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Winter Wonderland in a Jar

I had all of the items on hand including the two quart jar that sat on top of my kitchen cupboard.

Recent comments

Re: How to Display a Christmas Wreath

What a lovely arrangement and I enjoyed watching you put it together!!

Re: Pallet/Wine Cork Key Holders

That is a great use of all the materials and a very useful end use. Goodjob!

Re: Guess What This Little Number Is?

I can't play either!! But it is great piece and the story with it is just as great

Re: Burn Pile Beauty

I love what you saved out of the burn pile!!

Re: Toast the Holidays with a Ball Jar Goblet

Suzi I do not know why you waited so long but you are off to an excellent start...keep up the good work and we will all be watching for more things from you in the future!

Re: 3 Shades of Christmas Tree.

Well, the 1st Pfarkel has to chime in here....Good job!! It is good the Pfarkel Sisters and my house have a great supply of stuff...enough so that she could do another half dozen or so...just saying The finish project is great and it requires no watering to keep it alive!

Re: Repurposed Vintage Simplex Timeclock & Flashlight Lamp

I always love the things that you do with 'junk' The flashlight was a good use

Re: Taking the "Challenge"...Broken Lantern to Ball Jar "Snow Globe"...

Great use of a Ball jar Laurel, you always to a great job. I will join in on the challenge too. It will be exciting to see what all the members new and old come up with

Re: Repurposed Wine Caddy - Using Sewing Machine Drawer Slide Racks

The Pfarkel Sisters are always doing something for wine storage or carrying and we have not done any of these before even though we have several sewing machine cabinet parts in both of our shed. Yours are very good looking as usual!

Re: Sara Carney Swanson of Minnesota Robot Co.

Sara, is great at designing robots and these are great examples of her work!!! Keep up the good work

Re: Reminder and Last Call...5th Annual Vintage Market on the Farm

Does this not sound like fun?!! Well it will be when we get our work done!!
Hop a plane, hop on a bus Gus, just be here for the fun!

Re: Baby Shower Centerpiece

Love the look of the umbrella and the wonderful spring color. This looks like it will be a fun baby shower.

Re: Industrial, Vintage Playing Cards Wall Art

Another great project from Brian!! I like the base wood as well as, the cards placed on it. Way to go again.

Re: Little Birdie Junk

Jim, not onl do you know how to do great projects for JMS but you are great with the comments!! I had not noticed the tipsy cardinal. My husband fills the feeders with sunflower seeds but then Sue may have gone out to share a little of her wine?! lol

Re: A Christmas Twist on an old JM Project

You really do know how to play in a sand box. It is even more fun to play in the sand box with you. Candy for the eyes and the soul.

Re: A Moment of Silence and Prayers from All at JUNKMARKET Style

Heart breaking to say the very least and prayersand hugs are needed for all of us especially the families and community to which this happened!

Re: A Christmas Package

I did not get to take this pretty package home either but, there was one lucky person who did. My package was not as pretty but the winner of that one sure did enjoy the contents!!

Re: Upcycled Minnow Bucket Duplex Metal Birdhouse

Where do you find all the wonderful material to do a bird house like this??? Wonderful combination of materials!!!