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my favorite thing to do is find a treasure in the unlikeliest of places. give me a dark, dank shed full of stuff and i'm in heaven! we own a 1969 rambler and my goal is to turn it into something full of character and junktiques play a big role in that. did i mention we also don't spend a ton of money on things? it's because we like to think of what that rusty old something or another we've found will be able to do in our home with a little bit of tweaking.
we also have a couple of acres that we have totally redone, mostly with found goods. we host an annual show here in september where we bring in handmade artists and antiques for a truly fantastic day! you can find me blogging about junkin treasures and all the things of life at madysunshine.blogspot.com or on my website at madysunshine.com! come on over for a visit...

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Chicken Coop

I really wanted a great chicken coop for my ladies to reside in but we, of course, had to do it on a tight budget!  We used some old pallets and some tin we had laying around and voila, one cute...

baby doll high chair turned book holder...

i didn't want to throw away my old baby doll high chair even though it was falling apart so i came up with this way to save a little bit of it.  i just took the seat off, gave it a coat of paint...

Sheep Pen Bathroom Cabinet

we found this old cabinet in a sheep pen.  it didn't have poop on it but it was in bad shape. i could see the beauty within so we brought it home.  after some pleading, my sweet husband put...

Rustic Ladder Bedroom Shelf

an old ladder makes a perfect place to add a little rustic romance to a bedroom. the metal letters are from vintage embellishment on etsy. chalkboard cookie sheets are available at...

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Re: "Springy" Flowers...

so cool, what a great idea!. i'll have to be on the lookout for some of those things!

Re: Lamp Turned Table

what a clever idea! it turned out beautiful.

Re: Cow Girl Necklace


Re: Fabric stamp/spool collection

are those clouds?? so pretty.

Re: Special find!!

ooo lucky girl! love it.

Re: Slightly Sophisticated Coop Lighting

dude...you are the bomb.com! i love everything you do...so cool. i have one of those little chicken feeders and i'm looking at it in a different light. ha ha :D

Re: Happy Valentine's Day!

i love that...sweet but rustic, perfect!


wow what an awesome find! and for free?! that's every junk girls dream!
can't wait to see pictures of her all cleaned up...she'll be a looker, i'm sure.

Re: Sheep Pen Bathroom Cabinet

thank you everyone and yes i do have a great hubby who is full of talent!

Re: Large Birdhouse

that is a birdhouse that any bird would be proud to call its own!

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

THIS IS AWESOME! i love, love, love it!!

Re: Hanging Flower Basket Light

i love your whole room...so inviting! that light is awesome, i love the feel of it.

Re: My Potting Shed

i love this potting shed!!!! you just made me register to be a member just so i could comment how much i love this thing! it makes me want to come and sit there...