Pamela Meyers, Marietta, GA, US

I really am a fan of TinTin...the original adventure series by Herge. And, I love junk. Seems I've been a hunter-gatherer all my life, always getting my hands on discarded stuff. I have also been sketching and painting ever since I was old enough to grasp a crayon. I love surrounding myself with imaginative people. I truly enjoy the adventures in creativity amidst fellow junkers!

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Pet Station

I wanted a place to keep the dog leashes and supplies in the garage but  have limited hanging space.   So I came up with a dog-walk station using a discarded bicycle basket and a deck fence...

Mason Jar Challenge

a memory more than a challenge... here's a mason jar that was painted by my daughter when she was 8 yrs old (now 23).  She brought it home from school filled with sand and a tea lite candle...

Brass and Burlap

An old brass magazine basket, transformed with some twine, burlap ribbon and webbing. Now it's on the floor next to my stove, a very sturdy place to corral my extra cutting boards. I like that its...

New Life for an Old Kilt

At my local thrift shop l discovered an authentic Scottish kilt priced at the exact price of $3.96.  The soft wool and lovely grey tartan were very appealing.  It even came with a kilt pin...

Hanging by Threads

 I had salvaged an old piece of tow rope for its cool hook to use in some future project.  I was about to toss the grimy rope but decided to soak it in Oxyclean and launder it...that's when...

Pears, Pinecones and Pomegranates

A little twine twist to Thanksgiving decorations...pine cones, dried pomegranates, cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices, and... lightbulbs!  A friend showed me some twine covered light bulb...

Bejeweled Bouquets

My son got married in August and ever since I have been extraordinarily interested in wedding details (or just plain nosy).

Tootsie Roll Tin

An old paint tin, decoupaged with discarded tootsie roll wrappers from the work lunchroom. (I swear I did not eat them all!)  All ready for the trick-or-treaters! 

Air Plant Sculpture

Back when we did junk swap (!) I received some cool pieces of wood from Green Colleen.  Took me awhile to come up with something but I decided to glue the pieces together which provided perfect...


Received my swap box from partner GreenColleen...enough to keep me busy for awhile! Anyone see something come to life? All ideas are welcomed! 

Mini Stepladder Card Tree

Inspired by Funky Junk Donna's stepladder tree (you might have started a trend here, Donna) and also by a couple of other posts using ladders to display cards---  I remembered I had this mini...

Vintage Glitter Bells

An uncomplicated table display using three paperboard glitter bells that have been in my family for almost 60 years!  They are in really good condition, my flash photography doesn't do them...

Winter hanging baskets

Worked in the yard over the weekend and was ready to store the summer flower baskets in the  garage...decided instead to use them to dress up the gate arbor for the winter.  Just left the...

Cider Jug Lamp

 I pulled this glass cider jug out of the recycle bin last Thanksgiving...it was too cool to throw out.  It took me a while to figure out exactly what to do with it...but glad I saved it...

Footlocker Facelift

A super useful storage chest...feeling its age....decided to give it a face lift! 

eBook Cover #2

here's the other Kindle cover.  

eBook Cover

I received a Kindle for Christmas and have been looking for just the right cover...so many choices and the ones I want are expensive. Finally came up with the idea of making one out of a thrift store...

Measuring up

A drawerful of measuring tapes, a wooden box, and some Modge Podge..  

Copper Tray - Saved

 Can you believe this was in a junk box destined for curbside trash...my mom salvaged it for me when she was helping her friend clean out for a move.  This copper beauty is nearly 2-feet in...

Sailors' Stockings

Another project using my pile of maritime charts...  I cut out a stocking shape then sewed with some clear vinyl overlay for a little more durability.  Made the stocking liner out of burlap...

Skate Date

The woman's figure skate usually gets all the attention so I thought I'd utilize one of my son's old hockey skates as well in this year's display.  

Gettin' ready for Halloween

The rake was in a fire....the handle was melted off and the head turned completely black...I really was going to throw it away but then was inspired by the black color when I saw these brilliant...

Junk Swap Embellishments

A couple of 45 record adapter "spiders" from my junkswap partner Patti (UpYourAttic)...put to use as package decor.

Drink Up!

Not so original as I took the inspiration from so many previous posts...So easy... 1.  A 50-cent (seriously)  enamel pot that I picked up at a garage sale years ago...never did anything...

PokerFace...I mean PokerFlag

Here are the red white and blue poker chips from my junk swap partner Patti (UpYourAttic) ... originally I planned to make a garland or just use them as tags but then the patriotic colors spoke to...

Marble ous!

I pulled out my collection of old clay and glass marbles...decided to display them "flat" for a change, instead of in the mason jar....The wood tray/bowl was a flea market steal for a dollar!

AmmoBox Table

My husband was cleaning out his workroom.  I intercepted this cool wood box designated for the recycle bin. (you'd think he'd know better by now)  Turns out to be an Czech ammo box...

Money Box

Cleaned out a desk drawer and found some foreign currency brought back from my son's world travels...not worth enough to exchange back into US$ so grabbed the modge podge and a wooden tea box...

Cleaning out the closet

.....Some would consider old doll clothes junk...  I sold my vintage Barbie doll, but couldn't part with the outfits, which were handmade by my mother... They were stored in a box...until I...


My box full of loot from UpYourAttic...thank you Patti!!  dominoes, a box of blue and red cardboard poker chips...the makings of a garland? or use them for tags? wood shoe stretchers, wonderful...

Shower flange candleholders

More goodies from my plumber's trash box...

Getting Ready for Easter

Just completed a bathroom renovation...rescued the old fixtures out of my plumber's trash box as he was throwing them out...he thought that was funny. 

Valentines, buttons and keys

Who doesn't like vintage Valentines?

Piggy Bank

I like to stash away spare change in old tins stored in my kitchen cabinet.... I thought the graphics on this particular contemporary, but not vintage can of cocoa made it just too cute to...

Updated Office Organizers

Another idea from Urban Outfitters...one wall section in the store was covered in all sorts and sizes of scrap wood...I remembered I had some wood floor samples and counter top chips...used them to...

Funky Matchbook Sandwich

This idea came from a book in Urban Outfitters...I perused the store's book table while waiting for my daughter to try on clothes...don't remember the title but it was filled with recyling and...

The Holly and the...

Another mix and match repurpose....

Very Simple

My dear husband rolls his eyes at the things I save...but I love ginger beer and especially took to this particular brand for the rich dark amber glass and the graphics (looks like our dog...

Horse Collar Wreath

A ratty old leather horse collar, the leather worn, stuffing coming out, complete with rusty buckle....rescued...all dressed up with a red bow and ready to welcome in the holidays... 

Warm Welcome

Here's another sled posting, minus ice skates...instead, last year's plastic snowflake from a store display discard pile...

Scrap Fabric Ornaments

Inspired by some old fabric-covered styrofoam ball ornaments that have been in my family for years....I scrounged through my bag of fabric scraps and ribbons....Easy project, no...

Silver Memories Tree

Not that original, but another version of what can be done with old keepsakes....a mini tree decorated with several generations of silver baby cups, silver rattles, and a few pieces of jewelry too...

Candle Light

I was looking for something to tie into the zebra print chaise...this is what I came up with... 

World's Largest Pincushion

I saw a similar chaise in a home furnishings store for over $1000 and thought I could do that....my daughter had this mini-chaise since childhood so dragged it down out of her room and gave it a face...

A Window and a Rug

Here's another window put to good use undercover... I inherited this handmade-by-my-grandmother hooked rug and enjoyed it many years....but...one side was fraying and disintegrating and had outlived...

I used to be an onion box

Did not remember to take a photo before I started this project...but this box was originally a dark brown pine onion box that I have had hanging around forever...it's an odd and awkward size, not...

Tea Box Projects

This site has motivated me to finish up, albeit slowly, a lot of my slow-burner projects.... During the time we lived in Japan I collected tea chests (chabakos) of various sizes...Some I found...

From discarded pottery....

A true testament to one man's junk is another's treasure....I had to pick up my daughter at a friend's house and at the doorstep was a box of pottery vases and bowls of different sizes and colors...

Dart Board Twice Rejuvenated

A garage sale aquisition...it was a dartboard in a previous life but had been outfitted with shelves inside...so that part was easy.  The outside cabinet doors were originally black with a beer...

Vintage School Desk

Here's another old school desk...I was inspired by the earlier post (thanks itsnotjunk2me)... A dear friend transformed this garage sale find with a little elbow grease, stenciling and refinishing...

Take a Stand

Picked up this wooden holder/stand at a garage sale for a buck.....not sure what its original purpose was...but knew I could figure out something to do with it...

Trinkets and Treasures Cake

I originally saw this idea years ago...with a baby-shower theme... I modified it for Christmas time ...almost time to bring it out again.  I wanted to display some of  my favorite childhood...

Stamp Box

A simple lidded wooden box that was once used to ship a ceramic bowl.... ...lots of colorful stamps....

Tea House of the August Moon

When the local Benihana Restaurant was being torn down and rebuilt in a new location, our friend (who also happened to be the manager) told us we could have whatever junk we could carry awayshoji...

Treasured Trunk

A beat up old college trunk (from Kmart some 30 yrs ago!) and a journal full of ephemera from a beloved great-aunt---She saved clippings, Valentine cards, stamps, advertising cards, notes from...

Pinned to the Mat

Started with a collection of Olympic and other misc. pins collected by my three kids over the years-- jumbled up in a shoebox in a closet---I could not seem to find a shadow box frame that worked so...

See the Light

An old floor lamp that still worked but was headed for trash--at the last minute I decided to see if I could rescue it....with a roll of sisal rope and a hot glue gun.     

Teen Scene

There have been a lot of posts for creative uses for old records and albums---thought I'd share my 18-year old daughter's display of albums she has collected...she has the eye for the funky, vintage...

My Little Turtle-Pig Meter

When our water meter was replaced, I rescued this old one from the junk pile-- I have hung on to it because I always liked the solid feel and shape of this little fella--and its copper patina. He has...

Another Tote Bag

I saw an earlier post of a cute bluejeans bag purse and thought I'd share another similar posting.  I had some red suede purse handles left over from a different project, some leftover lining...

Photo Clipboard

My husband was discarding a few clipboards that were too small as he uses the legal size for work--thought they might work for me....

Once a Crate Now a Shelf

This wooden packing crate for bottles was found discarded on the streets of Tokyo when we were ex-pats living overseas in Japan.  (Japan is a junkers paradise as most living quarters are...

Oil-Free Magnet Board

My husband had used this oil drain pan and was ready to discard it---he thought I was insane when I rescued it--- I was looking for a magnet board and knew this great size and shape...

Wooden Champagne Crates

These champagne crates were a find--- I have a feeling they will have many lives....

Souvenir Pennants

I was cleaning out closets and came across these pennants---souvenirs from numerous college visits, road races and various family vacations-- I was aiming for a really creative use for them...

Once upon a screen door

Lots of other wonderful door projects have been posted and it's fun to see them all...This is not very original, just another variation, and is actually the 2nd repurposed life for this simple...

Sew Simple Tassel

Wooden sewing spools are harder to find since almost all threadspools are plastic...This was one I had left when I finally finished the thread...just couldn't throw it away! I covered...

Navigational Chart Tote

My son the merchant mariner brought home all his navigational charts (which the ship's crew junks after sailing is completed) from his six months at sea.  He knew that his mother would find...

Time on the Fence

An old fence board, some clocks and some labels and we cover 5 time zones. 

Old pedestal table, travel stickers and stamps

Old abandoned table now is hard at work in our kitchen after a little paint and paper makeover.  The ladderback chairs came from a different set and now look like they belong. 

Old Metal Cash Box Transformed

Cash box transformed with paint and paper 

Shadow Box Keys and Lace

Keys and Lace  In the old cabinet filled with junk keys I found a few keys that looked like antiques. I wanted to do something a little different with these.  I had a piece of crocheted...

Key Frame Mirror

An old file cabinet filled with discarded office and vehicle keys inspired me to do something with them.  I had an old mirror, painted it black and then hot glued the keys in a random pattern...

Recent comments

Re: Quick and Easy Lath Frame

great job and lovely photos!

Re: Easy But Jazzy Cardboard Tray

So very simple but nice and useful!

Re: Midcentury Burlap Beauties

Wonderful find and transformation! And they look better than the catalog pieces!


Love this! Happy 4th!

Re: Pallet Garden

Another terrific look!

Re: Drainage Culvert Container Garden

What a great look. I never would have guessed they were that heavy...

Re: Burlap Throw Pillows

You got some of the nicest bags I've seen! Great pillows!

Re: Ride Em' Cowboy - Vintage Rocker Redo

What a nice transformation! The cowhide is perfect!

Re: 1930s Rancho California Girls

Very nice, I love the assembly!

Re: Repurposed Children's Book Toy Lamp

I love this lamp! Also, such a neat way to use that toy and the aluminum tumbler! I remember those...

Re: Vintage Curio Cabinet

Fabulous work, the green is wonderful. Very cool way to display that collection!

Re: Moss Point, MS. Fall De Rah 2014 will celebrate Front Porches Southern Style

Who doesn't love a great porch! Neat idea

Re: Lace Lampshade

Very creative! Now to find the perfect lamp base for it!

Re: Custom Industrial Bookcase with Surveyor's Stick

What a way to make a simple bookcase so attractive!

Re: Earth Friendly Upcycled Tin Jewelry by Nostalgic Summer

Anything cartographic I find so appealing, and I really love those bangles!

Re: Recycled Piano Art

Neat piece of art! Clever!

Re: Chippy Tote to Fairy Garden Centerpiece...

Very charming and lovely colors!

Re: Hubcap Sun Face and Grill Plant Stand!

What a great transformation! Who would have thought a hubcap could have such personality!

Re: Repurposed Apothecary Cabinet

Wonderful piece and great job putting everything together! Looks great!

Re: Reclaimed Green House

How nice, and so rewarding for you to finally have the results of all your collecting!

Re: Mirror, Mirror in the Garden

Love these! The mirror reminds me of The Secret Garden...

Re: Do you have the Time?

Excellent projects! I love the nautical clock and the film reel!


Very clever and so creative!

Re: Protective Underwear Stand

Very nice and practical!

Re: Farm Implement Repurpose

Amazing job on this one!

Re: A Pair of Industrial Style Lamps

Very nice, they look great!

Re: Dress Your Lampshade

Now that's clever! Looks great!

Re: Yet another repurposed organ.

So creative! Very nice!

Re: Repurposed Speed Limit Sign Cornhole Board Games

So whimsical and a clever repurpose! Wish I had cool stuff like this sitting in storage!

Re: 60's Steel Media Cart into Island/Bar/Dining Table

Love what you did! Wonderful transformation, even though I kinda like it the way you found it, too.

Re: Trunk Table Monster Makeover

Fabulous project. Love how it now has a shelf. Wonderfuljob!

Re: Vintage Hollywood Filmstrip Bows

Wow, how clever. Despite the Hollywood connection, these look equestrian to me....Kentucky Derby winner worthy!

Re: My Mermaid Chair

Wonderful. Love the way you used the book pages. I love Michael Hague too!

Re: Roadside Find Chair to Shabby Chic Dining Chair

Nice! Lucky you! Nobody appears to throw stuff out on my roads!

Re: Balcony Container Gardening

Some really great ideas, love the bird cage.

Re: Dresser from Roadside

Lucky you. This turned out great!

Re: Rusty Bed Springs- wall centerpiece

Very cool. Love the yellow and green!

Re: Dog or Cat Bed from 70's Table

Wow, you had great vision on this one!

Re: World's Simplest Funnel Lights

These look wonderful, nice job.

Re: Turquoise - Who knew

This is terrific, and love that globe too

Re: Spring Decor Updates

Love this look!

Re: Overhauled Vintage Night Stand + Vintage Yardsticks!

This turned out great: amazing what you can do with yardsticks!

Re: SUNshine...pretty please...

Very nice, love the color!

Re: Silverware Jewelry

These are gorgeous! Your favorites are mine, too.

Re: Another Industrial Pieces Lamp

I love this lamp! The shade is perfect!

Re: Upcycled / Repurposed Pay Phone + Phone Charger + Bank + Accent Light Creation

Who doesn't love an old pay phone?! This is so creative...love the colors! Love that light! Great job!

Re: Samovar lamp

This came out great! Lucky find!

Re: How to reuse a broken mirror

This is clever!

Re: French Chic Chair and magazine holder

Very nice! and I especially like the webbing with the red toile.

Re: A "Simply Cozy" winter Mantel...

simply cozy is simply lovely! Nice job with the colors!

Re: Pallet/Wine Cork Key Holders

These are adorable, and your project came out great!


So thankful for a place to be inspired by so so many creative and talented people!

Re: Experimental

Very clever!

Re: Gas Punk

Love what you did with this! I like those light bulbs.

Re: Radiant Energy

Love the color and shine of this light! Good job!

Re: Barn Door and Gun Crates Turned into a Coffee Table

A terrific table...that wood is lovely. And it just invites you to rest your feet on it! :)

Re: MASON JAR CHALLENGE - Peace on Earth "JUNKOLIDAY" Mantle Adornment

Oh wow, this is really wonderful. I love this! Great that you had a jar collection to use!

Re: Hairpin Table

Great use of leftover parquet! Very nice table!

Re: Ball Jar Snow Decor

Love this, especially the blue and white. So wintery!

Re: Repurposed "Hurricanes" For Your "JUNKOLIDAY" Table!

Very clever use of old traps! These turned out so nice!

Re: Garden Sculpture from thrift store dishes

Nice touch in the garden. I like that it's all clear.

Re: Taking the "Challenge"...Broken Lantern to Ball Jar "Snow Globe"...

Excellent idea! Turned out great!

Re: Mystery Machine Mason Jar Challenge Entry

So cute and love the colors.

Re: Bubbles & Bubbly !!!

Great idea. And love your garden tub!

Re: Salvaged Wine Caddy

Very interesting and clever creation. It turned out great. And I think it's a nice transformation from a giant prehistoric flash drive!! :)


These are so creative!

Re: Love to Paint

Very nice job!

Re: Faux Antique Perfume Bottles (Made from thrift store salt shakers!)

This is so clever!

Re: Under Sink Cover Up

Cute! Goo Gone is a very handy must have in my house.

Re: Driftwood & Rust

I like this natural look in browns and white. Adorable!

Re: Building a Little Christmas Cheer

Lucky you to find an old Lincoln Log set. Memories! Love what you did, and the little log star ornaments are clever.

Re: Playing Around with Some More Trees

This is darling!

Re: Old Dresser into Office Credenza

This is a great transformation!

Re: Jewelry Tree

This turned out great!

Re: Jewelry box Make-over

Nice transformation!

Re: Side Table from Found Sled

I love sleds. Lucky you to find this one!

Re: Holiday Spruce Tips Container.

So simple and it's perfect.

Re: Holiday Recycle Projects

Some very nice projects. You've been busy!

Re: Falloween Planter

Wonderful display as always. That ruffled base reminds me of a pie plate, yum

Re: Wizard of Oz chair

This is adorable! You find some of the greatest pieces on your roads!

Re: Happy Halloween

Very clever way to display pumpkins, I love it! Your house is charming too!

Re: License Plate Art: International Edition!

These are all wonderful! Love them!

Re: Upcycle A Broken Umbrella

How cute! Wish I had seen this before I threw out a couple of umbrellas!

Re: Beds to Bench Seats

What a great idea! Seems like most of the beds at my parents' home are 3/4 and they are a pain to replace bedding. You did a wonderful job turning these out into something more useful!

Re: Patio plant stand

Love how this turned out for you!

Re: Wine Bar from a Door

Love how everything works together. Love it!

Re: 1950s Wire Cake Plate Transformed into a Chandelier

This is charming!

Re: Halloween !!!

The boards and candle holders mesh very well together!

Re: Console Table

Another of your wonderful creations! This turned out amazing!

Re: Custom Bookcase with Vintage Lockers and Wire Baskets

Oh wow, this is wonderful. You have such an eye for taking something that is already cool by itself, tweaking it with your creativity and turning it into something unique and magnificent!

Re: Free Roadside Table

A very nice transformation! Love it!

Re: For the lOvE of North Dakota!

what a cool combination, love it!

Re: Calling all the ladies...do you see what I see?

Wow, Love it! Wish I had a closet big enough to fit something like this for shoes, but I could see it in the garage as a mudroom piece. Great find!

Re: One style two looks. Paris End Tables

Nice job! I especially like how you did the black one with the photo.


Nice job putting this back together! Looks like such a versatile piece!

Re: Drab to country fab.

Seems one can never have too many trays. Love the soft colors!

Re: Farmhouse File Box

Your box turned out great, yes please enlighten us!

Re: Decoupage Music Table

Very nice musical corner!

Re: From Metal Tote to Console Table...

Lucky you, what a great container. Love what you did with it!

Re: Decorative Milkcan

Nice job!

Re: Refurbished old school chair.

this turned out lovely!

Re: Fancy Cast Iron Base Bar

What a great combination, excellent job!

Re: Dirty Ol' Work Bench PURRRfect as an Island!

what a great job! Would love to have this table!

Re: Shabby Chic Table and not-so-matching chairs

They look great! Nice job!

Re: Beachy Shadowbox Table

Excellent job!

Re: Vintage Office Chair Redo

Lovely transformation! Great idea to remove the old covering down to the wood.

Re: Upcycled Industrial look table


Re: Vintage watering can planter.

Love this, great repurpose!

Re: From Old Spool to Ottoman...

Very very nice!

Re: Repurposed Vintage Water Ski & Flashlight Table Lamp with Storage

Very nice lamp, but all your ski projects are fabulous!

Re: Corbel Wall Sconce Lamp

Love the simplicity of this lamp!

Re: Mr. Majestic

This guy has personality!


Wow, very creative!

Re: pallet planter box!

Excellent idea!

Re: Domino's SecondHandLogos.com GadgetSponge Repurposed Side Table REVEAL

Great job on this, I love the interior!

Re: Dresser to Window bench

Clever clever! Loved how you did this!

Re: repurposed spindles

Nice idea, these turned out great!

Re: Old farmhouse table, before and after!

Genius! What a great idea to transform with the copper.

Re: Painted My Ugly Brown Grand Piano

Wow that's a massive undertaking and it turned out lovely! Your piano looks so much lighter!

Re: Table in shades of grey...

The grey is perfect for this piece, love how you did this!

Re: Broken china mosaic end table

Very nice design, love how the colors coordinate!

Re: Our New Hallway Mantle - from an Old Door

Love it! Especially the railroad spike hangers!

Re: Fishing Lure Necklaces

These are so appealing! Very nice creations!

Re: Metal Table Frame + Metal Headboard = Bench

This turned out great! Nice job!

Re: New Use for Old Decking

Wow, who wouldn't want this for garage organization! Nice job!

Re: Shabby Chandelier

This came out so nice! good job!

Re: Upcycled Vintage Cookie/Candy Tin Bird Feeders

Very nice, I like that red-polka dot feeder!

Re: How To Turn an Old Coffee Table into Beautiful Signage

Very nice! Especially love the hardware for hanging. Great job!

Re: Rustic Side Table

Nice job on this project!

Re: Scrappy Salvaged Star

Nice job! and the mix of colors is lovely!

Re: Never had more fun with a Teeter-Totter!

How cool is this! Great job!

Re: Series of 8: Repurposed / Upcycled Vintage Wooden Water Ski Beer & Soda Bottle Opening Stations

These are so fun! Wonderful job, as always!

Re: The Name of the Game: Come Out & Play

Great job! I just want to inspect every nook and cranny!

Re: Industrial - Dorm Room Table

Another fabulous creation. Love that it's so simple!

Re: In Memory of the Brave Men of the Granite Mountain Hot Shots

What a lovely, creative and fitting tribute. Excellent!

Re: Happy Memorial Day

What a treasure, the flag and the sentiments!

Re: Goodwill Rescue Flag Project

Nice-- powerful in its simplicity!

Re: Electrolux Redux

Superb creation! I, too, think he looks Egyptian!

Re: Vintage Treasure Jewelry :: Necklaces

wow, so nice!

Re: Creative Succulents

such a simple idea, great creativity!

Re: Dorm Room Wall Addition

Cute idea!

Re: Wooden Ski to nautical pool sign

Great transform, wish I could find old skiis for $6!

Re: From gross to gorgeous

Wow what a transformation, congratulations on the sale!

Re: Reno Scraps to Shabb-u-licious Coffee table

Yes, one more fabulous project. The colors are soothing!

Re: Table Lamp

This took a very clever eye to see the lamp in it. I love the new color.


I love this transformation!

Re: How Grate Owl Art

Very clever and cute!

Re: Repurposed Roller Skate Truck No. 10: Double-Axle Heavy Hauler

I love how this came together!

Re: Piano Entertainment Unit

You create the best things out of tremendously large pieces! This is wonderful,
can't wait to see what you do with the rest.

Re: Now I Lay Me Down!

This is wonderful! Great job!

Re: Repurposed Red Wagon & Singer Sewing Machine Base Storage Table

Very very clever ! Wonderful creation!

Re: Old Drawers to End Tables...

Really turned out wonderful! excellent project!

Re: Little Red Rosie

Great job on this! Perfect in red!

Re: "Plain Jane" gets a face lift

This really is charming! Wonderful transformation!

Re: End Tables from old Bar Stools

What a great idea! Love it when the repurpose is better than the original piece!

Re: Serving Up a Little Vintage with Some Beverages!

Very very nice. So creative..love the light fixture lemonade!

Re: Truckee Veterans Hall Historical Landmark Replica Birdhouse by Greg Zirbel

wow, very well done! Interesting history, too.

Re: Outdoor Footstool from Wine Crate & Chair Parts

Nice! Who doesn't like crates?!

Re: Repurposed Vent/Exhaust Hood Bird Feeder

What little bird wouldn't want to dine at this fabulous spot?!!
Another creative masterpiece!

Re: Rustic Centre Pieces

Very nice job, you turn the most simplest things into something special!

Re: Headboard To Vintage Motel Sign

Nice, love the orange and turquoise colors!

Re: Faux Fireplace from Scraps - UPDATE!

Wonderful job putting this together. And I want that map above...!!

Re: Wooden Signs

Nice work!

Re: Back to the Drawing Board

Your sketches are every bit as fabulous as the projects themselves. I would love to see these matted and framed--maybe a collection on a big blank wall...or are you already doing that? Wonderful treasures.

Re: Handmade Wooden Barn Quilts

Love all these colors! Nice job on all your quilt designs!

Re: Old Window+Vintage Map

I am a map lover so this is fabulous. Great job! I want everything in this picture!

Re: Ski Coat Rack

Nice! So simple and useful. Really love this all in black.

Re: Rust anything!

very nice. thanks for the tutorial!

Re: Vintage blueprint cabinet coffee table

Lucky you. Great find with those blueprint cabinets.. you did a wonderful job.

Re: Kitchen Ipad Stand

Love this! Especially like how you used the trowel.

Re: Gaga for Galvanized

Wow, you turned this into a gem! I would love this!

Re: Old Ladder Wrap and Paper Station...

This is very clever, love your idea!


How unique. I have a rain chain on my house so love this very different one, plus the colors are great. Curious how you fastened it together with wire to keep them from sliding down?
Wonderful creation!

Re: A Tip for Old Books

These are some great books and love your tip to make them pretty while airing them out in the open. Yes, Legally Blonde...and wasn't her name Paulette, the queen of bend and snap!

Re: Potato Pot-ah-to Dogfoodo !

What a great way to use that potato bin! What do you have the dishes sitting on in the tub?

Re: Bird Bot

Excellent creation!

Re: Industrial, Vintage Playing Cards Wall Art

I love the way you put the cards together with the royals on the diagonal. And the way you tacked them on is a detail I love too...and the measuring tape edging...Wonderful!

Re: NeatTweets Historical Landmark Replica Hellman Ehrman Mansion 1903 The Pine Lodge

Wow such detail, and well put together!

Re: The Tattooed Table

I love the idea of tattooed furniture. This is quite something!

Re: recycled candle holder by mhc designs

Love how you put this together. The horseshoes in that downturned position make for handy handles. Either way would look great!

Re: functional sofa table

I like the leaf shape for the table top!

Re: our aspen coat rack by mhc designs

hey there Colleen! This would be just the accessory in a cabin or lake house. Your photos remind me of "Where's Waldo!"

Re: Artique Project

Love all your pieces! They are so imaginative!

Re: Boys room makeover

I like the blues and oranges, this turned out terrific. Love what you did with that table! clever!

Re: Faux Chalkboard Stenciled Cases

Gorgeous gorgeous! Love how you transformed these, and the little doodad embellishments are the perfect finishing touch.

Re: Industrial Dummys

These guys have personality!

Re: Little Black Table with Tile Top

Nice job!

Re: Girly Flair for my Thrifty Chair

Excellent and clever transformation! So, the pants did turn out to be a great fit!

Re: Vintage Wicker Hamper's Revived

Very nice!

Re: Working Together...a couple old drawers and a sign...

Wonderful job putting it all together!

Re: Route 66 License Plate Art

I love this, especially the colors!

Re: Re purpose Dresser - Console Table

This is beautiful! great job!

Re: From Drab to Fab!

What great vision you had with this piece, it reall is fab!

Re: Unexpected Centerpiece

This is just lovely in its simplicity. Love all the natural elements!

Re: Antique Silverware Facelift

Unique way to coordinate mismatched flatware, perhaps?

Re: Vintage Wallpaper Display Repurposed into a Mirror

How fun! Love this!

Re: Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Great way to show off the treasured ornaments...

Re: {Feather Studies Handmade Book}

Very nice, I like all the pockets, too

Re: Painted Key Necklaces

love these! the embelishments and ribbons...perfect

Re: {Birches & Bird} Citrasolv Art Journal Pages

Nice job on aging everything. Nice rubber stamps too!

Re: Junkin Around the House

You have some wonderful ideas. I'm especially fond of that hammer handle! Clever!

Re: Rust to Mosaic Whimsy!

Wow, this is adorable...a colorful and creative beach bomber and one way to hide rust! (how heavy is the bike now?!) p.s. I vote for a wooden or wicker basket....

Re: Repurposed Bicycle Rim Pendant Light Fixture

This is an amazing creation. It's so clever and the graphics are the perfect detail. My husband would love this. I cannot believe I let him throw out two old bike rims this summer!

Re: Chest of Drawers Overhaul

Love love this overhaul; the colors are wonderful together! Great job on using the map in all the right places, especially the title on the bottom drawer!

Re: Old Iron Hoop Orb

Coolest thing ever! great save! Did you do anything with the barrel staves?

Re: Photo holder from reclaimed wood

Simple and so useful! I love wooden clothespin projects.
Love the color of the wood, too.

Re: Industrial Foundry Pattern Mirror

Wow what a great idea. I could find a dozen places in my home for this!

Re: Recent Up-cycled projects with wood, driftwood and metal !

Very creative, I love that angel!

Re: a change to old metal address house numbers

Clever and MUCH personality!

Re: Bed Rail Turned Stocking Holder

What a cute idea! and so useful too

Re: Repurposed Vintage Sewing Machine Cabinet for Storage

Great job and love the turquoise!

Re: Some people call weeds & throwaway frames "junk".

so pretty! Love the gold with the muted flower colors, especially the orange blossoms

Re: Vintage croquet vases

very clever in its simplicity!

Re: Put Your Feet Up...wine crate ottoman

Great job, with the burlap and don't we love crates!

Re: Bejeweled Bouquets

Thanks all for the compliments. The beer bottle is an imported lager bottle, very squatty and has a wider mouth opening. Yes, sometimes beer bottles are under rated!

Re: Repurposed WWII Military First Aid Storage Suitcase Table w/ Sewing Machine Base & Yardsticks

I agree, I love the green and red together as well as the red yardsticks on the inside. I love this piece!

Re: Pumpkins with Attitude

These are adorable and so creative!

Re: Before and After: Shangri-la Dresser

wow! you gave it a great new white life!


great way to use up scrap pieces! so nice!

Re: Repurposed License Plate Clipboards

so very cool! unbelievably creative!

Re: License Plate Side Table

This is simply amazing! Love the whole piece but I especially like the license plates on the bottom.

Re: Junkin' Sacks made from Recycled Blue Jeans & Leftover Fabrics

Cute! I love the mix of fabrics especially the western themes!
Great job!

Re: Knock Knee Trunk Table

So fun and creative! And a perfect match with your boat prints.
(I want them!)

Re: Beautiful Antique Rocker

This is gorgeous! Your hard work is so evident!

Re: Architectural Wreckage Lamp

Another cool lamp, always love your electric cords-- and love the green door!

Re: *Holster Hanger*

creative! I like it with the license plate!

Re: It's Pumpkin Time in Virginia

cute and creative!

Re: Can Lamps with Pull Tab Shades

great chain mail shades!

Re: Reclaimed Gym Floorboards

wow what a terrific piece! excellent!

Re: Repurposed Upcycled Philco AM Radio & Turntable Clothes Hamper

so amazing! great job!

Re: Atomic Biomorphic Yardstick Covered Coffee Table

This is so cool-- love the base!

Re: Old Blue Prints framed in Rustic Charm

love and marriage! These could not have gone together any better! fabulous!

Re: Washboard Memo Station

Love this w/ the chickenwire and yardsticks!

Re: Thread Holder

great idea-- I've never even heard of a bean planter plate!

Re: Thrifted Vintage Ruler Lamp

So creative! Love this lamp!

Re: Altered Watercolor Paint Tin

Very very nice!

Re: Mirror, mirror in the barn...

This is gorgeous!

Re: Flexible Flyer Fun

How cute is this. Love it!

Re: functional repurposing ;)

Love the way you put it all together! Now I want that recipe for laundry soap!

Re: Happy Accidents...Shutter Project Gone Haywire

Nice save! Love what you did with this!

Re: junk swap

Hey Colleen--I recognize some of that stuff! Like what you did with that coffee can!

Re: Junky Memo

How cool - I especially love the trowel hanger!

Re: Architectural Relic Lamp

Jim, another brilliant--pun intended-- lamp creation! Excellent! Also wanted to mention I love when you post your blueprint sketches too-- so frameworthy!

Re: A New Life for an Old Thermos and Jar

That transformation is adorable! loved what you did with the stopper and the clock face too!

Re: Olde Headboard bench

This is fabulous!

Re: Conveyor Belt turned Table Runner

This is so cool! Lucky you to have such a long table!

Re: Rusty Wheel Makes Rustic Chandelier

This is wonderful!

Re: The spring mantel that will never die

It looks amazing!

Re: Repurposed Tennis Rackets

This is adorable! Tennis Love!

Re: Kitchenette

This is adorable! amazing transformation and what little tot wouldn't love to cook something up at this!

Re: Vintage suitcases for Christmas

This is so cute!

Re: Fancified light fixture

I think this turned out great! and a clever transformation!

Re: "Leftover" wall art

So nice! I especially love the painted silverware idea!

Re: Christmas Eve Lamp

Another simply fabulous lamp...very cool crate, too.
I especially like the lamp shade fire bucket--no, it looks more like an elf's cap!

Re: Teacher Gifts with Junque Appeal

Very nice! I'd love to get my hands on some vintage books!

Re: Re-purposed Vintage Brooch Bracelet

Nicely done, love it!

Re: A little Joy

So nice!

Re: "Suit" yourself...I still believe in Santa!

Nice, especially love the figurines and the Santa boot!

Re: Vintage Fringe Tree

This is adorable! great job!

Re: Vintage wine storage

Love how this turned out!

Re: GaRdEn TrEe

Cute! Love this one too!

Re: Tea Cup Tree

Another gorgeous tree!

Re: Oh Christmas Trees, Oh Christmas Trees...

The vintage photos...such a charming tree!

Re: I've never met a skate I didn't like!

Always love skates! These are lovely.

Re: Our Kitchen Island Transformation

Excellent! Incredible make over!

Re: McCartney's Chalkboard for Christmas love, Mom

Very nice!

Re: Caribou Paper Art Silhouette by Colleen Rausch

Very nicely put together. Love it!

Re: Restyled Vintage Christmas Ornaments

These came out great!

Re: Christmas Bells

Great use of a found object! I would love to have this!

Re: junk swap no1

What a cute idea, like this a lot!

Re: junk swap no 3

Nice, who doesn't like what you can do with scrabble tiles!

Re: junk swap no2

Great job on the upcycle!

Re: thrifted anthro knockoff

Colleen! OMG! Very nice! I made one so similar to yours!

Re: upcycled footstool ;)

nice transformation!

Re: better pics of my silverware chandie

Like this one too!

Re: vintage chimes

Colleen! Beautiful job...love this!

Re: How to Use Candles that No Longer Burn

Another amazing SW idea! One of the best and simplest I've seen!

Re: Pile of Michigan License Plates = Flag of USA

So impressive! Love how the stripes are overlapped. Wonderful job!


Nice job! Doesn't it give you soo much satisfaction!

Re: More Upcycled Decorative Birdhouses

These are soo creative! Love them!


Very nice! This Would pair up nicely with either of your transformed tables!

Re: Vintage Shabby Chic Lamp

Cute! Like the dress form too.


beautiful transformation!

Re: Collector of collections

I like Jim's design--just add glass to the stack for a terrific end table. Or you could do individual legs to each crate. Or, hang on the wall with a board inside for a shelf. Lucky you to have these!

Re: Christmas in a Can-ister...

Charming! I agree these would make a nice hostess gift--I'd love one! or two!

Re: "The Rocks Box" or is it "The Box Rocks"?

Wow, intense work but it will be loved. What a great house for her geologic treasures!

Re: From Feed Sack to Christmas Tree Skirt

So clever! great job!

Re: Time of Giving

Love how this turned out!

Re: Scrappy Clock

Very very nice! Love the color!

Re: Truck Mirrors

Cool! I like it!

Re: Yardstick Crate

Clever! Love it!

Re: HoJo's Menu

Amazing! What a great tribute..I love how you did the roofline and coaster embelishment. Brings back memories...I'm getting a craving for fried clams!

Re: Old Wooden Locker

What a handy cabinet. Nice job, but I like it both ways: before and after!

Re: Funnel flower pot

So perfect! Looks great!

Re: Decoupaged Map Buffet

This is a wonderful piece. I am a fan of maps...any way shape and form so really love this!

Re: Old Door Arbor

Very creative, now some flowering vines would look terrific against the old white wood!

Re: Junk Architect ~ My Home Furnishings Store

Wonderful pictoral story... amazing creativity and I can just feel the energy! Love your work, past and present!

Re: Cedro Basilo

Very nice and useful!

Re: old sugar mold becomes useful container

Oh lucky you to have such a SWEET piece!

Re: Rust and Light

Lovely and cute light! I'm so impressed by all the junkers who can rewire and create lamps!

Re: I'm Really Getting Into Leather!

Excellent! Love how this turned out!

Re: coat rack made from pallets

Simple and clever! Really like this!

Re: This Project Is A Gas

Fabulous piece! So unique and love the colors!

Re: Totally shabby chic junk table

Really really like how this turned out!

Re: Old Screen Memo/Photo Wall...

This turned out terrific! what a one of a kind!

Re: Riding Lawnmower

This is so cute, looks like a birthday card, just needs a funny caption!

Re: 6' Black Buffet with 54 Oldsmobile Painting and Parts

Wow this is amazing! So cool..and it would look terrific in our collision shop lobby!

Re: Old Family Farm Drop Leaf Table Turned Into Wall Art

Great reuse of that table!

Re: Fireplace Screen

Fabulous idea! Wonderful shape and color! You have great vision!

Re: Upcycled Candleholder

Love that you used old patterns...excellent job!

Re: Isn't it wonderful?

Would you believe I have this rocker's twin, although we actually still use it on our porch! I like all these suggestions.

Re: Wine glass holder

The wineglass holder is unique but especially love the sewing drawer...now that's creative!

Re: Our New Sign

Great idea, I never would have guessed it was a headboard, either.

Re: Repurposed bed cot.... to a junk-art deck table

Very cool and so clever!

Re: From bread bakin to shelf makin!

That is terrific, I have never seen a bread pan like this.
Lucky you!

Re: Metal File Drawer Chalk Board

What a great idea, love the handle...it's portable too! The flower is a nice touch.

Re: Mad For Plaid

This turned out great, love how you put it all together

Re: Junk...is for the birds.

This turned out amazing...your lucky wife!

Re: Recessed light planters

Wow! Great idea, they look old, you'd never know. I believe there a a couple of left over can light parts in my garage, you have inspired me!

Re: Sun Birdbath

Nice! I really like this!

Re: Belted Tray

Very unique and creative! Love it!

Re: Hold the phone - An estate sale find!!

Great job on the clean up! What a treasure! Believe it or not, I have one that looks just like this.

Re: Belted Bulletin Board

A really clever take on a simple idea! Turned out great!

Re: Special find!!

wow that would be my favorite too. Lucky you!

Re: Save that door!

oh how clever! especially keeping the doorknobs!
Love this!

Re: Happy May Day!

Ah...spring! ah..love the flashlights!

1. Fritz (things go on the fritz, become junk, only to
be transformed into treasures...)

2. Floy (as in "boy oh boy!" when some good junk is found)

3. Glee the Flea (glee! as in junker heaven!)

Actually, I like Rusty the best from FunkyJunk Donna and Jim

Re: Giving junk a job

Wonderful transformations all! Especially love the license-plate crate, glowing lantern and tape dispenser.

Re: It's coming, ready or not! (And I'm NOT!)

Love that wooden box, the flashlight, and all the spools! Nice!

Re: Holiday fast fixes!

Very cool wreaths!

Re: Junkified Christmas decor (part 2)

Wonderful wonderful! Love it all...I was especially charmed by the Whoville Christmas Tree..very clever. And the wooden hanger wreath display, how simple is that..(should be a no-brainer, using a hanger, right?) thanks for sharing your lovely home with us.

Re: Seasons Greetings!

This is just darling!

Re: Revamped Vanity Light

Clever repurpose!

Re: "Handy" Wreath Hooks

Very very nice, what a great use of those brackets..

Re: Christmas Mantel

Nice display, I especially like your metal stars.

Re: Snowman Junque

Lucky you to find those and put them all together!

Re: junk swap 2009

Cute use of those button cards, never would have thought of that!

Re: Galvanized bucket filled with greens

Very nice. What a terrific bucket to have, beautiful job on your display!

Re: Georgia on my mind...

Another Georgia residentloves this...especially cool seeing my Cobb County represented..this is a wonderful piece!

Re: It's a Wrap - Part Five

So so pretty Sue! Love love the crystals and twine...wait, that sounds like a country music song title...

Re: It's a Wrap - Part Three

Butcher paper is wonderful stuff. Incredible use of a mushroom!

Re: It's a Wrap - Part Two

Gotta get some of this banding bow material!

Re: It's a Wrap - Part One

Sue these packages are fabulous, eco-friendly and economical...what could be better. Is Tree-Wrap something that can be found at HomeDepot or Lowe's? or is that strictly a plant nursery item?

Re: Cow Girl Necklace

Definitely a fun piece! Great job!

Re: Ready for Parade! Vintage Toy Car

Adorable! This reminded me that we have a pedal car but it was painted and not rusty cute as this. You have inspired me to put it on display.

Re: Coffee Christmas Card Holder

Loved what you created, the coffee sack is a wonderful base.

Re: Antique Typewriter Lamp

incredible creation! This is just wonderful!

Re: Christmas tree, JUNK style

Not a junk tree...pure treasure! Love that washtub, too. Beautiful job!

Re: Antique Corbel Lamp

Wow, I had no idea what this was in the first pic, This lamp is pure genius. Your creative thought process is amazing! Love this! I actually have a couple of log corbels that I have been saving..for something I don't know what...could I commission you into doing your magic on them!?!

Re: Wreath Holders

Very very creative, these turned out great!

Re: Great Skates--It's a Wreath Holder

What a great idea! Very creative!

Re: Giraffe Chair

I like this!

Re: How to Greet Santa on Christmas Eve

Absolutely adorable! And a perfect mix of greenery and embellishments!

Re: Funky Snowmen

These are so clever..good job!

Re: quart Jar Bug

Cute idea!

Re: Money Does Not Grow On Trees...

What a great idea, never would have thought to utilize the simple box too.

Re: How to Make a Wreath Stand

What a great idea, amazing results!

Re: Meant For Me???

Love this, if you wait long enough inspiration happens!

Re: Locker Basket Stocking Holder

This is a great idea!

Re: Upcycled festive mirror, made from the left behinds

This is gorgeous, wonderful colors!

Re: Big Chalkboard

Who wouldn't want this! Terrific save!

Re: The Entertainment Center

One terrific piece...love this!

Re: United States License Plate Map of the Fifty States

Wonderful piece, love all your work!

Re: Industrial Trophies

These are wonderful! You know they will be so appreciated by their recipients. I especially love the 1st place beadboard and the paint stirrer!

Re: Ring Around the Napkin

wonderful mixture, I especially like that burlap touch

Re: Halloween Framed Art

Wonderful prints! Love how you combined them with burlap.

Re: Ohio State Buckeyes License Plate Art

Very nice, and love the color on this one!

Re: Black & White Pumpkins

Very pretty and so creative!

Re: A Little Fall "Shopping"

wonderful display, that cart has character!

Re: Shadowland Witch

What personality! Love how you made the broom!

Re: Even more angels...

beautiful transformation! These are adorable!

Re: 5 unique JUNK picture frames

Love it! Especially like your gears and pulley. Also the crate shelf for the artwork!

Re: Fun with Shutters

Nice work!

Re: CB2 Inspired mirror

Very very cool!

Re: Gone Galvanized

Especially love the house numbers and the spring embellishments!

Re: Cottage Industrial Soap Dish

Wonderful! This looks like a part from a ship...something nautical. Sue your vision is so inspirational!

Re: Green Mountain State License Plate Map

Love all your license plate creations...my daughter would love this as she is at UVM! Excellent job!

Re: 10 minute hanger dropcloth curtains

This is wonderful!

Re: Bottle Crate Plant Stand

This is adorable! great job on this!

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

Love love love this! You have FABULOUS vision...this is my favorite along with that hutch you built for your bottle collection....they would pair nicely together!

Re: Happy 4th of July

Simply lovely!

Re: Rusty metal thing

Love it all....but especially favor your cement mixer with the blue bottles! Lovely!

Re: trash to my treasure

love this transformation

Re: trash to my treasure

love this!

Re: pet bed

So unique...wonderful transformation!

Re: mosaic garden table

Very very nice!

Re: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall . . .

Especially like the shaving set....I always feel like we can never have too many mirrors!

Re: Game Piece Serving Tray

excellent job on this project!

Re: Bench

Ambitious project...turned out so fine!

Re: Grrrr-ates!!!

Love what you did with the fireplace grate on the outside table!

Re: Easy Garden Projects!

The teapot in action is too cute!

Re: A junkin' character building

Great job! Who couldn't love a shed like this!

Re: Instant Ancestor Recycled Tintype Photo Jewelry & Purses

These are wonderful...so creative!

Re: free find favorites

Wow I want to go junkin' with you...lucky you to find BlackBeauty...that wood storage chestis wonderful...as is all your finds!

Re: Burplap Coffee Bean Sack Tote Bags

Love these! They look terrific!

Re: Mannequin Gets New Life

Excellent transformation....this mannequin looks 100 yrs old!

Re: Another $50 salvage yard find

Very nice transformation, great idea for a coffee station!

Re: Sewing Cabinet Door Chalkboard

Great use! Love this!

Re: Found on the side of the road

How lucky were you...great job!

Re: Another Printer Tray Idea

Really good idea...unexpected!

Re: Picket Stool

Clever reconstruction! Great job!

Re: Wooden Spools

impressive collection...don't think I've ever seen tall ones...

Re: Arbor with old doors

Great job on this!

Re: depends on your definition of "junk"...

Excellent! I also thought it was a belt buckle...

Re: Thresher finds new life as farm lamp

Great job on this!

Re: Yet Another Croquet Set Project!

Like this idea!

Re: Commercial Laundry Hamper

Love this piece! So many uses, my first thought is great for the recyclables...

Re: claw foot curtain rod holders

Very clever...how did you mount them...aren't they very heavy?


Very unique...this made me smile...

Re: Lock Case Towel Bar

Really like this! Creative use!

Re: Tie Chair

Love what you did with this...never would have guessed neckties...great job...

Re: High Speed Office Organizer

This is a great piece...lucky you!

Re: Glitter Where You're Planted!

Very clever transformation...when I first looked I thought the tulips were shoe stretchers...

Re: "Picture Perfect" Books...

What a wonderful project...so good!

Re: TING...went the strings (I mean xylophone) of my Heart!

Hello Ting! cute creation Patti, glad to finally see how she came out! That bottle cap came from Jamaica a few years ago...found it in the pocket of my suitcase before I sent it to you...

Re: Junkyard Dogs...the How and "Y"

Wonderful look...I want this room!

Re: [WRECKAGE] Cabinet

Congratulations on your new venture...what a terrific concept...unique, functional art pieces and earth-friendly too...what could be better...love how you incorporated the blueprints in this piece.

Re: Tag, You're It!

Wonderful idea, even tho' part of me cringes at the idea of cutting up a book...but love this idea...like your magazine basket too...

Re: Unique "Black Dot" Foundry Mold Table

Very beautiful piece of work!

Re: A Couple of Fun Collages...

These are so unique...love the dog one!

Re: For the Love of White Junk

oh I want that box! Great stuff!

Re: A Fun Day of Junkin'

Some terrific possibilites just waitin' to blossom with these treasures!

Re: From Fireplace to Mantle!

You have a great eye...love them as the cheese board holder!

Re: Towel rods from antique gas lines

These are very unique...great idea!

Re: I'm such a dummy. . .

Don't get rid of this! I like the idea of turning it around so there is a shelf on the bottom...maybe put a mirror in the frame space?

Re: does anyone collect old photos?

I agree wtih RustyDiva, turn these into birthday cards...you could come up with some really funny comments and no worries because they aren't relatives...


These are soo sweet and tender...reminds me of sugared confections...

Re: scrappy sun catchers...

Wow..you are very multi-talented..

Re: 100 yr old door is now an adorable sitting area

Very nice job on this! Love the look!

Re: Old kitchen cabinet door has new life

Great project!

Re: OXO ... Hugs n Kisses

How lucky to find these treasures...the tins are great...


So cute, and right on...thanks for sharing...

Re: ~Be My Valentine~

Love how if you don't have the exact item you need or want to embellish your creation....you just make it...and it looks as old as the real vintage stuff! You have a wonderful eye for such detail...

Re: "Key To My Heart" Resin Pendants from old keys.

So creative...love this...I was thinking these were book marks...

Re: Old Galvanized Drawers Tray-ded Up

great idea and of course, so useful..espescially in the winter we have been having!

Re: SCRAPS - Scroungers Center for Reusable Art Parts

This little lamp is adorable! I have a few wooden spools that I haven't done anything with....this is such a nice idea...

Re: Boy and Girl Assemblage Collage

Nice ideas with the collections, especially love your vintage photos...

Re: Portable Light for Valentine's Day!

What a useful piece! What a sweet vignette with your parents' photo...love that mirror too...

Re: Smacking good Valentine

Fantastic save of that gumball machine...great job turning it around... love your valentines..

Re: Faux Ribbon Necklace

Love love love this look! Your creations are beautiful...
I have some vintage clipback earrings just like yours...you've got me thinking about resurrecting them now...!

Re: My shagalicious headboard. Don't try this at home, kids!

This is an amazing project...how unique and creative recycling all those leather coats....my hand feels cramped just imagining cutting these all by hand...I would need electric scissors! Terrific job!

Re: An odd Couple can make a perfect marriage...at least for furniture

Very nice...he pieces look like they always belonged together..

Re: Vintage Doorknob Curtain Tiebacks

Very nice project...what a nice collection of doorknobs!


Love how you put all the pieces together...great job

Re: "Springing" for the Wine...

Wonderful idea, looks terrific, lots of luck!

Re: An Elephant Never Forgets...His Keys

Great job on all of these! Lucky you to find some unusual graters!

Re: ~My Sweetheart~

Just amazing, as all your creations are! It took a leap of faith to cut up this cooler...and it worked beautifully. I also love your concept sketches...

Re: Old tiles

Very nice! Love these!

Re: The joy of JUNKING!

Wow...how did you find yourself so lucky with an 1892 house!?!
Some very exciting finds!

Re: Pretty Things

Love how you arranged everything...beautiful job!

Re: Happy Valentine's Day

This is a cute project!

Re: Putting a Little Light on the Subject!

This is just beautiful...

Re: Ina's Piano Trunk

This is one of the most unusual and ambitious re-creations I've seen, it's wonderful...Loved your poetic story. And such woodworking talent! There is a piano so similar to this on my side of the family...are you available on commission to re-purpose it when the time comes if no one wants it?!?!

Re: Valentine Fun

Your collection is swell! Love how you displayed them all!

Re: Rosette Bib Necklace

Very very nice creations!

Re: Valentine's Day Collage

Love your collage! Your cupid reminds me of the little cupid angel found in the Mardi Gras Kings Cake...

Re: Chess Board Mirror

This turned out great!

Re: The Key to my heart!

I just love this...it's soo sentimental...lovely job!

Re: Stained Glass Bike wheel spinner!

wow this is so unique...beautiful!

Re: How to Make a Gear Mold Clock

This is incredible and an amazing Sue project as usual...A Rockler store just opened up near me....now I want to go check that out for project ingredients...

Re: Baby, It's Cold Outside!

This is terrific! I love that chocolate Thermos!

Re: Bird in the Cage...

This is so sweet...wonderful project!

Re: ~Junk In The Garden~

Your green thumb is evident in your posts! This is marvelous! Love your garden!

Re: "Where Junk Resides"

wow you have some great stuff we would all like to get our hands on!

Re: Entertainment Center

I like how you destressed it...good job!

Re: Kitchen Rack

I love old ladders...like how you gave it a second life

Re: Organizer Made From Vintage Fence

Nice idea!

Re: Root Starter

Nice simple idea!

Re: Repurposed Containers For Florals

Very nice! Time to get some bulbs!

Re: Whoa Junkie!

Don't you just love these junk sculptures!

Re: A Trip down Memory Lane- S & H Green Stamps Style

How funny...my grandmother used to give me and my brothers the job of sticking the stamps in books. Then later in my life there was an S&H redemption center near my house...active as recently (ha) as 20 years ago... thanks for the memories

Re: State of Mind

This is so simple and turned out great! Good job! I LOVERMONT too!

Re: Still Testing My Metal!

Another wonderful project...I agree this would be perfect in a loft

Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

Fun idea! Count me in too. Pam

Re: A Redesigned Vintage Children's Play Stove

excellent job...you can see you have touched a sentimental childhood nerve for many of us...

Re: Hemmed up!

Very original work! Love this!

Re: tv tray cart turned laundry cart / basket

I am soimpressed with your sewing skills...this turned out terrific!

Re: Another Shabby to Chic Chair Re~do

Great rescue! Good job!

Re: Tumbled tile coaster

Terrific look...wonderful job on these tiles!

Re: Valentine or Treasure box

Very nice job on this!

Re: New Years Bottle

Simple and sweet idea!

Re: Painted Crate Wood Cupboard

I love this cabinet!

Re: Sweet new beginnings for Mayo jars...

Love these, aren't glass jars great...

Re: Mid Century Modern Shaw Walker Redo

I saw the sweater article...excellent interpretation...this looks wonderful!

Re: Handmade towel rack

Love this finish, very nice look!

Re: Funky Matchbook Sandwich

nice suggestion JUNKFORFUN...that's what I love about this site...the layers and layers of ideas from such creative people...

Re: Stop the Draft!

Wow I cannot say anything that hasn't already been said...except...what a great idea...I thought this was an old checkerboard! I have been looking for some kind of fireplace insert for my non-standard opening and was afraid I would have to have it custom made...now you have inspired me to try to make it instead.

Re: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree Centerpiece

This is wonderful! Your lucky Mother-in-law!

Re: Framed Wrapping Paper

Lovely! so simple but it has impact! great job...

Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

This is so striking...love it...and even more so with the verdigris chairs...

Re: Vintage Valentine Tinsel Wreath

Adorable, great idea....I have a collection of valentines...this inspires me.

Re: Antique Style Cupboards-Made from old house doors & reclaimed lumber.

Wonderful pieces, very nice work!

Re: Charlie Brown ain't got nothin on me...

Very cute!

Re: Winter Centerpiece

This is unbelievable...everything about it is winter wonderful! The mirror ice is perfect!

Re: Potty Talk...

Adorable and unbelievably clever! Love it!

Re: Spiced up for the holidays

This is wonderful piece...perfect with the ornaments...yes it will be great to see what you do with it each season...

Re: From trash to treasure.

Very nice job on these!

Re: Scrabble Board..Family collage

Very clever!

Re: Outdoor Christmas Sled

Very cute...and the ice skates add just the right touch! Very nice! I just did something similar with an old sled...just haven't had time to take photos yet...

Re: playing with JUNK!!!

Wonderful...wonderful, all the right touches!

Re: Wash Tub Coffee Table

You have a hit with this one! Looks terrific and of course is junkmeister versatile!

Re: My first posted project - cookie cutter tree

Adorable...and I like it with the colander base...it adds a nice kitchen sparkle...

Re: Mosaic Tea Cart

I love this! How handy!

Re: Happy Thanksgiving to All...The DRT Centerpiece

The pilgrim shoes are perfect! This display is wonderful!

Re: Drawer # 4 Does Thanksgiving

wonderful how the story connects to the supplies...love this great idea!


this is just wonderful...especially love the basket for the cabin...

Re: Be thankful...

Beautiful...everything is so coordinated...love Cinderella's coach! Those spikey balls...from the sweetgum tree!

Re: Old Shutter Make-over

Wonderful...this could hang in so many places! Good job!

Re: Happy Thanksgiving - Down Home Style

Beautiful...especially like those screen leaves!

Re: Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Very nice...especially love the tri-color pumpkin topiary!

Re: Table top re-finish

You did a great job! That Pour On looks as good as automotive clear coat!

Re: potting table changes seasons

Amazing! Love the rake and wine goblet tea lights!

Re: Garage shelves made from old doors!

This is wonderful...a garage? you could throw a party in here! Love the chalk board with the hanger rod below it!

Re: Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a Gigantic Pile of Junk

You are so talented...amazing what you come up with using so many varied pieces...I think everyone can't wait to see what you create next...love your Thanksgiving display too...especially like the use of railroad track in these displays!


Excellent job...it looks perfect...and so practical!

Re: Junky Christmas Greetings

Very nice! Love the vignette!

Re: A bow you can easily zip together!

These are adorable! Great idea! they would make cute tree ornaments too....

Re: A Fan of Photos

Love what you did with this! Terrific!

Re: Built-In Nightstands

Great job on these!

Re: Hall Tree

Love how you put it all together..great job!

Re: Repurposed Dresser for Craft Room

Really good job on this! Looks great!

Re: Little Display Cabinet

This turned out amazing...looks like a catalogue page...perfect color, too!

Re: Stone Walkway Nearly Free

Very rewarding results...lucky you!

Re: Pennant Christmas Tree Skirt

What a terrific idea...it looks incredible...I like the ideas of using vintage postcards as ornaments...

Re: Tall Quilt Rack

This turned out great!

Re: Mailbox Hose Holder

great idea...perfect!

Re: A Junky Wedding Reception

Congratulations, everything has such a warm and lovely touch...how nice of you to share...

Re: Patriotic Uncle Sam Snowman Candy Container - made from old bedspring

very cute and very vintage!

Re: "The True Measure of Life..."

Absolutely love this piece of work!

Re: Reclaimed box clocks

You definitely had a stroke of brilliance! These are marvelous!

Re: Framing Up Vintage Bus Scrolls

This is terrific, have never seen anything like these before...what a great idea...now on the hunt for similar signs!

Re: In other words...

Very clever and what a great idea for some more modern cast offs!

Re: To sleep or To read, that is the question?

Excellent idea..turned out great!

Re: Fire Truck?

This is phenomenal, I ditto all the other comments...truly unique! Bet some firehouse would love to have this!

Re: frame corner samples

There was an article in the NYTimes Home section in Sept about a builder in Huntsville, Texas who builds recylced homes...
one house's ceiling was paneled in cast off picture frame corners...a unique work of art...very cool and inspirational!
Try this link, there is a slide show of his house and the photo of the picture-framed ceiling is the lead in....


His name is Dan Phillips, his company is Phoenix Commotion...

Re: antique mattress springs

great idea! and love the black and white photo to post it!

Re: Old Spindle Repurpose Project "Whimsical Feather Christmas Trees"

cute cute idea!

Re: Dick and Jane Vintage Reader Gift Tags

These tags are wonderful...so nostalgic

Re: 15 yr old unfinished project ;)

cute...doesn't it feel good to finish a project, no matter how long it's been sitting around!

Re: Sit and Stay

Love what you did with this!

Re: Love of old silver

Love that cubby with the treasures...from one fan of old silver to another...this inspires me to get my silver out and play around with displays too...great post, thanks!

Re: One chair found a home

wow you should be proud of yourself, this is so simple but makes a great statement!

Re: A "washed up" mop bucket? Nope!

Absolutely LOVE this...it has to be one of my favorites! I especially like the black band...terrific!

Re: A teensy little shopping trip for my booth

Those bottles are wonderful...you got yourself some terrific things to work with!

Re: Chalkboard for Mom

Very creative and great use of simple things!

Re: wood rack

This turned out terrific!

Re: A new addition to the front yard

a very creative piece, love this art!

Re: rusty easel

very nice...who would have thought...I love what you did with it!

Re: It's a sifter...it's a shell casing...it's a cigar box...No... it a vase!

love all these!

Re: Shakers on a stick

cute and clever!

Re: vase cuffs

these are clever...and would look great in a log cabin!

Re: Garden Totem

love this, and how special for you...so many interesting details

Re: Hem Marker Memo Holder

love this idea... good job!

Re: Keeper of the Bling

great idea...and it looks terrific...

Re: A Rusty Repurpose

Love this piece...great transformation...even though in its original form holding branches or whatever it would have been terrific too....

Re: Princess Ready

Wonderful job, what princess wouldn't love this...

Re: Steel Spring Table

what a wonderful project...amazing...

Re: Another Crazy Lamp

This color combo is wonderful... you have incredible talent for putting together some amazing creations...believe it or not I have a collection of old paint brushes too (some I myself have unfortunately killed out of neglect)...

Re: Doctor's bag "bookcase"

I can't believe I once had one of these...and gave it away...

Re: Tin trunk end table

Ohhh I want this!

Re: Suitcase endtable of another sort

so simple and so perfect!

Re: Threshing tray coffeetable

You have some wonderful pieces, and terrific ideas to put them all to use...love it all!

Re: 8 Pew Country Church Birdhouse "For Birds of Pray"

This is a wonderful creation! Great job!

Re: Junky Tablescape

Very very clever use of simple things...love this!

Re: barn dismantle

I know some wonderful uses will come out of this wood...but...I kind of love this barn as it is, too!

Re: Vintage Rotary Phone Clock

How cool is that...

Re: Industrial Fan Grate Wreath

Perfect idea...and looks terrific

Re: Painted Side Table

Love this! Amazing transformation!

Re: Recycled Lemonade Bottles

oooh do I want one of these! Terrific! Love your graphics!


What a clever idea-- turned out fabulous!

Re: Mosaic Table

excellent project!

Re: new use for vintage pokerchips

These turned out so nice! Great idea!

Re: bench

Love this!

Re: NFL Team Old Country Window

What a fantastic idea-- kudos all around!

Re: Fall Apple Fest Centerpiece

Simple and elegant, nice!

Re: Miniature US License Plate Map by Design Turnpike

Very nice!


Everyone else took the words out of my mouth! Wonderful!

Re: Candle stick flowers

Very nice and I also especially love the cala lillies...

Re: From the book JUNK BEAUTIFUL.....

I love this! The copper brackets caught my eye when I first glanced at the photo-- great idea...

Re: Reel-ly Fun New Plant Stand...

What a wonderful project--love how it turned out!

Re: Old Glory Miniature License Plate Art by Design Turnpike

This turned out terrific!

Re: You don't need coasters for this table

This is adorable, great idea, and it looks perfect with the pumpkins!

Re: Infant's Chiffarobe turned Primitive Pie Safe

Love the rustic look-- wonderful transformation on this!

Re: Night-night Sugar...

So clever! and inspirational-- I have a little canister that looks just like yours-- I never would have thought to do this--
wonderful job!

Re: Feedsack Handbags

Love these--very clever!

Re: Old chicken feeders repurposed for this and that...

Some great ideas here --wish I could find some chicken feeders somewhere!

Re: Halloween Frame Makeover

This is a wonderful transformation and perfect with the vintage pictures

Re: Bird Perch 2 Tiered Server

This is adorable! great job!

Re: Old grain elevator rack....


Re: Just Plain Horse Sense

Especially love the color with the iron! Great!

Re: "Kind Words Will Unlock An Iron Door"

This is one of my favorites Love the juxtaposition of a tender sentiment with industrial pieces-

Re: There's safety in numbers

I agree with everyone else-- what a cool collection as is--
definitely wait awhile before you take them apart!

Re: Picket Fence Shelves

what a great idea-- how hard was it to put together?

Re: Vintage Notion Box Turned Funky Jewelry Box

What a treasure! This is wonderful!

Re: Barn Burner Wall Sconce

You have an amazing talent for putting together just the right pieces to create something wonderful! This is so cool!

Re: From suitcase to storage / table

Really good job!

Re: 34 Birdhouses in total...I don't know if that's enough

Your collection is terrific! Thanks for sharing-- I love this log cabin!

Re: In the HOT seat...

This is wonderful--a clever, yet simple idea weaving those ties, the over all look is a work of art!

Re: Primitive Hutch and Cabinet Made From Shutters, an Old Screen Window and a TV Cabinet!

wow this is impressive, great job!

Re: Coffee time!

Wonderful!project! You did such a nice job on these, Thanks for sharing

Re: Old liquor cabinet is my best guess

Like what you did with this! Looks terrific!

Re: Somebody STOP me!!!

This turned out terrific!

Re: Ol' Blue Door

I would love to have this--lucky you!

Re: ...with a Junk Junk here & a Junk Junk there

This is fun! great job!

Re: Architectural pieces and cloches two of my favorite things.

This is wonderful!

Re: The Five Feet Table

This is sooo unique and wonderful-- you are amazing with your transformations!

Re: coat rack and scale bench

Especially love that bench! Good job!

Re: wagon wheel fence and gate

Oh I love this! Looks terrific!

Re: Journals

These are wonderful--clever to use those dimensional letters, too

Re: Junky Chicken Coop

Love this and the faucet flowers too....

Re: storage rack

Good job!

Re: "The Twelve Best"~Vintage Clock

Wow this is fantastic, you have the most creative eye for turning out some magnificent works of art--I adore all your vintage projects!

Re: Southern Comfort Table

This looks terrific--love it

Re: ive had this glass jug for 30 yrs

Love what you did with this!

Re: My herb garden.

This is adorable and how original to veer from traditional red!

Re: Tea House of the August Moon

Thanks for all the comments, need to emphasize this took more than just a few weekends to complete-- it has stayed in the same location where we constructed it-- I just took down the reed fence behind it--and some shrubbery was replanted...

Re: Shoemaker's Garden Art

This is soo clever-- one can just imagine the shoemaker and the elves....

Re: shell shelf

this is a great look-- aren't you thrilled with yourself!

Re: Tiered Server

Oh this is lovely, I especially like the pie bird on top

Re: Circuit Breaker Box Clock

This is wonderful as usual with all your creations!

Re: Camp Lamp

Everyone else has expressed it all, nothing new to add except thanks! for sharing all your unique and vintage creations! Have to ask if the souvenir Mohawk pennant could possibly be from the Mohawk Trail-- (Mass to NY)?! A lovely part of the northeast...

Re: rescuing throwaway furniture

Isn't it fun to find and rescue old furniture! What luck!

Re: Lotsa boxes...

I like this a lot! Especially using the sewing notions--
nice work!

Re: Antique oil can bee

These are so full of personality-- like the photography too...

Re: Antiques and Auctions Art Piece

Love what you did with this--striking!

Re: My First Entry...Shabby Roses and Pedestal Plates

These are lovely, this post makes me think engagement or wedding -- great job!

Re: Upward Ho!

What a terrific idea--so imaginative!

Re: Key holder

So simple and so great!

Re: Stool Transformation

This is adorable!

Re: Ski bench #1

This looks terrific--great job!

Re: Furnace Blower Table

Wow this is really imaginative--wonderful idea!

Re: Givin' the stool the BOOT!

This has character and made me smile!

Re: fencing in the platters

What a terrific idea, and you have such a lovely collection too!

Re: Cool rusty thing

Really cool-- I think snowflake or Christmas star as well!

Re: Can you see me now?

love this!

Re: Everyone LOVES Tassels...Don't they?

wonderful way to re-value misc. junk!

Re: Did you ever wonder how to display those old hankies?

This is really precious, so unique...and, what a sweet collection of hankies you have...

Re: Coffee Bean Message Board

These are terrific...!

Re: Cooper's buddy!

Love this doggie, how nice to have a connection to a welder!

Re: Time to use some of these buttons...

This is such a clever yet simple idea and looks like a million bucks!

Re: Scrabble Tile Transformation

Wow-- This is a great work of art!

Re: Chair - Ugly Duckling to a Beautiful Swan

I love how you combined fabrics-- this is an adorable piece.

Re: What else can I do with this??

Interesting piece! I like the idea of turning it upside down and hanging it from a ceiling...for votives...and maybe rust it a little?
For displays, I was thinking vintage croquet balls would look good. Would it support wine bottles (empty or full) upside down? Like a European bottle tree?
It would look cute in the garden supporting different colored bottles.....

Re: Elevator Scoops

What a great idea!

Re: Toot Your Own Horn

These are so creative and beautiful in their simplicity. Your and artistry is so inspiring!

Re: Drink Up! CrAzY Bottle Collection

This looks like a display in a museum--your collections are incredible and the display stand is wonderful. Soda pop bottles make one think of summer but your collection to me has a delightful Christmas look! Absolutely love this!


These are just too precious....

Re: Hey Mr. DJ . . .

This is terrific--and so sentimental. I love the combination of all the different collections. The guardrail display shelf from the earlier post is sooo unique and really complements those album covers. The display is wonderful!

Re: Card File Ottoman

This is a fabulous do over! Would love to have this in my office! Great idea!

Re: Vintage School Map Occasional Tables

These are fabulous! So creative and colorful. A cartographer's dream. I am a map lover myself, and I think I have this exact map -- it came from an elementary school which was being renovated-- the office manager found a pile of them in an old storage closet and threw them...out!

Re: Wine Bottle Fountain

This is so creative! Great idea!

Re: Camping Stools Turned Table

What a terrific idea-- the red paint adds the kick! Love it!

Re: Rake Rack

Love the display rake AND the cute key chains! Great idea!

Re: Cookie Sheet Calendar

This is FABULOUS! Love it! Great vision!

Re: gate into table

This turned out so well! Don't you love IKEA as a source to supplement some projects!

Re: card catalog drawers

Loved what you did with this-- and, what did you do with the cabinet case!?!

Re: Now it's a coat rack...

What an amazing grab! You did well visualizing a new life for this and the graphics are wonderful! I want it!

Re: Vintage 78 Record Clock

This is wonderful, I love all the projects posted using old records!

Re: one more junk chime

Love this! Gives me some ideas!

Re: Belt Basket

This is soo clever!

Re: Old Door Coffee Table

This table is terrific-- I want this! Loved that you kept the arch...so, okay what did you do with the leftover pieces?

Re: My new table made out of cabinet doors

Great job-- loved the mix of cabinet woods on that base

Re: Garden Bench

Wonderful project and delightful photo!

Re: What's New Pussy Cat - Contributor Challenge

how cool is this-- The lamp shade is perfect too! I have loved seeing the different LP lamp projects posted. So many clever junkers!

Re: Medicine Cabinet for Small Oddities

Great idea, and loved how you hinged it on the top.