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Re: Chalkboard Message Center from an old oval frame

Love the chalkboard! What a lovely frame! Your yellow wall color is wonderful. Would you mind sharing what brand/color you used?

Re: I've been pickin'

The double cola box is really awesome! Looks like you found lots of good stuff! Wish I had my own shed full of junk!

Re: Aully, Aully, Auction FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great finds!! I really love the glass lamp!!!

Re: Road side finds

Why don't I ever find fabulous things on the side of the road? Ha ha! You are one lucky girl! Great finds!!!

Re: AAJMS Spring Show 2010: Are You Ready?

Love everything!! Especially the streets signs and that amazing garden gate!!!

Re: Great Finds at Garage Sales and Upcoming Projects

Wow!!! Those are some amazing finds!!

Re: Benchs from headboard

I really love these!!! Great idea!!

Re: Coffee Bean Message Board

That's so cool! I would love to try this! Where does one find coffee bags?

Re: kitchen windchime

Love this!

Re: iron & lace headboard


Re: Can you believe these things were FREE?

Oh, I can definitely see it's potential shining through! Can't wait to see it's makeover! And can't believe it was free!!!

Re: Sunny Table transformation

Cute table and what a happy color!

Re: Little Display Cabinet

I love this!! Love that aqua color, too! And your aqua wall and that lovely vase!

Re: Repurposed Dresser for Craft Room

Very cute and clever!

Re: Tall Quilt Rack

Great idea and I love that color!!

Re: Bird in the Cage...

really cute idea!!

Re: RING aROUND the Rosie!

Great finds! I REALLY love the alarm clocks!!

Re: An OLD Vanity makes a come-back!

What a fabulous makeover!!!

Re: Dresses & knobs

I've been wanting to make one like this- wasn't sure how to attach the door handles. I've seen some great ones, but they were always very pricey. Yours is great and those dresses are the cutest!!

Re: Family Jewles



I love cloches! This looks wonderful!!

Re: Architectural pieces and cloches two of my favorite things.

WOW! I adore that shelf!! It's fabulous!!!

Re: more burn rescue

I LOVE that architectural piece!!!

Re: To DYE for!

very cool!

Re: Welcome to The Dark Side.....Of Color

Your home looks so warm, cozy and inviting!

Re: Once Upon a Time in Texas.....

Lucky girl! Great stuff!

Re: If JMS Jumped off a Bridge .....

That is so funny! My hubby knows all I ever want for a present is to go searching for old junk! :) He just hands me some cash and says "have fun!" And he claims to "love" all my girly stuff and junk. I'm a lucky girl!

Re: One of My Top Ten - Cloches!

I love cloches! I only have one, but I want more!


great find!!!

Re: Glammin' up my girl

She's beautiful and that fun crown is exactly what she needed!!!

Re: fencing in the platters

Love this so much!!! Great idea!!

Re: An Elephant Never Forgets...His Keys

great idea!!!


LOVE the silver trophy cups and the bling makes them even more fabulous!!!

Re: A Shabby Chandelier Makeover

Cute! I love floral fabrics!

Re: chippy white and wonderful hutch

What a great hutch!!

Re: slipcovers bring it all together ..

Those are lovely slipcovers! Love the color!

Re: "Shift Key" Necklace

I LOVE it!!! I would really love to try my hand at jewelry pieces!