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I got interested in salvage style about 6 years ago. I have always had a love of history and it seemed much more desirable to live with the items in a practical way. As my interest matured, and I became a follower of Sue Whitney and Ki Nassauers Junkmarket Style Books. I discovered it was even more fun to create items from things that might have been thrown away normally. Currently, I own a brick n mortar shop in Greer, SC that sells a mix of gifts, re-purposed creations and vintage items. I love doing shows and I'm currently working on the "Upcycled Living Fair", the first show of its kind in our area set for June 2011!

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Re-purposed dresser drawer bench!

Re-purposed vintage pieces with practical style!

Wall Candle Scounce

This decorative scounce variation came from a Junk Beautiful project that attached the car mirrors to an old porch post. After making that one, I thought, if someone had less space, they might just...

Recent comments

Re: Old water damaged silver platters with a new make-over

A little makeover, ....wow! Great work!

Re: Rusty Bed Springs- wall centerpiece

Love bed springs! Great piece, unique idea!

Re: Shabby Chic bar from a TV Cabinet

Great piece! My husband and I have made a bar out of an old console cabinet stereo! Great transformation!

Re: Our New Hallway Mantle - from an Old Door

Awesome piece! Wonderful conversation starter I'm sure! House tour is a great idea!

Re: Simple Little Wine Bars

You always think "out of the box". Love your creations!


Love old lamp shades! What a great idea!

Re: Wine and Cheese Tray? Of *corks* it is silly!!!

Jasmin, love your projects! So much creativity mixed in with upcycled sense! Love it!

Re: Chic'd Vintage Wood Shoe Mold

Love this! I even have a pair of shoe forms! Great work!!

Re: Reminder and Last Call...5th Annual Vintage Market on the Farm

So wish I could make it! Have heard of the show before, but unable to get to MN, maybe next year! Have an awesome show!

Re: Reno Scraps to Shabb-u-licious Coffee table

Love your ideas! Thank you for inspiring me to think "out of the box" about vintage pieces! Turning out some interesting decor creations!

Re: Repurposed Vintage Sewing Machine Cabinet for Storage

I'm a late commenter but I love this Brian! The color is awesome!I'm just now getting back to creating pieces after closing my brick n' mortar shop recently. Having fun and enjoying looking at creations from other talented "junkers"!

Re: Overhauled Yardstick Telephone Table

Brian, love this piece! I've done some pieces with yardstick decoration and they really interest folks! Love the mix of textures, colors, and styles!

Re: The Great door Project of 2012

Your patience paid off! What an amazing piece of architectural art!

Re: Junky Garden Houses

Would love these in my garden! Great idea!

Re: Mosaic Cross

Very pretty! Great use for thrift items!

Re: Upcycled Victorian Chairs

What an amazing transformation! And we thought Victorian was only for the "parlor", these would be lovely anywhere!

Re: Vintage Window Bulletin Board

Love this! What a great organizer piece! Great work!

Re: Vintage Cutter Tablecloth Lamp Shades

What an awesome idea for old linens! Beautiful work!

Re: Coffee Stations from No Hope Dressers!

I enjoy rescuing pieces on the way to the landfill, myself. But reading through your comments makes me even more determined to re-purpose, reuse, re-imagine! Great work! Thanks for sharing!

Re: re purposed bench

Very pretty! Looks like it was always a bench. Also love the kitty playing in the foreground!

Re: Before-Tired Vanity After- Bench & Coatrack Shelf

ReCreations, you do fabulous work! It really makes me re-think some of the ugly pieces I've passed up, not realizing they could have a totally different life! Thanks for the inspiration!

Re: Re Purposed Headboards Before and After

I've made a couple of headboard benches in the past but this one is gorgeous! I love the details on the headboard and the stained shelving worked beautifully. I'm sure the perfect buyer is on their way!

Re: The Whatchamacallit!

What an awesome fix for an old wardrobe! Great work!

Re: Re purpose Dresser - Console Table

Wow, I love it when that happens! Another hunk in the landfill becomes an awesome piece of furniture! Great job, ReCreations! I would've had a hard time parting with it also!

Re: Around My House

Love it!

Re: Upcycled Chandelier

Wow, awesome idea! I wouldn't have thought the western style chandelier could have turned out so pretty!

Re: recycled candle holder by mhc designs

Love this piece! I have 2 boxfuls of glass insulators! Now if I can get my friend to weld for me! Great work, greencolleen!

Re: Re-purposed dresser drawer bench!

Thanks for your encouraging comments, Lamont16! I've not been on Junkmarket for quite awhile due to time constraints with owning a shop. But I just closed the shop in the past month and I'm regaining "my life". Having fun creating again!
Best Wishes to you!

Re: Windchimes ...

Missy, love your wind chimes, but where did you get the stars and ladders? They look like the "tobacco stick" rustic art I've found in Tennessee and Kentucky from the former tobacco farmers.
great work!

Re: American Girl Doll Day Bed from Dresser Drawer

Great idea for the American Girl collectors!

Re: Dress Form from old mail bag

Awesome form, I'm really intrigued! Good job!

Re: Tub Settee

CleverJunk, what an amazing idea! After I got over my first thoughts of "vintage tub sacriledge", I loved it! I've got the tub and my friend has the torch! This is my next project! Oh by the way, I met Susie in Franklin, Tn at "Bella Rustica" in September, such a nice lady!

Re: Bed Spring Christmas Tree

Adorable! I love bedsprings, but they are painful as you said! Good work!

Re: Repurposed Folding Rulers

I love this idea! My husband and I made some tree art from vintage strips of beadboards that was similiar! I have the old rulers, need to get busy!

Re: Reclaimed Materials Birdhouse Welcome Sign

Just perfect!

Re: Steamer Trunk Bookcase

I love these trunks too! You're right, they're beautiful but it's hard to decide what to do with them. What an awesome idea, though! CleverJunk, you sound like me, I have trouble shutting off the mind at night because of so many awesome ideas and not enough time! Keep at it!

Re: HUGE...Antique Corbel Floor Lamp

What an amazing design design, love it! Good work, Jim!

Re: Dresser Repurposing Take 2

Shutters are so amazing and versatile, love em! Great piece, awesome design!

Re: Old Window

So cool! I love old windows, they're one of my favorite junky things to work with! Great work!

Re: Redesigned Christmas Ornaments

Wow, I love vintage papers! Especially music sheets, what a great idea! Maybe if I get started now, I can have them finished by next Christmas!!

Re: Shell to Full Fugure

What an amazing idea. Dragonfly Treasures! I have both a plastic mannequin and vintage pattern pieces! Time to get busy!

Re: Christmas brooch restyled into necklace

How pretty Cassie! Love this idea, I'm thinking I have a leaf brooch similiar to this! Great work!

Re: Holiday Mantel

Super, love the black & white! Great ideas!

Re: Budget Cabinet Makeover!!!

Hey Gamecockchic, I'm assuming you're a South Carolinia? Me too! Great kitchen re-do! I've been in a wonderful 125 y.o. farmhouse near Greer, SC for 2 years, still trying to get the time to re-do the kitchen, love this idea "on the cheap"! Graet work!

Re: windows in a pergola

Absolutely adore it! We are planning a pergola at our house in the spring and I love this design, gotta have it! Great job!

Re: Upcycled Silverplate Bird Feeder

What an amazing thoughtful gift! I think it may bring out the tears! Great job!

Re: Happy Accidents

Just enjoying the break from my business, love your "happy accident" such a great idea. It's always so cool to find a more natural/rustic way to achieve the same goal!

Re: Shutter Headboard

Always interested in "shutter creations", love it!

Re: Recent License Plate Art and Map Projects

Hey Design Turnpike,
Are you from South Carolina? Just wondering! I live in the upstate. Love the maps!

Re: Industrial light cage planter

Love it, love it, JunkSituation! I have some of these somewhere! Thanks for the creative jolt!

Re: Tin tile in a frame

Super idea, Andrea! I have several tin tiles that I've made into magnet boards from time to time. Love the perfect fit window frame, even better!

Re: I have insulators

Wow! I have 2 large boxes of glass insulators and have done a few things with them but this is a new one! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Just LOVE old house fixtures.

So unique! I love the architectural elements also, but I hadn't paid attention to the letters they could create! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Green Hummingbird Feeders

These are a great way to reuse your wine bottles! Very pretty! I'm sorry to say we've mostly been sending ours to the recycle bins! I should get creative with them also!

Re: Bobbin Bugs

I love these! I have most of the ingredients and my friend is a metal worker! I'm so excited! Great job!

Re: Mason Jar Soap Pump

Awesome idea! I love old jars! I've made lamps from them and wanted to make the dispensers but had been unable to find the pumps. I'll try your source!

Re: The 1905 Victorian Monster Builtinn in my old kitchen

What a wonderful restoration project! It's great some times to go funky on a traditional style; but these built ins are so amazing as they were meant to be! I bet it makes your kitchen!

Re: Seeing Angels...

Adorable idea! I too have wooden hangers, I wouldn't have thought of them as angels wings but now it make so much sense! I'd would love to make some of your angels!

Re: Seamstress Bracelet

What an awesome way to use vintage measuring tape! Love the bling!

Re: Get Your Cowboy Boots on and Meet me at the Marburger Farm Antique Show!

Sue, it was so fantastic to get to meet you at Warrenton! I never expected to see anyone as near and dear to my heart as one of the "Junkmarket Queens" at the show! I have your books and you helped to turn my interest toward Salvage Style! Thank you for being so kind to a crazed fan and taking a picture with me! It was the highlight of my trip! We loved Marburger also, it was like stepping into a magazine! This was my 2nd trip to Texas and I'm ready to go again, love it!