Angie Nelson, Thomasville, NC, US

Ive been an artist and designer for as long as I can remember and have had a 20 plus year career as a floorcloth maker.

My favorite inside pass time as a girl was to make Barbie houses inside the bathroom cabinets complete with innovative junk furniture, rugs and artwork. This was an ongoing project for my sister and I until we completely took over the entire bathroom incorporating the sink and counter top as a rooftop pool area.

Today, I lean towards a rustic style somewhere between Adirondack and Western with a little Cottage thrown in for good measure. Ive been married half of my life to a wild-eyed southern boy and together we have built a nice little farm and produced two adrenaline junkie children.

In November, 2010 we opened a handmade and vintage shop at home on our farm that we call Ranch Dressing. Our farm has become known as the Junk Ranch. The best part is having a venue to display our upcycled and repurposed junk creations in ways to inspire others to reuse their own things or finds in creative ways.

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Bird Feeders and Baths

I've been on a ceramic kick lately...tiered jewelry dishes galore and now birdfeeders and baths. They are made basically the same way. Stack them to suit your need and go back and glue with...

Horseshoe Picture Hanger

Found the old frame at Goodwill. Painted and distressesed the finish and added the embellished horseshoe hanger...ready for a nice western print. 

Junk Baby

Junk Lovers obviously produce junk babies...a fun little project I did over the winter with some left over junk items that didn't sell at our grande opening sale. 

From Clock Case to Jewelry Box

I started with a vintage clockcase with a black oxidized alligator finish...wish I knew what happened to my before pic....and it just evolved into a jewelry case after I let it sit out in the studio...

Fringy Night Stands

I know it resembles a parade float...but it's really a night stand. I took two home made, rickety tables and transformed them into kitschy little western night stands to be paired with a couple of...

Reproducing Old Documents

Early this year I took on a project that I really had no clue how to complete, but in my usual manner I said "Yes, I can."  My customer recently purchased a piece of property with the old house...

Recent comments

Re: Bird Feeder & Bird bath

How pretty both projects will be in someone's garden this year. Love them!

Re: I'm Really Getting Into Leather!

Funny, how leather being so rugged, makes such an elegant vase. This is great!

Re: My version of "Dresser Turned into a Bench"!

Most innovative! I love projects like this. This will be so pretty wherever you use it.

Re: hanging flower vase

So clever and simple...I just love it! I collect soda bottles and this is a wonderful way to highlight a special one. Great idea.

Re: Industrial/Cottage Wreath

Spotted this on FB this am and had to check it out. I always love the contrast of textures. It's great!

Re: Junk Baby

Thank you...my son thinks she's a little creepy! Maybe only a face a mother could love.

Re: License Plate Map Process

Lots of patience required I imagine. I love the nostalgia of old plates.

Re: Michigan License Plate Flag

Like Jim...I thought barn when I saw this. Very cool! I am a fan!

Re: Tin tile in a frame

Another reason to keep things a while until "it" happens. This is really a pretty piece!

Re: Massey Ferguson Tractor Grill Side Table

Nice the way you followed the round end for your top!

Re: Princess Alberta, Patron Saint of Smoke & Mirrors

I am amazed. How fun!!

Re: Candle Holder 101

This is going to be one of my favorites of all time. I always especially love contrasts of texture and this is really great!

Re: Greenhouses from old wood windows and industrial scrap material.

What they said!...

Re: Fun Game Table

Wow! this is great fun.

Re: Jewelry Carousels

so pretty and clever!

Re: another free picture

They look great together! Good eye.

Re: 100 mile garage sale

Could have fooled me...I have faux stained glass in our bedroom as well applied to two fixed glass windows over the bed. I like your pattern.

Re: Recycled Vintage China Birdfeeders

These are so colorful and fun! I too love the bird bath...just too cute!

Re: New life for a plant stand

This looks great...what a clever idea.

Re: From Clock Case to Jewelry Box

Thank you so much...I made 3 more of those little boxes this morning...they are addictive!

Re: Coffee Tin Projects

These are wonderful projects. I hadn't considered cutting up my old ones with rusted out bottoms. So glad to have the idea. Thanks.

Re: 3rd Floor Stairs

The coolest thing I've seen all week! My son collects old tags...I wonder if he'd notice if I "borrowed" some on the way UP to his room? Great idea!

Re: First Junk Swap project!!!

This is really cool! Love the colors against your natural background in the photo...gives us an good idea of how pretty it is in person.

Re: Junk Swap Project

Lot's of good stuff there to work with...after seeing this I am really looking forward to seeing more.


You're such a clever re-purposer! Didn't know what it was to begin with...but I love what you are doing with it.

Re: old toaster kitchen night light

This is a beautiful piece in itself...the light inside is the icing on the cake! Great idea.

Re: A Lamp For The Birds

Such an elegant look...perfect in a girl's room! Beautiful job.

Re: Vintage Hobnail Lamps Get a Modern Makeover

ooh, so pretty. Nice embellishments with the fabrics too.

Re: painted western belt

Have you tried boots yet? Your belts look great!

Re: My Swap Project 1 - bluebucket

I'd say you got an "A" on your project!

Re: [WRECKAGE] Cabinet

Wreckage...great name! I am already a fan of this new line.

Re: An odd Couple can make a perfect marriage...at least for furniture

It just goes to show that patience really is a virtue. What a wonderful piece the two came together to make. You have such a good eye for detail!

Re: altered antique bottles and charms

Fun stuff! I have collected bottles and old jewelry since I was a teenager and somehow the idea of mixing the two had completely escaped me. They are really beautiful.

Re: Reproducing Old Documents

Thanks so much for your kind comments; it means a lot coming from you all!

Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

Sounds fun...I'm in.