Bossier City

I've been turning junk into art for years. Sometimes I haul
home junk and like it just the way it is. When I watched the tv show SANDFORD and SON years ago I would always look to see what was in their truck, yard, house, etc. The show's theme
song is my ringtone on my cell phone. Soooo when I found this
web site I fell in love. I found out about it from an old
magazine I got for free at a garage sale.

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Day of the Dead figures made from Happy Meal Toys

Dis de los Muertos figures.

Junk Gypsy Prom Cowboy Boots

These are the boots I made to wear to the Junk Gypsy Prom at Round Top last month.

I'll be set up at ROUND TOP TEXAS

I'll be set up at Round Top across the hwy.  from Murberger Farm at the Texas Rose. I'll be set up outside under my own tent. I really wanted to post the picture of the cowboy boots I "tie dyed"...


This is our 4th time to go to The World's Longest Garage Sale. We have never shopped the whole 650 miles. This was our 2nd time to set up and sell and we only shopped for about 10 miles. It starts in...

junk Angel

I had a single bed post that I've had for a while and decided to make an angel. The wings were bought new from Hobby Lobby (80% off of course) so I had to match the post to that color. The wings are...

My Round Top/ Warrenton Antique Weekend finds

The weather was just right for Antique Weekend in Round Top/ Warrenton. I had a great time and saw lots of stuff. I even met the Junk Gypsies. Ate some good food and found some awesome treasures.

Tea Cart and goodies

Here are a few things I got to work on while it WASN'T raining. And I'm headed to Round Top Antique weekend tomorrow. I'd rather make stuff then pack any way. So if any one is going to be at the...

Springtime & Easter stuff

I finally started decorating for Easter. Of course I thought of the food table first and I always find something to display the utencils in. I love these flowers I got at a garage sale for 25...


Ok, I'm taking a chance here that this post won't be deleted.  But be nice, it's our FIRST time to go to the super bowl. So the super bowl party will be extra special this year. I'm going to...

650 Mile Garage Sales Pictures

Let me start by saying I am a JUNKER and not computer literate. My son took these pictures with his cell phone and I'm on his computer. Excuse any typing errors or other mistakes. His type is so...

Is anyone going to the 650 mile garage sale this week?

I am leaving tomorrow to set up at the 650 mile garage sale somewhere in Tennessee.  I hope to have a sign that says I'm on Junkmarket web site. Is anyone setting up? Where? anyone shopping? I...

Faux Rabbit Hutch

Well, finally got my greenhouse put together. I saw these windows being hauled to the landfill still attached to the frame so they were kind of heavy to haul home. There were so many it took 2 truck...

My Flea Market Booth

It's so hard to go home without filling up the van with more than I brought to the flea market to get rid of. I think one guy gets most of his stuff from people's trash piles all over town. The more...

Vintage miniature poodle

I started with a vintage pipe cleaner poodle I glued to a scrap mirror. I put a glass cover over it and added some ribbon. On the ribbon is a piece of scrap metal I painted white and put...

Happy Valentines

This is a little wire basket with 6 tin cups. I added a silk rose in each cup. I tied on a vintage tin heart shaped cookie cutter using scraps of ribbon. In the middle I added a vintage brooch with...

White lamp

This is another piece from my grandparents that I have been trying to sell since 2001. It was in great shape but I guess people aren't decorating with orange and green lamps with HUGE drum shades...

Hope to get rid of these dishes

This was a new set of dishes that were never used. They were my grandparents and I've been trying to sell them since 2001 at various sales. I decided to repurpose them and now maybe I can sell them...

One Hot Christmas Kitti

I started with black elastic with black sequins. You have to have something you can put on fast when putting fu fu on a cat. I added a pink flower because she is girly girly. On top of that I added a...

Crystal the Christmas Angel

This is one of my grand dogs. She is a Chabass. Her daddy was a basset hound and her mother was a chihuahua. I named her Crystal otherwise my son would have named her dog. First I took off the collar...

Really UNUSAL Window

This is my favorite window I've found and the $2.00 price tag wasn't bad either. What I really liked about this window is that it had at first been painted white. Then over the years it had been...

Outside Decorating

This is a little scene in my front yard. The bench, squirrel, poinsettias, "Believe" sign, birdhouse and garland all came from garage sales over many years. The hook the sign is hanging from came off...

Designer Road Kill workshop

This is where all the Designer Roadkill is made. We take things found on the roadside and trash piles and bring it home to the workshop. The building holds the hardware, saws and other things we need...

Type Tray Coffee Table

My mother made this coffee table back in the '70s. When she put it in storage several years ago I asked for it. This was a tall type tray holder. She had it cut in half and then put the two pieces...

More old windows

I had to set up for a craft show Thanksgiving afternoon so I took a couple of pictures of the windows I was taking. One is a shelf, two have crosses, one fluer de lis', and the others are part of an...

Tomato Cage/Galvanized Tub Christmas Tree

I saw this idea in a magazine last year. Their version was to fill a galvanized tub with sand. Build a tri pod and stick in the sand. Layer with wreaths starting at the bottom with the largest and...

Another Shutter

I've seen similar shelves but did this a little different.  It was a new shutter but had stains on it so I painted it a shabby white to hide them. My husband added the shelf part and I added the...

Ooh La La CD

I'm trying to use up all the CDs I have and came up with this. I covered the CD in scrapbookking paper. It has a raised design on but it didn't show up in the picture. I cut the fleur de lis' out of...


This is an old metal door knob plate. It was rusty and I left it that way. I added a skeleton key in the key hole and attached a tiny tassle. I painted the words "Unlock Your Dreams" in off white and...

Vintage Christmas

I started with a picnic basket that was not in very good condition. My husband fixed the lid where it wouldn't shut and would stay up. Inside is a well worn quilt, a santa from the 1950s and a...


The frame was made out of scrap molding. I asked my husband to cut a piece of scrap wood to fit in it. He had a piece of masonite on hand so we used that. I painted it black after looking at it a few...


I bought the pedestal at a garage sale last year. I wanted to use a bell jar but couldn't find one. This weekend I found this glass electrical industrial cover at a garge sale and it fit...


I drew the Fleur-de-lis and cut it out of scrap wood. My husband said it was too fat so he cut a thinner version which is the 2nd one. The pale green one is a mosaic using kitchen tiles from the...

Gourd Jack O Lantern

This is a gourd I grew several years ago. I cut off the top just like on a pumkin. I then cut out the face. The hard part was finding just the right well worn handle with wooden knob for that size...

Recent comments

Re: Sue

Sue is fantastic looking.

Re: Circus is Coming To Town!

Beautiful job. Love it.

Re: How To Build a Pumpkin Person

I love the pumpkin girl even if she is a little sassy. Manicure???? I don't think they could get the glue, dye, paint, varnish & whatever off my nails. hahaha I don't know what part I like the best on her, they all just go together perfect. Happy Halloween.

Re: A Falloween Porch Redo with some New (Old) Junk Finds!

WOW WOW WOW what wonderful displays. Just beautiful. And really, you can't tell it's faux wheat. :)

Re: Rusty Junk Becomes Blinged Out Focal Piece

fantastic necklace. I love it!!!

Re: Shadowland Witch

How cute. I don't know "witch" body part I like the best!!

Re: 'Diamonds' on the Rust Necklace series.... JUNK SWAP ITEM

Gorgeous!!! what talent you have.

Re: Megaphone Pendant Lamp

Beautiful job. Really great idea.

Re: Industrial Table [WRECKAGE]

Love this. Fantastic job!!!

Re: "Farm Junk" Repurposed

The disc blade stand is awesome. I love the gourds on it. I could use one of these stands for my gourds. Great post.


Midge, shopping is WAY more fun, however selling is a little bit cooler cause we had a small fan for the 100 DEGREE TEMPS. I remember sweat rolling off my face going through boxes when we went shopping. It is a MUST SALE for everyone.

Re: From Corbels to Curtain Rod!

Beautiful job. I love them.

Re: My Bumble Bee

This is just awesome. Very cute.


wow, you were quick with the camera. Great shot.

Re: PokerFace...I mean PokerFlag

NOW I KNOW what to do with my grandaddy's poker chips I've been saving. This is so awesome. And of course I love the Fluer di lis on them.

Re: Happy Independence Day!

I love your decorating. It looks so festive.

Re: God Bless America!

Happy July 4th to you. I love your finds and what you did with them.

Re: Verdure

Fantastic. Love it.

Re: Restocking for our Fall Sale

Wow, great finds. I think I would have followed you home if I had seen you. We have a red truck too and sometimes I think we look like Fred and Lamont Sanford.

Re: Weekly "Piles of Hope" Vol 2

Those chairs were a steal.The other stuff looks awesome too.

Re: Playing Outside...

You found some fantastic items and put them together beautifully. I love that bench too. and the rusty signs and the door bell. I guess I love it all.

Re: Tile Scraper? .....Not!

Yep, my husband used to say the same thing but not any more. I think your sign is fantastic as is the whole yard.

Re: Recyclying a metal vase with Mosaics

You did a beautiful job. I hope you find a job soon but maybe this is it.

Re: AAJMS - A few of my favorite things

Thanks for the pictures. I think I'd be in debt if I had gone. And it does look like fun.

Re: Garden Party Necklace

this is so beautiful. I admire all the hard work that goes into the wire wrapping. I still love your mannequin too. I have the same one, just need to get busy and make it as nice as yours.

Re: "Found Money Makeover Patio"

Beautiful yard.

Re: Old door turned in to Bench

I love this. Fantastic job.!!!!

Re: pet bed

Beautiful job. Some pet is mighty lucky.

Re: ~ Megaphone Vase~

What a cool idea. I like the cut out tin too. I don't know what's scarier, finding a rat in the dumpster or another person.

Re: Junk-Styled Living Room

You have found some great stuff. Your house is beautiful.

Re: Scissor Holder

Fantastic idea. I think I have a new project to work on now.

Re: Another Altered Dress Form

I love this. It's awesome.

Re: A Fab Flamingo Chair

Great job. It looks like a fun chair to decorate with.

Re: An Upcycled TV Cabinet

Beautiful job and display

Re: Pretty and Weird -- or, Pretty Weird

Well I never knew. Might be worth looking for some binoculars
for those prisms. Beautiful job.

Re: WEDDING GOES ON but Tygart's Creek Cabin FLOODED!

Beautiful picture. Sorry about the bad news. I'm sure you'll have some crying sessions. In Oct. all 4 of our storage buildings in our back yard flooded but not our house. People kept saying "Well at least it wasn't your house". Well it was our business and we had more in the storage buildings then in our house. I had to throw away lots of crafts I had made. I thought positive thoughts, "Well at least the rusty things will be rustier". It took 2 months to get everything repaired, dried out, repacked. The last thing I unpacked was our huge nativity scene a couple of weeks before Christmas. It was undamaged and beautiful as ever. My bright spot of the whole tradegy. I hope you have a bright spot in the end too.

Re: Barnboard birdhouses

Congratulations on the barn wood. And your birdhouses are whimsical in a funky way. If I was a bird I'd have a hard time picking which one to live in.

Re: ATTENTION! Funky Junk Sisters Vintage Flea Market About to Open!

Looks Faaabbbuulous. What fun.

Re: junk heaven-orange park

wow, I see a few things you could pick up for me. It looks like great fun.

Re: Vintage Cardboard Mannequin Torso

This is gorgeous. And I love all the stuff around it too. And your necklaces.

Re: Can You HEAR Me Now?

wow, it looks like it came right out of a home decorating magazine. beautiful job.

Re: my english bully

We had a contest on this site year before last where you were to make a collar. EVERYONE had their pet posted on here. Dogs, fat cats, horses. It was really neat.

Re: Window Trunk

Wow, what a fantastic idea. Great job

Re: Architecture

how cute. love it.

Re: I love Rust

I went to Roundtop too. You found some awesome items. Fantastic pictures.

Re: Apt for Rent

this is so cute. great job

Re: roosters

I love the colors. great job.

Re: old store front window

beautiful window.

Re: Twigs Turned Jewelry Display (pt. 2)

beautiful job.

Re: Pink & Green Fabulous Luggage

uummmm, I still have my luggage from the '70's and it IS THIS COLOR and came that way. People thought I was crazy. I was just ahead of my time. lol

Re: Abandoned Factory Lighting

Fantastic project. I love the red and green!!

Re: my workspace

Well it looks A LOT better than mine. so pretty.

Re: my painted pillows

wow, beautiful work.

Re: vintage hardware

I love this. It is so cute.

Re: mosaic fun

great job. it looks beautiful

Re: Road side finds

You do fantastic work.

Re: Dragonflies & bugs - Garden art

These are just the cutest little buggies. Great idea.

Re: Jewelry Carousels

I love this. My church called me to clean out all the trophies in the storage area so I have a ton of marble trophy bases. They also have the hole already in it so I can attach a spindle easyily. THANK YOU THANK YOU for a great idea.

Re: Aully, Aully, Auction FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would hate you too but I have some crib pieces I've been saving. An awesome pale pink crib. So I'll just be your friend and maybe you'll share some ideas of what to do with them. :)I even looked at the pieces today trying to come up with something. Hope you come up with a brilliant project. But I DON'T have a fantastic lamp like you.hhhmmmmm

Re: Fun Game Table

Great game table. Fun that it still rolls.

Re: Television Table

Wowser! What a great redo. Can't believe it is the same piece in the before picture. That secret drawer is great to hide stuff~~whoops we all know about it now though.

Re: Dresser All Dressed UP

You did a great rescue. This was the color of my bedroom back in the '70's. People thought I was crazy but I was just ahead of my time. :)

Re: My Swap Project 11 - Bluebucket

Fantastic items. You did a beautiful job.

Re: Test Tubing

I love the little birdie you added.

Re: What do you do with 60 lbs of alfalfa seed?

very well done.

Re: my junky bird feeders

These are two great ideas. The birds seem really happy too.

Re: The Perfect Ending to a Life Well Lived

I love this idea. It is so cute.

Re: Junk Swap - Project #1

fantastic job. looks like you're having fun with your junk.

Re: Junky Centerpiece Inspired by ND Junk Girl

very creative. I love it.

Re: Craft Show Displays Made From Recycled Materials

I hope you did well at your show. I love all of your ideas. they are truly clever junk.

Re: Built-In Desk Nook

Wow, how beautiful. great work.


how perfect together. a great idea.

Re: Cloche from 3 Vintage Glass Pieces

I love this. A great repurpose on the light globes. I can't wait to check out your Etsy site.

Re: Check Out My Junk...from the "Junk Swap"

great idea. I would never have thought of it. I'd be using them to climb a pole. a clever way to change out art work.

Re: Finally Finished Junk Swap Project

I have one of those sconces and didn't know what to do with it. I love this idea. It's beautiful.


you need to change your name to awesomedecorator1. I love it all. It's so homey.

Re: Cutlery Crosses

I love this idea. I think I'll make me one.

Re: STOP! Do Not Enter!

great table. one more and you'll have a collection.

Re: Junk Swap Project just in time for Easter!

How cute. I've never seen anything like these. You are very creative. It looks like you got some nice d'Junque too.

Re: A Lamp For The Birds

Great idea and a beautiful room.

Re: My Swap Project 2 &3 - bluebucket

WOW, 2 great ideas. I love the button door hangers. They are so beautiful.


When you're busy junking who has time to cook. great message. I love your idea and the angel. I think I could do a lot with them. Great post.

Re: Junking Saturday

I think I would have bought every thing you bought. I guess that's why I don't go junking with anyone but my husband.:)
And to get them cheap is just the best.

Re: My 2nd completed junk partner project!

the first thing I have to say is your wood pile looks like mine. I don't know why my husband keeps arranging it. :( Next, your project is fantastic and I love the color,

Re: Swap Projects 3&4: Wall Decor and Tea Lite Holders

great ideas. I think I'll try both.

Re: Swap Projects 1&2: Book Cover and Basket

Can't wait to see what you do with the scrabble board since I have quite a few. It looks like you got quite a load of good things. Love the projects you've done so far too.

Re: First post from my swap partner.

clever idea. I think you made an A+ on this one (and much more fun than an exam).

Re: Coffee Tray

what a fantastic idea. I love the burlap.

Re: Garden Globe Pedestal

I love this. very unusual

Re: West End Salvage

I need a road trip and a coffee. this place looks awesome.

Re: coat tree

great tree. love it.


I love those old doors. The lumber is so beautiful on them.

Re: Prepping for Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style Event in May

great stuff. I'd like to see ME at AAJMS but can't make it this year. Hopefully next year though.

Re: Light Fixture Planter

oh, how neat. I have the light fixtures, I mean planters, to make me some too.

Re: "Do you have Prince Albert in a can?....Well you better let him out"

ok, I made the calls too. I guess I should have gone and bought them cause these are just so cute.

Re: Airstream Project

we have been looking since Oct. for a camper just like this. I really want to do it myself but this is so fabulous I'd jump on it in a second. but you did give me some ideas IF we ever find one. great job.

Re: All the Pretty Junk

WOW, what a beautiful display. I have most of the stuff you have including the ice bucket. It just doesn't look as attractive in cardboard boxes. But now I have a plan thanks to these beautiful photos.


I would have bought this piece too not caring if it was old or new. You did a beautiful job. I love it. And you know I can see that fluer di lis in the back ground too. lol

Re: Antiquing To Michigan and Back

Fantastic finds. I bet when you find a project for the doorknobs you'll wish you had more. They are beautiful. Love the stamp holder too. I'm going to look for some of those flashcards.

Re: Junk on Parade Part 2

You did a fantastic job. I have a box full of vintage thermoses(?) waiting for an idea on here. I wish we had a habitat store here because the Goodwills here price things higher than their original price. And I love the roadside finds too.

Re: The Cat's Meow

what a cute idea. something else to look for now.:)

Re: A Trip down Memory Lane- S & H Green Stamps Style

I still find these at estate sales. I bought them to resale on Ebay and they sold good. I should have asked what they did with them. :) I guess you could mod podge them onto something from that era like a side table or something. good luck

Re: Whoa Junkie!

I'd put this in my yard in an instant. look at all that junk that won't be in the land field. thanks for posting

Re: ~Concrete, Cloches & Candles~

another great post. I knew I saved broken concrete for some reason.

Re: ~Junk In The Garden~

beautiful. I collect old mail boxes also. They hold birdseed and bread while the feeders are full. I like your rake head peeking through too.

Re: Straight from the Heart

how sweet. a beautiful collection of hearts.

Re: Painted Recycled Wine Bottles

WOW these are great. Very pretty art work.

Re: Rusty Tin Covering

I remember that a designer on TRADING SPACES tried to do this affect years ago. She used some type of paints or glazes and did one wall in a room. I thought how neat to bring in RUST to a wall. Having the real stuff is even better. BTW, I'll be driving through your town next week on the way to Cleveland. I'll be stopping at all those flea markets down that way. :)

Re: Candlestick Angel

how beautiful. great job


This is so elegant. I'm sorry I don't have my fish tank any more but there's one out there for me somewhere. And I have done so many things with the stands too, usually tiled tables. I love you're collections too.

Re: Top "10" for 2010...Ten Very Good Reasons to Buy Junk

ALRIGHT!! I have all top 10 items, some just waiting for the right project. I don't have a junking friend to go with but my husband goes with me so no matter who finds it, it comes home with me. I've been reading both of your books AGAIN and I always see something new.

Re: Porch Holiday Spiff'n

the porch looks great and so warm and inviting. can't wait to see what else you post

Re: "One Legged Flamingo" Mini Lamp

I love all of your lamps. can't wait for the chandeliers.

Re: Moma's Old Smidgen Shop Treasures

great posts Lezlee. hope you found a lot at Canton. the last time I went in Jan. the only thing I bought was a coat. :(
Count me in on meeting in Canton sometime (I live in NW LA.)


I love the lime too. It's my kitchen AND bathroom color so I better. It does go with everything.

Re: A Junky Wedding Reception

I like it all. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Re: Little Display Cabinet

I love the design and use of this project. It is beautiful.

Re: Patriotic Uncle Sam Snowman Candy Container - made from old bedspring

He is so cute and original. I love it. I wish I had some bedsprings.

Re: Old Spindle Repurpose Project "Whimsical Feather Christmas Trees"

These are so cute I'm making some. And I only need to go to my stash for all of the supplies. Thanks for the idea and pictures.

Re: Garage Sale Yard Fun

Did you get these items this year? I was set up to sell just north of Chattanooga. I had shopped it twice before. You found some great items and I love the display.

Re: I Don't Know Why This Caged Bird Would Sing....

ROFL priceless!!!!

Re: Tin ceiling crown molding shelf

I think the ceiling tins probably look better this way than the original purpose. It is so pretty.

Re: Tin ceiling tile coffee table

wow, another beautiful table. Don't know which one I like best.

Re: Old window coffee table

very cool table and display. Welcome to the site.

Re: My First Post

I love the pieces you posted and enjoyed reading your bio. Can't wait to see pictures of your husband's place.

Re: Repurposed Door into hall tree (my first post)

very nice and I enjoyed your blog spot too. I'll be back to it.

Re: shell shelf

this is very beautiful. welcome to the site.


great bench with the spindles underneath. I remember all the great pumpkins and falloween
(a new word for me) items that were posted last year. I'm glad to see the first pumpkin pop up here, they always make me smile.

Re: Funky Junk Sisters Antique Show and Flea Market October 23 & 24 Puyallup, WA

ooohhh, I love it all. I wish I could go to this show.

Re: Tea House of the August Moon

This is fantastic. My dog would love it too, especially the
love seat.

Re: Breadbox Beautifies Bath By Banishing Beauty Bottles!

Great ideas. I could use an Angel like that to hold my pair of earrings that I wear the most. I hope you had a good time on the 650 mile garage sale. There's no way you can shop the whole thing, we've tried. If you go back next year be sure to make hotel reservations. Most people learn the hard way.

Re: � My 2nd TWIST to my Garden-Art �

hhhmmmm, I don't know which is prettier, your junk flowers or your real ones. They are both beautiful.


This looks great. I hope to get organized one day.

Re: Indoor Outhouse

very different and quite the conversational room.

Re: Is anyone going to the 650 mile garage sale this week?

wow you shop fast. we've shopped it twice starting in Gadsen but only got to the Tennesse/Kentucky line. Never made it to Ohio. I'm going to try to set up close to Chattanooga

Re: May finds 2

You are very talented. Your paintings are beautiful.

Re: aquarium stand

You did an excellent job. It is very beautiful.

Re: Painted Bedside Table

wow, another great job.

Re: Oyster Shell Fireplace

this is beautiful. you did a great job

Re: Gazebo redo


Re: old road map wallpaper

uuuummmm, someone could sure spend some extra time in there planning their next vacation. I'd have mine marked with all those long highway garage sales.

Re: Is it REALLY a Watermelon?

If I saw this in your yard I'd think you'd be eating watermelon for a week. This is the neatest looking faux melon I've seen. yummy


Janis, these are beautiful as usual. I too had a hard time finding the words you use. Hobby Lobby is finally getting in a nice selection of the rub ons. Now to find time to do all the things I have seen on here.

Re: New Purpose for Garage Sale Find

WOW, this is fabulous. luv it

Re: Suitcase Parts

very creative and neat idea. I can just imagine all the different colors of suitcases too.

Re: Meet the Cover Dog

Shadow, when I saw the cover for the first time I noticed your cuteness first thing. Way to go!!

Re: dreamsicle linen & silk lampshade tied w/ a bow

Very pretty. Good job


Janis, these are so beautiful. I never see these coffee carafes for sale here so I'll have to enjoy yours.

Re: Dockboard table

It's fabulous. I wish I had this table.

Re: Hand Painted Floor Cloth

B E A U T I F U L !!!! I love your painting

Re: old blue jean denim purse tote satchel

very nicely done.

Re: Old Shutter TV and Stereo cabinet

this is such a beautiful and functional piece. Ya'll did great.

Re: Bird Bath Feeder

This is very creative. I'm surprised the birds didn't jump right in.


Janis, I've been saving all of my "pretties" waiting for one of your posts. Now I've got to find the perfect book to make this. I think "Alice In Wonderland" is the most approiate book since Alice jumped in the rabbit hole and when
you open your book it's like the rabbit hole. Please post more often as this stuff is really taking over the house and I need more ideas. lol

Re: Repurposed Brass Dangle Necklace

What a great piece you found. You made such a beautiful necklace with it.

Re: Spice Rack

The wire and bead work is beautiful. You did a great job.

Re: Birdbath and side table

These are 2 great projects. I even have all of the "junk" needed to make them. I've been saving 2 turntables from the microwave and I think this is what I'll use them for. The cat is cute too.

Re: Ready to Welcome Ya'll to Texas - A Rough Rider for Raffle

My favorite is the horse's expression. I didn't know that junk could even have an expression. And I love the hat. You can always find strainers at garage sales. An old rusty one would be great for the "bad guy". OK the mustache is original
too. I guess I really like all of it. lol

Re: Junkin' with Jenny K.

I really love this post because I'm always interested to see how other people work. My space will never be this big or organized but I can dream.

Re: "Maritime Memories" Child's Table and Chairs Set

You do beautiful painting. Both projects are great and such an improvement on the furniture.

Re: Deep Fried Decor - A Floral Welcome

Here in the south we're known for deep frying everything. I think this is a lot more healthy and absolutely beautiful.

Re: "JUMP THROUGH THIS!!??!!" (project #2)

Another beautiful project. And one with a dart in it; yet it's sweet.

Re: My treasure chest

This is so pretty. I have lots of boxes I could use in this project.

Re: Curbside Pink Stove

I think I would have hauled this home too and my kitchen isn't even pink. Can't imagine someone throwing this away.

Re: Cracker House Window with a Scene

Very beautiful painting and a great price on the window.

Re: Push Lawnmower Lamp

This is great. I would like to buy a push lawanmover to actually use but they are so expensive, even the used ones.
Maybe the parts and pieces wouldn't cost so much. And making a lamp wouldn't be so labor intensive as mowing. I like the gurney too.


This is a very good idea and so pretty lit up.

Re: Wooden votive holder

What a great idea and you used a lot of repurposable items.

Re: My Flea Market Booth

The flea market is in Greenwood, LA just outside of Shreveport. It's on Interstate 20 so it's easy to find. Come see us.

Re: Waterski seating projects

OK, I can't find snow skis where I live but I do run across water skis. Last time I did I had to donate them to my son's
Boy Scout troop for a project. But NO more because I love this project. I think I'll make me one. The idea of the rug
for the seat cover was great as well.

Re: Sewing Cabinet Shelf

BEAUTIFUL! My old sewing machince cabinet doesn't have that wonderful scroll work on it. It really pops against that wall color too (that's the color of my kitchen and bathroom)

Re: Gumdrop Earring Tree

This is a cute idea. I was just thinking the other day if anyone would come up with ideas to repurpose all the plastic stuff from the mid century when it was popular. BTW-when you're a kid and your grandmother kept the tree always full of gumdrops it wasn't bad either. lol I probably have hers buried someone with all my junk.

Re: Cuckoo clock birdhouse

I was given a non working cuckcoo and the estimate to replace the insides was $75.00 (7 yrs. ago). I think I like this redo better. I'm glad you posted a close up of your potting shed. I missed this in the other pictures.

Re: Back to life with a little TLC

You did a fantastic job. You have more patience than me. I need that "EAT" sign for my kitchen as well as the "Open 24 hours". They would go together at my house.

Re: Colorful glass insulator hose guard

I love this. Wish I had back the insulators I sold. Luckily I still have 2 left and they are blue. I would also like to see more pictures of your potting shed. It is so different.

Re: Fire Place Dress Up

Great job. It looks like you have other interesting pieces in your house too.

Re: Junk Lamp

I think this looks so much better. I love putting together a bunch of junk items to make one beautiful one.

Re: Silver Plated Pink Compote

Another GREAT idea. I don't have a compote but I have a silver plated tray (with a little rust) just like this compote. I've got plenty of bases I could glue it to. I love the colors you chose too. I have so many of these trays I got for wedding gifts in the 70's (hence the rusty part) and want to rework them. Thanks for your ideas.

Re: Tiny Pink Teacup Tulle Tree

This is so cute and beautiful. I think it could sit out anytime of the year and not just at Christmas. With different colors of tulle and patterns on the cup it could have so many themes. I can't wait to make one. I have everything but the tea cup.

Re: What can I do with all these?

We had one that one end was in pretty bad shape. It wouldn't make a good table because you could't get a chair up close to it because of the base. Anyway, we removed the 3 nut/bolts
on the bad end so we could make a usable table. As soon as we started to unloosen them the whole thing fell apart. No way to put it back together. But I had a whole pile of nice size boards to make signs with.

Re: Vintage Sled Nightstand

You always come up with the greatest projects. I think your son's headboard says "Cabins" but not sure. That's exactly our house decor'. Love the rustic look.

Re: I'll Take Bottles for $300 Please Alex

I think the largest garage sale started in Gasden, Ala.
Your phrase is "Unleash your inner junker".
And the term Flea market started in Paris.

Re: My Whimsy

This is so pretty and the ribbon is perfect.

Re: Cool Christmas Cat

Simon is very cute and he looks like he actually likes his
collar. It's like carrying a little batting toy around with him with the key chain dangling like that.

Re: upcycled gift packages

Wow, I would think these were the gifts and not just a gift
package. They are beautiful.


Re your post you left on my Grand cat's collar contest entry.
Yes I think our pets think we have gone off the deep end. You can see it in all of their eyes. I have entered 2 of my grandpets in the contest. The 3rd one is in hiding partly because I dressed her as the Joker from the new Batman movie
for Halloween.
My cat knew what was coming because she always sits in my computer chair and in her entry you can see the computer on with JUNKMARKET website showing.
Your collar is sssooooo elegant. But I knew it would be. Doby is one lucky little guy.

Re: Pollyana's Lemons

This is so cute. As for as the glue is concerned I would try E6000. It takes a day to completely dry so you may need to prop the arm up until it is dry. I've glued wood and glass together and glass to glass with this and it worked great.

Re: My "JUNK" Tree

Janis, I think everyone would like more detailed instructions because you got so many postive feedback on the lights and wind chimes. How and where are the holes drilled on the lights and how do the wind chimes hold up outside?
Thank you, Marijo

Re: My "JUNK" Tree

Janis, I love all of your posts. I even found a silver tea set last weekend & hope to make some night lights like yours.
Your tree is so beautiful and unusual.

Re: Christmas wash tub

Cute, Cute, Cute. With a big porch like that I bet you'll have lots of pictures to show us each season.

Re: Funky Desk

If my bedroom was this cool I'd never move out.

Re: Wild Thang!

These are fantastic and wild!!!

Re: Like a puzzle...

I love both of the crosses you posted. But I really like this one because the pieces fit together just perfect. And then there's the star that is part of the Christmas story and the cross part of the Easter story.

Re: Winter White Window

My favorite thing is the drawer pulls to hang it by. I love that. I'm getting so many ideas I can't keep up. When I first joined this site I used to hit the refresh button when I was waiting for the glue or paint to dry on a project. Now I don't have time to paint or glue because everytime I hit the refresh button there's a new project and I want to make that one too. Thanks for a great site

Re: Believe and you shall recieve

Beautiful job!!!!!!!! I love a little Christmas out all year long. I know you'll do a great job decorating your church for Christmas too.

Re: more finds from Damon's house of junk...found a 5 gallon bucket of water valves handles

I have been looking for these to make me a metal flower garden. I haven't found any so I'm looking for a new best friend who is a plumber instead.

Re: Make-Up Collage Table

I love the table. You did a great job. I bet your daughter is going to enjoy using this and everyone will want one.

Re: From poor ,pitiful pony to pretty painted pony!

Once again a beautiful project. But a plain white birdhouse? lol Is this a future project to paint? Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Re: Another dessert stand, just my version

I think these are great. You can use those 1 or 2 glasses you have that don't match the rest of your glasses. And lucky me found a box of about 15 plates at a garage sale for $5.00 last week. Guess what I'm making.

Re: my new little Christmas tree

I saw the same tree at BIG LOTS today. They have several different sizes. I hope I find one on a garage sale or trash next year because I thought they'd make a great post tree like someone else posted on this site. I love your silver
ornaments on it.

Re: Just wanted to give you a lil' peek in my junk sheds !

I love all of your junk. We live close enough we might run into each other but just far enough we're not diving in the same dumpsters. We rented a booth at Greenwood Flea Market until February when the craft shows start back up. If you come over we're in booth #141. We have got to sell the real junk so we have more room for the good junk. The outside guys at the FM have got some great stuff I have my eye on. I may post some pictures one day. Keep posting your work because I've gotten some great ideas from you. I'm jealous of your junk shed though.

Re: What Do You Do With 25 Stoplight Lenses???

This is the most outrageous tree I've seen. It needs to be published in a magazine. This is so unusual you need to come up with other designs for other holidays. Do you ever sleep?
Keep up the neat ideas!!!!

Re: Home Tour Preview

I love these trees. I have one dark colored post I've been saving for a project. I showed my husband the previous post of the "post" tree so he can be building the stand. Hopefully by next year I'll find a tree on a dump somewhere.
Thank you for a great idea and the pictures.

Re: Grandma's chair

Yea, a great way to use my belts from my garage sale stuff that are out of style.

Re: JM Christmas Tree!

LOVE the tree. I also loved your "BOO" hands you did at Halloween. I have the very same hands but no "BOO" letters. I also have the very same basket you have under your tree. Haven't decided what to do with it yet. I didn't make the 127 this year but hope to next year. We all need to wear something to identify us as Junkmarketers.

Re: shabby cupboard from dumpster finds

Another great project. I just used up the last of my shutters making shelves. But I love this idea. I have all of the items used except for the shutters so gotta find more.


Love your studio. It's such an inspiring place. It looks like
you spend just as much time gardening as you do painting things white.

Re: Shabby hp garden sign on a vintage metal garden chair.

You paint such beautiful roses. I love all of the pieces you do and how you use unusual "junk". Can't wait to see more.

Re: Not-too-shabby "cashier" table

This is fantastic and so pretty. You know you'll have to find
some more tables like it because NFS makes everyone want it even more. I saw in your profile you went on the World's Longest Garage Sale. We went also, 2 different years. We started at the beginning in Alabama
and went as far as north Tennesee. But I'm definitly going
to Ohio next time because it looks like y'all have some great places to go to.

Re: My First Weekend of Junking!

I think you did great on your buys. That wicker piece would
have been more at an estate sale here. But here you can place bids on things and if they don't sale the high bidder gets it. Risky but sometimes it pays off. I have a table almost exactly like the one you have. I painted it white with
pink accents. Can't wait to see what you do with yours.

Re: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

I love all of the pieces. I just bought a mirror that I was going to paint white. I like the black accents you added so
that gives me another idea.

Re: Vintage Christmas

The Santa has a hard plastic face. The body is some sort of spongy material that looks like it would crumble.

Re: Finch Handmade Cage

I don't even have a bird but I'd like to have a cage like this. So Cute!!

Re: Lighting Dilemma

I would try wrapping a wide sheer ribbon between the top and 2nd tier and then between the 3rd and 4th tier. Since it would be open between the 2nd and 3rd tier you could hang some of your mirror thingys from those little knobs. You would only need to attach the ribbon at the beginning and end and use double sided tape. That way if you didn't like it you can take the ribbon off easy or you could change the color of the ribbon for the different seasons.

Re: Ultimate Junk Shed

I love your shed. My husband & I worked on something to keep our junk out of the winter weather yesterday. It was made from stuff we hauled home for free too. I've always told him
we need to bring home all the galvanized metal we see. Well,
I showed him your shed and told him "See what we could have built". Maybe I'll have one like you NEXT year. Love your "paint" job too.

Re: Beehive

To KopyKatKim: Is what you have an enclosed hive or a wasp
nest with many holes in it where the wasps enter in? If it is the one with many open holes I do have an idea for that.
Let me know.


I put some grout in a plastic baggie and then squirted in the paint. I just squished the paint and grout in the bag.
I snipped the corner off the baggie and applied it in between the tile pieces. Now I just buy the plain white grout in a tub from the hardware store and make it any color I want.

Re: Gourd Jack O Lantern

Gourds are easy to grow, they just take up a lot of room because the vines take over every where. That is the only type gourd I grew. There are so many shapes to choose from.
I buy them when I find them at garage sales. A lot easier.