grandma painted our names on each of these little boxes.  Mine is buried in...

Brothers Christmas Present

My little brother a Navy Seabee, just returned from Afghanistan this year!  As a proud big sister, I try to help him as often as I can.  We were talking the other day and I asked him what...

Boring to Beautiful

I bought three chairs in this style knowing I would paint them differently.  I finished the fist one...in green!  A little prymer and two tones of green (same colors as my plant stand and...

Revitalized Plant Stand

I fell in love with this little plant stand at a junk shop for $5.  I knew it could be really cute repainted.  So I painted it my fav candy apple green and highlighted it with a cute...

Leather Top End Table

I bought this table for a steal at a local Value Village...knowing I could make this ugly duckling a beautiful swan again!  I cleaned it, repaired the giant hole in the back (not pictured...

Distressed End Table

I bought this funky old table with a plastic base for $3 at a junk shop.  I really didn't know what I was going to do with it at first.  So I scrubbed it clean and primed the entire piece...

Refunked Cabinet

I picked up this old cabinet for $13 at a junk shop.  I primed it and painted it RED!  I then gave it a coat of black glaze and accented the design in black.  I painted the interior...

Gross Old End Table

What once was a hideous plastic and particle board night stand or end table is now beautiful once again!

Art Deco Junk to Junque Chic

Another salvage from my parents garage.

Trash to Chic

This night stand was given to me so that I could make it beautiful again!  After removing all the hardware, including the fake nail heads on the sides.  I primed the entire piece do to the...

Sparkle Mirror/Memo Board

I picked up this mirror at a local thrift shop.  It was painted gold for who know's what reason...not it's original color!  I painted it black and taped off the base and painted the accents...

Mexican Tile Plant Stand

My mom picked up this table for me at a yard sale.  It was coated in what I could only guess was cat urine UCK!  I used TSP and scrubbed the heck out of it!  Primed it, and painted it...

Pink turns Green with Envy

Ok, after much debate...and the fact that I will never have a little girl to give this too...I decided to paint the mirror green!  I love the new look and am sad that it sold before it was...

Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

I bought this old wood and laminate frame at a junk shop a few years ago to use in my sons bathroom.  I didn't like how it looked in there so into the closet it went, were it remained for years...

Drum Table Redone

I found this ugly old Duncan Phyfe Knock Off Drum Table in a womens bathroom at an antique store last year.  After digging it out of the garage this month, I gave it two coats of primer...

Grandpa's Ugly Old End Table

I took an old wonky end table that my grandfather made in high school from scrap lumber.  This was nothing special, my grandma was going to throw it out.  So it went to my house...as usual...

Ugly Old Lamp to Beautiful Garden Urn

I have two of the ugly old lamps, I got them for $7 total.  I took one apart and attached a wooden finial that I bought at Hobby Lobby.  I then primed it in black.  After that I added...

Toy High Chair

I took this ugly toy high chair that I have had in the garage and went to town on it!  I sanded the heck out of it, as it was really bad.  I tightened all the screws, so it wasn't wobbeling...

Great Grandma's Chair to Mom's Chair!

Mom brought me another old chair that has been in our family forever!  I think it was a side chair from my Great Grandma's Dining Set.  It is the chair that we used to use as a painting...

End Table Repurposed

I repurposed an old end table into a little Kitchenette for my little cousin.  

Old Family Farm Drop Leaf Table Turned Into Wall Art

I took an old family drop leaf farm table that was litteraly falling apart and turned it into some nice and motivational wall art!  Total cost was $2.99 for the hook to hang it up!

Ugly Plastic Pot Redo

I needed a change but couldn't afford the flower pots I wanted...so I took what I had and spiced it up a bit!  3 Krylon Fusion for Plastics and viola! $20 total for 2 complete flower pot...

Engine Crate turned Planter Box!

  My dad gives me these great engine crates to make planter boxes out of.  I made a black one last year with lattice...so be sure to check out my other posts.  But this year I needed...

.99 Thrift Store End Table Re-Do!

I bought this table a while back at a local thrift store for only .99, a price that no one can beat!  After waiting and waiting and waiting for the weather to become more agreable to paint...

Bread Dough Attachments

So I was perusing through one of my favorite junk stores the other day, when I saw these cool shaped bread dough attachments. I picked one up and had a great idea to use it as a mini topiary form for...

Bar Doors Revamp

I bought these ugly (gross and grime covered) bar doors from the Habitat for Humanity Restore for $35.  I normally don't spend that much on anything, but I had a vision for these!  After I...

Cupcake Stand Part II

Finally found the picture of the stand I made my cousin, after she fell in love with the one I made for her baby shower.  She is much more modern in style than me, so when I came across these...

Cupcake Stand

I had been wanting to buy a double cupcake stand for the past few months.  But they are always so expensive...and well this girl just can't justify spending more than $5 for any type of dish...

Oh where, Oh where, to hang my Christmas Cards

I took an old ugly brown plastic frame that I bought at a yardsale for $2.  I spray painted it my favorite color green.  I was going to go and buy some chicken wire to put inside, but after...

Revamped Vanity Light

Ok...I have had this ugly old brass (look) vanity light that I took out of my bathroom a few years back.  I never knew what to do with it, until now!  After dismantling it, and removing the...

Halloween Image Collage

A bit delayed, but that is due to www.facebook.com/projectwoundedwarrior After seeing a few Halloween Collages floating around the blog world for Halloween, I thought I would try my hand at my own. I...

Fish Chair

I picked up this old wooden chair many years ago, to use as a paint chair.  It is very solid and sturdy, and had about 30 different colors of paint spots on it from over the years.  About a...

My $4 Urn Redo

Yes you read that right!  Only $4 for a beautiful ceramic urn with a cast iron obelisk! I started out with this sad looking fake ivy topiary in a wooden planter box, that I got for .99 at the...

Bedroom Ceiling Fan Redo

For those who haven't seen my other ceiling fan post...Here is my story. My husband refuses to let me replace my 2 identical standard ugly white with yellow brass ceiling fans.  He says they...

**Revised** Celing Fan Redo

My hubby refuses to let me get new ceiling fans, he says there is nothing wrong with ours!  Well they are disgusting white!  So after 7 years, I decided to take matters in my own...

Bird Feeder Finished

Check out the original post... Looks great and will be an adorable addition to our little garden!

New Old Pics of our Secret Garden

I started this garden with my son, to teach him about repurposing, and recycling.  All items in the garden we obtained for little to NO money!  This is the 3rd year for...

Coat Hanger Topiary

I wanted to make some Ivy Topiaries this year.  So I spent a serious amount of time pricing frames.  Ouch! Those buggers are expensive!  So I decided to make my own...out of coat...

(Revised)Bird Feeder/Bath

***Revised design!  I found that I had some masonary bits for my drill...so I used them!  And redesigned the birdfeeder.  A little silicon epoxy and it's sealed for a lifetimenbsp...

Garden Gnomes

I had bought these little Gnomes last year in a set of 3 at Harbor Freight for $2.98.  Silly coupon price...but works for me!  I always felt they were a bit to tacky for my taste, poorly...

Ye Antique Gun Nut

My Uncle once told me about a sign that my Grandfather had.  He stated that he wished he could find a sign like it for his Gun Room, as he collects antique Muzzle Loaders.  But no one in...

Color in the Corner of the Garden

I decided the corner of the garden needed more color...as it is my 9 year old son's favorite spot to go and sit and read, and enjoy his flowers he planted.  So I took some very old fence boards...

Water Fountain

What was once a boring and bland grey water fountain, that was lost against my blue/grey house...is now an uniquely colorful water fountain, that now stand out in my front entry garden.

Old WoodenBookshlef

This was my dads old bookshelf that he had as a child.  He allowed my 2 little brothers to have it in their room for years, and it got destroyed.  They had pet rats who ate chucks out of...

Hubby's Extra Large Spice Cabinet

My Hubby is the cook in our family.  He especially LOVES to smoke meat on his Traeger, year round.  He has been complaining for years about our spice cabinets, and how he can never find...

Hanging Flower Baskets

I took a dual light lamp swag apart and made it into a beautiful, and ornate, Flower Basket Holder.

Garden Potting Bench

A $5 wood door from Habitat for HumanityA $5 wooden cabinet found on CraigslistFree Sample quart of Glidden PaintScrap WoodOld Wooden Table that was repurposedMisc. Hardware I had onhand

Giant Planter Box

My dad is a long time employee for CASE Tractors.  This is an engine crate that was about to be discarded to the burn pile.  My little brother saw it...and knew it was for me!  So he...

Secret Garden

My son and I started this little garden on the side of our home.  We call it our Secret Garden, as it can't be seen unless you are looking right at it.  We are using only free, recycled...

Recent comments

Re: Organizing Photos...The Junk Market Style Way

Be still my heart! I Love these! Thanks for the incredible portfolio inspiration!

Re: Keep Calm Cupboard Doors

Gamecockchic~ Copy away! Let me know when you do, as I would love to post your take on it, on my blog http://junquechic5.blogspot.com/
Feel free to email me anytime at amynwithers@tmwdesign.com

Re: Gifts made by my 10 yr old

Aww...all your comments brought me to tears! He is a wonderful boy, with such a generous, and loving heart! I am a blessed mom!

Re: Canadian Maple Leaf Dresser

It is darling! I need to do something like this for my Grandma who is from Canada originally...she would get such a kick out of it! Thanks for the inspiration!

Re: Can you find the paint stirrers?

Love this!

Re: I just couldn't help myself...

It turned out awesome! I am so flattered! I posted about it on my fb fan site...check it out https://www.facebook.com/JunqueChic5
Thanks for sharing!

Re: Bridge in the backyard.

Love this idea! Perfect for our little secret garden on the side of the house! Thanks for posting!

Re: Cherries Jubilee

What an adorable project! This would make the perfect tea party set for my niece! She is our Cherry Girl!

Re: A gutsy wheelbarrow coffee table

I LOVE it! Great idea! I could totally see this on my patio in my garden!

Re: Round wood table

It's adorable! I <3 this piece! I am glad you kept it simple and clean! No muss no fuss is my motto!

Re: green end table

Was there a purpose for the block of wood on the front, or is it merely decorative? I love the new color scheme...but than again I am a sucker for most anything green!

Re: Gross Old End Table

It was a simple process. I primed it first. I then painted it 4 coats of burnt orange. After a coat of tobacco glaze I sealed it all with Valspar Clear Coat. This sold with in an hour. I loved this piece a lot and so did my 10 year son!

Re: Light bar turned candle holder

I posted this last year...perfect for christmas decorations! Love these! So creative!

Re: Shutter makeover


Re: Printing on tissue paper

I love these! I am so going to be using this on my next project! Thanks for the inspiration!

Re: doors ,any ideas for me?

Sides for a Bookshelf! I LOVE these!!!!!

Re: Ugly Old Lamp to Beautiful Garden Urn

It turned out so much better then I had planned! My mom loves it so much...it will be a nice addition to her new room decor...I think it will be a Christmas Gift this year!

Re: Grandpa's Ugly Old End Table

It was a fun piece. It sold with in 20 mins of listing it on Craigslist...crazy! Someone else can now enjoy Grandpa's Wonky End Table!

Re: Drum Table Redone

One of the joys of having the worlds smallest bladder...I get to tour the women's bathrooms in nearly every place I go! This one paid off for sure! I love this piece and am happy the hubby does too! He doesn't know it yet, but it will soon be his end table next to his "OOGLY" Easy Chair my 10 year son won for him on Father's Day! Anything to make that chair look better.

Re: Footlocker Facelift

I soooo want this to make into an ammo looking box for my son's room...all his nerf guns would fit perfectly! Thanks for the inspiration!

Re: Very distressed Chest of drawers minus 1!

I'm with Jim! It is the perfect piece for any room of the house!

Re: End Table Repurposed

Yeah, I completely understand the boy thing. My 10 year old was itching to play with it...but it's pink and he's 10...and well he couldn't face his friends if he did! LOL! I wish I had thought to do these years ago, I so would have made a boy one...maybe a bbq grill like his Da's!
My cousin is 6 but she has an infant brother, so it might have to be modified at a later date.

Re: Old Door Arbor

Inspires me to finish mine! If only the weather will cooperate!

Re: Iris

Very cute!

Re: Upcycled Closet Door Panels

I have 6 of these old closet panel doors...I had planned to do the same type of thing...thanks for posting pics! I am excited to get working on mine now!

Re: 6' Black Buffet with 54 Oldsmobile Painting and Parts

I LOVE This! My hubby had a 57' Chevy all through high school...now I have a fantastic idea for a TV console for his Man Room! Can't wait to see finished pics!

Re: Lamp Turned Table

Ok, so I am so excited about this I got a little comment heavy there! Sorry!

Re: Lamp Turned Table

I Love Love Love Love this! I have been wanting a pedestal base for my round dining table for some time now! Now I can get one without having to buy a new table! Thank You! It's awesome!

Re: Lamp Turned Table

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! I have been wanting a pedestal to replace my table base forever! Now I know how to get one, without having to get a new table, since I have a round top already! So awesome!

Re: Bedroom Ceiling Fan Redo

Thank you everyone! I had fun making these ugly things beautiful! I never expected them to turn out as good as they did! I am thinking I of buying some ugly used fans and redoing them...and maybe reselling them to finance my junking habbit! LOL! Who know's?

Re: **Revised** Celing Fan Redo

artteachergirl - That blog was actually what inspired me to make the change! So funny!

The second fan is done, I just need to get it rehung. I changed the glass globes on the livingroom fan again. I really didn't care for the clear glass, so I headed back to Habitat for Humanity (my fav store!) and found some cute frosted glass globes. I found 5, and need 6...so I am on the look out for one more!

Re: Whisk-y Bugs

Oh my goodness, these would be perfect for my little garden! My son would get a kick out of making these!

Re: Index Card Holder

What a great idea for a gift box that could be reused! I see these for near to nothing at junk shops and yard sales! Thanks for the inspiration!

Re: The Sunshine Chair

I love it! The colors are eclectic and fun! What a fantastic idea...now I have a plan for my son's wooden desk chair!

Re: Need ideas for this wood column I found in trash?

I would turn it into a bird feeder/flower basket stand. I would plant some bird attracting flowers in a hanging basktet, and hang them at different levels along with a couple of bird feeders. It would look great just outside a window for the whole family to see. I would put the base of the pole in a large pot/container...cement it in place. And fill the remainder of the pot with more flowers. It's just a thought.