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Junkin up your love....?

In true "Sue style" I'm offering you my take on glamming up some pretty florals for the junker in your life.....just in time for Valentine's Day!

Industrial Ambiance

A recent junk jaunt yielded many industrial treasures, including this machine auger guard.

Rustic Faux Fireplace

Rustic faux fireplace....ready for JunkFest '2010!

Serving up Style for the Big Game!

Skip the commercials this year and head to the kitchen to check out the goods served up junk-style! For more "grate" ideas head over to www.junk-fest.blopspot.com!

Beverage bar....junk style!

Here's a "beverage bar" that I made for JunkFest '09 by pairing a rugged, but sturdy old metal radiator cover, with a wooden foot board.  For more photos see our blog at...

Farm Rescue

Just wanted to share a piece I "rescued" from my parents' farm before they tore down a dilapidated old grain elevator.  It's a freestanding Fairbanks grain scale, which now sits in my kitchen...

Door turned desk

Turning an old door into a desk or work surface is certainly not a new concept, but here's my take on the idea.  Pairing the door with chunky ornate legs that once held a formica table top...

Mailbox turned table...

I found this old cast-iron mail box base.  The top was broken, but I knew it still had great potential.  I left the rust just as I found it, but cleaned up the inside and added scrapbooking...

Recent comments

Re: Old Window + Bed Posts + Wood = Plant Stand

This is great~ Love it!

Re: Giving junk a job

Way to put that junk to work Donna! Love it all!

Re: Hanging Flower Basket Light

OH, how I want this! Lovely!

Re: Clock themed New Year's party

I am SO crashing your party! You might want to count your clock faces after I leave...just sayin....
Happy 2011 Andrea!

Re: Vintage cups served on a stylish new "tray"

In true North Dakota Junkgirl fashion, these are stylin'!
Love it Andrea....we'll be over soon!

Re: Vintage Redesign Jewelry for AA/JMS

LOVE the pop of color in this piece Gretchen! Looks great!

Re: Mannequin Gets New Life

I love how she turned out and I'm thrilled that I have one just like yours...better get to work! I was just telling the other JunkFest girls about my plans to modpodge old book pages over the bodice of a damaged dress form I have! Great minds think alike?


This is crazy cool. Love it!


I love this no matter how old or what it once was! I really enjoy your posts! Beautiful work.

Re: Art & Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

Okay, if you Ohio junkers can make it, there's no reason we can't! Where do I sign up?


You are just too good. I love these!

Re: If JMS Jumped off a Bridge .....

Junk and diamonds to boot? Good for you! Great stuff you got there.

Re: "Shift Key" Necklace

Gretchen, I LOVE this! You never cease to amaze me!

Re: An odd Couple can make a perfect marriage...at least for furniture

I love this table! And...storage is always a bonus. Nice job!

Re: Shake Up Your Valentine!

Dang, you're good. These are adorable.

Re: "Springing" for the Wine...

How creative! I love these! Best wishes with your new venture!

Re: Valentine Fun

Okay, this makes want to start collecting vintage Valentines! Very clever.

Re: Putting a Little Light on the Subject!

This is really cool....I love how the cupholders are all different styles.

Re: What To Do With A Thing-a-ma-jig

The piece itself is so cool, but your addition of the key and crystal bling, along with the black & white photo make it perfect!


This is the most elegant looking fish tank I've ever seen! I love what you've done to it!

Re: Musical Revamp

How cool that you used her favorite songs! I love your version of this.

Re: Testing my metal. aka Testing my mettle!

LOVE this table! What else you got in that stash?!

Re: Hey, Hey, Hey . . . It's a Holiday Hay Rack!

I love this Lani! Makes me want to go search my parents' farm and get ready for Christmas!

Re: Junk on "Parade"

Your rehabbed pieces look great! I especially love the apple juicer. Best wishes with the tour!

Re: Clean-up that Yard With a Little Junk!

Lanette, your junky yard is just perfect! Great inspiration....I especially love the motel chairs and the green chair!

Re: The French Flea Occassional Market Place

Looks fabulous Gretchen and Lani! I know you'll find great success with this venture! Keep us posted on the results!

Re: "Vintage Redesign Take 2"

Another great design Gretchen! Love it!

Re: Wine cabinet

This is beautiful...nice job on the finish!

Re: Happy Easter & Welcome to our Booth!

Your booth looks great Kathy! Part of the fun will be going back and re-arranging after selling your items! Best wishes!

Re: It's "time" for spring...and cloches!

These are gorgeous vignettes Andrea! Great eye candy for spring fever!


NDJunkGirl...you never cease to amaze me! You can come and dress up my mantel anytime....just gotta get me one!

Re: It's 'Sew' Easy To Pretty Your Home

I LOVE the zipper and buckle around the fabulous pitcher of tulips! And the old bias tape...so many uses! Very clever!

Re: Finally got our "things" together...or as I like to say, got our "junk" together!

I love the look that using all those old doors gives to your space. Looks to be some great treasures there. Good luck with your venture!

Re: Piano Bar

I think you should have kept this one for yourself!! This is the best example of repurposing I've seen! It's beautiful.

Re: JennyK's Office Re-Junking Part #3

How cool is that? A gurney for a side table! My favorite is the metal cart that houses your printer and paper goods! Very creative!

Re: Old Doors

This is the best use of old doors for a headboard that I've ever seen! Looks great!

Re: Simple Piano Roll Projects

I LOVE the tray with the wine bottle, glasses and candles! Very "black tie" appearance! And the lamp shade is ingenious!

Re: Kitchen Redo

What a gorgeous transformation! You would never know that was wallpaper! Thanks for sharing the source.

Re: Kitchen Redo

What a gorgeous transformation! You would never know that was wallpaper! Thanks for sharing the source.