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Re: Vintage Soda Bottle "Christmas Tree"

OMG!!! I Loooooove your beautiful tree. Merry Christmas Jim!

Re: One of My Best Finds Ever! The Original 1940s Building Permit for My Home

It was just waiting for you to find it for all these years! The frame and the way it pivots is wonderful. I love how you research the detailing of all your projects and then create a piece that looks like it was always meant to be. Jim, you could not come up with a more appropriate frame for such a important document. Bravo my friend!
Have a wonderful and creative 2017...I know YOU will.

Re: Antique Ladder "Christmas Tree"

Fantastic creation, Jim!!! I love how the theme is carried through each detail on your tree. It's totally unique and wonderful.
Merry Christmas!

Re: Garden Shed Shelf

Jim, I LOVE the design of your shelf and that beautiful sun-baked finish. The room is fabulous too! Congratulations on your wonderful article in Prairie Style Magazine!

Re: Balloon Inflator Lamp

Jim, what I love about your lamps is the parts you use compliment each other. They all come from the same era, as with this one. Such a fun lamp!

Re: Industrial Table [WRECKAGE]

YES...this is industrial! The top is fantastic and your distressing of the base is remarkable. There's a spot in my bedroom where it would fit perfectly if you ever decide you don't have room for it anymore...haha. I Loooove it, Jim

Re: Family Banner

I love it! It's sooooo beautiful.

Re: Happy New Year!

I'm in love with this serving tray. Happy New Year, Jim!!!

Re: Smile and the World Smiles With You...But DON'T PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH!

I Love it!

Re: Recycled DIY Christmas Decoration - Paper Ball

Thanks you for the instructions. It's such a fun idea.

Re: ~Christmas Mantel

Jim, tell your friend the mantel looks absolutely beautiful! I love the mirror too. AMAZING!!!

Re: Country/Rustic Red Wooden Dresser

What a cute dresser. I love the old crates!

Re: The Re-Wrecking of One of My Previously Wrecked Armoires

I'm not sure what else I can add after all the wonderful things the ladies said below. But I will anyway. First, the before and after photos simply blow me away! It is so fantastic that you are able to totally change the appearance of a piece as your taste change. Wish I had the gift to do that. Second, the color is to die for! This is the work of not only a craftsman, but an accomplished artist as well.


Re: Junky-stemmed Pumpkins

So inspiring! I only wish I had seen this in early October.


Re: Vintage School Map

Jim, I LOVE what you created at the top and bottom. The black is perfect and really highlights the colors in the map. I collect vintage school maps, science charts, etc. Would you be willing to build a few for me? I will send you several photos of what I have.
Great work, Jim!!!

Re: Smile and the World Smiles With You...But DON'T PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH!

Wild, beautiful, AMAZING!!!

Re: Starrett Micrometer Mirrors...What?

They're so unique and so you! I love the simplicity and industrial vibe. All your projects show an enormous amount of thought and attention to detail. It's obvious that design is your life and the reason you decided to become an architect. What intrigues me most are glimpses of your home...so cozy. I've looked through your entire list of creations and a book should be your next endeavor.

Re: Easy peasy baby collage

The pieces are so much fun together.

Re: Jewel candy for your house plants

They're all just so darn cute!

Re: "all" Bucket Floor Lamp

I love your imagination. It's your attention to detail that make the pieces you create stand out. Another fantastic lamp, Jim!

Re: Old Wooden Shoe Forms and Stretchers

Jim, it cannot be said enough that YOUR interpretation of historic design rivals the real thing. I keep staring at this assemblage and it transports me back 100 years in time. It is obvious that your creations come from your love of building and each share a piece of your soul.


Re: Tepee Lamp

I love this lamp, Jim! As Geneen said, it is a perfect rendition of the vintage lodge/camp style. But the most amazing thing is that it looks more authentic than the real thing...WOW!

Re: Primitive decorative iron converted to a pedestal.

I love the idea!!!

Re: Drink Up! CrAzY Bottle Collection

What a great bottle collection. And the display is beyond words. You certainly have an eye for photography too. I love it all, Jim.

Re: Old Saw New Look

Old saw, great new look!

Re: Oil Pan Mirror

I'm really lovin' that doubled-up mirror!

Re: Keep Yer Mitts ... ON!

Oh so cute and simple.

Re: Pillow Revamp

Beautiful fabrics!

Re: Vintage Leather Suitcase

Now that's' a man's nightstand. Rugged and oh so vintage.

Re: Cottage Style Mirror

Jim, this is one of the most beautiful mirrors I've ever seen!
I adore the paint finish.

Re: Boot Junk

Cute as can be.

Re: Puppet Theater

If I didn't already know that you are capable of creating new pieces that REALLY do look old I would have to say this piece was from the 1920s. I have never seen such a fantastic reproduction!!! Keep inspiring us, Mr. Healy.

Re: Chest of Drawers Makeover

You would never guess it's the same piece! It turned out beautiful.

Re: Don't be Chicken - Nightlight

Truly the most innovate use of a chicken feeder ever. I LOVE it!

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

OK...this is the MOST amazing piece I have ever seen! I would LOOOOVE to have this in MY kitchen. Your antiquing process is too fantastic for words. Beautiful work, Jim.

Re: Recycled wooden Christmas trees

It is just too darn cute!

Re: The Lady is a Vamp!

It is just so creepy and spectacular!

Re: Antique Corbel Lamp

As Sue said in her Newsletter, you are the "King of Lamps"!

Re: Resurrecting the Past ~ Scaffolding Plank Table

My OH My, Mr. Jim Healy! The idea of combining two related but so totally different pieces is a masterpiece of ingenuity. And...I love your pumpkin!

Re: "Soilax Bucket" Tool Box Lamp

What a fantastic lamp! Your implementation of the concept is outstanding.

Re: Vintage Curio Cabinet

Beautiful work, Jim. You are the master of antique finishes and if you ever teach a class I'll be the first in line.

Re: Cooler Flower Bed

Love...love...love! So simple and beautiful.

Re: My Whimsical Wonderland

I'm so impressed with your artistry! The little Santa is adorable.

Merry Christmas!

Re: Toast the Holidays with a Ball Jar Goblet

It looks like you're all set for the holidays! I love it all.

Re: Deck the Halls with Ball Jars of Holly

Wow Jim! This is the one of the most gorgeous Christmas displays I have ever seen. The photos are Christmas card worthy ...bravo!!!



It's crazy but I love your famous workbench top!
Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mr. Junk Architect.

Re: Hanging out in the Kitchen

I love your idea of using an old hanger...simple and practical. Those recipes should also call for a difibalator at the dinner table. Lord, the combination of ingredients people used in the 1950's were hysterical! You need your own show, Buddy Boy!

Re: Corbel Wall Sconce Lamp

I am really lovin' this piece, Jimmy!


Re: Vintage Tin Planter

I love the idea. I'll be looking for old tins NOW!

Re: Industrial Funnel Lamp

This is my favorite lamp ever. It's so industrial looking and at the same time highly refined. Love how your mind works.


Re: My "Junk Swap" box of Goodies!

Love it all! I can't wait to see what your imagination does with this bunch of junk.


Re: ~Happy Valentine's Day

What a romantic and beautiful way to save memories.
Jim, you've done it again.


Re: Collecting Memories Album

What an incredible grouping of sentimental objects. I hope you're making a living with your talents!


Re: ~Christmas Jewelry~

So cool...so vintage! I absolutely love the concept.
Merry Christmas, Jim.


Re: Vintage Wallpaper Display Repurposed into a Mirror

I adore this frame. What fantastic colors and vintage graphics. I want it!!


Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

Wow...!!! It really is a masterpiece, Mr. Healy!


Re: Happy Memorial Day

What a great flag and tribute.


Re: Photo Album for Baby

I love your assemblage...just precious!


Re: Photo holder from reclaimed wood

Love the idea!

Re: Industrial Foundry Pattern Mirror

Such a magnificent foundry mold. You did it again, Jim.


Re: a change to old metal address house numbers

I love the idea!

Re: Junkin' Sacks made from Recycled Blue Jeans & Leftover Fabrics

I love it...very cute.


Re: Architectural Wreckage Lamp

This is my favorite lamp on Junk Market! Splendid job Mr. Healy!


Re: Stop the Draft!

I'm very interested in one of these, it turned out beautiful. Do you have a website?