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I love junk. I love vintage. And I super LOVE the culture that surrounds reusing, repurposing, upcycling, vintage, DIY, and living your best awesome life.

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Rustic Side Table

The drawers, top, and extra table surface were sanded down really well, then coffee stain was added, and several layers of polycrylic. The wood stained in a marbeling affect with the coffee stain...

Table in shades of grey...

For this table, the "inside" of the table was hand sanded to bare wood and then coated with a semi-opaque grey stain. The "outside" parts of the table where also sanded, then painted with grey paint...

Outdated Octagon Table Gets a New Beachy Look

The before is an octagon table, like the ones you see at every garage sale and thrift store around. The table got a paint job, inside and out (see the aqua surprise color on the inside!). Then the...

A Succulent Terrarium

A quick and simple project!

Glass Insulators Get a Different Look

  1) Primed the insulators with the appropriate spray paint. 2) Spray painted the insulators black. 3) Painted the now black insulators with silver metallic paint. Wait a minute. Then...

Turning an Old Table into a Table that Looks Old

The table started out pretty ugly and something not many people would want in their house. Here's how I updated it but still left it looking old and rustic:    Prepped by sanding, priming...

New Lease on Life

So while these ceramic ornaments are not junk in the rusty-dusty way, they were certainly headed to the trash after breaking. But a log, drill and epoxy saved them!   If you'd like to see a...

Fence Flower

Flower parts where epoxy glued together, and a tiny twine hanger was added to the top. The "stem" was something we had in our garage that we used to use for Christmas decorations. If you'd like to...

Refurbished Thrift Store Tables

I really wanted something I could pull up to me as I sit in the corner of the couch covered in blankets and surrounded by pillows--you know, when I'm not gonna be getting up for a while! I actually...

Backyard Wooden Windchimes

Using some thrift store scores, I assembled this windchime out of kitchen "junk".

Resale Table Turned Garden Furniture

My husband and I found this table for about $20 at a local thrift store and I immediately fell in love with it's chunky legs. I like the yellow paint already on the base of the table, but we needed...

Recent comments

Re: Repurposed Vintage Water Ski & Yardsticks Chalkboard

Love it!

Re: Rustic Side Table

Thanks so much, everyone! :)

Re: Table in shades of grey...

Thanks, Sue. Me too! I was afraid the grey was going to be gloomy, but it is very contemporary and chic. :)

Re: Rustic Side Table

Thanks, Sue! It was a fun project. :)

Re: Outdated Octagon Table Gets a New Beachy Look

Thanks so much Gadgetsponge & MakinItHappen! I really like the way this table turned out, too!

Re: Old Drawers to End Tables...

This looks great! I love the idea!

Re: Glass Insulators Get a Different Look

Thanks everyone!

Re: refurnished small side table...fabric lined drawers

Did you tack the fabric in the drawers, or does the fabric lie there in place? I love the idea of using fabric! There are many more patterns out there than for regular drawer liner.

Re: Garden Work Bench

Love, love, love!!

Re: Teapot Teacup Chandelier

You have an awesome imagination! Nice re-do on the brass chandelier!

Re: The Korean War Cabinet

I absolutely LOVE this. Such an inspiration! I'm going to have a think and see if I can come up with a piece. I'll let you know if I do :)


I really love the plate lined flower bed. So cute!

Re: More Junk Chimes

Very cool! I have tons of silverware hanging out, just waiting for me to start a similar project. Seeing how nice your windchimes look makes me want to move this up my project list. :)