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My First Post.... Antlers

My father was an avid hunter and we grew up eating quite a bit of game. My parent's attic was the source of these mounted antlers. I wanted to hang some in my sewing/craft room but they needed a...

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Re: Industrial Trophies

Fabulous. I might be able to stick something out for 40 years if there was one of those fancy corbel awards to show for it! Love your creativity and kudos to a company that doesn't buy from the 'Acme Corporate Gifts Catalogue'! :)

Re: A Little Fall "Shopping"

LOVE your cart & your display is gorgeous! :)

Re: Trash shutters to shabby chic window

Really cute; love the sign! :)

Re: Autumn

Okay, this is way too cool. Love the graphics on the dog food and that warty white gourd is creepy... in a good kinda way. :)

Re: A New Wave of Junk

Love it with the mason jars & flowers! My guess is a fan blade guard. Or not. Hmmmm... :)

Re: Country Pie Cupboards - Each in a day's work

You did a fabulous job!! LOVE your wood shoppin' store too! :) Think they'll open up a chain? :)

Re: I'll grind your bones...

LOVE this.... the raised print on the wheel is just too cool! :)

Re: "Treats" For My Windows...

Love these, especially the garden fence & cane!! Looking forward to part two!! :)

Re: Sometimes you need to have an extra vehicle just in case....

So much fun! My DD would LOVE to park this on our front step. :)

Re: Halloween Junque Shade

So cute; love that lampshade & that pumpkin bingo card is too cute. Somerset Cloth & Paper mag has a great treatment for the plastic pumpkins with old dictionary paper. Picked up some myself yesterday. :)

Re: Pottery Barn Cubbies

Fabulous job! Will your hubby be giving tutorials on "Great Birthday Gifts for your Wife" anytime soon? :)

Re: A Little Birdie Told Me....

Love how you've made this to accent the fabric choice; she's gonna love it! :)

Re: free, chippy, old dresser=fabulous planter!

Wow... gorgeous addition to your deck! Why is it the only furniture I've ever found in my alley is a stinky old 80's couch? Might have been the neighbourhood! :) Love the white contrast with the dark wood!

Re: Carney Bottles 1 2 3

Very cool... slipcovering bottles -- brilliant! :)

Re: Industrial Table [WRECKAGE]

I wonder what the original owner of the table top would think when he saw his beat up work bench transformed into a beloved sofa table? He would probably love it... his wife -- not so much. :) Fabulous job!!

Re: Not your Mother's Bridge Set!

Love this!! The fan shape is perfect. :)

Re: Photos from the "JUNK FEST AT THE NEST"

Looks like fun and those fluffy things are my kind of junk! :)

Re: My version of the PB clock.

Great job by you and your assistant! :)

Re: More Hess Truck Toy Earrings!

These are so cute! I must steer (he he) my car lovin' friends in your direction! :)

Re: Bedroom Ceiling Fan Redo

I've got a hideous fan to work on too. Great job and thanks for the paint suggestion! :)

Re: Making the Best of Mistakes

Only a dedicated junk blogger would think to take pictures during this mad dash! Love it! :)


I agree... wonderful garden & garden vignettes! Spring?? I wish!! :)

Re: Oronoco Junking Finds!

Wow... (word of the day), what amazing treasures. Looking forward to the transformations/coming out parties! :)

Re: I've Gone Crow Crazy

Loving these (but not so crazy about all the dang crows that wake us up in the a.m. here)! The wiring is awesome too. The bottle is way cool. Going to have to get some crowing happening here now; very inspiring.

Re: Ugly Duckling Laundry Room

Wow... great idea! Love the hooks you added. Glad it wasn't a windy day or you may of had an exciting flight home! :)

Re: garden work bench

Gorgeous.... now you just need an old seed poster for behind the glass! ;)

Re: "Something To Crow About"

Love your crow sign - the 'w' is genious! :)

Re: Bringing a little bit of the Indoors Out...aka Deck-orating!

It's gorgeous! LOVE the sign! :)

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

Wow.... this is AMAZING! :)

Re: ~Mini Cloches and a Great Find~

Love, love this!! :)