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Bicycle Lamp Revisited

This is a project that I have done before as a holiday decoration, but this time I made it for use in your home all year long.


While on a shopping trip with my BFF, I spied this candy mold. Now I thought it would be great for her new home but much to my dismay, and moments later my delight, it did nothing for all! So...

Musical Christmas Trees

When I came up with a musical theme for my Company Christmas party decorations, I found that some sheet music wrapping paper (I am sure that you could use real sheet music too), three cardboard cones...

Kithchen of the Blue Island

I found this old cabinet at a junk shop in town the guy said it came from a really old bar (that smelled true). It was pretty beat up but just the right size. I snatched it up for $180.00 and took it...

The Beauty of THREAD

I know that we have all run across tons of thread, right? Wooden spools, with vibrant colors, tangled together in bags or boxes at evey tag sale, thrift store and sometimes in your own house. I...

Rust and Light

I found this funky little rusty lamp the other day. All I had to do was clean it up and rewire it. I had never seen one like this before and couldn't wait to get it up and running. I changed some...

Industrial/Cottage Wreath

An old cable on a reel with the added softness of vintage porcelain flowers bring together two of my favorite things. Industrial and cottage. I actually am more of a cottage girl these days than...

A Little Birdie Told Me....

While on recent trip I made this for my friend that will be having a son in the very near future. Inspired by the fabric she chose for the nursery, I came up with this project to add to the whimsy of...

A Smooth Place To Hang Your Hat

I found these three cement trowels at the flea market and loved the way the handles were open so you could use them to hang something from. After cleaning them up a bit and finding an old piece of a...

Rainy Day Sale At Georgia Moon

Getting ready for this sale was a huge challenge with the fierce weather we have been having here in California. I know...I've got it easier than most around the country but no matter where you live...

How to Make A Paris Lamp

This is a lamp that I found at the local thrift store. I wasn't crazy for the fringe so it had to go!

Christmas with Georgia

Well, it is starting to look a lot like Christmas here in California

An OLD Vanity makes a come-back!

I found this poor old vanity up in Washington State last month and even though it had no drawers or mirror I was drawn to the beautiful Aqua and Cream colors. I knew I wouldn't change the paint in...

I Had a "LIGHT BULB" Moment

I found this old light cage and bulb cover at a barn sale in Cayucos Ca. (Sue's favorite place) and knew I could do lots of things with it. Here are a couple of ways to use them ..together and apart...

RC Cola Cooler Turns Over a New Leaf

When I bought this old rusty RC Cola cooler I thought I might use it as a drink cooler at a party or BBQ, but soon realized it had a better future, becoming a potting station. With old hooks...

Trundling Along

I bought this old, low trundle bed at a yard sale and took the springs off the box, and like Candy, a while ago, decided to make a message board of sorts. You can use it for hanging almost anything...

Old Mother Hubbard

I made two laundry room organizers out of one old ironing board.

Witch Hazel Barrel Top Table

When I found this barrel top a while back I knew it would make a beautiful table.

Georgia Moon's First Occasional Sale

My very first Occasional Sale starts 7/11/09. Here's a sneak preview.

How to Make a Table from Cardboard Scrap

This proves that you shouldn't EVER throw anything away!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- Contributor Challenge

My LP challenge was really FUN. Just the way I like it.

Junk Market Centerpiece

This is the centerpiece that I came up with for the AMAZING Junk Market Pot Luck Dinner.

Antique Sale FUN!!

Here are some pictures of my booth at the Antique sale last weekend.

Mothers Day Junk Too

Inspired by Candy I did a couple of Mothers day arrangements with Junk found today at the Thrift Store.

Greetings from Project Land

Here are a few of the projects that I have been working on for my upcoming Antique Sale.

Howdy Pardner

I got this fabulous old Thermos box my junk swap "pardner", Maggie.

Cast Iron Stove Picture Frame

Parts of several Cast Iron Stoves make ornate picture frames.

Sterno Burners are NOT just for Tea.

Sterno burners go from camp-out to home accessories.

Picket Fence Planter

Springtime planter for the garden.

Industrial Can Lamp

I made this lamp out of an old can and combined it with a feminine shade.

Ready To WORK

I finally got my project room done enough that I can start getting things done in there.


I got these letters from Miss Jenny K. and mounted them above the door to my new project room....which isn't quite done.

Idustrial/ Architectural Room Divider

I used some architectural and industrial elements to devise a room divider between the kitchen and one of the rooms in the shop.

Keeping Time With the "Rhythm" of Life

This is my entry to the Big Challenge!

Presto Change-o

A little adjustment and it goes from a coffee filter to a candle holder.

Super Sunny Sunday Swap at the Sunset

Just some things I picked up at the Sunset Drive In Swap Meet that I attend or a regular basis

How to Make a shelf out of a Infants bed

I took this old infant bed, someone called it a field crib, but I turned it into a nifty shelving unit.

How to Make a Valentine's Day Planter.

Here I took an old galvanized insert and made it pretty in pink.

How to make Your Bathroom Tolerable on a Budget

This bathroom was something out of a nightmare, so a little paint...etc goes a long way.

A Precious Gift

I received this wonderful Wisdom Gal from Jenny K last night and I love her and will cherish her forever!

I've Pulled Another Wheelie

Another use for a neat old wheel.

Merry Christmas

Just a little post to wish all my friends a Merry Christmas!

Froggy for Bryn

This frog got a make-over for my niece Bryn. She's gonna LOVE this!

Baby it's cold outside

I dressed my bottle for the chilly weather.

V is for Victoria

I have successfully infected my brother Michael with the junk art bug. Check this out...

Giant Whisk Light Fixture

I made this after seeing Kimberly's great idea. I found this at a yard sale soon after and this is my fixture.

Ollie and Candie Light up our lives.

I went with an electrical theme for these collars and added Christmas bulbs for the Holidaze!

How to Make a Christmas Candelabra

Just another twist on a hanging candelabra all dressed up for a festive holiday occasion.

A little Elbow Grease

I found this buffet and scrubbed, cleaned and waxed it and it's not too bad!

Big Giant Pulley Wreath...For Candy

WOW this is a BIG ole wreath!

Fun with Buttons

Thanks to the last two button posts I have now become obsessed with making button bouquets!

A Silver and Black far

Here are just a few of my Christmas Decorations. We Are starting with a Classic Silver and Black theme...I promise we will add more color later.

First Christmas Project

I'm just getting started on my display items for Christmas. So I'm starting with an easy one!

Sewing Table Deconstructed

By taking apart this unusual sewing table I am able to make two sets of storage drawers.

Junking on a TUESDAY???

I hit some cool Salvage yards in Santa Barbara yesterday. Too much fun!

I've Pulled Another Wheelie

Another project for a wheel.

New Bathroom Shelf

I am re-doing my bathroom here at the shop. More bathroom projects to come before the big reveal!

Advice needed for project

I need some advice on how to cut out the center of a tin ceiling tile.

A Mini Holiday Project

This ones a quickie...but cute

Rust Brothers No More

My favorite Junk store closes it's doors!

The Ups and Downs of a junking Weekend

A short junking story.

Trailer Trash Ball

Our good friend Stephanie hosted the Ball on Saturday Oct. 11th and it is called the Trailer Trash Ball because they restore old vintage trailers. The trailers were there for all of us to see and we all came dressed for the occasion. Check out the photos and you'll see that it really was a BALL!

In the "Pink" Garden Sign

I took an old headboard and painted it a vibrant pink to make a bold statement. I used dark green vinyl letters to spell out "Garden". I was inspired to do this project for all the women that...

Old Ashtray Stand/ New Flower Stand

Hi there. This is an old ashtray stand that I had and when I saw the post with the paper cones of candy in the condiment tray I thought of this. I had used all the other parts in another project so...

Sunday Swap meet

My best gal pal and I hit the swap meet this morning and here are a few of my finds. I'm using the chairs in my own home since I am going in  a more retro/industrial direction in my home. I...

My Fall Junk Exchange gift

First of all my thanks go out to Jessica for sending me this great "Fall Junk Exchange" gift. She took an old covered, hinged silver dish and inside is a beautiful nest with the cutest little birdie...


Check this out...I recieved this beautiful necklace from Rachel (vintagemama) today, and it's not even my birthday! Not sure what I did to deserve such a great gift but I sure am happy about it. It...

Georgia Moon at the Fair

I had an especially good time at the Antique show. I sold a lot of my things but you never know what is going to be the hot ticket. This time it seemed to be my bigger, pricier items that sold the...

Ruby Rose

Our friends Stephanie and Deanna always pull off a great booth or sale wherever it is. They have fabulous merchandising skills and a good eye for bargains. Needless to say they were very popular with...

Three Speckled Hens Show

Well the Three Speckled Hens Antique Show went off without a hitch and everyone there had a really good time. Lots of shoppers and lots of eggs laid at this party. The weather was great...

A birdhouse with a twist

Whether the birds are going South for the winter or just camping in your front yard, this little travel trailer birdhouse is super cute. I met Ken and Sue Burns at their booth and they had an amazing...

Picket Fence mirror/shelf

This was the last project I had to finish before the sale and I got 'er done today. I bought this old mirror at the swap meet and decided to hang it on something as a background. Couldn't find just...

Spools, spools, spools

Here's a use for about 30 of the 50 million spools I have. I drilled holes through the top and bottom of each spool and ran a long piece of floral wire through each hole...kinda like sewing. I...

Vantiy is ready to go

When I first saw this vanity, I liked the delicate lines but it was whatcha call a "Hot Mess'' Cardboard shelves??? Anyway I got rid of those right away. Sanded it and sprayed it a clean glossy white...

Another Cheese Grater

I had too many cheese graters so I hooked em together added some letters and stuck it out in my "garden" (and I use that term loosely) One piece of advice...don't ever ask several people to keep an...

CHeese Grater Contest

Here is my contest entry. Surprise, surprise...I went for pretty instead of useful. Never fails huh? Well, what I did is this... I got a flat grater at a thrift store. Added a nutmeg grinder with the...

Swap Meet Sunday

Well it was a good time at the old swap meet this morning. I love my red and white table, and the chairs will be beautiful when I am done with them. only spent about $150 and saw a lot of my friends...

Jewelry Caddy

I turned this old suit jacket holder into a jewelry caddy. I cut the hanger part off with my handy saw, had a plexiglass lid cut to fit and used old hinges and an old knob to make the door. I cut a...

The BEE-mixed media collage

I made this collage on a small canvas and it may be hard to see all the details but I like the soft colors. I took an old funky  (not cool at all) frame and decopaged floral napkins on it . My...

Lookie what I bought

Ok this is the question...anybody got any GREAT ideas on what to make out of this? I was thinking coffee table or maybe I could take the legs off and put shelves in it and hang it on the wall? I...

Hanging Trivet Candle

Sometimes even an old trivet and some rusty chain can be made into something feminine and girly. I used epoxy to glue the fancy glass dish to the trivet and added crystals and a beautiful candle. See...

Recent comments

Re: One of My Best Finds Ever! The Original 1940s Building Permit for My Home

Ok Jim, the find was pretty impressive but your frame design is incredible! I love that you can see both sides of the documents and just think of all the different things you can do with it!
Vintage Christmas, a menu at a dinner party, a photo gallery, some of your drawings...the list is endless!! I am sure you will come up with inventive ways to use it over the years...that is if you want to change it from your cool house stuff!!!
Very, very cool!

Re: Antique Ladder "Christmas Tree"

Wow, well said Geneen!!! I won't be nearly as eloquent but I too am impressed with your ability to take your vision and turn it into something so unique and creative. I can only imagine the places this "tree" has been and I can't imagine a place more perfect! If someone told me they were going to do this I would think it might be kinda hokey, but you put class into everything you do!

Merry Christmas my friend!

Re: JUNK Beautiful: Furniture Refreshed is in the Can!

OMG I am SO excited to see what you have gotten up to with this one. I have never had so much fun as when I got to help with your last one. I will NEVER forget any of the shoots I got to work on with you and Doug...creative masters!!!

Re: Vintage Soda Sign

Well who doesn't love a frosty font? I know I do. You have enhanced so many old signs without ever once taking away from the integrity of the piece. They always look like the whole piece is vintage...super cool.


Re: Garden Shed Shelf

Hey Jim, once again you pulled another winner out of your hat! The finish turned out just the way you wanted it to...Old and sun baked! You've got a LOT of old neat gardening stuff too. As always I am impressed with your talent and creativity!

Re: Industrial Laundry Crate Table

Well, this turned out amazing!! I love the color and the contrast with the wall color. Once again you took new materials and aged them to perfection!

Re: Vintage Hamper Stand

Well, it certainly looks authentic!!! I love that you do research to make sure that it is true to the era! The graphics are incredible, the colors are awesome, and the style just screams 50 Laundromat!!! Your client will LOVE this!!


Re: Farmhouse Style Shelf

Oh Jim, this piece is fabulous! I love the color, the shape, the photos...the EVERYTHING!!!! Your version just pops off the beadboard and the styling for the photo is incredible. The simplicity and beauty of the first photo is magazine worthy! Once again I can't say enough about your talent and ability to create something that looks like it has been around for decades!


Re: Balloon Inflator Lamp are incredible. What a great find! And somehow you always have the perfect items to make a fantastic vignette!! The hose reel does look like a Ferris Wheel.... and that SIGN!!!
The lamp is amazing. I am trying to figure out how you did it...but that's nothing new, I'm always trying to figure out how you do everything!!! So glad to hear you rebuilt the electrical components...nothing spoils a day at the Carnival like an electrocution!!!

Once again you have shown us all how it is done!!!
Absolutely LOVE it,

Re: "The Best Thing to Hold onto in Life is Each Other".

Hey Jim,

What a sweet and true sentiment!! And what a great idea to use that foundry mold to hold all of those antique bottles. I love how it looks like one big bouquet but when you look closer you can see the bottles inside. You always do the most beautiful and romantic Valentines Day projects. I look forward to them every year!

Happy Valentines Day to YOU!!!

Re: A New Twist on an Old Idea

I think I can honestly say that you would put a succulent in anything! and it works every damn time!!! Super cute Idea...


Re: I'm getting ready for the Holidays!

Sue, your color choices are always amazing and I love the way you put simple things together to make a big impact! Lovely as always!


Re: Happy New Year!

I forgot to say this...I love all the photos, cuz I can see all the cool stuff in the background!!!

Re: Happy New Year!

Well Jim,
This is the coolest drink tray that I have ever seen. I can't believe that it fit so perfectly inside of the crate. The texture the mold brings to the piece is fantastic!!! I can just see you serving drinks in your fabulous house and everyone going crazy for that tray!!! What a great idea you had when you saw this! Here's to an even more amazing year, full of adventure, fun and MORE projects like this one!!!

BTW...what time should Geneen and I arrive?


Re: ~Merry Christmas

Oh Jim, It is just so gorgeous. You always add the the right touch to all your creations! Every layer just adds to the next. The patina and colors are muted, soft and warm. The steam pipe valve is awesome and the graphics on the boxes are classic. You are one of a kind my friend!!!

Merry Christmas,

Re: ~Christmas Mantel

Jim, I'm you're friend, right? I would LOVE to have this awesome piece anywhere in my house. I will find a place for the next one Ok? Although I know this is a rare beauty..... a girl can always have her fantasies.



Well, I can't believe another year has gone by already. I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. I know I am so thankful for all the blessings in my life and all my fantastic friends!!!

Enjoy your Holiday!

Re: The Re-Wrecking of One of My Previously Wrecked Armoires

Well Jimmy all I can say is that nobody can re-wreck something as well as you can re-wreck something. You are a man of many talents and taking something old and making it better is one of them, even it the old thing is something that you made! It was awesome before but I LOVE the new color! What is it? Not that I, or anyone, could buy the color and make it look like THAT!!! Thank you for sharing how you can take something fantastic and make it word!

Love it,

Re: Autumnal people feeder

I love projects that are so creative and easy. It really does evoke the feeling of the season!

Re: Coffee Table

Hey Bill,
This is an incredible piece. Love the pattern it creates when collapsed...and the wheels!


Re: Vintage School Map

WOW!!!What a fantastic addition to your home. It is beautiful and I love old maps. You did such an awesome job with the lettering and frame. It looks as old as that map...which is ancient since it was there when YOU went to school!!! hahaha! Great piece Jimmy!!!


Re: What say you Mr. Healy?

I didn't know that they used to wrap blueprints in bags..never have seen that before. Some old originals would be super cool. Jim, do you have some?

Re: It's a Reel Lamp

Nice to see some of these great old projects revisited. This was always one of my faves!

Re: Starrett Micrometer Mirrors...What?


I love mirrors. The way that they reflect the rest of the room makes for some awesome photos! The boxes are fantastic and I would have never thought to add mirrors to them. But that is what you do...come up with things the rest of us don't even see. The are great additions to the mantle with the rectangular frames and the round clock ALL works!!!


Re: How to Create Bread Board Art

Hi Sue!
I love your flower. You always know just how to layer your bits and pieces to make something have such texture and interest! Super CUTE!!!


Re: Old Wooden Shoe Forms and Stretchers


This is truly incredible and looks so perfect in your home. The warm tones of the forms, the distressed metal, and painted wood go together like they were made at the same time. I know that is what you strive for but very few can achieve the look the way you do! I would never think to put something like in my home but seeing it all together is just so beautiful. You are an amazing artist with such great talent!!!


Re: Tepee Lamp

Wow Jimmy, this is so great!! I love the simplicity, but it has such stylish do you do that? I can only imagine how happy your clients are with this. When someone asks you to create a piece, they must know how amazing you are at taking a theme and brining it to life without being cheesy! No one else could make a Teepee lamp look so authentically retro!

You are AMAZING!!!

Re: "all" Bucket Floor Lamp

WoW this will look so awesome in a vintage laundry room. What could be more perfect? ALL the little details are amazing, the cord, the hanger, and especially the base. I always love to see when you put your painting and graphics on a piece. It really personalizes it and makes it even more unique! You have a talent that can't be replicated by ANYONE!!! Can't wait to see the hamper...


Re: Reclaim, Restore, Rejoice!

Very, very nice little missy! This gives me something to do with the metal hoop I have had kickin' around for ages! Thanks for the inspiration!

Love ya,

Re: ~Happy Valentine's Day

Jimmy, I always look forward to your Valentine's Day projects. They are always a LOT romantic, a little rustic, cleverly done, beautiful to look at and they make my heart go....ahhhh. You put so much of your heart into them that all us women on the site wish we were getting them as gifts! Great job my friend!!!

Re: Washstand Harp with a twist

These have always been pretty easy to come by and have lots of uses...Love yours!

Re: Puppet Theater

Oooh Suzi, YOU could make the puppets. They would be awesome I am sure!!!

Re: Puppet Theater

This clown is terrifying! The puppet theater on the other hand is totally awesome! It looks exactly like a carnival from days gone by. I am always so amazed at how great you are in creating any look, feel, era, or state of abuse. Why am I always amazed, because you can do anything! Always meticulously done and perfect in every way!


Re: Ugly Entry Closet to Mini "Mud Room"

Laurel, you did an amazing job turning this into such a stylish, fun, and useful area! Great ideas...and some pretty great stuff too!

Re: Ugly Entry Closet to Mini "Mud Room"

Laurel, you did an amazing job turning this into such a stylish, fun, and useful area! Great ideas...and some pretty great stuff too!

Re: Keep Celebrating Winter

If this really cool display was in a store, I'd buy it ALL!!!

Re: Washboard Organizer

Well this is just super awesome. No wonder it sold right away!

Re: Cottage Style Mirror

Hey Jim,
I want to tell you just how much inspiration and entertainment you have provided to us over the years. You always make me want to do a better job. You have taught me to pay closer attention to many things such as: scale, finish, details, craftsmanship, usefulness, and to follow your instincts! I have watched through the years as you have proven over and over again that you have a special talent which I can learn from but not duplicate. Good enough for me!!!
As for the entertainment aspect of your posts, they are always well written, witty and amusing. I don't know how you could get better than that....and then you do!
I will always look forward to your creations, the process of bringing your ideas to fruition, and your never-ending sense of humor.

Thank you JIM!

Re: A Winter Wonderland Mantel

Always amazing!

Re: A Little Girl Approach to Christmas

Festive and FUN!!! Love the colors you used and the "bling" of course!

Re: Oil Pan Mirror

WOW! Jimmy this is so awesome! When I look at the original piece, I see a fabulous crusty, old pan, which is something that I would love and want to buy, what I wouldn't see is this fabulous mirror! I know for a fact that you see the finished piece in your mind within seconds...that is a special talent. The addition of the string is a great detail. Pretty amazing stuff here!

Re: Recycled wooden Christmas trees

I LIKE em.

Re: Two Repurposed Sewing Machine Drawer Holiday Card Holders

Brian, these turned out great! Such a cute idea.

Re: Christmas Industrial Gear Part Two

Super adorable and creative!!!

Re: Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

Why of course we all love is awesome and will look so great in your home. I found 2 really big old vintage ones once, which I sold in the shop. Luckily for me a great friend bought one and I get to marvel at it every year! Great gift!!!

Re: Christmas Uncluttered

Your combination of subtle color, lots of texture and shape makes this a perfect little Holiday centerpiece. I really love how the doily looks with the concrete! Lovely.

Re: A Christmas Stocking for E

I love your Christmas ideas on wrapping, stockings, and decorations! They are always fresh, beautiful and full of creative detail

Re: Locker Basket Piano Bench Cabinet

Wouldn't this be great in a laundry room...or just about anywhere else!

Re: Industrial Christmas Wreath, JUNKMARKET Style

Very, very cool Sue! You can always come up with something "round" in your house..then your super ability to make plants and scavenged items just takes over! Beautiful.

Re: Bicycle Lamp Revisited

OMG, I haven't thought of this in a long time! I surely do miss the days when I had the shop. I could do as many projects as I could think up back then. Always on the look out for cool junk and transforming it into useful and beautiful things. I think that I sold everything that I made. I don't have any of those things left. What an experience and an awesome adventure! Maybe someday I will get to do more. Thank you guys for your comments...makes me feel like I am still in the game!

Re: Custom Triple Locker Storage Cabinet

Brian, this is really great! I love the simplicity of it. Would love to have something like this in my mud room....if I HAD a mudroom.

Re: Antique Corbel Lamp

WOW, wow, wow!!! This is awesome. I love all the little details and I am still amazed by what you did with the cord. That was very creative, splitting the wires and adding the insulators, I would have never thought of that. But that is why you are you and I am not. Another fantastic lamp and an inspiration for all of us to take our projects just a little bit farther and add some unexpected details to make them special.


Re: The Lady is a Vamp!

Ok, this is truly frightening. Which is a testament to your talent considering how sweet she looked before you got ahold of her! How can you sleep at night?

Re: Resurrecting the Past ~ Scaffolding Plank Table

Well, Jim you have done it again. You brought some old pieces and your amazing talent together for one awesome table. You have fantastic woodworking skills but throw in the metal fabrication and you can't lose! Oh yeah and your incredible talent for puns help make a great post!

Great job and well worth the wait!

Re: Dressers with Broken Drawers. No Problemo.

Wow, this is an amazing transformation!

Re: Telephone shelf

Pretty darn cool!

Re: Rust and Wood and Junk -OH MY

OH-MY is CORRECT!!! This is super awesome and I love the way it turned out!!! Really great job!

Re: Storm door insert window frame

I think you are right, it did turn out really well!

Re: Happy Autumn!

Who wouldn't be thrilled to find a toolbox that distressed in that COLOR!!! This is PERFECT. You always decorate in such a simple but stylish way.

I don't even consider it Fall until we start seeing your incredible displays for the season!


Re: A Shabby Little Adventure!

GREAT transformation! You did a awesome job...but you always do.

Re: "If these thing could talk, what would it say?"

It. Is. Awesome.

Re: The Wedding Bar is Open

How cute is this???

Re: Lantern with Succulents

I love this! What a great idea.

Re: How to Present a Wedding Guest Book

Really, really cool Miss Sue!

Re: Beware The Zamboni Brushes !!!

Super, crazy awesome.

Re: Vintage Wedding Reception

Lots and lots of great ideas we could incorporate into any kind of party!

Re: Cottage Style Mirror

Jim, This will fit right into a breezy airy home. It's wood, but it doesn't look heavy. The light finish is perfect and the distressing is.....well, you. You continue to show us how it is done.

Great job!!!

Re: Vintage Curio Cabinet

Well, well Jimmy James!!! That is so awesome! I have never seen such detailed and perfect distressing! Every imperfection is..well, perfect. Love the color and the simplicity of the cabinet, but the technique you have for making something look as if it has been pulled out of an old cabin is amazing!! Once again you show us how it is supposed to be done. Can't wait to see the white mirror next!!!

Re: Mirror, Mirror in the Garden

Nice. Very nice!

Re: #2 ...Chicken Feeder with Wheat Grass

This is SUPER cute!!!

Re: Piano Pantry

What a fabulous idea!! These old pianos are so cool but unless you take them apart for pieces there is not much you can do with them...until now. Great job, it looks great!

Re: Twenty years in the "re-making"...and it's finally all "laced" up!

Very very pretty. I have been looking for a way to use up all my hoarded lace! You are awesome!

Re: Bone art

Amazing what can be found when you take the time to look around. Plus, what a great way to bond with your daughter!!

Re: Child's vanity

This is awesome! Next time you need to tell us the steps to achieve something like this, not that I could do it, but I'd like to know how you can!

Re: Pallet/Wine Cork Key Holders

This is a great project!I It looks like you are new to the site so I want to welcome you. Be sure to keep us posted on all your creative ideas!

Re: She Got Wheels. And She Knows How to Use Them...

Well let's see...first of all, WELCOME to the family, I know you will be an awesome pair to watch and get to know. Secondly. I love the story, it just makes you believe that dreams do come true. I've come close and I'm still dreaming. AND last but not in any way the least is the TABLE!!! Dang but that is cool! WOW what a great way to be introduced. I can't wait to see what else you guys will put together!!

Re: Guess What This Little Number Is?

I am with Jim on this one. It is one of my favorite pieces EVER, but I won't spoil the surprise! Plus I am just a little familiar with the prize too!!!! Have fun guessing!!!

Re: Doors! Who doesn't love Doors??!!??

Awesome as always!

Re: Gem of a find

I'd stack a few of them for a lamp base! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Re: Another Industrial Pieces Lamp

Super industrial lamp! I love the shade, and the story about the base is awesome!
Thanks for sharing this great project!

Re: Jazzed-Up Vintage Milk Glass Cake Plate

I love this because you can still change it up...for holidays, birthdays, any days.

Very nice,

Re: Recycled table top to hanging lighted rack

Wow. All these elements worked so perfectly together! Great project.

Re: Rustic Sign

Your friend must have LOVED this gift!!! It is thoughtful and perfect.

Re: My Whimsical Wonderland

These are fantastical!!!

Re: Happy New Year, Baby!

Gosh this is the first time I have been able to log in all year. Great to see one of your creations! Hope you are having a great new year...Your baby is amazing. I would have never thought to do something like this.

Re: My first retirement DIY project

Happy Retirement! We will be expecting lots more cool projects from not on!!!


Re: Galvanized metal pub table

Not bad for 2$!!! I love the phrase "I bought a pile of assorted goods at a garage sale"! I haven't been to a garage sale in MONTHS!! Missing that. Thanks for sharing your finds with us,

Re: Industrial steel cart

LOVE the industrial look!

Re: Shopping cart table

Really neat old cart! Good job, thanks for sharing,

Re: Mason Jar Hot Cocoa Bar

This is pretty darn cute!! And tasty too. Fun and festive!

Re: Otto the Nutcracker

You MADE Otto???? Wow! This is awesome. Fabulous job.

Re: Toast the Holidays with a Ball Jar Goblet

Well Girl! It is about time we get to see some of your talent and creativity! You are an amazing artist and I am sure that you do a lot of things that could be shared with us. So please keep 'em coming! This is so beautiful, anyone would be happy to toast the holidays in this setting!
Merry Christmas!!!

Re: Deck the Halls with Ball Jars of Holly

Every year we all wait to see what you will come up with! You have so much Christmas Spirit. Where in the world do you come up with all of this stuff? a Christmas tree made of roses??? Wow!! It is Unique, Festive, Timeless and Romantic!! The box of lights in the back has fantastic graphics and the photos are always so well done. It is layer upon layer of vintage cool!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

Re: 3 Shades of Christmas Tree.

OMG!!! This is so darn CUTE!! I really love this and can see so many ways to personalize it. Depending on your taste, and what you have on hand, it could turn out so many ways. Thank you for sharing this idea.

Re: Mason Jar Christmas Tree

Very Very cool. Good job!

Re: Awesome picks in my last junkin' rounds

Very cool haul! I am sure you can use all of that amazing stuff!

Jim, I wanted to claim the blue valve too, although I don't know what I'd do with it!!!

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Re: Spindle Christmas Tree

Pretty cool stuff!

Re: 1950's Kitchen Cart


Re: Is it really just an ironing board though?

Pretty incredible stuff here. That is a LOT of work!

Re: Baseboard Flip

This is so great....What a piece of wood! Don't you love it when you run across something like this that is so awesome!!!

Great job,

Re: JOY in a jar

Super cute. Love the jingle bells in the jars!

Re: Can anyone guess what this is used for?

Jim, I have NO idea what this is but you got some pretty good guesses. It is super cool looking and I am sure that you can come up with something amazing! We will be waiting for your Christmas project too!

Re: Mason Jar Challenge

Great paint job for an 8 year old. This one is a keeper!

Re: Mason Jar Challenge Project

Really cool idea to do the mercury glass finish!

Re: Another Ball Jar Idea...

Well these little gals are adorable! What a cute idea.
You are so awesome,

Re: Shabby Chic Vintage Pedestal Vanity/Desk and Chair

Fabulous pretty!

Re: Iron Pipe Lamp

Love the gramophone horn. I have only seen them as hanging lamps. Good job.

Re: Junk in the Trunk Tree

What a super cute and clever idea! And each one will look different depending on what you have around the house. Love it.

Re: Christmas Napkin Rings in a Jiffy

So adorable. I love this look and like you easy. Happy Holidays my friend! I know we have many more of your super projects coming our way. Wouldn't be Christmas without them!
Love you,

Re: Repurposed Vintage Simplex Timeclock & Flashlight Lamp

Hey Brain, You have done some amazing things but I have to tell you that this is my favorite! Love the crusty clock so much!

Re: Old Christmas Ornaments in jar

So Darling!

Re: Mason Jar Challenge: Doorstop

Very inventive and cute too BOOT!

Re: I've been waiting for some of these legs!

Great job. No matter how many times this has been done, you always add your personal flair!

Re: Winter Wonderland in a Jar

Suer cute! Love all these inventive ways to use a ball jar. Can't wait to see more...JIM!

Re: Experimental

Well, what can I say that I haven't said already? I love all the components in this lamp and I look forward to seeing many more of your "experiments"!!

Re: Gas Punk

Hey!! Thank you for sharing all these great projects! I love your style. It usually takes me a while (sometimes so long that I forget I even have it) to figure it out what it wants to be, but I know some who see something and immediately know what it will become...that is a talent.
Another winner!

Re: Radiant Energy

Super great heater...even better light! What a nice warm glow it gives off and the shadows on the wall are really cool! Great job.

Re: Barn Door and Gun Crates Turned into a Coffee Table

A-Ma-Zing job on this. It is fabulous as usual! I am always excited to see your latest creation. Someone got a GREAT coffee table!

Re: MASON JAR CHALLENGE - Peace on Earth "JUNKOLIDAY" Mantle Adornment

Wow! I think you did an awesome job on this!! I read you "bio" and did not see your "real" name anywhere. I want to welcome you to the site, you are a welcome addition to our junkin' family! You are super talented and I can not wait to see more of your creative ideas. Plus I love your business name!
Happy Holidays!

Re: A Royal Ruby Red Christmas

OMG this is so BEAUTIFUL!!! What a treat it would be for anyone to walk in and see a table set like this. I have sold so many sets of Ruby dishes...wish I had kept one for myself. You outdo yourself every holiday, it is amazing!

Happy Holidays my friend,

Re: Hairpin Table

GREAT looking table! I can see this used in so many places. Simple clean design.

Re: Ball Jar Snow Decor

Really cute. I love the snowflake!!!

Re: Taking the "Challenge"...Broken Lantern to Ball Jar "Snow Globe"...

Good girl!
This is amazing and such a unique way to use a Ball Jar! Very pretty and festive!!

I love this challenge and agree with everything that you said. This is a special site and very inspirational. I love getting feedback on my posts but even more I love to read the comments left on all the other posts! It never fails to amaze me that so many people have done something like it, or have an idea to tweak it for their junk, or just show how they are inspired to do something similar!


Re: Salvaged Wine Caddy

Super cool idea! LOVE the way you made it stand up.


These gals are so awesome!!!

Re: Love to Paint

Well, if I could paint like you I think I would LOVE it too!

Re: Under Sink Cover Up

Love the fabric you chose! I would have never think of gluing it on!! Great job.

Re: Faux Antique Perfume Bottles (Made from thrift store salt shakers!)

This is a FABULOUS idea and so unique! I love an idea with easily found things.

Re: Lace Lamp Shades

Wow, how did I miss this. I love this idea!! I have been trying to find the right sized lace piece to put over a lampshade, now I can readjust my thinking and make it just the right size myself!! You just saved me a lot of frustration!

Re: Take the Challenges: Encourage Others and Toot Your Own Horn!!

I would love to see the site become more interactive again. I am guilty of not taking the time to comment and explore some of the posts that have gotten missed. I think this is a great idea, especially for all of us "oldies" that used to have so much fun commenting and getting feedback from members. Let's bring it back to the community we had not so long ago! I'm all over this!

Re: A Christmas Idea from Odds and Ends

Beautiful! and what a thoughtful gift. Everyone should get a gift from you at least once in their lives!!! Can you get on that? I've gotten a couple that I will always cherish!
Love you,

Re: Driftwood & Rust

Super Cute!

Re: Cream Separator Lamp

Once again I love your style. The base is amazing! I actually have a cream separator in the trunk of my car right now! Now all I have to do is make something out of it.
Thanks for the inspiration,

Re: Roadside Dining Chair Makeover

Very lovely and a great roadside find!!

Re: A Thanksgiving Table

Fabulous as usual Sue! I love the way you can gather up so many different things and make them work together so seamlessly! What a warm and inviting way to show your guests a great time.
Happy Holidays,

Re: Industrial Tripod Spotlight

Hi Mr. Flannery,
I just looked over some of your older posts and I love your style. This lamp turned out great! Can't wait to see your next projects. I'll be sure to be looking out for them.

Re: A Junk Piece with Multiple Uses!

Wow!!!! Tis a beauty. I love the different ways that you can use this. Each way is wonderful but I love the tables the best!!!

Re: Kraut Cutter to Memo Station...

This is super cool and what you have done with it is amazing! I just want to much "kraut cutting" goes on up there in MN??? I don't think that is something that I am going to find in California or Wyoming! Sure would like to though. Seems like you could do a million different things with one of those. Love it!!!

Re: Falloween Planter

Miss Whitney,
I love that ruffly little base so much! Your planters and centerpieces are always the very very best!!! What a great way to show off your fall colors.

Re: Happy Halloween

Hey Jimmy,
Your place is so cool. The house looks great no matter what season it is. All of you improvements are awesome. I love the birdbath and the shelf over the windows! It's is super cool that you have the old picture too. Love the car, and check out that awning!! A classy display for fall~


Re: Upcycle A Broken Umbrella

What a great idea. I really can see the possibilities with these. How about some small wooden spindles or finials on the end for an architectural element!

Re: Steampunk Table Light

This is crazy cool!

Re: Kraut Cutter Server

Super cool project Miss Sue! I love everything about it!

Re: Carmel Cocktail Kick-Off!

Oh I can't wait to see pictures. I KNOW you will come up with the BEST vintage attire! Have fun and share lots of pictures.

Re: 1950s Wire Cake Plate Transformed into a Chandelier

This is REALLY pretty! Super cool idea and a such a great project.

Re: Console Table

Jim, you know that you are the BEST when it coms to aging a piece. I know you will not stop until you have gotten it perfectly. I love the way the paint is not a really thick layer that has just been sanded, but a layer of paint that has weathered the years of use. The design is amazing and your collection of junk just makes your mouth water!!!

Great piece of art!

Re: Vintage Halloween

So cool and fun. I love these old decorations!!!

Re: Custom Bookcase with Vintage Lockers and Wire Baskets

LOVE, love, love this. What a great storage piece for an entry way or mud room. Really fantastic job as usual!

Re: These Boot are Made for Walking!

Sue, I will take this idea and run with it...I just bought my Wyoming Cowboy boots here yesterday. You can't go home without a pair!! I have just the thing to try, once I get home...unless I find something here, which is not so likely as there are not many shops here and it has already started snowing.
Great Idea to add a feminine touch to your boots!

Re: Another Drawer Shelf...and a coffee station gone crazy...

Wow there is some great stuff here. I love the way you have put it together. I'll have a latte please!

Re: Blanket Ladder

I'm actually looking for a ladder for my living room but I never thought of MAKING one!!! Great job,

Re: Bed Spring lamp

Well Sign Guy, you certainly came up with something original. You really used some awesome parts!!!

Re: Cash Wrap with Vintage Tin Ceiling Tiles

This AWESOME! It is beautiful. And is a great addition to your studio! LOVE it.

Re: Simple DIY Lanterns

It is so cool when two simple things come together and make something great. The combinations for this idea are endless. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Check out our "new" Check Out "counter"..AND the Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market AND the Vintage Marketplace

Wow the Cash-Wrap station is as perfect as it can get. It has everything you need and looks amazing as well. I just have to say that I don't know what the little eggs are really for but I love them...a lot.

Re: Repurposed Twin Bird Silverplate Platters Bird Feeder

You probably make those birds feel so special with your creative bird feeders!
This one is super cute!

Re: Kitchen Drawer to Chalkboard Shelf...

What a cute idea! It looks great.... Everything you do looks great!!!

Re: Vintage Wicker Hamper Redo...and...Redo

Isn't it funny how sometimes you have to try a bunch of different things and then you happen upon the perfect combination! Well worth the effort I'd say!

Re: Hanging out in the Kitchen

Well, Jimmy you are so very clever. What a great way to keep those fabulous recipes off the counter, clean, and ready to go! Please NEVER actually make those dishes...we'd like to keep you around for a while! So So So FUNNY!!


And I would also suggest you NEVER eat anything with the word "Mystery" in the name!!!

Re: Biggest. Map. Ever.

What a lot of work and talent that went into this !

Re: Fall Rust

Oh this is so cute. I love the funnel. I just moved to Wyoming for a few months and cant wait to see a real fall. California has fall but not in a very dramatic fashion. Maybe I can make something like this for my front door. Love it!

Re: Overhauled Dresser with Vintage Blueprints & Yardsticks

You are so talented! I am loving your painting techniques.

Re: Porch Swing Delight from Junk! Of course!

SO stinkin' cute is CORRECT!!! Fabulous job as usual!

Re: Eiffel Tower Glass Panel Door

So Cool!! Great job on this. I posted a Paris lamp a LONG time ago that this reminds me of.

Re: I'm on Life's A Porch

Sue, nobody does a table setting better than you and I LOVE the table you used!


Wow you really gave this cupboard a new life. I love this style of tall cupboard..they fit almost anywhere!

Re: From Metal Tote to Console Table...

I would take Fred anywhere!!! I love him.

Re: Dresser to Window bench

That is just about perfect! What else can you say...great job!

Re: Corbel Wall Sconce Lamp

Hey Jim,
What a GREAT lamp and use for a corbel! This is so perfect for those places where you want light but don't have room for a table. Suzi is right, a LOT of people would want one of these...including me!!! You always add just the right vintage elements to make all of your projects special!!!

Love this one!

Re: My summer of 2013 bedroom makeover- 1st, The oak entertainment cabinets

Very cool transformation!



Re: Potato Planter

This is just adorable!!! So darn cute. I want one in my yard.

Re: A "Little Man Cave"...

Laurel, this is just fantastic. Every little boys dream bedroom. I would like the ladder, please.

Re: Plumber's Planter

I just love your use of flowers and succulents. You are pure genius when it comes to plantings and floral arrangements!

Re: Painted My Ugly Brown Grand Piano

What a transformation! It is a thing of beauty and goes perfectly in your lovely home!

Re: Summer Tablescape

NO one does a tablescape better than you! It is lovely.


This is amazing!

Re: Hollow Door Room Divider

These are super cool!


What a nice thing to do for old tree. It now has a new purpose!

Re: Happy Memorial Day

This was great when you first posted it and it is still fantastic. Love the photo! Hope you had a great Holiday!

Re: Stripping Veneer - The EASY WAY

Thanks for the info. This will come in handy. I have found so many pieces that had damaged veneer that I either passed on or tried to scrape off. I don't like either of those two options...thanks for a third!

Re: In Memory of the Brave Men of the Granite Mountain Hot Shots

So So Sad to hear about this. This is very nice tribute to the brave men and women who lost their lives. It dosen't have to be a huge display to make if meaningful...In cases like this it really is the thought that counts. Good job Sue!!!

Re: Upcycled Vintage Cookie/Candy Tin Bird Feeders

A-DOR-able. these are just too darn cute!
Love them,

Re: Shabby Chandelier

Darling. Bet it looks great lit up too!

Re: The Name of the Game: Come Out & Play

Wow there are some great items in there! Looks great altogether but you could spend a lot of time looking at each individual piece too!

Re: New Use for Old Decking

Amazing...what more can I say!

Re: Metal Table Frame + Metal Headboard = Bench

Don't you love it when two pieces go together so well!
Nice job,

Re: Industrial - Dorm Room Table

Wow Jim, your graphics are always so amazing! This oil drum was a great find and Dylan is lucky to have such a cool table to take to the dorms. I'll bet all his buddies are going to LOVE this. Just imagine what will go on around this table...OK maybe we shouldn't go there! As usual you did a fantastic job and came up with a unique and functional table that is just perfect for a dorm room!


Re: Our New Hallway Mantle - from an Old Door

Super great job on this as usual. It makes a perfect entryway piece. Love the photos too!

Re: Never had more fun with a Teeter-Totter!

Oh Lani, that is the most fabulous find! So many things you can do with it. I can't wait to see what you do next. The whole table looks amazing! I am not so sure about back water though. It just seems weird.

Re: Vintage Water Ski Beer & Soda Opener Station

Some GUY is gonna LOVE this.


Jim, I think I'll keep them for a while but I am not surprised that you have a plan. You seem to be able to come up with a plan as soon as you see something. A talent I do not have...I have to think about it for a while.

Suzi, what a fabulous job that must have been!! I admire anyone with the artistic talent that you have. I do have an unusual passion for old metal animals of all kinds, but my bunny is one my faves.

And BTW, I still don't my friend has changed her mind about them!!

Re: Vintage Tin Planter

Do we not LOVE an un-advertised estate sale that we just happen to stumble upon! I call that DE-vine intervention!!! I don't think I am crazy about "popcorn" style cottage cheese but I am crazy about the tin it came in. What a great container for your spring plants. We will all be anxiously waiting for the projects that come from your weekend haul! I am totally jealous!


Re: Repurposed Vintage Water Ski & Sewing Machine Drawer Book Ends

You did a great job with these. I love the way they "stair-step" down with the books in the middle.

Re: Creative Succulents

I agree! Rustic is the way to go.

Re: Simple Outdoor Table Setting

Wow The colors really POP. So festive and fun!

Re: Wine Panel Photo Displays

I live in the Paso Robles, CA Wine Country and these would really go over well here.
Great job,

Re: Vanity in the Great Outdoors

NICE job. This is fantastic. Love the paint job!

Re: Button Flowers

You know what? No matter how many times I see these button flowers, I just LOVE them. They are always so different. Your really colorful ones are so whimsical! Just so FUN!!!

Re: Tiny Bird and Cat

These are super cute! Great job.

Re: Cirque d' Zebra

Whoa Nelly! She looks like she is on a RIDE!! a Wild and Crazy ride. She makes me smile!

Re: Just for Fun...

Sue, she is adorable! I LOVE the bonnet the most. I love rhubarb the most too. And pie.

Re: Industrial Funnel Lamp

Jimmy James! This is SO Cool! I love that funnel more than any other funnel in the world. It makes the PERFECT lamp base and looks so good with the red pail, the scale of it is a-mazing! You look like you have a LOT of junk on your work bench just ready to be turned into more fabulous get ON IT! Only you would have a collection of CRASH helmets AND a sewing machine??? Do you have some hidden talents that we have not yet seen???


Re: Finally...Summer has Arrived!

Those trugs are fabulous. I am going to try some succulents in a narrow galvanized tray I just got last week. I will look at your instructions carefully while doing it. I hope mine turn out as cool as yours did.
Happy summer to you too!

Re: Picken my own Garage!

Love the great piles of JUNK!! I can see lots of things that I would "pick" too!

Re: Vintage Treasure Jewelry :: Necklaces

These are truly lovely! I love all the different pieces and parts that come together like magic. I have a piece made out of old hardware that I just adore! Fabulous designs,

Re: Shadow Box Coffee Table

This is really great!! Good job as usual. I think the seasonal decorations would be really fun!

Re: Louisiana Map & Vintage Yardstick Writing Desk

Brian, this IS your style! You always do such an amazing job. And you must have an endless supply of yardsticks. I am super impressed with how smoothy the map attachment went. I always have trouble with that part! You are definitely one-of-a-kind!

Re: Chalkboard from Crib

Another GREAT project!

Re: Hutch top transformation

This turned out very very well! You did an amazing job.

Re: Happy Mother's Day to All Mom's

Very very Sweet Sue! I hope you had a fabulous Mothers Day.

Re: Sewing 101 for She Sheds

Oh Sue, those are super cute. I wish I was going to the extravaganza!!! I look forward to seeing your table all set to go, bet it's is going to be fantastic!! You are SO good at that!!

Re: Reno Scraps to Shabb-u-licious Coffee table

Another great project from our very talented friend! You have great ideas and you know how to make them come to life. Saving our world one lath at a time!


Nice! Very nice.

Re: Table Lamp

Well, it certainly does make a fantastic table lamp!!!

Re: recycled bucket on a stand

You thought right! It does make a great planter.

Re: Repurposed Roller Skate Truck No. 10: Double-Axle Heavy Hauler

Wow, I am always amazed at your attention to detail! Great job!

Re: How Grate Owl Art

This is SUPER cool. I love this little owl!

Re: Piano Entertainment Unit

This brings a new meaning to the phrase "Piano Bar". I know, we probably all thought the same thing.... but sometimes I like to state the obvious. Anyway I am really impressed with the scale of your projects and the outcome, of course. Great re-purpose!

Re: Now I Lay Me Down!

Fabulous job! Sleek, modern and beautiful!!!

Re: Repurposed Red Wagon & Singer Sewing Machine Base Storage Table

Well Brian, I can not believe just how many different elements went into this project! I love the baskets, just the right amount of crust to them and the sewing machine base is fantastic!!!

Re: Rustic Insulator Containers

This one cool way to keep them upright. They look great!

Re: Old Drawers to End Tables...

Oh these are super adorable! The bead board fits in there perfectly. Love, love love them!

Re: Pipe Holder Re-Do

So Darn CUTE!! Love the colors too!

Re: Clawfoot tub to French Chaise!

Ok first of all, you are hysterical! Second... what a gigantic project to take on! I know I would never attempt this one. What a unique piece this turned out to be. I'll bet your client is truly delighted.

Re: Vintage Stool Turned Table

Super, super cool! Love them, and as Jim says, the photos are fabulous!

Re: Rusty old shell of lawnmower up-cycled to Mosaic Garden Planter

Well this is one way to bling up a lawnmower! Which is a sentence I never thought I would say, but on this site you never know when someone will come up with such a unique project. FUN!!

Re: Apothecary Dresser

Great transformation and painting techniques.

Re: Junk Jubilee Here I Come!!!

This one looks like a Blast too!

Re: Oil Can Ring Holder

This is just TOO cute! I love everything simple little thing about it!

Re: Strawberry Patch Barn Sale...I'll Be There Too!!

Wish I could go!!! Really looks like fun!

Re: Reel Plant Holder

Bee-U-T-Ful. I really, really like this. This would be so great over a table outside! Fabulous job my friend.

Re: Upcycled Custom Green Storage Trunk Hairpin Leg Table

Wow! What a transformation. The inside is incredible and your painting skills just get better and better. It's amazing!

Re: Repurposed Vent/Exhaust Hood Bird Feeder

Brian the details on this piece are amazing. Am I stating to sound like a broken record here? I can't get enough of your creations. They are all so different but still the same attention to details and inventive use of materials. Another fantastic project pulled out of the junkpile!

Re: Kitchen Ipad Stand

Super Creative, useful, and adorable!!!

Re: Gaga for Galvanized

Love, love love her!!! She is a keeper and can be used so many ways. What a find!!!

Re: Back to the Drawing Board

Pretty amazing stuff there Mr. Healy! It is always so interesting to see your sketches next to the finished creation. I have always loved seeing them when you have included them in the posts before. But this is a real showcase of your art and your ability to see something in your mind and then bring it to life. AND you can even see the exact colors too! This is kinda scary-cool.


Re: Entry table

That top photo looks like it came straight out of a magazine. The colors are amazing and the design is awesome!!!

Re: Outdoor Footstool from Wine Crate & Chair Parts

Very very cute and great storage too!

Re: Old Ladder Wrap and Paper Station...

Dar-ling and some fantastic storage ideas for hard to store items. Most of this stuff is thrown in a container of some sort and then I have to dig to get to it! I love your ideas. Your little planter made me think that a teapot would work for twine too.
Lovely photos too.

Re: Simple Spring Centerpiece

Super cute. Happy SPRING!!!!

Re: Antique/Collectible Store Booth Overhaul - GadgetSponge

Brian, what a GREAT set-up! I would go in and never come out! Very inviting and chock full of interesting, creative things. You did an amazing job redoing your booth. Wish I could go shopping!

Re: "Plain Jane" gets a face lift

Oh sweet it is!! This turned out so beautifully and the aging did the trick. Very very nice,

Re: My Spring Mantel...aqua glass, jars and lots a JUNK!!

Can I just say LOVE!!! I LOVE everything about it. Great look for spring.

Re: Filmstrip Door

This is totally amazing! What a fabulous job and a great idea. Perfect for a photographer...or anyone else for that matter.

Re: This Won't Hurt a Bit!

Hey Girly-girl! These are fantastic and so sanitary too...hahaha. I could find a million things to put in them, but what else are you going to do with them? I know you will come up with something amazing, as always. GREAT find.

Re: Operation Overhaul

Well you have been really busy, finding, hauling, sanding and painting. Lots of selling too, I hope!

Re: Order Up...! Repurposed Deli Sign

Hey Jim, this one is CRAZY and really fun! I can not believe how many different styles you can come up with for these portfolios. I guess you can get inspiration from just about anything. I really like the simplicity of this one. It looks exactly like the old sign you were going for! LOVE it.
PS I went through some of my old barn areas this weekend...found some treasures I had forgotten all about!

Re: A Fresh Face in Junk

What a fun booth to shop! I think I may have met Mandie in Texas when we all went on our Junking Journey to Marburger. She has some amazing stuff! Nice to see you again!

Re: Bathtime Goodies

Sue, this is such a fresh look for the bathroom. I love all the vintage items and the pops of color that you used. You have assembled all the things you would want to have for a relaxing soak and layered them in such an appealing way. This is totally YOU! Love the whole package!

Re: Overhauled Yardstick Telephone Table

Brian this is amazing! What a great transformation. I Love the way you trimmed the edges with the looks usual. I always get excited when I see that you have a new post up. Never less than perfect!

Re: A Wine Traveler

Lani, You are just one big travelin' PAR-TAY. I love the way the three pieces go together so well. Like a set of vintage luggage but with a "liquored up" theme as Jim would say. Hahahha. Great job putting it all together!

Re: Boys room makeover

Rachel, this is so great! What a fabulous theme for a boys room. Great junk finds too!

Re: My "Junk Swap" box of Goodies!

Well, you got some fine things to play with! That crazy mama, she love her junk, and now you love her junk, and we will all love what you do with it. The junk swap is so much fun. Wasn't able to participate this time but maybe next time around. I'll be lookin' forward to your junk swap project!!!


Re: Potato Pot-ah-to Dogfoodo !

What a good little doggie. And what a good little doggie mama you are to make her this fabulous food station. She sure looks happy!!!

Re: Industrial, Vintage Playing Cards Wall Art

Super cool Brian!!! Love the cards and the way you mounted them on the board. What a colorful piece of art. You pay such close attention to the details and everything always looks so perfect...I don't know HOW you do it...but we're glad you do!

Re: ~Happy Valentine's Day

Wowza Jimmy, this is one beautiful Valentine! I love the graphics on the cards and the covers you made are fantastic!!! Your painting techniques are always spot on, and the little handle is PERFECT! The card inside is amazing! So romantic...that one is a keeper. The whole project is just so YOU!

Happy Valentines Day!

Re: The Tattooed Table

Are you KIDDING me? Whoa...that's all I can say.

Re: Repurposed Upcycled Birdhouse - Blue Kettle & Alarm Clock

OMG..I would live in THIS!!! Can you make it bigger? A LOT bigger! You are so amazing and you seem to just get better and better. That clock on top is awesome!!

Re: Country Music Artist Eric Heatherly to Entertain us in Nashville!

Well that wasn't hard to watch...I mean listen to. I like him a lot, and would love to SEE him in concert. I am sure y'all are gonna have a GREAT time!~!!

Re: my "CHAIR"ity creation donation

Well, well, well, didn't this turn into something charming and useful. It is a PERFECT entry door chair! You are awesome!!!

Re: A Valentine's Day Treat!

Well, I can ALWAYS count on you .....and Jim, to come up with the very BEST Valentines projects. I love the look of this one. What a nice surprise this would be on Valentines Day. Great, unique, creative and fun!!! oh, and yummy too!

Re: From Drab to Fab!

Really great transformation! I'll bet that gets a LOT of use.

Re: Before-Tired Vanity After- Bench & Coatrack Shelf

WOW, the more I see of your work, the more impressed I am. You know what you are doing!

Re: Re Purposed Headboards Before and After

You know, I have seen many a bed bench but you really did a fabulous job on this one!!!

Re: Re purpose Dresser - Console Table

You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a console table that you like and can afford. You did a great job on this and I could use it in a house I am decorating right NOW!!!

Re: Working Together...a couple old drawers and a sign...

Fabulous drawers! I love the chipping rustic look and the sign above is just the right touch.

Re: The Whatchamacallit!

Great job, as usual. I really love all the colors you use and the distressing techniques too!

Re: Upcycled Victorian Chairs

These turned out beautifully. I think there are a LOT of people out there that would love to have these!

Re: Coffee Stations from No Hope Dressers!

I am always so impressed with your vision, talent and abilities! Such great transformations and so useful too! Great job as always.

Re: "Eye Candy"...

This is what I call A-DOR-ABLE! It is just the perfect thing for your colorful ribbons. Fantastic, creative use!

Re: Repurposed Vintage Water Ski Towel & Robe Rack

Hey Brian,
This is super cool! Wouldn't this look fantastic in a vintage cabin by a lake? I always love to see the little details that you add. Can't wait to see what you come up with your next ski!

Re: Collecting Memories Album

Well Mr. Healy,
This is incredibly beautiful and heartfelt. Someone's memories just found an awesome place to live. Love the turquoise wooden trim piece and all the other pieces of history add so much to a memory book. Fantastic layout and design on this one as always.

Re: Little Birdie Junk

Well Sue,
Between you and Brian there should be no hungry birds anywhere. He is taking care of "bird hunger" by sheer the number of feeders he produces and you are taking care of the rest of them by the massive size of yours. That baby will hold a lot of seed, and look great while doing it! Absolutely love this!

Re: Vintage Chevy Dealership Poster

Hey, how'd I miss this the first time around? I love it. What fun to find all the old car emblems, I can only imagine what you will do with them. Love the comments on each photo. Hysterical and insightful at the same time!

Re: Repurposed Bird Feeders

Oh Brian,
These are SO good! I love the way you add such interesting little perches for the little birdies! Just how many birds do you have living in the area surrounding your house? I'll bet they come from near and far to see what you have built for them.

Re: A Christmas Home Tour!

Your home is beautiful and your displays are stunning as always. I would like a tour of your home no matter what season it is...but Christmas is pretty special!

Re: Award Winning Cookies Recipe with a JUNKMARKET Twist!

These look delicious. Especially with the way they have been displayed with all the great junk! You always make things look so amazing.

Re: Teenage Rockstar Wardrobe

This is Fantastic! I think ANY teenage girl would love this. You thought of everything they might want to have easy access to and did it in a rockin' stylish way. Another great project!

Re: ~Christmas Jewelry~

Well Jimmy,
this is certainly a departure for you. We have seen jewelry from you before, but this is quite a different piece. I LOVE the red clip and the other bits and pieces you put together. Other people would be thrown by the "catch" but not always come through! Very festive and FUN!!!
Happy Holidays to you my friend!

Re: Mirrored Window Rustic Hanging Vanity

Wow this is fabulous..I could have probably done WITHOUT the part about the rats, but other than that I think you did a great usual!

Re: A Moment of Silence and Prayers from All at JUNKMARKET Style

My heart is breaking for all the families touched by this horrific act. I will never understand events like this. I know we are all sending our thoughts their way.

Re: A Christmas Twist on an old JM Project

NOBODY does a centerpiece better than you do. Always beautiful, always unique and always fabulous....just like YOU!!! Hope you have the most wonderful Holidays!
Love, Georgia

Re: Repurposed Sewing Machine Drawers Twin Wall Organizers

Whoa Brian,
Sue is right, this is AWESOME. I think I love everything about these, as well as the paint. And wow the collection of pottery behind them is awesome too! You are amazing and come up with some unique, quality pieces. Love, love love the measuring tapes!!!!

Re: Virtual Cookie Exchange

Oh Sue,
I can just see you guys running around looking for that bell. We always got the new jammies on Christmas eve too, but no one, and I mean NO one was running around in their underwear!!! How funny is THAT? Fun family tradition and the cookies look scrumptious. Can't wait to see more cookies and of course hear more traditions.

Re: Organ button necklace with frosty grey beads

Cassie, this necklace is truly beautiful. I would wear this on a VERY regular basis.
Love it,

Re: A Bar Everyone Can Join in On!

Hey guys! Sounds like a party...of some sort. I really, really do need a road trip but I think I may have to wait until it warms up a little bit in Minnesota! Wow I would have been SO upset about someone taking that little cabinet...thank god you got it back. Knowing you, you will find so many things to do with it. Maybe it can show up in other posts that I can drool over! Happy Holidays my friend!

Re: A Bar Everyone Can Join in On!

Lani....I'm on my way! What a great set-up and it looks so great too! I LOVE the little cabinet so much that I would wrestle you for it. Wouldn't THAT be somethin' to see??? Hahaha, just lovely as always.
Happy Holidays!

Re: Repurposed Parts Whimsical Lamp

Wow this IS whimsical. I think it would look fabulous in a kids room. I love the colors and the different parts that you put together. You have some amazing talent going on!!! I always look forward to what you are going to come up with next.

Re: food crate ottoman

Hey, great job...I really like the straps you put on it, and the crate is fantastic!

Re: Christmas is Coming!

Sue, as usual your table settings are truly inspiring, and this one is no exception. I love to see what you can put together from all the things you have collected over the years. Merry Christmas my friend....we need to have a nice long chat!

Re: O Stove Grate Christmas Trees...

SUPER cute...I wouldn't do anything differently! I love them,

Re: Vintage Wallpaper Display Repurposed into a Mirror

Hahahahaha! Thanks for the laughs this morning. Your commentary is HYSTERICAL! The graphics are amazing and the details you added are perfect. Love the touch of galvi on the bottom and it looks great in your new lounge. You must be having a ball with a whole new room to add your projects to. Can't wait to see what you come up with next! You are a riot!


Re: 4 post bed to 1 post Coat Tree

This is absolutely lovely! I love the chippy pink color. Great project,

Re: Happy Thanksgiving to All...The DRT Centerpiece

Hey, I must have missed this before. It is LOVELY! I adore the corn pitcher, and of course the Pilgrim shoes. Happy Thanksgiving my friend. Give E a big hug for me! Love ya,

Re: Chest of Drawers Overhaul

Ok Brian,
Here is a list of what I love about this: color, style ,maps, finish. I guess that covers it pretty well. Amazing as usual!

Re: Junkin Around the House

Great photos! All the little junk touches add such charm to a home. Really great ideas.

Re: Pears, Pinecones and Pomegranates

Well, those are just adorable! What a great idea and they are perfect in your nature inspired centerpiece!

Re: Repurposed Bicycle Rim Pendant Light Fixture

You must be like Santa's Elves working day and night in the shop! You have been putting out a LOT of great creations. This bike wheel lamp is pretty cool, the shape and size of wheels tend to make us think of lamps. I think I see some unusual parts in there as well...perhaps some small cake pans????

Re: Auntie's Dining Chairs

Fabulous job on the table and chairs! I know how difficult it is to do this well and you did it extremely well.

Re: Photo holder from reclaimed wood

Really CUTE!

Re: Old Iron Hoop Orb

This is something that you will NEVER get tired of. There are a million things you can do with this, it will go anywhere. You could hang it from a tree with lights inside .....Great job!

Re: Industrial Foundry Pattern Mirror

Hey Jimmy! This is fabulous. I love the patina on this piece, it looks so warm and rich. It fits perfectly into the ambiance of your home, as does everything else that you create, find or repurpose. Once again a fantastic find that fits your style and your ability to bring different elements together to make a cohesive design. This is so YOU!


Re: Repurposed Vintage Sewing Machine Cabinet for Storage

If I send you my address can you ship it to birthday is coming up and THAT is what I want. It looks like it was made for me! Love, love, love, everything little thing about it!

Re: Trash find: retro wrought iron shelf

Wow, imagine throwing something like this away!

Re: Bathroom Cabinet

What a great mirror! And I LOVE the shape of the top. You did a really great job with this. Welcome to the site.

Re: Bejeweled Bouquets

I love the idea of flowers and jewels mixed together! Very pretty.

Re: The Sentinel Mechanical Bird

WOW...that about sums it up on this one!

Re: Shoe Display

Ahhhh, shoes. Don't ya just love them? I know I have sort of a shoe fetish, but I think all women do to a certain extent. I would need several ladders but it is an excellent way to display them AND keep them off the floor! Lookin' good!

Re: "Retro-Moto" Custom Nightstand Furniture

How DO you do it? No, really do you do that? I am always so amazed at the things you come up with and the way that you finish things with such an eye for detail. Great work, and if you ever want to tell me how you do that, I'm all ears!
PS..I like the way you do the photos too. How do you do THAT?

Re: Burn Pile Rescue

Well if this isn't he most adorable little table! I love what you did, and to think it would be gone forever if not for you!
Great rescue,

Re: Repurposed WWII Military First Aid Storage Suitcase Table w/ Sewing Machine Base & Yardsticks

You are amazing. I love the balance of the red color with the army green. Your attention to detail is always evident and your sense of style is outstanding. Once again you have given us something that shows us your unique talent and your ability to use various junk pieces in a new a different way!

Re: Beautiful Antique Rocker glad that you rescued this fabulous chair. Great job!!!

Re: Knock Knee Trunk Table

Great JOB. She's a beauty!

Re: Architectural Wreckage Lamp

Well, look at that ! What a great re-purposing of your breezeway. The whole thing is just fabulous..I love the color. The lamp is perfect and it goes so well in your new man cave. It is a BEAUTY! The painting of your house is amazing too.
Great job and Happy Birthday to YOU!


Re: Reclaimed Gym Floorboards

The TV stand is fabulous! You did an AMAZING job. But whats up with the teeny red TV? (just kidding!)


Re: Before and After: Shangri-la Dresser

Very very very nice.

Re: Repurposed Upcycled Philco AM Radio & Turntable Clothes Hamper

So in love with this!!! I would take that in a heartbeat if I saw it for sale somewhere. I love EVERYTHING about this.

Re: Pumpkins with Attitude

These are some SASSY punkins! Very cool, Georiga

Re: Halloween Upcycled Bird House with License Plate Body

Ok I love this birdhouse, but do you know what I really like. You so nonchalantly say "I then carved some antique spoons into rose leaves as the perch as above the birdhole" Like THAT would be something we all could do!!
As usual this is fabulous...Georgia

Re: Mirror, Mirror on a Pedestal

Hey Sue,
This is fabulous. I love the industrial round piece. It looks fantastic with the mirror in it.
Sounds like you are a busy girl..but when aren't you? Have fun out there on the road. Hopefully we will hook up again someday.
Miss you, Georgia

Re: Ladder Shelf

This is fantastic! Very cool storage idea and just think, you still have the other half of the ladder to work with! I am sure you will come up with something else amazing too!

Re: Junk Trunk turned Vintage Beauty

Wow...what a great finish. It looks completely different. You took your time and it was worth the wait!

Re: Repurposed Chrome Flour Pod Birdhouse

Super sleek and shiny too! Just love all the different elements that went into this. I think the "legs" on this are SO cool. I know there is another term for them but I don't know it....kinda like on a Cathedral. VERY elegant.

Re: Vintage Fashion Portfolio

Jim, I am not sure but this may be one of my favorites and I don't even SEW! I just love the colors and graphics. What a fantastic job you have done....these portfolios are getting better all the time. What can you come up with next?

Re: $148 Scrap Junk Makeover! WOW!

Wow, what a hideous bathroom!...the before picture of did an A-MAZ-ING job with this bathroom. Love the paneling. Actually I love everything about it. It looks very classy.

Re: Mirror, mirror in the barn...

Absolutely beautiful!

Re: Vintage Burlap and Lace Wedding

Really, really cute ideas!

Re: Shoe Form Window Treatment

Super creative! Would have never thought of doing that but it is darling!

Re: Repurposed Coat Rack / Wall Hangers

Oh Brian,
These are so cool! I love them all but am really partial to the one with the bees. The colors are amazing and I think every piece of junk of junk is fabulous. Really great projects,

Re: Fun, Fun, Funky

Wow, is there any color that wasn't on there? I love the layers and you are right, sometimes one piece dictates which way you are going with a project and when you follow it's lead...magic happens.

Re: Hog Farrowing Apron Planter Box

NICE job. This is fantastic. Don't tell me it is FALL already! It looks beautiful with those colors but I can imagine it in the springtime too! You are amazing my friend and Lilly looks adorable out there in front of the NEW Store. I am so excited about Get Fresh, I'll bet you are doing great. Good luck with this fabulous new venture.
Love ya, Geo

Re: A Couple of Repurposed Bird Feeders

Again! you did it again. Very nice..... your birds eat luxuriously.

Re: 8th Annual Autumn JunkFest & Flea Market

Thanks for the info. I doubt if everyone will donate but I KNOW I will. Hope you all have the most successful show ever!

Re: 8th Annual Autumn JunkFest & Flea Market

This looks like a great show. I want to go just to help that family. That is just tragic...all three of them! If everyone on this site sent $1.00 just think about how much that could help them. I'll send a buck if you tell us where to send it.

Re: Double Deco Duplex Repurposed Kitchen Canisters Birdhouse Storage Box

I love that all of your creations have a different feel to them. This one is sleek and sexy...if a birdhouse can BE sexy. You use such a great variety of pieces...Amazing!

Re: Aging Galvanized Metal

Well, this is super good news. This could revolutionize the way we look at buckets!! New...who cares!

Re: GETFRESH Vintage Opens its Doors

I am SO happy for you and this new adventure! I am sure you will be the talk of the town and have so many people come in over and over again...cuz I know you'll keep it new and exciting every time. LOVE it and YOU too!

Re: Photo Album for Baby

Well Jim, once again you have taken some fantastic pieces and put them together to create something magical. One thing that I like is that it is not gender specific and it is so cool even the Dads will love it!

Re: YOU-Nique Sleigh Bed

A-MAZ-ING...need I say more!

Re: more. JUNKMARKET's Little Sister is here!!

Wow SUE, this is BIG news. I wish you all the luck and prosperity that can come your way. I sure wish I lived closer and could be involved. What FUN! I am so happy for you. I call you soon and get more details!
Love you,

Re: Small farm style bench from pallet wood

Wow I used to sell these and they were super popular! Fantastic job.

Re: Picture frames made from reclaimed wood


Re: Junk for Storage

These are great ideas and you did a fantastic job with them!

Re: My "Big Girl" Ladder Bed Canopy...

Wow I love the colors and the ambience of your room. What a great idea to put the ladder over the bed. It looks like painters tarps were the fabric of choice. I too use those for all kinds of things. Fabulous job!

Re: Farm Implement Repurpose

Andrea, I love that rusty iron piece! It is amazing. What great ideas you have come with. That would come in really handy where I live..on a vineyard! Wish I could find one of those. I guess I'll just have to keep my eyes open!
Thanks for the great project.

Re: Foundry Pattern Mirror

Jim, this is great. i love the color of the wood and the metal tag is fantastic.
Industrial elegance....I LOVE that combo! Georgia

Re: Repurposed Vintage Philco AM Console Radio

WOW Brian. This is super cool and the colors are fantastic! That took a LOT of work but it turned out beautifully.

Re: Summer Garden Project!

Hey Lani! This project is fantastic. Well worth the wait. It makes a big statement in your garden and I love how the buckets just fit right on that beautiful gate. I'll bet you garden is gorgeous!

Re: Gold Coin with Light Sapphire Rhinestone Necklace

This is so beautiful. All of your jewelry creations are amazing!

Re: Junk art coat hook wall? Yup!

Well, Donna that sure is a great collection of junk you have there. it looks fantastic. love the way it all came together.

Re: Fashionable Junk

Good morning Sue!
What a fantastic and unique belt. It looks AWESOME.

Re: Yardstick & Galvanized Wash Tub Base Side Table

I love all the detail...what a fantastic job. The little feet are fabulous!

Re: My "Top 10 Junk Pick"...NUMBERS

Wow this is a fabulous post. I love the way you have incorporated numbers into the various areas of your home and I know some of those great signs are your creations as well. The photographs are amazing,

Re: Architectural Relic Lamp

Well Jim, once again you have come up with a new and fabulous design. I can't imagine another person coming up with the idea to put these two architectural elements together. It is unique and beautiful, as all of your pieces are. I also LOVE the concept sketch...that is always so much fun to see! Love, love, love this one, Georgia

Re: Chair Redo

I have had many of these and never did I ever re-cover one. You did a fabulous job and they look wonderful!

Re: The spring mantel that will never die

Donna this is just perfect. You couldn't have done it better, And you are right, the plants look real!


Re: Hardware, Rust, and Rhinestones

WOW you could use these for so many things. I LOVE both versions. The white ones would be fabulous on a table as place card or menu holders for a fancy smancy dinner. Great job! Georgia

Re: Restored Victorian Chair

What an amazing transformation! You did SUCH a good job. It is truly a beautiful piece now, Georgia

Re: Colorful Pallet

I LKIE this. Great job with the colors.

Re: A Little Sense of Humor Goes a Long Way

Girl, you are CraZy funny! Who but you could come up with this!!! Wonder when I'll run into this kind of table setting...perhaps BUNKO!!! gogo

Re: Top 10 Pick...Architectural and Furniture Pieces

Wow, you brought a LOT of great ideas to the table on this one. Really great projects. I'd like to do some of them in my home. Thanks for the inspiration, Georgia

Re: Happy Valentine's Day

Wow Jim, you are getting really good at this flower thing...the roses are beautiful. And the industrial piece is so cool! It looks great and of course, as always, unique to your style. Great job conveying the Valentine spirit.

Re: The Vintage Wedding

Oh. My. God. That is absolutely stunning! I can not see why anyone in the world would want anything BUT this kind of photo album for their wedding pictures. This would just tie the whole wedding up in one great, big, beautiful package. I can see so many possibilities for you to come up with customized albums. Your talent and eye for composition will truly make any bride ecstatic. I think that the couple that married in 1895 would be proud to see that the memories of their special day live on in your work.

Re: Cassie's Top 10 Pick for 2012: Vintage Hardware!

Oh yeah, I can see myself wearing any one of these pieces on a regular basis. Super great pieces....I love them all. Georgia

Re: Organizing Photos...The Junk Market Style Way

OH more thing. The way you distressed the covers...A-MAZ-ING!

Re: Organizing Photos...The Junk Market Style Way

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy James. This portfolio is your best yet, in my opinion anyway. I have seen many of your others and they are fantastic too...all so unique, and perfect for each use. I can only imagine what your clients say when they receive one of these. I am sure that when they are shown, the portfolio gets as much attention as the contents...maybe more in some cases. You are such a talented artist and everything you touch turns out perfectly! LOVE the old junk on this one. Where DO you find these things? BTW...I think the bridal book is the most fantastic idea EVER!!!

Re: First of the 2012 "Top Ten" Picks from JMS Editors and Contributors

I'm with ya on this one girlfriend and you have one of the best collections of "industrial" around...and you know how to use it. I am really partial to your cook book box!

Re: Timebomb Shaker Clock Birdhouse & Elevated Teapot Birdhouse

Pretty incredible stuff here Brian. You are truly these two.

Re: Colored Mason Jars

Super the colors. There is so much you can do with these. Fantastic. Georgia

Re: Repurposed Surveyor Tripod Lamp

This is such a classic. I love a nice tripod lamp but this one is extra cool ..that's a GREAT tripod! Great job, Georgia

Re: Can you feel the islands?

Ok where the heck do you live? We don't have more than 6 alleys in our whole town, and it sounds like you have lots of them where people just drag out good stuff. Then on top of that you get to go home with all the goodies and do fantastic paint jobs on them. Does this sound fair to you? I'm just sayin'....Georgia

Re: The alleys provide again!

Lovin' those windows!

Re: Garden Gate Valance

I. LOVE. THIS. Very very clever.

Re: Rustic Brass Pendants with Embellishments

Cassie, These are super cute! I especially LOVE the one with the teeny key. Dar-ling! Georgia

Re: JMS Member Review 2011

Happy New Year to all of the fantastic members on JMS. You all are so inspiring. The quality of the projects posted on this site is amazing...can't wait to see what you have in store for us in 2012!!!

Re: JMS Editors & Contributors in Review 2011

Oh MY...I am sorry that I resized my photos to an un-re-postable size. But I am happy to see all the other 2011 projects. We really do have the most talented group of artists and craftsmen around. What a year FULL of fantastic creations.

Re: Vintage Fringe Tree

Cute, cute cute!

Re: Starry night Necklace

Ooooh, I wish Santa would bring me the one with the clear rhinestone...I have been a good girl this year...really. No, really, I have. These are beautiful.
Merry Christmas, Georgia

Re: Christmas Eve Lamp

Jim! You are SO cute! I love this lamp. It is so festive, whimsical and full of Christmas Spirit. I don't know how you can come up with so many different lamp designs and keep the ideas so fresh. Amazing. And you gotta love the vintage PLAID christmas balls in the first picture! I think Santa will be sending great junk gifts your way this Christmas. You deserve them, Georgia

Re: Junk Swap 2011

Great junk swap box. I also got some fantastic stuff but haven't had time to do anything with it yet. You did a fabulous job with yours! Georgia

Re: McCartney's Chalkboard for Christmas love, Mom

Super Cute! Love the shape of the table top. Georgia

Re: Caribou Paper Art Silhouette by Colleen Rausch

That is very cool. Great job. Georgia

Re: Restyled Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Oh these are darling. I also love your background. Georgia

Re: Christmas Bells

Very Very Cute. Merry Christmas,

Re: Upcycled "Bird Island" Water Fountain

This is super fun, and I am sure that the birds are going to love it! The doorknob tops it off perfectly, Georgia

Re: Reclaimed Materials Potting Bench

Sherri, great job on the potting bench, it is fantastic, but then, everything you do is fantastic. I always love your stuff, Georgia

Re: HUGE...Antique Corbel Floor Lamp

Jim, only YOU could top the other lamps that you have come up with in the past.This is magnificent! I love the way that you cut the center piece to reflect the curves of the corbels, the pattern on the paper you used, and the proportion of the shade make this the most beautiful lamp EVER! This piece would make a statement in any room, those corbels are truly impressive. You never cease to amaze,

Re: Steamer Trunk Bookcase

This is a fantastic reuse. It is absolutely fabulous! You are a genius. Georgia

Re: Repurposed Folding Rulers

Super cute idea. Love how it all came together.Fantastic job, Georgia

Re: Wagon Wheel for Christmas Gathering

This is just stunning! Love it.

Re: My Redesign on a Redesign!

Absolutely stunning. I love everything about it, but that last picture blows my mind. Just beautiful. What more can I say.

Re: From rags... to riches.... literally!

How cool is that? SUPER cool! What a great find and I LOVE the color. I am amazed that you found it in such good condition under the slip cover...that almost NEVER happens. It usually looks bad and smells worse. What a LUCKY find.
My guess on the age would be late 40's. But whenever it was made it is awesome.

Re: Some Thrift Store Bowls Made A Christmas Theme

Very nice Christmas projects that everyone can do. Great job!

Re: Vintage Sled Centerpiece

Tammy, this is a great table setting and it looks really festive. The sled is a fantastic idea and I am sure that the folks touring your home will be delighted. Probably many of them will be running home to search their garages, looking for little Timmy's old sled. The chandelier is lovely too.
Welcome to the JMS team,

Re: Trumeau Mirror

Well that is quite a transformation! It is beautiful. What a fantastic job you did with this.
Welcome , welcome, Georgia

Re: There's a sawhorse on my mantel...

Donna, This looks fabulous. It all goes together so well and I have never seen such a cute little sawhorse before..great idea to turn it upside down.

Re: How to Use Candles that No Longer Burn

Wow Sue..making pot roast AND a project at the same time. What a great idea this is! I have never thought to reuse the burned out pillar candles...and they ALL end up that way. BTW for any of you not familiar with "Super America" coffee...that is Sue's local gas station. I've tried it and...I'll pass.
Great stuff my friend,

Re: Yardstick Crate

That is just fantastic..I love the handles.

Re: Barn trees for the "Holiday Walk"

WOW, this looks like it took some work and some fantastic junk too! I really love the "big ribbon" ...super cool idea. Georgia

Re: Door Rosette Necklaces

Oooh the first one reminds me of a gift I got for my last birthday that my friend made for me. I wear mine ALL the time. It is beautiful I love it. Georgia

Re: Today....It's All About the Gourd

Sue this is so great. I love every little thing you did. Every detail just brings it all together. I always find it amazing that you can make grocery store bouquets so lovely. Good job girlfriend, Georgia

Re: Fun Fall Inspired Bracelet

This is just SO awesome. I would love to have that, it is truly beautiful.

Re: The Sign Says it All

OK...Is it a wedding? I hope it is a wedding, cause I would love to see what you come up with. Did I win????? Georgia

Re: The Sign Says it All

Sue, sounds like a good time was had by all. I love the wine holder, it is fantastic. i don't get the clues I supposed to? Maybe I need a few more...or maybe I just need to be on the same wave length. I'll drink some wine and think about it. Georgia

Re: An Elegantly Wrecked Mirror

Well Jimmy, that turned out beautifully. I really love the curves. How do you make something look so luxurious, but have a simple clean design? Most people would have done too much to it but you kept it refined and classy. I would like that in my bathroom!

Re: Got Mums?

HEY Jimmy, that is the COOLEST box EVER. I think I have a picture of my little sister INSIDE one of those boxes. I will have to look for that. I remember the milk delivery too...I loved it when we got CHOCOLATE milk from the dairy. That was the best and a rare treat. Love the cows on the front too...a girl and a boy cow! So all around I would say that is a great find and the photos are fantastic too!

Love it, Georgia

Re: Picket Fence Flowerbox

Hey Jimmy, really nice planter box. I love the cut-outs on the legs and the touch of black to go with your shutters. I makes the side of your garage look happy!...and the neighbors probably love looking over there and seeing it too. It will be beautiful in the spring with lots of colorful flowers cascading out of it. Perfect, as usual. Georgia

Re: JUNKMARKET Style Wedding at Marburger Farm Antique Show...Part One

Seriously Sue, I think you should be shopping this around to HGTV, TLC and some of the other networks that are REALLY big on Wedding Shows right now. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to take brides on these kind of shopping trips, or better yet have free reign to shop FOR them. You are great on camera and of course have FANTASTIC ideas...I'd watch it! Georgia

Re: Laundry Room Lamp

Oooh, I can just see that sleek white laundry room with that bright spot of color in there! It will be amazing. I love the base of your lamp it is such an unusual shape. The clothespins on that fantastic cord are just he right touch too....great job and I am sure your friends will be very pleased. Georgia

Re: Soft Industrial

Judy, I love your style. Wish I could be there to see your stuff in person..please post lots of pictures! Welcome to the site, I know we will al enjoy seeing what you have to show us..I can tell it will be fantastic. Georgia

Re: The Dog Days of Summer are Here!

Pretty darn cute girlfriend! I like that these can't really tip over and spill too. Very clever, Georgia

Re: Cheers!

Hey Jimmy, that is super cool. Where in the world do you come up with the sign AND the coasters...I know, you just had them lying around somewhere waiting for the perfect project, right? It turned out fantastic as usual! I can just see someone with a bar wanting this retro light, maybe it is a good thing that you didn't make it for anyone in particular. Extremely well done and a creative concept that is uniquely you!
Love it! Georgia

Re: How to create a Wall Flower

Sue, these are FANTASTIC. I love them very much. They are amazing and I want a whole garden full of them. When I ever get a wall that can hold them I am going make some too! xoxoxox Geo

Re: Jewelry from magazines?

WOW, these are fabulous. This one hobby that could pay off well. I love them and they are just my style! Great job, Georgia

Re: Happy 4th of July to All

OMG I can just SEE you now... pedaling around the lake looking for the perfect place to spread out you tablecloths and have a little picnic. It IS quite a picture! What a darling bike and the cooler is perfect. Just adorable! Is there room for Lilly too? Love this idea, Georgia

Re: Happy Memorial Day

Happy 4th to YOU too! What a great photo! Love the story, and the flag. Hope everyone out there in Junkland USA has a fantastic holiday.


Re: Silage Shooter

Ooohhh GIRLFRIEND, Now we are talkin'! That is fabulous. I have never ever seen anything like this. I guess there would be more silage shooters where there is silage and I don't think I've seen much of that around here. AND you have a RED one too? You are one lucky girl. Georgia

Re: HoJo's Menu

WOW! Talk about a trip down memory lane...I didn't even think I remembered Ho. Jo's so well, but it's all coming back to me now. I used to see those orange pitched roofs all along the highway. I think we had one of the last one's here in town. They tried to paint the roof blue and change the name but the orange roof kept coming through and it always looked like just what it was. Anyway, what an amazing job you did with this frame, it looks EXACTLY like it came off the wall in the front entrance of one of the restaurants...I can almost SMELL the butter! I don't know how you do it Jimmy, but It's always a blast to wake up to one of your projects.

Re: How to Make a Cupola Planter

Well, here you go again. Told you I love plantin' season! These are terrific. I like the "cheating" part..makes it a LOT easier. I love Jim's idea...THAT I would like to see! You two crack me up. Another great creation, Georgia

Re: Farm Fresh...A New Twist on the Chicken Feeder

Super darling. I love the galvanized chick feeder and the stove grate is just the right touch. I am always happy when you start crankin' out the planters. It must be those really long winters cause as soon as the sun starts to shine you start planting anything and everything you can find...always inventive and lovely!

Re: Junk Architect ~ My Home Furnishings Store

Jimmy, I do just get better all the time. I also think that you SHOULD do another store, and if you need any help with that... you know where to find me. Great photos and fantastic work!

Re: Garden in a Box

Wow wow wow...that is fabulous. I am so glad you braved the deep dark recesses under your bed....AND I am also glad that I gave you that box or it would probably be under MY bed, and looking, not nearly so beautiful. What a gorgeous arrangement. It looks is as if all the elements magically appeared on your porch because they belonged together.
Your pal,

Re: Rust and Light

Ok you nice. You BOTH are TOO funny!
Thanks, Geo

Re: A Memorial Day and Beyond Centerpiece

Sue, what a stunning tribute to all that you learned from your sister and the love that you shared. My sister taught me a lot about life too. I think this is such a beautiful way to remember her for the special person she was. She's watching you with pride, Georgia

Re: ~Happy Mother's Day~

Well, if this isn't just the best Mothers Day gift? Nice tribute. I haven't ever seen carnations looks so good. That little coat rack was the perfect thing to hang the apron from..and your photos are fantastic. I love the soft subtle colors. Really beautiful. Georgia

Re: Candle Holder 101

Sue, this is super fun. I love those flowers too...they just look like spring! The contrast of romantic and industrial is one of my favorite looks. Sounds to me like you have spring FEVER... ABOVE 40 degrees... you must be in heaven! Georgia

Re: The Only Sign of Spring in Minnesota

Sue, this is a-Door-able..get it? Door knob? I think the knob just makes that funnel complete. What a great planter. I would love to have this on my porch! Georgia

Re: Vintage Wall Mirror End Table

This is fantastic and I'll bet it looks great with all your stuff on it. Very nice base that column made! Georgia

Re: What's missing?.....The REST of the story

Whoa! I would have NEVER thought to do that...what a great re-do! Georgia

Re: Stylish Wine Cart

Fantastic job. I love the aged wine labels but I especially LOVE the old stove part as a shelf! It's functional and great looking...a winning combination. Georgia

Re: The Scruffy Cottage Coffee Table

Jimmy, what can I are the KING of finishes, and construction,and design and ...well everything. The photos are beautiful and I love the apron wrapped around the vase. It adds so much texture. You are very clever. I think I have said this before but, you just get better and better. Hopefully one day you can do this full time. I can't believe that you can still work and churn out so many great pieces.
Well Done!

Re: salvaged desk

Great color, great use of insulators for knobs...great job all around.

Re: Missing Keys No More! Organ Stops Made into a Great Key Holder!

Lani, love, love love the organ knobs! Those are so absolutely cool I want them too. Lovely piece and great photos as usual.
BTW I have lost my keys waaaay too many times to count.

Re: Wine glass holder

Jeez, there is no end to what you can do with those spacers. They are one of the most versatile objects EVER...I love them. What a great idea to combine them with a very clever! It makes a FANTASTIC wine glass holder. Love the sewing machine drawer too.

Re: Get Your Cowboy Boots on and Meet me at the Marburger Farm Antique Show!

Sue, you are right about this being one of the best shows ever! I know I had never seen anything like it. Wish I could tag along, cuz I KNOW how much fun it's going to be. If you go to Royers...have some PIE for me!
Love ya, Georgia

Re: Extreme Farm Furniture

Jimmy, I'm ALWAYS careful about what I wish for. I KNOW what I want.
A book by you would be snatched off the shelves in a heartbeat. None of us would be able to duplicate what you do, but we could try. How 'bout giving us a chance? Please?

Re: Extreme Farm Furniture

Jim, The finish is FAN-TAS-TIC!!! Like I said ...a book on finishes would be helpful for probably all of us....especially me! Love it, geo

Re: Pamper Yourself Trunk Show

Hey Miss SuSu, WOW this sure looks like a good time! Not just a little something for everyone but a whole LOTTA something for everyone. I think I'd have to bring several trunks to haul off all the goodies I want!! As usual you've brought together some major talent for this show. I'm sure it will be FANTASTIC!

Happy New Year!!! Georgia

Re: 4 Old Plates = 10,000 Lakes

This is an excellent idea....and amazing workmanship too. Really great project, Georgia

Re: Grain Scoop Vase

Oh my...Jim you are amazing! This is so cool. Is there anything that you CAN'T do?I love how many different things and styles that you come up with. I don't think there is a person on this site that wouldn't love this! The mercury glass is fantastic, I've never seen this done before. I can't wait to see what you come up with next...more gifts from Santa? I certainly hope so. Love it! Georgia

Re: Clock themed New Year's party

Wow you really know how to decorate for a party! Love the theme and the table looks fantastic. I'm sure you all had a really good "TIME"! Georgia

Re: Vintage cups served on a stylish new "tray"

Oh YUM-MEE! That is SUCH a great idea. Love the drawer and putting the two together was a fantastic idea! Love it, Georgia

Re: Chalkboard Message Center from an old oval frame

Very very nice! Love the shape and fancy embellishments. Makes a great chalkboard! Georgia

Re: A Message from Turks and Caicos

Well I do have to say that you all look festive, and tan and HAPPY! Family is what it is all about...and then comes junk. Hope your New Year is filled with both! Happy Holidays my friend, Georgia

Re: It's a Wrap - Part Four

Sue, you are the most creative gift wrapper/giver I have ever met. Every one of these wrap jobs are inventive, unique and beautiful! I wish I knew how your mind works...or do I? Ha ha . Merry Christmas my friend. Love you, gogo

Re: Junkified Christmas decor (part 2)

Donna, what great ideas! It all looks fantastic. Merry Christmas, Georgia

Re: Illuminated Cream Bucket

Lani, these are FAB-U-LOUS!! i really love the way you transformed these into such beautiful Christmas candles. Your style and creativity are boundless! I love the snow..from here anyway, your home looks so Christmas-y. Really beautiful! Georgia

Re: Spindle Lamp

Jimmy, you blow me away! Another fantastic and classy lamp. Your house is looking really elegant with your upscale junk projects. It has been fascinating to watch the evolution of your style. We all change and grow as we create, and your creations are becoming even more sophisticated. Now, your sense of humor hasn't changed much..but we like it just the way it crack me UP! Love this one too, Georgia

Re: "Handy" Wreath Hooks

Ooooh, I really love this idea. I can see a million different things hanging from them..perfect for the wreath!! I want some of those, thanks for the inspiration, Georgia

Re: Antique Typewriter Lamp

Hey, this is an amazing creation. So perfect for an office. Fantastic job! Georgia

Re: Christmas tree, JUNK style

Wow this is really cute! I love the star on top. This is my kind of tree, Georgia

Re: Antique Corbel Lamp

Oh yeah...One more thing. It looks stunning in that window! Geo

Re: Antique Corbel Lamp

Jim, I want to tell you that I have been a VERY, VERY good girl this year...maybe better than ever before. Whaddaya think about putting that ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS lamp into old Santa's sleigh and sending it on over to California??? Hmmm , not going for that one are ya? If I were you I would never let that baby outta my hands either. It is the classiest piece of junk I have EVER seen. Can you tell I love it? Georgia

Re: How to Gift A Mason Jar

Happy Holidays! This sure is beautiful, what a sensational gift this would be. I guess you would have to be a hostess to get one of these. Hmmm, I'll give that some thought. Love all of your holiday projects, Georgia

Re: Be Thankful at the Holidays

Good advice to follow all year long! Beautiful pictures and great HOLIDAY SPIRIT!! Georgia

Re: Heart of Gold Necklace

Jim, I have to say that this is So beautiful. What a fantastic gift. it comes from the heart and would make any woman feel really loved and special. I've said it before but it bears are AMAZING! Georgia

Re: A Christmas Wreath with a Junky Welcome!

Lani, it sure looks like it's "TIME" for Christmas at your house! What a beautiful wreath. It's very welcoming to anyone coming to your door. Happy Holidays to you and your family, Georgia

Re: How to Make Corn Crib Roof Trees

Wow girlfriend, these are amazing! I wish I had these in my front yard too. They really make a statement....a really funky, cool, festive kinda statement! Georgia

Re: Found item, industrial, steam punk lights by Mark Bell

WOW..can we all just say...WOW!!! These are some of the coolest lights I have ever seen and I've seen some pretty awesome creations!! I can't decide which one I love the most. Fantastic job on all of them, Georgia

Re: Junk for Entertaining...

Very cute idea and I love the natural colors, Georgia

Re: Our place on the creek - BEFORE! says peace and quite in a soft lovely voice. Can't wait to see you get it back to it's former glory. Georgia

Re: Industrial in the Kitchen!

OK STOP IT!!! How in the world do you find all the coolest stuff in the world? You're drivin' me nuts here. That piece is SO perfect in your kitchen AND you know how to make toast! It's just not fair. Love, love love IT...Geo

Re: Cavity Cap Mirror

FANTASTIC! Wow this is great. Love the colors and texture too, Georgia

Re: Roofing Tin Christmas Bulbs

Polka Dots for big are they? Cool idea, Georgia

Re: What is this?

Who cares WHAT it is...I love it! There are about a million different things you could do with it. I also think it could be a big part of any Christmas decorating! Can't wait to se what you come up with, Georgia

Re: Bohemian Chic Lampshade

Isn't it fun to wander through Anthropologie...I try to visit as often as possible although we don't have one here. Nice job taking inspiration from something you can't afford and making it your own. Georgia

Re: Cabin Raising - AFTER THE FLOOD!

Wow it's amazing to see your cabin up in the air but what can you do...after two floods I think I'd jack up my house too. Can't wait to see what you both come up with while fixin' er up! Sorry to hear about your losses but you will have much more "stuff" coming and lots of memories while getting it! Good luck, Georgia

Re: Wired---------[=

Oh yeah...VERY clever with the little cord graphics in the title!

Re: Wired---------[=

Jimmy, you never fail to pull off something fantastic with the simplest of components. I think this lamp would fit into any room with any decor, it is so airy and light. You are amazing. Hey BTW whats up Mr. Editor...did ya get a promotion? If anyone deserves it, it's you FOR SURE!!! Love, Georgia

Re: A Little Girl Approach to Christmas

Well I guess it is time to start picking out your holiday outfit and your gal looks ready for a little Christmas FUN!!!I love her ribbon skirt and the bling is fabulous! Now she is just watching that clock to see when the party starts. I wanna go too! Georgia

Re: From Furniture to Fashion

A-MAZ-ING stuff here! I can't believe he has so MANY of them, that's a whole lotta bus routes. I love your skirt too. Would have loved to see him figuring out what size to make!! Georgia

Re: Texas Crafter Old Door Shelf

So it! Georgia

Re: Fireflies

OK these are A-DOR-ABLE. I love the colors and think they would a great twist to put back on a Christmas tree in their new form. Very very cute, Georgia

Re: Tea cups

These are darling...I think they would be so cute on a table as place settings..maybe for a TEA PARTY! Nice job. Georgia

Re: I like angels -- in a BIG way!!

Why wouldn't anyone want a 9 foot tall angel? Seems perfectly reasonable to me. I thinks she is really cool and just think of the holiday possibilities! Georgia

Re: Industrial Ambiance

Junk Fest, this is truly something that I would love in my home. Perfect for a sconce. Sensational job and a fantastic find! LOVE it, Georgia


Super cool find. Love what you have done with it...and you're right, there are no RULES! Georgia

Re: my 1st flea market showing

Hey, wish I had been there. i see stuff I would most certainly buy, Georgia

Re: Megaphone Pendant Lamp

Hey Jimmy, you are the coolest. I love this megaphone lamp. It looks awesome in your dining room and I love the way you made the reflector. Bet it looks really cool at night...your neighbors are gonna be peeking in..if they're not already! Another one for the books, Georgia

Re: Cottage Industrial Soap Dish

Sue this is the greatest soap dish I have EVER seen. I really would like to have it. Can I? Huh? Pleeeease. Just kiddin' (sort of) Georgia
PS I am so sorry...I missed your birthday. Hope it was fantastic!

Re: I've Gone Textile!

Very cool my friend. Can't wait for all the fall projects that I know are coming. Georgia

Re: Industrial Table [WRECKAGE]

OH. MY. GOD. I have to try to censure myself, cause all I can think of is "that is so $%#*#@& COOL"!!! The finish on this piece is total perfection. It looks like it has been around for 100 years. The tray is amazing too. How do you do it? You need to publish a book on finishes and'd make a warehouse full of cash with your industrial and distressing techniques. Plus, then we'd know how to do it too...sounds like a win-win situation for all of us. This is your best piece yet and that is saying something! You keep outdoing yourself my friend. I LOVE IT, Georgia
PS your house looks better than ever!

Re: Cool as Ice Junk

Aloha my friend! I am home from my travels and am so glad that I can get back to my junkin" buddies! This is such a great idea. I can't believe the vase fit so perfectly, but then again I know the variety of sizes you have just hanging around the house. What an awesome piece of junk you found. I have no idea what it is but we don't care, we just love it. Wish I was there to share in the finished product, but I think I'll stay home for a while...I have a pile projects to catch up on. Love ya, Georgia

Re: Salt and Pepper Shaker and Found Objects Garden Plant Stakes

Everything is adorable. Great work, Georgia

Re: Vintage China Birdfeeders

I have been totally into birds lately. These are so cute and would bring my little feathered friends around for a quick little snack! Darling garden art! Georgia

Re: VIsual Desktop Diary: Entry #1

Well, it certainly looks like you work on some super cool stuff on that desk! At least yours changes...I just pile the stuff on top of the other stuff..makes it hard to complete ANYTHING! maybe if I took pictures like you did I would be able to find my cool stuff too! Thanks for the inspiration, Georgia

Re: my space at "The talk of the Town" store in Ocala, FL.

Good luck!! Your space looks fantastic and I am sure you will do well. I am doing the same thing in my building and hope it is a success, as I am sure yours will be. Thanks for sharing, Georgia

Re: Still Lovin' Industrial Light Cages!

Darling, darling, darling ideas! Georgia


Just reminded me of ZZ TOP:

"She's got legs, she knows how to use them.

She never begs, she knows how to choose them".

enough said, Georgia

Re: I've been pickin'

WOW it's like shopping for FREE!!! Gotta love that. Looks like you got some great stuff in that old shed and a great little pickin' partner to go with it! Way to raise a child! Georgia

Re: barrels of fun!

Very, very cool uses for these. Georgia

Re: ATTENTION! Funky Junk Sisters Vintage Flea Market About to Open!

Aw shucks get to have ALL the fun! We would all be lucky to attend half the cool events that you get to go to. I wish I were anywhere NEAR there! Have fun and lets see some cool junk. OK? love, geo

Re: Abandoned Factory Lighting

Hey Jimmy! I was wondering when you would get around to finding the perfect use for that green base. It was worth the wait, it looks fantastic with the foundry mold from Jenny and the cord is just the right touch. Your projects are always amazing and creative. I know what to do with all the junk I can't use, I just give it to you and "Ta-Da" ..magic! love, Georgiamoon

Re: Junk Tables for $1000 Please

Man O Man that gal still has some FANTASTIC legs!!! I absolutely adore this table. What a great find and the top is PERFECT!!! Georgia

Re: Plant Holder Wall Art

Well darlin, aren't you just the cleverest of girls! I have sold many of these, never hung one on the wall though, but I think I spied one in Jenny's lab under a pile of , what else, but junk. Maybe she could be talked out of it or maybe she will now hang it on HER wall! Georgia

Re: From Springs to Sprigs . . . Easter Accents as Simple as 1, 2, 3!

Lani, You do "simple" in a BIG way. These are fantastic ideas to add a unique touch to your decor and home. Thanks for always sharing such great ideas, love, Georgia

Re: Check Out My Junk...from the "Junk Swap"

Awwww, Jimmy the game board looks so good. I love that you decided not to risk electrocution, although I am with all the others that wouldn't mind seeing you, some metal spikes, and a pole! Seriously, this is such an excellent use for these and I see you hung it over the super cool cabinet that you made. Your house is truly fantastic, Georgia

Re: Barn-style Doors are Not Just for the Farm!

WOW! What a transformation this room has undergone. I am totally in love with what you have done. The barn door hardware was PERFECT!!! What an amazing, fantastic room you have designed. Great work, Georgia

Re: and now it's time for...a round of "can this lamp be saved?"

I took a plain shade like that and glued a bold fabric to the inside so that the light would shine through and make it a bit more interesting. As for the spindle part you could paint it to match the fabric you choose. I don't know how to supply a link but it is under "Industrial Can Lamp" if you want to take a look. Good luck, Georgia

Re: Antique Book Page Projects

OOOh "bookmarks" made from BOOKS! What a great idea, love the old aged look of them. Welcome to the site, Georgia

Re: new cake stand

Lovely, Georgia

Re: tractor smoke stack turned willow vase

Wow I love everything in that picture. I love it turned upside down and I don't even care that the letters are upside down too. Great bunch of junk, Georgia

Re: junk swap projects coming soon!

Great stuff but it looks like you better put your thinking cap on, you may be able to come up with several projects with all that fun junk, Georgia

Re: Chimney Cabinet

Fantastic transformation. Sorry your Mother-in-laws"box" had to be sacrificed, but I think it is for the greater good. Very clever and funny too, Georgia

Re: from old door to new headboard

Nice job, great idea, Georgia

Re: Child's Vanity

What a great first post! Love what you did with the chair back and bench...very clever, Georgia

Re: Shower flange candleholders

Who knew plumbing stuff could be so cool? Great ideas, Georgia

Re: Getting Ready for Easter

What a cute idea, using the faucet handles! Just LOVE the vintage Easter stuff! Geo

Re: My Junk Swap goodies from Laurel, aka Chipping Charm!

What a great load of junk! Very cool stuff to work with. I can't wait to see what you do with it. Georgia

Re: Light Fixture Planter

OOOOH girl, you did GOOD! This is fantastic...better than the original purpose, I think. Absolutely beautiful! Georgia

Re: Getting Back to Basics

DarLING, aDORable, so, so, so CUTE! I just love the simplicity and elegance of this little table-scape! You're the BEST. Love Georgia

Re: My Swap Project 1 - bluebucket

FAB-U-LOUS!!! I love how you used BOTH sides of the wallpaper and they came out great. Good job! Georgia

Re: Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

Oh my, I am crying now. This sounds like the most fun thing anyone could possibly attend! I, unfortunately will be starting my new job the first week of May, and will not be able to be there. This is the ONLY thing that could keep me away!!! I know this will be the biggest thing to hit the junking world in a long time and it will be super successful and if it happens again I will be there with bells on. Sorry I am going to miss meeting all of you that can make it, but I know you will have the best time ever and we will get together again at another date. Sue, congratulations on your new and exciting venture. Hugs and kisses to all, Georgia

Re: More TRASH to treasure

Wow, you did a fantastic job with the lamp decoupage. The tables turned out great too. Nice work and for FREE too! Georgia

Re: The Bench is FINISHED! are FAST!!! You did a fine job and the fabric is perfect. Good for you, Georgia

Re: Tag, You're It!

Fantastic!!! Georgia

Re: Vintage Iron Gate

Bet you did the "Happy Dance" when he brought this home! So many things can be done with something like this fantastic piece...congrats...make sure and show us what you end up doing with it, Georgia

Re: Rickety Old Wardrobe~Relives as a rustic Piece!!!!

You did an excellent job! Every thing about it is perfect! Georgia

Re: chalk board door

Cute , useful, changeable, seasonal. What more could you ask for from a door? Good job, you'll get a lot of use out of this one, Georgia

Re: Junk Swap Project--just the beginning

Very PLAYFUL stuff! What a great fun package of stuff to receive. You did a great job putting it all together. It sure is going to be fun to see what everyone comes up with, thanks for sharing your project and junk-swap goodies, Georgia

Re: My newly designed booth pictures

Rachel my friend, this looks amazing. I think it is indeed chippy, cottage and definitely charming! What a great job you did in just three hours, love the look, Georgia

Re: Easter Junque Wreath

Spring is HERE...well, maybe not in some parts of the country, but this makes it easy to believe it's on it's way! Georgia

Re: "W"

Marie, your kids are gonna LOVE this! What a beautiful and special gift this is. Fantastic work, Georgia

Re: eat your way around the globe lamps

All different, all great. Good job Melissa! Georgia

Re: "A Crown for the Queen"

Truly lovely, no wonder it is SOLD. Which is a good thing so none of us have to fight over it! Georgia

Re: [WRECKAGE] Cabinet

Jim, what a perfect name for a line of furniture and home decor that has been built from the "remains of something that has been badly damaged or destroyed". Your ability and talent to take scraps and parts and turn them into useful, functional and beautiful pieces is amazing! What a great concept and a surely successful venture. Congratulations my friend, I know "WRECKAGE" will be a HIT! Georgia

PS LOVE the first piece of the collection!!!!

Re: Fuse-ion

Now THAT is super COOL! I love it...what about a soap dish? Just a thought, Georgia

Re: Star Attraction!

I'll just bet the kids LOVE this, Great project! Georgia

Re: Waterless Snow Globes & Pearls of Wisdom

We all need the encouragement to take care of ourselves and to love ourselves the way we are...these are the perfect way to get the message across and look good while doing it! Love them all, Georgia

Re: Junk Gyspy meets Cowgirl Chic

Love your stuff. Cowgirl chic indeed! Georgia

Re: Vintage silverplate garden markers and a load of other ideas

So, so, so CUTE! Good job and very inspiring, Georgia


Well aren't these just ducky! I love them, and you can do just about anything with them. I can't believe they were for SHOES! What a crack up! Georgia

Re: Picture Perfect Spring Welcome

Very cool use of the frames. Very inviting and clever too! Georgia

Re: A Couple of Fun Collages...

These are absolutely lovely. I did this stuff for a while and it is really fun! You did an excellent job, Georgia

Re: ~Vintage Bundt Pan turned Birds Nest~


Re: Some see a 'custard cup' ...... I see a 'mini glass cloche'

Looks like Spring is in the air! Very clever, Georgia

Re: Candles ~ "kicked up a notch or two"

I think it is darling. Georgia

Re: Spring Wreath

Ahhh, Spring. I know we are looking forward to that! Thanks for getting us all geared up. Georgia

Re: How to Make the Stars Happy

Well Miss Sue, once again you showed us what can be done with the floral selection at the local grocery store. Amazing! I always love the arrangements that you are able to pull off for so little money...they look like a million bucks. Georgia

Re: Unique "Black Dot" Foundry Mold Table

One of my top ten...or is it top 100? I love them all...Georgia

Re: Junkyard Dogs...the How and "Y"

Doggone girl! that's pretty cool. I love the simple clean lines of the room. Very relaxing and calming. Great find on the "doggy", Georgia

Re: shabby chic picture frame

This is right up my alley...I love florals and of course nothing beats a vintage frame.Good job putting them together, Georgia

Re: "Shift Key" Necklace

BEE-U-TI-FUL!! Very very very nice, Georgia


Can we all say DAR-LING?!!! How about adorable, classy, sweet, feminine, and oh so Janis...What else is there to say. I think anyone with a baby would love these! Great project my friend, Georgia

Re: ~Be My Valentine~

Oh yeah, this is another super beautiful and romantic Valentine. Holidays seem to bring out the best in you. Everything about this project is special and fabulous, you can work miracles with....well, EVERYTHING! Love Georgia

Re: Must be L-O-V-E!

How CUTE is THAT? Wow girl I have to tell you that I really like this is SO cool. I thought they were old books with the covers torn off at first...which isn't a bad idea, if you have some old ones that are beyond reading. Nice, classy valentine, Georgia

Re: Portable Light for Valentine's Day!

Do you know what your lovely piece of junk is? I do. They are piano put them under the legs and wheel it around. We have sold many of these in the shop. Jenny has had sets of them and we put little candles in them down the length of a table and they look fantastic. Great find, and a great price to go along with it. Georgia

Re: Smacking good Valentine

Well, doesn't this look like TOO much fun! These are positively adorable, Georgia

Re: Faux Ribbon Necklace

These necklaces are so so so charming! I have never seen anything like them before. Love the ribbon...great job all around, Georgia

Re: Boy and Girl Assemblage Collage

Very nice job! I really like the Boy one...I'm into horsies, and especially old photos of horses and their people. I have a bunch of great pictures of workhorses and various people riding horses...don't know what I will ever DO with them but maybe I can follow your example and make a collage one day. Thanks for sharing, Georgia

Re: Life Collection

WOW it looks like a lot of work..and a whole lotta love went into these beautiful projects. Very, very nice, Georgia

Re: An odd Couple can make a perfect least for furniture

MB...LOVE the trunk! I always think the sewing machine legs are fabulous...such detail and they are really sturdy too. I really like the fact that it looks awesome open as well. Thanks for sharing this great project! Georgia

Re: ~My Sweetheart~

Good God "JIMBO" are ya trying to give all us gals a heart attack!!! What a lucky "Sweetheart" you have. You are truly an amazing "surgeon" and you brought this project to life in a BIG way. Once again I am amazed at your talent and everything that you put into a project...your heart and soul. It shows in everything (or is that thang?)that you do. Love Georgia

Re: "Springing" for the Wine...

Congratulations Laurel for taking the plunge! You are so creative and I know these will be a big hit this weekend. Let us know how the sale goes, were all rooting for you! Love Georgia

Re: Shake Up Your Valentine!

Happy Valentines Day Sue!1 These are such an amazing ideas for this most romantic of holidays. You do come up with the most fantastic gift ideas...I'm telling ya...a Holiday Book would be awesome!!!Love, Georgia

Re: How to Make a Gear Mold Clock

Sue this is fantastic! I love that it looks so good from any angle. That is a clock that will look awesome forever but I'm afraid it does have it's limitations...It will NEVER keep YOU from being late! hahaha. Thanks for all the great tips on tools too. I just got the cookies and they are useful in SOOO many ways. Love this project!!! Georgia.

Re: Barbed Wire Never Looked So Good

This is a fantastic light...and I outta know. I bought this from the divine Miss. K. as a gift for a special friend. I wanted to get the first one she made but it sold too fast. When she walked in with this one I snatched it up! Thanks Jenny, my pal LOVES it! Georgia

Re: Let Me Introduce Some Very Talented Junker's in Training

Well I say hats off to the whole class! What a great lesson on how to live a life not dictated by throw-away merchandise. I love the creativity that the students must have been hard to just pick four. You guys should be proud of yourselves, Georgia

Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

Me too. I LOVE doing this!!!Georgia

Re: Yes, It Spins Too!

Although I hated to part with this table base, seeing what JK did with it, I feel better about it now. It is SO cool in person..just like all her other art, seeing it and touching it, makes it extra special. It got a LOT of attention at the sale....too bad it was destined to go to someone else already. But they will be delighted to get it...for sure, it's a beauty, Georgia

Re: Lampshade Bowls

This is just the kind of stuff that I love too! I made a couple of these out of old lamps that I dismantled but left the threaded rod in so I have a finial sticking up in the middle of the bowl. It works but not for all things..these are great. Thanks for sharing, Georgia

Re: Stop the Draft!

JIM one question...How DO you DO what you DO????? I am always amazed at how well you can take the simplest items and turn out something that looks so meticulously painted and aged to perfection! You are a true artist and come up with the BEST stuff EVER. You are my HERO. I think I need to come out there and take some lessons from you. What do you think??? Georgia

Re: Practical-ly Pretty...

Laurel, everyone that knows me...knows that organization is NOT my thang. But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate some one else doing a fantastic and pretty job of it. I like how it cleans up and streamlines stuff that could otherwise be a mess. I should print out the pictures and hang them...well, probably around me neck would do the most good! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas, Georgia

Re: Vintage Look Candle Hurricane Shades

Oh boy we will all be seeing more of these in our future! What a cool idea and it looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing what will now become a Nationwide run on Vellum!!! Really fun stuff here, Georgia

Re: A Simple Monday Floral Arrangement

Sue this is absolutely beautiful! I love the case and it is masculine enough to give to a guy but classy enough for a lady friend. Who wouldn't love to get this arrangement? And simple too. Way to go SUE!!! Georgia

Re: Photo Finish

Sue this is SUPER cool! I really love the piece of junk you used and what a creative way to keep the frame stable. It sure frames that picture of E. to perfection, and what a lovely gift to your mom. Love it, Georgia

Re: Well Worn, But Well Loved . . .

Lani, I too have a love for ironstone. You have a great collection of it. I always try to keep some in the shop for sale and I ALWAYS buy the worn stuff. It looks so much better to me. There is nothing I like better than an old cracked, crackly, discolored, pitcher with flowers in it. One of my faves. Thanks for sharing your lovely collection, Georgia

Re: Would Thomas Edison be Proud?

What a fantastic job you did on your first lamp. such great stuff you put together. i am sure it will be a giant hit at the auction! Georgia

Re: Rustic Glow

Wow would I love to get THIS for Christmas. What a great idea and a beautiful finished project, Georgia

Re: Sweet While Shabby Candle Holder

I love the difference in texture and style...that's what makes things so interesting! Fabulous project, Georgia

Re: From Church Chair to Bedside Table

OMG this is so original and the coolest use for a chair I have ever seen. Fantastic and VERY creative. Great job, Georgia

Re: Architectural pieces and cloches two of my favorite things.

FAB-U-LOUS!!!! I love this shelf and the story that goes with it. What a great must have been smiling the whole way home!This is a fantastic post and it certainly deserved another look! Love it , Georgia

Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

Well Jim, you've done it again...Blown us away with another totally fabulous project. I guess being stuck at home during the winter really pays off, if you have the time and talent to come up with such fantastic furniture! Every glimpse we get into your warm and inviting home, lets us know there is just one cool thing after another in there. What a beautiful and creative table you have come up with here...and a little birdie tells me that you know how to throw a fabulous dinner together to go on that table! What time should we all be there? I'm HUNGRY!! Georgia

Re: "Just what the Junker ordered"

Wow It was your lucky day! What a find and I think all of us junkers deserve that once in a while...keeps us going and picking up stuff on the side of the road. Love it, Georgia

Re: Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

These Santas are FABULOUS!!! I love the ironing board..too bad I can't paint..I have several of them. You do excellent work! Geo

Re: Old Letters & Glitter

I know many people that would go crazy for your letters and gears. Very cool, Georgia

Re: Santa's shopping cart just arrived!

Oh yeah, Fantastic shopping cart too!!!!

Re: Santa's shopping cart just arrived!

Wow wow wow you gotcha some great stuff there. Can you imagine how many of these lovely boxes were just thrown away? Good for you for saving so many, Georgia

Re: Gift tags

Very Very clever my dear. And cute too! Georgia

Re: Beads & Buttons

I'll have picture number four please. These are great! Georgia

Re: Grandma's Attic

I spy quite a few projectS in that there pile o junk!!! I'd like to get lost in there for a while!!! What fun you will have. Thanks for sharing and making us all drool...OK MAYBE NOT ALL OF US ARE DROOLING...BUT I AM! GEORGIA

Re: The Holly and the...

Wow I can't believe you can put together so many diverse items and make them look like they were made for each other! Fabulous display, Georgia

Re: Masher Christmas

Awwwww...these are absolutely adorable. Fantastic job! Geo

Re: The BEST Reason to Celebrate!

Well I can tell you that I think we are ALL celebrating that great news. My wish for this Christmas is that no other mother has to go through what I am sure you have dealt with..but as you's time to be happy and celebrate. Merry Christmas to you and your family...and have a glass of wine for me too! Love, Georgia
PS I almost forget...Great use of an unusual and cool junk piece!!! Very Cute!


Well darlin', you were right, the easels are PERFECT for the silver plates. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful projects with us this year! Happy Holidays to you and your family. With love, Georgia

Re: You can thank Disneyland for this one!

Can we all say DARLING!!! What a cute idea and good for you for coming up with just the right thing for the cap. That's what junkin' is all about. Love this one, Georgia

Re: infant prague collection

These are super cool and look AMAZING together as a grouping. I ADORE them!! Georgia

Re: Merry Christmas Everyone! Sharing Our House With You

Wow I'm lovin' all you vintage Christmas stuff! Very cool. Georgia

Re: Peace like a river

Great Christmas display! Lovely, and I like the colors you went with...Georgia

Re: You belong here!

Wow ..great job on this centerpiece..and a great big high five to your son for the table! Fantastic, Georgia

Re: I Love Christmas

I LOVE Christmas too! You've done a wonderful job of decorating for the season. Love all your little vignettes, Georgia

Re: Fun & Unique Jewelry Displays by Gretchen

Although there were so many of Gretchen's fabulous jewelry designs to choose from I decided that I would focus on one of her other talents. Since none of us could ever replicate the artistry that is involved in her designs, I wanted to remind everyone how Gretchen showed us how to take "Junk" and make beautiful displays. In this post she has used every-day items in new and interesting ways. She mixes texture and styles so that her jewelry becomes the star of the show. This really can be done by most of us and thanks to her many great ideas we can easily put these readily available items to great use. Thanks again Gretchen, Georgia

Re: Christmas Vacation...tree

So Jim, you think you have been a good boy this year? That's not what I've heard, but hey, if Santa thinks so I guess that's all that matters. He sure did give you a LOT of cool pennants...I always thought they were much bigger than this? They look awesome on your fabulous tree in your fantastic room...that we never get tired of looking at....great job as usual. I Love everything about it, Georgia

Re: How to Create Sterling Silver Ornaments on the Cheap

Hey I Love the idea of another book...Holiday Decorating JunkMarket Style!!!! Wow a best seller for sure. Think about setting up huge campers in the rain, luggin' heavy furniture around in the snow. All nice and neat and warm inside. You probably have enough pictures and projects already shot to get you started! These could be on the cover!! Truly think this is a fantastic idea!!! Georgia
PS I'll help.

Re: A Ho-Ho - Whole lotta Christmas Junk!

Well I think you have hit the pinnacle of festive decorating! What a lovely way to celebrate Christmas with so much lovely and vintage stuff around. Great job and Happy Holidays! Geo


Janis...just what can I say about this project that I haven't already said before?...nothing, so I'll have to repeat myself. I just love the way that you make everything you touch so elegant and classy..I know I've said that one about a million times. How 'bout can add sparkle and bling to anything and it never looks over-done, gaudy, or tacky...and that takes TALENT!!! HEY! I did come up with something new to say...Love it, Georgia

Re: Vintage Holiday Vignette

Hey Mary Beth. I love what you have is very beautiful. I think that the ornament holder used to hold cruet bottles...salt, pepper or vinegar and oil. It sure does make for an awesome ornament holder too! Very nice vignette and great stuff, Georgia

Re: Art with Architecture

Lani these are tres chic. I love the rough texture of the Architectural pieces with the elegance of the embossed words and designs...simply stunning! Georgia

Re: A Kissing Bulb...JUNKMARKET Style

Wow I have never even heard of a kissing bulb...did you make that up? If you did, you are a genius! I want them hanging all over the place! What a beautiful Christmas decoration this is. Truly an amazing project, Georgia

Re: It's Getting Frosty Outside

Wow Jim , Are you MR CHRISTMAS or what? These skates are awesome and what you have done with them is so charming. When I look at these photos, I imagine a couple skating smoothly over the ice, arms entwined, with long fur lined coats and rosy cheeks....romantic huh? I guess triple jumps and pirouettes would be out with just leather straps to hold them on but I like the old fashioned image I have better anyway! Great display as usual my friend. I love this season so we can all see the great Holiday projects you do!!!Fantastic! Love, Georgia


These are just beautiful...what a great hostess gift, wanna come to my house? Georgia

Re: Be thankful...

Kathy a great bunch of junk to be sure but the hay un-loader thingy is my favorite. I had my eye on one at the swap meet but the guy wanted waaaay to much $$$ for it. Each week it went down a little but never enough for me..obviously enough for someone else though cause it was gone one day! Oh well...someday I will have one. Let me know what you come up with to do with it ...I never knew, I just knew I wanted it. A lovely, warm, and homey display of great junk, Georgia

Re: Drawer # 4 Does Thanksgiving

Awwwww...that is just sweet! That E is quite the character...then and NOW! I am sure she loved her box of beverages...who wouldn't. Love all the box projects. Hopefully we will see many more. Love to you all, Georgia

Re: There's No Place Like Home - For Thanksgiving!

Lani, thanks for sharing this beautiful picture and sentiment. I had one of my best Thanksgivings ever and I hope you all did too. Love, Georgia

Re: Quiet Fireside Thanksgiving

Love the tranquility of this post..I'll bet you had a lovely day.Happy Holidays to you all, Georgia

Re: Happy Thanksgiving - Down Home Style

Wow I love everything you came up with but that plate of food looks YUMMY! Nothing like a Southern cooked meal. Looks like you had a beautiful and fun day..thanks for sharing, Georgia

Re: Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a Gigantic Pile of Junk

Oh My...junk for Christmas!! Yay. I'd let you shop for me ANYTIME! Jim you ALWAYS find the coolest stuff and can then locate it when the holiday actually rolls around. I know I have some more vintage Christmas booty laying around....somewhere. I could never come up with these fantastic projects that you do, even if I could find my stuff. The pool rack in the background is fantastic! I love everything about this. I am always excited by the things you come up with. You have some awesome ideas! Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve. Oh yeah, when are you going to start SEWING your pennant skirt? This I have to see! Love, Georgia

Re: A Thanksgiving JUNKMARKET Style

Wow girl this is gorgeous. I think you are the most talented floral designer I have ever seen. Your techniques are a bit different (toilet) but effective! I really can't imagine why Elizabeth wouldn't go ditch digging with sounds like SO much fun! Nothing like being freezing cold and slopping around in a ditch. Your color scheme is beautiful and you matched your fabric pillows perfectly. Happy Thanksgiving to you all, Georgia

Re: Glass Garden

I have never seen fence stays before but they are really cool. I would love to find those, great project, Georgia

Re: Junky Christmas Greetings

Hey there, What a great bunch of junk you have put together so very beautifully. I love the look of random junk pieces that somehow seem to go with each other. Fantastic job, Georgia

Re: A "Find" Display

You know that we all love to show off our "treasures" especially when we find them cheaply..great job. Thanks for sharing , Georgia

Re: A bow you can easily zip together!

Oh I love the ones with the metal zipper part the best. Nice job, Georgia

Re: Setting the Thanksgiving Table

Oh these are so cool. What a creative use for pennies and they really add to the Thanksgiving table...I think we are all grateful just to have a few pennies. I know your table will be awesome and the food will be fabulous. You really know how to do it right. I wish I could be there to celebrate with you and your family...and to see the fabulous decorations you come up with, Love you, Georgia

Re: What's Behind Junk Drawer # 1

Sue, this looks FAN-TAS-TIC!!! It is so beautiful and warm, just the right touch for your beautiful and warm house. What a great use for old drawers, I never thought they could look so gorgeous. Fabulous. Awesome...I love it, Georgia

Re: "The True Measure of Life..."

I saw the reaction to this piece first-hand...everyone goes nuts over this it should be. I am so lucky to be able to see these fantastic art piece in much more affecting, but still beautiful in photos. Georgia

Re: Weight just a minute...there's junk in those paperweights!

Wow you are putting all those clock parts to good use I see. These are marvelous!!! I would buy all of them! Great job, Georgia

Re: Winter Green Fresh

darling, darling, darling and oh so clever, clever, clever!!!! This is a super great idea!Love it, Georgia

Re: Holiday Trimmings ala Army Surplus

Sue...I just love how you came up with so many ideas for the same things. They are adorable. You are the QUEEN of details! love all the little things that only you come up with, I am now inspired to get on with my holiday projects and hope they turn out half as good as yours..wish me luck! Georgia

Re: Hey, Hey, Hey . . . It's a Holiday Hay Rack!'s a winner! I really love this and I am so excited that the Christmas projects are starting to turn up. Lani you always come up with the neatest stuff. I know you home is just so festive! Love it, Geo

Re: Trick or Treat

Jim, I'll bet you would be the first and only person I know that would be hauled to jail in handcuffs for rifling through some crawl space to get HALLOWEEN decorations!!! You. Crack. Me. UP. Anyway since you aren't serving time in jail for this fabulous stuff, you made good use of them in this great project to hang on your door. I love how enthusiastic you are about the come up with the most fantastic displays! Keep yourself out of trouble, OK? Love, Georgia

Re: Edible Centerpiece

Sue, the colors of the veggies and flowers with the patina of the old gear mold are truly beautiful together. I love how fresh everything looks. Great find for only $20!!! How DO you do it? Love, Georgia

Re: FINALLY!! Organized - sort of...

OMG looks like a heavenly place to do your crafts! What an organizational wizard you are...I am dreadfully lacking in that department. Can't wait to see all the wonderful things that you come up with, Georgia

Re: Happy Autumn

Wow, Wow, WOW!!! This is SO, SO, SO beautiful! Am I repeating myself??? I can hardly come up with the right words to tell you how much I love this arrangement, the shopping cart, and the photos...they are all FANTASTIC!! It looks so gorgeous out there on your porch...makes me want to move to New England! You'll be coming up with other great displays in this fabulous cart! Can't wait until you start with your Christmas deco' always come up with the greatest stuff! Love it ALL, Georgia

Re: button necklace

Bluebucket, this is stunningly beautiful and perfect for the fall season. Fantastic job, Georgia

Re: Organ Pipe Photo Holders

Sue, I don't even know what to say about this....I'm blown away by the beauty of this piece. I can say this will fit right into your lovely home. You do the BEST STUFF...EVER!!! Love ya, Georgia

Re: Climbing my Chippy Ladder to Success!

Can we all say DARLING???? Yep this one is another home run from our heavy hitter, Lani! Great piece, and great use of it. You are incredibly talented my dear! Love this, Georgia

Re: RC Cola Cooler Turns Over a New Leaf

Well first of all thank you all for the wonderful comments on this project. Nice to know that I was missed and I have really missed being more present on the site as well. I have been super busy, as Jim noted, reorganizing my business and getting the "occasional sale" format off the ground. I am proud to say that things are going quite well in that department and I have gotten ALMOST everybody used to the idea. Seems like I just finish one and have to start on the next but it has been a lot of fun traveling around getting new inventory and getting to spend lots of time setting up the shop in a new way each time. I have another sale on the 24th of Oct. and will be posting some of my fall displays and merchandise. Thanks again for all your support. With love, Georgia

PS I am ALL for a potting party or any other kind of party for that COUNT me in!!!!

Re: Gas Lamp to Candlestick: Quick, Easy and Pretty Too!

Welcome Jackie, I really think you did a fantastic job with this. The base is fabulous and the shade, crystals, and wire, just add to the beauty. I really , REALLY love this lamp! Georgia

Re: Hemming-Way

Jimmy-James, You are just too cool. You probably didn't even know what these were for until you saw the picture on the tall one! The graphics are really neat and the idea to turn these into frame holders is totally junk genius! You never seem to run out of ideas...really GOOD ideas, Georgia


I think you could make anything look beautiful. your embellishments are always just right, in perfect harmony with whatever it is you are doing. Another great idea and post, Georgia

Re: Introducing Ruby Rose & Amy Bakes Cupcakes

Oh Yummy! What a great way for Stephanie to showcase her always fantastic booth. The pink trailer is a going to be a showstopper! As usual this show will be filled with the best junk out there and is one of my favorite shows of all time. Great old stuff, fantastic dealers, and the Hens know how to pull it all together! Now with the addition of these yummy cupcakes (some of you know how much I LOVE cupcakes) I feel this could be the best one yet! See you there, Georgia

Re: Thank You One and All

Sue nobody deserves friends and fun in their lives more than you do...and it looks like you got just that!!! And some VERY nifty gifties too. What fun you all must have had. That's what happens when you get all these clever, wonderful people together on one happens! Happy belated birthday!! With all my love, Georgia

Re: Bed Spring Candle Holder

Sue you do good work. This one is simply adorable! I love how clever you are with the little hook coming through the bottom of the bell. Who wouldn't love this couple to come over and stay a while, Georgia

Re: Call me!

MB I am loving all your great ideas but for some reason I am attracted to the "whatchamacallit". So very clever! Georgia

Re: Just Plain Horse Sense

Miss J is on a ROLL!!! You all should see some of the things this girl is cranking out of her new lab! Truly amazing and even more beautiful in person if that is possible. KEEP EM COMING GIRLFRIEND! Georgia

Re: Barn Burner Wall Sconce

Jim, what a warm and cozy atmosphere this creates. This is truly beautiful. It's funny how you can take rusty, hard, flaky, old stuff and turn it into something so soft and inviting. You are so talented, I am always so inspired by your creations. You are the KING of junk! Georgia

Re: Sunny Table transformation

The detail on this little table is so cool. I love the color and the paint job is fantastic! Georgia

Re: Vintage Notion Box Turned Funky Jewelry Box

WOW! This is just lovely. That Janis is an inspiration but you are did a fantastic job. You sure changed the whole feeling of this piece...much better! Georgia

Re: "Kind Words Will Unlock An Iron Door"

JK this is fantastic as usual. Love the patina and the quote, you are the master of putting simple elements together to make a big statement! Love this usual, Georgia

Re: Let Me Entertain You

Yum-my! And quite lovely too. Congratulations MB, welcome to our "contributor family". Can't wait to see more of your fabulous ideas, Georgia

Re: No Labor Day Monday

Boy these "Mondays" are rolling around pretty quickly. Seems like just yesterday that you had the last one up. This one is my far...just gorgeous, Georgia

Re: The Ugly Ducklings Become Swans - Editor's Challenge #4

Only you my dear, only you. Could possibly make ANYTHING out of that pile of...rubbish. You can find that stuff at any thrift store in the country and we ALL pass it up, and will continue to do so. Someone was really thinking they were gonna get one over on you...HA! You showed them. This is simply incredible and amazing and so very clever! Sue,you got your Mojo workin'!!! Geo

PS make sure and let us know if you find out who came up with this wicked prank!!!

Re: ICE COLD Canada Dry Ginger Ale Wall Art

Wow GIRL...this turned out SO COOL! So refreshing! The colors and graphics are amazing and so is the talent required to come up with the idea and bring it to LIFE!!! It just POPS! I can't wait to see it in person. Fabulous, fantastic, and amazing as always...Georgia

PS Love the new photo! is SO you! CUTE and SASSY!

Re: Look what I found

Wow I have heard of dumpster diving but alley crawling is a new one to me. Seems that it is a great thing to do though...what a bunch of fantastic raw material to work with. We really are looking forward to the "after" pictures, Georgia

Re: Old chicken feeders repurposed for this and that...

Wow, three GREAT ideas to use the feeders. We will all be out there looking for these now. I love the way they look next to all that gleaming white china. Great post, keep em coming, Georgia

Re: Junkin' Family Style

Oh junk from the family members is the BEST kind. It looks great and has all that sentimental goodness to go along with it! Love all your ideas and the cracker holder is so good..9? I couldn't make anything like that when I was 9 or...ever. Great job, Georgia


Janis I LOVE this little project. You guys are supplying me with LOTS of cool stuff to do here. I have a bunch of little crystal lamps that I can never find the right shade for...well the search is OFF! From now on I can turn them into this kind beautiful item. Now if I only had the time to keep up with you. My booth, later this month, will feature some of the coolest stuff..all I have to do is check in here and see what all my junking pals are up to and go to town!!! Great job and thanks for the inspiration, Georgia

Re: Simple Monday's - Take Two

Sue, Simple Monday is a fantastic idea, and you do some of the BEST simple projects I have ever seen! Just goes to show that every project doesn't require tools and a lot of bits and pieces to make a statement. Really really love this one, Georgia

Re: Don't be Chicken - Nightlight

OMG Jim I am cracking up...You are so funny. I love the way this turned out. I don't really see the Polynesian part of it but a Mai Tai sounds good, and if you have too many, this will light your way! I appreciate your description of the very skilled process of "whacking" things with a mallet. I also noticed a box of band-aids ready and waiting on your work bench...just in case the whacking gets out of hand. Really good project Jim, and I think you were right about NOT turning it into a butter dish. Love it, Georgia

Re: Loving dinner with family!

Wow this is what you call decorating on a budget! What a fantastic transformation. Thanks for sharing your talent with us, Georgia

Re: Fall Floral Arrangement

FALL..already?!! I am still sitting here in the fog waiting for SUMMER!!! Our hottest months are late Aug and Sept. Here in Ca. we have fall in November, but I do love all the fall colors and the IDEA of crisp, cool, clear days. The colors of those veggies are almost unreal...very beautiful and tasty too! Georgia

Re: On the Streets of London Town . . .

Lani, you always come up with the coolest stuff! And all the pictures of your home are fantastic. I love the sign and the way you have used it. I'm putting this on the list with the old guard rail!!!! Love it, Georgia

Re: From garden fence to cloche - an unexpected project!

Oh Honey...I'll be makin' one of these (or ten). What a cool idea. I just finished one of the fence chandeliers for my next sale and sold it. So that means I will be breaking out the wire cutters again. Love this don't mind if I steal it do you? No? Ok then, thanks. Fantastic idea! Georgia

Re: A TP Holder

Ok...this is a crack up! What a handsome TP holder you made out of this "brace". I couldn't imagine what you were going to do with this, but of course you pulled it off. Your imagination is boundless and your creativity..simply amazing my dear! I love seeing what you come up with using these random pieces of junk...this challenge is SO much fun!!! Love this one, Georgia

Re: My Picks from Oronoco

Sue, WOW, with pictures like that you may have all 4697 of us Junkmarket members tagging along behind you next year. Fantastic stuff and I know y'all had some good food, right? Lots of fun? Lots of Laughs? I can't wait to hear a camping story...I'm already intrigued by the duck (chicken, mouse, bird) poop. Funny how this comes into play quite often when hanging with you. I'm just sayin'.

Fabulous junking haul my friend, AND you got to take it home!!! Georgia

Re: Southern Comfort Table

Wow cool. You are right this will be a conversation piece for sure. does it have storage too? Good job, Georgia

Re: Vintage Caster Easel with Bon Ami sign

I have always wanted to do this project. It's not like I don't have casters but I never got around to it. Thanks for the renewed inspiration. Yours turned out great! Georgia

Re: Pre-Oronoco Gold Rush Estate Sale

NOT FAIR! An estate sale in a lovely barn AND Oronoco!!! Wow what a fun time you all will be having. Make sure and keep us hurts...but in a good way. HAVE FUN! Georgia

Re: Michigan Yard Sale Trail

Luann my dear it looks like you got some interesting stuff there. I agree you can't have too much garden art. I love the toaster...can't wait to see what you do with it. It sounds like you had a lot of fun, in a beautiful place...with JUNK. What could be better? Nice haul girlfriend, Georgia

Re: "The Twelve Best"~Vintage Clock

Jimmy James, this is one of the coolest clocks I have ever seen. What a beauty! I love the red has just the perfect amount of patina and rust. What a great find and you were VERY smart to make this fantastic clock. You are always amazing my friend. Your junkin' pal, Georgia


Janis, what a great and creative idea to put the medical items together to make a charming "Get Well" bouquet. It is lovely and would make anyone feel better...especially if they knew they didn't have to get a shot with THAT syringe. Still a little scary to me. Interesting, but scary. I'm glad to see that you are getting some use out of it and the Nursing School pitcher is to die for. Love it, Georgia

Re: Spindle Vase - Editor's Challenge Project # 3

Sue this is such a cute idea, I have just about run out of ideas with these babies. I think I will print up this page and put it with the spindles I have left to show the folks another thing that can be done with them. Another challenge met with super creativity! Love ya, Geo

Re: A Touch of Class

Ok Sue you are right, that could have only come from our little friend Janis. But only you could take something so lovely and turn it into something even MORE lovely. What a classy piece of junk this is. As you said, for a wedding reception or rehearsal dinner, it would be fabulous. I could have used this on my next project (coming soon) So very very elegant!!! Geo

Re: Heir-Loom

Jim, you are SO talented. I have never even SEEN a bead loom is super cool. I love the springs that sit on top of the glass. And you are right, that is the crustiest, rustiest hanger in the world. What a great combination of junk and I am sure your momma is going to LOVE it. I know I do! Georgia

Re: Chalk Liner Wreath

Hey SuSu!!! This is fantastic! I am coming to you from BEAUTIFUL Washington State with Miss Jenny and Melissa.(lots more to come on that front)
When I saw this marvelous piece of junk I had to have it but had NO idea what to do with it..thank god this challenge came along and you were able to transform it into this gorgeous wreath. It looks perfect on your door. Glad it got you in one piece after the postal inspectors confiscated it because of the white powdery substance was noticed coming from the package. I know it was treated as a potential HASMAT/bio terrorism item...this it TRUE (after Jim's BIG talk who would have guessed it would have been MY package!!)..and they found the "substance" to be what they told me was an antacid??? I guess they ran out of chalk while striping the field! Tums anyone? You did an amazing job on this one, can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the cool junk you got! CONGRATULATIONS on the first hit this one out of the field!!! Georgia

Re: "Barn Chics" July Sale

OOooh I would love to be there too. I love all your stuff and would buy a BUNCH of it! I hope your sale is super successful and you have the BEST time!
Marie since we are in CA., we'll have to stick together. Wanna come to my sale Aug. 22nd? I'll post more info later.

Once again, good luck with everything. I can tell by your photos that you'll do well, Georgia


Janis, this is so darling. Certain people I know (I won't name names... but you know who you are) have teased me for my attraction to baby beds and cribs (I do have a few of them) and now here is another fantastic use for one that I have not tried yet. I really love the way you lined it with the moss and the screen and Bacopa will be so cute and dainty when it grows up and spills over the sides. You are so multi-talented I am always happy to see when you have a new project to share. Thanks for this one, Geo

Re: Yard Sale is all done Up JM Style...The Details

Sue, you should haul my junk out of the garage, or where ever it ended up,and sell it. My god the storage fees have probably topped the value of the pieces by now. Set 'em out there and see what you can get. Gotta be better than having it just sit there taking up room...some of it was really cool. I wanna see a picture of someone hauling the "bleachers" away..hahahaha

Re: Circuit Breaker Box Clock

You guys know what a lucky girl I am? Well of course you do, you know I get to see these fantastic creations up close and personal. Each one is more impressive in person. Just LOVE your work girlfriend, Georgia

Re: Sentimental Junk...

Chippingcharm, I love everything you've done. Projects don't have to be "super original" to be wonderful! The beauty of junk is that you can take what you have and make it so personal and sentimental. I think it is fabulous, Georgia

Re: old coke signs

What a fantastic way to get paid! These signs are terrific and the look great on the wall of the barn too! Georgia

Re: wild and wacky custom desk / table

WOW you did a great job piecing this all together. It looks fantastic, Georgia

Re: Camp Lamp

Jim, this lamp is A-DOR-A-BLE!!! I think this could be one of my faves...except for the awesome Christmas lamp with the lights for the cord. I'm still lovin' that one. Anyway, what a fantastic project this one is. I love how you took the thermos apart like that and the teeny funnel for the finial is just too cute. This one is definitely a cabin-in-the-woods look. That's MY kind of camping, electricity, indoor plumbing...Count me in!!!
Really great job my friend, Georgia

PS I love it when you take photos on that yellow cabinet...It looks better every time I see it!!!

Re: I live behind a white picket fence!

What a great scavenger you are. Love the fence, so darling, Georgia

Re: Candle Wall Sconces

Very clever and pretty too! Georgia

Re: This is my chalkboard painted cupboards with yardsticks and chalkboard paint

I made one of these chandeliers too! It was really fun. Good idea for the border too, Georgia

Re: old tools

Old tools are too cool. I love anything with a bit of rust and age, georgia


I saw from your Bio that you are in Georgia...I know it gets hot down there so an outdoor kitchen is a great idea, thanks for sharing with us, Georgia


Wow an out door kitchen sounds great and what a nice collection of cast iron pans. Now I want to know what you're cooking out there? I read you info and it sounds like you have the whole family in on your junking projects. Love that. Welcome to the sight and hope to see more of your fun stuff, Georgia

Re: Our Name in Junk!

Wow this is really cool..I see several letters that could be made from old frames...L,E,T,I and the N if you have a miter saw. That may be one way to get it done quicker but you are right the hunt is the fun part! Love it, Georgia

Re: "Shake AND Bake!!??!!"

Well HELLO little cutie-pie!! Nice to see ya face! This post is so pretty in pink. Lovely flowers and even lovelier ideas for the table. It just shows us all what can be done with a few inexpensive items and a little creativity...make that a LOT in your case. It looks so beautiful and FUN! wish I was there in that gorgeous garden, Georgia

Re: Wiry Joe Clock

Jenny this is fantastic...just one of your many fun clocks you have come up with lately! Candy, you're right the little guys look like they are saying "Ta-Da, Look what time it is!" How absolutely darling, geo

Re: Doesn't Matter if it's Black or White . . . .

Lanette, what fabulous photos and a fantastic way for us to see your lovely home. I would LOVE to have all of your treasure in my home as well. Great stuff girlfriend!!! Geo

Re: Don't Forget...Oronoco is This Weekend!!

Wow was it LAST year that I was there? or was it the year before? I can't remember when it was but I remember it was the coolest outdoor show I had ever been to. I loved everything! the shopping, the food, the people...everything, except unloading the giant truck (with the heaviest stuff on EARTH) in the rain...I remember that REAL well! I suggest that anyone that has the chance to go to this event should do everything possible to get there. I wish that I was going to be there, even though I know I would just buy things that I could never get home, eat too much pie, and probably have 17 ice cream sandwiches (the BEST)! You will all have the BEST time EVER, Georgia

Re: Gardens at Cabin Update

Gretchen I am always so impressed with all that goes into creating a garden. It takes patience and love and it looks like you have given both to this one. Great job and thanks for sharing, Geoergia

Re: The JennyK Room @ Georgia's First Occasional Sale

Well everyone the sale is over now and it was HUGE success. I love what Jenny and Melissa did with the room and will be keeping the galvanized wall...why didn't I think of that? We hope to have many more fun and exciting sales together, we found out that we all work beautifully together. Marie, the next sale starts on Saturday the 22nd of August. Hope to see you there! Jim, you're invited to show up at ANY time, but be warned we WILL put you to work!!!! BTW...we're hittin' the road on a buying trip to WA State on the 30th of July. We'll keep y'all posted! geo

Re: Editor's Challenge

Oh SUE, this is waaaay too GOOD. I think we are ALL really really funny..hope you think so too. Jim, now you're just being a really hysterical way of course. Everybody is crackin' me up! Who knew we could have this much fun over a simple little challenge??? Did I say simple? I. DON'T. THINK. SO. Hahahahahahhaha, geo

Re: What a Racket!

Jim, looks like you got yourself a "birdie" on this one.... thats what you hit with this racket (right), AND something good in golf...neither of which I know ANYTHING about! But I do know this is one cool clock! I love that you could put this together without tools or even are SO clever! I love the little toy part in the middle too. The whole thing has great colors and graphics and is a really fun addition to the collection of great stuff we all know is in your house. Love it, Georgia
PS the colors in the photos are fantastic!!!

Re: Georgia Moon's First Occasional Sale

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and I wish you had all been there on the first day of the sale. Things went better than I could have even expected and I had so much FUN! If any of you have noticed I have not been as present as usual on the site, this is the reason, and I have to say I am MISSING you all! We have literally had blood, sweat and tears flowing throughout the process of switching over to this format but it was worth it. Thank you ALL again for being the wonderful and supportive friends that I love and appreciate so much, Georgia

Re: Yard Sale is all done Up JM Style...The Details

Sue, if anyone knows what lurks in your garage, house and any available space you have crammed with's me, and I can tell you ALL that a sale of this stash will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!!! WOW I don't even want to THINK about missing this one....geo

Re: A Cool Coat Hanger

Dang Girl!!! This is AWESOME. What a great piece for any room in the house. Wish it was in MY house. This is a fantastic find but what you did with it makes it even more fabulous. This is one (just one?) of my favorite projects EVER. Georgia

Re: July Floral of the Month

Happy fourth to you as well and to all my friends out there in "Junk Land". I will be celebrating the day by working with Jenny and Melissa at the hot dogs for me! I love your floral designs and everyone of them are beautiful and inspiring. Really great job on this one and Lani the bag is terrific. Georgia

Re: Got Gas!

Oh Jimmy, you are so funny. I think I would have thought more than TWICE about running electricity through a gas can but it looks like it worked out for still got your eyebrows, right? This turned out super cool and I love the way it all came together for you.... all the parts and pieces are perfect for each other. The cord is AMAZING!!! You never fail to amuse and impress, Georgia

Re: Can I Have Your Number ?

Lani, I love your use of the numbers throughout the house. What a great way to add a vintage embellishment to some already very cool stuff. This is a really fun and inspiring post. Love all your numbers and ideas, Georgia

Re: Reece...JMS Contributor-in-Training

Great job Reece! Sue, I love that you are featuring our newest junker, it is important to encourage and teach the younger generation about the beauty and functionality of junk. AND Jenny K. could not be a better mentor...this I KNOW for a FACT! GEORGIA

Re: Pyrex Trays - Take One

Sue, this is a FANTASTIC project. of my favorites!!! I love the look you have achieved with this one. The photos of the finished product are great, the lamp parts brilliant, the grid pattern on the trays is AMAZING and YOU are so talented for coming up with another fabulous project!!! Very Very cool, Georgia


You know what I like most about this project is that you can take something that is NOT related to a peaceful existence and turn it into something that birds and nature will love. Talk about a complete turn around. I love it and it looks great too! Georgia

Re: Mirror Yoke Shelf

Hey, I did something with one of these too!! Great minds and all that...I'll post a picture of later. I turned mine upside down so that the "legs" are going in the other direction. Cool stuff and fun to see the different looks for the same items. Georgia

Re: Just waiting on a friend...

Kari, every time I see a picture of your farm I just sigh. It looks so peaceful and serene. I know that there is a LOT of work involved to make it this's gorgeous, Georgia

Re: All dressed up with no where to go!

I have NEVER seen anything like this in my life. I wonder what she was before...I know she is darling now! Georgia

Re: ~ Vintage Ornament Wreaths ~

These are incredibly beautiful...great job, Georgia

Re: Vintage Headboard "Fence"

This looks really great. I am amazed that you found so many that look the same. I have a passion for old beds, but have never run across this many. Very cool, Georgia

Re: Jenny K. Sets the Table with Some Spicy Junk

I have to tell you all that this was a fantastic time. The food was to die for, the company...excellent as always, the junk fun to play with and the laughs kept on coming. You guys probably think that all we do when Sue comes out to visit is eat, right? Well, you'd be right. The "junk" dinner party is one of our favorite things to do. I think everybody should pull out their favorite junk pieces and give it a try, you never know what you will come up with. Thanks Jenny and Melissa, for sharing your home with us, Georgia

Re: A Junky Little Herb Garden

Sue this is so fresh and beautiful. What a cool idea and such a space saver for growing herbs. It is FANTASTIC!!!I love this's a winner! Georgia

Re: JMS Joins in City Wide Garage Sale Fun!

Oh I'll bet there is gonna be some GOOD stuff at this sale! I wish I could be there and good luck with your sale Sue! Geo

Re: My lunchtime menu: JUNK!

Wow that is one GOOD garage sale. I would have snapped up that file cabinet for $40...that is a steal. All the stuff you got was fantastic...a really good stash all in one stop. It looks to me like there are hidden treasure in there! I wanna go...GeorgiA


Janis, what a fabulous baby gift these would make. You'd be the HIT of the shower if you showed up with something this cool. These are so YOU. Love them, Georgia

Re: Toot Your Own Horn

Miss Jenny, You know I love these! It doesn't take much to get your creative juices flowing. I love the colors and texture of the background in these photos too. It looks terrific! Geo

Re: Not a flighty occasional table...

You did an EXCELLENT job on this table. It was a lot of work but it paid off big time, Georgia

Re: Salt and Pepper Succulent Garden

What a darling little "landscape" you made here. I love the salt and pepper shakers as the houses! Georgia

Re: Rust for my Golds!

Love the rusty planters..looks like someone did some target practice on the white one...too bad people leave things like this laying around after they are done...but good for you for putting them to good use. They are lovely, Georgia

Re: Faucet rain gauge

Really cute idea. I see old faucets ALL the time, great use for them, Georgia

Re: Summer Garden Hose Wreath

Great idea! So simple but it looks SO cool, georgia

Re: Re-doing the bathroom...

Hey Carrie, old washboards are great for the bathroom and laundry rooms too. We have used old wood to make a shelf on top of the washboards with simple wooden brackets and they sell like hotcakes! I just found an old pair of wooden tongs that were used to pull the hot clothes out of the tub and not burn your hands. Love it, Georgia

Re: Another Faery House...

Oooh this is so much fun...I made one with my niece for a school project and we had a BLAST!! It is a great way to spend some one-on-one time with a child. It stimulates their imagination and creativity while having a really good time. You did a much more detailed job than we did and I love the little ladder and the inside furnishings. Really cool, Georgia

Re: Lamp to Luve

Wow very clever use for a lamp that didn't work. Lamp parts are amazing aren't they? Georgia

Re: Homeless Shelter Apartment Makeovers

I can only imagine what a family must feel coming from a horrible living situation to something that so many people put their time, effort, and compassion into. You all made someones lives so much deserve a LOT of hugs! Georgia

Re: The REAL Inspiration!

Thank you for such a lovely post. It almost makes time stand still just to look at it. Imagine the sound of the rain on that tin roof and the wind blowing through the trees...just beautiful. Georgia

Re: Drink Up! CrAzY Bottle Collection

Jim, that is one CRAZY collection of soda bottles...I especially like the "tatie pop"! It's the tastiest! I had no idea there were so many different kinds of soda bottles. The wall unit you built is fantastic! I am always amazed at how talented you are, and always anticipating what you'll show us next. You did a great job making it look like it was made for those bottles. AND you are a crack up. I'm still laughing. I LOVE IT, Georgia

Re: "The Key to Your Universe is That You Can Choose"

Jenny...HOW do you do it???? Always something new and exciting and simple and beautiful coming from you. Always amazing!!! Georgia

Re: How to Make a Table from Cardboard Scrap

Thanks everyone for the support and nice comments...I could have used this while in the midst of this project. Luckily I DID have a good friend to help me through the process, gotta have your junking pals!!! I certainly learned a LOT while doing this one and it does make you think about all the packaging used in this country that just goes to waste. I really DON'T think I'll be coming out with a line of cardboard furniture, but it's not a bad idea ...JIM! Maybe I could send you a few thousand of these and YOU could do it. Thanks again my friends, Georgia

Re: Quick Project #2

LuAnn..these are fabulous!! They look so cool..I love the blue one with the ginger jar on top. Just THINK of the possibilities! You have inspired us all to put some of these babies together. Fantastic post girlfriend, Georgia

Re: It's a Salad Spinner

Wow, what a terrific idea and a fantastic piece of "junk"! This is so unique and useful, besides the fact that it looks really cool too! You are SO awesome girlfriend. Georgia

Re: Wooden Champagne Crates

I don't know how old they are but I know they are VERY cool! These are great and can be used for so many things. Have fun with them, Georgia

Re: Que Sera Sera...Whatever will be...will none other than Doris Day!!

Well girly you came up with some fantastic stuff. And I think Candy was right..Doris Day was perfect for you! The chalkboard is darling and the screen project is just so DARN you have me talking like Doris...great job coming up with two fun LP projects, Georgia

Re: Now it's a coat rack...

PERFECT re-use for this amazing rack. What a fantastic find, Georgia

Re: Sew Simple Tassel

Now wouldn't this be the perfect adornment for a package! It is adorable and clever. How about coordinating paper??? Love this idea and I'm gonna DO IT! Thanks for the great idea, Georgia

Re: Sink planter

This is a very very very cool planter. I just love it, Georgia

Re: Garden Table Leg Candle Sconces

I think we are all glad to see this first (of many) posts. The ice box absolutely counts as junk...anything found, deserted, rescued or generally absconded (just kidding...NEVER abscond!) ...COUNTS! Great job and fantastic idea with the table leg, keep the new stuff coming. And gailmarie I have been wondering when you were going to show us some of your stuff..get on it girlfriend! Georgia

Re: The "Barn Chics"

Boy I wish I had been there. What a great sale this must have been! Kudos to all who put this together. Great stuff! Georgia

Re: Vintage Treasures Market

Well ladies, you have a FINE collection of junk there and I know it will all find a good home to go to. It looks like a ton of fun and like Jim said...I'd buy it all too! Georgia

Re: Fire-Planter

This is a really special piece. I'd bet ya that every single one of us would LOVE to have something like this. I know I would. This is a treasure! Georgia

Re: Vintage 78 Record Clock

J.K.You did good! I really love that you put it on a stand although I think it would look just as good on a wall. Either way it is a cool idea and something that would look great in any room. My brother would LOVE this...I may have to buy it for his birthday, whaddya say, Geo

Re: Wee Blue Table

I just love the color you chose. I think this light blue goes so well with neutrals and the colors of nature. Great job, Georgia

Re: For the Record...Vinyl-Inspired Table for Two

Amy, you built yourself a DINER!!! Love the retro look and all the inspired ideas. Georgia

Re: June Floral of the Month

Sue, you know "The Floral of the Month" is one of MY favorite features. They are always so different and every one of them are charming and PERFECT! I still say a calendar of these would be amazing!!!You could do a regular JUNK BEAUTIFUL calendar and one with the JUNK BEAUTIFUL florals...I'd buy them both!Really cool arrangement, Georgia

Re: 1977 Chicago Schwinn Twinn

Sue, I can't believe someone would throw this away. Be careful out there on the road but have FUN! Georgia

Re: card catalog drawers

Too cute. Nice storage and a great way to organize your stuff, Georgia

Re: gate into table

Wow you did a great job. Love that you rescued the colanders from Walmart! Too funny, Georgia

Re: Vintage Pitch Pipe Flower Vase

OMG Jenny...I am sitting here with mouth hanging know the look!!!! This is absolutely the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I adore this piece. It is simple but it gives off a feeling of peace...that's what I get from it anyway. Your art always moves me in some way, and this one is tranquility.I LOVE your WORK, and YOU too, Georgia

Re: A "Honey" of a Bee Hive

This is SO cute. I love the pitcher, Georgia

Re: Extra Special Repurpose

I love these old toasters, and I especially like how you raised it up with the cake plate. Really clever idea, Georgia


Janis these are great ideas for bringing the bling into the garden. I can see these all grouped together on a table too. Ingenious use of the unexpected, GEORGIA

Re: Garage Sale Continued

Sue these are great tips. As a yard sale fanatic I know that if there is nothing to catch my interest from the truck...I just drive on by. I certainly would not pass by one of your sales!!! The colors and organization just scream GOOD STUFF HERE! If there is a fun and festive atmosphere it makes it even more enticing. I can use some of these tips in my shop as well. Thanks for the help, Georgia

Re: Rake Rack must be "raking in the dough...these are really cute. Good idea with the rake head, Georgia

Re: Cookie Sheet Calendar

This turned out so well I LOVE the Dos Equis Beer cap for the 20!!! Really clever to find all the numbers, great job, Georgia

Re: garden flowers

Oh I love the leaves!!! What a darling idea, these flowers are so cute...and THEY wont die! Perfect, Georgia

Re: Funky Flower Garden

Oh so cute. Don't we all just love those faucet handles..they seem meant to be flowers. Lovely and charming, Georgia

Re: Rusty Old Wheelbarrow Planter

Jim, you are becoming QUITE the gardener and a regular fixture at the nursery! Soon you'll be spouting latin names for all the flowers and giving us tips on what to plant! I love the way you have brought all that color to the base of the tree. It looks fantastic and I just LOVE the bunny rabbit! Cool yard! Geo

Re: JMS on The Today Show with Matt!

Sue, I was totally blown away by just how great this segment was. You really put together a great set, fantastic tips and you and Matt were quite a team. I could tell he was really impressed with everything. You looked beautiful and relaxed, I don't know how you can do that but you are really good at it! What a fabulous job you did! Georgia

Re: Time Well Spent

Very nice little vignette. Love how all the stuff seems to just go together. Really pleasing to look at. Georgia
PS LOVE the directions to the kids!!!!

Re: Madame Alexander doll from yard sale

She looks brand new! You did a good job making her "young" again. Georgia

Re: Repurposed garden fence

Oh this is my kind of fence...I LOVE what you have done. So rustic and charming, wonderful use of the beds too. This is just a DARLING garden, Georgia

Re: A Desk Re-Done

Well Sue this is hip, cool and sophisticated. Elizabeth must have really loved this when she got home! What a great momma you are. She is so lucky that you have the talent and creative eye to come up with a surprise like this one! Fantastic combination of colors and styles as only YOU can do! Love it, Georgia

Re: Wall Hanging Made With Multi-Colored Springs

OMG sister girl!!! This is INCREDIBLE!! I really love this one. Have I said that before??? I can not believe what comes out of that LAB...there is definitely some magic going on in there! You have the Midas touch, everything you make is so out of this world! You are the BEST, Georgia


Oh my good-NESS, as my girlfriends like to say!!! Beautiful, tasteful, chic, charming, sophisticated.... classic Janis! You have done it again, Georgia

Re: Springfield Extravaganza - tis the season - to "flea"

Great pictures, great dialog, great info, great JUNK! I love the way you write, I felt like I had been there with you. A few minor disasters always make for a better story, so you're lucky...major disasters aren't so good. Love the personal touches to your junking trip, lots of fun to read. Good grief that couch is the most hideous thing I have ever looks like it would HURT to sit on it...not that I would. Can you imagine, who would buy that thing? Wish I could go with you someday, what fun! Georgia


Very very very nice. What great ambiance this will create, Georgia

Re: Potting Bench made from Scraps and Junk!

I think everyone that gardens would LOVE to have one of these. Really nice job, Georgia

Re: My Junk Haul!

I know more than a few people (you know who you are) that would be hyper-ventilating at the sight of such a great big pile of GOOD junk...INCLUDING ME! I love to see what everyone is finding out there, it proves that less is going to the landfill and that is a great thing, Georgia

Re: Adirondack from salvage

Trey, welcome to the world of Junk Market Style. With the talent and eye for style and design that this pieces proves you have, you will do well. You took pieces of your past and redesigned them into something relevant in today's world. Using the old wood and windows in this way will show people that you don't have to throw everything away when you are done with it. Spread the word with your talent and art!!! Great job, Georgia

Re: Dressers and more

Wow you've been a busy girl! Lots of cool re-purposing going on here, Georgia

Re: Gramma's Room

I like flowers and girlie things too. This room looks really cozy and I'll bet Gramma LOVES it, Georgia

Re: Window Frame

Darbygirl, the b&w photos look terrific in this old window frame. great job on this one, Georgia

Re: Jan's repurposed table top stand!

Well lookie there. It works both ways for me. As Sue taught me...always turn things around, over, upside down, or sideways in your hand... or at least in your mind. Georgia

Re: Let's Go Camping

Oh Boy...those Hendry's really do know how to GLAM it up while camping. I love the fact that she pulls out all those gorgeous vintage fabrics and makes a comfy little world for her family and guests. They actually make camping look like FUN...I'm a little partial to the basic necessities of indoor plumbing but I could do this ...for a day or two. Geo


Well you have been a busy little bird! Got ya some good stuff there gal. Love the shutter cabinet the most of ALL, Georgia

Re: table top stand

Oh yeah this could work anywhere. Good job of pairing these things together, Georgia

Re: Vintage School Map Occasional Tables

Jenny, I love these. They are so adorable, especially the one with my name on it!! Not that I don't LOVE New England too. You do such amazing work I am always so excited to see another of your fantastic projects. Love ya, Geo

Re: What's New Pussy Cat - Contributor Challenge

Jim. You. CRACK. ME. UP. What a fun and fantastic post!!! You and TJ did a great job collaborating. I love the sketch of course and YOUR lamp is totally cool. Great minds think alike and then greater minds take it to new heights...mine looks a little wimpy... but hey you did have Tom Jones helping you. Cyndi was NO help at all "She Bop-ped" around but didn't have much going on in the junk department! Anyway the shade is the the light holes you drilled in. Thanks for sharing your time with Mr. Jones with us.You guys did good, Georgia

Re: Picture Holder Perfect for a Crash Test Dummy!

Wow wow wow Lani, I LOVE this idea. So cool! What an excellent idea this was. GREAT JOB KIDDO, Georgia

Re: My new table made out of cabinet doors

Wow that was quick. It turned out beautifully. Really good job and a great idea. Geo


Well you have certainly amassed a great big giant bunch of good stuff! Good luck with your sale...not that you need it with all that, Georgia

Re: Garden Bench

Oh what a precious picture. It says it all... a wonderful gift, a thoughtful neighbor and an appreciative friend. Georgia

Re: Another album challenge entry ...sort of

I love how you took to this challenge. I think I had a more difficult time coming up with my projects than you did! You are a whiz at this stuff. Great idea, Georgia

Re: Happy Memorial Day

See I told you she knows how to throw a party. I had the BEST time and laughed so much that it was hard to eat...well, Ok it wasn't really HARD, especially with the fantastic food that was served, but it did TAKE a lot longer! Put all us gals in a room, or on a patio in this case, and hysteria is on the menu! One of the best parties in a long while and it was so much fun to all work together on the table setting. This is a wonderful idea that I suggest you all try this summer, talk about an ice breaker, no one can hang back with this going on! Thanks again Sue, Georgia
PS centerpiece instructions coming soon..I promise.

Re: A Traveling Bevarage Bar

This gal knows how to throw a party! This would come in handy at any get together. Love love love it! Georgia

Re: How to Make a Metal Basket Planter

Sue this is a super cool planter. I love the holes in the bottom, the feet you used, and the cocoa mat is perfect for a large weave basket...better than moss for sure! Your photos are great and your instructions are, as usual, entertaining and informative. Way to go, another great plant project, Georgia

Re: Shabby Chic Windchimes

Very very very nice. I love this style, it goes GREAT in a garden and I'll bet it sounds charming too, Georgia

Re: Sink Strainer Windchimes

Gosh those DO look like hats...they don't look like that in MY house! Great way to utilize lots of scrap materials and make them fun and beautiful. Georgia

Re: Rusty repurpose!

Simple, elegant and classy...Georgia

Re: Shopping and Signing -In That Order!

WOW you gals did a FABULOUS job!! No wonder things were flying out the doors. What a fun filled day to be sure. Wish I could have been with you all. Love the store and good luck to you all, Georgia

Re: Your Picture Doesn't Sing

Now THAT is COOL!!! What an inventive and awesome project. I LOVE it, Georgia

Re: Antique ottoman

Very professionally done and great choice of fabric too. Georgia


Bee-U-Tee-FUL!! I love what you have combined here to make such lovely one-of-a-kind pieces. Just like you to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary!! Georgia

Re: Bird Cage Desk Organizer

These are BOTH fantastic. Love how you made each one's style go with the shape of the cage. Really good job, Georgia

Re: Garden Window "Nest"

Nothing better than an old window with doo-dads attached. cool window, Georgia

Re: Caged Wild Birds (not really)

Hey there. This is a great first got us all a-twitter! Love your bio, Georgia

Re: Dustpan Note Organizer

What a cute idea. Very fresh looking, Georgia

Re: Much Better

Yep, this is what I call a true transformation. You can hardly tell it is the same table. That is a major renewal...kinda like a face-lift! Georgia

Re: New Purpose for Garage Sale Find

Absolutely darling!!! Georgia

Re: Faucet with wings!

Buttons, barn wood, hooks and a faucet...what could be better?...oh yeah...WINGS!!! You got it all, Georgia

Re: A lamp is a lamp, is a lamp...again!

OK Kathy, I think this is just great too, but what I like most of all is reading your are SO funny. Very entertaining my friend. The lamp is a great find and you did an excellent job once again. You're fantastic, Georgia

Re: 3 tiered cart makeover

Wow vicmac...those ARE some REALLY big could easily take that baby anywhere! You did an awesome job and it will be nice to be able to roll it around and keep the supplies hidden as well, Good job, Georgia
PS your profile is funny!

Re: Before and After - Part 2

Boy those old sewing machines really are something aren't they? So ornate and HEAVY. Makes a GREAT table and you guys did a fantastic job, Georgia

Re: Garden Totems with Surprises

I LOVE surprises! These are so cute and with an unexpected treat to boot! You did a great job and I can't wait to see more "surprises" from you, Georgia

Re: Happy Spring

Sue, no one, and I mean NO ONE can do this sort of thing as well as you. Every time I see one of your planters, floral arrangements or even just potted plants I am always surprised and delighted by the items you have used and the way they look when put together. You are the master....and this is another masterpiece, Georgia

Re: How to Spiff Up the Biff

Sue I remember Bart!!! I think he looks adorable in the bathroom. What a nice greeting you get when you walk in.I love your attention to detail...nobody does it better! Georgia

Re: Antique Sale FUN!!

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. I was pretty happy with the way things went but that usually happens at this show. The crowds are amazing and the "Speckled Hens" do a fantastic job to make it fun and profitable for all. Antiquesuzy, I am sorry but I did sell the lightening rod, it was a good one. Jim, you my friend are in luck, I still have the hose reel, so if you want's yours. Email me and we can work something out. Thanks again everyone, Georgia

Re: Found Dentist chair in my BASEMENT under the stairs!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my God I LOVE the happy little guy with the white bowl...he looks like a robot ready to serve you something good to eat. Sue bought one of these dental rinsing things at our local flea market and it is in her newest book...hers was blue. I don't know how much it is worth but is sure is FUN!!! Georgia

Re: Happy Mother's Day

Jim, what a sweet gift for your Mom. I ain't nobody's momma, but I would love to get something like this for any occasion. The oil can is fantastic and the tulips look great, LOVE the color of BOTH. You take the most beautiful photographs too! I'm sure that your Mother was really happy to receive these. Georgia

Re: Old Window redone with chalkboard and mirror

Hi and welcome. It's amazing what a paint job can do for a piece of junk huh? You did a great job with all of these, Georgia

Re: Mothers Day Junk Too

Ok everybody...can we say ICE CRUSHER!!! Sounds SO much less hazardous and germy than "meat grinder". I'm gonna give her the white roses, she's a bit traditional. Happy Mom's day, Georgia

Re: My first potting bench

Really good job on your FIRST potting bench. Love the door and all the trimmings, Georgia

Re: vintage playpen/crib shelves and spring junk finds!

Good God girl...were we separated at birth? All this stuff looks EXACTLY like what I would buy or what I have in the shop right now..AND I made shelves out of an old field crib!!! I decorated my last booth with old broken clocks, I have had that same blue bucket, enamel pitcher...So you know I gotta LOVE it! Georgia

Re: You Will Always Hear Me

Wow that is incredibly beautiful. I love the way the paper is curled at the top. Fantastic, Georgia

Re: Market Bags

These bags are great! There is so much you can do with the seed sacks. I have a connection to get these sacks and raw bolts of this fabric (with no printing or colors on the rolls). The sacks usually come with stripes of red or blue but no words. I will post when I get them in stock...just have to make time to drive South to get them. They are all the rage and I can't keep them in stock but I would give all my friends here on this site first dibs and a good price. I'll keep you "posted" Georgia

Re: Craft/Garden Shelf

REALLY CUTE! I like how you turned the salt and pepper shakers upside down. Darling, Georgia

Re: junk birdbath

Wow won't this be a great addition to all of your holiday decorations. It will work for any season...great idea having the hook on front. And in the mean time the birdies will be splishing and splashing! Georgia

Re: Suitcase Parts

Way to go tomatosister!! I really love the way this turned out. Don't stay away so long next time...we haven't heard from you for a while. Good to see you Back, Georgia

Re: "old School"

So far I agree with everybody...but check out page 40 of Sue's second book, "JUNK BEAUTIFUL, Room by Room Makeovers" She used some in the mud room, painted a crisp white, they look fantastic. How 'bout that for info at your fingertips? Georgia


Janis my friend these are so lovely. I really think anyone would love to have one of these. Georgia (including me!)

Re: Blah to Ta Dah!

I love the newer MOD cutouts that you used, the color combo is terrific too! Georgia

Re: What's your shabby need? A candle holder, a serving platter, or a jewerly organizer?!

Almost anything would look good on this lovely plate. So many uses and so pretty, Georgia

Re: Garden Chairs

These should be called garden IN a chair. They turned out great and for those of us that don't have a "garden" to put a chair in, we could have one of these self contained gardens on a porch or small space. Love them , Georgia

Re: This jewelry is just a bunch of junk!

And what beautiful junk it is too! You did a great job on these. Love them, Georgia

Re: Umbrellas

This really is a conversation starter. Sometimes it is just something like this that will bring more people in...and that's always a good thing. Fun! Georgia

Re: How to Dress up a Dinner Party

Oh Sue I can just see you in the market trying cuffs on various could really embarrass your daughter that way!!! This is such a lovely way to set the dinner table. I think it would make each guest feel really special. I really love the way you combined the modern tablecloth with the antiques..and the colors are to die for ! Love it , Georgia

Re: Fun & Unique Jewelry Displays by Gretchen

Hey girlfriend, you have done a marvelous job here. I really like the way you are showcasing all that fine jewelry on what many would say is just junk. These are great junk items that look terrific alongside the BLING!!! Oh yeah Gretchen I do have some of the green crystals that I would be glad to sell you. I will send info on the sizes I have left. Ok? Love, Georgia

Re: Vintage Vogue Frame

What a great way to infuse some retro style into a blank frame. Glad to see that you are posting your first project. Can't wit to see what you do with the rest. I really like the colorful graphics on the black and white text. Good job, Georgia

Re: Greetings from Project Land

Wow everybody...thanks for all the encouragement. I have been working hard and the first day of the show was such a success that I am going in this morning to set up a whole new BOOTH. It was the end of the day I had only two larger pieces left and had only a little stool to sit on. I have taken photos to share but wanted to thank you all for being so supportive. Janis, I AM only about 3 hours away and would LOVE to have you come up!!! I may put you to work decorating the shop though...I just love your style and could use some of your elegant touches. What do you say??? I can't pay much but we would have some FUN!!! LOVE to you all, Georgia

Re: Shabby Chic Costume Jewerly Holders

Very very pretty way to display your vintage jewelry! Nice job, Georgia

Re: LP album trays

Well isn't this just so clever! I think the members here are coming up with some fantastic ideas for this challenge, can't wait to get started on my own project...have to wait until I finish up this weekend at the Antique show. Then I will put my thinking cap on and TRY to come up with something as cool as this! Georgia

Re: My Texas-sized Junk Swap Package!

Kathy, what a haul of fabulous stuff. I can see all kinds of projects from this stuff. Bridget outdid herself and sent some amazing junk. I bet you were like a kid at Christmas! Great package to receive in the mail, Georgia

Re: The French Flea Occassional Market Place

Ok ladies, get ready, get set and sell, sell, sell! You guys are going to do fantastically well!!! It is SO beautifully arranged and merchandised and the items for sale are fabulous!!!! I love all the natural colors and textures. And Gretchen your gorgeous jewelry will FLY out of there. Good job and good LUCK to you all, Georgia


Sorry about the multiple mishap, Geo


Don't we all NEED a few angels in our lives and in our garden? I think these are so darling and add that touch of whimsy that every garden needs. georgia


Don't we all NEED a few angels in our lives and in our garden? I think these are so darling and add that touch of whimsy that every garden needs. georgia


Don't we all NEED a few angels in our lives and in our garden? I think these are so darling and add that touch of whimsy that every garden needs. georgia

Re: Shabby Cottage Plant Stand

Hey, this is a fantastic find. I think it would work just as well in the house as in the garden...I LOVE it. Can't wait to see more of your "Junk" finds, Georgia

Re: Canning beans on the "light" side with hanging flower basket!

Wow this seems like a LOT of work but worth it for the final result. Good job and let's see MORE! Georgia

Re: Victorian Kitties Sitting Pretty Footstool

Ok as soon as my head stops spinning I can tell you that I LOVE the finished project but wouldn't attempt this in a million years! What an amazing and detailed job you did! I can't even believe that you got the instructions written...much less accomplished. Can you tell that I am impressed? turned out fantastic. Hats off to you, Georgia

Re: Got Me An "A" !

Candy this is a great "A". You guys should hit up Jenny for letters...I know she just got a "new" batch in. She will be selling at the "Three Speckled Hens Antique Show" this weekend, as will I. I get to see all these great letters and other junk tomorrow night....before the show! Marie...enjoy Alameda, it is one of my faves. Next time I sell there I will let you know and we can meet if you can make it. Georgia

Re: freebee's from a friend

Ya-hoo, nothing like a great big pile o' junk to get the creative juices flowing. Looks to me like you've got the makings of some great stuff there. Georgia

Re: A junking weekend - on the road to Kentucky...(Part 2)

More great photos Kathy! Just what we need to get our junking engines revving! Not that my engine isn't running at all times but with photos like these I REALLY want to get out there and find some JUNK! Thanks for sharing, Georgia

Re: Recycle broken clay pots

Spring has SPRUNG!!! What a cute way to use some broken pottery, really love the little vignette! Darling, Geo


Janis, once again a project with your very special "signature" style..everything you touch becomes...Beautiful! Georgia

Re: Dockboard table

This turned out very nicely. I love the old weathered boards and the memories off all the time spent on the old dock will live on with this repurposed table. Love the base too, Geo

Re: JunkStyle: to bring something into conformity with a style.

Wow this would keep you amused for a long time. Lots of cool stuff inside there. Georgia

Re: Bird & nest

You MADE a nest with cool is that. Very good job, Geo

Re: frozen in time

So cool. I am making necklaces with just keys for my Antique sale this weekend...I'm an amateur..keeping it simple. Your necklace is beautiful, Georgia

Re: Hand Painted Floor Cloth

WOW nice job Ginny! Love the colors and the flowers. Really neat, Geo

Re: Contributor's Earth Day Challenge - Vinyl

Well you beat us to the punch for sure with this great use of both album and cover. Now we're all motivated to create! Thanks, Geo

Re: Galvanized Flower Garden

Jim, you know what I like about this project, besides the fact that it is amazing as usual, is that you put both of them together. Most people would just hang each one under a window...which would be cool too...but this makes a bigger impact, and when those darling little flowers get going (growing) it is going to really be striking. What a great spring addition to your yard, and knowing you as we do, you'll probably be able to make this look fantastic during the other seasons as well! See, none of made fun of far..we haven't heard from SUE!!! Really nice job, Geo

Re: Vintage Double Frame

Tres chic!!! I really love this idea. It made BOTH frames look better. Good job, Georgia

Re: Junk-O-Rama Prom Memory Frame

Lani, what a great project and a fantastic way to preserve the memories of our time in Texas. I love the mailbox frame... it is so cool with the name plate and the hinges on the bottom. Very clever of you my dear. Thanks for showing this project and reminding me of the Texas FUN!!! Good job, Geo

Re: How to Create a "Living Green" Centerpiece

Sue, this couldn't have been timed more perfectly for me. I am so inspired by this centerpiece that I am going to plant a small terrarium for my Antique show. I had thought about it and was not sure what to do for the ground cover since it had to be shallow. This darling table-scape is just about perfect for what I want it look like. Thanks again for all of your creative and beautiful ideas. You just made my LIFE easier! Geo

Re: Outdoor Pot

This is darling and would look good inside or out, great job of painting it too!Geo

Re: Flower Sign

Very very very cute!!1 I love this. Georgia

Re: Repurposed Footboard

Great looking sign. did you paint it by hand??? I am always so in awe of people that can do this. Just lovely, Georgia

Re: Rain or shine...there's junk to be found!!

WOOHOO, sounds like a junking good time to me. Hanging with the girls, finding cool stuff and all the laughs I'm sure you had on the road makes for a successful trip to me! Glad you had a good time..and some people call this WORK! Lucky us. Geo

Re: salvage windmill

This is very striking. It looks beautiful, Georgia

Re: old barn door turned outside shower wall / hall tree

What a wonderful, versatile piece this is. No wonder it got a lot of attention...I could think of a million places to use it. Great project. Well done, Georgia

Re: Maxine :)

What a CRACK-UP!! I just laughed when I saw her. She will bring you many years of pleasure as she settles into her new home. Georgia

Re: From Barnyard to my yard...

God I love old painted metal! I don't care what it is I am just drawn to it. These are really lovely and on the fence they are DARLING! Geo

Re: "Autumn Leaves"

Once again...I think you are really talented, Georgia

Re: "Princess" vintage redesign jewelry

Gretchen I think you just get better and better each time I see your work. These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! You have a very special talent, Georgia

Re: I LOVE My Junk Swap Partner!!!

Maggie I am glad you got it and you like it. I will post a picture of MY gift later today! I love mine too. This junk-swap is a GOOD thing! Georgia

Re: Barn Salvage Project

I can't wait to see what you come up with all this wood. Hope you find some buried treasures along with the wood, Georgia

Re: Dream Dresser

Perfect for little girls....well big girls too! Really cute and you did a great job on the paint. Georgia

Re: shabby shades from 70s beaded dress sleeves

Troy I think you made this project sound more simple to execute than it really is. You did an exceptional job and I know first hand how hard it is to do...I've tried...and my results were not ANYTHING like this. Really fantastic, Georgia

Re: Moasic server

This is really pretty and would look great on any table. Good job, Georgia

Re: Half Table

Really cute design!! Georgia

Re: Garden Chairs CAN paint! I guess that explains the're good too. I really like the colors that you chose, Georgia

Re: This weekends finds and projects

Oh how I love to see the treasures that everyone finds. Really great bunch o' stuff! Geo

Re: the Craft Wall Experiment

Oh my leetle ratty could i have missed this wonderful post??? I love what you did and it looks great. Sorry I didn't see this until Candy did hers and posted the link. I use old pattern pieces in my collage art all the time. I love how it comes out kinda transparent but with the lovely aged color. When are you coming up this way. I miss you, Geo

Re: Contributors' Earth Day Challenge

Sue you got me pegged! Did you all realize that the title of my album is "She's so Unusual"??? All I wanna do IS have FUN!!! And I can imagine that I will be having a LOT of fun with this challenge. So far this whole post has been fun so it will only get more interesting as we go along. I laughed and laughed when I read these "Persona's", everybody's is really great but I think I laughed the hardest with Judy/Jenny...this should be GOOD!!! Love this idea. Sue you are a KOOK, Georgia

Re: Heavy Table Makes a Mighty Statement

Miss J. how do you have time to keep up this pace? I am always amazed at how quickly you move on stuff. I think about them for way too long I guess. you are so good at seeing this stuff in the rough. I would have admired it and then walked away from it...partly because of the weight...partly cause I wouldn't have thought of a table. You think BIG girlfriend. I think you should decide whether it is indoor or outdoor...I wouldn't want to move it! love this one, Geo

Re: Crib Notes On Weaving - Shhh, Don't Tell

Candy... this is just so darling! I love the natural color and texture with the bedsprings. What a great idea! This looks terrific up on your wall. I have one of the crib springs in the back. If I have time I may try one of these too. I really love it.Georgia

Re: Flea Market Finds

I swear I had a sharp intake of breath when I saw that first picture. I would be really happy with everything you found! It's days like this that make us junkers keep searching. Good point about looking in the basement while others are in the house.... always start in the dirtiest spot first! Georgia

Re: Oven Top Bathroom Shelf

This is a very interesting use of an old stove. I love the color. Great save, geo

Re: Floods

Oh yeah....I love the textural differences. It is stark but beautiful at the same time. The flowing script next to the natural element of the wasp nest shows the beauty of nature and man. Very very nice work, Georgia

Re: Circle Silhouette from Wooden Spool and Goodwill Dress

Well I'm pretty sure we are all going to be looking forward to your projects.Besides having good ideas, you have an eye for detail that some of us lack...and I'm talkin' about ME! You did a fantastic job, Geo


Love the rustic stuff...whitewash? or natural? Hmmm wonder what you'll do...geo


And more good stuff. Geo


Girl, Where have you been??? Glad to see you are out there getting the good stuff. Nice haul. Good to see you back, Georgia

Re: Great Crates

Jim, thank you for giving us another glimpse into your home. You have a definite "signature" style that is always interesting and fun. I, like upyourattic am amazed to see a lamp that doesn't have a metal shade of some sort...what's up with that? You probably end up selling ALL of your project lamps immediately, and have to buy them from the store...god forbid! have any light in your house! Another cool and simple idea, Georgia

Re: On the road again...

As another one that takes her "show on the road", I can tell you'll have a fabulous booth and a great sale. All of your hard work will pay off, big time! Good luck to you, and let us know how it goes, love, Geo

Re: stirrup frame

Awww, this is just too cute. What a good combo of rustic, vintage, and nostalgic items. Very nice job, Georgia

Re: Button Tray're good. Very ingenious and so so so chic. Love it, Georgia

Re: Mod Oval Ottoman from Goodwill Pleated Plaid Skirt

Well aren't you just the coolest chick!! I love what you have done and what a fantastic job on the upholstery. Really really cool job. Can't wait to see more of your MOD work. Love it, Georgia

Re: "Generating" a new lamp

oooh I love a good lamp...and a special shade too! Wow you did an amazing job. I LOVE this...georgia

Re: Beep

What little boy wouldn't just love this stuff.The truck is very neat! Georgia

Re: Chick feeder

I love the whole look of this..and of course the green scissors are sooo cool. Great display and useful too. Good job, geo

Re: What can you do with pink records?

Hi there. You could sell them to Jim...he seems to have it ALL figured out. Having worked in a record store during my wild twenties (a LONG time ago) I know that these used to be collectible. Do you still have the jackets? Or did they come like this? The color is incredible. You all know I would probably try to make a hanging lamp out of them...anything round is fair game to me! Good luck, I am sure you will do something great with these. Make sure to post your results, Georgia

Re: Spring Junking Finds

Great haul! I am happy that everyone will be showing all the cool treasure they find, now that it is Spring and hibernation is over! You'll have no problems selling this fine stuff. Georgia

Re: One of My Top Ten - Cloches!

Lani, you've done it again. These photos are really good and the ideas are even better. What a great collection you have going. I love the way you have shown off simple but beautiful items in such an elegant way. Very cool girlfriend, Georgia

Re: Sue, Kathie Lee and Hoda on Today!

Sue, you did a fantastic job!! It seemed to me that you made some new fans and friends with Hoda and Kathie Lee. I could tell they were very impressed with your well they should be!It takes a certain quality to be so relaxed and comfortable on camera and girl you've got it goin' on. You were GREAT!!! Loved the segment, Georgia

Re: Candlelight Chandelier

Ken this is a fantastic Idea. I love the way you modified the votive holders to fit in the chandelier. I am always looking for just the right sized candles but this makes it much easier. Thanks for the great tip, Georgia

Re: Fish Box Cat Bed

Oh the kitty will be dreaming of catching fish all night long. What a great little bed you made for your little friend, Georgia

Re: Doily Plant Pots

I think you got the Spring/Easter colors covered there! They really add something to the potted plants. Happy Easter to you and your family, Georgia

Re: HAPPY EASTER! vintage bunnies & lots of them.

Happy Easter Lori, these bunnies will be so well appreciated for the holiday...maybe not for the newborn but soon she will be delighted with them as well, Georgia

Re: Let the music move you!

Oh you did great with this. I love the photos, ribbon and tag. Seems like you channeled several of our very own junkers with this one. Good it heavy? geo


Well this sure is a pretty picture, and a great idea. I am amazed at what you think of that can be done with just a few simple always turns out so beautifully. Fantastic as usual, Georgia

Re: Catch Me on The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda!

Oh boy, can't wait to see you on air. I know you'll do such a great job and everyone will love you...just as we do. I am excited to see what you use for your projects and how it is set up. It will be amazing! Love and good luck to you, Georgia

Re: "Vintage Redesign Take 2"

Oh Gretchen I love the second version. I like the way the colors all go together perfectly and kind of cascade (I love the word cascade) down from the flower. Great job, Georgia

Re: milk bottle lamp

You did it! It turned out darling. Great job and a really good suggestion too, Georgia

Re: Blossom

Oh this is a great piece. I really like how you used all the hardware to make a flower, very cute and functional too. Georgia

Re: First attempt at making rust...

hmmm, great idea with the cinnamon...probably smells as good as it looks, Georgia

Re: cabinet door chalkboard

Well it's about time huh? Glad you got over your fear of posting! You did a great job on this and I really like the yardstick too. Hope we can see some more of your wonderful projects, Georgia

Re: Generator lamp

Yep, the lamps are lookin' good around here! What a great idea. Georgia

Re: Turbin Lamp

It is so great to see all the different lamps and shades that are being made! I love the industrial shade on the vintage lamp...feminine industrial perhaps??? Good job Cynthia, Georgia

Re: recycled superheros

FUN FUN FUN stuff. What else can you say about these pictures! Georgia

Re: Do you know what this Memo Board used to be?!

Great use for something that gets overlooked all the time. It has a great vintage feel to it. Georgia

Re: spring things

Very cute stuff, are you having an Easter party with all these great projects. They'll look terrific on your table. Georgia

Re: Shabby Chic Lamp

Wow you really added some nice touches to this lamp. It is now a one-of-a-kind find! Georgia

Re: My Junk Lamp

What a creative and unusual lamp you have made. No wonder it sold right away! I really like all the stuff that went into this fabulous lamp. Georgia

Re: HERCULES POWER Mirror Project

Jenny, I'm pretty sure that I say this every time you put up one of your new creations...but this one may be my favorite!!! What a GREAT great great piece of junk, leave to you to make the best use of it too. What a COOL piece to add to all the other cool things you have come up with. Love it, geo

Re: JUNKMARKET Style's 2009 Top "10" in Junk

Sue, this must have been a near impossible thing to do...JUST 10??? I saw a lot of this stuff while in Texas too and even bought some of it! What an amazing array of wonderful junk that was available to us. I wish I could have gotten more but since I was flying I had to settle for the smaller stuff...which is OK too. We had the BEST time and I encourage all of you to try to attend next year. Sue and Shelly put together an affordable and fantastic trip for us. We had a great house for us all to stay in, events almost every night, special dinner parties, and breakfast made every morning by our friend Thelma! We stayed at a beautiful ranch and it was such a comfortable way to rest between junking during the day and hoe-downs in the evening. NO ONE should miss a chance to participate in a junking journey like this one! See y'all there next time, Georgia

Re: Gatherings - A Great Place to Shop for Good Junk

Sue, thanks for showing us the delightful pictures of this AWESOME shop. I unfortunately missed this day of fun by coming in to Texas late the NEXT day. Oh well I'll catch it next time. I sure can't complain cause I got to do some amazing things while in Texas and will be doing a post on my adventures later. Talk to y'all soon, geo

Re: Funky Funnel Lamp

Jim what a FUN lamp. I love the colors you used. I also want to know how you did this? A little more info on how everything is attached would be good. This one is a little different than the other lamps you have made.I really LOVE it. Still want more info though..don't hold out on your junking pals here. OK? OK. geo


Hi Janis, Ok what more can we say here...YOU'RE AWESOME! Everything is always so pretty, and I look forward to every post you put up. You are simply amazing my dear, Georgia

Re: orange pomander (made from buttons)

These are SO pretty, the color of the green and red one is really beautiful, but then I like the neutrals too. Hmmm I guess I just like them ALL! Georgia

Re: Repurpose Vintage Shakers to hold your Glitter!

Very fancy! I love the vintage style of the salt and pepper shakers with the pretty glitter. Georgia

Re: Bad Dog

OMG this made me laugh sooooo hard! Picture number 3 is the funniest thing EVER!!! It looks like he was talking to you! I LOVE him. Geo

Re: Utensil Holder - Old Heavy Lard Press

Wow this is one cool Lard press...not that I have ever seen any other lard press...wonder why you would want to press lard??? But it sure makes a great utensil holder. geo

Re: Date Night Find.

I see you got your picture up. Good job and I love the old door.... so many uses and that is a beauty! Georgia

Re: Dresses & knobs

Very nice place to "work"...more like a play house to me! georgia

Re: shaker tops

Oh yeah they are cool! Georgia

Re: I'm the new kid...and I brought my toys

Great stash. I had about 15 feet of the strappy cistern water thingys hanging on your wall and I cut it into pieces with three of the tiny buckets per string and planted small succulents in them and they all sold at my shop. Everybody loved them. You have a lot of raw material there. Welcome to JMS and we can't wait to see more of your stuff, Georgia

Re: Wine cabinet

Very nice work and such a beautiful cabinet that you saved from obscurity. The finish is fantastic and the whole re-do is perfect, Georgia

Re: A little medicine chest first aid

Wow this is a great transformation. I love the rustic metal look...and storage..what a deal! georgia

Re: Mint Tin Frame

Darling darling darling idea! Geo

Re: What to do with iron table base and Chinese checker board?

This is a great project. I love the way you used the old game board as the table top. Very cool with the holes, and the star shape, I really like the way this turned out, Georgia

Re: CD Rom Necklace

I have never seen anything like this. It is way cool and very beautiful. Love it, Georgia Oh, and welcome to the JMS site!

Re: "Gall"-y, it's s bird!

This is so creative and cute to boot. I love how it all fit together, Geo

Re: Feeling a bit Distressed!

Darling little bookcase. I like the way you have displayed all your thrifty finds. geo

Re: Fake Garden Pillar

Very very clever. Amazing what a little paint will do! Georgia

Re: RAD-ical Lamp

Jim, you are so amazing and funny. I love this...just think, a lamp with a built in laundry hamper. You just don't see that everyday! I love, love, love all the hardware bits and pieces you used...I have a thing for pulleys...and the graphics on the bucket are so cool. YEP...I LIKE IT. geo

Re: A Vintage Decanter Lamp

Sue what a lovely lamp. I really like the way you left the cord drilling! I too will miss Country Home and would not have found my way into your life without it. I remember being so inspired by all the articles you did for them and ESPECIALLY the one on the Central Coast of Ca.....when you missed me! Haha. We made up for that little blunder didn't we? It all turns out the way it is supposed to. Great tribute to all the people that you became friends with while working with them. Geo

Re: Inspired by fellow junker: Junk Sophisticate

Wow talk about doing a project from scratch! I love that you took the same elements and created your own version with what you could get. That's the definition of CREATIVE! You did an excellent job, Geo

Re: Tool Box Planter

Oh I am so happy that everyone is putting up their spring projects. This one is truly lovely and rustic at the same time, good job, geo


These are two really wonderful projects. I think you have done a great job here, Georgia

Re: PUT A LITTLE "SPICE" IN YOUR WORKROOM!!! are simply amazing! Everything you touch has the most elegant and beautiful feel to it. I love your photography too. You are a wonderful, talented lady and I always am so impressed with ALL of your projects. Just gorgeous! Georgia

Re: Beloved

Looks great! You can tell that the rest of the room is adorable cause you can see it reflected in the mirror! Really neat project, Georgia

Re: Vintage Barrel Table

Yes it does look adorable. This was good idea and it looks great, Geo

Re: ...More salvaged fencing!

Well I love the clothesline! Those old ones are sooo cool with lights on them! the fence does look like it has been there for along time...sign of a good design, Georgia

Re: The Owen's Live Here!

Hey Sue this looks great. Really nice to see you today too. Good find at Alameda...see you there next month! Geo

Re: Time for an old drawer to SPRING to life!

I would say that spring has sprung! Let's all put our spring/garden stuff up right away and it will bring it to us sooner. Or at least it will feel like spring! Love this one, Geo

Re: Blue Horse Assemblage

Wow TWO great horse projects in one day. I can hardly stand myself. I can't believe you made the horse parts yourself! Wow it is awesome, Georgia

Re: Old portrait frame

I have never heard of this but I am gonna get some. Welcome to the site. With info like that you'll be a big hit here! And what a great idea, I have never seen anything like this before and we LOVE new ideas around here. I have one of these frames with the glass. Hmmm what to do? Thanks for the inspiration, Georgia

Re: Doll Leg Vase

Oh J. you are so funny. I really like this, it is darling! Such a nifty idea and the garter belt is just the right thing here. LOVE it, Geo

Re: Picket Fence Planter

OK. Fine. I'll tell the moss ball story...but I'm telling MY version of it. So this is what REALLY happened....
One day while helping my good friend Sue with a location shoot here in Ca. I was busily hanging fishing reels from a tree, putting casters on an old crate, fetching plants from the nursery, and doing any and all manor of MANUAL labor when, said friend, asked me to plant something in the basket that she had just hung on the wall, while she ran out something. Anyway I look at the basket and say "the holes are awfully big" and SHE says "just fill it with moss" Well OK, I can do that. After picking out two lovely bushy type plants (my FIRST mistake) I start to fill the basket with moss. I keep stuffing it in and around the plants while calling for MORE MOSS! (My SECOND mistake) After using about 10 large bags of moss...I step back (#3) and check out my masterpiece....AND IT LOOKS LIKE A GIANT MOSS BALL WITH EARS!!!Stephanie and I were still laughing when Sue came back and you should have seen her face. She tried to be kind but it was hideous and we all knew it! anyway she has never let me live that one down...even though we fixed it right away and did NOT ruin her book. Everybody happy now?

Re: To Ride a Horse is to Ride the Sky

Jenny, my dear friend, I my heart skipped a beat when I saw this. It is the most fabulous thing I have ever seen. I love it when you get something from me and turn it into ART. This one has heart, movement and beauty. I'm gonna cry...and you KNOW I will when I see her! Love you, geo

Re: Kim's master bedroom makeover

Wow. what a great bunch of stuff you collected. Love the architectural stuff. It looks very inviting and relaxing too. Great job, Georgia

Re: shoe forms-lots of em!

This is so colorful and happy. I really like all the shiny colors and they look good enough to eat! Georgia

Re: Tin Ceiling Tile Shelf

Wow you are so talented. I love this shelf and the tin looks great. I like how you aged it to make the design stand out. Very nice usual. Georgia

Re: Exotic Dresser Revamp

Hi there cupcake! This really is an exotic dresser now. I really love the colors and the shapes that you created. What a great transformation. Very very cool, Georgia

Re: Another Alien spotting...

Hey I think my guy and yours could be...brothers? maybe they are everywhere and only special junkers like us can see them. I love your little alien...Georgia

Re: Robot

Hey he is darling. I love to do this sort of project. You did a really great job on this guy. Welcome to JMS and I hope to see more of your fun art, Georgia

Re: Organize Your Desk with Dominoes

Sue, you know that I really like all your Domino projects but this one is a real winner. I loved the soap dish you made once too. Do you ever run out of ideas for your little polka-dotted building blocks? So, so, so, CUTE! Geo

Re: Count your.....chickens or quilts or doodads......or don't....

Junkinpunkin, I really really like this project. It turned out perfectly. It is a perfect size and the word "count" on the front just makes it! Fantastic looking project, Georgia

Re: First piece... the $5.00 glass top patio table..

Great marriage of two different things. The aquarium legs are fantastic...I'm sure they are very sturdy and I love the iron look with the glass top. Really good job, Georgia

Re: "Faux" Fireplace mantle

Your Mom should be happy. You gave her a great mantle without having to tear up the house! It looks really good, you did a great job, Georgia

Re: Ugly Clock turned Message Center

This turned out so well. You did a great job and I love the chicken wire. Georgia

Re: Vintage Table that Probably still looks like Junk to some!

Oh yeah, I'm with YOU on the paint layers. I love to see what is underneath. Recently I sanded down an old cabinet that was green and to my delight there were two different pink layers and a creamy white. So now it proudly shows ALL the colors, just like your darling little table. Great job on the finish! Love it, geo

Re: For the birds...

First of all I think this could be just an art piece and to think that a little birdie will be able to build a tiny nest in there makes it extra special! Love your design, Georgia

Re: Benches made from Ugly old bed

You should be happy with the results. The colors are fabulous and i love the way you glazed them...I love a good adds just the right touch, Georgia

Re: Red Distressed Dresser

Really nice restoration job. I love the finish and you did a great job distressing too. It looks just right, Georgia

Re: March Floral Arrangement of the Month

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these junkers from the swift completion of their appointed projects".

So Ok I changed the words...a little... but don't you think they apply to us too? What? a little snow and freezing temperatures? These minor obstacles can't keep Sue from delivering a lovely spring floral arrangement that makes you almost feel a warm breeze on your face. Great job as usual Sue. I always look forward to your innovative floral containers! Love it, Georgia

Re: Industrial Style Lamp

While I have never heard of a "Squirrel cage fan" I think that it made a perfect industrial looking lamp! Great job. Georgia

Re: pub window rescue

Well this is just a great big stack of goodness! I love it all and you have put them all to good use, Georgia

Re: Junky Clipboard Turned Handy Photo Holder

Candy, this post really touched my heart. It is SO special and I am sure she will love to have it hanging in her room. You are a good sister and this is a great idea for a place with little extra room. I love it, Geo

Re: Vintage Clock to Fresh Chic Chalkboard

Wow this turned out so nicely. I love the style of it and the paint finish is great too. Welcome to the club! I'm sure we'll see many more of your projects'll be hooked! Georgia

Re: Twitter

I am on it now too! my name is msgeorgiamoon. I couldn't get any of the others I tried. Didn't know there were so many georgiamoon's out there! And here I thought I was unique! Ha.

Re: A Girlfriend for RePete -- Another Playful Pooch

This is amazing! I can't even imagine the work that goes into something like this. She is so cute! I can see why Re-Pete went for so much at auction...truly a work of art. Geo

Re: "Spirit in the Sky"

Oh Midge you are funny. I can see your head spinning with birdhouse designs every time you see something with a hole in it! Very, very clever my dear, geo

Re: Former Nightstand turns into French Provincial Pet Bed . . .

This is absolutely darling!!! I love the color, fabric and especially the embellishment on the sides...great job. If it were bigger I'D sleep in it. geo

Re: How to Store Ribbons

OMG Sue this so darling I can't stand it! I laughed and laughed when you said "grab a-hold of the handle and pull it across the table...just for fun"! That DOES sound like FUN. It's just one of those little things in life that bring us joy. You made my day with this fun and charming project. I adore it and YOU, geo

Re: Potting table

You did a really great job on this project. Interesting design and great detail make this a real winner! Geo

Re: Felted crazy quilt

This quilt is very colorful and cheerful and warm. all the things you look for in a cozy bedroom. Very nice work, geo

Re: It's "time" for spring...and cloches!

They are all really lovely. You did a great job displaying your spring things under all the fantastic cloches...I think we all have spring fever now! Geo

Re: Happy Easter & Welcome to our Booth!

Darling, darling, Darling. I love this look and you have it set up beautifully. Good luck in your new booth...I can tell you'll do well.Love, geo

Re: A Handmade Gift

Bravo! Good juju... you got some coming back atcha! What a fantastic gift. Love the idea of the pink briefcase! Geo

Re: Feeling "all" Right - Coffee Table

Jim I am constantly amazed by your talent. I can not imagine being able to paint like you matched the colors perfectly! YOU are something ELSE!!! I was going to make a bunch of "ALL" puns but I decided to spare you..OK?(see) Love all (oops) you projects all (oops again) the time, Georgia

Re: Tips and Tricks for Successful Flea Market Shopping

Sue these are great tips and words of wisdom from a veteran flea market shopper!
This is how I have done it in the past:
I show up late and start buying the first thing I see, with only $16.00 and an ATM card in my pocket, sweating bullets while I try to find the stuff that I impulsively bought, that I didn't need in the first place. Then when I can't find all the items that I've grossly overpaid for, it will now fit into the back of the TRUCK when it starts to pour down rain.
I've learned all these lessons the HARD way and try not to make the same mistakes twice...ok three times. Thanks for all the "Rules of Engagement" Sue I think I'll print this out for future reference, Georgia

Re: Large table made from 2 x 10 lumber

OH yeah, this looks super good. I can not believe that you TURNED the legs. WOW. You did a fantastic and professional job. I love the size and I'm guessing that it is ten feet long??? I would love to have one of these in my shop. Love it, Georgia

Re: Doing some light sewing...

HI, I had planned to make something like this...a while back and never got to it. I now think that I should have. I still have the old machine and I would NEVER paint a shade but this looks so cool that I will put that project back on the list of things to do. I had planned to put my shade in the middle of the machine but I love it offset like this. Really good job and an inspiration for me to get to WORK!!! Thanks, Geo

Re: Easy project for a fun planter

These pieces are great together. I really like the simplicity of it and the natural colors are perfect. Love it, Georgia

Re: Junk Mail from Candy!

OOOh This is a grand thing to receive in the mail! You are a lucky girl and the button flowers are fantastic in the tubes. Georgia

Re: Project Leftovers Put to Good Use

Oh you are clever and patient. It looks so cool, and you did a great job with it too! Geo

Re: Piano Bar

Wow. This gives new meaning to "Play it Again Sam"... what a fantastic transformation and a great idea. Looks like you worked really hard but it paid of...big time! Geo

Re: Recycled Jewelry

Gretchen, it takes a certain talent to do something like this and you have it in spades! Really beautiful jewelry that any of us would be happy to own. Really pretty stuff, Geo

Re: It's 'Sew' Easy To Pretty Your Home

Candy, Any guest would be so pleased to come into a room filled with such warmth and thoughtfulness. Your friend is a lucky girl. I love the zipper the best of all. You are one clever lady. Georgia

Re: Piano Rolls on Parade

Amy what a beautiful way to display your rolls. I love them just as they are, not everything has to be dismantled to do something fabulous with it, and you showed us that for sure. I still want to do the whiteflower roses too...georgia

Re: Do you see what I see?????

This is a junkers dream right here in front of our eyes. Pinch me! I think we all would love to come over to LOOK at you stuff...with wads of $$$$$ in our hot little hands! Begging you to just part with one tiny thing. You gotcha some goodies goin'on girl! Georgia

Re: Putting a Little Light on the Subject

JENNY You are INCREDIBLE!! I have had that little stand around forever and wanted to do something with it but couldn't find the right project. This goes to show you that sometimes the right project comes from someone else! This is fantastic and I would have never been able to create this beauty. It certainly went to it's rightful place! It is so you and it is really fabulous. You must have rushed home with that little baby and started creating the second you walked in the door. You are a wonder to behold! Love you, geo


Janis I cracked up when I saw the picture of you with the kitchen knife. That sounds like something I would do but with disastrous results! This is a beautiful project and something that would make a great gift. You are so good! Georgia

Re: JennyK's Office Re-Junking Part #3

Jenny your office is looking better all the time. I can't wait to see the DESK! It will be amazing! Hey is Jim (junkarchitect) going to sell you the reel lamp? Did you see that I was on your side with that one...but I always will be..on you side! Love geo

Re: My Latest Salvage Yard Haul

Jenny, I can't believe you found all this great stuff. I have just mounted my letters that you so generously got for me and they look terrific. I will post the pic later today. We need to get together soon! Love ya gal, Geo

Re: A Place to Call Home

Oh have I been there before. Sometimes I just keep on going and painting and adding stuff until I have completely ruined it or it is beautiful!Good job on yours, Georgia

Re: The Ugly Duckling turns into the Swan

This is so darling. I love your fabric. I'm a girly-girl too! Geo

Re: unfinished back on secretary desk

What a beautiful piece. Your addition to it makes it even more special. It is definitely one-of-a-kind now. Love it, Georgia

Re: Hollywood Earrings

I think you should wear them too and if you don't I will! They are very cool and I love the color. Georgia

Re: bee hive door knob

Ok have to forgive me, sometimes I am not all. I thought you meant that it came OFF of a beehive. I have no idea why I thought that, I've never seen a beehive with a knob. I feel like an idiot... and I am laughing like one too! Georgia

Re: Marburger Farm Antique Show and JUNKMARKET Partner with Houston Habitat for Humanity!

Sue, this is a match made in heaven. Your ideals and vision of reuse walk hand in hand with this amazing organization. There couldn't be a better pairing. I hope that this relationship continues for a long time and that we as members can in some way contribute some of our time or projects for donation. Please let us all know what we can do for this cause. Georgia

Re: Palette Lounger

This is very interesting. I would never have thought to do this. It looks very modern and would be very comfy with a nice cushion and a beverage of your choice. Georgia

Re: Farm Rescue

Well you gotta love that! It is just fantastic! Georgia

Re: door knobs, old tin, & doors

I just love the words "England junk trip" wish I could say them and have it be true! What exactly is a beehive doorknob? I have never heard of one but I like it. Love the tin shelf, your husband did a good job on that one. Georgia

Re: key holder

This came out great. Places to hang things are always handy but these look good too. Super job, Georgia

Re: Thinking Outside the Box

Really really pretty. The aren't mediocre any more! Georgia

Re: How-To Make a Tricycle Tire Cookbook Holder

I really enjoyed watching this project actually be made in your DVD. It is such a great idea and you guys had a lot of fun doing it too! Georgia

Re: Door Casing Picture Frame

This turned out very nicely. I really like the architectural lines of this frame. The bead board was a good idea too! Geo

Re: plant table

You can't go wrong with an old map and it looks really great on this table, Georgia

Re: Croquet Table

Very clever. You are lucky to have someone to share this with. it makes it even more fun, Georgia

Re: old bread box - a project that went south

I really like how the pages look on the bread box. I don't think it went south at all, Georgia

Re: Bottle Cap Wreath with Openers

This is really great looking. I know someone else that really likes the bottle cap look. Really cool looking wreath. Georgia

Re: Beachy Bath Bucket Storage

This is one of the best ideas I have ever seen. Everything about it is perfect.... concept, color, beachy but understated feel, and usefulness! I LOVE this one! Georgia

Re: It's a Reel Lamp

Jim, usually I just get on and tell you how much I love your project, and how talented you are and how creative...and all that is true, but this time I am going to tell you that I think you should sell this to Jenny..why, you ask? Because then I'll get to see this fantastic lamp in person!!! I know this is self serving but what can I is soooo cool! Great job on this one (as usual) and btw gotta love the teeny wheelbarrow! Georgia

Re: front of my house

Thanks for all the pictures of your amazing decor. You've been a busy little bee! Georgia

Re: living room chandelier made from junk

Wow, you have come up with a bunch of ideas here. What a creative person you are. Thanks for sharing, georgia

Re: Old Dresser re-painted

This is so nice...I'd bring it in the house! Good rescue and a nice paint job too, Georgia

Re: Decorative Vintage Bottles

Ooh la la these are all dressed up for the ball. What a cute thing to do with old bottles. Very romantic looking, Georgia

Re: Shabby Chalkboard Frame

This is adorable too! You're good girl. Keep showing us what you got, Georgia

Re: Shutter collage frame

Very nice way to dress up a room divider. Nice colors too, Georgia

Re: pincushion

I think we are all in agreement about these pretty little cup cakes. They are so darn cute! Georgia

PS ratty..maybe you should use some colors other than black!!! Just kidding my friend...glad to see you are watching us...throw in more comments girl, you are TOO funny! Love ya, geo

Re: Growing Mushrooms....

Darling idea for the garden. I'll bet they look stunning next to some colorful flowers, Georgia

Re: More Repurposed Jewelry

Very nice and I like that you used "sea-glass" to match the Bayou map on the back. Great job, Geo

Re: It's a frame-up!

Very very very pretty. you have a definite style going on here. Very romantic and soft. I love it, Georgia

Re: Birdbath and side table

Wow your birds have a fancy place to take a bath! and a very clever way to make a table. Good job, Georgia

Re: Ready to Welcome Ya'll to Texas - A Rough Rider for Raffle

Oh Bridget this just cracked me up! every bit of him is adorable. I am sure he will be a big hit at the auction..I know I'd bid on him. Tooooo CUTE! georgia

Re: Basket Art Work

OOOH I like this! I love the texture and shape...I'm kinda partial to moons. When I was reading your post I got to the part about adding aged cheese, went WHAT? and then saw CLOTH LOL!! Whew, I have heard the moon is made of cheese but thought that would be taking things a bit too far. I really like all the extra added ribbons and things. Good job and very creative use of something that would usually be thrown away! Georgia ...moon

Re: Rockin Pot Holders

This is so much better than just straight wood. i love the curve and the metal accents. Great job and way to re-cycle, Georgia

Re: Umbrella Trellis

Sue this is really a cute idea. I think it would be great to add some little lights to it. It will be so interesting to see when it is all covered. Make sure and show us OK? Georgia

Re: Potting Bench

Oh I love a good potting table...even though I will do anything but garden on one. I just moved one into my workroom as a project table. I really do like the way the fencing looks on the back. Great job, Georgia

Re: Light At The Other End

Wow this is quite unusual and pretty. Amazing what can happen by accident, Georgia

Re: a marriage made in architectural heaven

Very nice display. I like all the different things that you brought together, Georgia

Re: My Issues With Ironing

I agree with your attitude about ironing but I love what you have done with the old board. I have had several of these and didn't know what to do with them. Great idea, Georgia

Re: half tables

What a great idea to make it look like a quilt. I love that you put the stitches in! Georgia

Re: How to Contain Your Art Supplies

Ah this post couldn't have come at a better time.... As I am in the beginning stages of transforming the old men's bathroom that I have been using as storage (and I am using that term loosely, mainly because things have been literally PITCHED in and the door slammed) into a project/junk room. I need all the help I can get on how to organize my stuff. I'll get it looking great until the first time I actually DO something in there. I'm taking the door off the hinges so I can't just close it, and my mind, to the mess. Hopefully I can incorporate some of these super good ideas to keep things looking good and available for use. Wish me luck, Geo

Re: Junkin' with Jenny K.

Ok, for all of you drooling over Jenny's lab, I should is absolutely fantastic to be in there with her amazing array of junk. And to have free-(almost)reign with her junk is a gift to be sure. I wasn't going to waste any time in there, I wanted to be going home with something fun. Good thing I can laugh and glue at the same time cause there were more than a few times when less talented glue-er would have lost it. Sue, your narrative of this day is as funny as the real thing, and the pictures tell it all. What fun to be able to spend the day with the most amazing friends among all of JK's fabulously organized treasures. It was a day I will never forget and will cherish as one of my most fun times EVER!!! Georgia

Re: Keeping Time With the "Rhythm" of Life

Thanks to everyone for all your nice comments. I was really happy with the way it turned out. I was going to keep it for a while but it sold last weekend. Which made me even happier. I am always so surprised when I sell an art piece. I expect to sell lamps and stuff like that but when someone buys something of yours just to LOOK at, it's very special. Thanks to Sue for coming up with a great challenge. Still waiting to see yours though Sue! Geo

Re: Bathroom with a past...

Beautiful bathroom and a beautiful memory. Thanks for sharing with us. It's awesome, Georgia

Re: Meme...Altered Doll

Hey this reminds me of working with Jenny in the lab. Our figures are usually much junkier cause we use metal stuff but this is adorable. How do you make the faces look like porcelain? I have a bunch of Santa heads that would be cool to do that to. I have plenty of time so, if it's not a secret, I might do this. Thanks, Georgia

Re: Spring spring wreath!

Cynthia, this is so darn cute. I think everyone on the site has Spring Fever and this is a sure sign of it. Georgia

Re: Rusted light by Singer

Beautiful job and a great idea. It looks so warm and inviting, Georgia

Re: My Painted Furniture

What a talent you have. You and WhatNots are amazing! Georgia

Re: "Old School Argyle" Night/End/Occassional Table

Oh I didn't want any classified secrets cause I would never attempt anything like this...I don't even paint. I was just wondering if you had to DRAW this on and then paint it or what. I guess was just amazed at the intricacy of the design. It turned out so perfectly I didn't think anyone could do this by hand. Fabulous job, Georgia

Re: Texas and Gatherings ... and Lightheartedness

Bridget, I am coming too. I won't arrive until Sat. the 28th. so I guess I will miss the yard sales and Gatherings . Bummer. I know there are lots of things going on and I get to stay until the next Friday but I really wanted to at least do the yard sales with you guys. will you be at Leftovers on Sat eve.? I don't get into Austin until 5:15 pm so I am not sure what is happening there. Anyway I hope to meet you and have some fun! Love Geo

Re: Two of a kind

You must be attracted to the swirlly pattern to have bought these separately. Nice way to combine the rough and the smooth. Georgia


Now this is just adorable and it looks so good on your lovely porch. I like the way you used the half table for the bottom. I love the reflection of the blue door in the mirror too! Georgia

Re: gorgeous teddy

What a cute little bear. i can not believe all the great stuff that you find in that trash pile you haunt so regularly...I might just camp there...if I liked to camp...which I don't. Good save, Georgia

Re: Picture Book . . . Na, na, na, na, na na.

VERY cool way to display pictures. Great film holders too. I love the EXPOSED on the cover. Fabulous find, Georgia

Re: My First Attempt

You are a newbie no more! You did a great job with this project. I love the way you layered your windows and art. Good job, Georgia

Re: "Tools"

This is truly amazing! You are really really really talented! This is too cool for words, Geo

Re: A project you can really hook your wagon to!

This is a great idea . I really think it is cute and useful too. Wow, Georgia

Re: "Old School Argyle" Night/End/Occassional Table

I love this and think it is adorable but HOW in the world did you DO this??? a pattern, freehand, Just PAINT???? Man I can't even imagine doing something like this. How long did it take? I'm thinkin' I need some more info. I can't wrap my feeble little brain around this. Please help..I'm getting a headache just thinking of all those angles and patterns, Georgia

Re: clothes pin flowers

These are just cheerful! I like the way you wired them together and fanned them out. I think they look like Bird of Paradise...with a twist. Darling, Geo

Re: Waiting for spring!!

The little birdies are going to be so happy to be at your house this spring. I can tell you are more than ready! Georgia

Re: Cord Hide-Away

Now that is what I call using your noggin. What a terrific way to hide the cords with style! georgia

Re: Found in As Is section in Ikea, seaglass

This is really pretty and a great find. Welcome to JMS you're going to love everyone on this site..Georgia

Re: Meat Slicer Book Rack

Oh this is so cool. I really like the looks of this meat slicer with the books. Great display idea. Georgia

Re: Push Lawnmower Lamp

Jenny, when I saw this in your office I didn't even know what it actually was but what I did know was that it is the coolest lamp on EARTH!!! and BTW her whole office is so cool with the greatest stuff! Georgia

Re: Knock! Knock!

This is way cool. I love the way they look on the cabinets. I love them..the chippy-er the better, Georgia

Re: Add a little spice!

This idea works for so many things. I saw a store window display and in each jar was honey or something to do with honeybees. Very cute, and a great organizational tool. Georgia

Re: Deep Fried Decor - A Floral Welcome

Candy, this is so fresh and inviting. What a great display you have made with these simple elements. It looks like spring started in your entry this year! Love it and the photos are gorgeous...right out of a magazine! Georgia

Re: Play the Music, Not the Instrument

Jenny my friend. First of all ...this turned out so perfect and beautiful I can't say enough about it or your talent. The tracks were a fabulous idea and they just made this project extra special. Second...I think you are so funny! So choosy about your adhesives...that made me laugh. Great, great, great project! Geo

Re: Vintage Leather Suitcase

Hey Jim, once again this is such a cool set-up. It's warm, homey, comfy and masculine at the same time. I love it but what I really want to know you really use that old phone? We are so lazy now that it is hard to imagine dialing!!! Your house looks so cozy and warm even though I know it's freezing outside. Great job as usual, Georgia

Re: Piano Turned Puppet Theater

This is just the most imaginative idea I have ever seen. I would have never in a million years thought of this. So much fun! Georgia

Re: "JUMP THROUGH THIS!!??!!" (project #2)

Janis, this is so adorable. It is perfect for Valentines day and I love how you kept it so simple with jut the dart and one word. Love your style. Georgia

Re: Junk Beautiful DVD Excerpt

hey it's seems to be working now. I just played the video and it was terrific...again. Georgia

Re: Kick-Off for Junk Beautiful Outdoor Edition in Texas

yee haw sounds like a rip roaring good time and I can't wait to see the finished product. Geo

Re: Screened Porch ..#2 & #3

LOVE the Glider! Georgia

Re: Screened in Porch

AHhhh, I would love to just sit down , put up my feet and read a book..with a tall glass of something refreshing in hand. What a lovely place to spend time, Geo

Re: Master Bathroom

Sue this looks so much better hanging in your bathroom than it did in the shop. I love to see what people buy from me in there rightful place and this piece looks like it has been waiting to go home with you. Just perfect! Tell you husband he did a great job getting it wired so quickly, it looks fantastic! Georgia

Re: Window cabinet

Hey Sue, this looks adorable. I think the vines are great and when they fill in it will be darling. Good job ..again, Georgia

Re: Another suitcase project

Really really pretty. Georgia

Re: Candle/Centerpiece with Sea Glass Accents

Very unusual and beautiful. I wish I had a ring of flasks.That was a great find at the Goodwill. Love how it all turned out. Georgia

Re: Have a Great Valentine's Day!

Well well well,this is just adorable. How old is Vicky? and don't you have a son too? How many little junkers you got running around going through your stuff? I have three nieces that like to come over and go through mine too. Vicky, you did a great job with this arrangement, I think the tulips are just the right touch. Very nice, Georgia

Re: Industrial Lamp Turned Display

Guess how many washers..and win a prize! This is too darn cool my friend. Can't wait to see your office, hows it coming along? Georgia

Re: Centrifuge Pencil & Pen Holder

Yeah that's a GOOD one. I wanna spin it. georgia


This is a really great lamp, it's more like a piece of furniture a than a light fixture. It looks like something you would see in a great loft style apartment. I love it...a bunch, georgia

Re: Wooden votive holder

What a great use for an old drawer front. It is so cute and I love the feet, and I like that you left the pull on the drawer. nice touch, Georgia

Re: romantic chandlier

Oh it's romantic all right. I love stuff like this. It's got a lot of bling! Georgia

Re: curbside find..

That piece is so gorgeous. I love the front panels and the handles. Very cool save, georgia

Re: My Flea Market Booth

OMG I would LOVE to shop there. I can see from the picture that I would go totally insane...just running around flinging things into a big huge pile to take home and play with. I'll be dreaming of this tonight, Georgia

Re: My store "What a great excuse to collect JUNK"

I wish I could spend some time in your store. it looks like we have a lot in common. I see some things that I have had in my shop. Good luck with everything, Georgia

Re: school house chalk board map to blind

Oh yeah I'd trade in the sweater I got from my parents any day for something like this. Too bad they don't see things the way your parents do. Great re-purpose. Geo

Re: Valentine Mantel

Looks like a very loving family lives in this house. What a wonderful way to celebrate a time to be together. Georgia

Re: Orange Cabinet Makeover

Glad to see you join this crazy, fun, creative group of junkers we have here.You'll fit right in and, love every minute of it. Georgia

Re: Junk Vacation - Part III (final chapter, I promise) finds!!

Oh so much cool stuff. I think you picked out some winners. I would want every one of your vacation treasures...even the Southern accent that you picked up! Georgia

Re: Junk Vacation - Part II

Wow Kathy what a fun trip and I could spend weeks in a place like this. You'd have to DRAG me out kickin' and screamin'! Looks like you had a fantastic time. Good for you! Georgia

Re: wonderful scales

Oooh these are terrific. I love the candle holder story too. It is very posh, Georgia

Re: Old Doors

I love your headboard. It reminds me of old buildings behind your bed...very architectural. You guys did an amazing job, Georgia

Re: China Cabinet Re-Done

This is a really lovely piece now. We can all imagine what it looked like before from your description and what a transformation this turned out to be! I wish just once when I went "gonzo" something like this would be the end result. georgia

Re: Will You Be My Valentine

Happy V. Day to you too! You gotcha an arm full of cuteness in your picture, and I'll just bet you have a wonderful Valentines Day with all those babies around. Good job on your project, Georgia

Re: Urban Industrial Candleholders

We all know that Sue has a thing for flanges...don't we? Well, she does, and these would be right up her alley. They turned out very nice, and your details are darling. I love the industrial stuff more and more too...Georgia


This is a real piece of art now. I really like the contemporary look it has, georgia

Re: Picture Holder

What a darling way to celebrate the BIG 1. It is so cute and so is she! Good job and I am glad to see you posting again. Georgia

Re: valentine garland

Very cute and romantic to boot, Georgia

Re: "Distant Memories" Shadow Box

Yay Gretchen...we finally get a peek at your project! and it is is a GOOD one! I really love all the different aspects of the shadow box and how all the old stuff is tied to the music rolls. I would LOVE to hear your 45, the "Bad Little Boy Polka" it must be a riot! We can only imagine...
Looks like we have heard from all of the contributors so, SUE, when do we get to see YOURS??? Don't EVEN tell me you didn't do one, and if you didn't...get to work girl! Great project Gretchen, you did a great job with a difficult material. Georgia

Re: connect four

Darling idea! Georgia

Re: frame with metal tile

Wow this is really cute. I love the idea of putting the sleek metal in the chippy wood frames, great job, georgia

Re: chair hole fix

That's what I want to know too. How did you do this..exactly? Did you just cover the caning with the fabric and use the fabric mod podge or what? We really need more details...this is a fantastic way to repair caning without the expense.I love the idea of it, Georgia

Re: A grate idea?

This what I call "Beau-ty-ous" Georgia

Re: to the virgins to make much of time

These will bring back great memories of Willow, a beloved pet, for a long time to come. I'm afraid I wouldn't have gone with the toenail idea, but children don't think of it the way us adults do. My five year old niece wanted to keep her grandmothers skeleton after she passed...can you imagine! Georgia

Re: Old Trim Hang Ups

This is right up my alley, I love this look. Great job, Georgia

Re: Garden Cart

Hi Ken, nice to see another of your great creations. Haven't seen you for a while. Are you making stuff like crazy for the Hens show in May? See you there, Georgia

Re: A "candle-ier" and some thingamabobs...

This is a great way to bring all the elements of a party to one area. I love the lighting and creative use of the receipt holders! And I am sure no one would be looking at your dishes with this set up available. Georgia
PS're so funny!

Re: Upcycled Window Frame

Wow I never thought to take my projects out on a field trip but I love the reflection you have captured. It is very lovely and will make a great addition to your home, Georgia

Re: Rusty Sprocket End Table

Jenny, this is what we call a marriage made in Heaven. These two pieces look fantastic together. I am so glad that I had that old blue stand for you, you put the right pieces with it and it looks great! Really super use of two fab pieces, Geo

Re: "Cherry" guest bedroom

Well you really did go all out with this Cherry theme. I like that some of the fabric picks up the colors but isn't actually "cherry" fabric. Thanks for posting these pictures for all of us to admire, Georgia

Re: Obsessed with Penny Rugs!

WOW these are SO graphic. I can see how you could get all caught up in making these. The colors are incredible and they make a bold statement when framed. Really cool, Georgia

Re: To err is human - to forgive, canine.

Too cute!!! Geo

Re: "Grow"

I've seen Jenny's art, including this one, in person and they are all so great that you can't stop looking at them. Usually you see a little detail you miss the first time you look at it. I love the layering of junk that goes on here. Geo

Re: Anyone know Ironstone info?

These things go with EVERYTHING! I love the white ironstone because it has strength and delicacy at the same time. Sorry I don't know much about it though, Georgia

Re: "If I try to be like her, who will be like me?"

Jenny, having three young nieces that I love as my own, I hope that I can, in some way to instill in them the self confidence that this message promotes. This is a strong message done in your usual incredibly insightful way. Love this one, Georgia


Well this is something that I have never seen before. What a conversation starter this must be. Very ingenious, Georgia


Very nice old cabinet door. I love what you have done with it.Do you uncork them in the spring and put a cut flower in each...that would be cute too. Love it, Georgia

Re: Old Movie Poster Frame

Can we see the rest of this "Cherry Themed" room? I am sure it is darling, just like this project, Georgia

Re: Sea Glass Mirror

Wow this mirror would sell here in my shop in a quick minute! Since we are near the beach a lot of vacation home decorators are always looking for the beachy stuff. We don't have sea glass much around here, but I went to a beach in Northern Ca. that was covered with it, aptly called Sea Glass beach. It was fun to go through the sand and find so much. Next time I'll bring a BIG bucket! Love your mirror, Georgia

Re: Adorable White Chair

I can see that you will fit in around here. You're my kind of shopper. We all love a good deal around this place. Good job, Georgia

Re: An antique store deal

I think that this shelf is adorable and a great deal at $5. It must look so cute in your kitchen. Hope to see more from you soon. Welcome to JMS! Georgia

Re: Simple Piano Roll Projects

Once again Candy, you have done an amazing job! All of your ideas are fantastic and simple but look so great! I love the way you show that simple projects can still be elegant, romantic and fun. The lampshade is so inventive and a great use of the paper, as are all the things you have come up with. You did a great job on this challenge, Georgia

Re: Saucers Anyone?

This is just too cute. I love the colors to. It will brighten up any room, especially against the white of the frame. Good job, Georgia

Re: Presto Change-o

Aw shucks guys, it was nothin', and I mean that literally. I loved the way the metal looked and when I thought about turning it upside down (thanks SUE) it was...well...done. That was MUCH easier that the darn piano rolls. haha. Thanks, geo

Re: garden junk

What a cute and fanciful garden! This must be so much fun to watch grow and develop. I'm not much of a gardener myself but can appreciate the beauty of others work. Make sure and show us what you do with the space when you get started. Thanks for the lovely look at your garden, Georgia

Re: Mailbox turned table...

This is something that I would love to have in my shop. It is so my style or at least this is the style I'd like to have. Great job on this project. Let's see more, Georgia

Re: Floral Pocket

Very very pretty. What a nice arrangement you have in your beautiful cones. Georgia

Re: Kitchen Redo

Simply amazing. What else can you say about a transformation so very well done. Great ideas and super installation.It looks Fantastic! Georgia

Re: Piano Roll - Paper Roses!

I wanna make paper roses too. How did you do that? Do you mind sharing your technique? I think they are fantastic. I think you are fantastic too! Georgia

Re: Little BlueBird on my shoulder, Zippity Do Da, Zippity Yay .. Some Old Stuff

Very nice work Bridget, I really love the signs and the bird box is darling. I love the lettering you used. Wanna come make some sign for me??? Great job, Georgia

Re: Yee Ditty Haw Frame Up

Hi Elena, what a lucky girl you are to learn from Sue, all the tricks of the trade. She knows how to get things done! I really love this whole idea and wouldn't it fit in perfectly with a rustic kind of decor?(Like my sisters's) I wonder why I don't see more of these out here in cowboy country, I'll be keeping my eyes open for one of these, it is a perfect frame. Love it, Georgia

Re: Eight Ways to Deliver a Valentine

Sue these ideas are so wonderful and they made me laugh, especially the bank deposit bag...can I have one of those too? Every single one of these Valentines would be welcome gifts for just about anybody. You are way too much girl, these are GREAT!!! gogo

Re: Happy Valentine's Day ~ Music For My Soul

Jim, Jim ,Jim, you really are a ROMANTIC at heart. This is so incredibly well done and professional, but still has the innocence of that little boy that lives inside of you. It is so beautiful and charming. I love how you tied it to your memories, but it has relevance to the music rolls too. God I loved Valentine's Day back then, I still remember the excitement of getting those tiny cards, and this project makes me feel the same way. Excellent job my friend, Georgia

Re: "JUMP THROUGH THIS!!??!!" (project #1)

Janis this turned out so darling. I have never seen the hoops with a solid back before. This was an excellent use for them and as usual very nicely set up and photographed..always so beautiful. Georgia
PS is that glue what you used on the music box. It seems so much smoother than mine does. I used mod podge on my project... that remains to be seen...and it is a little bubbly. Oh well next time huh?


This is a perfect way to handle those pesky rolls! Great job and welcome to JMS. You're gonna love it, Georgia

Re: Re-Purposed Player Piano Roll Lamp!

Wow, Great job...wish I had thought of this! I love that you took on the challenge with us and it really goes to show you how many things can be made with one item. It is beautiful, Georgia

Re: Snowpeeps

Well these are just darling! So darn cute! Georgia

Re: Mood lighting on the porch

I bet this looks so lovely when it is lit. I love your porch too! Georgia

Re: "TED"

Ted is very cool. I love the copper. Georgia


This is just great. I love the action...he really is walking! Very cool job, Georgia

Re: An En-Lightening Project that's Music to My Ears!

Lani, this is just so cool. I love the lamp and the shade is fantastic! I know how hard this paper is to work with and you did an awesome job! This is really fun and I can't wait to see more of the challenge projects. Good thing it is not a far you and Janis have done exceptional pieces. Very well done and the idea was perfect. Love it, Georgia

Re: Thanks for the Inspiration

Absolutely beautiful, you did such a great job. I love it and would sell in my shop for big $$$. Very nice, Georgia


This is a really cute idea. And don't ya just love a "toast holder" I know I do. I wouldn't mind looking at this everyday while sitting at me desk, Good job, Georgia


Janis Are you KIDDING me...this is SO beautiful!!! I love what you have done. I'm callin' in sick. I love that this project is so definitely YOU. I hope that I have a stroke of genius today, I haven't been able to work on mine cause of my sale, but I'm on it now. You've inspired me. As always you do such fantastic work. I love it, Geo

Re: Glass Topiaries

These are so FUN!! Love the colors, Georgia

Re: Happy Valentines

This is a very cute idea. It makes a perfect Valentines Day decoration! Georgia

Re: Crib planter

Just darling!, Georgia

Re: Tricycle planter

I'm pretty sure that I would LIVE in your potting shed! I think it is darling and all of your projects are too, Georgia

Re: Berry Basket Frame

That table is the cutest thing I have EVER seen in my WHOLE life. And I've seen LOTS of stuff. And I think that you may be one of the clever-est (not a word, I know) people I have ever met. Even though I haven't really MET know what I mean. Very, very, cool projects! Love them both, Georgia

Re: Repurposed Silver Service Tray

You are extremely talented and I'm sure these are even prettier in person with the embossed design showing through! Lovely, georgia

Re: Cuckoo clock birdhouse

You do have some great ideas. This one is so cute too. I'll bet your garden is lovely. Welcome to the site, hope to see more...Georgia

Re: Through the garden gate

This turned into a real show stopper! What great treasures you found. It looks fantastic, Georgia

Re: Photo Wall

Sue this is great, your house is very pretty and you,ve done a great job with this display wall, Georgia

Re: shoe box, pie box, candy box

Oh yeah I'd be pretty happy if I got a gift in a box like this. These are super cute, georgia


I'm lovin' your name "lillypad" and I'm lovin' your project too. Keep sending us these great ideas, Georgia

Re: Little Book Table

You are a very talented artist and welcome to the site. We'll want to see them all now so don't forget to shoot us a picture when you finish a piece. Very nice stuff, Georgia

Re: An Artful Assemblage

I can't believe this is the same picture. Way to cover up something...shall we say, undesirable...into something lovely, great job, geo

Re: Valentine Fun

Perfectly adorable. Anyone would be pleased as punch to get one of those for Valentines day! Georgia

Re: 1920's warehouse factory metal and glass windows from the scrap yard

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Those are the greatest find EVER and the price is blowin' my mind here. I don't think I can type anymore I"m all a-twitter, see...ahdl;jfuefkmehnf;kfnkv . geo

Re: White lamp

Ooh la la what a fancy little chic lamp you have made. Very cool, Georgia

Re: Hope to get rid of these dishes

I love the black and crystal, very elegant. I think you won't have any trouble now. They would look great for valentines day with red candy or hearts in them. Good luck, Georgia

Re: Recycled Shelf

Beautiful work on this shelf. it looks like the parts came together. You did an excellent job, Georgia


Wow this does make a statement and what a collection you have, very impressive... and a great way to showcase them. Good job, Georgia

Re: Little Ditty About Jack and Diane....

Sue you are just too cool. This was so much fun to read and the pictures are beautifully done. I always look forward to your floral arrangements...they never let me down, and this one is no exception. I love it and think that this is so darling! Who but you would make up a story to go along??? Georgia

Re: Stove Grate Clock

OOOh I love this grate, it looks perfect! What a cool thing that it worked out so easily, Georgia

Re: estate sale cupboard gets BUILT IN

It looks like it was made to go there.... and you have an amazing collection of yellow ware! Perfect1 Georgia

Re: Corner shelf from old door

Very very very nice work. What a beautiful door and it turned out great! Georgia

Re: Candle Sconce

Jim these are so cool. One of these days you're going to have to build onto your house if you keep making all this great stuff! And since you have already mapped out your route to come visit...when are you leaving? Should I expect you later this week? I'm having a big sale and it's 75 and balmy here! I'll keep the light on...Georgia

Re: Broken China Pendant

I would surely wear this on a regular basis! very pretty, Georgia

Re: globe lamp

I love the ones that just work out without all the blood, sweat and tears (ok maybe not tears) and work out beautifully simple and elegant. Meant to be! Georgia

Re: An "ugly duckling" project!

Oooh, it is sooo pretty. I being a girly-girl myself and encouraging my nieces to be the same, would love to have something EXACTLY like this to perform our little miracles. We love to dress up and do our make-up...what a lovely place for just that. Every little child that gets her picture taken there will definitely feel like the most beautiful princess, and you gave that to them...great job, Georgia

Re: Artist's Bouquet

Gotta love something so attractive and useful too. You are doing great on your challenge. I am proud of you and I am keeping my eyes peeled for more of your "on hand" projects. Great job, Georgia

Re: A true "junky" to "funky" transformation

Oh yeah baby...this is way cool. I think it looks so terrific on your table! Wow who wouldn't love this. A great reuse and it looks amazing! Georgia

Re: Altered Art Card

Gretchen, this is just adorable. I really appreciate the instructions I would love to make one. And I will when I have some time. Sorry I haven't had time to comment on much lately but I am having a big sale at the shop this weekend. I had to tell you though how much I like this. Love it, Georgia


Oh this a GOOD one. One we have all morphed into at one time or another! Love that you can tell by her gauge where is on the Richter scale..mine is always a surprise! Great job as always, geo

Re: How to Make a shelf out of a Infants bed

Thanks everybody. Isn't it great when you envision something and it comes out just like that? I really love it too, and will hate to part with it but I am here to sell not just look at my stuff, so it will be sold. Sweet Melissa, I have heard this called a "field bed" too. I have even seen them where they have a screen on the top a cage, but they would wheel the babies around while they worked in the fields...pretty cool to think of how things have changed!! Can't wait to see what you do with yours. Georgia


Oh you are funny. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the whole post. I was smiling the whole time! You guys did an excellent job on this project and it nice to hear that all is well between you guys after all the work you put into this. I'm pretty sure that "me and mine" wouldn't have fared so well. Great job and can't wait to hear more of your adventures, Georgia

Re: Wordy Birdys

Darling darling just darling. I'll bet they are fun to make. Keep em comin" Geo


Well Janis, this is just about as darling as it gets. I like that they are in a random pattern...not so predictable and not fussy at all even though they can look that way sometimes. Really really cute, Georgia

Re: Master Bedroom

Oh what a lovely comfortable and beautiful room this is. You did an excellent job on the furniture and it all goes so well together. I think I would love it too! Georgia

Re: Last Night's Party Leftovers become Today's Valentine ...

Wow these are so cool. What a talented girl you are. This is such great use of all these elements...what a fun thing to do! Love it, Geo

Re: 2 Painted chest of drawers

This is so fantastic. I can not believe how good this is...well I can believe it cause I know how talented you are...but this is amazing! I love the hankie drawer too. so so so darn CUTE! Good job, Georgia

Re: Diningroom cherry ribbon scrap wood

Well looking at this makes me think that maybe you guys are mathematicians!!! How in the world can you figure out all those angles and turns and corners and different lengths and widths??? I am stunned by how hard it looks and what a great job you are doing. It is truly fantastic and can't wait to see it finished, LOVE IT Georgia

Re: Old wooden window for holloween

Hi. these are soo cute! I love old windows too but can't paint worth a darn. I love that they came from a museum, how cool is that?. Welcome to the site can't wait to see more, Georgia

Re: Rainbow acrylic necklace

Hi there, this is darling and I think it could brighten your day just by putting it on. I'm sure your niece will love would mine! Georgia

Re: Chandelier

I love this. I am really big on chandeliers and lighting. I think the use of the brackets is great. I may have to try one. Thanks for the inspiration...I love the bugs too! Georgia

Re: Miss Galaxy Girl Found Object Sculpture I Made Last Night

Now Damon, matchmaking is dangerous and unfulfilling work. I know, I have created many disasters while just trying to help. She a darling gal and can probably find her own dates. You did an amazing job on her and I loved going through the list of items you used. You always have such different stuff...must be that cool salvage yard you haunt!Georgia

Re: "Fan" cy Jewelry Organizer

As I was digging through the tangled mess of chains, hoops and beads this morning I was thinking "Hmmm, I been seeing some pretty creative ways to solve this problem I'm having, maybe I should make something??" So timely as always, another idea to contemplate and this one is so inspiring to me. I know that the fan is one-of-a-kind but you showed me that it doesn't have to be super difficult and can still be cool. I love this project and maybe one day I'll show you mine...let's hope it's soon! Geo


NO WAY! I Can NOT believe that you covered this frame with leather! It is fantastic. What can I say... simply amazing. It looks like something that you would pay big bucks for in a store. GOOD JOB! Georgia

Re: Not just for sleeping anymore!

Very very pretty. I love the bed benchs as well. This one is so well done that it looks like a bench, bench, not something made INTO a bench. Nice job, Georgia

Re: Problem solved

Wow all your jewelry at your fingertips ...what a novel idea. It seems I am still into the tangled ball that I struggle with everyday. I love that she has plenty of room and since it is sheer it doesn't look bulky. It's probably even prettier with the bling on it. Georgia

Re: angels inspired by ya'll

Hey, these are terrific1 They are fun to make and addictive too. I like how you found so many different materials to use. Really great job, Geo

Re: Whisk Broom Arrangement

Now this is an arrangement that even I could live with...and it could live with me. Seriously. I love your home and all the things that you have in it. It looks like a place that would be inviting and fun too! Love it Jim, Georgia

PS Please tell me that for the challenge you wont be BUILDING a PIANO or something to go with the rolls!!! Ha ha ha!

Re: File Drawer Hanger

VERY cool. Nice project for your first post. Glad you decided to do it. I know we are all looking forward to many more, welcome, Georgia

Re: From silverware to art supplies

This is really lovely and I loved your General Store/Hotel. Wish I was going that way on a nice long vacation. Maybe in the early summer though...or fall would be nice. It looks wonderful, Georgia

Re: Fire Place Dress Up

Nice job. Isn't it amazing what a few old pieces of wood can do for a room? I like what you've done here. Your house looks cozy and welcoming...what could be better? Georgia

Re: Wooden architectural pieces

Cool, cool ,cool, very cool. Georgia

Re: Antique doorknobs for drapery rod and tiebacks

These are great. Love the mismatched look. Georgia

Re: Old Gas Stove Grates

I love these grates to and they are delicate. I have some that look like hearts and have done something similar with them...thanks for reminding me...another Valentines project! Georgia

Re: East meets Midwest

I can't believe that this is the same stuff as in the first picture! WOW...You did an excellent job and the painting and gold leaf are truly a work of art. Congratulations, this is beautiful! Georgia

Re: ugly bookshelf

Try this...glue some fabric on the shelves and then cut trim pieces to go all around the perimeter an across the shelf fronts and paint those, It at least would look good from the front. Just an idea, georgia

Re: wooden posts

Do you ever go IN the auction or just wait outside to go through the "pile" as you call it? What would be the point of going in and spending money when you get all the cool stuff for free, guess I will have to start camping out at auction sites! Georgia

Re: salvaged wood architectural piece

This is a GREAT piece. I'd leave as is too, good save, Georgia

Re: jewelry box with a history

Really cool projects I like all of the one with the dancing Dad! So cute,Geo

Re: Cigar box reinvented

I love the graphics. Very eye-catching and colorful, Good job, Georgia

Re: Fun photo/card display

Dar-ling! geo

Re: Vintage pincushions

Well Kathy of course I do. I always wan to go where good stuff and good friends are. I hope you do super well this weekend and I really do wish I could be there. Looks like you going to do fine with all this nifty stuff. Don't forget to tell us all about it. Love Geo

Re: A fashionable button bouquet

Those patterns sure do bring back a lot of memories. Not well dressed memories though. What a cute idea. and you know how I feel about the button bouquet LOVE them, Geo

Re: old wooden sign

I wonder what that said and what it was a sign for. Love the color, glad you rescued it from the pile, Georgia

Re: old side table

Well, I think we have a winner here. Sue I read the idea and went ..."What???" Then went back and looked again...and Voila I could see that too. Shamrockerin, I'd LOVE to see you do this...can ya, will ya??? Huh, huh, huh? Geo

Re: school days, scool days, dear old golden rule days. . .

I bet that gum is older than twenty years. That desk looks much older to me. I was in school 20 (30..ok 35) years ago and we didn't have desks like that! Good find and you always wait it out and get the good stuff for free. Atta girl! Geo

Re: more windows from the auction! yea!

Wow this is a pop of color that could chase away the blues! I love the white chippy window and that just makes the colors more beautiful, Georgia

Re: Wisdom Gal For A Special Friend

Wow I love her...but then , I love everything you do. You are such a thoughtful and supportive friend...and I oughta know! I know you friend will cherish this gift of love and art forever...and I oughta know that too! Love you girlfriend, Georgia

Re: Wine Rack

Oh're good. Love all your posts and ideas, very creative and so darn cute too, Georgia

Re: Cutting Board Sconces

So darling, so cute, so country. These make GREAT sconces...good idea, Georgia

Re: junk box

That must have been an interesting periodical that you used on this box. I love the print on it. Is the box metal or wooden? I really like the paint job too, Georgia

Re: table of faith

This piece turned out so well. I have been wanting to decoupage a piece of furniture, I'm going to do it for sure now. Any tips or techniques I would need to know about to make it look this nice?? Thanks, Georgia

Re: Hand Washing Bucket

What gardener/junker couldn't use one of these!!! It is really a great idea, useful and I love the way it looks too. This is a triple threat! Love it, Georgia

Re: "Every Wall Is A Door"

Oh JK this is so gorgeous. I really love the way it turned out. So so so cool. And Kari you are so right about everything you wrote and you said it such a beautiful way...Ralph would be proud...of you both. Georgia

Re: Glass Cigar Tubes - Totally Tubular Project just wrote exactly what I was going to write but I was thinking of bunching them together with that metal plumbers tape that has the holes in it for a more industrial look. Great minds think a like! Candy this is such a cute idea and I would love to duplicate this but I sold all the sugar molds I had. Next time I run across one I am doing this for is darling! Really beautiful! Love it, Georgia

Re: retro space ship propeller table i made last night

Man you have outdone yourself on this one. It looks like it could fly! It is super stylish too, I don't know anybody that wouldn't love this, Georgia

Re: My Newest Angels

Sharon we have missed you and your angels. They are so beautiful and creative. And big. And super duper cool! Georgia

Re: Rescued vintage wagon wheel rocker!!!!

Wow it is in great shape. It's amazing what people will throw away. You're a savvy "shopper", Georgia

Re: Fabric over painted dresser

I love decoupage! I have only seen it done with fabric once and it is pretty cool. I saw on TV that they took burlap and stretched it over a table and poured a can of poly over it and it was really cool! It adds so much texture to pieces that don't usually have texture. Good job, Georgia

Re: Kitchen Remodel

Woo Hoo you gotcha some color going on in the kitchen!! Wow, what kind of fishing do you do with hooks that big??? I never would have thought of this, I'll bet your cooking is really spicy too! Geo

Re: Box Art

A great bunch of elements that came together beautifully! What an attractive package and the pendant is gorgeous too! Ann will be ecstatic. What fun to see something posted and then find out it is for you! Great job Gretchen, Georgia

Re: My Love for Junk is on the Rise!

Oh yeah...this is great stuff. I love the way you mixed all the different pieces together. Looks like the makings of a fine party. Thanks for showing all of us how you put the pieces together..and the beauty is that you can switch them around, Georgia

Re: "Soilax Bucket" Tool Box Lamp

Oh Jim you crack me up! A rolling lamp with storage!!! Whodove thunk it??? I just love to see how your mind works. It is sooooo cool!(not your mind... the LAMP...well Ok they're both cool.) Anyway, just don't forget to unplug before you start doing your chores around the house, ha ha ha, this made me smile, Geo

Re: Organizing Junk

Sue this is soooo cool. I wish I had one. But I think it would take more than this to get me organized. I love the way you thought of everything that you might need while heading out the door. And the flanges are the neatest...they make it extra cute. This one is a keeper for sure. Love it, Geo

Re: My Makeover is finished!

Oh yeah...this is what a transformation is all about. Hard to tell it is the same room. That chicken box sure did streamline a lot of stuff. Great job, bet you don't mind going in there now. Georgia


Very nice collection of "memories" you have there. I think we (us junkers) are all into things from the past...I always think of the people that had them before and wonder what their lives were like. Sometimes you can even feel how well loved they were...Thanks a lot Janis, now you got me cryin' !!! Georgia

Re: Old window decoration

This is such a cute and cozy arrangement. It looks so good all together. Great job and nice idea with the quilt scraps. Georgia

Re: Industrial meets Romance

Hi there. I always admire the projects that you do... simple and elegant. This is a great marriage of two unrelated items that seem to be made for each other. This will be one beautiful baby shower. We will want to see the pictures! Georgia

Re: Silverplated Broken Teapot Chimes

Very cool!geo

Re: Silver Plated Pink Compote

Ok , now you're on a roll. Don't you just love doing this? I'll bet we see a LOT more of your gorgeous creations. I'm glad you decided to finally share your awesome talent with us. Georgia

Re: Trash 2 treasure

Well I for one think that this is the best use for one of these tables that I have seen. Never thought about taking the top off...good job, Georgia

Re: Pizza Mural for Husband's Restaurant

pizzahusband must have been a very good boy this year. Great gift, geo


So very cool. Rustic and functional. Good combo. Geo

Re: Nuts'N'Bolt Runner

Love him! Aren't these little people fun to make? Georgia

Re: Very Inexpensive Bathroom Makeover

Oooh I like your re-do too. Since I just finished mine I know how you have to come up with space and money saving did good! Georgia

Re: All work and no play

Now this is a real transformation...I (sorry) thought he was a pig when I first saw him but he most definitely looks like a dog now. A really cute dog. Love him. Since we are being silly with 'bout Tile-er. Georgia

Re: Sunday Project - Freshening up a 150 year old cupboard!

Wow this is fun just to get a look at your kitchen. Really comfy, cozy and homey. I love all the things that you have done! Georgia

Re: Shutter Closet Door Panel Divider

What I like about the whole picture is that it looks like a newer construction home and sometimes it is hard to incorporate the older things into it, but you have done a great job with that, and added some architectural elements into a house that usually doesn't have them. Really nice way to cozy-up an open floor plan with high ceilings. Georgia

Re: Garden Gate Pot & Pan Hanger

Oh I do love a garden gate and one in the kitchen is even better! Love it, Georgia

Re: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Hmmm, I think I would love this at any time...sick or not. I just love the old fabric used on these vintage water bottles, and the cap is adorable! This is a fabulous colorful arrangement that shows you are always thinking outside the "vase". I always love your floral arrangements, they are the BEST!!!geo

Re: "THE UNCOLA Crate" Shadow Box Table

Jim, once again you've come up with a really great idea and the finished project always looks so professional when you are done. I am wondering though, if when you "whacked" the legs into "shape" if that is the actual architectural term for that process? (I really don't care what you call it , it works for me!) Great job and I am SO happy to see you as a contributor on this site, you have so much to offer and we all look forward to seeing your are extremely talented! Georgia


First of all ...Congrats on becoming a contributor!!! I think you have so much to offer this site and all of us on it. You have posted some fantastic and stylish projects and I can't wait to see just what you are doing next. For example THIS one is really neat. I love the way these turned out and have tried a little leafing and I am always amazed at how cool it is. Soon we will all be trying this and running around with bits of gold and silver stuck all over ourselves! Hey BTW did you do the inside too? Welcome, welcome, welcome Janis, Georgia

Re: Snow What?!?

Hey, this isn't Christmas's WINTER decorating, which I think can go on for a while. I have a confession...I took down my tree this was a little dry. Maybe if I did some Winter decorating I wouldn't have to leave the tree up soooo long. good idea, georgia

Re: 3 Chair Bench

Midge, you are amazing . This is a fantastic project, Georgia

Re: Valentine cards.......using old postcards.

Awww...these are absolutely adorable. They look really well done too. Great job and a big inspiration to all of us to send something made from the heart. Thanks for getting us going on this...times a tickin', geo

Re: Photo Stand

I have no idea what the arm-thingy is either but it sure does it's job here. Great use of junk of an unknown origin. Geo

Re: "Odds & Ends"

Really cute projects. I really think that they are adorable! Love the angel, Georgia

Re: Screen Door Dresser Mirror

Judy, this is an amazing old screen. I love the corners and the color. Nice use for the door as well. It looks great...adds height to the room, Georgia

Re: Enamelware Ladles - Treasure Holders!

Very cute!!! I love these lined up on you window. The view is gorgeous too. I wouldn't mind going in there to do laundry, Georgia

Re: Much to do about Apple Crates!

Gotta love the graphics on these old crates, and they are good for so many things, love them, Georgia

Re: Mini chandelier (Georgia Moon style)

Well well well. This tuned out so darling, I love the smaller scale and it looks like it puts off just the right amount of light for the bedroom. Really good job and I am happy that you put your own spin on one of my projects...I love that. Thanks for sharing this with us, Georgia

Re: How to Make A Paris Lamp

WOW I am honored by the high praise, especially coming from such a talented group of people like you guys. I had fun with this one. I was inspired by my new-found love of the simple barrel shades I see over tables instead of a fancy chandelier, which I still LOVE btw, but maybe I am expanding my tastes a little. This site sure does give us so many options in the way we think about design. I hope that many of you will try this project and show us how you interpret this style to fit your own taste. THIS is what it is all about! Love to you all, Geo

PS Janis...knew you'd love the paper I chose! and Judi, I'm on my way...would love to go shopping with you in Texas!!!

Re: A Precious Gift

I know, she is pretty great huh? Her arms are made from some old handles that I had given to J. She told me that she had used them in a special project but she wouldn't tell me or post it until I saw it. Now we know why. The base is a large faucet handle that she told me represents the four corners of the earth N, S, E, & W. I love that because no matter where you are, it is what is inside of you that matters. Her art has such depth and meaning... and now I am a proud owner of a beautiful piece. I am a LUCKY gal.Georgia

Re: Believe Santa Door Panel

This is the most darling painting of Santa I have ever seen. so cute on the door panel. Excellent work and a fine talent, georgia

Re: Antique Door Knob Coat Hooks

You MADE a leather coat?? Wow is there anything that you can't do? I think not. You my dear are a very talented woman. Keep up the fantastic posts, Georgia

Re: Art for under $3

You have been a busy little bee with the doors. Every one of them is terrific and I love you room, Georgia

Re: Create a Faux tile backsplash behind your stove

Hi there. You are very talented. It looks so beautiful...even better than tiles!Great job and welcome to the site, Georgia

Re: Assemblage Fun With Georgia Moon & JennyK

Just to let everybody know that no matter how much laughter you can assume there was last night....double that! We laughed so hard I thought I was gonna bust a gut....and that was at dinner. Jenny and I work well together and have the best time. It is just the icing on the cake that the things that we make are terrific too. With all the materials available in the "lab" that J. has amassed, it is easy to come up with the good stuff! What a PAL. Love ya, Geo

Re: We interrupt winter for...Ellen's Garden Room (Part 1)

How 'bout your own show! Wouldn't that be fun? You guys did an amazing job and it looks like something we would see on HGTV...I am sure your friend and the kitties are getting a lot of use out of this room. Love the whole thing, Georgia

Re: A Window with a re-Purpose!

I wish I was there to see it n person. It looks so inviting. I would love to browse around for a long time. Looks like one of those places that you can spend a day in! georgia

Re: My Bench projects

Well you are quite the bench builder! I think they are great especially that they were made for individual tastes and needs. That must have been one of their BEST wedding gifts! Really good job, Georgia

Re: Shelf, What Is That Made From?

Nice stuff! Good job on the shelf and I really like how it looks lit by the candles, Georgia

Re: headboard shlef

Hi there. This is so cozy and romantic. Love what you have done. Georgia

Re: Repurpose old jeans into a fun, funky purse!

Miss Melis, you are a whiz with a needle and thread. Great idea and can be used for so many things keeping your hands free to touch EVERYTHING! Love it, Geo

Re: A Trio of Fresh Ideas!

Well, Sue I think that these are amazing. And to think that you did all of these with things that you have on hand around the house. Very impressive! I love the way you can take one simple thing and turn it into three so different projects...simply fantastic my friend. And while I applaud your acceptance of the challenge of not going to the craft store for...well any length of time...I must say again that I find even the prospect of going so long without my fix, makes me break out into a sweat. Good I am off to Michaels!

Re: headboard bench

This is truly a lovely piece of furniture. I know a lot of girls, big and small, that would fall in love with this in a heartbeat...and I'm one of them, Georgia

Re: Spool Table

Ok this must be the least complicated project you have ever done. I love the simplicity of it and the spools do add the depth that this piece needed. Isn't it great when It all falls together...It was meant to be! Georgia

Re: SNOWMAN HILL.......junking forty two many years?

That bathroom is just too cute. Love it all, Georgia

Re: A couple fun winter shelving projects

Perfect! You are quite the builder. I love all your projects...these are a couple of winners. Georgia

Re: Small scale architectural salvage

These will look so cool alongside your collection. The difference in textures will be stunning. Love this, Geo

Re: Chamber pot

Love this. Very good use of something you DON'T want to use for it's original purpose. Just ask Sue what she comes up with!!!! Ha ha, Geo

Re: Angels by the roadside

You sure can't go wrong with a sign that says free! These are a great addition to any decor and especially in a garden. I have one that is just a head...the body broke off and I thought it would be too weird to have a body with no head so I just stuck the head in the planter. So there ya go. Geo

Re: GOOD EATS Clock Using Vintage Wood Type

Oh, this one hits ya where you live...In the KITCHEN! Yay. I adore this piece and I especially like how the first and last letters are the only ones to be backwards. Nice touch. You are so cool and I am sure you friends are going to treasure this for a lifetime. good, good, good girl! Geo

Re: Viking Cowboy and Sailor Joe Lock People

Did we have some fun in the lab this weekend...I think SO!!! I laughed so hard when I read about the "kickin" little boots...they really are so darling. I love this project so much! You crack me up. Love YOU!geo

Re: Wisdom Gal

Hey YOU are the original one of the wisdom gals! I love her. I think that the jewel is just about a sassy as you are my friend, Georgia

Re: Painted trash to treasures

And I love the picture frame clock. It is awesome and so is your ability to paint! Georgia

Re: Ski Lodge Headboard

This is very cool. I also love your concept drawing...if only you saw one of mine!!! Napkin, scrap of paper, margins of phonebooks etc...Ask Sue, I can't even describe "round", much less draw're GOOD!! Georgia

Re: Dressed up Kitchen Light

Wow, that must get a lot of attention . It's got some bling goin' on! Very creative, Georgia


Janis this is just too beautiful. Where do you get these great pictures of Paris?? You amaze me. Fabulous job as usual, Love ya, Georgia

Re: blueprint wallpaper

I really like this kind of paper. I worked for an architectural firm once and for Christmas I made little tiny rolled up blueprints tied with ribbon as Christmas ornaments for all my co-workers. It was really cute, there is so much you can do with these sheets...think about how many are thrown away every day! Love your wallpaper idea, it's the greatest! Georgia

Re: Studio Junk

Creative space for a very creative person. I love the words "Bought on a working trip to Marrakech". Wouldn't we all love to say that??? You can fill in the last word with any other place in the world and I'd love it just as much! Very very very cool. Georgia

Re: Painted China Cabinet Doors

Very very pretty. You're really good at this, they look fantastic, Georgia

Re: My bull skull...transformed

Yee Haw! I adore this old beast. What a creative and cool thing to do with an old skull. My youngest niece would LOVE this! Maybe I'll do something on a smaller scale for her. Just amazing my dear, Georgia

Re: New Year...New Challenge Project

No way. Not gonna happen. So sorry. Love the idea but I have a real NEED to go to those places and it would be like cutting off an arm or something. I could lie and say I could do it but I know myself better than that. I use those places as therapy...and I need I will support y'all in this worthy endeavor but I'm just not that disciplined. Besides I'm already trying to give up sugar...I can't do both! Georgia

Re: What do you do rusted bottle caps????

What a beautiful piece of art. I love the colors and tone of this fantastic painting. Excellent! Georgia

Re: An ugly old vanity light seen in a whole new light

Wow so simple but so great. You gotta love anyone that can make one of those look good! Georgia

Re: Old Door Porch Swing

So so so cute! And you did this with no instructions??? What an eye you have for re-creating things. Good job...I'm impressed, Georgia

Re: Vintage Ceramic Squirrel Pin Cushion

Miss miss Missy, I love what you did with the little squirrel and I am so glad to see you post one of your great creative ideas and I will be expecting more! The oak leaf is just way too cute and the other ideas were darling too. And Sue...thanks for plugging my store! I DO have cute things but sometimes they are even cuter when the right person gets their hands on them. Georgia

Re: Heard It Through The Grapevine Table

Once again you've done something totally unique and beautiful. You really do have a flair to all that you do! Georgia

Re: Vintage Register Grate Clock

Oh, this is so pretty, I love the color!!! It is lovely and you did a great job, Georgia

Re: Handmade purse,and jewelry

Hi there. I love what you have done here and you don't have to be a pro around actually helps if you are not...then you are willing to try so many new things that inspire you from this site. I like to do decoupage but I haven't tried to make usable things out of them yet...but I will now, thanks, Georgia

Re: Sewing Machine Drawer Charging Station

Great use of the sewing machine drawer...gotta love em! You did an amazing and inventive project and I am sure many more will be sitting on counters across the country now that you have shared yours with us. Good job, georgia

Re: Oh, La, La, Vanity!

Thanks for all the great projects, but I do have to tell you that no matter how detailed the instructions you give, it is your talent and artistic abilities that make these pieces so beautiful and unique. I'm sure that anyone can use this technique, but you really have a flair for the dramatic. I am going to try "SOMETHING" like this on an old vanity that I have in storage exactly like the one you did...minus the fancy paint job. I am NOT a painter but it will be fun! Thanks again for sharing, Georgia

Re: Marilyn Monroe Mahogany Cabinet/Bar

WOW this is quite impressive. I think you are a much more patient person than I am . This looks like you really worked hard on making it so seamless and professional! I love MM too what a beauty (her and the bar!) Georgia

Re: Old window and shutter cabinet

You have been such a busy little bee. I really love the way you put the pieces and parts together on all of your projects. Keep 'em coming! Georgia

Re: Vintage Sled Nightstand

Ok , now you know that I think everything that you do is AMAZING, but...WHAT else was in the BARN???? You cannot leave a story in midstream, I NEED to know. Did you find some other fantastic stuff? don't keep me in suspense. Just the words "Estate sale at an abandon dairy farm" sends my heart racing. NOT FAIR! Geo


I like your world. Everyone of those pieces are fabulous and deserve more than just being thrown in an old box or God forbid...thrown away! Great saves. Georgia

Re: Button Crazy!

Wow you've gottem double and triple stacked! Love the color combo...I just made my first ones a while ago and I thought it was so much fun! I have plans for more. Thanks for sharing yours with us and we will see more of your stuff soon I am sure, Georgia

Re: Oar Lamp

Jim, just how many of these extra cool buckets DO you have? I'm startin' to think that maybe you cornered the market on these babies. I just love them and this lamp is just as neato as the Christmas one. Good work and keep 'em coming! Geo

Re: Create a Special Advent Calendar for Next Christmas

Jenny, this is so special, thanks for sharing this with us. Hope your Holiday was fantastic! Talk soon, Georgia

Re: Indoor Window Box

Really really good job on your window box. I like the idea of leaving it up and changing it out...can't wait to see Spring! Georgia

Re: My very first "junker" project!

Ok I only WISH my first project had turned out this well. I think you did an amazing job and this is just the start of many more I am sure. Welcome to the site, Georgia

Re: Here is a 6 foot tall robot project made from the best of junk

OMG! what else can I say? Georgia

Re: my next project..a floor scrubber spaceship..just a quick mockup.

We love you posting too! This cracked me up! so funny and a great idea too! Georgia

Re: cool bunch of scroll work pieces..i think for a railing maybe.

Oh boy you can have a great deal of fun with these. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with them. I love seeing what you come up with, too cool, Georgia

Re: found this the other day.. anyone know what it is?

Who cares what it is...It is so darn cool I can't believe it. I would have snatched this up too...what a good eye you have my dear. Georgia

Re: Mary's Swap Meet

You can bet that I would be there...with bells on, if I was anywhere near there. It looks like a good one, Georgia

Re: The "S" wall

This is quite the collection. I love the way you have displayed them, Georgia
PS welcome welcome welcome!

Re: Cast Off Pedestals

I think I am in love with these as well. Everything you do is simply beautiful, Georgia

Re: A window full of flowers

Michelle I would love to have a piece like this in my store and may have to make one myself. I think you did an awesome job. Georgia

Re: Dog Collar Contestant

Yee Haw! I am a rider myself and can appreciate your love for your horse. Great job and very original too! Georgia

Re: My Version of The Politics of Hope

Very cool! I really like it and the message too, Georgia

Re: I've got the bug!

Hey there. I have been to the islands many times and once even hit a big flea market at the stadium there in Honolulu. I DON'T go anywhere without checking out the local junk stores and flea markets. What a fun thing you have done in customizing these dressers. Welcome to our world of junk and friends..we all share the same BUG! Georgia

Re: Shotgun Shell Lights

Well this certainly goes to show that anything can be beautiful used in the right way. Clever idea, can you actually see the lights coming through? I thought those things were pretty thick, so are the lights inside the tubes? Curiosity...It's what makes us junkers in the first place... I ask a lot of questions...Georgia
PS went on your blog site and I really liked your music!

Re: With Christmas Wishes...

Kari thank you for the wonderful wishes and I am sending them right back atcha! I can't believe this year is almost over. One of the highlights of this year has been to "meet" all the special friends that share their passion for junking on this site. I hope the next year is just as full of creativity and fun as this last one has been. Merry Christmas to all, Georgia

Re: Saving Plastic Bags in Style

These sleeves are fantastic. It is amazing just how many plastic bags you can stuff into one of those. I love to be able to just pull one out when you need it, and they are a great gift...especially coordinated with the kitchens colors! Welcome to the site, Georgia

Re: 1st Pump Organ Project

Sharon, great project. I have missed you on the site...maybe hauling home and taking apart a giant organ is quite a project in itself! Glad to see more of your great stuff, Georgia

Re: Christmas Lamp

Oh are so good at putting these things together! I really love this one but then again I really love everything that you do. Totally cool! Geo

Re: Vintage Garden Hose Wreath

WOW I looked at your website and I really love the look of everything in your shop. Fabulous merchandise and the colors are so perfect. wish I lived near by...I be coming for a visit for SURE! Love it, Georgia Oh yeah...the wreath is absolutely darling!

Re: Mix It Up

Very cool stuff. I can see why Sue wanted you as a contributor. This post looks a lot like one she would do. Very well photographed and displayed. Easy and simple ideas are sometimes the best. Good job Candy, Georgia

Re: Baby it's cold outside

Oh You are soooo funny. I'm thinking the only one I got right was Paris??? I had some good guesses with what you say though but I knew I was wrong on the yard sale one, I guess you could tell by my answer. I guess I'd rather guess wrong than not guess at all. Guess how many times you can use the word "guess" in one paragraph?

Re: "1945 Speedster"

This so cool. I always admire anyone who can weld. They (you) can make the neatest stuff! I really like this...I can recognize some of the parts and pieces and I really love the color. Welcome to the site can't wait for more of your projects/art, Georgia

Re: old silver chest

These are neat-o. I had one and I recovered the inside with Turquoise satin and put my nieces initials on the top for her to hold all her little treasures. Can't wait to see what you do with this one. Georgia

Re: Christmas on the Farm porch

Darling stuff. I don't know about sleds but it sure sounds like a good deal to me and it looks so cute, how could you pass it up? Georgia


Can't wait to see what you do. I'm sure it will be fantastic as usual, Georgia


who doesn't love a cast iron bird? I know I do and the mercury glass is a wonderful touch, Georgia

Re: Home, again!

I really love all the special, vintage touches to your holiday home decor. very festive and fun, Georgia

Re: biker's virtual reality

Wow GOOD job. I find mosaic one of the hardest things to do well, and you did well, Georgia

Re: dog tags o plenty

Now I pictured them hanging by the top hole, covering a board or inside a frame for ultra chic shimmery wall art. Maybe put up with those little silver "L" hooks so there would be movement. I think they are cool but I would be a daunted by the sheer number of them. Lots and lots of projects with these babies. cool find, Georgia

Re: More Whimsy

These are very pretty, dainty and feminine. I really like the teapot with the roses...that's my fave, Georgia

Re: The City Floor Lamp and the Country Floor Lamp

Midge, I think they are both very very cool. I would take the country one for the shop and the other for my home which is surprisingly contemporary. good job on both lamps and I know ALL about the ones that don't work out just as we had envisioned them, and it is a learning experience...hopefully not an expensive one. Georgia

Re: Bits n Pieces - The Heart has a Pattern

I really like this. I have done collage before but I like the simplicity of this piece and the colors are great too. Really neat, Georgia

Re: more button mania

I really love the Christmas trees! Great job, Georgia

Re: button mania

I really love the color combinations you have done. They are all super cool. I like the way your wire looks too. I found the wire I was using to be a little stiff and hard to work with. Maybe I will try this kind next. Thanks for the inspiration and information, Georgia

Re: How to Make a Cranberry Bog Scoop Wreath Holder

WOW this is certainly one of my favorite projects. I have never seen a vintage spelling board before but it is very cool. I've never seen a bog scoop either, for that matter...the wreath looks familiar though. I swear you come up with the most interesting items for your projects. I love it. You did good girl! Love ya, Geo

Re: Giant Whisk Light Fixture

Oh you gals re so smart. I was having a little trouble with the blue just didn't "feel" right but I didn't have much of chance to figure it out ...I thought it might look better hung up but I am going to try it without the shade and see what I think. I'll post a pic of that too. Ok? Thanks again for your wonderful suggestions. We can all use a few hundred opinions once in a while. Ha ha. Love and Christmas wishes to you all, Georgia

Re: plaster dog

Oh I love him. My momma gave me an old plaster cat that I cherish and would never sell. He's a keeper too! Geo

Re: Easy holiday coat rack !

Hey this is a great use for the old game board. I think it is fun and useful too. I really like it. Georgia

Re: Find the Junk in this photo!

I really like your style...reminds me of something...oh yeah, my shop. Sounds like you decorate with vintage all year round. Great use of cool vintage finds. Georgia

Re: Antique Mahogany Chair

Well it certainly is beautiful once again. It's amazing what a little fabric can do for a chair. Looks like you did a great job, Georgia

Re: One Hot Christmas Kitti

You guys are very brave...dressing up a cat can be dangerous, but the end result is so cute. Love Kitty and her collar, Geo

Re: A Merry Christmas Conservatory - revisited...

Kathy you are not kiddin' when you say "vintage charm" Wow it's like a little vintage town came to life in there. I love to see how you change this up for the seasons. It is still one of my favorite things, so cute, Georgia
PS Notice that I did not whine once in this whole post? Do you think I have gotten over the fact that I still don't have a conservatory...not a chance...I'm being patient (not my strong suit) but I haven't forgotten. Springtime...yeah that's it...Springtime.


Merry Christmas Janis!! That collar is a piece of fine jewelry but you always do things so elegantly. I really love the way your little doggie posed for saw mine! Just love this piece. Good job, your friend, Georgia

Re: Vintage Surveyor's Ruler Art Piece

Oh I wish I had seen this in person but you didn't have it yesterday. It turned out great and I love the always, Geo

Re: birds of a feather doll

I LOVE the colors..they are fantastic! I don't know how you did this but it is way cool, Georgia

Re: Christmas treats anyone

Now this is my kind of buffet! I am a candy freak and I think the way you have set it out is very inviting, it looks so festive. Merry Christmas, Georgia

Re: Holiday Junk Angels by Georgia Moon & JennyK

Now for my version of events...I had the BEST time EVER. I went to Jenny's "lab" at about 10:30am and didn't leave until 4 pm. The time just flew by and I think we did a fine job on our regal angles. What a blast to hang out and try out all of the goodies we had available . Jenny has so much stuff and all the tools organized in a way that would never happen at my place. It was a pleasure to spend that much time with her, she is very inspiring, and talented too. When she says that she jumped in my lap when the mouse JUMPED out of the file cabinet, she is NOT kidding! And I was standing up which meant that she practically flew into my arms, after the screaming died down I almost wet my pants we were laughing so hard. I'm not sure how we got anything done with all the cracking up that went on all day, but we did manage to put together these lovely angles and I will cherish them forever. Thanks Jenny for everything I had such a FUN day...Did I mention that we had food too?Yummy!

Re: Crystal the Christmas Angel

This is the most fun contest I LOVE this. Great entry! Geo

Re: "Indy" the Cat, aka "Jabba the Hutt" Crystal Collar

Ha hahahahaha. So funny! Cute collar but the pose is priceless.Geo

Re: Vintage Button Dog Collar

What a cute cute cute idea and a equally cute doggie. Georgia

Re: Gretchen's Beautiful Version of Sue's Hostess Gift

What a nice girl...and what a perfect gift! Love it, Georgia

Re: How to Make a Christmas Candelabra

Hello all. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on this project. I really appreciate all of your support and kindness. I feel like this site has made a great big wonderful world of special people available to me...what a great big wonderful gift that is...Georgia

Re: Christy Noel's Vintage Collar

This is so cute. I love this one and is that doggie a Lhasa or a shitz shu?? I have an Apricot Lhasa that all of you will be seeing soon. I'm working on the collar. But Christie Noel is adorable! Good job on her lovely collar, georgia

Re: Scrabble Collage/Easel

Hey this is really good. I love the photos with the names. It is really special, welcome to the site and we will be looking forward to seeing more of your creative projects, Georgia

Re: Let it Snow

You know that I think you are amazing , right? Well this is proof positive that I am correct in my opinion of your talent. Everything you do has such an authentic look to it. I think that you achieved your goal on this one. Great job as usual, Georgia

Re: Felted Sweater Heart Collar

Ok like I said...I am lovin' this contest. This is so cute too!

Re: vintage children's playing cards

I don't think this is the first time you have mentioned a trash pile after an auction/flea market...I have never seen one of those but if I did I would have pulled these out too. I'd make greeting cards out of them for my nieces but I am sure you will get lots of great ideas from this group.

Re: Fabric scrap collar

YAY Molly Mae! Cute dog...cute collar! This is my favorite contest...ever!!!

Re: Bits n Pieces Cat Collar

Barney is definitely NOT convinced but I am sure we will see this on ALL the cat walks in the future! Good job and Barney is adorable. Georgia

Re: Walt is a Junker

GardenJunky, I love your photos. When checking out your bio I see you are from Nowthen Mn...Is it pronounced Now-then, just like it looks? I never know since I was there in MN once and everyone (you know who you are)laughed at my pronunciation of the towns there. I live on No-Yes Rd., but you say it like noise. Hmmm

Re: Laugh out loud

WOW you are in the right place at the right time with your camera! Either that or you just look for the humorous things in life...hopefully both!! Love these, Georgia

Re: North Pole anyone

This is really funny but this is one flight I would not want to take...can you imagine how many children would be on it???

Re: Memory tree

This is a really SPECIAL tree, with wonderful memories attached to it. I love the fact that you did this for your Dad. Very touching, Georgia

Re: 6 panel window display

I just can't get enough of old windows used in a room...I really love this look, Georgia

Re: T2T Noodle Board

I really love the look of this and love the fact that you saved it from being thrown away. Like Candy said, I wonder how many millions of these get wasted every year. Wow something to think about. Anyway, I find it interesting that you call it a noodle you actually MAKE noodles? And if so, can I come to dinner? Georgia

Re: found this antique dentist chair a few days ago

OMG...can you imagine the tortuous things that went on in THAT chair. All it needs is straps!!! You need to do something RIGHT AWAY to make it look like you could stand to sit in it. Although I would have snapped it up in a is rather frightening. Maybe a comfy cushion and some Novocaine would help?

Re: Bennett's Christmas Collar

Awww. This is soooo cute. I can see we are going to have a really hard time with this contest. I am anxiously waiting to see all the animals dressed up for the holidays. I'll bet they are ALL going to be so darling. I haven't started mine yet...I'm trying to "feel" what Ollie wants to wear. How do you think that's working out for me? I guess we will have to wait and see. Great job and CUTE dog, Georgia


Janis this is an awesome post...another calendar page? I love the way you set up your photos, are you a professional photographer too? They always look so beautiful. Love the way these turned out.Georgia

Re: Junkyard Dog Collar Contest

That is so funny. I LOVE the pics of Lily. She is quite the diva! I'm not sure what kind of pictures I will get of Ollie...I may have to wait until he is sleeping! This is gonna be a fun one! Geo

Re: Snow Miniature Milk Bottle

Very cute I idea. I bought a case of these too! Great for a Christmas table. I'm going to take one of these to my Mom's house (which about 25 yards away) Christmas morning for Coffee! She will love it. I will bring one with cream too. Yay. Georgia

Re: Jars and Stars

Cynthia this is darling I love the glass in glass effect...It really sparkles, Georgia

Re: Rustic candelier "dooded" up for Christmas

Ok THAT was really funny..about the candles falling on your head! It made me laugh, you're right that would be a little distracting, to say the least. I think you did a wonderful job...with the original piece and the decoration. Isn't it amazing what happens when you turn something upside down? a whole new world opens up. Nice post, Georgia

Re: No mantle-no problem!

So so so darling. I really think this is THE answer if you have no mantle. Great job, Georgia

Re: Junk Built Wreaths

Candy, all of these wreaths are so awesome. I happen to be partial to pulleys but I love the others as well. The picture that shows the view was taken recently? I guess I didn't realize that it is full-on winter back there. It is truly stunning and I wish I could have that kind of weather...once in a while. Just beautiful!!!It puts you in the mood for the holidays just looking at it. Thanks for the view into your winter wonderland, Geo

Re: A Little Christopher Robin Advice We Should All Make a Promise To Keep...

My My My...Hunny this is so darling. We can all learn a lesson from your new friend here. What a beautiful message delivered in such a wonderful way. Love it, love you, geo

Re: Gliding into Winter

We should take some of these photos and make a calendar out of them. This would be a perfect December! Georgia


This is really neat...I don't think it would have the same impact with roller skates though...that and in-line are the only skates we will find around ice. Georgia


Really pretty Gioni, I love the frenchy look. Soldering huh? Haven't tried that yet. I think I'll put that one on hold for now. Great job, georgia

Re: Joy To The World

WOW. This is just TOO COOL! Really stunning result, Georgia

Re: Table Top Made With Old Printing Press Type

Totally amazing as usual! Girl you are TOO good! Love you, geo

Re: Vintage Fireplace Mantel

You crack me up...this is great and you have quite the talent for painting, oh and great ideas to go along with that talent! Very inventive, Georgia

Re: The Story of the Christmas Camel

Ok you're a sentimental fool...but so am I. I was touched by your story and the simple fact that sometimes the most fragile of things are strong enough to survive and to give joy for many years, to many people, Thanks for sharing your special gift. Georgia

Re: "SILVER BELLS" for Georgia

Janis, I have been away from my computer for a while...I am so happy to see this post. I really knew that they would be perfect for you. I really liked that the holes on top were cut like stars...and you are a STAR baby! You make everything you do shine. It makes me feel good to know that you liked them. They look much better than they did on my window sill!! Take care, Georgia

Re: My "JUNK" Tree

Gorgeous as usual! When I was younger and didn't have my own ornament collection yet, I used lots of neat things that I found around the house and it turned out so cute that I continue to do that now. It adds such a unique touch. Love it, Georgia

Re: Well, I did the Button Project ...hmmm.....

I think you did GREAT! This is going to be one of my next project too. I won't have to destroy anything to get the materials..that's why I'm gonna do it. That, and the fact that I think they are adorable. I'll post when I get mine done. thanks for more inspiration, Georgia

Re: What to Bring the Hostess

Sue, this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! What a fabulous gift this is. I love the elegance of it. Do you EVER run out of great ideas...I think NOT! Love it, geo

Re: On Newsstands Now!

Sue what a great treat for all of us. I can't wait to see it all together. I don't know how you do it but you keep pumping out the BEST stuff girl!!! I know this will just whet the appetite of those that haven't purchased the book yet, but what a great bonus to get a DVD for that price too. Way to go!!! XOXO geo

Re: Mantle Turned Headboard

Gretchen, this so romantic and pretty. I can't imagine what you are going to do to top this, but I am sure it will be usual. Thanks for letting us see what you are preparing to re-do. I'm pretty sure I'd be happy with this for a long time, but it is so much fun to come up with new ideas, can't wait, Georgia

Re: Upcycled Cottage Industrial Candleholder

Now THIS is what I call UPCYCLING!!! They should have a picture of this next to the definition. How to take simple and not so attractive things and turn them into gorgeous accessories for your home. Hmmm..I think you're on to something here. Sue you ROCK...and roll baby. Gogojojo

Re: Greco-Roman column

Why don't you do both? Leave some of it green by rubbing wax on some of the green paint...maybe where the details will show up...then paint the white on top and it will just scrape away where the wax was. Then you'll have a little green showing through. Way easier than sanding the whole thing. I think it would be cool, Georgia

Re: It's the Sign of the Season...

So very cool. I really think that this is so eye-catching with the colors and lights. It's very ingenious to combine the vintage cabin look with such bright lights and color, Very nice. Georgia

Re: Sew Cute!

Aren't these drawers just the greatest? I think that everybody loves them but this is a really clever use. Love it, Georgia

Re: Holidays & Simple Abundance

Hey I have one just like this...minus the fancy paint job and the ribbon holder, which I could add, but the painting will NOT be happening around here. What a fine job you did with yours, I will have to give this piece some thought now. A great idea and a wonderful project, Georgia

Re: rescued from the trash-gorgeous old picture

Very nice save! She is a beauty, Georgia

Re: Vintage Pennant Ornaments

Hi JunkArchitect You are a welcome addition to our little family here at JunkMarket. Can't wait to see more of your furniture creations. I LOVE furniture and the color and finish on that armoire is fantastic. Welcome, Georgia

Re: Button Bouquet - 101

Ok I am ready to rock and roll here. Thanks for the tutorial...I needed that. You answered all my questions and I should be able to start this project....sometime...soon? Love ya, geo

Re: A Junky Holiday Coaster Ornament

Really really really cute idea. Never really liked coasters that much before...I'm looking at them differently now, Thanks for the insight, Georgia


Old screens are so cool. I especially love them used inside. Good job...Geo

Re: Christmas wash tub

Glad to hear that you have joined us. I really like what you have done. I like the way you layered the items in the tub. Very cool, Georgia

Re: A Silver and Black far

Thank you guys so much for the encouragement..I was having a little trouble getting started but now I am on a roll...I hope. Thanks too for the lovely Birthday wishes, it means a LOT to me. You all are so sweet. Sue you can bet I did eat cake!! I have a motto that I live by on Birthdays , vacations and any other event I can think of, and it is "SPLURGE and INDULGE"!!! It has worked for me for many years and I share this attitude with any and all of my friends. So let's DO IT! Love to you all, Geo

Re: How to Wrap with Wallpaper

Wow, wow, wow these colors are to die for. I have never seen the ornaments made out of the tin can lids before...I learn a LOT from hangin' with you. I think the richness of the wallpaper gives these gifties a very special and grand look. Your son's girlfriend is in for a treat with you buying and wrapping the gifts. It's the same at my house...hahaha. I am sure everyone will just ooh and ahh over these beauties. Love them, Geo

Re: Button, button, who's got the button???

Thanks Hon. I really want to do this. I have a case of little cream bottles that will be perfect for this lots of buttons! Yay. Georgia

Re: Wild Thang!

Wow did you hand paint them? I can't imagine doing anything like this. You are very talented, Georgia

Re: vintage Chrsitmas cards

Aren't the old cards just so much fun. I like the old postcards too. They have them for ALL occasions since they didn't have cell phones. Just how did they do it??? Amazing.Great display, Georgia

Re: Having a Ball at Christmas . . . Christmas Balls that is!

Hey Lanette. I love the vintage ornaments...what a nice touch for an open window with a wintery look behind it. Just lovely, Georgia

Re: A Festive Junky Holiday Tablescape

Can I come to your party? I love the idea of rolling food! My family would have a ball with that! You are a brave woman and creative too, Georgia

Re: Button, button, who's got the button???

Hi you. I love these and want to make some for the store. So could you please let us know what kind of wire you used? Thanks, Geo

Re: Have You Got The Time?

Dang wonder I don't see you! You have been a very busy little clockmaker. Do you have to wear a little pair of glasses perched on your nose while doing this? I can see you now, fran-tick-ly (ha ha) creating super cute clocks in the lab. I love all of your work..all of the TIME!!! Ain't I just hysterical this morning? Maybe I need some more coffee...I think NOT. Love you, Geo

Re: "All for $5.00? Really? O.K.!!"

These are so beautiful and what a deal!!! Great was like they were meant for YOU!

Re: more finds from Damon's house of junk...found a 5 gallon bucket of water valves handles

OH no!!! I DID NOT mean for you to stop showing us all your marvelous stuff...I LOVE it. It just shows us all what's out there if we look hard enough. Although it does seem to me that you just STROLL in and start pointing at the things you'll have. Just kidding...sort of. And you are right, I'm wearing sandals today!!! You crack me up! and since I think we ALL love to see your finds, please don't stop sharing, Georgia

Re: more finds from Damon's house of junk...found a 5 gallon bucket of water valves handles

Damon, you know I love ya but you're startin' to make me very jealous! geo

Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Luann, what a lovely family photo you have shared with us. I didn't get to spend this holiday with my family...everyone went in different directions. It sure can be fun to have all your sisters in one house huh? Sounds like a great time, love to you, georgia

Re: calling all ladies... here is a sheet metal high heel shoe i made from scrap sheet metal.

Damon, you are a man after my own heart...I do love a great pair of high heels. Don't have that many chances to wear them but when I do...I do. Not quite THIS high though. This is stunning and really SUPER cool. Love it...Geo

Re: found some aluminum neon sign letters at the scrap yard

Hey Damon, once again you found some treasures at your famous scrap yard. I wanna go and find some things like this too! You are a lucky guy and a smart one too! Geo

Re: "functional junke"

WOW ya-ya!!! I absolutely LOVE the boot purse. You certainly have a major talent and I am glad that you found "us" to share with, Georgia


Oh,Oh,Oh...I mean Ho,Ho,Ho. I do like this, so very cute. Great and inventive Christmas decoration. Love it, Geo

Re: Pottery Barn knockoff -- Junk Style

Yeah, that is a GOOD one. I love it and it looks like a professional job too! It will add nice height to any room and is great for displaying all your JUNK! Georgia

Re: my new little Christmas tree

I love the pink trees. Last year I did a pink Christmas and put three littler ones going up a white wrought iron spiral plant cute. Love your deco's. Geo

Re: Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Sue, you never cease to amaze me. No matter how many of your projects I see I am always so moved by the beauty and creativity that goes into everything that you do. WOW... this one is a beauty! Hope the day was fantastic for you and your family. love , go go xoxoxo

Re: A Time To Say Thanks...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Kari. Hope you all have a wonderful Day and I am so grateful for everything in my life, and all the new friends I have made here on this site. Talk soon. Love geo

Re: Vintage School Map Graphic

Jenny, you are so cool, and so is your map project. Are you going to frame the east coast part as well? You did a great job and it is so nice to see your stuff up on this site. Love ya, geo

Re: Card File Ottoman

Boy don't we all love these old metal file cabinets, but I have never seen one used like this...very original. Terrific job, Georgia

Re: Eclectic Organizing

Now this is cool, a multi-functional piece made from a lamp. i love it, Thanks for sharing, Georgia

Re: framed piece of antique book

Look at this...a great piece of art for a $1.00..that's what we like to see! I love old graphics and it is amazing what people will throw away. Almost any old pages or music can be framed to make beautiful art for CHEAP, really nice, Georgia

Re: cupcake tiers

This is so cool. I really like the look of these, they would be darling with cupcakes or cookies. The fact that they are different heights makes them really special on a table. Great job, Georgia

Re: My first Mini Greenhouse from Old Windows

Hey this is really cute. I have been wanting to do one for a long time and have all the elements but not the time. I really like the size of this one. We have seen some fabulous ones posted on this site. Good job on yours, Georgia

Re: A few of my Upcycled Creations...from Furniture to Sculpture

Wow this is some great stuff. I really like what you are doing. Now as to your name...bridiemurphy, wasn't that an Irish lady that went back to a past life or something like that. I seem to remember a story about this that I read when I was younger. Anyway, I love your work and hope to see more of it, Georgia

Re: Trinkets for Trimming!

On the First Day of Christmas
my true love sent to me;
a button on a present for ME!
Two- dom-in-oes
Three- shiny buckles
Four- fluffy feathers
Five- clip-py Clamps
Six- tacks a stickin'
Seven- gears a Spinnin'
Eight- clocks a tickin'
Nine- golden keys
Ten- rings a shinin'
Eleven- letters spellin'
Twelve- stencils taggin'
And a button on a present for ME!

Re: Tag... You're It!

Me thinks you've gone 'round the bend of that creative river, and Me thinks I'm right behind you, with a few holes in my canoe! but Please explain "gee ditty wibs" I'm from California and we don't say things like that, but we do know great, fun junk when we see it and I'm seeing it now! Love your stash, gogo

Re: Tag Maker Tote

Wow... a place to put all your tag making materials. Wow... some people MAKE their own tags? I'm kidding of course but I really am amazed at anyone who has the time, especially YOU Sue. But I guess if you don't have to search the house for hours before collecting all the things you may need, it might be a little easier, and a LOT more fun. Super neato project...or should I say truly "Be - autiful"!!! love to you, Geo

Re: Just wanted to give you a lil' peek in my junk sheds !

You got it girl...POWER TOOLS RULE!! I want the real thing too, no little wimpy ones, that's what I ask for at Christmas and birthdays. I love your shed and all the stuff inside too! You are much more organized that I am. Now we can see how you make all these great projects with a place like that to work. Keep the posts coming...we love it, Georgia

Re: Oh?! Did you think these were vintage radios?

What an ingenious way to hide your CD's but still have a collectible on display. Very very nice work, Geo

Re: "Junk Friend"

Janis, they make me smile too. I would NEVER have picked these up if I saw them but look what you have done. You made them adorable instead of corny..It's a MIRACLE! A Christmas miracle... good job, they're cute, Georgia

Re: File cabinet / coffee table

What a great way to make a file cabinet work for various functions. Love that you had a base made. Everyone should have a welder in the family..really comes in handy. Great job, Georgia

Re: A Collectible Christmas

Candy, I love your color palette. It is so soothing and soft. I can imagine what it will look like with the greenery and the berries...stunning! I love your style, Georgia

Re: Ragamuffin Chandy!

Hey I love this...I kinda made a rag-a-muffin Christmas tree by tacking little squares of fabric to a styrofoam cone. It looks cute but the tacks are coming out. I need longer pins. I'll post it when it is might want one for your kitchen with this darling chandie. Can't wait to see the garland. love it...geo

Re: Home Tour Preview

Lani when you first showed us your great POST tree, I thought it was just great but to see it in this setting, it is really fantastic. Your house looks marvelous darling. Have fun, Georgia

Re: Vintage Cookie Jar Christmas Tree

Well welcome to the site...what a good start! This is really unique and very cute too. You'll have to show us the next one too. Can't wait, Georgia

Re: ok now you can call me a gear head

Gosh I think you could just send one out to each of your 50 new best friends!!! Sound like a plan? And also I love that you put your picture up. You're cute... wish everyone would do it, but I understand that some people are more shy than others, and almost everyone is more shy than me! Ha Ha, Geo

Re: well loved (and BIG) dominos wall art

Wow you need a BIG table to play at your house!! I really like the old worn look of these. I wish I got things like this from my Mom but she doesn't get it. One time she asked me "honey, what is it that you sell? "Trashy" something, right?" and of course I am cracking up ...she meant "Shabby Chic". Nice to know that she would still love me even if I did sell trashy stuff! Good job, georgia

Re: Got a pencil??

Jenny, this was one of my faves at your show. It's simplicity is really a statement. A new way to look at the things we all take for granted and most of us don't even SEE at all. I really love all your art and I am happy to see your new contributor status! Welcome to the team. Talk soon, Geo

Re: What Do You Do With Cheese Graters and A Tractor Muffler?

Twist some red ribbon around that tractor muffler and a candy cane it will be. Cynthia where was this during our cheese grater contest??? Oh right, we had to use the flat ones...sorry about that. This is so fun. You are amazing, geo

Re: Just some footstool fun

What a cute way to use a holiday sweater! Flannel would be darling too. You made it look so cushy and comfy Santa himself could put his feet up on Dec 26th! Good job, Georgia

Re: Ode to Geo's Bicycle Lamp

OOOoooh it is so pretty. I love the one that Cynthia did too. I really feel good when someone takes an idea and makes it in their own special way. I just love this it, it looks so elegant. I think that we should all have one of these!!! Really good job Janis, Love ya, geo

Re: Grandma's chair

This is just way too cool. I'd bet it makes for a pretty sturdy seat too. Way to go... Geo

Re: Wheeling & Dealing with my Friends!

Kari what a sweet idea. You know I think anyone would love to get a wheel as a gift...I know I would. Isn't if funny how we have changed the way we look at what we want as gifts. I would like to think that I will never get another sweater for my birthday but some people haven't come around yet. Good luck and you girls don't do anything I wouldn't do...which will leave lots of room for FUN!! Georgia

Re: Champagne Glass Christmas Tree Pic With No Lights

Girlfriend, you are putting us all to shame. I swear you have so many great projects up right now. I haven't even started my Christmas stuff yet. I am one of those that like to wait til after Thanksgiving but I won't get nearly this much cool stuff done. Great seasonal deco's, Geo

Re: Shimmer Me Timbers

Yee haw...Sue that was a GOOD one. I love the project and I love the way you described are so funny. Always a pleasure to read anything that you makes my day! Love to you, Georgia

Re: Whisk Up a Little Ambiance!

Kim, Kim, Kimber-ly, I am sooo loving this project. I would love to have one of these. It is a perfect combo of old and new. Really great job! love, geo

Re: Living Room Decorating

OOOh I love the clarinet lamp too. Everything looks so good. I see many many projects that you have done in your home. Great job. Merry Christmas!!! Georgia

Re: Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

Gorgeous display as usual. I always love your style, Georgia

Re: Stack O' Drawers / Stack of Signs

Very very cool. I really like the style you used. Very pretty and I think they would fit into any decor too. Love them, Georgia

Re: Make A Wish

Janis, once darling! I love this idea and you really know how to showcase your projects. Can you email me your address at (and yes I DID misspell my own first name)I want to send you something. Georgia


Hey it sounds pretty easy when you put it that way. I am going to give a try really soon. I may not time myself but I will let you know how it goes, thanks, geo


Wow, Gioni these are really fabulous! I love them soooo much! Geo


What a great way to store all you fabrics and lace, and what a find for 5$ is darling and useful too! Georgia

Re: Just the beginning

Ho Ho HO! Already ready for Christmas I see. I love the way this turned out. The colors are great and I think it is a perfect centerpiece. I know this is just the begining as Christmas is such a crafty much that you can do! I'm starting to get in the mood too. Thanks for getting us off to a great start. Talk soon my friend, Geo

Re: Architecture in the House!

Lani, Your home is truly beautiful and creatively decorated. I am all over the architectural stuff. I love it and agree that it makes such a difference in any room, especially ones that are newer. Maybe some day I will have a chance to see your gorgeous home. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your talented life. Love it, Geo

Re: Suitcase Dog Bed

Oh this is really cute! I love that the suitcase has travel stickers on it! The doggie is darling too. This turned into a really neat project and a conversation piece for sure. Love it, georgia

Re: Sweater Stocking

Say What? You lost me right after you went to the thrift store. I really love the end result but it was like you were speaking a different language there for a minute. As you can tell I don't do anything that has to do with needles or thread for that matter. I love to see what people with the sewing talent can do but I think I'll stick to a hammer and nails. I laughed so hard at your profile, what a great way to tell us about yourself! Made me want to know you immediately, so keep the projects coming and I can't wait to see what other talents you have to show us. Love, Georgia

Re: Screen Door Potting Stand/Kitchen furniture

Wow, very creative use of old stuff to make an architectural piece that can stand alone. It looks great with your lawn furniture and plants. Great job, Georgia


Gioni, this is just so cool. I think I would LIVE in there. Do you get to go out and work in there in the winter too? I'll bet it is really cozy...if you have heat, that is. Love your space, Georgia

Re: Pegboard from piano front and old window with quilts

I love the crackle finish too...well I love the whole thing actually. BTW, who's Bubba? Georgia

Re: bus scrolls, vintage hand-made toy race track and big old industrial wheels!

WOW just WHERE are you going to find stuff like this? I wanna go too! Just say the word and I'll be ready to roll. Georgia


Sounds like your studio s the place to go if you want to rest. Shall I make my reservation now? I wouldn't mind a nap on either one of these. I really like the mirror above it too, geo


Well, will you share your secrets? I have always wanted to make one of these but have not had the chance...if it only takes 45 minutes I should be able to make one in say a week or two! I think it is lovely and would want to keep it myself. Great detail on the bed makes it extra special. I really want to hear how you do it...please, Georgia


Very very very pretty. I think anyone would love this. I like the combo of fabrics and lace. Cute feet too, Georgia

Re: BIG Project - Getting the barn ready for an antique business!

Oh my god is this not the most beautiful setting you have ever seen? You really get to live here??? Wow. I can't wait to see what you guys do with it and how it is set up for sales. Amazing... and hey I have goats too! But I have never had any Amish horse drawn wagons show up at my house, but my goats go off when I drive up...I'm the food lady. You are very blessed to live in such a gorgeous place, show us more! Georgia

Re: Meat grinder turned Soap Dish!

Debbiejean, you a veddy clever girl. LOVE the meat grinder and especially that the vise part HOLDS the SOAP!!! Ha ha. So cute. Everyone will love this. Thanks for showing us this great project, geo

Re: "8"

Jenny, jenny, jenny, I am so glad that you posted these pieces. They are so lovely and meaningful too. This one I loved a LOT!I was so glad to see you doing so well at the show. You're a STAR...a SUPER STAR. The sky is the limit, so keep showing us what you got! Love Georgia

Re: Sewing Table Deconstructed

Well thank you all very much for your nice response to this project. It was really fun and it turned out just how I imagined. Fancy that. As for how I cut the tin...I did the easiest thing in the world...I had my friend cut it for me. He used this new cutting tool that he had just purchased for some construction jobs he is doing. Lucky me huh? From now on I just take the easy way out! Working with the tin was fun but I think I will come up with another top design for the other set.We shall see. Thanks again, Georgia

Re: No junk at Joan's...treasures galore!!

Now that looks like a SALE I would LOVE to attend. So sad that I live so far away. What a great selection of beautiful things. You must have worked yourself to death...well almost, I am sure that's how it feels. Hope you are better soon. Great job and I am glad you did so well, Georgia

Re: My First Weekend of Junking!

OOOOhh girl you are SO hooked now. If that's what you find your first time out I can't wait to see what you find after you become a pro.... It doesn't take long. the reason that I painted the garden sign on that pink headboard is because I didn't have the footboard! Since you have both it would be a shame to break them up. I have a similar set in one of the bedrooms at my house (for my niece) and I left it natural. It is so cute with almost any kind of bedding. That's why i left it that way so I could change it up. White and girly are always nice when they are young but they grow up pretty fast, so it's a tough decision. I love all the other things you got too. Welcome and have fun! Georgia

Re: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Janis, once again I love it! Ever think of moving to California? Or maybe just a visit to arrange everything in my store??? I can't pay much (anything) but we'd have a lot of fun! so come on, geo

Re: Traveling Spa

SisMia, Cheaters are the little glasses tucked into the towels for all of us that are old enough to need reading glasses, but too vain to admit it and have their very own pair. Now as far as I can see...which isn't very far...these would really come in handy if you didn't need to wear glasses at all times! MY husband always asks for cheaters in restaurants when he forgets his own...I'd love to see him in these!!

Re: Welcome to my house!

A great big bunch of cool stuff arranged beautifully is a very welcoming sight. I love the fall season and hate to see it end, but I can't wait to see what you do to top that for Christmas! Keep the junk photos rolling in. We all love it, Georgia

Re: All is calm, all is bright...

Kari, it is absolutely charming and adorable. As is everything that you do! good luck, Georgia

Re: Terrarium

Well I think that I love this. It is so cute. You picked the absolute right thing to do with this great garage sale find. I like the big jars with stuff in them too but I can't tell exactly what it is...I'm thinking that the one on the bottom left is NOT eyeballs, and they probably have plants and things in them right? Great job and I'm lovin' all your posts! Georgia

Re: Old Door Shelf

Hi Snowman the name. Sounds like Christmas all year long. Great little shelf and I went to your blog and saw the hanging sled. I am thinking of hanging a sled for Christmas. What did you use? I'm thinkin' chain, but I am always thinkin' chain... and I have old red chain. Hmmm the wheels are turning. Thanks for the inspiration. Hope to see more of your fabulous decorating in the near future, Georgia

Re: Holiday Home Tour

Lani, you know I would be there in a heartbeat if I could. It looks so beautiful and I wish I could be there. I am sure YOUR house will be such a success, with all the style and grace that you put into your designs. Have a great time, Georgia

Re: Traveling Spa

Many's the day that I want to run away to your house Sue, and have you take care of I need to make a reservation? Awwww...I feel calmer just looking at the soothing colors and comforts of that spa kit. You know how to do it right! I'd keep that box ready and full... you may have just caused a stampede to your house! Enjoy, Georgia

Re: Home for the Holidays with Sue

Hey ladies, this is a surprise to me...a welcome one! I am going to run right out and get my copy before they are gone. Can't wait to dig in. Thanks for letting us know. love to you both, gogo

Re: Finch Handmade Cage

Oh I adore this birdcage. It is more like a piece of furniture... it fits right into your house. Do you put their seeds and water through the little side holes? I have a beautiful blue and white parakeet in my shop and I love the little sounds he makes...I call it his happy talk. His name is Blue Moon, but his house is not cute like yours. Love this, Georgia

Re: Advice needed for project

Damon, you're a sweetheart, but another sweetheart beat you to it. My neighbor had the perfect tool and he did a beautiful job. Not sure what it was as it was just finished and in my truck when I got in this morning. I'll be posting the projects really soon. Thank you all for the great advice! Love it, georgia

Re: Lighting Dilemma

Wow I don't know what to say. I think that the lamps themselves would look really cool if you replaced the mirror/ glass hanging thingys with parchment type paper (I'm thinking kinda thick paper) that had different encouraging words written on them. It would have a really nice mellow glow and a much softer look. Maybe spray paint the gold part so it wasn't so shiny. Perhaps a flat black with black lettering on the cards. As for the other stuff I will have to think about that. I am sure that you will get a million good ideas from everybody here. I have some things simialar to them and haven't done anything with them yet..I will be watching for ideas too. Good luck, Georgia

Re: Vintage typewriter turned photo display

Candy, I wholeheartedly agree with Janis. I love your style. In all of the things that you post, there is a sense of elegance and class. I always look forward to what you are doing. This site goes to show that everyone can do wonderful things and that we all have our own personal style. Not that one is better than the others but the diversity is always amazing and interesting. I just got a great little chandie from craigslist and I LOVE it. Thanks again for a new idea, Georgia

Re: wonderfull good find this week.

Whoa Nelly!!! What the??? You found All of these in ONE place. I had never even seen one until I read Sue's book! Is this a regional thing where they have plants (meaning factories...I know they don't grow them) that make gears? We possibly don't have these in California. I can only imagine the thrill you must have felt when you saw all of these incredible, fantastic, gear molds. I think I might have an attack of some sort. Palpitations perhaps? Great find and it seems like things are looking up. I pray that they are, Georgia

Re: industrial lamp turned display

Just to let you all know what she is talking about...I went to my mailbox and found a piece of paper with something wrapped up inside. I opened it to find a cute, little old wooden MOON! which I will add to my collection of moons here in the shop. What a nice surprise and a thoughtful thing to do. I love it. Thank you and I am so glad to see all of your posts. I knew you'd love it here! Talk soon, geo

Re: This November 4th...

You can count on me!

Re: Make it Pink for My Sis

Oh Sue, This is such a touching tribute to Jean. I am so proud that you used my little gift in the Garden. She makes a perfect angel. I got a little teary seeing this, because it is so beautiful. As both of us have lost our big sisters I know that I cherish anything that reminds me of her and her spirit. Great big loving hugs go out to you from me, Georgia

Re: Farewell Jedi Junk - May the Force Be With You

Timmy Tim Tim, I have not ONE Star Wars reference for you cuz I don't know jack about that stuff, but I do know a great guy when I meet one. I think you are terrific, funny, talented, patient, funny, helpful, funny, AND one super cool dude...and I don't know that many super cool dudes! I love ya and wish you all the happiness and success in the go get em buddy, and let us know how it goes from time to time. And hey you can always start making projects of your own and post the pics for us! Take care my friend, Georgia

Re: Halloween revisited

Dang girl, these are fab-u-lous! What a perfect way to use something old and fragile. I love the composition and detail. Really, really, really good, Georgia

Re: Turn your junk into a pleasing photo vignette!

Well Miss rosiemoonbeams (LOVE the name) this is quite an ingenious idea. I have tried taking close-ups of a "junk vignette" and had little success, this is a much better way to do this. great idea and I love your JUNK too! Georgia

Re: from hitching post to bookcase

This is Waaaay COOL. I really love that you made this part of your decor. You must really be happy to get to look at that everyday and remember the childhood fun you had at the ranch.
Gotta love that! Welcome, Georgia

Re: Green 50's lamp turned into modern mosaic!

Hey, hey ,hey. This is really good. I have always had trouble with mosaic...we'll just add that to the ever growing list of things I DON'T do...but I do like how you used the mirror on this lamp. Very good job and I love all your other mirrors too! Welcome, Georgia

Re: Beehive

Hi there. I love every piece of this individually but put together it is super cute! Your other posts showcase your creativity and talent as well. Great job..can't wait to see more, Georgia

Re: Sprinkler is now a candle sconce

Hi Atticus, Is this your real name or just a literary reference? Either way I like it. Like you projects too. You fit right in here with your recycling ways! Very clever in all your projects, Georgia

Re: A Store that Built our Junk

Gretchen, what a great idea to shoot pictures of things that look like letters. Now I'll have to look around..see this site makes us all look at things differently...I love that. I think that the sepia tone is so cool too. You could do close-ups of small things that look like letters old chippy bracket could be an "L".... ooooh fun! Thanks for the incentive to be more aware of our surroundings in our everyday lives. Great job...Georgia

Re: Weekend Finds

LuAnn my friend, you did GOOD, you got some great stuff... I love your number brands, pulleys and the wooden fan is terrific! Good for a number or projects I am sure! Can't wait to see the end products. Love ya, Geo

Re: Junk Journal

Once again Janis I am inspired by your talent and style. I think the plant markers can be used in so many ways...last night for instance I came up with lots of ideas and went to the craft store this morning and got stick on letters...let the fun begin! LuAnn great minds think alike! So anyway Janis keep coming up with these gorgeous things you make..I'm lovin' it., Georgia

Re: A Store that Built our Junk

Gretchen that is a really coll building and I love the hardware details. What a find. I wonder if some of my hinges were made in that very building...I'll betcha we've all run across some of it without knowing. Nice to know where some of our favorite things could have come from...I wouldn't have thought it would look like that though! Georgia

Re: Trash Barn - Searsport, ME

Ok I just threw myself down on the floor, kicked my feet and turned blue in the face...I'm truly throwing a tantrum here. I wanna go!!!! Real bad! Can I, can I, can I ???? WOW What more can I say? Georgia (sad georgia)

Re: More Mashers!!

All of these are so darling but how do you get those lovely faces??? I adore them, I think a cowboy would be cute cuz it looks like they are bow-legged! Haha, georgia

Re: Another Conservatory

It's OK Cindy, I can take it. I actually have all the windows, now I just need some direction. My friend "carpenter Jim" should be in town this weekend and I am going to get some ideas from him. Sooner than you think I will have a great picture of a conservatory of my own. LuAnn, keep it coming girlfriend, I'll get ya back you know. You're soooo lucky that I think it's great to see all the different ways to build one of these. Now I'm full of great ideas. I'm thinking pickets for the roof (or is the whole point to have windows on top too?) and lots of arch pieces all over it. I'm gonna have the most bee-u-tee-ful conservatory in the whole wide world. You can tell I have been giving this a LOT of thought, can't you? You guys are cracking me up!!!...Georgia

Re: My Rag Dolls

Linda, these are so cute. I had my Raggedy Ann doll until I was about 25! Ha ha. I just couldn't give her up. Nice to see your version of such a beloved doll. I always admire anyone that can sew things...I remember the dog chewed off the foot of mine and I tried to give her a new one, and I did attach a foot of sorts but I put it on backwards. So we had toes pointing in different directions...I loved her anyway. Good job. Georgia

Re: Rustic Elegance Floral

Sue, this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Honestly I am in LOVE with this arrangement. Once again you have made something that could dress up any occasion or any home. WOW this is a GOOD one!!! Love it to death. Not kidding. Georgia

Re: My "Top 10" in Junk

Sue, I love your top ten too. Imagine that! I have recently gotten four tractor seats in different colors and sizes...never even thought of them before, now all of a sudden I am a tractor seat collector. Goes to show...Ya never know.gogo

Re: My birdfeeders

No more LURKING. You have a great creative talent and we want to see more. Thank you for taking the wasn't so bad, now was it? We all love it in here! Thanks for sharing, Georgia

Re: Curbside Make it Pink Project

Janis, Janis, Janis...what can I say? Could anything be more beautiful and inspiring? I can't tell you enough how much I admire your style. Love it, Georgia

Re: Witch Potato Mashers

I love potatoes, I love mashed potatoes, but I love your potato masher witch even more...and THAT is saying a LOT!!! she is so friggin' (can I say that?) CUTE!!! LOVE HER!! Great job, geo

Re: Thank You!

This is what it is all about girlfriend!!! Isn't it great to know that you have given someone a great idea inspired by something that you have done, and it creates more creativity at the same time. It's that circle of life thing! Yay You! geo

Re: Bicycle Lamp Revisited

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You can't see me, but right now I am taking a bow. Ha Ha. Sue you don't know how proud I am to be affiliated with you, your crew, and my very talented fellow contributors. I have been inspired beyond what I ever imagined and have been so grateful for all the support all of the members of this very special group have given. It truly makes my day to get on the computer and see what is happening with all my friends. This site is AWESOME and I love you all, Georgia
PS I can't wait to see what you guys do with wheels from now on! Please let us all see your creations, the possibilities are endless. It makes me happy to know that I have inspired a new way of looking at this very available object. Thanks again, geo

Re: Getting Ready for Christmas

Janis, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your style and talent. All of your posts have such a romantic and feminine quality to them that I just love. Keep showing us all of your creative projects as they are always something to look forward to. Thanks, Georgia

Re: Silver Clocks

Ooooh. I loooove these. They are so cute. Is it easy to drill through the silver? I think it is amazing what can be turned into a clock...these are extra special though. Let's see more! Georgia

Re: Atlanta News

Well hello ladies. First of all I want to say how beautiful both you and Kimberly look. I was hoping we would hear all about this trip today. Looks like a fun time and all the people you met were I am sure just great. Lots of people from the world of TV...that's where I think you should be too! Must have been interesting to talk to them. I watch Tanya on Designed to Sell all the time. I'd love to see you have your own show supporting everything that you do to promote design and recycling...wouldn't that be great? How can we start a campaign to get you your own show? I sure would jump on that bandwagon to help in any way I could. How 'bout y'all? Glad you are both home safe and keep us posted on what you're up to next. Love to you both, Geo

Re: Last one I Promise!!!

I certainly hope this is NOT the last one. I really enjoyed looking at all your posts. You have a very creative touch and style. I love it, Geo


Wow that sure looks comfy. I'd like to settle in and read a good book right there in your living room...could you bring me a cup of tea as well? I'll be right over! Good job Stormy. Love your name too!, Georgia

Re: Fall Decor... enjoy it while we can!

What's up with all the cool fall stuff that goes on in MN? I wish I were there to join in! Lots of fun activities and your porch looks so good. I hear you are in the peak color season right now and seeing the picture of your front porch proves that. It's lovely, Georgia

Re: Junk Built It

Well Gretchen this looks like a mighty fine place to sit and relax. It is so darling and to have a place right by the lake is amazing. Have you guys tried putting lights on it for night...I'd bet it would lovely with little twinkle lights on it. It is a great addition to the backyard and I hope you all enjoy it for many years to come. Love it, Georgia

Re: My Creative Inspiration Desk

This turned out really cool. I hate it when the laminate comes off, but I have had that problem many times and I just sand the heck out of it and usually paint right over it. I love the way you made it look like aged paper, and the inspiring messages are just the right touch. You can sit down at any time and get a million good ideas...right? Good job, Geo

Re: Cytology Spice Rack

Sue this is really a great project. I like the do you find stuff like this all the time? I went to a surplus sale at the Atascadero State (mental) Hospital recently and they had a LOT of popcorn machines, vacuum cleaners and adding machines. Needless to say there were not any neat containers or medical stuff, I would have been happy with urine specimen bottles or anything BUT what they had. So sad. Good job on the spice get in there and cook something...gogo

Re: Converted garage sale find.

Oh a little wagon in a garden is just so darling. I have sold many a wagon just for this very purpose. I think that every garden should have one. Everyone here probably knows by now that I am not much of a gardener so I really appreciate it when someone shows me something they've done to create a cute planter out of a garage sale find. Good job, Georgia

Re: Neighborhood Junk turned into a Beautiful Jewel

Wow. This is a great use of MANY different junk elements. I really like to see such a beautiful piece of furniture created from nothing..I love furniture! Great job, Georgia

Re: Fall fix-up!!!

Hi liljunkie, very, very cute. Did we ever think that we would be proud to call ourselves "junkies"? Your porch is a perfect example of how darling junk can be. Really good job and welcome to our very special site, you're definitely with a LOT of fellow junkies around here! Georgia

Re: Halloween Magic!

Oh Kari...this is SO cute! I am telling you I have never seen so much Halloween spirit. It looks like you've got some great vintage decorations and the way you have them set up is darling. Really great display and a wonderful room TOO!! Love it, georgia

Re: A Rusted Development

Sue this is the most beautiful paint can I have ever seen. Josh, that paper sure is neato. I love the way this turned out and am going to stop by the craft store for some. I can think of a million things I would like to cover with that. Thanks Sue for another great project idea. Love you, gogo

Re: Junk is for the Birds

Hmmm, I have never heard of a indoor birdhouse before but I can tell how much LOVE went into this one. That's a lot of screws you used in that there birdhouse. I'll bet yours is the best one there! It is really cute and if I were a birdie (and it had a door) I would want to live in it. Love it, geo

Re: Beyond Measure

Sue speaking of the bendy did you make one into a tripod to hold a picture. It's probably somewhere in the portfolio of older projects but you also probably remember quite well... so I'd like to make one. Thanks Georgia

Re: Shuttered shelf

Oh great. Now I have to have one of these too. Kathy are you doing this on purpose? I have some shutters and I'm going out there RIGHT now to look at them. This seems like a project I could do in between customers..maybe I'll paint it pink too! You guys are really coming up with the greatest stuff, I'm all in a tizzy...what to do first? I'll post something when I figure it out. Georgia

Re: Conservatory - (and the good ol' summertime)

Kathy my friend, I wish I was out there putting one together but unfortunately I am in the shop doing paperwork but the mind is working feverishly. You want beachy? Come visit me! I was just out there yesterday with my little doggie and it was glorious. I am getting my act together (really) cause I want a wintery Christmas seasonal scene in start. I'm seeing sugarplum fairies dancing already!!! Thanks for the encouragement. Love, Georgia

Re: A "bottled" centerpiece...

One word sums this whole thing up...WOW.

Re: Conservatory - (and the good ol' summertime)

Ok one question I the ONLY person on this EARTH that DOESN'T have a conservatory??? I didn't realize they were that prevalent in our everyday lives. Every one of them is so different and charming that now I am desperate to have one. I love your beachy scene and can't wait until I can get out there and make one for myself. Hopefully mine will be as cute as all these I've seen lately. One day soon....

Re: In the "Pink" Garden Sign

Thanks to everyone for your kind words. I think that all of us can make a difference in this world, even in small ways. I luckily have not had a family member with this particular disease but a lot of people I call family have unfortunately had to live through this for a while I may be painting everything "PINK". It is so motivating to be creative when you know that it will help the cause. So y'all get out the pink spray paint and go to town!!! Love to all, Georgia

Re: Glass Bottles!

Well I guess so. They are darling, as is everything that you do. You are one talented gal, georgia

Re: One More Junk Doll!

Ok I love a good game. Here I go: Spark plugs, ball bearings, shoe horn, egg beaters, round thingy with pictures, watch?, and some kind of fairy wings that you probably made from just thread. How'd I do? And what do I win? Love ya, Georgia

Re: Fall Wedding Decorations

Wow, that's what I call coming through for your kids!! I don't have any kids, but if I did...well...I still wouldn't be able to do this. It's incredible how you pulled this together on such short notice. I can only imagine how beautiful the wedding was. Lucky couple. congratulations, Georgia

Re: Window Garden

Oh man...My conservatory looks EXACTLY like this one. Ha ha just kidding, I haven't gotten past getting the windows out and staring at them. I'd LIKE for mine to look like this though. This gives me some incentive to get mine done. Great job I love it...Georgia

Re: Junk Pug Dolls!

Hi Cyn, in all of your projects the finished item is always really cool but what I like best is checking out how MANY different elements you put into one project. It is so much fun to look at them closely and see what you used. These crack me up...geo

Re: Few Weekend finds

Ah a good day of junking is just about the best thing on earth. Makes you feel so good to rescue all these great things from someone who may not appreciate them. Are you going to try some of the 60's art projects? You may have to update them a little to make use of more junk items but I think that would be a fun challenge! Let us see what you do Ok? love ya, geo

Re: Sweet Little Potting Shed

Kari this is soooo sweet! It looks like something out of a magazine, you did such a good job. I would love to go in there and just breathe. does it have the calming effect that I am assuming that it does? I'll bet it makes you feel really good to go in there, ahhh what a little piece of paradise. Georgia

Re: victorian style scientist lamp

Ok somehow I missed this cool lamp. I hope that you read this...I want that lamp! It looks like a MOON! If you ever want to sell this, let me know. I am NOT kidding...I LOVE IT!, Georgia

Re: old window frames

I always admire someone that can actually use a needle and thread! And to combine that talent with old windows is whatcha call a win-win situation...really cool, Georgia

Re: 1940's cook stove

This one is a bee-u-tee. It makes quite a statement all on it's own and when you open the door...instant cozy! Yay for you, Georgia

Re: Decorating for Autumn

Hi you, so many great ideas! My wheels are turning too. Every time I get on site I see more and more ideas that I would love to incorporate into my shop...I'll run out of space before you guys run out of ideas, thanks, geo

Re: Glass Conservatory-By Request

LuAnn, I have been in the back for the last hour trying to come up with a conservatory. I have windows laid out all over the place but I think I found enough of the same kind to get started. It will be a shorter, wider version of yours but I might be able to come up with some kind of base for it. It will probably weigh a ton but what the heck, I'll have a conservatory. Thank you for posting your wonderful photos and making me want something very badly that I didn't even know I wanted! wish me luck...Geo

Re: Bewitching!!

Cynthia, you continue to amaze me with your talent. I am one of your biggest fans! Love your handmade, hand painted stuff. And the hits keep comin', do you eat, sleep, or work on anything but these fabulous projects??/ Love ya, Geo

Re: Bathroom JUNK makeover!

Hey there. Really cute use of really cute stuff. I like how it all comes together to make a unique one-of-a-kind Bathroom. Great Job! Georgia

Re: Here's Another "Guess What It's Made From!"

I don't know, maybe a candlestick with a gazing ball on top? Oh and don't forget the Domino's. Am I even close???

Re: part of my mad scientist lab where it all comes together, talk about junk!

Hi Damon. OK I'm lovin' your stuff. What a fun place to play. I especially like all the light fixtures you have...I love lighting. Don't get lost in there...we're all looking forward to many more great projects from you. Georgia

Re: My great little $3 find!

Hey Vicky, really good job on the chair...or should we call it your new shabby chic "throne". Really cute and it would look good in any room. Love the gingham fabric, it's so easy to mix that with a nice floral too! Thanks for the photos, Georgia

Re: Can you say "Cute Candy Caddy" five

Oh this could not have been better timing! I swear I was just trying to figure out what to do with an old ashtray stand that I had taken apart. I used some parts for a lamp and I have left the stand and the round metal part with the holes in the top...just like yours only bigger. Wow you set off a flurry of ideas in my little brain. I love you idea a will post what I do with mine soon. Thanks a LOT, geo

Re: Glass Conservatory-By Request you hate to be called that? I like it. I love your conservatory. I think you are the only person I know that has one. Very chic. I think it would look so cute with different colors of flowers in it for the summer/spring . Or how about a Christmas scene inside with lights and lots of neat junk pieces with a wintery feel. Oh if only I had a conservatory, I would be the happiest girl on earth. Big sigh...georgia

Re: Falloween Porch

You are funny. I think Zeek is perfect but ya gotta spell it Z-eek! Scary huh? Silly for sure. love ya, geo

Re: Bewitched

Oooooh. I really like this one. Well, I love them all but this is especially cool in my book. Love the look of your spooky clock. Georgia

Re: Falloween Porch

LuAnn my friend, I think your porch is just adorable. I am hoping one day to come over and sit myself down in one of those comfy chairs and have a laugh or two with you... wouldn't that be fun. I'll be over around 5pm! HA, love ya, geo

Re: Hair Salon or Dentist Office--you tell me??

Oh I vote for Dentist tray and I absolutely love it for a bedside table. What a great piece...I'm glad you got it. I can see it also in a bathroom or kitchen, so many places for this treasure to go. Good find LuAnn, Georgia

Re: Merchandising Junk...Advice Requested

Hi there. I have to do this on a daily basis in my shop and sometimes it is a little daunting. I try to group like items together, such as : by color, by style...rustic, industrial, shabby, etc. Also by uses like which room it could go in, like the kitchen, bathroom, garden and arrange the items like they would go together in that room. Try to put something in that scenario that doesn't actually have that intended use but could be used in that adds interest and creativity. Another thing is to make a vignette...a chair, with a small table, add a book, a teacup, some old glasses, a throw...kinda like someone just got up from sitting there. Hope these ideas help. It really is a matter of trial and error and just trying different things until it looks pleasing. You learn by doing and by asking for advice. I do that all the time. If one of my super creative friends comes in or calls I will ask them what they would do...just like you did. Good luck, you are on the right track and no one knows everything right off the bat, so just keep experimenting. Have fun, Georgia

Re: Bowling Ball Pumpkin

I think you win the coolest punkin award. what do you mean ONLY used foil, hot glue and a lamp part. How the heck do you make it look like that with FOIL? You're talking tin foil, right? Is that all over the ball? What made the ridges? I need some assistance here...can't figure out how you made this so great! Spell it out for me girlfriend, Georgia

Re: Kitty Collage

Cynthia, where's the kitchen sink? I swear you used just about every kind of junk available and made a darling collage out of it. You should have a contest at your house to name all the stuff in there and the person that guesses the most right stuff could win a prize! I wanna come to your place on Halloween, you really get into it. I don't even buy kids come to my house, cuz I'm kinda in the boonies. I can see you are really enjoying this season, love geo

Re: signs

WOW do I LOVE this one. What an incredible use of old junk. That is quite a transformation you've got there. I can imagine a million places to put these! Love it, love it, love it, Georgia

Re: Lani's Porch - My Take on Falloween . . . .

Oh how adorable all of your fall stuff is, I really like the cart. What is it about something on wheels that we all love so much? I saw one of the Punkins with the etched sayings for the first time last week and thought it was very cool. I have been redoing the shop decor to reflect the season...inspired by all of you that have posted your wonderful ideas. Thank you all so much for sharing, Love geo

Re: Georgia Moon at the Fair

Kari, i don't have a regular EZ-UP canopy so it did not come with a cover at all. I had galvanized pipe cut to the sizes I needed for the structure and put plastic "Feet" on the leg poles and hooked the others together with some corner joiners (I don't know what to call them) that look like small three legged things that hold the whole thing up and the cover is all made up of fabric sorta like a quilt and the scalloped edges hang down over it all. Does that make any sense at all? Hope I cleared up a couple of your questions other words it is all made up...not bought together at all. OK? OK. Glad you like it, Georgia
PS MY friend can make them for the EZ-UP canopy as well.


Hi you guys. I see you got on the site. Really neat to have met you at the show. I checked out your site and I can see from your responses that I am not the only one here that appreciates your talent. Welcome to the site and will I see you next spring at the show? See you soon, Georgia

Re: Chicken coop thingy!!

I love anything called a "thingy". And I love anything to do with chickens, so how could I not love this. Good job, Geo

Re: Gear Decor

We don't have gear molds here in far as I can tell anyway, I've never seen one for sale. But I'd buy one if I did. I LOVE them. Sue owns the mother of them all I think... It is a sight to behold. Love seeing all your posts, Geo

Re: Georgia Moon at the Fair

First of all ...thank you so much for all the wonderful comments. I feel all warm and fuzzy, NOT kidding! Really I do thank you. As for your questions..The bell was an old Boxing Ring bell from Hungary, really old, really cool, REALLY loud, and went the first day. The green cart with the towels on it is an old warehouse/garden trolley and that and the little wheeled cart thingy with the watering cans (We took the wheels off of an old a baby doll carriage) both sold but you can see them in one of the wonderful settings in Sue's third book. Yes, the bathtub was very heavy and lasted about 1 hour before it was hauled off. It was an old sitz bath from a guy thought I meant a cyst bath and told me where he had one..Too much information!!! Now that was funny! And finally as for the canopy, I did have a friend make that for me and I really think it makes the whole booth super cozy. Now it is time for me to get busy in the shop and do some fall decorating. Love to all, Georgia
PS Ratty my friend, I will have you up for a nice long stay over in the Spring and you can shop to your hearts content! love ya, geo

Re: Like a Ladder in a Candy Store

Sue you are SO FUNNY! I love your porch and as we share our insights into what junk we can use to make a Fall, or any other seasonal display I look forward to seeing all the really original items that will be used in amazing ways. We all are inspired by each other and that is what makes this all so special. I think since we are sharing our ideas it is even more fun to come up with something just a little bit different than the usual...we are NOT a usual bunch! Love all of your if I only had a porch.

Re: Shabby Chic Bottle Tree

Very cool and what a conversation piece for your guests...I'll bet they don't see one of those everyday! Good job and I love the chair too! Nice to be able to chat with you, Georgia

Re: Family Scrabble Board

Hi! I just saw the other scrabble game board that was posted earlier and they had used family names but I love how you added the inspiration words that go so well with family! I am definitely going to do this at our Thanksgiving Holiday. Thanks for adding a new dimension to a great idea. Georgia

Re: A Happy Hostess!

Hi there misisippihome. I have spent quite a bit of time down in Braxton Miss... when my gramma was alive but haven't had the pleasure to visit recently. I love the hostess serving many seasonal things you can do with it. But EXCUSE me, did you say "Special Cranberry Cake with Rum Sauce"?? You know you can't just say those words without posting a recipe don't you? You can go to the blog area and Kimberly started us off with a great breakfast dish and you can just type in that little old recipe and we can all feel real "special". Thanks for posting that great project and I hope to be eatin' Cranberry cake real soon, Georgia

Re: Happy Falloween to All

Sue, once again I am enthralled with what you have done. I have seen the porch in person and this treatment gives it a whole new life. I like the other way too, but this brings the sense of fall, family and fun right to the doorstep. Such a warm and whimsical feeling that anyone can achieve themselves with a little imagination and inspiration from YOU and your crew. Love it and hope that everyone gives this seasonal decor a try. Like you said... everyday objects, found greenery and a little junk can go a long way. with love, geo

Re: An Oronoco Adventure

OMG I can't stop laughing. Tim that was sosososo funny. I had not forgotten any of the adventures we'd had but seeing them all laid out in black and white brought them all back to me in a BIG way. Oh and the photo's...nice touch. Was I being a diva in that picture (After the rain it was a heat wave) or was I hopefully playing the role of the swooning southern belle? I'm going for playing around. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! It was truly the best time I have had in a really long time and I hope I get the chance to do it again someday. You guys are super fun to hang out with and Tim you should be writing for SNL...buddy YOU CRACK ME UP! Love to you all, your newsletter pushing, website informing friend, Georgia

Re: Newcomers Please Read

Hi everybody, just to add a note of encouragement to those out there that haven't felt the urge to "show and tell" (yet), please don't feel intimidated or shy about showing us your stuff. It doesn't even have to be something that you "made" but maybe just how you have incorporated something older or used into your decor. We welcome any photos of things you find interesting. We LOVE to see things you may have run across out on a junking trip, questions on ideas for reusing those items and of course (My fave) your personal twist on what can be done with this stuff...from the everyday junk we see in our own neighborhoods to the strange things we might not even know the original purpose of. It's all good. So get out those camera's and let's see what y'all find! It's FUN...Georgia

Re: Family window

Hi there. Nice to see you've joined in on the fun. I love your window and think that is is really beautiful. I like the stencil(?) that you have above the window...or is it one of the rub-on sayings that you can buy on line? I think it really adds a nice touch to the wall. Talk soon, Georgia

Re: Junk Goin' Home WIth Me

I don't even make jewelry...but it looks like junk I'd buy anyway, really cool stuff! Like everyone else I can't wait to see what you do. Have fun, Geo

Re: Family Scrabble Board

Cheryl, what a clever and fun project for the family. I have little girls in my family that would love this idea. Maybe for Thanksgiving I will arrange one of these. I have to get through Halloween nine year old niece wants to be a ....Jar of Pickles!!! Have you EVER heard of anything remotely like that??? Auntie Geo gets to come up with that plan!! Really great project that I'll bet gets done a lot now. Thanks, Geo

Re: Picket Fence mirror/shelf

Thank you ALL for the support you give me in all ways. I feel better knowing you are out there rooting for me. I have learned so much from everyone on this site and that makes things so much more fun to share! Of course I can not sleep without waking up and having things POP into my head but I think that's when I get a lot of my best ideas...I'm not over thinking it. Can't wait to share the photos of the sale, it is a really good one, and so much fun. And go right ahead and send me jewelry anytine the fancy strikes you! I can't tell you how important you all are to me. Thanks again, Georgia XOXOXO

Re: Congrats Lani! Winner of "Flat Cheese Grater Contest"

Lani, just when did you have time to come up with these at the last minute? I can't believe you worked the show all weekend and then made these fab projects. It goes to show you just how dedicated us Junkers are...we love a challenge. Really beautiful use for the workhorse of the utility drawer. Good job. Notice that I refrained from using any puns this time..maybe there's hope that someday I won't be so corny...not much of a chance of that but we can all hope! Love all of the entries...Georgia

Re: Cheese Grater Note Pad Holder

Hey girl. What did you do, stay up all weekend coming up with all these fantastic ideas? I love the enthusiasm we all showed in coming up with these super cool ideas. I love a good contest. Hope we can do more of them real soon. It gets your creativity revved up, dontcha think? Talk soon, geo

Re: Misty Watercolor Memories

Kari this is so great! I really love the frame that you picked out. The subtle colors and special memories make this project super fabulous. So very cool! Love , geo

Re: Spools, spools, spools

Maybe Sue can explain the story behind the spools...since she is the one that bought them! All I know is that a giant box of them arrived and I have been thinking about ideas ever since. This is the best one I've come up with so far. I know a couple of the spools still have white thread on them but I have never seen anything like these before. Fun stuff though. You have to wonder...if they are covered with thread, why would they make them so colorful? Not one of the great mysteries of life, but still an interesting question. Geo

Re: Vintage fabric to the rescue!

Ok...WOW! You kind of surprised me. All of a sudden you got on here and blew me away with your collections. You have marvelous taste my dear!!! What a great big fabulous bunch of stuff you have. Really nice to have you join this wonderful group of friends that post here regularly. I hope to see a lot more of your fantastic finds and great ideas. BTW I WANT a comb thingy too!!... Real bad. Nice to see your stuff, Georgia

Re: Vantiy is ready to go

Thanks ladies I appreciate the compliments. Kimberly, the last time Stephanie was here I'm pretty sure she thought I should throw it away!!! Really, I got the impression that she didn't like it at all, no matter the color. Anyway she is doing well and we talk often, she is having the "Trailer Trash Ball" next month and I am all a-twitter trying to find the perfect outfit. I'll give you a tutu and cowboy far. Betcha can't wait to see those photos!!

Re: A Girly Gift Idea

Sue, Sue, Sue did you stay up late last night figuring out how to get me back for the "Great Cake Deco Debate"? I would be delighted to explain my view of round AND square. And Yes I do know they are two different things but I believe there are DEGREES of roundness. Now square is a another story altogether. How's that for a start? Brat. That's what you are...But I love you anyway!!!Gogo

Re: A Girly Gift Idea

Ok now I don't feel so dumb. I swear I was wracking my brain trying to think of how you would use that thing to decorate a cake.I feel better now. thanks ladies...geo

Re: A Girly Gift Idea

Well honey you KNOW I like it. I have never in my life seen anything like that cake decorating tool...are you SURE that is what it is? What kind of decoration would that make??? How would you use it? Sorry but I just can't wrap my feeble leetle brain around that one. I certainly think it is a excellent gift and really lovely too. I bet that Libby did just love it. I know I birthday is in December!!! Ha ha...really good last minute idea. You're always thinkin'. Love ya, gogo

Re: Fan Blade Paper Towel Holder

SuSu, what a "COOL" idea. Ha ha we could come up with so many silly things to say it'd make your head "spin". Shall I stop now? Ok. I do really love this, and you and Kimberly are coming up with the BEST projects! I do believe you will both collapse from exhaustion soon. Try and get some sleep one of these days and I don't mean just a "power" nap. Love to all, Gogo

Re: Buffalo Finds

Nice haul girlfriend. I think you are right about the box and cone holder but I love it all. I have been shopping at my local yard sales this weekend but since I have so many projects going all at once...getting ready for my Antique sale...that I have decided to go riding in the morning instead of the swap meet so I won't be posting any pictures of stuff tomorrow. I will probably miss out on the coolest thing on earth, but I am willing to risk it for a nice long ride out on the range. Yee Haw! Cowgirls rule!

Re: Vacation in the U.P.

Hey...good idea! I'll bet that some of my "beachy" customers would LOVE this for their vacation homes around here. I will have to start walking on the beach. I could hang shells and stuff from it too. Hmmmm the wheels are turning now. Thanks, Georgia

Re: Utica Antique Market Haul

Hi Luann, don't you just love all the little things that you pick up that turn into quite a haul when you put them all together. Nice looking bunch o'stuff. I particularly like the wire thingy, lovely knobs and hardware, and the deadly ninja stars...oh those are Christmas ornaments.Just kidding, those will be great for a holiday project or just hanging from the tree. Looks like you had a great time. Talk soon my friend, Georgia

Re: Corbel Shelf

You can count on it girlfriend. As long as we get to have Margarita's afterwards!! You guys were a lot of fun and when I get back there again I am looking you up and we are goin' out! I love that idea. Take care my friend and we will talk soon, geo

Re: Corbel Shelf

Well, well, well, I'd say so too! You did an amazing job and I love it! Now there will be no stopping you...once you get one larger project under your belt it changes the way you look at things. Next thing you know you'll be dragging an old couch frame through a dirt parking lot by yourself because you can't leave anything behind!!! Well that's what happened to me when I changed the scope of what projects I knew I could pull off. Can't wait to see what you come up with next. Love ya, geo

Re: Bedroom Platform Bed

Ok first of all Cynthia, what a beautiful room. Love your dogs and the name of your blog...Lanette, glad you updated your picture. I kept getting confused with your hair color being dark cuz when I met you, you were a BLOND! I know it doesn't take much to get me confused but thanks for clearing that up for me. Great job on the platform bed..I love people who do major remodeling projects for their animals!! Geo

Re: Name that Junk

Sue, that is just adorable. I love that. All the pictures of your fall porch are really inspiring me to get some fall-ish things done around here. And that picture of sweet Lily sitting there with the Mums made me miss all of you so much. I'm working on my fall window and will post pics soon. Georgia

Re: Small Screen Cupboard

Yo Luann. I love the small screens...I pick them up whenever I run across them. Haven't seen any in any dumpsters lately, but I'd like to. I have a couple of the tall narrow cabinets in the shop that I made with screens for doors but I like the size and shape of yours. Good job. Perfect for a bathroom! Talk soon, Geo

Re: Light Shines Around the World

Hi Cheryl, I think this is so cute. It would look great in a library, a desk or even in a child's room. I have a couple of globes that are totally out of date. I could do something like this. What about tiny holes in the major cities so light shines out of them...would that work? I'll have to think about this one. Thanks for the great idea. Georgia

Re: It's a Wrap...Station!

OMG!! I am still laughing! What a crack up. It looks really good. I'd like to think that I could have gotten it to turn out just like that , but I seriously DOUBT it.I think I'll run right over and pick it up. Now that you've finished that project for me, can I get you to do something with the rest of the junk I left there? This is going to be my new thing. I'll go around; buy neat stuff; leave it at a clever, energetic friends house; and pick it up when it is done. Could you have Kimberly come by and get the Bleachers??? hahahahaha you guys ROCK!!!

Re: Flat Cheese Grater Contest

Ok Sue that was funny! I can't wait to see what everybody does. Ya know I have never made anything out of a cheese grater, except maybe tacos!I'll have to try my hand at this and see what I can do. Fun stuff girls. I'll get right on this one! Love to you all, Georgia

Re: My First Post - Fun with Sue and Georgia

Hi Cheryl, wasn't that the best time. I am still reeling over all the great stuff I saw while there. I bought some too, still in MN but I'll get it here someday! Great to see you on the site and stay in touch, Georgia