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Drippy Candle bottles

Why throw away all of those pretty bottles, what a waste.   Add candles and let drip, be sure to put something under the candle to catch stray drips.

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Re: Turquoise~Color of Spring~Embellished Medicine Bottles

Love them, you did a great job on these.

Re: tv tray cart turned laundry cart / basket

Great idea, it would be very useful.

Re: Vintage Hardware, door knobs & furniture knob and pulls

I am looking for a lever set for my door, but I want it rusted. Also am looking for rusted hand rail hardware for my stairwell. Is that something you'd have?

Re: Mystery to me...

Sap bucket?

Re: Ancient Chinese secret?

What you have is a 3 tier lazy susan. I had one just like it, I got mine in Hawaii in 1970. You are missing the center dowel that also had a base attacked to it, and was carved for each of the tiers to sit on. The lower/largest tray had 4 triangular bowls that sat in there. On top in the small tier is suppose to be a pineapple (carved wood) with removable 'spoons' that went in the top of the pineapple, to form the pineapple leaves. It was always a piece I enjoyed, and worked great on a buffet.