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Re: Reclaimed Wood Mantle with Repurposed Elements

Love the last shot always good to see how things are put together. cheryl

Re: Balloon Inflator Lamp

Great piece! Jim you always amaze. Did the piece come from elsewhere in the world as the Admission Price is odd ie: Adults 6D Children under 14 3D or does that actually mean dollars?

Re: vintage bassinet found on roadside

here's a few:
front porch window flower box
book/magazine storage
traveling bar cart for the patio
lined to protect it- Ice bucket
so many more...

Re: Old Wooden Shoe Forms and Stretchers

What a beautiful piece of work. I agree with you most readily on snatching up something when you see it!... alas there seems to be never enough time to complete all the projects. Lots of materials on hand...
Would love to see the next completed project Keep us updated.

Re: Stenciled Table with Kerosene Stove Base!

would love to see the stenciled top pic

great project would love to find something similar.

Re: Chicken Crate Coffee Table

Great Job, Love the copper top! good tip for washing at the car wash I have one as well and was trying to think of an easy clean ... voila CarWash!

Re: My first retirement DIY project

Great project! I am also looking forward to retirement and have similar projects using silver filigree bowls as shades. Also making some from glass bowls & vases. happy retirement years!

Re: Simple DIY Lanterns

Nice ideas. You could always use the red rubber rings as a sort of foot to glue on the bottom(Top) of the lid to stop it from moving, or scratching-like a felt pad. thanks for showing them

Re: Upcycled Vintage Books aka My Version of Restoration Hardware Style

great project Did you remove the covers or just 'paper' over them?

Re: Windows ... windows ... windows

Hello Where do you find this Krylon Mirror sparay paint? Not yet in Canada?

Re: Shed-Evolution

sorry about the previous post(no spaces) Keyboard screwed up.
Was this a kit from a hardware store? Or did you piece/stick build it from scratch? Looks great What size is it? Any interior pics. thx

Re: Shed-Evolution


Re: Deck-orating...

Just love your head board iron bed frame 'fence' I have also used them as 'flower bed' frames. And the coal bucket planters are very cute

Re: Recycled Stainless Steel Door (Before)

great score It would make a very nice countertop on an island or a coffee table top. Good luck!

Re: A visit to a junk themed campsite

great spot! what is the name of the campsite? i would love to go there on this summers trip!

Re: Buggy Tea Cart

Hi there first time posting for me!
I have just found a baby buggy in very good shape $20.
Just wondering how you got it to stop being 'springy'
Any suggestions?
I wnat to make it into a bar cart
Looking forward to it!