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I have been gsaleing and junking for ever as most you have and I love it although it always seems there is never enough hours in the day to get every thing done.
I produced a Antique/Unique Market for 12 years and it really grew to be one of the best in this town. We had all kinds of junkers and artists and then some just wonderful antiques. I just love all my stuff and now at my age I finally have the ( basement) studio of dreams any way its mine with alot of my stuff. love to sew, paint, and put together. love this site and I just scroll thru to see whats new. new producer of my show and it is March 21 here in Wichita

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Re: Zipper Bracelets

wish I lived closer these are great!!

Re: fake fireplace out of twin headboard

Okay thats next on my list I have my Mothers cedar/hope chest and I have always wanted to do something with it.

Re: I'm such a dummy. . .

wish I lived closer I would def take this

Re: Camp Lamp

i am new to this site but check it everyday You are an insperation just finished a bench and thought I did good.

Re: Georgia Moon's First Occasional Sale

omg I love this wish I could have been there. love it all I have been a put together person for a long time and I love junk how ever I have renamed my things as foundthings (in my shed) love loveit