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Shabby Shutter Bejeweled

This is actually part two of my last post about the 1910 advertising toothbrush holder. I had found a 2nd one in my great grandfather's workshop, hidden in a rusty coffee can full of nuts, bolts and...

1910 Advertising Toothbrush Holder Earring Display

I installed an antique advertising toothbrush holder onto an antique exterior window shutter that I hung on the wall adjacent to my dressing mirror (it’s a huge antique mirror, like 3prime...

Junk on Display

Some of my various junk collections and projects on display in the 'cabinet of curiosities' in the farmhouse. 


This is an old shutter that I believe was original to our farmhouse. We dug it up out of a giant burn pile in the field after we moved in. In a simply project, I mounted an iron candle holder on the...

Grandma's Attic

Some stuff waiting to become a future project...

Beads & Buttons

These are some things I made from broken bits and pieces, old buttons and vintage beads.

A Primitive Christmas

Some of the found items I used to decorate a twig tree at our farm include ornaments I made out of old wooden clothespins, wrapped with rusty baling wire; a garland of old skeleton keys strung on...

Cover a Thermostat

Ever have a thermostat smack in the middle of a wall, somewhere it just bugs you to look at and interferes with your style? My solution was to take a framed picture and hinge it onto supports, so...

HodgePodge Display

Some of the architectural elements I've collected combined into an interesting display.

Primitive Powder Room

My outdated bathroom got a junklift...I updated the 1970's light fixture over the medicine cabinet with a rusty tin piece I'd found in my back yard. I cut it to shape, folded and hammered seems...

Recent comments

Re: Extreme Farm Furniture

Love it!

Re: Great Work Bench Island or Bar


Re: Recycled Piano


Re: Just Some Favs of Mine

I enjoyed these...loved the headboard, gear and pistol most!

Re: Refrigerator Spice Cabinet

Very cool, indeed...neat idea!

Re: Vintage Ice Box

Neat! Love it!

Re: 1910 Advertising Toothbrush Holder Earring Display

Thank you:) I posted part two with more goodies...

Re: Recycled Pipe Desk

Very cool, kinda steampunky! I like it!

Re: recycled cabinet does have a gothic feel...I like it, too!

Re: Mimi-Toria's Version of SteamPunk


Re: finally! i've actually done something

Fun looking in all the little cubbies! Nice job:)


Great idea! I have a very old flagpole stand that would be perfect as a lamp. Thanks for the idea!

Re: Why keep them in a drawer?

Very lovely. This would be great for clippings and old photos, too. One could make hi-res copies if the original is something to cherish. Thanks for the inspiration:)

Re: Unique "Black Dot" Foundry Mold Table

I absolutely love this!

Re: Door turned desk

This is fantastic! The legs are just awesome.

Re: Oh, My High Arches!

Great idea, very clever:)

Re: potting table changes seasons

Very clever use of the rake!

Re: Mirror Yoke Shelf

I like this very much...adds a bit of architectural interest. Great idea!

Re: Sentimental Junk...

These are really pretty...thank you for sharing:) I love that cabinet, too.

Re: Weight just a minute...there's junk in those paperweights!

Love this!

Re: Junk on Display's a chinese rice basket in #3.

The triangle is for tanning pig hides.

Re: Grandma's Attic

Thanks, everyone:)

Re: Candleboard

Thanks! We found a lot of neat stuff in that pile.

Re: Texas Hoarders Estate Junk Sale

I am drooling...

Re: Finally got our "things" together...or as I like to say, got our "junk" together!

Absolutely awesome stuff! I'd love to dig into this...

Re: JUNK Market Bag


Re: I Love Christmas

Very cool:) I like the way the collections are arranged.

Re: Primitive Powder Room

Ok, finally got around to adding that close-up...


Ah...wonderful idea! I have about 50 old windows, and now I know what to do with a few of them. Great job!

Re: Primitive Powder Room

Lani...thanks...I'll take a close-up for you. Gramdeb...I'll be happy to send you more info. Basically, I took shutters that were too short, height-wise, to do anything with in my house and found that if I turned them the other way, they were a pretty good fit (the valence hides the overlap at the top). You can open them all the way, too. I'll take pictures to show that.

Re: HodgePodge Display

Thanks! That little wooden carousel horse is one of my favorite things. I call this the 'carnival room'.

Re: Cover a Thermostat

No, that's correct...the air flow should not be disrupted. That's why the 'case' only has two sides, with the top and bottom open. I installed this cover, and another one in the dining room, and have had both in place for over two years without any problems. The thermostats both read accurately, and both systems (they are separately zoned) work efficiently. The trick to this is giving enough clearance, and making sure that both the top and the bottom are open. Another easy trick to cover a thermostat with good ventilation is to hang a loose-weave basket (of any material) over it.

Re: A Primitive Christmas

Thanks! I don't have a lot of space in the living room at the farmhouse, so a twig tree (being very narrow) seemed the best answer, and the primitive style went with the 'theme' of the house well enough. I had to pull the decorations together with what I had on hand.

Re: Primitive Powder Room

Thanks, everyone:) Yes, I attached it to the old fixture, which had a glass cover, originally. I just drilled holes in the tin in two places for the threaded rods to pass through, painted the original end caps with hammered metal paint (mix of bronze and copper to get the rusty color) and screwed them in place to hold it on.

Re: Great Find

I'd love to find it's twin...wonderful find!

Re: big ol box of brass watch gears..i guess gears like me.

These would be awesome jewelry makings...

Re: Junking on a TUESDAY???

What a treasure trove...everything I see is terrific!

Re: Compact Memories

Fantastic idea for old compacts...I love this idea. What a cool combination!

Re: Primitive Bench

I love this...what a great color, too!

Re: old deck chair

Another option would be to add some thinned stain and then wax it with Johnson's floor wax and steel wool...this would bring up a sheen and darken it a bit, and keep the patina (just use a gentle touch). I have a similar chair...I folded it closed and hung it on a wall with a thick ribbon.


I absolutely covet wonderful!

Re: old antique heat grate i picked up this weekend of my favorite subjects: great old grates! I collect these. Love this one.

Re: Here are a couple things i got the other day....

Fantastic finds! I am ogling and drooling!

Re: Table Top Made With Old Printing Press Type

This is one of the coolest things I have seen...I love the patina of the colors. What a great idea!

Re: Rustic candelier "dooded" up for Christmas

This is wonderful...was it a table base? I didn't read the other comments yet, so I could make my guess. I really love it.

Re: more button mania

I really love the colors and textures of the muffin tin...that is truly awesome!

Re: Corbel Shelf

Wonderful way to use these...I love the profile, and the beadboard is a perfect backing.

Re: Old baby crib bench

Looks fantastic! I have an antique crib that I plan on making a settee out of soon. Love your bench!


Some wonderful stuff...that door table is especially awesome. Would love to see it from an angle that shows the bases. Great stuff!


Love the double door...and thanks for the idea! I have a collection of old wooden screen doors, myself, and hadn't thought about using them as interior doors. Love it!