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Small town girl who loves junk. When my son went off to college I filled the space (time) up with flea markets and garage sales. The trash to treasure just keeps comin.

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Re: Very distressed Chest of drawers minus 1!

How about a bathroom vanity. You would need a fake front over the missing drawer, cut a whole in the top for a sink or if it is short use a vessel sink to add height. One could build your whole bathroom design around a piece like this. Jammy

Re: Crestliner Chest w/ Buick Grill Center and Working Tailights!

All of your posts are really great and very diferent. So, you live in Pittsburg, Ks? My son is a senior at PSU and I am in Pittsburg often. Do you have a shop in Pittsburg? Love all your cool stuff. Jammy

Re: "Zipper Flowers"

What a great way to use some old zippers. You can find zippers cheap, cheap, cheap. I'm gonna make some for my neices. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Happy May Day!

Has anyone said "Flea for All" yet?


Re: Lone Star

Love, love, love this idea. I run across these belts all the time. You must have strong hands, those belts would be hard to cut. Jammy

Re: "Modern Art Inspired" Revamped Dresser

Wow! I thought it was a frig covered in pictures. I didn't realize it was a dresser until I opened your supporting pictures. Very cool.

Re: Corbel "Book" Shelf

Wow! I love it! I can't wait to do a version of this. Great Idea. Jammy