Ocean, NJ, US

My name is Frank. I am from New Jersey
(not the Jersey Shore you see on MTV) and have lived here my whole life. I am a chef by day and picker by night. I have been cooking since high school and my passion and creativity for cooking has extended into my love of junking and picking. This love must have originated from my Mom because as a young kid I can remember her stopping the van at the side of the road on the way home from school to make a pick. I would slouch my head down so that my classmates walking home did not know it was my Mom. Often as I was trying to hide she would be yelling Frank, come help me from the curb as she was hauling a piece of furniture or outdoor toy set into the back of our Windstar. I look back on this memory now and laugh as I am stopping at the side of the road with my wife and son in the car and packing items into my SUV. My son is too young to know what I am doing but I am sure in a few years I will be embarassing him as my Mom did to me.

I have no shame in my game and often find my best items on bulk night in my town and surrounding areas. I look for anything that catches my eye or inspires a project however, the items I am more into are what I call Man-tiques such as gas cans or anything made of metal (lol). I am also into Shabby Chic and like items with a rustic or cottage feel.

Gender: Male

Birthday: 05/25/1984

Member Since: 08/17/2011

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food crate ottoman

I had this crate for a long time now, but it had to go on the back burner like so much other stuff lol. A while back, I ask for your help and the choice was clearly the burlap material. Sorry it took...

chain table

I found the glass in the i designed the chain links and i had a friend wield it up for coat of spary poly and it was all done.I hope you like it.

red oak has new life

My friend gave me some oak boards he said they where use to ship heavy equipment.This what i came up with.I hope you like it.

Reclaimed Door Hall Tree

This coat rack/shoe rack is made up on an existing shelf I had at home, along with an old door I picked, and an old bed frame. I attached everything together to make the coat and shoe rack. The door...

best job interview ever

I was on my way to a job interview and i missed my my gps rerouted me,it had me turn down a lil side street..and there was these three jems.So i did what any jms member would do..get out in...

Light it Up

I had a lot of these parts in my garage. I wasn't sure what I was going to make until I bought the gas can. I then began building off of that. I've built table top lamps before and I really wanted to...

Door Bench

I had a lot of fun doing this project although it took me a lot of time. I began this project and then found JMS and it made me want to step my game up a little bit because of all the creativity I...

JMS I need help

hello I am going to make an ottoman out of this old packing crate. What fabric do you like, or neither one. As always, thank for your comments and opinions. Frankie.j    

piano bench

i found this piano bench in the trash and gave it some new life.

soda crate light

this was a old pepsi crate I had and i made it into a light.

desk light

I found the part you put the coffee in on a restaurant coffee maker. I reversed   the metal insert and just started building off that.I had this old electric switch box just waiting for a...

doors ,any ideas for me?

I found these two doors and i need some new fresh ideas.I just made a hutch/bench out of one.But then i found these two.I want to keep them lookin like that but iam up for any suggestion and any...

spice rack

I found these old rack at work,I ddint know waht to do with them untill i was work on  other project.I had  part of a door i cut and then i put 2 and 2 gather to get a cool lookin spice...

babys room

I had a idea about this,so i went on line and didnt realy find the thing i was looking for,but thats a good thing lol.We got the curtains and bedding from pottery parn kids,then i took it from there.

outside creations

I love finding trash and makeing it art.

shut the cork up

My mom gave me this old frame,I think it had a mirror in it at one time.Iam a chef and i allways save corks,so I put 2 and 2 together.Hope you like it.

tire flower

hello this is my frist post. this was very fun to make,but it will take a bit of mussel

Recent comments

Re: food crate ottoman

Thanks for all the nice comments.

Re: chain table

Thanks Jim I paint stuff for my buddy john all the time...That way(lol) I know I can count on him to weld anything I can come up with. It

Re: Upcycled Desk Made From Dismantled Piano Parts

This is awesome.i like the use of what i think was a old chip rack.

Re: Light it Up

mrflannery i think it was from some kinda industrial exhaust fans and the top was off a old water heater.

Re: Rocket Automatic Fish Scaler Lamps

i love these.Awesome

Re: Bathroom Remodel - Ball Jar Soap Dispenser

I'm going to make one too! Great idea!

Re: best job interview ever

Thanks! I was excited about my finds. Waiting to find out if I recieved the re location job.

Re: Outdoors Going Green

I love that clock did you make that?,everything looks great

Re: Upcycled Vintage Canvas Bin Side Table

Brian it came out looking great, that room is going to be sweet. I have one of them canvas bin too; I was going to cut the canvas off it and use it to cover some thing. However, after see yours it back to the drawing board.

Re: Door Bench

Thanks everyone!

Re: Final Destination - 1956 Plymouth Fury Hood Ornament

thats awesome.

Re: Welcome to my office

its not letting me complete my post ,anyway I love the room

Re: Steamer Trunk Bookcase

Awesome,What a cool project

Re: desk light

Thanks all

Re: Flamingo junk......

I love it.....I have to make one now...tonight lol
just kidding.This is realy cool.

Re: doors ,any ideas for me?

thank you for all the comment and ideas.I dont know yet but i should get started soon.

Re: doors ,any ideas for me?

I love the mirror idea that would be cool.

Re: doors ,any ideas for me?

thats sounds good ....ill have to find some old floor boards or some kind of reclaimed wood.

Re: Drum Table Redone

That really came out great.

Re: Upcycled Light Fixtures

I love the box graters.....that's right up my alley.very cool

Re: Upcycled Red Metal Hard Hat Lighted Bird House

very cool

Re: Truck Transformation

so made flowers look tough.