Gretchen Schaumann, Champlin, MN, US

I have always been a creative person that enjoys beautiful thing. As a 8 year old, I was a collector of junk. I found vintage beads & baubles in my parents & former grandparents attic, rocks on the gravel roads or field,old boxes or bottles in the ditch, and I loved garage saling with my Mom. Kind of funny as I think back on my childhood, and it was already forming my passions.
I enjoy creating something beautiful from something another person has disgarded as junk. Wether it be vintage buttons, a mis-matched earring, a street car token, a chandelier prism, or whatever it might be.
I am happily married, with a 19 year old daughter, Emily. I enjoy junk shopping, designing & creating jewelry, water skiing, flower gardening, reading & laying in the hammock out at our cabin.
Looking forward to meeting fellow junkers and being part of a great exchange of other creative kindrid spirits out there.

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Gender: Female

Birthday: 03/13/1961

Member Since: 08/28/2008

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Studio Space

After 15 years of vintage jewelry redesign my studio is becoming what I'd like it to be. Here's the results of a long awaited journey...

Vintage Redesign Jewelry with Found Elements

Here are some fun items.

Junk Redesigned Jewelry Display

Anyone that knows me, knows that I display my vintage redesign jewelry with displays that accent the style of jewelry I create, and this project is no exception.

A Special Gift

This necklace was created for my Mil for Mother's Day. It involved 5-6 hours of labor including the multiple layering to create the focal as well as all of the hand wire wrapped elements incorporated into it.

Money Bag Tutorial for Vendors

All of us junkers end up collecting so much, that eventually we start selling our wares. Be it jewelry or tables, or altered art items. What is the common denominator? We all need a moneybag for the shows we do.

Fun Stuff Preparing for the Trunk Show

Are you ready for Saturday? A little Pampering will be going on at the Junk Market Style/Otten Bros. Nursery Trunk Show event.

Cow Girl Necklace

On a recent search and rescue jaunt looking for found elements and unique items to redesign jewelry with, I came across some of these elements I chose to use in this piece.

Mimi-Toria's Version of SteamPunk

I recently had a request to create a line of SteamPunk inspired jewelry for a Trunk Show I did yesterday, and here is the one of my designs that sold at the show.

AA/JMS Vintage Redesign Jewelry #3

Amy of Whisperwood found these fabulous optical lenses at a recent event I was selling at, and she was shopping at. She was kind enough to bring them into my vendor space, share her find and than with my $$ go back to the vendor she bought them from and by a stash for me. Thank you Amy!

AA/JMS Vintage Redesign Jewelry #2

Another piece of jewelry available soon at the AA/JMS Fall event. Vintage elements redesigned with, as well as hand-created focal accents make this one-of-a-kind design unique.

Vintage Redesign Jewelry for AA/JMS

This necklace is something that I created with some found treasures.

The Goods

Treasures found by searching high and low at the Oronoco Gold Rush Flea Market.

Garden Party Necklace

A lively mix of rose pink, sea foam blue, silver, grey and crystal creates a unique piece of jewelry.

Jewelry for the AA/JMS Upcoming Event

I've got something for everyone in the jewelry designs this time around. Simple and elaborate. You name it I've been trying to provide it for the sale.

Mannequin Gets New Life

I found this mannequin last week at an antique shop, and decided she could use a make-over. See the results...

Vintage Redesign Jewelry - Heading to Cali for the Week-end

The items below are heading with Sue to go to the "Remnants of the Past" show on Saturday, April 24th. They can be viewed in person at this show, as well as Sue will be there signing her books and teaching a fun class on fairy gardens. If you live in the area, try to make it to see Sue.

"A Crown for the Queen"

I am a jewelry designer by trade, a contributor by honor, and a fortunate member of this great JMS group.  Just sharing a few of my creative endeavors that I sell in the Midwest. 

"Wander/Watch/Nest" Necklace

Another fun necklace which has sold and is shipping to New York. This is one of my favorites, as I favor the watch faces, love the word elements as well as the bird nests that I had wire wrap each one individually.

Disk Spacers Re purposed

My brother found 20 of these disk spacers at a farm sitting out in the field still attached to the disk. These were up north where I grew up, and I had asked him to keep an eye out for me for some disk spacers.

"Shift Key" Necklace

Ahhh, found junk. So fun to design with...

"Bird of Nature" Necklace

This necklace is designed with many found elements as well as semi-precious gemstones that are part of my stash I need to use up.

Trash to Treasure Clock Tutorial

An easy project with very few tools needed.

Fun & Unique Jewelry Displays by Gretchen

I thought I would share with you all a few of my Mimi-Toria's Jewelry displays I've created and am using for selling at a new occasional store style setting. This jewelry display area will be kept as a permanent display area for my jewelry, so that is awesome.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Just a few photos of our current look on our front porch. This will be changing tomorrow. Blessings to you all!

My Holiday Projects

Some re purposing is going on at the "French Flea".

Paris Themed Necklace

A vintage element redesign, which was in the end snatched up by the one and only "Lani" to be a part of her own colletion.

Garden Arbor Creation

This is my sister, Sandy and her husband, Jims' re purposing. They used to raise hogs on their farm, but now since her husband retired they had extra hog crates laying in the weeds. See the garden structure they re purposed them into.

Vintage Redesign Jewelry - From Raw Elements to Fun

An example of some of the new vintage redesign pieces that I've been creating for the French Flea shop as well as the JB event next week. Using Oronoco finds and turning them into designs.

As Seen In Oronoco Flea Market

I just had my first experience at the Oronoco Gold Rush Days where I was overwhelmed with wonderful visual overload!!!

Front Porch Chandelier

A quick and easy project marrying a couple pcs. of junk together.

Vintage Redesign Jewlery Designer Scours Oronoco Flea Market for Treasures

So you've been seeing some nifty things posted on the site from the rest of the JMS contributors, and there's been a lot of heavy metal, cool materials, wire, and lots of funky junk. Here's a taste of some small junk, just waiting for me too snatch it up at the Flea Market. Too see more of my jewelry design work, you can visit my blog at http://www.mimitoriasdesigns.blogspot.com.

Gardens at Cabin Update

Last year I began creating gardens over a troubled patch of land that was on top of our septic system. I had built garden paths with recycled granite from the dumpster, recyled plants from friends, and now I've added some recycled finds to my garden.

Found Junk - Displays Now

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and you can come up with a lot of something.

"Autumn Leaves"

The last necklace of 3 that I did in this series. See other posts if interested in more details or visit my blog at the link provided.

"Princess" vintage redesign jewelry

Another necklace in the artbeads series using products they sent me to design with.

Vintage Redesign with Artbeads items

A funky and fun jewelry design that is as fun to wear as it was to make.

"Vintage Redesign Take 2"

So junkers, have you ever made something and you just weren't happy with the original "Take 1"? Well this is what happened to me with designing this necklace. I wasn't happy until I had redesigned a redesign. lol I call this my "Take 2 Necklace".

Recycled Jewelry

I love to design and make jewelry with vintage elements.

"Distant Memories" Shadow Box

I rose to the piano player music roll challenge and this is my completed project. The deco podge part of this project added lots of hours to this project, so I'm thrilled to finally get it completed.

Altered Art Card

This post is to show how a few simple additions to scrapbooking paper can make a great card for whatever event you want to remember. This is a thank you card that I have yet to send, for a wonderful Christmas gift I received.

Vintage Jewelry Redesigned

This post is about the creative use of vintage jewelry being redesigned into something more modern for todays styles.

Box Art

Many of you know I'm a jewelry designer, that took a few years off, regrouped and am now back doing this creative work again. So after posting a photo of my new collection of pendants one of the Junk Market members actually purchased my first piece of this new venture. I decided to make her a special little box to ship the pendant in. Here's what I came up with.

How to of Gretchen's Button Jewelry

I've been working for a while on some button, vintage earrings, vintage elements and such to create jewelry out of. I have been swirling it around in my brain for a long time, and this is the first of the finished products for this line of jewelry.

"Coco Chanel" all Blinged Out for the Holidays

Coco Chanel is our little angel. We believe she was a gift from God to us. We found her at 4 weeks old a little white fluff ball in a swampy area all by herself stuck between two plowed furrows in a field. She was all white with just a touch of buff when we found her and now this is how she looks 2 years later. She is still our "angel".

Ice Skates Get a New Life

A few flourishes adds up to a new look.

Junk Basket Display

I picked up this fresh green basket last week when I was in Buffalo from the Buffalo Nickel and knew right away it needed some good old fashioned Junk added to it to make it right for my porch.

Mantle Turned Headboard

A fun use for a mantle is to use it for a headboard.

Coffee Table Holiday Bling

So my friend called and was on her way over to see my tree. I had about 1/2 hour to get ready, pick up the house and do a quickie table scape. The items were downstairs in a holding area ready to run up the stairs. This is what I came up with.

I Love the Details of Vintage Cast offs & New

Just a peak of a few of my favorite things to decorate with. I am a detailed oriented person in the real world, as well as in my decorating.

Christmas Decor Ideas

Just a few holiday decorating ideas that I've used in the past.  I found these photos on my computer and thought I'd share them.

How to Harvest Bed Springs

So what do you do with a vintage mattress that is full of rusty springs? You harvest them. After all it was November, harvesting time. : )

Recycled Junk Christmas Tree Decorated

I had decided after last years holiday open house tours through the "Round Barn Potting Co." that for Christmas 2008, I wanted to do a theme tree with just a select group of colors.

Tutorial - Making a Recycled Junk Christmas Tree with a Twist

I am a fan of Lani's Christmas tree post project that she did for this website, but wanted to do something on a smaller budget, so here is my results. There are 2 posts, one for building it and one with it decorated.

How to Dye Bottle Brush Trees

I am not your typical traditionalist when it comes to Christmas decorating. I rarely use the holiday evergreen color or red, so when I found out you could actually change the colors of these bottle brush trees to your own color, I was thrilled.

Christmas Bling & More Great Ideas

I am posting this for a friend, Julie Pierce of Design Cafe in Minnesota is the originator of this fabulous pc. and these photos in the post are of her livingroom. I am posting for her, so that you all can enjoy this wonderful idea.

Stool Idea

This is not my idea, but I bought 2 of these at a fabulous church sale called "Saturday Market" out near St. Michael, MN. This was an awesome sale and Dinah did a great job with heading it up. This was Dinah's design idea, and I want to share it with you, since it is cute, fun and so simple to do with a stool you might have laying around home.

Help!!! Ideas Needed

I bought this great scale this summer and am at a loss as to what to do with it. It is a large piece, very heavy, and unfortunately there aren't too many places to display this piece in my home. Anyone want to buy it? Ha! Ideas for what to do with it or displaying welcome. Also, it must of been used in a floral display as it has some glue (appears like it may of been wood glue and does chip off) in the large pan portion of it. The rest of the scale is in mint condition and I'm wondering if this maybe wasn't a baby scale way back when. Anyone know?

Vintage Typewriter Gets a New Home

Candy from Junk Sophisticates posted a great project with a freebie typewriter she received and I liked it so well I decided to pull out a stored typewriter I had in our home and use her idea to create this family photo display area. Loved her idea. Thanks Candy!!!

A Store that Built our Junk

Just spent a week-end in Peoria, Illinois, and discovered an amazing building down by the waterfront. Just had to share with you my fellow junkers.

Junk Finds in my Gardens

A few junk ideas I've used in my gardens.

Junk Built It

OK, so this isn't my idea, so I'll brag a little in this post. My mother-in-law (mil) and father-in-law (fil) are the creators, and I just had to share it with you all. My sil calls it the bird cage and I think my mil calls it the conservatory, I'll be calling it a structure for this post.

Neutral Fall Outdoor Decor

We have a green house, with white porch/trim across the front, and a magenta front door. Leaves quite the Fall decorating dilemma, thus the non-traditional neutral/minimilist decorating choices.

Ever Seen A Blue Pumpkin?

An alternative in decorating without the traditional orange pumpkins. Next week in my posts you'll understand more why I don't use orange/rust/gold colors.  Our house is a nice green with white...

Gear Decor

Sometimes I fall in love with something and simply have to have it. Such was the case with this vintage wood wheel cog. These were used for sand casting for gears. The gear found a...

Don't You Love Free Junk?

While garage saling I came upon a sale that had a free box.  Low and behold their throw away junk, was treasures to a junker like myself. I haven't used my finds yet, but my brain is spinning...

Ugly Table Tile Redo/Kitchen Project

You asked for the table redo photos, so here they are.  No real before of the table.  It was UGLY!  Forest green painted wood with a faux dark wood formica top with side pcs...

From UGLY to Tolerable

So, I was doing some redecorating in our kitchen, such as I layed a new linoleum tile floor, painted walls, painted 4 vintage chairs, cabinet and table.  I also tiled the top of the table and...

A Deal for Minnesota Junkers - See Description

FYI  (For Your Information) Just wanted to let you all know that October is the Recycle/Reuse month for Hennepin County in Minnesota.  There are 75 shops that are included every year in a...

Newcomers Please Read

Welcome to all of you members that may be comfortable at this time viewing and are intimidated to join in and post your opinoin/ideas/projects.  I was that person just a few weeks...

Junk Goin' Home WIth Me

My friend and I went to the yearly Junk Bonanza gathering last Thursday.  We had a great time and I found some fun stuff to buy.  Lots of it is for jewelry redesign, and other items were...

Manequin Jewelry Display

This has become a great spot to hang some of my longer styled necklaces.  Being a jewelry designer, I never have enough room for storing my jewelry.

Vintage Insulator Repurposed

A coffee table display at our beach theme cabin. Note the deer antler.  My dh found it when we were out running together near our cabin.  I was thrilled!  Last week he found a...

Junk Finds used in Displays

Some displays using some of my junk finds.  I seem to be attracted to wood boxes, shells and coral.  Hmmm!

Useful Suitcases

I love vintage suitcases and old metal banker boxes.  Some of my uses for them.

Printer Boxes to Jewelry Organizers

I don't have to do anything to these purchases, but are repurposing them to something I can use on a daily basis. I plan to put the aqua/green one stacked on top of the white box, which will be on my...

Junk Table

Cute little tables.  They were like 3 for $2.00 years ago at a garage sale.  They waited a long time for my attention though.

Storage Cabinet

This former vintage sewing machine cabinet was a very dark brown stained wood.  I painted a base coat of white, started to sand for the next coat and fell in love with it as it looked with some...

Junk Style Necklace

Necklace made from junk.  I bought as many of these chandelier prisms as I could when I found them.  I was told the seller brought them back from Sweden for resale.  They are flat...

Corbel Display

Loved the chippy paint corbel on site.  Currently on top of a vintage cabinet being used with this display.

Granite Garden Paths

Dumpster Diving for granite.  Now that is a heavy job.  All summer I have been adding a huge garden out at our cabin, and have made numerous walking paths out of "junk" granite that is in a...

Decorating Beachy Style with Found Objects

These are a few scenes in our cabin posted for Lynette.

Decor - Beach Theme at Cabin

These are some Junk ideas I've been using in our cabin, which obviously is a beachy theme.

Decorative Display Pc.

The object displayed could be changed seasonally.  A vintage flower frog holding an old photo would be fun too.

Buffalo/Paynesville Junking Trip

My haul from last Thursday/Friday shopping trips all stacked up.  Loved the white cabinet, and had to have it.  It was a printers box.  Note the cool keys for $4.00 for the bunch...

Waterski Shelf

I bought this vintage wood (green/orange) waterski for my husbands birthday one year and turned it into a shelf. The brackets were purchased at a Junk Market sale back when they still sold out...

Waterski Sign

Cabin sign.  A fun and personalized use for an old wood waterski. 

Vintage window turned photo display

This again was a project made for our cabin and it is a beach theme, so chose photos of our family and of the landscape from a Riviera Mayan, Mexico trip we took as a family.  I have since added...

Vintage style door molding turned shelf

I bought this vintage door top years ago at a sale for $5.00 and while decorating our cabin I came up with idea to make it into a shelf and a coat rack as well.  I measured out evenly across the...

Recent comments

Re: Quirky Decor

Big fan of this Suzanne. Love it! :)

Re: Shhh....no more. JUNKMARKET's Little Sister is here!!

Congratulations Sue on this wonderful new venture for Junk Market Style. May you only continue to find success amongst this new venue and meet up with more Junking friends and wonderful people to share the Junk movement with. A whole new fun and fresh area to put your stamp onto.
Thank you for the honor of being a part of this fun journey. May you and all of those involved find much success, enjoyment and fun with this new venture "Get Fresh Vintage".
Gretchen of Mimi-Toria's

Re: *Berry* Easy, No Bugs, No Spill Party Glasses

Welcome Jasmin to Junk Market Style and becoming a contributor. Looks like your a fun loving gal with wonderful style as well. Like Sue so often says a twofer.
This project is fun, easy, pretty and practical. Great idea!
Gretchen of Mimi-Toria's

Re: Etching made easy!

Looking great, Andrea. Of course I have this glass etching in my basement studio, but do you think I've used it? Nope... You're inspiring me to give it a whirl, as your project turned out so neat.

Re: Studio Space

Thank you ladies. It took years of designing literally all over our house, to convince my dh to turn our small main floor bedroom into my studio. So handy to have a main floor studio to work in now and to store my supplies.
My favorite studio though is at our cabin, as we have a wonderful covered area outdoors that I love to work at and a huge inside surface for designing that is incredibly perfect. I am indeed blessed...
It took 15 years of designing to get this place, so am enjoying it.

Re: Summer Garden Project!

Love the new planters with flowers. So pretty!

Re: Sweet Junk Nothings...

Beautiful contrast with the worn leather and gorgeous flowers. So cool...

Re: JUNKMARKET Style....25,000 Members strong

Congratulations Sue and all of the rest of the Junk Market Style gang. It truly is something to be excited about, and a lot of hours of hard work, educating and projects shared went into making this site 25,000 members strong. Such a privilege to be a tiny, tiny part of.
Here's to another 25,000 and many more years of community sharing.
Gretchen of Mimi-Tori'as

Re: In the Swim...Junk Style!

Wow Amy, you really found some great complimentary items and turned this into such a fun and personal area to create this space. I love how you made it even more personal with the cool photo of your Grandma in Lake Michigan too. What a treasure that is.
Would of loved to have seen an inspiration photo that initially inspired you added to your post, so members could see how fun it is to be inspired, but giving things your own twist and making it your own...

Re: Make a branch handled tray

What a great tray you've created Donna, and I love the Mason Jars that go with it. Too fun for Summer...such creativity oozing out from you. :)

Re: Please Seat Yourself

These are wonderful! I'm thinking they'd be very cool for an outdoor farm style/wine style/woodsy style wedding reception. What a great use of cast off wood supplies.

Re: My Hunky Chunky Coffee Table

Wonderful project sweet Missy. Love it!

Re: My Hunky Chunky Coffee Table

Wonderful project sweet Missy. Love it!

Re: JUNKMARKET Tablescapes - Twin Cities Live Video

I just love when you do the Twin City Live segments, as I always see fresh and fun ideas coming from you. Thanks for sharing this link on JMS, since I didn't see it live and wasn't aware that it was happening.

Re: Mama's Happy and Mama's Open!

I agree with Laurel... Amanda is a top notch lady and business gal. Check out her shop. I too need to get there.
It looks so inviting and fun... Congrats on the new shop Amanda and much success to you.

Re: Pallet Patina

Beautifully done Bec... Love this.

Re: Jewelry Display

Glad to have inspired you...
You've done a great job of repurposing this into a jewelry display. :) Cassie from this site had one somewhat like this that she had created for our March 1st, Junk Market Under Glass event. Maybe you inspired her with your post. :)

Re: Cornflower Blue License Plate Birdhouse

So great!!!

Re: Upcycled Baseboard Coat Hangers, Bottle Opener & Bell!

Awesome use of treasured junk finds. So cool...

Re: Funky Coffee Table

Love this... bought one for Sue last Spring at an occasional store, and will be watching to see what she does with hers. Way cool!!!

Re: Baubles and Bling

Welcome out of lurking and into the spotlight. You've done a great job with these and I'm sure they were a huge addition to the overall feel/look of the wedding party. I love that you did each one OOAK... (one of a kind) and that each participant has their own keepsake piece now. I so struggle when someone wants something cookie cutter for their wedding and so enjoy when I can make something with Vintage Redesign instead.
Glad you've enjoyed your time on here and are confident enough to post your creations. These are beautiful...
Jewelry Designer & Contributor on JMS

Re: JMS Editors & Contributors in Review 2011

Thanks for the privilege of being a part of your team Ms. Sue. Love ya bunches!
~Gretchen aka Mimi

Re: Trouble Light From Odds and Ends

Incredibly creative and oh, so cooool. Well done, and for minimum $'s. Wow!

Re: Scrappy Clock

Very creative. Love how this turned out and has my brain spinning with thoughts and ideas. I have lots of these #'s in my studio and wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them. This may be the answer. I think some of mine are from power poles too.

Re: First of the 2012 "Top Ten" Picks from JMS Editors and Contributors

Wonderful choices for your top 10 of 2012. It all looks great in your home too and useful at the same time. That is the best junk...

Re: Dress Form from old mail bag

This is awesome! So my taste too. Great job and so unique. Thanks for sharing with JMS.

Re: Tool box "jewelry" box

Lucky you Tammy. I've been looking for one of these wood tool boxes for many years and have come upon one. The one I saw was mega bucks at a Flea Market and unfortunately out of my price range.
Enjoy your wonderful find. It's exactly what I'd do with one I find, but I'd be using it at my shows too.

Re: Vintage Fringe Tree

Silly me... I didn't even read/notice that it was from a vintage bedspread that your trim came from. Maybe, it was the same era of my parents spread I had referred to when I commented. lol

Re: Jewelry Organizer

This is classy, well done and filled with Junk inspiration pieces. As a jewelry designer though, I could use a whole wall of these beauties to hold all of my
accumulated treasures. Love your unique piece you created...

Re: Upcycled "Bird Island" Water Fountain

Way cool! I can see this only getting better with time too, as it ages in the weather. You will have the best bird drinking station around. Love it...

Re: A Holiday Show-Stopper for Sheri

You've done a beautiful job with breathing new life into some once cast off pieces. The necklace is wonderful and I'm sure your friend was thrilled. Congrats on being the member feature!

Re: Antique & Vintage for the Holidays.

An inspirational story and a great baseball photo, which is dripping with memories. Very cool.
Welcome to JMS, and may your experience here be nothing but good. Happy Holidays to you and yours.
Consider it an honor to be working with Ms. Sue. She's full of inspiration and always a lot of fun..

Re: Baby Hat Displays

Love your baby hat displays.


Re: Bed Spring Christmas Tree

Oh my... my kitties would love the balls of yarn. :)
This would be so fun for a knitter to have in their home too.
Very creative.

Re: Seed bag from the past.

I need not say more...

Re: Entry to Junque To Treasures store.

I think junk/treasures outside of the shops is always a good thing. It acts as a Pulling In of the Customer to see what lies behind the doors. :)
I hope your Holiday season if filled with lots of shoppers.

Re: piano bench

What beautiful details your piano bench has. Love the carvings on it and white paint. I've always wanted a piano bench for the end of my bed and/or for a coffee table. So versatile.

Re: $92.00 Kitchen Makeover, Re-use, Re-Purpose REBORN!

Looks like your hard work, elbow grease and a lot of ingenuity paid off and you're thrilled with the results. That is a huge reward!
Way to go with the thriftiness and figuring out what you'd love to have and than revamping those plans with what you can afford.
Now sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor...

Re: A Murder of Crows

Something to Crow about for sure... :)
Extremely creative and I'm sure they'll be a hit with just the intended customers...

Re: Hand designed paper Christmas clips

These are so beautiful... They would be awesome clipped on a package this Holiday season as the perfect topper to a well thought out present. Love it...

Re: Nothing A Little Stripper Can't Fix

Looks like you made a HUGE save on this piece of furniture. It turned out great! Way to go... I'm sure you'll have years and years of enjoyment out of it too and its so useful as well. Happy accidents sometimes turn out to be the best surprises. I had one of my own that I'm still enjoying the fruits of my labor from.
Thanks for sharing and happy holidays to you...

Re: Bike Rim Wreath

2 great projects Laurel. Nice to offer simple ones, as you say these are, with everyone short on time this season, it still allows for some beauty such as your projects would provide.

Re: My Redesign on a Redesign!

Love it!

Re: I Need Your Feedback

I will certainly send you my thoughts and such, but 15 ?'s will take some time. lol Love the topic though! Such a joyous topic/occasion to be discussing...

Re: Picker's Paradise Tag Sale

I've been there twice now. Yesterday, (the 24th was the last day and there is still great stuff to buy). I would of, bought would have, but don't have the place for it.
If you can go, do so.

Re: Ode to the Birch Tree and the Great Outdoors

Your birch displays are lovely Lani, as is all of your decor. Great post and a fun twist for Fall vs. the usual red/orange/yellow that most people use. Well done.

Re: How to Make a Towel Bar Cool!

Hee Hee, sorry Lani, but I own this great piece, so it's coming home today with me. It probably will be in my bathroom in between shows and at shows it will be showcasing my jewelry (it's intended re purposing).
Love that it is multi functional, beautiful and from two very beautiful friends creative minds even makes it that much better.
It was Sue that came up with the towel display idea and did the great shoot of it in her lovely home showcasing it.
Thanks again Lee and Tracie and welcome to Junk Market Style.

Re: Junk Redesigned Jewelry Display

Thanks so much everyone. :) It was awesome that so many people had a hand in its coming together. One of my favs to display with.

Re: JMUG "Fall Edition" Vendor Feature... It's All About Junk Friends...

Great stuff, great people, and great post.
Alice, we sure hope to meet you in the flesh. You won't be sorry if you make the trip...

Re: Summer Wine Storage

What a great re purpose for that hose reel. And my all time favorite color too.
Smart cookie girlfriend and all you had to do is use your brain for this one and no tools. My kind of project. :)

Re: JUNKMARKET Style Wedding at Marburger Farm Antique Show... Part 2

You know me Sue, as a jewelry designer, I LOVED watching this video... Well done my friend. So fun!

Re: JUNKMARKET Style Wedding at Marburger Farm Antique Show...Part One

Awesome job Sue and Judy and cameraman. So enjoyed the video you all created and loved the wedding dress, jewelry and props you picked out. Can't wait to watch the 2nd clip. What a nice break from working to view these videos.

Re: Truck Transformation

Very impressive! I thought this was a Sue Whitney post. You did great!

Re: Unique Pulley Picture Easel

Love this. Great job of restyling to make it yours too.

Re: A Little Bit of History coming to JMUG "Fall Edition"

This family is one you do not want to miss. They create wonderful products and are top notch people. The best of it all! Stop in and see their newest creations. Truly an innovative team.

Re: Industrial Style Coffee Table & Other Finds

Love the coffee table you created. Way cool finds! Lucky you...


Re: Wheel Serving Platter

AA (Awesome Anderea!) LOVE...

Re: Silverplate English Tea Kerosene Lantern Trophy Birdhouse

You have incredible talent with these birdhouse creations. All of them are wonderful and so unique. Love the one-of-a-kindness that they provide too.
Very well done... Much success to you.

Re: Introducing Junktiques!

Congratulations! Inspiration is what JMS is all about. :) Glad to see you were inspired and took that love of all things JUNK to a higher level. So fun to see members grow in their knowledge, techniques and lives.

Re: Behind Door Number One Is....

So fun! Maybe not novel, but well worth the post. Such a great display...

Re: Play the Music...Then Wear It!

Beautiful! Such a great piece of jewelry you created with the angel in the center. Love it!

Re: cottage mail

I love what your cousin did. This is so clever and the styling of the cottage look is perfect. Now, if we didn't have to share with 3 others in our neighborhood, I'd maybe even try this myself. :)

Re: Postage Jewelry

Fun! Nice job.

Re: Retirement Present

Love your card you created. Simply beautiful and so special. I'd love to receive something such as this with so much love and thought put into it. A true gift!

Re: New junk growing in my garden

Beautiful gardens Donna and the addition of the recycled elements aka JUNK, makes them so personal and awesome. Like Laurel said, the pallet ideas are fun too. Well done girl...

Re: Like Santa Claus Judy Hill is Coming to Town!

Welcome Judy! Like I mentioned in a previous comment, so excited to finally meet you and to get to do it on MN turf is a dream come true. Thank you for saying "yes" to Sue's invite. You will add such a dynamic and fun element to this already wonderful show Sue puts on.

Now, JMS members, you need to come out and support what Sue is doing here, what she's building, whom she's bringing here for you to meet and see. All of this is what makes this wonderful website unique, and an important part of our lives.

Judy you were the inspiration in Sue's success years ago when she truly needed someone to believe in her, and now Sue has in turn been that inspiration and believer in my abilities which has made what I do a success, and the beat goes on... Thank you for your part in her success.

Your style is impeccable.

Re: Soft Industrial

Hey Jim, a little birdie said you'll be making the trip. :) See you in a few weeks. ha
We'll show you a good time along with the Texas gang.

Re: Soft Industrial

Welcome Judy to the site! So happy Ms. Sue has an the "in" with you, as I've been dying to see your style in person and have been a long time follower of you. Had thought I'd only get to see you if I got to Texas one day, but now, much to my delite I hear you're part of the JMUG event for the Fall. :) So thrilled and excited that Sue and her accomplice twisted your arm enough to get you to say "yes". So fun and what a treasure of an addition you'll add to the mix of vendors at this show. Can't wait to meet you...
We promise we'll make it a fun time to boot.
Mimi-Toria's Designs

Re: Red, White & Blue Nautical Americana Necklace

From one jewelry designer to another, this is absolutely a lovely themed piece you've created. It is well thought out, great combinations of the elements you've chosen to create with. I'd give this an A+ or a 10. :)
Enjoy wearing it over the Holidays. I'm sure you'll get tons of compliments.

Re: Country Gardens Summer Issue On Newsstands Now!

Congratulations Sue, on another publication showcasing your whimsical and fun junk creations. Now that I'm kicking again, I'll have to head out to a store to find one of these magazines and maybe I'll have the chance to lounge in one of our many hammocks at the cabin and while away an afternoon reading about this fun day you had creating the story.
You Rock!

Re: Silage Shooter

Only you, Sue, would be so creative to come up with a use for a silage shooter... Having grown up on the farm, I would only see it as a silage shooter. :) You're getting me to rethink all that farm junk I took for granted.
Another great project!

Re: How to Make a Cupola Planter

What a great project! Love the "quick link" thingamajigs too... Now I know what they are as well. Jim will get us ladies educated yet, and soon the thingamajig name won't be needed. :)

Re: Junk Architect ~ My Home Furnishings Store

I too enjoyed the stroll down memory lane with you. Love the photo with the boots. That would be where I would of ended up, there and at the jewelry counter. lol Looks like it was a really cool shop, and I agree, although your stuff was cool then, it's even better now.

Re: Remnants of Spring: A Tablescape

Hey girl, this is great! I'm sure your table was the awesomest one there. Love the elements you used and I bet your table was the talk of the event. Well done my friend!

Re: License Plate Map Process

This is incredible! One of the coolest re purposing of license plates yet to date. Well done!
Thanks for letting us have a peek at your masterpiece...

Re: Evel Knievel water ski hat rack

As an avid waterskier, and one that re purposes waterskis too, this is fun! I posted several waterski ideas years ago when I first became a member here, but haven't seen a coat rack with such cool graphics ever before. Well done! I have both of my water ski projects at our cabin. I also have a stash of water skis and am planning to recreate the Sue Whitney awesome buffet server from years ago made out of skis and two vintage ladders. So many great ideas!
One of my projects is a shelf and the other was the sign above our cabin stating "Lakeview Cottage".

Re: Another Simple Spring Wreath

Oh boy Laurel...this has got me thinking. I have a few awesome grates I got on a trade a few years back that seem to be crying out to be re purposed into a Laurel wreath inspiration. :) Your grates, your inspiration = awesomeness coming my way.
Thanks for sharing this fun idea.

Re: Candle Holder 101

Lovin' the mix of hard and soft lines with this post. Great eye once again and this little treasure looks to have many bright re purposes for it too. I agree with the comment about the runoculus being an awesome flower and this color of pink is sublime with the the steel grey you've paired it with. :)

Re: Beautiful Blooming Flowers.....even in Fargo!

These are great! I've been seeing a lot of these around lately and love the look of them. Nice job with bringing a bit of Spring to your part of the country.

Re: The Only Sign of Spring in Minnesota

LOVE this project Sue. Thanks for the great directions. This would be soooo very cool on my front porch. Did I say I LOVE this?

Re: Nature's junk is the best-- for crying out loud

Love this midge... I'm always collecting found objects and cool rocks and moss are just 2 of my top favs found in nature.
Be blessed this Easter!
Gretchen ~

Re: Vintage Projector Lamp

This is fabulous... Such a cool re purposing of Junk. Knowing that this will be snapped up immediately. I'd have a hard time letting this awesome piece go. Such a memory conjuring up item... :)
Gretchen ~

Re: $1,200.00 French Farm Kitchen Renovation

Incredibly impressive. That's what I think. You have shown once again how ingenuity can make the $ be stretched into something beautiful. I truly thought it read 1.2 million and than I thought it must be $12,000.00, but $1,200 with this look is awesome!
Well done...

Re: "Sweet" Spring Wreath...

Love the combination Laurel. So clever and beautiful...
Well done my freind.

Re: Vintage Go-Kart Coffee Table/Wine Bar

This would make a fun buffet server outdoors too, or set between a grouping of chairs outdoors. way cool.

Re: A First Rate Marburger Vendor!

Awesome post Sue, and she certainly does have a winner of a space. So fun to see glimpses of what we all miss out on by not attending these events. Still on my "bucket list", but closer to happening in the future.

Re: Stylish Wine Cart

Another winner on your hands my friend. So fun to have such creative friends. :)

Re: A Beautiful Combination of Created and Found Objects

What a fun post Sue...love the written words you added to go with the photos of your lovely dress form and goodies. Hilarious! Always a joy to read your posts.

Re: Inspiration board

I just love inspiration boards. What a fun reuse of a tablecloth. I'm sure most people wouldn't have thought to do that.
I have an inspiration board in my jewelry studio and find them to be so individual and fun to change out as inpspiration strikes.

Re: Hip Hop Bunny Tin

Wow! This is so cool. You are truly a whimsical artisan. Love how you used the bed spring, rabbit head and tin together to create this. Fun!

Re: La Cage Aux Fabulous Fowl

Wow! Talk about unique and whimsical...this certainly wins that category. Wish I could see a better view of this. Quite creative!
I use mine all the time for my jewelry design, so I am a lover of dress forms.

Re: Oh, no! I've been Framed....but in a good way!

One of my favorite all time vignettes Lani. Well done my friend. Love it all! Now, if you could just drop it on my front porch on your next drive by, that'd be great! ;)

Re: Flea Market Under Glass Vendors!

This is truly one of theeeeee best shows I've ever been at. And as a vendor, I will exclude my own booth space and let you know that the areas Sue merchandised and the 39+ other vendors will blow your socks off.
An event not to be missed... Now if only I had been smart enough to capture photos before the lights went out last night.
Hope to see you there! Stop by Mimi-Toria's Jewelry Designs and introduce yourself if you can make it. It's going to be a blast!

Mimi-Toria's Designs

Re: Wheel Well No Fuss Indoor Garden

This is beautiful Sue. Love what you've created here.

Re: Happy May Day!

My vote would be for "Fresh Flea" - Fresh as in Spring and Fresh as in your ideas Sue, they are always so creative and Fresh (New and original).

Re: From garage to grandeur!!

Love, love, love this... Great redesign for sure.
Looking forward to meeting you in March at the "Flea Market Under Glass" Event. Excited to see your wares...

Re: Floating Photography

Love this Andrea. WEll donE!

Re: Repurposed Jewelry

Very cool bracelet. I've seen the large spoons created into cuffs before, but haven't seen the additon of the riveting with that. Fun!

Re: Garden Art for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Congrats Sue on being the newest contributor and welcome to the site.
Another fun project and creative too. You always come up with such great stuff.

Re: The Flea Market Under Glass is Just Around the Corner...March 3 - 5, 2011

So excited for Spring! This show will be a wonderful way to beat the Minnesnowta blues. :) Can't wait, and yes for sure, I plan to be there.

Re: Galvanized bucket filled with greens

How great this turned out Andrea. Smart idea about the dbl stick tape too.

Re: junk swap 2009

These turned out awesome Colleen. So creative and fun! Way to go...

Re: Be Thankful at the Holidays

Love the toilet paper display Missy. So cool...
Great post. Thanks so much for sharing this and reminding us all what we should be focused on this season.

Re: Antique Corbel Lamp


Re: How to Gift A Mason Jar

Wayyyy cool!
Too funny Jim with you and your Bud. lol

Re: Heart of Gold Necklace

Nice job Jim! Those hardware pcs. are one of my favorites to design with. :) Just had some mini cards printed a while back with a shot of a necklace I sold last Summer that could be a sister to yours. Keys dangling and same chippy hardware pcs. So much fun and I'm betting that lucky new owner of this will be loving it...

Re: Meant For Me???

Love how this turned out in your home Laurel. It was definitely meant to be yours. Now lets party...
And Jim the airport is Minneapolis/St. Paul! See you at Laurels. :)

Re: Money Does Not Grow On Trees...

Creative and unique is what you're all about. Great idea for presenting $$$ to our teens.

Re: How to Make a Wreath Stand

What a great idea! Well done...

Re: My new table!

What a great marriage. Patience paid off and now you've got a one-of-a-kind table too.

Re: Sewing Machine Tractor

Ahhh, this is great! I've often thought these vintage sewing machines resemble a tractor. Very cool.

Re: Industrial in the Kitchen!

I saw this on Thursday and thought of you...I guess you found it too. Perfect in your home and in your kitchen too. Great use with the cookbooks. Your hubby is so cool to get this whole junking thing. lol

Re: Cabin Raising - AFTER THE FLOOD!

Sorry to hear about you're flooding and twice non the less. So sad...
Will look forward to see your re-purposing and re-creating as you have time to make your cabin what you dream for it to be. It will be fun to follow along, so continue to keep us posted.
What part of the US are you from?

Re: Wired---------[=

Wow Jim is this ever cool. Love this light and all the details you've put into it.

Re: A Little Girl Approach to Christmas

Of course, I adore this post Sue. Love what you've done to your mannequin. She looks ready to party, and the steampunk addition, cool ribbon, garland and pocketwatch are wonderfully executed!

Re: From Furniture to Fashion

Amazing stuff! Amazingly creative, and Sue you look amazingly cute in that skirt. :)

Re: Candlestick Finials

How fun and clever. Great finials...

Re: Mimi-Toria's Version of SteamPunk

Thank you everyone for your kind comments. :) Although it took a fair amount of time to pull it all together and figure out which charms looked best where, I'm pleased with the overall design.
There are some more detailed photos of it currently featured on my blog, which you can find at www.mimitoriasdesigns.blogspot.com , along with more details on the overall creation of this piece.
Thanks for taking the time to comment. It means the world to me.

Re: Industrial Ambiance

Great job on the feature Cassie. It looks so cool, and its an amazing repurpose of some cool industrial junk.

Re: Film Box Planter

Extremely creative and cool... Love what has been done to create this.

Re: Ring Around the Napkin

Loved seeing these in person at the AA/JMS event this past week-end. Absolutely love these napkin rings more than anything I've ever seen in my lifetime.

Re: 'Diamonds' on the Rust Necklace series.... JUNK SWAP ITEM

Hey Ang-
Nice job, and very creative to use the Junk swap tin.
I hope you're doing well-

Re: Everything's Coming Up Kale

I saw this in person, and its even more beautiful than in the photos. It was also interesting to watch Sue while creating this as well as while she was photographing herself making it. One talented chickypoo...
Sue never ceases to amaze me, and this AA/JMS event is over the top with fabulous displays you just won't want to miss.

Re: Vintage Redesign Jewelry for AA/JMS

Thank you dear Junk Market Family. :) You bring much joy and encouragement to my life. I appreciate your kind comments, encouragement and to those of you that own a piece of me, through my jewelry, a huge "thank you".
Gretchen :)

Re: Junk Holiday Part 2

Wowser did you ever score. Love the rusty cart you had to have. Way cool!

Re: Junk Holiday Part 1

You found great stuff here. Love the dress form, initial, spring pumpkins, etc. Thanks for purchasing the necklace from me, and for introducing yourself and visiting a while. I appreciated you coming back, so that I was back from lunch and got to meet you.
Maybe we'll see you at AA/JMS next week.

Re: Upcycled Vintage Jewelry vol. 2

Third necklace is equisite! Great job.

Re: Upcycled Vintage Jewelry vol. 1

Nicely done. Thanks for sharing your passion. My fav is the multi layered one the 4th one down.

Re: Cherished Treasures Abound

Nicely done Kris. You are a true designer with a style all your own. :) Love that about you...originality at its finest.
Love the white one with the 3 hours of labor best.

Re: Tool tote for the table

This is beautiful Donna, and hopefully in the process you've given your friends and clients an education as well.
The tool totes are the best. Wish I still had my maternal Grandfathers toolchest, but it was unfortunatley stolen along with the tools it was holding years ago at a building site. :( I bet it wouldn't of been stolen if used such as you've shown. :)
Great post...

Re: Another shed emptied for The Fall "Country Junk Sale"

Awesome stuff and so enticing...

Re: A Simple Grate for some Great Vintage Photos

You have the ability to find the uniquess, easiest, coolest and most useful JUNK of anyone I've ever known. You continue to amaze me...
Love the simplicity of this project and how you had the vision to turn it into a wonderful vintage photo display with a few clips and photos. Now this is something anyone can do, but yet so awesome.
Great photos and presentation as well. I for one, am once again impressed.

Re: A New Wave of Junk

It doesn't matter what it was, it's all about what it is now, and that is awesome. What a great transformation!
You are a wealth of projects girl. Can't wait to see you at AA/JMS and laugh a bit with you.

Re: Architecturally speaking - there's great junk at Columbus Architectural Salvage

Looks like you're on the trail of another great junking shop. Very fun stuff indeed, and the photo opp is cool too.

Re: What does before/after, random & giveaway have in common?

I love what you did with the two end tables, and they'd go perfect with my cabin decor. :)
So fun to be able to turn trash into treasures.
Way to go with the jewels too. How fun!

Re: "Treats" For My Windows...

I like the screen the best, than the cane. Very cool ideas.
I need to pick up some bamboo shades, and have been meaning to do so for a couple years now. lol You're photos just reminded me. ha ha I'm so behind in my life. :(
Love your creativity!

Re: Ahoy Mate! It's Junk Repurposed with a Coastal Theme.

Love this Lani. What a great repurpose you came up with for a cool port hole. Love the seafood theme too.

Re: more lamp from old wooden tripod and a bookshelf made from a old door

These lamps are awesome! So very cool. Thanks for sharing with us all.

Re: Remixed Recycled Jewelry

Hey Ang- Looks like you've been having fun redesigning with found treasures and you've got some hits here that you've shared with us all.
I always find it interesting when I'm an inspiration to others. :) Was it this post that inspired you?

Keep up the good work, and you'll soon have a house overtaken with jewelry treasures like me, and you'll be a happy and busy little bee.

See you in 2 weeks.

Re: Worm Sifter turned Spice Rack or Assorted Tea Bag Holder

Welcome to the site Jami. I hope you find this site to be a new part of your life. I absolutely love your blog site and get its updates sent to me, which I so enjoy.
You've done some really great things with your blog and I hope that you'll continue to post here as well. Its a treasure trove of inspiration and Sue and the members couldn't be nicer.

Re: I Love Rusty Junk!

Ahhh, you hit the nail on the head with that saying and to capsulate in a necklace is brilliant. Nice job!

Re: Making the Best of Mistakes

This turned out awesome, and I can understand why Lani ended up taking it home with her after bidding on it. Too cool!

Re: The Goods

Forgot to mention that this was Oronoco Gold Rush Days that I was shopping at. The same event that Lani and Amy have posted at, and the last photo was of Jenni and I at the 2nd Annual Junkologie blogging party.

Re: Another Altered Dress Form

Great save! I love dress forms as much as the other gal gets creeped out by them. ha ha
I hope its sold already...

Re: New Booth Photos

Love the arch and all the shabby white touches you've got for sale in your space. Good luck with sales, and may the customers clean out your booth often.

Re: Altered Mannequin w/ Handmade Jewelry

Nice job with the mannequin restyle. What was the base before you did your magic? I just love mannequins for displaying my jewelry on at shows. Too bad the flock hasn't flown my way. ;)
Thanks for sharing your talent.

Re: Inspired by JUNK MARKET

Your photography is awesome in this frame. Nice save!

Re: My version of the PB clock.

Excellent job to Alice and her HB. This turned out so great. I've seen them around on the web, and have loved them all. You'll have years of enjoyment out of yours.

Re: Trash to Treasure Charity Auction and Wine Tasting!

Sounds like you, Becca and Sue had a good time at the charity auction. Those Pfarkel sisters sure know how to have a good time.
I finally got a donation mailed to them in time for this years auciton too. Nice to be a part of such a great cause.
Mimi-Toria's Designs

Re: Coming to a Magazine Near You!

Congratualtions Sue! Can't wait to see your articles for Country Gardens.
Thanks for sharing Lani and for the inside scoop on the publishing dates. So exciting!

Re: Microphone Stand

This is very cool looking! Gotta say its the best looking mic stand I've ever seen. So classy!

Re: Corbel "Book" Shelf

Oh, how fun this is! Great job. Thanks for sharing your creative attachment secret too.

Re: Flea Market-"Flea Bag"

:) I am the proud owner of one of these bags, and I absolutely love it! I use it all the time, not just for Flea Marketing and it has withstood lots of tests as my primary purse. Janis from Canada has one as well.
Lori is a vendor at the French Flea where I sell my jewelry locally in MN, and through personally knowing her, her designs and having owned her handbags, I will vouche that she really has an eye for detail and takes designing to an upscale level at a reasonable price point.
Great job with this great design, and welcome to Junk Market Lori.
Gretchen aka Mimi-Toria's Designs

Re: Fish or Cut Bait

What a fun transformation and such a useful one too. It would look just fine handing by my hammocks out at my cabin. :) ha ha

Re: LeT ThErE Be A LiGhT!

Awsome! I love how this came together for you. It's great!

Re: God Bless America!

Very cool Andrea. Love how you pulled the red #4 into your flower display for the 4th of July. Creative girl you are...

Re: Happy 4th of July

Awesome transformation! So cool you can just use chalk on that piece too, and I love the idea of the twig with the flag instead of store bought. Could of used that idea a few days ago. Something just didn't look right with my cool vintage flags, but their plain old dowel sticks. Thanks for the inspiration.

Re: Playing Outside...

Love your repurposed Junk Laurel. Kudos goes out to you for sure. Great vision for some great stuff. It was a great barn sale and so much fun once again. You've created such a welcome addition to what you already had going on at your home. People, Laurels home is so cool and amazing. Its even better in person than what her photos show it to be. So fun to be your friend!
The rusty license plate additions to the cool green metal turned planters and the awesome rusty chair are one of my favorite ideas. Love the chair of course, too, but my dh wouldn't. :(
Great job!

Re: AAJMS Puts Its Best Fashion Foot Forward

;) Nice Job Amy! Only thing missing was you strutting the cat walk. lol There's always next time.
On another note, thank you for all of your time you put in with your fabulous camera and eye for detail taking all of these photos at the different events you attend. I treasure your talented gift.

Re: PS Part 3 - Favorite Finds for Country Gardens Magazine

Fun stuff, and even funner once Ms. Sue puts her magic to them. Looking forward to seeing your contributions with Country Gardens magazines. Keep us junkers posted.

Re: PS Part 2 - The People Behind the Party

Junking is great. Creativity is a joy, but junking friends are awesome! Looks like a good time. The Pfarkel Sisters are definitely some top notch junking ladies, and I'm thrilled to call them all friends.


Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Andrea. Love it all! My favorite things, rust, chippy white, ocean treasures, candles and a cool book. :) Great post!

Re: Great Load of Junk for our June Country Junk Sale!

I'll be there. :)

Re: Behind the Scenes: AAJMS Fashion Show

ha ha. You really captured it all Amy. Great job, and great post. It was really a fun event! Looking forward and hoping for another one in October.

Re: Always Class-y and Creative at AAJMS

Excellent post, Amy. I would of loved to of peaked in on some of the classes, but was working my jewelry area, so missed them all, but seeing your photos is wonderful. Thanks! You are such a great photographer and you capture the most interesting elements. Thanks again for sharing and taking the time to do so. It is such a privilege to call you "friend" as well as the many other wonderful junkers I've met through JMS and the AA/JMS event. Here's to the future...

Re: Have You Ever Had A Wood Bucket Fall Apart?

Love all 3 of the items you recreated with the broken slats. Great ideas, and so very cool.

Re: The Junkers at the AAJMS Spring 2010 Gala

I've not met a more wonderful group of friends such as my "junker friends"... Thank you all for being a part of my life and to Sue for making it all happen. :) It's been through Junk Market Style website that all of these wonderful and treasured friendships have come to be. Bless you dear Sue!
Mimitoria's Designs

Re: The Junkers at the AAJMS Spring 2010 Gala

Wow Amy! It was fun to see what went on at the Gala Event, since I didn't make it past my jewelry space all night. :) Busy selling, I was, which was a good thing.
Your photos are great and so fun to look at. Thanks for sharing your awesome photography talent with us all.
It was such a fun night!

Re: Can You HEAR Me Now?

This is awesome! It does give the bathroom remodel a spa like feel. Very cool!

Re: I've been pickin'

Looks like you found some great stuff in your own backyard, and you didn't even have to travel here to MN either. lol The event at the AA/JMS was a blast, and I love how it inspired you to go junking in your own shed. Fun!


Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Re: ATTENTION! Funky Junk Sisters Vintage Flea Market About to Open!

Looks great! I of course love the white on white. :) Have a great week-end and a fun time teaching.

Re: Fore!....the coats

This is great! I know a lot of golfers that would love to have this in their homes. Nice job.

Re: Art & Architecture Junkmarketstyle - I just got home! Part 2

The lights blew out of the sale. Funny thing is I didn't see photo #3 at all and was at the sale for days, upon days. There was so much to see, that many people were overwhelmed. You need to step back, take a deep breath and look at each vignette display one by one, and than go back and look again. It was an incredible display every place you looked. :)

Re: Architecture

This is awesome. Love it!

Re: Abandoned Factory Lighting

Another great project Jim. :) Looks like you found some treasures from your Cali visit too.
An outstanding result with some hard to find elements makes this one of a kind light an excellent creation.

Re: Art & Architecture Junkmarketstyle - I just got home! Part 4 - The Finale!

lol Jim, it was free beer at the Gala Affair. You would of been in your glory. :)
Awesome post, and sad to have missed your visit. I was in my jewelry area most of the show, but on Thursday took Kathy and Teri from Ohio and Janis from CANADA out shopping for the afternoon.
Glad you loved the show! It was a blast and thanks for the post.

Re: The Junk is Flying at Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

You all gotta try to come October 13-17th, 2010. I'm giving you lead time to get your vacations planned, travel plans in order and booking your flights. :) It was an awesome sale, fun times were had by all. We had a dinner out with many members one night as well as vendors. Lots of fun time to chat. Some dumpster diving even happened. Shopping with out of state and out of country gals such as Janis. Fashion Show was a blast, and loved meeting the fellow Junk Market members. (go to my facebook page to view more photos if you want to see more details Gretchen Schaumann , as my photos are public and I have posted 5 days worth of events in them. )
Amazing time, so plan now to attend in the Fall. It will be bigger and better than this event. I heard the classes were great too! My bf attended, so I got the inside scoop from her.
gretchen schaumann - facebook photos

Re: Jewelry for the AA/JMS Upcoming Event

Thanks ladies for the sweet comments. So enjoyed meeting you Sara and your Mom, Julie. Gotta register her sometime and get her going on her. :) She'll be addicted once she breaks that initial ice. I heard Sue's class was really fun and you got her to yourselves for 2 hours. Lucky you! She's a wealth of info.
Email me, and we can become facebook friends. I don't even know your last name Sara.

Re: junk swap no2

Very useful and clever use with the medicine bottle chalk holder as well as the celebrate. :)

Re: junk swap no 3

Glad to see your finding uses for the junk I swapped with you. I hope the recipient appreciates the time and effort you've put into it all. Nice job.

Re: AAJMS Spring Show 2010: Are You Ready?

Great stuff Amy, and having just come from the AA/JMS event location, I can tell you first hand that these items have been incorporated into the rest of the awesome treasures at the site and look great!
And you all may want to start saving your $$$$ for the Fall and join us next time. A little birdie said, October may be the next sale. It's well worth the jaunt and we'll show you a fun time while here. Just ask Kathy or Candy what think of "Minnesota Nice".


These are great Janis, and currently sitting in my livingroom everyone. :) I get to see them first hand and they are very cool. Janis shipped them to me for the event in Minnesota next week, since she's flying in and wouldn't have much room for such items. She has some great stuff for the show, so hopefully everything will fly off the displays for her. :)
Can't wait to meet dear Janis in person. We've been Junk Market pals and email pals for about 1 1/2 years now, so a dream for me to actually meet her. So excited for this event Sue is sponsoring. Thanks Susi Q!

Re: Mannequin Gets New Life

Junkyard Ballerina...Did you buy this necklace in this post from last week-ends California event????
I've been dying to know if it sold, but haven't heard back from Sue yet. If you did, you certainly bought my favorite necklace I've ever created yet in my 13 1/2 years of designing jewelry. :)
Thanks guys for the nice comments. She was a bit of work, but for the cost of $30, well worth every minute I put into her. The one on my blog post on my blog was priced at $179 for the same thing. Just had the work done. I like the fact that I transformed her and feel like I gave her a new life and saved her. Teee heee! A junker for sure feels this way.

Re: Mannequin Gets New Life

Junkyard Ballerina...Did you buy this necklace in this post from last week-ends California event????
I've been dying to know if it sold, but haven't heard back from Sue yet. If you did, you certainly bought my favorite necklace I've ever created yet in my 13 1/2 years of designing jewelry. :)
Thanks guys for the nice comments. She was a bit of work, but for the cost of $30, well worth every minute I put into her. The one on my blog post on my blog was priced at $179 for the same thing. Just had the work done. I like the fact that I transformed her and feel like I gave her a new life and saved her. Teee heee! A junker for sure feels this way.

Re: Beach Glass Jewelry

Ahhh, great minds all think alike. :) Looks like a bunch of us ladies are lovers of beach glass. My dh doesn't get the allure of it all, and how I can spend hours upon hours strolling the beach at our lake each summer looking for more wonderful beach treasures. I like to think I'm finding mermaids eyes, etc. lol Love your beautiful treasures. I too have containers of beach glass and just don't get as much turned into jewelry ever, as I think I will. Now that I've learned to use epoxy though many things can be used that aren't easily wire wrapped. Nice post.

Re: my junky bird feeders

Awesome job and so creative. The birds in your yard are loving you. Very cool idea.

Re: What do you do with 60 lbs of alfalfa seed?

Great job! And how handy too.

Re: Arbor with old doors

What a great little place your hubby created for your garden. Such a fun place for the kids to hang too. A wonderful re purposing of castoff doors for sure.

Re: junk swap no1

Great job Colleen. It turned out great!!!!
Just a note of correction. They are German flash cards. :) I'm a Swede, but my hubby is German and these say German on the box.
Karilelek email me, and I'll see what I can produce for you. :)

Re: "Picture Perfect" Books...

Fabulous job Laurel. Love the innovative ideas you've come up with here and using just what you had on hand. The pony tail hair pieces are perfect too. Love it all.

Re: Triumph Door Knocker

lol Ahhh, being a farm girl comes in handy on this one. GreenColleen is right, this is part of a hay mower blade from a piece of farm equipment. Would explain why it was laying in a field when the ex found it.
This is a great example of re purposing a piece of junk into something that is innovative, fresh and fun at the same time. My hubby drives a Triumph motorcycle too, so your post caught my eye when I saw the words Triumph.
Definitely a one-of-a-kind door knocker creation.

Re: This post is for Gretchen...

Ahhh, so kind of you to think of me. Of course, I would be honored and love to take you up on your offer. Sorry, I didn't see this right away, but my best friend did and told me about your offer.
I will email you privately with my address. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness and of course, I'd love to share the jewelry redesign I use this piece in with everyone on JMS.


What great accents you added. Love it!

Re: How to Build a Chest of Drawers?

What an awesome find Lani. Love the way you sanded it down and than the final treatment totally adds to the overall appeal. Great job!

Re: Minnesota or Bust...or so the sign says...

Can't wait to hand pick my treasures from this stash!!! What an organized team you two are.
Can't wait to see you...


What a gorgeous Christmas tree stand you had in your stash. Aren't you glad you waited until you came up with the perfect reuse for it. It's great!

Re: Built-In Desk Nook

What an awesome nook your hubby created for you as an office. I'd love it too! The chandy and desk area turned out so great. I too have a "brass nightmare" light that I painted black. Instantly turned it from bad to fab. Great job!

Re: lamp stand become coat rack

This is really a creative and neat re purpose for this broken light. Great job!

Re: Junk Swap

Jackpot!!! And what a creative wonderful extra touch with the very cool packaging. Love it! The keys, #5, bingo cards and tokens, suitcase,numbers, song sheet music, etc, its all so great. Can't wait to see what all you come up with.

Re: Oak Harvest Table and Window Curio Cupboard

Great work! These will be awesome at the AA/JMS event, and I agree, they won't last long. So happy to hear you guys are part of this great event.
I met you at your sale last Fall and loved what you do.

Re: Farm Fresh Fruit Bowl

Awesome re purposing of farm junk. Incredibly creative my friend. Looking forward to seeing you and your junk in a few weeks.

Re: A Smooth Place To Hang Your Hat

This would be so cool in a cement finishers entry way. What a creative hat rack. Great job.

Re: Have a Coke and a "smile"!

Wow Kathy, you sure took the bull by the horn and got busy. I've just this week-end got to work on one of the items from my junk swap and I've had it for weeks.
I love what you've done. All awesome projects and great sellers for the potential coke fan. Great job!

Re: Why keep them in a drawer?

Beautifully done! I'm sure these will be a real hit. Nice job.

Re: AAJMS JUNKMARKET Members Get-Together?!

I'll be there, but I've got it easy this time, since its practically in my backyard. Would love to see you again Midge- Excited to meet up and hang with Kathy and Candy again too. And Janis, nothing to be nervous about at all with meeting all of us, we're all a bunch of happy go lucky junkers just hanging out and having a grand time together. You're gonna love the fact that you came. Just meeting Sue and hanging out with her, will be worth the plane ticket price. She's such a sweetheart and such a hoot. She keeps me smiing from the minute I see her on through. Too much fun that my face hurts from smiling so much. lol
Looking forward to AA+JMS event.


How great is this... The French Flea is having "Old Hollywood" as our theme this month. Now how perfect would this be selling at the shop? Great project Janis.
Looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks. :)

Re: From Springs to Sprigs . . . Easter Accents as Simple as 1, 2, 3!

Great ideas Lani. Love them all. Simple they are, super they are.

Re: Check Out My Junk...from the "Junk Swap"

What a great use for these! They provided the perfect art display place now. You come up with some cool re purposing uses every time.

Re: Junk Swap

Your clock turned out so awesome and the stand you and your hubby created for it is a perfect addition. Love it.

Re: Junk Swap Fun...Thanks Marie!

Jackpot! You got it Laurel. Fun treasures you rec'd in your junk swap. How fun...

Re: Getting Back to Basics

I too love cruet holders that are missing their bottles. A person can re purpose them in so many fun ways. Love what you've done here, and the textures you added with that cool chippy rosette and pottery piece with fresh flowers, just makes it rock. Great Spring time post.

Re: My first completed junk partner projects

Wow, you've come up with the perfect re purposing with the clock project. So perfect! Love your idea.

Re: My Swap Project 1 - bluebucket

What a fabulous idea you came up with for the wallpaper tags. Incredible!

Re: Junkyard Dogs...the How and "Y"

So you, so unique, and so to die for. Fabulous job Amy.

Re: Tag, You're It!

Awesome use of old book covers. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Literally, A SPRING Wreath

This is an awesome wreath, and so Spring. lol
Love this creation. Great job!
I just used the last of my 42 springs I had on hand, so will have to watch for more, and create something this cute.

Re: "A Crown for the Queen"

Thank you my friends for your words of encouragement and kindness.
Just a side note on this necklace. The vintage faux glass pearl chain has all been recreated with steriling silver newly created links and this one-of-a-kind white enamel connector truly is what I loved about creating this piece. Using a special find is such a joy and can really make a visual "pulling together" of items, if you will.
Janis, Candy, Kathy, Laurel and whomever else is coming to the Minnesota event put on by Sue and friends, I can't wait to meet and see each one of you. I promise to have lots of fun one-of-a-kind jewlery treasures on display too.

Re: "Olde Tyme" Collage

Kathy this will sell right off at the start of the sale. Great creation and the perfect customer will come along and snatch it right up. I'm a sucker for clocks/watches/time pieces, so it speaks to me. You've done a great job with the details on it too. Thanks for sharing!

Re: JMS Swap Pairings Complete

Thanks Sue for all of your hard work with making this swap a possiblity. Looking forward to swapping with greencolleen my swap partner.

Re: "Wander/Watch/Nest" Necklace

Thank you to all of my JMS family for your kind and generous comments on my latest JMS post. It's a real joy to be able to make one-of-a-kind designs and be able to fuel my creativity on a regular basis. Thanks for allowing me to share them occasionally with you all and for not getting too sick of seeing my creations. The feedback is such an encouragement when your a designer and often are out of touch with the real world, but busily creating in your "nest" a studio. ;-) Thanks again, and may this necklace signal a sign of Spring being on its way in Minnesota. The birds outside my windows have recently being fueling my creativity and designs. Glad you've enjoyed them.

Re: All the Pretty Junk

Candy I love your industrical chic shelving unit and all of your treasures on it. Looks like something right out of Anthropolige. Would would of thunk it? lol Genius idea.


Janis this is awesome. I would of never thought to do this, but it is indeed quite clever. Love how you added the French to it too. You do the most beautiful junk re purposing that I've ever seen. Love it all.

Re: Faux Ribbon Necklace

Your designs are lovely! Great eye.

Re: A Fun Day of Junkin'

Ah, ha. I think I just found a fine example of the perfect junk swap partner. lol The escutcheons would be an awesome addition to some of my jewelry creations. :-) You found fabulous treasures on this junk excursion. Great finds!

Re: For the Love of White Junk

Wow, you found some great white stuff. Love it all. Thanks for sharing with JMS.

Re: From Fireplace to Mantle!

Good eye, Lani. All cleaned up and poly'd they're giving you loads of great uses for them. Your post is very beautiful and I love all of the ways you've chosen to use them. Excellent my friend.

Re: Art & Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

I for one will be there... Can't wait. After all it's Mother's Day week-end and we get to pick what we want to do on this one week-end if never any other time in the year. lol Guess what I'm going to be doing????

Re: "Shift Key" Necklace

Thanks! It was a fun necklace to create and is definitely a conversation piece. lol Glad you enjoyed seeing it. I try to be unique and create only one-of-a-kind pieces, so that my customers know they have something no one else in the world has. Makes it more interesting for me as well.

Re: ~My Sweetheart~

Incredible finished artwork, Jim. My oh my, you cease to amaze me. What a very special Valentine this is...

Re: "Springing" for the Wine...

Excellent Laurel! This is so great. Hoping to see you at your shop sometime this week-end.

Re: Shake Up Your Valentine!

Sue aka Jewelry Designer extrodanaire...
Love them all! Very creative and oh, so fun! Love the "E" for my Emily, the "Romance" for my Jon, and the necklace for me. lol
Happy Valentine's Day!

Re: "Bird of Nature" Necklace

Again, thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement regarding this design. It always amazes me when people truly love something I've created. lol

This piece was listed about 1 hour on my blog and it was sold to a gal in McKinney, Texas. (someone asked where it was going in Texas) She's rec'd it now and loves it. ;-)

GreenColleen - I'll do a post someday about my studio, but don't have time right now to pick it up, so that it can be photographed. lol
Also, in regards to your questions about the wire gauge size. As jewelry designers one would use whatever gauge wire gives you the stability needed for each design you create. For example, when designing with semi-precious stones and/or pearls one needs a very fine gauge such as 24g./26g or 28g, and when one works with larger holed beads and or findings you can use 18g/19g/20g/22g. It's really a trial and error type of thing and you need to fiddle with it to see what you like. Because this necklace is substantial in size and weight it has a larger gauge than one that is more delicate. Thus, I must of used a 20 or 22g wire. I don't remember. Any wire can be used to wire-wrap with in these gauges.
Hope this helps you some, without spilling too many of my secrets. ;-) Because, I sell a product, I've learned I can't afford to share all of my 13 1/2 years of design experience, as I've made a lot of trials and errors to get to this point of designing.

Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

I've somehow been missing these posts, so now that its the last day, better late than never.
Would love to exchange with another lover of jewelry stuff. Sending my info. now.

Re: "Bird of Nature" Necklace

Thank you everyone for your nice comments and encouragement. This necklace was a labor of love and had some really great gemstones and vintage elements added to it. I almost didn't let it get sold. lol

Greencolleen - To answer your questions. I have been published/featured in our states newspaper, which you can see here, if interested. There is also a gallery of photos.


I haven't submitted my designs to any publications yet, but have been encouraged to do so. Just currently trying to keep up with supply and demand, so haven't taken the time to do so.

There is a link to my blog if you click on the area at the bottom of the post that says:
Pattern or design by: Gretchen Schaumann
It links you to my blog to learn more if interested, or if you ever want to know more about other peoples posts on JMS it will do the same for you on their posts.

Thanks again my friends.
Mimi-Toria's Designs

Re: Live Internet Chat witth Sue

Good luck Sue. I'll be at my non-creative office job tomorrow, so can't present any tough questions to you. lol Have a good time speaking at the show in Milwaukee later in the week too. I'll be thinking of you.

Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

Wow!!! Fabulous and oh, so wonderful. This is my all time favorite of your creations. Incredible.

Re: A Kissing Bulb...JUNKMARKET Style

Wow, trash to truly a treasure. Loving this project.

Re: A Ho-Ho - Whole lotta Christmas Junk!

Love the white tree with the multi colored vintage Christmas ornaments on it. They really pop. I have a 1950's vintage silver tree that I used for 3 years with my vintage bulbs, and after seeing yours, I may need to pull mine out for next year. Its' been packed away the last 2 years.
Love the hay unloader Christmas tree stand too. Very cool.
Merry Christmas my dear friend.

Re: I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas....

Very beautiful and oh so you. Thanks for sharing your little piece of heaven in your sewing room.

Re: I have a Bright Idea . . .

How fun is this? I think Sue and her light bulb post earlier this month has us all thinking in a new light. lol My dh had a burnt out light bulb on his motorcycle tail light and I salvaged it for a future project too. Wouldn't of thought to do that last month.
This is quite fun Lani and makes one think about using simple things in our decorating as well as salvaging stuff we'd normally just be throwing out.


Gorgeous and creative. Need I say more?


Gorgeous and creative. Need I say more?

Re: Announcing "The Best of 2009". With Christmas Quickies...Instead of Cookies

Thanks Sue for a fabulous 2009 with all of the Junk Market family and for the opportunity to be a contributor as well as a member on this fabulous site. I truly have loved it and have met so many great new friends through this experience.
You continually cease to amaze me with your creativity, quirky and fun sense of humor and all of your great projects you share with us all. I'm hoping your British Virgin Island vacation is fabulous, restful and stress reducing for you. You surely deserved it, so thank your sweet brother for all of us for the opportunity your having, from all of us that you so freely give to all year long. I hope you and Elizabeth come back refreshed and renewed and with a gorgeous tan of course. We're enjoying our getaway to Florida too, and looks like we both got out of Dodge just in the nick of time from the bad storm hitting the Midwest over the Holidays.
Again, thank you Sue. Love this project and all of the cool ideas you've presented.

Re: My "JUNK" Tree

My dear friend, Janis is someone that I would love to have as a next door neighbor. She's from Canada, so we've never met, but we've become soul sisters through junking. My dream is to one day meet her, and I look forward to one day that happening. Janis is filled with creativity and everything pretty. If you look back at her projects over the past year, you'll see that she has grown in both abilities, confidence, creativity and photography talents. Those of us that have been a part of Junk Market for a while can easily spot one of Janis' magnificant posts without ever seeing a name. She truly has her own style, which is ultra feminine and oh, so pretty.

I chose this post because it was posted almost a year ago when many of you weren't even yet members on this site and I thought it was a fun example of what the JMS site is all about, re purposing and designing with others cast offs. So without further ado, I present Janis' 2008 Christmas tree to you. Enjoy!

Re: Farm Rescue

I've chosen Cassie, aka JunkFestGirl, one of the four creative gals that make up the Junk Fest team out in Carrington, ND. They have a fabulous website with a lot of great projects on their Junkfest blog, in addition to their posting on the JMS membership area.
My being raised on a farm like Cassie, caused this post of hers to really stick in my mind. I just loved what she created out of this piece off her family farm. Such a one-of-a-kind piece and sentimental to boot.
Not only is Cassie a very talented junker, but she is a sweetheart and has become a dear friend through Sue and her fabulous JMS site. So I'd like to introduce: Cassie, and one of my favorite member posts of 2009.

Thanks -


Re: How to Create Sterling Silver Ornaments on the Cheap

These are awesome, and I just love that extra bling with the crystal. :-)
Will definitely be on the look out for orphaned lids after this post. Love it!

Re: Book Wall Decor

Wow! Way cool and so very interesting. Love the color tones.

Re: Dad's Table

What a great gift for your Dad. Soo sweet of you.

Re: Hostess Gifts with a Junk Twist

Wow Amy! This is a great blog post. The photography is to die for. The water bags are hands down the coolest. They look new . . . I would choose any or all, but really love the one with the vintage glass insulator. I have one of those in my stash, now, where did it go. lol What a great and clever idea you've got going on here.

Re: Charlie Brown ain't got nothin on me...

What a great grouping you created. Love it all.

Re: Winter Centerpiece

Knock them dead gorgeous Andrea. Love it all. Even your colors of Christmas would go with my style. Love it my friend, and sooooo very creative.

Re: Table with burned top

Great way to give a table new life. It will be a special table with all the work the tile must of been. I did our kitchen table with largers tiles and had a lot of time in it , so I appreciate your hard work. Great job!

Re: a rescued tinsel tree with a new hair cut

What a fun story you have to go along with your tree. I hope you have many years of fun decorating it and enjoying the memories of childhood Christmas'.

Re: Tomato cage altered Christmas tree

Fun, funky and creative!

Re: Spiced up for the holidays

Love this Christa. Such a great idea of re purposing one of these wonderful treasures.
ENjoyed meeting you this Fall at the Barn sale.

Re: Christmas with Georgia

This is my favorite shop post of date. Love the neutral area very much, and also love the pink/aqua/white display area too. Gorgeous stuff and an outstanding job.

Re: Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thanks everyone for the nice comments and encouragement.
Prior I posted another post with photos from my porch last Fall and they can be viewed on this former JMS post.



Re: Bringing a Little Bit of the Farm to your Outdoors!

Lovely indeed and even lovelier than the photos show this. Lani will be on a home tour the 12th of December, so if your in the area, you should really check it out. Her house is filled with wonderful items and ideas.
Lani, love all the added details you've been putting on your items of late. You can do it and its awesome. Just that little bling on your bell is so very cool. Love it all.

Re: Galvanized Worktop Table with Hammered Nail Detail

Love this Jenny. My hubby and I have talked about making one of these for 15 years. lol Never have found the perfect galvanized piece though, but you surely have. Love it!

Re: Be thankful...

Love the hay unloader and ballon top of it in the one photo. Just send them on over. lol
Hope you had a nice day for Thanksgiving.

Re: Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a Gigantic Pile of Junk

Very cool Jim. Glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving and that it was relaxing.

Re: Happy Thanksgiving - Down Home Style

Looks like you had a great day Marybeth with family. Fun post.

Re: Quiet Fireside Thanksgiving

Hope your day was great! Nice to sit and relas a bit. Somehow, a junkers hands don't or can't stay idle for long.
Looking forward to seeing your upcoming post.

Re: There's No Place Like Home - For Thanksgiving!

A belated Thanksgiving wish to you Lani. You're a special gal, and I'm glad to call you friend.
See you soon-

Re: Drawer # 4 Does Thanksgiving

Another great idea for boxes, and supplied with a fun story to go with it. A fun way to serve up drinks, for sure, and unusual items you use to display them in.
Hope your Thanksgiving was great!

Re: potting table changes seasons

Looks like you've already got quite a jump on decorating for the holidays. Great job.
You said you'd like to see more, so here you go. As to my porch, check out this post from by gone days here at JMS. This was our homes Porch decor October 2008th. I have changed out the bench and coffee table for the Adirondak style chairs for comfort reasons.



Re: Happy Thanksgiving to All...The DRT Centerpiece

Incredibly fun and oh so cool. You always come up with the coolest stuff. The majolica pieces are perfect for the holiday and I think the pilgrim shoes are the cutest thing ever.

Re: A Thanksgiving JUNKMARKET Style

You are hilarious Sue. Another fun and creative post. Great creativity my friend. Your Thanksgiving will be lovely. Enjoy!

Re: Setting the Thanksgiving Table

Absolutley love what your creative mind did this time, Sue. How cool to use the watch band holders for the napkin rings. Their texture size and shape are a no brainer, I wouldn't of ever thought of. You cease to amaze me, and I'm thankful to not only have you on the site, but to live in Minnesota and to be able to call you my friend. I'm thankful for you Sue!

Re: So what do I do with a lot of "tiny" junk?? Maybe a collage or two!

Wonderful little vignettes Kathy. Love them.

Re: What's Behind Junk Drawer # 1

Sue this is so very original and turned out gorgeous. Love it!

Re: Table top re-finish

Very cool table.


Very cool Jim! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. We're heading out soon for a 2 hour drive to be with family for the day. Have a great time -

Re: Framing Up Vintage Bus Scrolls

Love the graphic impact these provide. Another outstanding job by the one and only JennyK. Missed you here, but I'm also glad you're back with us.

Re: Weight just a minute...there's junk in those paperweights!

Kathy - this is right up my alley! Have all the fixins' in my basement for this fun project. Do you mind if I try it out?

Re: Winter Green Fresh

This is book worthy! Can't wait to see it in full bloom. I just have an affinity for bed springs, and the use of this one tops them all. Thanks for sharing such a fun and delightful project.

Re: Holiday Trimmings ala Army Surplus

Queen Junking Sue here's to another project that is so playful, unique and interesting. I love that you always give extra ideas with your projects.
You are our reigning Queen. : -)

Re: Love of old silver

I love tarnished silver too. Fun to see your displays, and my favorite are the wonderful architerctural pieces you've used. We sell a ton of silver items at the French Flea and they are especially wonderful for the Holidays.

Re: One chair found a home

What a great use with the chair. I can tell you're enjoying this junking venue. Off to see the original post of yours that showcased these beauties.
Happy Junking-

Re: A "washed up" mop bucket? Nope!

Love this Andrea. A great repurpose indeed and so cool that it is portable with the wheels. I'd love it!

Re: A teensy little shopping trip for my booth

Great stuff and great people, equals great shopping. Love the bottles and misc. treasures you hauled north. Fun, Fun, Fun.

Re: Chalkboard for Mom

Wow, you've really created a wonderful and thoughtful gift for your Mom with literally cast off junk and it is goregous. Love it!

Re: Sit and Stay

Wonderful find, and a great redo on these chairs. They are so perfect dressed in black.

Re: rusty easel

What a great re purposing you came up with and the patina is perfect!!!
Lucky you- The junk Gods were on you.

Re: wood rack

By the way . . . You fooled me too with that awesome paint job. Very good -

Re: wood rack

Gotta say this is the coolest wood stacking rack that I've ever laid eyes on. Awesome job!

Re: My Holiday Projects

Thanks everyone for your nice comments and encouragement. I'd love to make more for the upcoming sale this week-end, but I had best keep my nose into jewelry design instead of tree design. Busy days are here . . .

Re: My Holiday Projects

A little update from when I posted this project. Yesterday, when we opened our doors there was a line outside and all of these trees were swooped up in the first hour. I guess that is a clue that I need to create more. Thanks Candy for the kudos.

Re: Sweet Junk at The BitterSweet Cabin

Hey Kathy - thanks for sharing such a wonderful post hi-liting your new friends. Only junkers are this generous! Love how they re purpose so much junk and curb side finds into such great treasures. The funnel planters are a hoot and ingenius use of junk. Cool place.

Re: Old Spindle Repurpose Project "Whimsical Feather Christmas Trees"

This is great! What a fun creation you came up with and so nice of you to share. As you can see you've inspired many.

Re: How to Spruce Up Your Porch

It is true Sue. You have been blessed with a talent many people would love to be able to say they have, but you've chosen to inspire many of us with your original ideas that we can than take and copy or tweak and make our own.
For me, this post has inspired me to re purpose something that has been on my front porch for a few weeks, waiting for a brainstorm to come to me, but you've just shown me what to do instead. I'll try to remember to post and it will be for Christmas.
Thanks for being so creative, for your generosity, for your sense of humor and sweet self that you are. You are definitely a one-of-a-kind girl, and that is a huge compliment. Love you my friend!

Re: Simple Monday Evening

Very simple, but yet soooo cool.

Re: Second Hand Rose Occasional Sale

This shop is very fun! I had a sneak peak of this vendor booth of Lani's as well as the rest of the shop and it was in top form. Very dressed for the holidays and way cool filled with ideas for holiday decorating. If you're in the area it would be a fun stop for all junkers and non-junkers alike.
Nice to see you Sue today and looking forward to the projects with your finds.

Re: A Chippy Welcome...

Simply a beautiful post, photos and idea. I love what you've done. You go girl!

Re: All Dressered in Black

Just doing some catching up on JMS site, and found your 3 chair post and decided to check out the other posts you've put on here. This dresser was a bit sad, and fun for me to see as I have one very similiar in color/style in our familyroom that was mine as a kid and is waiting for its "little black dress" transformation. Your post has inspired me to pursue it and get it done. I'll post eventually, but will take a bit of time, as the hoidays are super busy with my jewelry business.
So glad Candy's post about resizing helped you as you've got some great projects you've shared thus far.

Re: 3 Old Chairs = 1 ReNEWed Bench

Judi your details made this a win, win project. The notching and routering of those notched out areas are what really makes your trio look top notch. Love that the three chairs match too. You've done a fine job with them.
I do recognize these from the first Junk Market style book Sue and Ki wrote, and than I think it was ran as a project later in the Country Home magazine as one of their monthly contributions. The step by step directions you linked to are a handy tool for those that want to attempt this project.
Great job to both you and your hubby.

Re: RE Boutique Sign

Awesome signs! This is truly some of the most creative and coolest signs ever. Well done, and can't wait to see what more you might have to share with us.
I will have to check out the rest of your postings, as I'm wanting to see more of your beautiful work.
Thanks so much for sharing this. I'd be drawn right into the shop by these signs, and love the fact that your design provides the addition of adding Sale info onto the sign.

Re: RING aROUND the Rosie!

Hey Kathy- I'm loving those grungy clocks, gears, clock faces, bottles, bottle stoppers, flower frogs,round funky mirror, bed spring vase, mother of pearl and shell buttons and such. Those are all things I love and collect as well. Maybe, you're my "soul" sister. lol
Really enjoyed this post, and think its cool you took the time to share.

Re: "Emerging from the JunkYard" and Designing for a Cause

Whoop whoop! That room is truly a transformation from junk to fabulous. My favorite is the chairs and the end table you repainted. The table looks like an Ikea has been and the chairs from an old school setting. Amazing what a little paint can do for you, as well as the addition of the numbers. Too cool!
Great Job MaryBeth.

Re: October Floral of the Month

Oh my Sue. You are one goofy girl. You never cease to amaze me and always bring a smile to my face. Uffda!
This little bride is so orginal, so cute and so fun. Looks like my gifted pumpkin is being re purposed too. lol
What a great post! Only thing better is if I would of woken up to this in the morning as I would be smiling all day then. FuN!

Re: Halloween tree

What a fun idea for Halloween. So cute.

Re: A Rusty Repurpose

Awesome "as is", but even awesomer re purposed into the end table. Wonderful vision with this piece Andrea. I thought it was cool when you picked it out to buy it, but I'm afraid it would of been delegated to hold my umbrellas for the rest of its life vs. your wonderful end table idea.

Re: A Junker's Collection - Part Two

Love it all Sue. Loving these two posts and from it all I've discovered I'm a "round" collector kind of gal. Hadn't figured that out before. However, I have a collection of wheels, round wire lamp shades, button - buttons - and more buttons, beads - beads - and more beads,round glass stoppers, round silvered candle holders, round vintage clocks, pocket watches, etc. Lots of round collections!
I would love to hear and learn the philosophy of what it all means. There you go Amy, go to it now and do your research. ; - ) We're looking for some interesting results.

Re: The Art of Entropy

Awesome choice and so original.

Re: Doctor's bag "bookcase"

Very fun idea as well.

Re: Threshing tray coffeetable

Awesome stuff you've created.

Re: Suitcase endtable of another sort

Another fun and creative idea you came up with here. Fun posts.

Re: Tin trunk end table

This is a fabulous end table. Love the look of it as well as the idea you came up with regarding the glass to solve the problem of an otherwise tipsy lamp. Nice job.

Re: Hallway hat and coat rack

What a great re purposing. You and your wife have some pretty cool stuff.

Re: Surveyor's tripod lamp

Love this one for sure. Awesome!

Re: Tripod lamp (small)

What a great project.

Re: Harness ring "valance"

Love the rusty patina on your harness rings. Very cool! Looks like it could make an awesome curtain rod too.

Re: Scale napkin holder

Love your scale and what a great re purposing you came up with. Scales are so awesome.

Re: I love a collage

This was one of my favorite items I noticed last week when looking at you guys' blog of your JunkFest event. Just adore the screen and would of loved to of purchased it. It would be an awesome addition to my props.

Re: Thanks!

Loved your sale and told others about it too. We all look forward to the Spring sale, so best be ready for a bigger group. lol
Really happy with all of my treasure and waiting for the time to fly, so that your sale date arrives soon.
Will keep your son in my prayers, now that I'm aware.


Re: Garage Sale Yard Fun

Another great display.

Re: Junky Tablescape

Hey Andrea - I love everything that you did to create this wonderful tablescape. You've rescued everything you've used from others throwing it out, so nothing wrong with using sheet music like you did. Now if you were burning it up and not recycling it maybe, but I know you and know that you are a rescuer of junk. Love the cow tags for wine glass charms, love the grass matt, music, ironstone,grate and center piece too. Excellent post!
I just saved some sheet music that was for sale at a barn sale, and it would be happier as placemats than left out in a damp barn to get ruined.

Re: Recycled Garden -- fence and all

Love what you've done here. It is very cool, right down to the fence you built and the cool finds you put together with the wreath. Great job!

Re: Industrial goes Glam

Simple, but fun! My kind of project. Thanks for sharing your beautiful table display.

Re: Trick or Treat...Mwah ah ah!!

Oh, Sue, I do love you! You bring me into a laughter when nothing else does. Incredibly entertaining post my friend.
And this is my kind of display. Too cool!

Re: I Had a "LIGHT BULB" Moment

Lots of cool ideas in this project. Great idea and fun to see.

Re: Garden Arbor Creation

Thanks everyone for the nice comments for my bil and sister. I thought it was really cool too, and so every once in a while when I post I will post something for someone that doesn't have the knowlege to share their project or the computer to do so. I did this with my mil & fil's arbor project, as well as my friend, Laura's beautiful home architectural features last Fall. If you care to see any of the former projects just click on a persons name and it takes you back to all of their projects. Both of these projects were posted late last year, along with some other cool stuff I did for the our cabin. There are sooo many new people that haven't ever seen the projects, that its too bad we don't recycle a few of those earlier ones.
Thanks again, and I'll email my sister and let her know their project is up and showing.

Re: teddy bears

A fun way to keep memories alive with using fur coats and faux fur coats of loved ones and turning them into a bear.
Thanks for sharing your style of art.

Re: To Read or Not to Read?

Love vintage books. The hook is a fun idea too. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Simple Idea for Old Windows

These windows look great! I especially love the 3 pane one that you just stuck over top of the cross you already had on the wall. It really adds interest.
Take a look at a old post of mine that shows some family photos behind a window pane that I used in our cabin. The photos are from a family trip to Mexico and were of our only child, Emily when she was 11. A fun way to do this.


I had glass panes on my window and made copies on my printer at home, than just used scotch tape to temporarily hold them in. This has held now for 4 years at our cabin, with fluctuating temperatures.

Re: Potting Table

You and your husband are definetly a talented team. A great project you've created and he's built. Lucky friends, I'd say.

Re: Potting Table

This is wonderful. Nice job and love all the details you put into making it special.

Re: Ready for 3rd Gear?

Tell Ron he's done another awesome job on this lamp he built with gears. So happy to hear it sold for him at the Prize event as it is very cool.

Re: De-Light-ful Serving Pieces...Inspired by Shabby Chick...

Hey Laurel - this is a lovely post in every way. Just enjoyed seeing all the great serving pieces you came up with. Now you've inspired me with the grate and clear plate idea. And so it goes on and on and on, the inspiration that is.
Bet the gals loved your junk style serving pieces and I'm sure the goodies you served on them were great too. Glad to see you're enjoying the disk spacers we traded. I'm down to just 2 of them left. Kind of fun and love the grates I got in a trade from you. Plan to use them for the holidays.

Re: "Jazzy" Radio Light...

Hey Laurel- Just seeing this post today for the first time. Too funny about the bedsprings. My hubby doesn't go junking with me, but he did help me with that bed spring project. lol
Cool idea with the candle holders too. I'm still selling my bed springs at the "French Flea" a few at a time as I find more cool vases and such to go inside of them, so now I'm down from 42 to 20. lol
Love what you did with the radio. Very cool idea. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Wooden Number Tags

Love your numbers you created. I like the idea that you used the bottom of drawers to make this. Very cool idea!

Re: Pack it in!

Looks like the perfect marriage of two junking pieces. A great combo this table has now become.

Re: Magnets from a vintage dictionary

Nice job, and so useful and fun for anyone to receive as a gift.


Love this! What a great way to remember to take time out.

Re: Junk on "Parade"

I'm with the rest of the gang! Love the finish on the dresser and the juicer is way cool. Fun to see the green home photos. Looking forward to the befores and afters too.


Love this very much, and will have to give it a try next summer with some of my vintage pocket watch faces that I can't use in my jewelry design. Great idea.

Re: my booth in warrenton, tx

wow! Looks like you had some great stuff. I hope to get to these shows one day soon. Hope it went over well for you. A lot of work, so hopefully fun too.

Re: Organ Pipe Photo Holders

Wowser, like you say Ms. Sue. This is tooooo cool. I'd of never thought to do this, and I have a stash of those cool tie clips since I'm the original vintage jewelry junker hoarder of the state of Minnesota. lol Now, I have a clue with what to do in the future with them.

Re: Climbing my Chippy Ladder to Success!

A great post Lani. Love what you've done with this piece, and how you've got everything displayed. I have a vintage camera collection too. Funny!
Is this a mate to the one you sold at JB, or did you already sell this?

Re: Welcome Fall!

Cool post of great projects and stuff for the Fall. Best of luck with your upcoming sale dates.
Love the roller skate with the wine display. I saw this done at Junk Bonanza several weeks back and bought some rollerskates yesterday at a JM site Barn sale to do this same thing. I hadn't yet seen your post, but Laurel told me about it, so came back to view it. Great photo of it too, and a very fun event to attend.

Re: Almost Ready For Our 7th Fall Country Junk Sale Friday 10/2 and Saturday 10/3 from 9-5

I was at your sale yesterday! HOwever, I had my days wrong. lol At least now I know how to get there today. I'm heading out now.
Can't wait.
Crappy Minnesota weather, but awesome junking and thrifting. I guess a girl can't have it all!
Come on over girls, Minnesota always has room for more.

Re: License Plate Art....

What a great piece of wall art. SImple and stunning with all of the colors and graphics. Very cool.
Welcome to JM and all of your great contributions. We're glad you're here.

Re: Old grain elevator rack....

Very innovative use. It is perfect!

Re: From the book JUNK BEAUTIFUL.....

Jen, your finish product photo with the cowboy hat and clothes hanging on your vintage hand drills is awesome. The addition of using copper brackets is great too. Way to be inspired and taking it one step further. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

Re: Michigan License Plate Map by Design Turnpike

Hey Turnpike - Love it that we can now link directly to your site and find out more about you. I just recently found out about the user agreement thing too, as we all usually click agree to and don't necessarily know what we are agreeing to. lol I think you'll find this group a welcome home to hang out with. I hope you enjoy your self.
You have some awesome products you're creating, and very unique too.


I love how you've chosen to use a larger bottle with your masher and the size of it is perfect. With the addition of the bling, the transfers and flowers, you've got another winner on your hands. Wow, who would of thought a potato masher could become such an elegant object.

Re: "FALL"ing for the Springfield Extravaganza - Part I...

Hey kathy your set up looked very enticing and very diverse, so I can see why you would do so well. Great stuff. Looks like you've gone to alot more neutrals in colors too. How has that panned out compared to the more pastel colors you used to use? Just curious, as it looks awesome! Love it all.

Re: You Can't Take the Fancy Out of Fancy...

Wow Sue, this is so very unique. I too would of stopped with the candle holder idea we've all seen dozens of times, but not you. This is such a creative and wonderful way to re purpose this piece. Elizabeths photo is awesome in the frame and the details of the frame just are so perfect with the detailing of the light fixture and the paint just pulls it all together. Awesome!

Re: Michigan License Plate Map by Design Turnpike

A good idea would be to list your site under your profile info., thus if someone wants to find you the information is available to them there. Forgot to mention that in my last post.

Re: Michigan License Plate Map by Design Turnpike

Great recreation with cast off junk and now a fabulous piece of art.
As a contributor of the site, I know that there are certain guidelines that have to be followed and when we click on the agree to on the membership page it is listed there. Advertising is a very tough issue, as the site is really a think tank sharing of members projects and ideas, and not as much for self promotion. I guess a fine line that is sometimes hard to follow for all of us. I'm learning how this works too, so don't take it personally, it is to protect the integrity of the site as well as the owners that pay to operate it.

Re: Just the START of my birdhouse collection...

Love the green and white church bird house.

Re: 34 Birdhouses in total...I don't know if that's enough

Love all of your bird houses and the fact that they not only are awesome additions to your yard, but wonderful homes and feeders for the birds. Awesome!

Re: My version of teacup chandelier

Always fun to take a cast off and turn it into a useful and wonderful re purposed piece. I bet the tea lights are beautiful at night. Way to go-

Re: Feedsack Handbags

These are really wonderful! You have an eye for design and a great product here. They should sell well. Great job with finding a niche in the ever evolving Junking life style. Very cool!

Re: You don't need coasters for this table

How cool is this girls!!! I remember a grindstone like this on a rusty base sitting out in the pasture on the farm I grew up in. Brings back memories!
Quite creative - Good luck at your next venue, and so enjoyed you guys next door.

Re: Reel-ly Fun New Plant Stand...

Hey Laurel - sounds like my introduction of you to the Kountry Junkers was a win win situation for both of you. I saw you were buying the $5 item, but didn't realize you got 2 other great buys too. Saw the hose reel in their booth and later they said it had sold. You surely re purposed it in a fabulous way. Looks like you enjoyed your junking expedition at Junk Bonanza.

Re: Trundling Along

A great collaboration of junk Geo, transformed this cast off into a very cool inspiration board. Love the jute webbing addition, the office clips in black/silver for hanging stuff and the fish line. Very cool!

Re: Primitive Hutch and Cabinet Made From Shutters, an Old Screen Window and a TV Cabinet!

Very cool piece and congrats for selling it. Some of the married pieces of furniture are the best.

Re: Introducing Ruby Rose & Amy Bakes Cupcakes

Looks like a blast! Love the photo with the big black wardrobe, but it would be tad expensive getting it back to MN. lol
The cupcakes look scrumptious!
Good luck to you all-

Re: A Simple Monday "Ah Ha!" Moment

Yes, indeedy, these Chinese fingers were stuck on one of us white girls fingers. Whom it was is still a mystery, but I do remember having a laugh over it. Probably Ms. Sue's finger! lol
What a great re purpose you created here Sue. I had no idea what you'd come up with when, I believe it was Candy, presented these to you.
Ken- so cool to have an explanation of these thingamajigs too.

Re: Thank You One and All

I'm in for helping with a reunion too Sue. As for what to do, it'd be fun to have a "show n' tell" session, just like kindergarten with each having brought 1 junk creation.

Re: Primitive Cupboards from Junk

I will try to make it. Laurel has raved about you to me, so glad you posted and I found it.

Re: Primitive Cupboards from Junk

Great cupboards. Way to go.

Re: Old tool chest becomes a piece of furniture for my work room!

Marie - This is a wonderful re purposing and fabulous job of choosing your paint. It looks so warm and perfect for the rest of your style going on in your workroom. What a great addition for only $5.00. A steal for sure.
Great job-

Re: Garden Cloche

By the way welcome to the site, and again a really great idea post to start out your entrance. So glad you're a part of the site. You can always share your junking excitement with us here, and we'll jump up and down with you, for sure.

Re: Garden Cloche

What an awesome idea! Never seen this done.


Great job Alice, and so happy for you that they both sold the first time you wore them. That is a sign that your onto something.
Here's to more designing.

Re: Call me!

Wish I would of seen this 1 week ago. A great post and I will be looking for more Junk in the future to display my cards with.
My fav is the trowel type thingamajig. Great post and photos.
Welcome as a contributor. My brain is mush from a busy week and not sure if I've congratulated you or not, but if so, this post deserves a 2nd round.

Re: Bed Spring Candle Holder

Wowser did you come up with a good one for my junk!!! Now, where do I get more bell ringers. lol
Very elegant and beautiful. I would of never in a million years come up with this one. Great job!

Re: Thank You One and All

Sue - this is a great post and I love how you presented it and challenged each of us Junkers for the holiday season. I am going to try to take you up on it this year.
Enjoyed seeing some of the gifts as I didn't really see them when they came in and loved to see the great gift and note that Laurel presented and the lovely architectural piece from the Pfarkle sisters. I do know this, that once again I so enjoyed my time with you and the rest of my junking family. Everyone is so awesome and your home is so cozy for gatherings and junk hugs. I had a blast!

Re: Garden Fairy

Congratulations for having your creation featured on the Junk Market newsletter. Welcome to the site.
Now that I got that out of the way, Wow is this a fabulous marriage of pieces. So playful and a delight to look at. What a great addition to your property. Love it!

Re: Pick up the pieces.. but Never Forget.... 9-11 Tribute

What a wonderful Tribute you've made. I know this day changed my life forever. I will forever be greatful to those that serve to keep America safer than it would be without them.
Very creative use of the apple breadboard. When I first gazed at your blog I thought it was a heart. A broken heart! Many lives were changed and hearts were broken on that day. Amazingly creative and the fact that it helps you heal as well as is a tribute is wonderful.


Love it Janis!!! Ship it to me. lol
Another great post and such a creative use of barn wood. You and those awesome letters you use, are so cool. I just don't seem to find them in the US. Any other members have more luck than me? Please tell.
Love the photography too, and can see why this would be a new favorite in your house.

Re: Keeping it Simple

Wow, Sue this is gorgeous. The flowers are beyond awesome, the trophy is to die for, and the necklace (well it does add to the overall design). Gotta be careful what I say, since I designed it. Don't want to be arrogant ever.
This truly is my favorite floral post you've done, just because the simplicity of it is soooo doable, the flowers are gorgeous, love trophies, love jewelry, and love you!!!
You were so sweet with your words, and your house surely hugs me every time I'm in it. It would be my dream house and I could move right in with the warmth it already radiates. Of course, you'd need to leave it furnished. lol

Re: Vintage Redesign Jewelry - From Raw Elements to Fun

Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone! You are soooo very kind and sweet with your comments. I appreciate each one of you and the relationship I have or will eventually have with you all. Many of you I have met through this Junk Market site and my life is definitely fuller because of each one of you. I do believe my design abilities have also improved and grown as this has been such a wonderful site for encouragement, building of relationships and just plain sharing of Junk Fun.
I thought it would be fun to show a few make-overs with the raw elements that I'd found, so that was kind of the jest of this post.
Thanks again my Junking friends! And especially Sue whom has brought us altogether through this awesome sight she runs.

Re: Backdoor Cross

Excellent idea and project. Love what you've done here. What a cool way to make a statement and welcome your guests.

Re: Door Headboard for the Guest Room

I just love what you've done with the 3 doors. I've not seen anyone do quite this before and really like the look.
Great job.

Re: Trophy Coat Rack

Great way to re purpose trophies. Very innovative.

Re: A Look at the Bright Side...

What a beautiful calming porch you have created. Love the colors you've chosen and the shutters are very cool, as is the unique garden fencing window valance. Lovely!

Re: Jewelry treasure hunting

You are one lucky lady. My favorites are the two photos of the wonderful pins. This jackpot should keep you buy for quite some time.

Re: Live from Charlotte, North Carolina

Congratulations on a successful show in Charlotte, NC. I'm sure you made the gals week by shopping at their great shops. I follow some of the gals and it was fun to see some photos you took of their shops, etc.
Looks like you got some good junking fun in at the same time of meeting some of your JMS followers. How fun!

Re: One Happy Junker...

Oh my, Laurel! Oh my! I can understand now via face book how you were busting out of the seams excited about yesterdays adventure. You got so fortunate on this junking expedition. At about $25 each per door and $20 per grate you made out like a bandit. Thank goodness for in-laws and their sharing the news with you before all of this great Junk was torched. Love the grates. Maybe, we could trade a grate for a necklace? lol
Have a blast with your new found treasures. Way cool!!!!

Re: Fall Floral Arrangement

Love the Fall display. However, I'm having a hard time thinking of Fall already. I'm still loving the summer sun. Have a great time at the Womens expo.

Re: On the Streets of London Town . . .

I love this sign, and since I've seen it in person on your table, I've got to say I love it as it looks there. I think hubby was right on this one, and the 2nd place location takes the prize. It looks fabulous on your table. The disk spacer candle holders are cool with it too, but I prefered it alone the day you served us lunch. It just is too cool!
Another great vision you had!

Re: Moving into 2nd Gear!!

Very cool Ron! Great photos as always Amy. Love the fireplace peeking out of the background and the stuff above it. Show more?

Re: Repurposed Door into hall tree (my first post)

What a keeper. Nice first post. Welcome to Junk Market.

Re: Repurposed Antiques goes to Market

I missed this post, so will comment a bit late. Your booth looks just wonderful and well thought out. Love many of the items you've created and I can see why you did so well at the sale. Hats off to your family and friends for all of their love, support and help. We could do many of the things we do with out our families.

Re: Simple Mondays

Only you Sue would figure out that antlers could be repurposed into a cool and funky picture easel. Another great no brainer project. Fun too.

Re: The Key to Success

May this wonderful junk key reincarnation be the ticket to selling your house. Very cool repurposing you did with this form junk.

Re: New roadtrip finds.

You've got a great collection of Junk finds here Ann. Especially love your new drawer. You'll have to show us what you decide to do with it. The gears are very cool too, and the shutter looks like it is perfect for the desk you were wanting to put it by. Such a great vignette that came together for you, one piece of junk at a time.
Junking roadtrips are the best!

Re: mid century chair re-do

Great job turning one persons trash into a treasure for you. Details can really add to pieces like these.

Re: So much junk, so much to say, SO LITTLE TIME!

Congratulations on your recent speaking engagements Midge. It will be just fine, just take a deep breath and use your sense of humor. Before long, you'll forget you're even speaking in front of people and will be sharing the junker mantra with them all. Save one piece of junk at a time.
Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Re: jewelry treasures

Nice Ann. I'm sure you'll get lots of fun use with your latest creations. I have a sterling silver thimble that I've used in a design for the Junk Bonanza show. Great minds think alike. lol

Re: Vintage Redesign Jewlery Designer Scours Oronoco Flea Market for Treasures

No, Jim. I agree. Jewelry wouldn't go with your persona. Nice you can appreciate though.

Re: Tin ceiling crown molding shelf

Love what you did with your tin molding. I have a long piece 4 sections in length that I'd like to turn into a shelf unit. Did you guys make your shelf as well? Great job!

Re: A TP Holder

Sue - you are a hoot! You bring a smile to my face every time I read one of yours posts. Love how this turned out, what you created is crazy creative. What will that beautiful scale of yours do without tp duty. Of course it can still hold back up rolls. This will be a beautiful addition to your already lovely bathroom, and may need to be included in a future book. Very creative, but yet doable for the average Junker.
Way to go Jim for delivering a cool piece too.

Re: Vintage Redesign Jewlery Designer Scours Oronoco Flea Market for Treasures

Thanks everyone for your nice comments about my finds at Oronoco. Like Robert mentioned I surely was blessed! The prices at Oronoco were all over the charts and I saw jewelry pieces in cases for $350-800 in one booth and then there were actual flea market vendors with offerings like I chose to buy at fabulous prices. I will definitely be back next year.
I'm at our cabin currently, sitting in the beautiful sunshine, drinking a cup of coffee and designing with some of my wonderful new finds. They are coming together just as I had hoped, and many of these finds will be showcased at a local Junk event, so stop by and see the results. I will try to post a few finished products, but hope to unveil most of it for the first time at this event.
Thanks Junk Market members for your love and support. You truly rock!

Re: my version of $100. shower curtain :)

This looks awesome. Way to improvise when you fell in love with something too extravagant, but figured out a way to make it yourself just as good. Love it!

Re: Typing Tables, Office Chairs and Metal File Bins

I've seen the bottoms of these type of chairs removed and have become the base for side tables. Usually were paired up with another piece of metal like a wheel, or round window, etc.
I have a typewriter table I use in my studio and have another metal shelving unit sitting on top of it.
Great stuff! I hope you find a use for them.

Re: Views from the 127 Corridor Sale

Love the bicycle repurposed mail box. Very cool photo. Are you going to show the treasures you picked up next? Thanks for sharing photos so those of us not able to be there can still enjoy it.

Re: Chippy Sconce Redo...

Love these Laurel. I have 1 like this on my front porch wall with a grouping of mirrors and love the way they look with candles in them. I don't get to light mine too often, since they're next to the siding, but it all the same.
Your grouping of 3 looks fabulous and its so much fun to turn trash into treasures isn't it!
btw, which necklace of mine did you buy this past sale?
Just curious what tugged at your heart. Sorry I missed you at the sale, but had some serious junking going on with Junk Market sisters. Maybe next year, you and your sister can plan ahead and join us for a hoe down good time.


Re: JMS Post from the Past - "I'm Going All the Way to the Top!"

Ahhh, Lani. Love it and I'm amazed you've already have it up and running. Impressed you decided to tackle it yourself and you've proved your becoming a die hard to it your selfer with this post. Love Sue's observation about the faux nails and the power tools. Too funny, that I had to go back and observe. The pretty and the tough.
Your style rocks. Fun to see it and not just trying to visualize it anymore from descriptions only.

Re: My First Post

I too love the ornate bed photo. Welcome to the site and thanks for sharing.

Re: Shoemaker's Garden Art

I think you've started a new surge of desire for these shoe forms. You've done a great job with placing them in your gardens and they really look good. Reminds me of papa bear, mama bear, teenager bear, and baby bear. Very fun!

Re: A few of my favorite things - from Oronoco with LOVE!!

Kathy- I love this post. You've shown me things I didn't see even though I attended the same event as you. It was so huge, that I feel like I saw about 30% of it, so will have to do a better job next year when I'm shopping. lol
I do remember a gas sign just like this while growing up and it was 28.9 and was a part of a gas war in a small town on Hwy. 10 in Minnesota. Must of been the late 60's for me to remember it. This photo you took is like a dejavu of that era. Fun!


This is one of my all time favorite Junk Market original projects that they show in their books. Looks like you executed it perfectly. I have parts of a project in my cabin garden shed to make my own water ski food bar, but my dh and I have different opinions of what to use the skis for. He wants a bench, I want a ski bar like yours. Way to go and thanks for the inspiration.

Re: Sisterhood of Traveling Junk Sale - Seattle

After spending a week-end with junking pals, I agree it is great to meet up with like minded ladies. Looks like you were well stocked and had a fun time displaying your wares and selling them. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Oronoco Stories...what happened in Oronoco stays...

Ahhhh, thank you Fjerda. At least you took 1 descent photo with me in it. 1 out of 3 ain't 1/2 bad. lol
Since I was working, ahem, and didn't have any photos of this tenting fiasco, I sure am enjoying seeing how silly we truly did look carrying our tent across the campsite. However, putting together the tent was way more challenging. Some male must of written the directions and they had the colors all messed up in the directions. Women are wayyyy to detailed to be making that kind of mistake. lol Now, wait a minute. It was 6 woman that forgot basic necessities for camping, so maybe it was a lady writing the tent directions. ha!
Thanks from the bottom of my heart for sharing your camp ground, your advice, your campfire, your steak knives, your picnic table, your grill, your refrigerator, your sense of humor. Did I forget anything?
You girls rock!

Re: Pick Another Daisy

Love this Sue. It belongs in my jewelry studio though, not your house. lol Love all of the things you repurposed it with, but my fav is the jewelry, the candles, the vase with flowers, the condiments, well shoot, love them all.

Re: Southern Ideal Home and Bath Show - Charlotte

How very exciting Sue! No rest for the weary. You must be exhausted after hosting all of us crazy contributors for 1/2 a week, while wearing your fitted jeans. ;-0 Serveral comments have been made in posts, I'm so sorry I say silly things. lol Guess that will be my reputation.
Have a great time and I'll be thinking of you and rooting for you back home in Minnesota.

Re: "The Twelve Best"~Vintage Clock

Jim - You always have great projects, but personally this one tugs at me the most. I just love it, the thought that went into it and how you executed it. It is one all around winner! The patina is fabulous, the brass numbers a perfect addition and love the base. You rock Jim, and next year you have got to plan ahead for the Oronoco show. You would love it! You'd be a bit out numbered, but there are tons of men around too.

Re: My Picks from Oronoco

Awe Sue, what a blast you provided your entourage this past week. I had so much fun, but sure was glad to be home Saturday night, instead of Sunday morning like the rest of you gals. I was done in, and knew my limits. I used toothpicks to keep my eyes open driving home. lol
btw - this is Oronoco, Minnesota for the lady wondering about this event. In Minnesota we sure put up with bad weather and mosquitos, but than having an event like this makes it all worth while.
Loved the gas pump and it was awesome for the bloggers party for a photo prop. So much fun you provided with that purchase!
I was asked what my favorite thing at Oronoco was that was unusual and I told the people that it was a sofa table made out of rusty car ramps. Too funny that you photographed it too. Great minds think alike. Ha!
Missed out on the young couples booth, as well as the material lady. Bummer. I don't think I saw 60% of the show. There's always next year when we stay in the Airstream for Lani. ;-)
Last, but not least, I think the felt sign "Blondes Park Here" is because they need help knowing where to park, and the rest of us non-blonds can figure it out without being told. Ha! Just kidding! You said let the war begin.

Re: Dad's Junk

Love this. I actually haven't seen this done before, so it is fresh and new to me. Thanks for sharing and what a great Dad. I have a few of these items in my Junk stash and may have to repurpose them now. Love this.

Re: ...with a Junk Junk here & a Junk Junk there

Awesome saves and fun stuff you've found. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Ol' Blue Door

I too love your door. The color and patina is fabulous as is, and I agree that I would do very little to it. Maybe, the idea of it leaning in a corner and have a chair next to it, you could even hang a cool mirrror off of it towards the top that has the vintage look too. A linen chair with wood trim would be fabulous displayed with this.
ALso, the behind the couch idea sounds cool too.
I recently bought one at an Occasional Sale in Minnesota, but paid more for mine. It has wonderful chippy aqua on one side and white on the other. I plan to poly it and use it with another door for a business venture.
Love your door and great find! So glad you grabbed it up, as you would of had buyers remorse had you let it stay.

Re: 650 Mile Garage Sales Pictures

Wow, what a great JM fan you are. I'm sure Sue really appreciated all of the support and explanations that you gave out at your garage sale location regarding her JM site. The more members here, the more the site can do and provide for all of us. So each and everyone, go out and spread the word about this fabulous site, and help Sue out by helping it to grow to be what she dreams of it to become.
What a great son you have to help you out with computer skills and photographs. Keep keeping on and soon you'll be literate. We all have to start somewhere with all of this crazy electronic gadgets that can make our life so much more fulfilling.
Thanks for sharing the fun and exciting event you were part of. Sounds like a blast, and I hope you sold really well.

Re: A Touch of Class

Scrolled right down to the comments section, so I wouldn't see any comments first. This has to of come from Janis the one and only bling queen.
Love what you did Sue. Only you can create such magic out of nothing. Love it!

Re: A Junker's Nuts and Bolts Bin

Love this Sue! I've just been redoing my Studio too, so it would fit in perfectly with the rest of my items. Go ahead and bring it with you on Thursday. I'd gladly take it off your hands along with the other 20 or so JM junkers. lol
Great repurposing idea. And that doorknob on top, has my little brain going 90 miles a minute on another project idea.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Re: Little-bit Junky Wedding Table Decorations

What a great post. Love what you created for your sisters wedding and the thriftiness is very cool as well. Looks so professional and expensive though. Cool ideas!

Re: New Use for an Old Friend...

What a cool re purpose you did Laurel. And how fun is that when Sue inspired the "Happy and Healthy" comment. Fun!

Re: Vintage Headboard "Fence"

Love these Laurel. What an ingenius and handy husband you've found. Sounds like a keeper. Lovely backyard as well.

Re: Sentimental Junk...

Hi Laurel-
It was so nice to meet you a few weeks back at the French Flea. I was hoping to run into you yesterday at Sue's garage sale, but missed you.
Love this post. My favorite is the cross your son spotted in the drafting tool. That is what it is, as my husband got his start in life as a drafter.
The cupboard windows are so cool and memorable with finding them on your honeymoon. Love the way that piece turned out.
My grandpa had similiar skis like yours and they are long since gone, but yours brought me back to happy memories of my Grandpa.
Last but not least is the cool house your husband built for you. What a labor of love-
Thanks so much for taking the risk and sharing. We are all in this together, and the styles and tastes are sooooo very varied that all posts are great for some members. So keep posting, girl.

Re: wine & cheese cart

What a find and transformation you created here. Way cool!

Re: Phosphorus centerpiece

Wow, for $8.80 you sure have an awesome one-of-a-kind centerpiece there. I just love it! You found such a deal.
I would love to find something like this and I would re purpose it in a different way, relative to my business. Found something similiar yesterday, but it was $40, not $1, so had to pass it by. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Any Ideas ?? I'm stumped!

I just love your piece you have with all of the cubbies. I would use it in my jewelry studio if it were mine, or on a farm style table in a living area with some of my favorite items displayed in varying shelves. Small silver pieces, bottles, shells, books, etc. would be fabulous in this piece. You are one lucky gal to have this treasure. They are expensive when you do find them.

In this post there is one similiar that is shown with items in it, thus merchandised.


Re: Yard Sale is all done Up JM Style...The Details

If you're just seeing this email now (Thursday evening) its not too late to go to Sue's sale. I was there today and I tell you it is worth taking the time to get there if you can. There is soooooooo much great stuff, and she has done an incredible job of setting this sale up. It actually looks like an auction is going to take place there is so much being offered and the vignette's are sooooo cool.
I urge you, go if at all possible. There is so much, that you can still make it on Saturday, go. Very fun!

Re: Yard Sale is all done Up JM Style...The Details

This is Minnesota folks! For those of you asking where the sale is. It is one of the small advantages us Minnesotans get for putting up with mean winters, and that is Sue Whitney being one of us. lol
I will be there for sure, Sue. Parking could be a nightmare, but well worth it.
I can't believe the work you've done just since last Wednesday when it was all still in the garage. This will go down as the all time awesomest garage sale to attend ever. I hope you have weather blessings on your sale as well.
Too fun!

Re: See the Light

I enjoyed viewing your post of both of these lamps now filled with wonderful texture. The river rock with the hole in it was icing on the cake. What a great makeover you did on both of these items. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Look What I Saved From the Trash!

It sure was your lucky day to find and save this treasure. It looks wonderful in your home, and like it surely belongs there.

Re: Faux Painted Walkway

What a beautiful job you've done with recreating the brick look with a bit of paint and sand. Well done.

Re: "Shake AND Bake!!??!!"

Hey Janis- Another great post. Love the flowers and the interesting idea with the jello mold around the hurricane lantern. Quite ingenious! I'll be right over for a visit. Now that is definitely wishful thinking!

Re: Our Name in Junk!

Welcome to the site and congrats on a great first post. Love the idea, inspiration and all of the details you shared with what and how you found the letters of your last name. I'd love to give it a try, but maybe would choose to mount them on something and than have it on our front porch, but yet have it movable to a new place in the home as well.
Thanks for sharing!

Re: What do you do with an old window and $1 garage sale shutters?

Love what you did with this former junk. It turned out wonderful. Great job.

Re: Clean up finds

Sounds like you'll be busy for a while and that you found great stuff for free to re purpose. Neighborhood pick up days like this can be haven for junkers.

Re: Old electric panels?

Welcome to the JM site. Be sure to show your finished project you create with your fun finds. How cool to be a trash man in this day and age of throwaways. Share some trash stories along with photos of some of your favorite finds.

Re: Doesn't Matter if it's Black or White . . . .

Hey Lani - enjoyed your cool post on black and white. My favs are the Mannequin, the married furniture piece, the hotel chairs and Sue's 2 art pieces. Wooops, I guess you can't have a favorite at Lani's place, they're all great.
Love the name suggestions thus far for your mannequin. You've got:

I favor the Anika suggestion, but I'm sure you'll come up with the perfect name.

Love your blog posts and great photographs as well.


Re: Gardens at Cabin Update

Thanks everyone for your nice comments and encouragement. It has truly been a labor of love, but is so wonderful to be able to get my hands dirty in the soil and than see the beauty of the flowers blossoming. I'm looking forward to seeing what may be in bloom tomorrow, as its been 10 days since I've been there to check out my gardens.
Flowerbasketgirl, you were absolutely right with those two flowers being columbines. I knew that, but mistakenly typed the wrong name, as I was in a hurry. I do have the old fashioned honey suckles too that look like a smaller version of the larger red/yellow columbine posted in the last photo.
Candy- you are a hoot! I never realized this before, but my hard water at the cabin has turned the stepping stones into a rusty color. How fitting for a junker! I will now appreciate it after reading your post. lol


Re: Sometimes it's ok to break a dish (or two)...

Beautiful post Kathy! I have a bowling ball that is waiting to be embellished. My basement has 2 totes filled with china and goodies with good intentions to do mosaic with, and need to unload a bunch of it at a garage sale as well. I guess I had the same bug you had, "the over anxious one". lol
Love your bowling balls, and especially the beachy themed one. It would be a great use of my much collected seashells and beach glass.

Re: Editor's Challenge

I hope to hand deliver your challenge to you on Wednesday if I ride with Lani to your house when she goes there. It should be fun to see what you come up with for all of these crazy items everyone has collected for you.

Re: Ski bench #1

Very nicely done. We've got skis set aside to create a bench, but haven't done it yet for out at our cabin. I've used skis for several projects at our cabin as we are avid waterskiers and enjoyed your post.

Re: Garage sale ScOnCeS become Showstoppers!

Wowser! You've got the creative genes in you for sure. Would of never guessed the end result came from the sconce in the photo. Great redo.

Re: Trunk/Chest Planter

Your trunk looks great against the backdrop color of the building it is against. Nice job!

Re: More License Plate planters

These are great! Iv'e not seen this done quite like this before, so thanks for sharing.

Re: audballs

Thank you so much for this post. I have a dark green bowling ball that my sister gave to me. My grandparents were both bowlers and this sister gave each of the 4 girls in our family a bowling ball she found at garage sales for our gardens. My dark green bowling ball simply blends in with the garden and I've been wanting to do this type of project with my ball. Thanks for the detailed instructions, as I've bookmarked in my tutorials as a favorite. This will be a Winter project for me. Hmmmm, now which style do I like best?
Thanks for sharing!

Re: Vanity Makeover

A wonderful transformation for sure. Great job on the finishing and for saving this lovely treasure.

Re: Fun Find

Love this idea for re purposing a vintage tri-pod. So very cool! I love photography as a hobby, did it all through high school for our school as well as college, and how cool would something like this be in my gardens at our cabin? Thanks for the idea and for sharing-

Re: Vase / Candle / Office Supply Holder made from Insulators

Love your project. I just sold an ceramic insulator like that at our last occasional sale in Anoka. I'd never seen them before either, and thought the mocha color of the one I had purchased to sell, was such a great color.
Your innovation with the wood, little feet, etc. is super. Love it with the flowers!

Re: How To Resize Photos

I have my camera on a standard setting, and I never have to resize my photos at all. With digital cameras the fine setting tends to be for if you plan to blow up a photo to be a fireplace size photo, and really wastes a lot of space on your sim card. Once you change the setting to the smaller setting, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to post, and how many more photos your sim card can hold.
I hope this helps someone out there, but like the former poster commented, if all else fails, the directions usually do have the answers. Not sure why we all tend to forego that step. lol

Re: Vintage Cash Register Art Piece

Oh, for the timing of this post JennyK! I just spent the afternoon with my friend, Carolyn, tearing apart two vintage cash registers. Too funny!
What a great gallery art project you created with your treasure.
I've been wanting to buy some of these on etsy, but they're each selling for $6-10 per # with shipping, so waited. Low and behold my dear friend, Carolyn stopped at a neighbors garage sale and bought two cash registers for $10.00 each. Her dh helped her pull apart both of them, and today we finished harvesting the pieces we wanted to keep.
I am actually giving Sue pieces of the cash register for her project from me. How fun will that be.
The one machine has exquiste detailing and I'd planned on posting a "help" post for ideas of what to do with them. Looks like you've started the process. Thanks for sharing!
As always another super project by JennyK.

Re: fencing in the platters

Very lovely way to display your platters. So soft, elegant and useful. Just love it! I've not seen this done before and your execution is perfect.

Re: Glammin' up my girl

Very cool!

Re: Bed Spring picture / card / recipe / note / holder

Love this! I have about 30 more bed springs to come up with projects for yet. lol Thanks for sharing.

Re: The JennyK Room @ Georgia's First Occasional Sale

Love the galvanized metal backdrop you and Melissa created for your space. Very cool! Love it all, but the lawnmower lamps, water feature and backdrop of metal are my favs.
Congrats and best wishes on your new and exciting venture.
Hold on for the ride!

Re: Get your Lighting in Gear!

Awesome design Amy! Quite incredible, well executed and oh so sophisticated. Love your entry display area, and your photos are fabulous as always. A great post Amy!

Re: Georgia Moon's First Occasional Sale

Georgia I'm getting here late, but wanted to congratulate you on a fabulous looking shop. I just love what you've done, how you've vignetted it and the items you had for sale. I just love the occasional sale venue, and feel so blessed to be a part of a successful one here in Minnesota. It creates such a frenzy and is so much fun. Its a hard 4 days, but always well worth the blood, sweat and tears. Good luck with your future sales as you go forth. I think you'll find it a refreshing venue, but will also find the 4 weeks in between fly by as well. Fun! Fun! Fun!
Off to view Jenny K's post next.

Re: Just waiting on a friend...

What a great photo Kari. So inviting and summer like. Enjoy our fleeting Minnesota summer. It sure is a doozy today!


What a smart repurposing you've created here. Very cool idea.

Re: Another quick project #3

What a cute idea! Love the red/white/blue for the holiday soon arriving.
Ahhhh! I just remembered I have some vintage license plates out at our cabin that I've not figured out a project for them yet. I may be onto something now. Thanks for the inspiration.


I love this! What a great idea. Thanks for posting it for us to see and be inspired by.

Re: What do you do with a bedspring, fabric and shuffle board puck? Make an Art Doll of course!

This is incredible! Love what you've done. You really have an eye for creating beautiful things, and to use a rusty bed spring under the dress to give durability to the design is ingenius.

Re: Rust for my Golds!

These are super. They already have the holes in them, so built in drainage. Very smart.
Love the look of these.

Re: The REAL Inspiration!

Just some amazing photos you've shared with us all. The size of that tree is magnificant. I wonder when it was planted? My parents used to harvest the moss out of trees like this when they went to Florida and bring it back to Minnesota for me to use in my crafts I used to do. This is the trees they would get it from. So cool to see this photo with the moss hanging down.
Love the inspiration! Makes me want to go for a drive in my homeland area as well. Staying there for 4 days next week, so will be inspired as well.
Thank you, thank you, for sharing this.

Re: Still Getting ready for Vintage Treasures Market

I hope your sale went well. I am just getting around to reading back member projects, so am already too late for the sale.

Re: Feet Shall manifest

This is an amazing piece of assemblage. Just love it! Thanks for sharing it on the site with us all. You have a great design eye and are amazingly talented.

Re: "The Key to Your Universe is That You Can Choose"

Jenny - You have got to have the coolest salvage yard around. How cool to find all of these keys at once. Fun!

Re: Decorating Outdoors

Gorgeous and what a great addition to your porch area. I'd love them on mine.

Re: JMS Joins in City Wide Garage Sale Fun!

Hopefully, Carolyn and I will make it to your sale, Sue.

Re: The Rusty Gardener

The vintage bluish table base w/vintage light planting
The rusty scale base w/chicken feeder plantings
Rusty sewing machine
Awesome girl bird bath

These are my favorite of the group you posted here. They are all wonderful ideas, but these 4 would fit right into my style, so love them extra much.

What an inspiring post, Kathy. Thanks for the garden tour. I loved it!

Re: Old Shipping Crate Flower Boxes

Wow! These are so awesome. Tell hubby he did a fab job on the welding. The weld job accents the finished project, but keeps the wondeful patinaed crates in the focus. Love the words on the vintage boxes and your compromise is great as well.

Re: Hey Mr. DJ . . .

Lani - another spectacular contributor challenge you have created. What a great tribute. Everything is so thought out and so wonderfully creative. Your Dad should be so proud of this display. So neat.

Re: Toot Your Own Horn

Love this Jenny K. Very creative use. Just love it!

Re: My lunchtime menu: JUNK!

What a fun lunch you had. I tend to go to a thrift sale or garage sale for lunches too. So much more fun than sitting in the office. lol
Love the clocks you found. They are so great! Love the silver too and the "Schaumann silverware" (lol) I mean "S" silverware. How cool. "Stantz/Schaumann" We'd be fighting over the "S's" if we were out shopping together.
Great post.


Just lovely Janis. You are the queen of elegance. Love what you did with the rub ons and the silver. I just can't seem to ever find any great stuff locally. What's your secret?
These would be just perfect in a babys room. Love all of your ideas.

Re: It's a Salad Spinner

Sue this is truly a fabulous junking idea. You are such a creative gal and cease to amaze me with your talent. From your great ideas, to the presentations to the photography it is always so top notch. It a wonder your so successfuly with your book writing and such. Awesome idea.

Re: Rusty Old Wheelbarrow Planter

How cool to find this wheelbarrow for a buck and with holes already ready for for planting.
Love it planted with flowers. Great idea.

Re: Time Well Spent

Honestly, I thought it was from a magazine. Great vignette as well as photograph. Love it all.

Re: Repurposed garden fence

Welcome to junkmarket. What a great garden perimeter you came up with. Very ingenious.


Janis - equisite post! Love everything about it. Great ideas.
We just don't seem to be ablet of find great words/letters like you find in Canada. Love your wording you use so often. It just adds so much.
Great job, girlfriend!

Re: Garage Sale Continued

Hey Sue - if a person goes to this much work to have a garage sale, than its a given that it is worth your time to stop. Very bright and eye catchy, and it would definitely pull be in from the curbside. Love the tips about oil clothes as well as the tarps with clamps. What a great tip.
You rock, girlfriend.

Re: JMS on The Today Show with Matt!

Thanks Sue. What a dream come true for me. Sweet of you to wear my jewelry creation on TB. Can you believe I didn't even notice it the first time I watched the segment, but I sure did the next time around. Quite the thrill.

Re: JMS on The Today Show with Matt!

Wow! Thanks for having this on your site for those of us that didn't get to see it. It was a great segment, loaded with interesting information. I learned a lot as well.
My daughter has been sick all week, so I've been out of the loop and not on the pc.
Way to go Sue!

Re: Garage Sale Heaven

Are you shopping or selling? How did it go?

Re: Rustic planters from repurposed dock boards

Tell hubby he did an awesome job on these from the salvaged dock boards. Very ingenius of you guys.


Re: Huge Chalkboard

What a great redo you did with this. I didn't realize you could paint that chalkboard paint over most anything. Interesting!

Re: Sticks and Stones

I too have a fetish for all things washed up on the beach. Just this past week-end we were at our "lakeside cottage" and I went to the beach in town to pick up beach glass and cool finds. My husband always asks me what are you going to do with all of your beach glass? It will strike me one day, what I want to do with all of my wonderful treasures. I also collect heart shape rocks. Its wonderful and its free.

Re: Dressers and more

I love your ingenuity with using the cool baskets in place of drawers. That is such a wonderful idea. I've not seen that before, and love the contrast of texture the basket gives the wood piece. Way cool! Thanks for sharing-

Re: table top stand

Cool repurpose you did here. I like it sitting on the floor with the items displayed in it.

Re: Let there be light...

Great revitilization you brought to these lamps. Fun to see your project postings.

Re: Snap. Crackle. Now they Pop!

Wow, what a great transformation. Great vision!

Re: Patriotic Clock

What a fun project you've created for your cabin. I hope it gives you many years of enjoyment.

Re: Old Door Coffee Table

Wowser girl. When you debut, you do it in style! What an awesome first post you've got here for us all to be drooling over. I'd love this table in my home. Your happy accident was meant to be with the finish, as I don't think you could of gotten this cool of a look if you had tried to. What a great first project posting. Thanks for sharing with us and welcome to the site.
Sometimes, us junkers need a gentle nudge, like "use it or lose it". lol Ha! At least I do.

Re: Old pedestal table, travel stickers and stamps

What a great transformation with the table and chairs. A very innovative and fun redesign. Way to go. You're on a roll girl!

Re: Old Metal Cash Box Transformed

What a great looking money box you have now. The only problem is that not only will people want it for the money inside, but for the cool design on the outside too. You'd better watch that one, or it might get away. lol

Re: Shadow Box Keys and Lace

I love little trinkets and keys, so this is a fun post for me to read. Love that you've preserved them in a cool display that you can see them everyday in your home. No more hidden away in a junk box.

Re: Key Frame Mirror

What a funky and fun way to use up a bunch of old keys. A very cool project indeed. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Adirondack from salvage

Trey - you've just shown Sue that was her dreams and goals for her Junk Market business are being effective and influencing the younger generations. Her many days and hours she's put into educating all of us about repurposing junk and finding a way to incorporate it back into a useful and viable project has surely rung through with your wonderful chair project you created. I too give it an A+, and surely your professor had best do that to, or us junkers will have to back you up. lol
You're chair is incredible. The design is fresh, innovative and way cool. I'm thinking you should be building as many of these as you possibly can, and the earnings could go towards college costs. I'd think you'd sell everyone you made. Just a thought!
Good luck with your future in interior design and keep up the great design work while saving the earth from too much junk.

Re: Shabby Chic table and chairs ~ REDO

This is a great redo project. You've done an excellent job with attending to the details even under the table. Nice job and I'm sure the new owners will get many more years of use out of this set now. Nice job!


I love the silver trays you found. Those heavy ones are the best quality too usually. Your shutter cabinet looks like a great storage piece and I'm sure it will sell right away. Good luck with your sale this week-end.


Some more great finds that you can turn around and make a profit off of. Way to go.

Re: GIONIS ON A JUNKIN' ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the green table too. Cool lampshade skeletons as well. You made a good haul.

Re: What's New Pussy Cat - Contributor Challenge

Jim what a great post to wake up to. I had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading it. A great job once again and how cool are the shadows on the wall from the holes in the shade.

Re: Picture Holder Perfect for a Crash Test Dummy!

Lani - this is extremely creative to come up with this repurpose for a guard rail. I wouldn't of given it a second look, but you did and now you've got a wonderful area to display Becca and Zach's artwork. Love it with the candles too. Thanks for sharing as I've been trying to visualize what this would look like hanging on your wall. Needless to say my vision didn't match your execution. I had in a mind a shiny chunky silver guard rail like what we see in todays roads. The guard rail you came across is way cooler!

Re: cottage blue shabby chic end table

Your table came out just great! SO much fun when you see something others pass by and know that with a bit of creativity and time it can be fabulous and useful.

Re: Taters no more

Cool plantings with a very fun basket. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Happy Memorial Day

Love your party guys! What a fabulous time you had together, and I'm sure it is a day you'll remember for a lifetime. It must of been a riot creating all of this cool vintage flair. Thanks for sharing with us. I almost could hear Georgia and JennyK and you cackling while reading the post. I'm sure the laughter was a joy for some of the older folks to hear from a bunch of junkers. How could you not become a convert? Too fun!

Re: How to Make a Metal Basket Planter

Wow Sue. You are scoring this week in the junkers project ratings. This is another very original, beyond cool and so creative of a project. Love how you created the feet out of the mouth pieces, the instructions for the cocoa mat useage, etc. were all wonderful and easy to follow. The photos of course were great too. What a cool planting you now have.

Re: A Traveling Bevarage Bar

Sue you rock girlfriend! I loved seening this in the post about the shops, and now with your repurposed project it is beyond cool. It is definitely worthy of placement in one of your future books. You're awesome junker girl.

Re: Shopping and Signing -In That Order!

Thank you Sue and Kimberly for making a trip to the "French Flea" shop in Anoka. I am so happy I was able to spend a few hours before I had to whisk of to the wedding event. The "4" must of been meant for you. I'm so very happy that you like it and that it represents the fabulous Elizabeth too.
I'm sad I didn't get to spend the whole day hanging out with you gals, but it will just make next time sweeter. You two are the best and again, "thanks so much" for supporting Lani and my new venture at "The French Flea". If only you knew how much merchandise went out of the shop the prior 4 1/2 days leading up to your book signing. We were a bit nervous that it wouldn't be cool enough, as the stuff flew out. Glad you approved.

Re: Quick simple fix

Nice redo.
What do you use for the background that you spray chalkboard paint on? I've heard of using plywood, but is there something easier than that. I have limited access to saws, but tons of frames I'd like to repurpose for our new French styled shop and have wanted to turn some of these into chalkboards with a French twist.
Thanks for any help.

Re: Antique ottoman

Simply beautiful redo of this piece. You do gorgeous work! I have one waiting for the same type of treatment you gave this flea market find, but my poor ottoman has almost given up home of ever getting that much loved attention from me. Maybe, this year! lol

Re: Bird Cage Desk Organizer

You're project turned out great. Yes, this was an original Sue and Ki project from their Junk Market venture many years ago. It is still a classic. And your version of it it is a feminine more cottagey style than the original invention they did. It is in one of their first books that was published, I believe. I have all of the books, so not sure which one, but I also think it was featured in Country Home magazine when they wrote monthly articles of repurposing Junk for that magazine as well.

Re: Caged Wild Birds (not really)

Fabulous idea. I love it!

Re: Much Better

It's a beauty now. Nice work.

Re: New Purpose for Garage Sale Find

Awesome idea. Way too cool!
Way to go. Love this industrial idea.

Re: How to Spiff Up the Biff

Sorry Bart, I called you Burt in my post. Please accept my apologies. I'm a bit rushed this a.m., and didn't mean to offend you.

Re: How to Spiff Up the Biff

See what I mean? Your quirky awesome playful personality just adds so much to your project posts, as well as a delight to each of your projects. Before I realized it was Burt in your first photo post, I thought, how funny, it looks like a face smiling. What a great and fun place to have Burt hanging out. lol

Re: Happy Spring

Sue - Once again you've out done yourself. You never cease to amaze me with the creative repurposing ideas you come up with. Always so classy, with an element of Sue's playful personality dished out. You are a true joy to know and be a part of my life.
Can't wait to see you tomorrow at the shop and get my book signed at the French Flea. Love the rope, spring/washer idea, the door knob, etc. At the shop a gal just asked me what to use for this type of application, and now thanks to this post, I can refer her to this product. Does it work for glass applications too?
Take care-

Re: "old School"

Love these, and I too would love to have these. A mudroom/entry way would be awesome with these. Four for me, one for hubby and one for daughter. lol I bet you can tell who the junker is in the family.

Re: Suitcase Parts

Love this and way cool idea/post. Thanks for sharing.

Re: French Bed Canopy

Excellent re purposing idea, and a nice execution as well.
Thanks for sharing.

Re: Wall Cabinets

Cute shelf and re purposing of it. I have one similiar in my laundry room that I found in the ditch when I was a teenager. Its been around a long time now! lol
Sometimes, if you just change the setting on your camera to a smaller size it really makes a difference with downloading problems. Most digital cameras are so good with pixels now that we don't need that Fine setting that makes it extra big and the ability to blow up the photos to fireplace mantle art size either. Good luck and hopefully you can figure it out.

Re: vintage european military burlap chair

How fun to see your post tonight. Early this evening I dropped off a "Jenny Lind" style bench that was made from a bed and painted off white. We've had it on our porch for many years, and decided to sell it at the new shop I'm in "the French Flea". As I was speaking with Julie I told her I was going tomorrow to buy some burlap and to make a slipcover for a cushion I had on it on our porch. On our porch I just had wrapped a cool pc. of fabric around the cushion and it worked for us, but to resell I needed something better. The colors of the cushion are too colorful for our French/European style shop, so thought of the burlap since the texture/color/price and availablity are all perfect for the shop.
Now, I come onto Junk Market and you've posted this wonderful post about your great redo, and I now have a visual of what my project can end up looking like. Thanks so much! Now, I've got to do this for sure, since seeing the results. It would add so much to the overall look of the bench, the comfort level and the appeal.
You always post great projects. Glad you're here on JMS.

Re: Umbrellas

Awesome idea. Our new shops biggest deficit is the forest green ceiling. We just didn't have time to repaint it and mess with it. We only had 2 weeks to clean the place out, patch plaster, repaint all of the walls, paint the carpet, and set up a huge place for opening day. No time to deal with a ceiling too. Wish we could of. Might have to start collecting umbrellas though. Cool idea.
Thanks for sharing.

Re: More jewelry from Pieces of the Past

Great job on your pieces. I wish you much success at the show upcoming.
My favorite thing to design with is clock faces too, and every item I make sells instantly. Hard to part with them sometimes though. I'm currently test driving one that I plan to sell at the French Flea, and I'm really loving it, but need jewelry to sell there. Bummer!
Good luck with your art show. Too bad we don't live closer, as I have bins of dishes for mosaic that I'm not using anymore. I could share some with you for your one of a kind creations.

Re: How to Dress up a Dinner Party

Hey Sue - I really enjoyed reading this post. You are so detailed and I love it. Its hard to find people like me and I am so into the photos, the techniques and the projects. You just are great with all the little ins and outs of things and giving us examples of back up ideas in case we can't find a junk product. Supurb as always. I didn't see a "G", but I bet we could find one in your house to add to the table. lol
You're a gas! I totally had a visual of you shopping in the store while trying on vintage cuffs on various preserve jars. Too funny!

btw, we have the coolest area set up for your book signing at "The French Flea" the morning of May 16th. I'll have you know that I was up on the ladder hanging the cool thing over your desk area for signing. Can't wait for that morning. Hopefully, the area will stay intact and you'll still have a spot to sign at by Saturday morning. : ) See you then-


Cool post Janis. I love your snow globe you found. How great of a find was that!
I'm with Kathy, I click on the awesome a they've always been top notch great projects you post, with beautiful photography.

Re: My Texas-sized Junk Swap Package!

All I can say is you definitely were "Blessed!" You are most deserving Kathy. Great swap for you!

Re: Got Me An "A" !

Oh you gals are a hoot!
Love your "A" letter Candy. I'm a bit envious. Any "G" or "S"? lol We are all coveting your wonderful letter.

Re: Candlelight in a Box

Very cool execution Amy. When I was reading your post on your blog it took me back to the JunkMarket project, and than you posted that you had remembered seeing it there too. Your project was a fun take off of it and such a cool way to bring ambience to a coffee table.

Re: Vintage Vogue Frame

Welcome to JMS and what a great first post you posted. Very cool use of two freebies and yet so classy.

Re: Greetings from Project Land

Georgia- I missed this post before your sale, but saw that your first day was awesome. Congrats on that, and hopefully the rest of the sale was great as well.
Just love the green bling on the chandelier. Have any extra you'd like to sell to me, for vintage jewelry redesign? Just a couple would be great, if you have any spare left.
Also, loved the picket fence planter you made too. Those are my two favorites, of all of the great projects you did.

Re: The French Flea Occassional Market Place

Just wanted to give you a little update on the sale. It was very, very busy today, and went quite well. I think we learned alot in our first venture, and can improve on things for the future sales too. Like have more smalls. They went super quick, and anything that was cool or unique went within the first couple of hours. We'll need to have back up for the future sales to restock with.
Thanks for all of your wonderful comments and encouragement. It has been a lot of work for everyone involved, but the first day was a success. In this economy one has to wonder how things will go.


Beautiful project Janis, as always. You just have your own style girlfriend, and no one can come close to duplicating it. You are the Queen of "pretty".

Re: Galvanized Flower Garden

Nice job Jim. The combination of the two turkey feeders provides great visual appeal. Your flowers being colorful also adds to the overall look of things. Great vision you had for these pieces. I just saw a turkey feeder last week at someones house, and had never seen one before. No wait, it was a fox feeder. Strange!
Your annual flowers should do fine. They are hardy ones, and marigolds (yellow ones) have the added bonus of keeping dogs away. Smart move.

Re: Cast Iron Stove Picture Frame

Geo this is a great project. Love what you turned junky old stove parts into fabulous useful frames. The rusty patina and cool shapes of cut outs are wonderful in your new found designs. Thanks for sharing. I wouldn't of thought of this. You rock girl!

Re: Junk-O-Rama Prom Memory Frame

This is a great reuse of Junk, Lani. Very cool project and everything seemed to just flow with your vision, with next to no effort other than your brain coming up with the great idea.
Very cool photo display, and what a great choice of photos for the memory maker.

Re: "Princess" vintage redesign jewelry

Thanks everyone for your comments and encouraging words. I spend a lot of time on each of my creations, they are not thrown together quickly like many people do, but each design usually has several hours included in the time of the actual design.
Unfortunately, my photos do not capture the pieces of jewelry like in person as Lani stated, and the many customers I have sent to from other states, comment that they far exceed photos they've seen that inspired them to purchase an item. This is a good problem to have. Making customers happier than they expected.
Junking has been what has inspired my newest surge of creativity and I have lots of fun things that will be show cased in September at a Junkers extravaganza.

Re: vintage button pendents

Hi Ann-
Thanks for emailing me and letting me know you were able to get time to post some of the button pendants like the one you purchased from me in January. Sounds like you've had fun making them. Good luck selling.
They look good. Nice warm colors.

Re: "Autumn Leaves"

You my friends, are awesomely generous with your comments. Thanks all the same, I truly appreciate the support each of you have been to me since restarting my jewelry design business again this year. After designing for 10 years, taking off 2 years and being back at it again, my head spins with inspiration and I don't have enough hours in the days to create all that is busting out of my brains. Just doing what I can to help preserve small JUNK treasures from the landfill.

Re: Barn Salvage Project

Lucky you two! Keep us posted on your progress and future projects.

Re: Dream Dresser

Awesome dresser now after you've put your magic touch to it. Love the "Dream" letters as well. Your girls should be very pleased with this in their room.

Re: shabby shades from 70s beaded dress sleeves

Love what you designed here. It is very elegant, classy and love the neutral coloring of the vintage fabric. Love it!

Re: Moasic server

Great job. I love doing mosaic, but just don't seem to get to it anymore. I guess I have too much on top of the bins of dishes for mosaicing. lol

Re: Repurpose Vintage Shakers to hold your Glitter!

I love this. I've been on the look out for some, as I think I saw this on your blog and a couple of other altered art artists blogs. Great repurposing idea.

Re: This weekends finds and projects

You are sure doing well with finding good stuff to spruce up, refurbish and sell. Sales have hardly started in Minnesota. I'm thinking this will be the first big week, as it is suppose to be 80 on Thursday. Yeah!

Re: Bench made from Vintage Bed

Nice of hubby to build this for you. It turned out great. I have a bench made from a vintage Jenny Lind bed, but with the round turned features on my bed it isn't very comfortable. Your's looks like it would be very comfortable and you did an awesome job with distressing it.

Re: School Desk & Chair

Great job on this refurbishing. If you had a rail of wood under both the chair and the desk, it could be sat in by a child again. Looks like the runners were removed from the original set. The add ons really add to the beauty of this piece. So cool white and black. Great job.

Re: Flea Market Finds

Wow you hit the jackpot with great junk here girl. Be sure to post your finished project with your wonderful finds.

Re: Crib Notes On Weaving - Shhh, Don't Tell

Once again Candy, a beautiful well done project. Your photos are wonderful, directions great and overall a fun and inexpensive project. Your hubby should be very proud of you!

Re: Sue, Kathie Lee and Hoda on Today!

You know what I love about you Sue? You're so genuine. You're so not full of yourself. You're just an all around natural, unselfish gal that has so much to share with the world about junking. You did a fab job on TV and you appeared so relaxed, and comfortable that you looked like you were a regular on TV. Fabulous job of engaging the ladies and sharing cool ideas. I was yearning for more after that 5 minute segment. That's what is cool about it, too. People got a snatch of junking finds and will be now enticed to go out and get involved in the movement.
You go girl!

Re: Jazzy Junk Jewelry from Marburger

Hey Sue. Fun to see this post. Lani had asked me today if I'd seen this post of yours and I hadn't, so went on tonight to check it out.
I'll try to post the necklace that Lani saw today that made her think of this post. Its so fun to design with different finds, and the necklace I'm referring to is kind of funky too. Not this funky and fun, but different than some of the other things I've shared.
Hope all is well with you and great job on TV this week. How fun for you!

Re: Floods

Beautiful art work. Well done and very unique. Love it! Thanks for sharing here on Junk Market.


Love the table,early basket and bunny. They go so well together. Looks like you're having good luck finding some great stuff to fix up and resll.

Re: On the road again...

Great stuff Kathy. Hope you guys sell out. yes, they are chicken feeders you're selling. So fun with grass growing out of those holes at this time of the year.

Re: One of My Top Ten - Cloches!

Hey Lani- good to see you today! I'm so glad you told me about this post, as it is awesome. Love it all! You do such a great job with displaying your unique collections and I'm always intrigued with your style. Can't wait to see what you bring to sell in the new shop we're going to be in together.

Re: Beep

Very fun shelf for a little guys room.

Re: Chick feeder

Love this. I could use this in my studio for sure. Great idea!

Re: Sea Glass Driftwood Centerpiece/Candle Holder

I too hunt for beach glass and love finding it. Your piece of driftwood is great.

Re: HERCULES POWER Mirror Project

Great visionary you are Jenny. This is perfect as a mirror and I love it.

Re: First attempt at making rust...

The coat rack turned out so awesome. Looks like rust. I just saw this on a forum and had never heard of it before. I had my doubts, but after seeing your results, I'm now convinced. The poly idea is a great idea.
Can you give any details on how you did it? Did you wet the cinnamon, or how did you get it to stick? Or did you put the cinnamon on wet paint? Thanks!

Re: HAPPY EASTER! vintage bunnies & lots of them.

So cool! Great save and lucky you. Love your use of them.


Beautfiul Janis. I like your twist on those gals idea. I saw theres, but it didn't have the impact that yours does. Great job once again!
Your house looks so cool in the background. Love it!

Re: "Vintage Redesign Take 2"

Thank you everyone for your nice comments. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and the original design really bugged me until I fixed it. This necklace is so fun and fresh looking against a white back drop. I try to wear each design to make sure that it lays right, and doesn't turn, elements are at the right location etc., so this helps in the overall designing of my redesigns.
I should of photographed it against white, as the colors in these photos don't do it justice. Part of the process of learning photography tricks.


Re: Let the music move you!

Very cool!

Re: Gatherings - A Great Place to Shop for Good Junk

Love this shop Sue. Fun to see it, and I was encouraged to see that 2 of the items I have for our new shop are hip. I have already had my book covers removed and tied with ribbons to sell at the new Anoka shop, as well as a beautiful crystal lamp w/an almost naked lampshade I found this month at Rose's to resell. Love this look and surely would of had a ball at this shop.
Thanks for the tour.

Re: Catch Me on The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda!

Congrats Sue. What a thrill for you. I'll have to have Carolyn set her DVR since I don't have one and I'll be at work, so otherwise would miss it.
Knock em dead.

Re: What to do with iron table base and Chinese checker board?

The Chinese checker board game table is very cool painted black and repurposed as a table top. The base adds to the great look as well. Nice job with this piece.

Re: A little Bit of Luck

The rusty horseshow is perfect on your green box. Nice idea.

Re: Wine cabinet

Very cool project and repurposing of the radio cabinet. I love this. You've done a great job on the finish of it and it truly is a gem now.

Re: My First Post! Can someone tell me how to resize my pictures?

There is also a setting on our cameras that allows us to set the sizes. I have mine on the fine setting, as I rarely blow up pictures larger than 8 x 12. I don't have to do any resizing with my photos by using these settings. Also, it allows you to have way more photos on your SD cards too, so double the benefits.

Re: Repurpose Vintage Shakers to hold your Glitter!

Love this! Another great organization idea and a pretty way to store our supplies.
Thanks for sharing.

Re: Shabby Chic Muffin Tin Trinket Holder

I too use muffin tins to hold items that I use to redesign my jewelry with. They are very handy, and I'm waiting for garage sale season to pick up some of these cheap to spray paint, as I saw this done on another blog, and they are extra cute when painted. Fun way to display things.

Re: A Vintage Decanter Lamp

Sue this lamp is gorgeous as is the vintage decanter. I would of never thought of this either, but I know a local spot that has a stash of these beauties, and I may have to take a trip there soon with newly opened eyes. Great repurposing and no drilling is always a bonus.


Way to go Janis. Another beautiful project. I have one of these as well and have been looking for larger sizes of glass tubes to turn mine into a flower holder. Now, I may need to rethink my idea. lol
I found mine at a thrift store for a few bucks, but recently saw one for sale at an antique shop for $28.00. They are out there cheap, so be patient ladies.


Janis- Your button holder/display is equisite. Very nicely done. I'll have to keep my eyes open for a cruet like that to hold the bottles I currently have like yours, but mine are housed in a shoe box. Not quite as pretty. lol
You create the most beautiful things. Wish we lived in the same country at least, or same state would even be better.

Re: Picket Fence Planter

Love the fence slats, wire basket and how you put it all together. This is another Geo awesome project.

Re: To Ride a Horse is to Ride the Sky

Jenny- this art piece is incredible. I used to own arabian horses, and this one reminds me of them. They were agile, quick, spirited and beautiful. Your horse represents all of that, and I love how you worked the horse shoe into the design as well. The quote is perfect. It looks like a vintage weather vane to me too. These were used up in the midwest on barns and are oh so cool.

Re: ...More salvaged fencing!

Looks great in your backyard!

Re: The Owen's Live Here!

I too love old letters. What a fun use of them. Can you imagine trying to hang "SCHAUMANN" off a mailbox? Nice to have a short name at times like this.

Re: Old portrait frame

I've not heard of this paint/mirror product so am glad to have you post this project and educate me on this.
You've got a great mirror now, but it is difficult to find these types of frames with glass in them, so you're fortunate to have your concaved glass w/oval frame to work with.
Great project. Reminds me of the look I like from Texas women like Carol Boltons' decorating style.
Thanks for sharing.

Re: March Floral Arrangement of the Month

Sue your sense of humor when posting your projects is always a hoot and is a breath of fresh air. This is such a fun floral project and really puts one in the "spring spirit". Interesting how we woke up to another dusting of snow today. Old man winter just doesn't want to let go of his grip.

Re: Industrial Can Lamp

I totally agree with Junkrat, and was going to say what she said. You've invented a new type of decorating that fits my tastes "feminine industrial". I like the touches the lampshade and finial add to your industrial designed lamp.
This is wonderful Geo. Sometimes, accidents work out better than the original designs we do.

Re: "Faux" Fireplace mantle

This really looks great. Nice addition-

Re: Altered Altar

How blessed you were to recieve this for free! I love it! I thought of two things when I initially saw this post. If a person had a vaulted ceiling in a great room type of room it would be a fabulous top to a fireplace mantle. Of course this would have to be custom designed as the piece has quite a bit of height.
The second thought was an awesome headboard. It could be cool with a great frame with some artwork in the center part or that area coulld have shelves built into it to make a display area. I could even see it painted if that would make your wife feel like it was less churchy.
It is a specatular piece none the less and an awesome find.

Re: Tin Ceiling Tile Shelf

Your shelf turned out beautiful Kim. Great to have a fun memory of your trip as well that you see daily, and its multifunctional uses are great too.

Re: Kim's master bedroom makeover

Your bedroom is truly a labor of love. To collect for two years and have all of those meaningful things included into your final design is wonderful. I'm sure you'll have many years of enjoyment and relaxation out of your peaceful bedroom redesign. The architectural elements can add so much to our home spaces. Nice job!

Re: How to Store Ribbons

Love this project Sue. You the original junk queen for sure. The washer idea is ingenious of you. Awesome!

Re: Kick-Off for Junk Beautiful Outdoor Edition in Texas

Just ordered my book! It was one of the things I wanted for my birthday this year, so I just ordered it. I'm sooooo excited to receive it, but they said they wouldn't be mailing it until 3/31/09. How did some of you already get it? I'm jealous. lol

Re: Former Nightstand turns into French Provincial Pet Bed . . .

Great project. Lucky pooch! I think my kitten would like one of these too.

Re: It's "time" for spring...and cloches!

Andrea - I too love cloches, and am always looking for them. Most of mine currently are smaller, as I don't have much space to have table scape displays, but now that I'll be reselling, I will be looking for large ones too.
Beautiful displays! My favorite is the lamp base used with the cloche, but I'm a sucker for birds nests.
Thanks for sharing!

Re: Datebook Wall Art

The consistent pink painted frames with the botanicals make for instant impact and makes a great wall display.
Welcome to the site and for your first posting courage. You've done great.

Re: Mirror Mirror on the wall

This is a gorgeous addition over your mantle. One would definitely think it was original to the build, as the proportion is perfect.
Nice safe and brilliant use of someone else's cast off.

Re: A Handmade Gift

What a fun and interesting project you rec'd, Sue. I love the fact that they used such innovative products to create it. It appears to be the backside of a cookie sheet? Is that what they used?
Lucky you! x 2 with winning over Elizabeth too.

Re: Nest Key Holder

Love the nest idea for the keys. Great project. Thanks for the inspiration and little dose of Spring.

Re: Happy Easter & Welcome to our Booth!

Looking good Kathy & Terri. I hope you gals sell real well at the new antique location. Love the old letters.

Re: Recycled Drawers!!!

These would be an asset to anyones garden. Great job.

Re: Old Rusty Plumbing Knob Shelf!

Great tip on rusting things. Now, I need to gather my things and get them going developing that rusty patina we junkers all love.
The faucets on the shelf for the holders are soooo very cool. Did your Dad have all of these? Very cool to incorporate that plumbing ancestory into your projects. Your daddy,Glen should be proud.
The trap is a way cool addition as well.
Say we still need to meet up for the lunch we missed the week I was sick, so we can get caught up in person.
Great post!

Re: Tips and Tricks for Successful Flea Market Shopping

Sue- Although I've been to my share of flea markets in my years, had I read or been aware of your 10 Flea Market Tips, I would be so much better off.
Your post is fabulous! Thanks for taking the time to do it. I learned a lot, and #9, unfortunately can be my biggest problem, and my husband would agree. :- (

Re: Recycled Jewelry

Wow, my friends! Thank you for your generous comments and compliments. I really do love to do this, so once I get into my creating zone, I wish I could stay there for a few weeks. It is so time consuming just to get it all out and figured out, as I'm such a detailed person that I really do take a lot of time with each of my designs until I'm happy with them and they come together as I've dreamed they would.
Thanks Jim for the nice compliment about the photography. Since I started my blog, my photography has done a 180, as I've learned so much from observing technique and how others have photographed their items. I find there is rarely a straight on shot taken, lots of upclose and detailed shots, and the ones I take that I've loved best are with unique one of a kind vintage architectural pieces that are chippy and peeling or unique material backgrounds with subtle textures.
So fun to do these artistic things we all get to do, isn't it?

Re: Mushroom Art

Very cool frame and treatment you did on it. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Junk Mail from Candy!

Your metal test tube holder looks awesome with the wire blooms you put in it. Love it! That was an awesome find you got. I bought one 2 weeks ago at the Carver, shops that I blogged about on my blog. Mine is wood, with about 7 slots for test tubes, but had 1 large and 2 smaller ones in the one I bought. I'd not heard of cigar tubes until Candy's post, which was so cool, that when I found this wood vintage one at the sale, I knew I had to have it.
Very cool getting the Candy gram, and how fun that you will someday get to meet.
I'm looking forward to meeting the JunkFest girls from North Dakota in April, as they are making a junk trip to MN, and I plan to meet up with them when they come. This whole Junk Market Style site has brought so many wonderful new Junking friends into my life. I love it!

Re: Piano Bar

Missy this is truly a one of a kind project. You did a beautiful job on this piano turned bar and the men of the house should be given extra helpings of food to compensate for their hard work. LOL I've never heard of a make over for an upright piano before, so this was a fun post to view.
Thanks for sharing!

Re: Finally got our "things" together...or as I like to say, got our "junk" together!

Congratulations on taking that first big step to do what you love. I hope you and your husband have much success selling at your venue in your local shop. Your booth looks great and has a lot of fun stuff for sale. It would be fun to be nearby to shop. Enjoy and remember to keep it fun!

Re: Hanging Planter made from an old Thermos

What a fun and unique planter you created.

Re: Junk to Pretty - $7.00 table

Very creative! Quite the transformation you made with very little $$$$.

Re: Putting a Little Light on the Subject

Love this new lamp you've created Jenny. May be my new favorite, but maybe just tied with 6 more of your posts. You are so talented with putting things together, I can't imagine what would happen if you and Jim were in the same lab creating together. Two genius' for sure.
Love the paint finish on the lamp shade and it would look awesome in our cabin. Want to send it north?


Hey Janis - another great project post. I've seen these done too, but usually they have so much directions that I don't bother doing it. Your's are simple, so may give it a whirl.


Re: G E O

You do lead a charmed life. What a great friend and momento you have from Jenny. How cool of you two to meet and have becomes such good junking pals. Love the letters btw.

Re: My Latest Salvage Yard Haul

Your letters spell "Leno". Maybe, Jay will buy them. I'm bad! That's what came to my mind.
Looks like you made a haul, and now it will be fun to watch and see what Jenny K creates with all of this metal. You go girl!

Re: A Place to Call Home

Try, try again! You did it. Great results in the end.

Re: ribbon message board

Ribbon frames are so useful and fun to make. Thanks for sharing yours.

Re: Golf Club Rack

You did a great job of junking it up just the right amount to make it the awesome piece it was awaiting to become. A fab piece for a golfer too.

Re: Palette Lounger

Too fun! Who would of thought to do this? Very clever.

Re: Farm Rescue

Cassie, this is a piece that should be featured as a member post on Junk Market Style blog. It is absolutely outstanding! I loved it on your blog post, and still love it here. It is so vere unique and the story of how your Dad rescued it for you is so special. Love it! Love it! Love it!
I too love how you've merchandised your beautiful pieces in these two made for each other vintage pieces.

Re: door knobs, old tin, & doors

Love the tin your husband used for the shelf, and it adds some great display places too. The green door knob piece has great patina too.

Re: key holder

A good idea indeed. We can all use extra places to hang things from. I'm a door knob collector too.

Re: old bread box - a project that went south

This is an awesome project, and the results are lovely. I really like the black background on your breadbox and your technique with the wax is way cool.

Re: Croquet Table

A fun project you've created indeed, and perfect for a sports themed room.

Re: plant table

Love your treatment you did to your table. It is a very nice makeover and well done. I love vintage maps. Cool bottles you found too.

Re: Door Casing Picture Frame

Very creative use of leftover materials. Way fun! I've not seen anything like this before.
Welcome to the site, and thanks for sharing your great project.

Re: Arch Window Stained Glass!

Very cool Kim. Love the window shape you found too.

Re: It's all about the wine...

Very creative and fun project you made here. So great that you were able to figure out who had purchased it too, so that you could get photos of it.

Re: more towel holders

I like your spindle towel idea. I have some chippy white painted ones that would look way better than the tacky ones that the previous owner installed in the bathroom. I just might have to do something like this. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Can you tell what these are?

Very cool find.

Re: Shabby Chalkboard Frame

Love the chalkboard and the cool use of the old drawer pull for chalk is brilliant.

Re: More Repurposed Jewelry

Nice project. I have literally 1000's of pieces of beach glass and love the colors one finds. Enjoy your lovely piece you've created.

Re: Ready to Welcome Ya'll to Texas - A Rough Rider for Raffle

Incredibly talented to make such a guy. Very cool-

Re: Umbrella Trellis

This is a really great project. Love the look of your whole outside area you have. Very fun!

Re: Potting Bench

This is such a great project you created with literally a pile of stuff most of the US would consider junk. How cool is it! Can't wait for Spring. Just had another blizzard in Minnesota today, and this Winter has been way too long already and it's still February.

Re: a marriage made in architectural heaven

Love this creation you did with the corbel. Very cool-

Re: Picture Book . . . Na, na, na, na, na na.

Ah, how cool to have my photo in your home. : - ) That was a wonderful day and I'll always remember the good times we all had the day of your open house.
Kind of cool too, because you, Sue and I were shopping in Buffalo together when you bought these photo displays.
They look very good up in your sitting area. Love it!
See ya in the morning when we're off to our haunts in Carver.

Re: Kick-Off for Junk Beautiful Outdoor Edition in Texas

Man Sue, I've been in suspense since November when we went to the open houses together and you told me you had a new book being released in March 2009. I can't wait for it to be released and I'm sure it will be top notch as eveything you do is.
Thanks for the tease, oops, I mean sneak peak of the great stuff we have to look forward to.
I'd love to go Texas and join you all, but this year just won't be the year for me. Hopefully, another time.

Re: "Maritime Memories" Child's Table and Chairs Set

Quite the transformation from what it looked like before to after. I just love to see when people are talented and can turn someone elses trash into a treasure of their own. Nice save.

Re: Waiting for spring!!

Love what you've done with the bed spring. Very cool!

Re: Need a helping hand?

Lucky you! I love your porcelain hands as found. They have such beauty and shape to them. As a jewelry designer, these really pull on my heart strings.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds!

Re: Push Lawnmower Lamp

Jenny- love the push lawnmower lamp you made, but wow, ten years ago is when you created it. That is amazing! You were way ahead of your times girl!

Re: Deep Fried Decor - A Floral Welcome

What a great post Candy. You truly have a gift for putting things together and repurposing them. Another great job!

Re: "JUMP THROUGH THIS!!??!!" (project #2)

Janis- What a great project. Simple, clean and beautiful. Love the dart and word too.

Re: My treasure chest

I just love boxes and to make a piece of altered art like this is a true labor of love. Look how it not only organizes one, but brings beauty to our lives as well. Thanks for sharing-

Re: Curbside Pink Stove

Nice save! Lucky you-
This reminds me of my grandma. She had pink appliances in her house trailer when I was a kid. Haven't ever seen the pink other than hers. The shabby chic stove!

Re: Cracker House Window with a Scene

Nice paint job.

Re: Piano Turned Puppet Theater

Very creative and oh so fun for your kids.

Re: Old faucet peg shelf

This is very creative and a great use of some old items. Love how yours turned out.
Thanks for sharing-

Re: Screened Porch ..#2 & #3

Ah ha! I was going to ask if that was a glider in the previous post, so I'm glad you showed this. I would love to have one of these, and let one get away for $15 a garage sale, 15 years ago. Regretted it ever since!
I'm with Candy, I love the glider and the twig table too.

Re: Screened in Porch

I can see why you spend so much time here. It is so cozy and comfy looking.

Re: Orange Cabinet Makeover

Welcome to the Junk Market site. I just brought downstairs a white melamine shelving unit from my daughters old bedroom to go into my studio to help me organize my supplies. I wanted to use my extra music roll on it to make it pretty, but decided I needed to get organized first and worry about pretty after.
Looking forward to see what you do to makeover this useful cabinet. Be sure to post the results.

Re: My store "What a great excuse to collect JUNK"

Welcome to the site, and to the posting world on Junk Market.
Looks like you've got a good start to this junking illness. I'll be going to check out your site.

Re: My Flea Market Booth

Looks like a fun place to go to on a regular basis. Lucky you!

Re: Vintage miniature poodle

Sweet. The little poodle is cute.

Re: Just great grates!

I love all of your rusty grate projects. Don't know that I could pick a favorite, but you've definitely got my wheels spinning in my head now. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing all of the wonderful ways one can use a cast off grate.

Re: Junk Vacation - Part III (final chapter, I promise)...my finds!!

The watchamacallit thing I think is part of a piece of an electric light. It is the part that would hang from the ceiling and the light fixture would attach to it. Just my thoughts!
I love the test tube thing you found best of all. I'd take that in a heart beat. Really have enjoyed your vacation posts. Thanks for sharing and taking the great photos.

Re: Rusty Sprocket End Table

I'm so glad this post is finally open and working so that I can leave a comment for you. This blue stand you got from Georgia's is a match made in heaven with your other elements. What a great design of an end table you've come up with here. Awesome!

Re: wonderful scales

Love both of your scales. They are so beautiful and unique.

Re: Earring Tree

Very nice. Love seaglass too, but most of mine is beach glass in MInnesota from a very large and rough lake. I just love picking the stuff.

Re: Junk Vacation - Part I

Great photos you've shared and what a fun time you had. Love the shop and it would be a junkers paradise for sure.

Re: Old Doors

I have to agree with the others, that by staggering the heights of your door headboard you created the best design for a headboard using doors that I've ever seen. Great job and teamwork.
The 3 way mirror is a really great project as well, and must be a wonderful addition to the bedroom for getting ready in the mornings.
The chandelier and wall color with white is a great combination. Thanks for sharing your romantic little hideaway with us all. It's great!

Re: China Cabinet Re-Done

This is a fabulous redo. I love the results and it could easily pass for a $2,000 Pottery Barn piece with that fresh clean paint and nice clean lines.

Re: "B"ounty

This would look great over a fireplace mantle. Check out Sue's book, she has a big "W" above her fireplace and it is such a statement and looks just awesome.
You really scored here! Great find-

Re: Picture Holder

Welcome back Chovey. Glad you're feeling better.
Looks like Jenson has herself a fun little momento to celebrate her 1st birthday with. Quite innovative. I recognized the meat drainer right away, but would never of thought to use it for creating something with.

Re: Vintage Glass Insulators Make Great Candles Holders!

BlackDog - You sure came upon a load of insulators! Wow! The candelabra that you created is wonderful. I really love it.
Below is a link to a post I made on this site back when there were about 30 members, so not too many people have seen it. It is a great use of insulators for a beachy themed
decor. A used hurricane lantern was slipped over the top round portion of a larger insulator and then the hurricane gets filled with pretty shells. My friend made this and gave it to me as a gift.


Re: Box Spring Re-Do

I dismantled a box spring this Fall and harvested the springs only, but you've got a cool thing going on over in Illinois. This almost looks like it could be a store display. Is it large? Where is it in your home and if you could, would you mind showing a photo that is further away and gives the overall feel of the placement of this? You have great items displayed in it too, and I'd love to see more of your home.
Thanks for sharing!

Re: Old Trim Hang Ups

Love architectural pieces such as these. I use some of the vintage chippy ones for my photo props when photographing my jewelry. I usually bought them for the same purpose as you have them, but just didn't get around to finishing them up. Love what you've done.

Re: Garden Cart

This garden cart is way cool! Love the wheels on it, as well as the trowel. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Keeping Time With the "Rhythm" of Life

Hey Georgia - yeah, yours is up next! You did a great job. Love the case you used, the thingamajig to hold the vintage photo, huge pocket watch, etc. Way to go! Very lovely piece you chose to showcase your paper roll project in.

Re: File It!

Love it! Thanks for sharing your great makeover with the filing cabinet.

Re: "Grow"

Again, very cool. Love the layering you do, like Georgia said. Would love to see an angle shot when you take your photos, so we see more of a 3 dimensional as well. You just have such great detailing in your artwork.

Re: "Give" for Kelsey

I love this art piece, Jenny. The patina on the grate is awesome, and it just all came together so well. Kelsey should love it.


Re: Glue Caddy to Go!

Hey Jenny - I welcome all ideas for organizing ones art items, such as this post tip. I am currently trying to clean out my studio space and set it up more organized and am looking for any/all tips and ideas. I've also recently discovered that old muffin tins work great for organizing and sorting elements that I would use in my designs. On the look out for those now. I've seen them plain, but also spray painted in a fun color. However, MN lends itself a problem with spray painting due to the winter weather. Bummer! I don't have an alternative space to spray things at.
Keep these ideas coming.

Re: Simple Piano Roll Projects

Candy - Your projects you've created are wonderful. I love the candle wraps that both you and whiteflower were inspired to do, and plan to make some for myself with my leftovers. The tray idea was very cool too. I think your Simple projects are fabulous. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Scary salvage

This is very cool too. Glad you made the save on the piano leg front pieces. I could also see this making a great jewelry necklace organizer. Fun project you created!

Re: Small scale architectural salvage

Very cool to take a part of each house with you. Way creative! Thanks for sharing.

Re: garden junk

Very cute garden with the cool additions of the rusty junk.
I'm sure you will add another beautiful area to the deck redo and will have it cool again.

Re: Mailbox turned table...

Hey Cassie-
Loved reading the whole story behind this mailbox treasure on your blog.
This is a great repurposing with the small table. Love what you've done and the color on your bedroom walls is great too.
Welcome to the posting world of membership. Glad you are sharing some of your great ideas. It sounds like your Junk Fest would be something very fun to attend.

Re: Kitchen Redo

Thanks for adding the 3 extra pictures to your post. They really add alot and help with giving us the overall feel of your project. Love it!

Re: Eight Ways to Deliver a Valentine

Ahhh Sue, these are so great, creative and fun to view. Thanks for the inspiration! I hadn't even thought about Valentine's Day, but am now. Love all of your ideas.

Re: Happy Valentine's Day ~ Music For My Soul

Wow Jim! You sure used a lot of details, cool vintage items, as well as new items made to blend in with the vintage to create once again a phenomenal piece of art. Love how the memories of your Valentine's Day with that 2nd grade classroom teacher inspired this project.
Very original, creative and memorable. Way to go!

Re: Yee Ditty Haw Frame Up

What a fun and quick project you have here. Good thinking on Elena's part, and I sure do think she'll fit in quite nicely with the rest of the Junk Market crew. Welcome to Elena, we look forward to more of her brilliant ideas.

Re: Kitchen Redo

Say would you mind photographing and sharing your center island next? We are considering taking out our table from our kitchen and adding on in ours, and I'd love to see what you've done. It looks very cool. Thanks!

Re: Kitchen Redo

Unbelievable!!!!! This is so awesome of a makeover. I'm in awe, literally. Way to go. Can you give more details? I wonder how it will wear over time?
I've got great oak cabinets, but they are from the late 1980's and could use some sprucing up. We've toyed with painting them, but the thought of it all has been overwhelming, but when you see awesome results such as this, it makes a person think again.
Thanks for the inspiration. Your kitchen is gorgeous!

Re: Piano Roll - Paper Roses!

Love the luminary you created with this as well as the roses. I may have to do some of this with my leftovers when I get my project finished. Thanks for playing along. You did awesome as well as everyone else so far.

Re: "Record" setting transformation...

Wow! What a great reuse in both ways. However, those dishes look pretty fine in that rusty piece as you have them now. Thanks for sharing.

Re: "JUMP THROUGH THIS!!??!!" (project #1)

Love what you've done here Janis. Great idea and project as always. Excellent photography as well.


What a great repurpose. Welcome to posting and I'm so glad you did. I've been looking for a way to handle all of my ribbons too, and enjoyed seeing your answer to your ribbon problem. However, I think I would need about 4 of these. : (

Re: A Day at the Beach

This is a great idea! I love long walks on the beach and each pane could represent a different trip to a beach. Love it!

Re: Re-Purposed Player Piano Roll Lamp!

Way to go Kim. This is great that you decided to join the challenge and was able to find a piano roll on your own. It is so interesting that your project is a mix of both of Janis and Lani's projects. I too am using modge pog for my challenge and none of us even talked about what we were creating. Very cool.

Re: Cinderella Story

Great display, great post. Thanks for sharing! I like your style.

Re: addicted to old windows

This is great. Junk Sophisticate posted a project kind of like this and I loved hers then and I love yours too. My friend and I just bought an Atlas to share and do something similar with the maps using areas of places we've each traveled.

Re: No Place Like Home

This is wonderful! I used to have a single bull nose from my Grandparents house and this would of been a grand way to display it. Wish I still had it, but love what you've done here.

Re: Sewing Cabinet Shelf

I love your repurposing of the salvaged sewing machine piece. It is an awesome shelf you've created and I love the way you've merchandised it. The photos in the jars are great!

Re: Gumdrop Earring Tree

Smart reuse. I didn't know the original use for these, so it was fun to learn that through your post too.


Love it!

Re: Cuckoo clock birdhouse

I have a white cuckoo clock in storage that I will have to dig out of its box and give it new life. Thanks for the inspiration.

Re: Tricycle planter

The pink compliments the pink tulips perfectly and I love the use of the gym locker. Your potting shed it to die for!

Re: Colorful glass insulator hose guard

I love this idea! I think I'm going to have to make some of these for my new cabin garden I built last summer. What kind of silicone do you find works best?

Re: Water feature from a discarded salad bar

Very innovative! What a great backyard, and also a tease to us freezing Minnesotans. I wonder when it will warm up?

Re: Happy Valentines

Great combination of items, makes for a great project. Very striking!

Re: Wood windows

Windows are so great. You've just shown a bunch more of great uses for them in this post.

Re: Through the Looking Glass

Another cool idea to use up some of the extra wooden windows we all have around the basement or outside buildings.
Welcome to the site. Nice work on your sign.

Re: A doggone fun and cute project!

Great project.

Re: Back to life with a little TLC

Wow! I had to read your post twice. I didn't even realize that they were the same piece. I thought you were showing 2 different projects. You really brought this baby back from the grave. Awesome redo!

Re: Tin Ceiling Tile Picture

Welcome to the site and becoming an active participant! It is so fun once you take that first intial jump into the unknown and then you become addicted like the rest of us. : ) It is such an awesome site and I just love and am proud to be a part of it. I've met so many great friend through it, so keep posting.
I think it is awesome that you came up with the idea with the vise from the site and than are showing your great twist of it here. I always love projects with old ceiling tins and yours is a great use of tins and shows that just a small amount of tin can make such a great impact.
Your flower mosaic is cool too. Thanks for jumping in and sharing with us all.

Re: Photo Wall

This is fabulous! Great idea. Thanks for sharing such a great project.

Re: shoe box, pie box, candy box

Great job with repurposing the sturdy boxes. I just love to do altered art projects too, and have a stash of nice boxes and items to do it with. To think some people just toss all of this without a thought of repurposing! Great job, and to be so on top of things that you already have a Mothers day gift ready? That's impressive.


Welcome to the site Lillypad. You've sure transported this into a better use than what it was made for. Great repurposing. Now, if Spring would come to Minnesota!

Re: make-do pincushions

Very creative and useful too.

Re: kitty kat found object sculpture made by my friend Ron

This is great! Ron is a natural.

Re: Recycled Shelf

Looks like you've been a member for a while, but this is your first posting, so congrats on your great first post. I love what you've done with the creation of your shelf. It all came together just great and looks so professional. Good job.


Quite innovative Janis for someone that was so dismayed over what to do. Thank goodness your 2nd roll was more useable than the one that kept tearing up.
I've had food posioning and this is the first I've felt good enough to be at the computer for 2 days, so finally getting a biit caught up reading the posts. Haven't been up to working on my project more though, so hopefully I'll get a burst of strength and be able to finish up soon.
Your the furtherest contributor in distance, but got yours in first. Impressive!


Love the little box project Janis. the little glass legs are pretty, as well as the words on the box. I too took a photo of the delightful way Sue wrapped up our boxes. It was so special!

Re: An En-Lightening Project that's Music to My Ears!

Very creative and great project that you came up with Lani. It turned out awesome!

Re: Berry Basket Frame

These are two great projects you've shared with us all. Love the cart. I have one in the garage that my husband despises, as it takes up precious room in the garage. I don't think he'd like it if I moved it inside though. I however, think this is very cool.

Re: Satellite Dish Gazebo

What a very creative and awesome gazebo you now have. Great idea!
Welcome and have fun with this site. I posted a gazebo that my in-laws built from junk, and is pretty fun too. You guys are awesome with your creativity.

Re: Transformed Bathroom Cabinet

Very clever and oh so neat.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Re: Light Sleeper

Love the white on white and simplicity of it all.

Re: Victorian Christmas Wreath

Love the frame you've chosen to use. It is awesome and it does go great with your house. Very cool idea too! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Junk Magnets on a Snow Day!

Misartgurl - when living in Minnesota you are expected to love it and live with it (the snow). I should of been born in Florida, as I'm a warm weather person & only live with it (the snow). As a kid I remember my Dad packing all 7 of us kids in the station wagon to go places and we'd fly through 3-4' drifts with the car. Call all of us Minnesotans "foolhardy" and that about it sums it up. No play days for us, unless we get a Halloween blizzard again. That was maybe 1991 and we had 20+" in record time, that did slow us down for a day. Crazy!

Re: Pink Roses Fireplace

Welcome to the JM site and thanks for posting such a wonderful first project. I've done broken china mosaic myself, so can appreciate the work that went into this. The results are certainly worth the effort. Great end results.

Re: Stove Grate Clock

This is a great quickie project and the results are wonderful.

Re: My Potting Shed

Gorgeous! You guys did a fabulous job with building it. Love what you've done.
Welcome to the site and have a blast with it. There is so much great information and projects on here that all of the members as well as Sue and Kimberly have shared, that it is such a great resource. Glad you found us!

Re: Junk Magnets on a Snow Day!

Looks like you had some fun with the scrabble tiles! Lucky you to get a snow day. In Minnesota the metro area doesn't get snow days. In 10 years of school my daughter has had 1 snow day and it was for a furnace that went out. We are expected to be crazy and die hards, so they just don't cancel. Outlying areas they do cancel, usually for drifting and such.
As to the snow deluge, I can happily report that we rec'd less than 1/4" here last night in Minnesota. We shoved it all to the East this time and we just got the cold front -20 last week, and no snow. We actually probably only have 11" on the ground in the Minneapolis area.

Re: How to Hang a Portrait with Junk

Too funny, Sue, I actually posted a comment at lunch at work and forgot to click on submit, so it didn't post.
Love the combination you used on this project. The door hardware, the chandelier and the upholstery tack are great together to make this inovative photo hanger. The added mystery piece is a vintage pre-electric wick holder. Am I right?

Re: estate sale cupboard gets BUILT IN

What a great looking cabinet. The crown molding and the lower molding really fool ones eye into believing it was original to the house. Great display piece to boot! Thanks
for sharing your great find.

Re: Corner shelf from old door

This is awesome and the colors are perfect!
Great job!

Re: Salvaged Secretary

By the way, I can see why you fell in love with this piece. It is so very special and your painting has made/enhanced the piece very much.

Re: Salvaged Secretary

Here's a little trick I've used. Often you can find discarded mirror from peoples bathroom renovations at Thrift Stores, which I buy and than take to a hardware store and for a small fee they will cut it for me to the size I need. I am usually using a square or rectangle for vintage frames, but this could be an option.
Also, looks like a piece of mirror from a cheap door mirror taken out of the frame may fit your cabinet door. I would replace the mirror either with new mirror or some of the other suggestions, as it appears to be a danger for future use.
Too bad you aren't from Minnesota, as I have a mirror that you could have for this project that was from a broken framed door mirror. Mirror is good, but plastic frame on it was broke, so I salvaged the mirror for later projects.

Re: Another use for broken dishes...jewelry!

Hey - I just left you a follow up to your question about my button pendant post. Just saw your question now. Sorry.
I have 2 plastic tubs full of china/dishes that I did/do broken china mosaic with and took a soldering class thinking I was going to solder pendants of broken china. The soldering is so much work for what you can sell them for that I didn't pursue it further. Looks like you've come up with a more simple version of what I had thought I would do.
Creative way to do this. Good luck with selling your jewelry.

Re: How to of Gretchen's Button Jewelry

Pieces of the past: I am using a variety of backs for the button pendants. Anything that is remotely flat and allows a hole for a jump ring to be attached to it. The new Gorilla super glue is what I find to hold the best with items that are flat one on one and E6000 only when it is an object that is raised up somewhat and has a more difficult time of gluing together. I hope this helps answer some of your questions. I go to bead shops, Michaels, and JoAnn's to find things, but haven't found the ideal source yet. Like I mentioned I use what I can find. I found the perfect attachment at a local bead shop, went back and they were all sold out of it. Figures!

Re: Vintage Jewelry Redesigned

For JudiThomas: The gold/cream vintage button bracelet actually has a metal X that is showing on top, so the shank is what the beading wire is attached to on that one. However you may be referring to the grass green button closure on the green/pink bracelet. The wire is strong through one hole and I use tiny seed beads to cover up the wire between the 2 holes on the button and than thread the wire back through the 2nd hole and start my 2nd strand. I hope this helps you with what you were asking. If not, email me at gretchen.schaumann@comcast.net

Re: Altered Art Card

She was just such an angelic looking little girl. All she needs is wings!

Re: Broken China Pendant

Misartgurl - love the china with the silver solder on the sides. I took a class for that, but only got going with a small stash of pendants, as it is so time consuming to set up and I didn't have a place I could leave my solder tools set up in between.
Thanks for the inspiration. It's lovely!

Re: globe lamp

Isn't it great when things just seem to be meant to be "Married to one another", and they become an awesome project?
Thanks for sharing!

Re: An "ugly duckling" project!

Way to go Kathy! I have used my daughter Emily for my jewelry business card for years, sitting at an adult version of one of these tables. I'm so glad it will be a photo prop that lots of little girls will get to have their photos taken at. You truly have an eye for junk revisions and the how to's of turning them into useful and beautiful projects once again.

Re: A true "junky" to "funky" transformation

I think this is a great use for this wire piece. It really looks good as a wine caddie. So creative and original!


Love this! Great idea you came up with here. Spring will come before we know it, or at least we can hope it does.

Re: benches I have made

Love the bed with the storage space in it. Very cool work you do!
The commode/pot thingy is too funny!
Thanks for sharing.

Re: Tin Ceiling Mirror

Way to go Jerry. Husbands can come up with some pretty good ideas when push comes to shove. Way to work around a potential disaster like a broken mirror. I love ceiling tin for projects like these.

Re: Window shadow box

Great shadow box. The addition of the shelves really gives you room for displaying treasures as well. Thanks for sharing.


Your girl is a hoot and what a conversation piece she is as well. Great project!

Re: Wine Bar/ Sofa Table

Very creative and very fun!

Re: How to Make a shelf out of a Infants bed

This is a very cool transformation Georgia. And I love how you've merchandised it with the white/ivory pottery which really pops against the wood.
Great job.

Re: Scrabble Plaque

These are so much fun. This is what I made with mine for our cabin. It is the name of our cabin. It is in the post with the suitcases, but features more of the scrabble photos on this post.


Welcome to the site! It looks like you and I have a lot in common. : )


Re: Water Ski Bench/Table



A couple of more ideas of what to do with water-skis. You still have the 1 extra one.
These are both at our cabin. We are serious skiers, so this fits our lifestyles.


Re: Water Ski Bench/Table

It's always great to see more waterski projects on this site. Thanks for posting. I have 5 skis at our cabin, and my husband keeps trying to take 4 of them for a bench he wants to make, but I've been wanting to make the serving table that Sue created for one of their books. I might have to let him have the skis and make his bench now, after seeing yours. He already has built the bottom portion of the bench for the skis, but will have to add his back. Can you tell me how you made it so that it tips up and can be a serving area? This might make both of us happy.
I've posted 2 other waterski projects that you might enjoy seeing on this site. It was back in September, so most members haven't seen them, but you can view them here. I'll post the links on a seperate post.

Re: Old window art created from recycled glass

Welcome to the site. I like the idea of putting this in front of window to let the light show through.
I collect beach glass and have jars full that I plan to make jewelry with, but would never use it all in a lifetime. I should consider doing something like this with all of my gorgeous pastel colored beach glass.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Re: Table

This is gorgeous! It would look awesome in my beach themed cabin. : ) Love it!

Re: Candle sconces

Welcome! Love the floor lamp made into a light. My mil did this too, and it really is a great idea.

Re: Chandelier

What kind of building is this chandelier in? It looks really cool with the open rafters painted white, and I'd love to see more.
Fun idea for a chandelier.

Re: HELP PLEASE! Sideboard and Hutch is not me....Can you ladies help me with some sort of painting technique?

These are gorgeous pieces "as is" for those that love the wood look, and it is totally your discretion what you end up choosing to do, no guilt applied!
I too love the shabby white painting for accenting beautiful carvings and details. You will need to prime the piece first and I would take Janis' opinion about primer. The primer will really help you to get a nice quality piece in the end. I even once primed a piece and started sanding it for the paint and it looked so great, I never had to paint it after that.
Some people also use a wax product after painting, and Sue could probably tell you more about that. It really gives a great finish and on pieces like these you want them to be awesome when you're done painting them.

Re: Miss Galaxy Girl Found Object Sculpture I Made Last Night

Ultrajunk this is one far out and awesome gal you've created. She is gallery worthy!
Great creativity and use of junk on her. Unbelievable the outcome.

Re: Old Window Medicine Cabinet

Hey Kim -
Another great project you've created here. So PD is your nickname, huh?
Isn't this site the best!


This is fabulous. This is something that my mother-in-law would do, as she always thinks outside of the box. This is vey creative and a fresh idea as Sue mentioned. Great job!

Re: office humor, sisterly love, and valentine's day

Your very talented MelHow! Love your posts.

Re: Whisk Broom Arrangement

What a great display in the cool urn! Love the empty frames leaning up against the mantle too.

Re: File Drawer Hanger

I love the patina and the awesome brass label with Adorno. I will have to do something fun like this for myself. I have a great little brass tag all weathered and am a jewelry designer, so you can imagine how I always can use more things to hang jewelry from. Great first posting project. It is fabulous!
Welcome to the site and please share more of your great talent!

Re: From silverware to art supplies

I adore this! What a wonderful refurbish/repurpose you did on this piece. I love it! I've been watching for one of these to do this too, but really love the styling of yours. I will kick up my search a notch. I have 3 now that house silverware, but I want a empty one for repurposing.
Thanks for the great inspiration. I will bookmark this project for sure.

Re: Fire Place Dress Up

These porch posts you split in 1/2 are just a great addition to the mantle. I love that you left the chippiness "as is". It provides great texture and detailing to enhance the fireplace that was existing.
Welcome to the site. Looks like you have more cool stuff in your house to share. Keep posting!

Re: Wooden architectural pieces

I love these pieces sitting on your windowsill. Great pieces.

Re: Antique doorknobs for drapery rod and tiebacks

Love the use of your vintage door knobs. Very clever, decorative, yet useful.

Re: East meets Midwest

This DejaVu, should be the project post of before and after photos shown to all non converted junkers to win them over to the "junk style" rescue missions. No one that wasn't already a junker would believe that your Asian Themed Cabinet was once a pile of throwaways and built for very little money.
The cabinet turned out fabulous! This post should be featured in a "Trash to Treasure" magazine. Incredible!

Re: Ladder Message Center

This is a very clever project! An A+ for sure. Love the addition of the vintage sewing drawers. Great job!

Re: ugly bookshelf

You need to prime it with primer first to get anything to stick to veneer like this. Then you can paint it or deco podge cool paper in it.

Re: wooden posts

Here is the link to Janis' project she posted that I referred to in the previous comment.



Re: wooden posts

Janis had a great project where she took posts like this and attached thick chunky old ashtrays she picked up at a thrift store for next to nothing. Then she bought chunky candles to go inside of the ashtrays. It was awesome.

Re: salvaged wood architectural piece

You are such a great rescuer of forlorn and forgotten treasures. Its amazing what people will reject, and thankfully you come along and find it for free and give it a good and happy home. You've found yourself one great auction to scavenge at. Way to go! You're an inspiration to us all! You don't even have to dumpster dive to find your treasures.

Re: white mirror

Another great save and redo project. Thanks for sharing your finds.

Re: Cigar box reinvented

This is great! I think I'm going to make one for my husband and decopodge it. He likes boxes and has some ugly ones on his dresser, but this one is fabulous. I might just have to start fixing up his too. : )

Re: Fun photo/card display

Kathy- this is a great reuse for the lamp bases one finds now and then, and this surely is useful and beautiful. I love the extra touches of bling you always include in your designed pieces. That is the icing on the cake!

Re: "Fan" cy Jewelry Organizer

I am a "fan" of your latest junk project.
What a great display piece you've created. I've never seen a fan such as this though, so it may be hard to duplicate. A one-of-a-kind project you've created.

Re: Junk Beautiful- Outdoor Edition, Today Show Appearance and Kick Off Events in Texas

I cannot hardly wait for the release of this new book!!! I just have loved everything you have ever released in written and photographed form, so know that this book will even be the best of what you've done. Just talking to you about the writing of it and the photo shooting that took place has enticed me to no end.
This is book is on my #1 wish list for my March birthday!!!!
Congratulations on it coming closer to the release date and have a blast in Texas!!! I will get there one day!

Re: Love this bottle!

Awesome post Kathy. Love the idea of the wedding couple in a jar or salt shaker. Hmmmm! Might need to do something like that for my mil and fil. She would get it.

Re: A fashionable button bouquet

Great Job Kathey! I'm sure they'll all sell.

Re: My Little Chair

Great idea!

Re: Potting Bench

Welcome to the site! This potting table is awesome. I love how you made use of the old door, patio leftover boards, the galvanized pail set into the sink, cool shelf brackets and the hose reel on the side are just awesome.
Great project. I could use one of these up at my cabin. I will keep this project in mind. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Just coasting along...

I'd love #4 coasters shown for my house! : ) These are truly great, and very inspiring. Hmmm! Another project?
Our habitat just closed. So sad!

Re: part of dollhouse?

It looks like it could be used on the wall as a shelf right now as it is.

Re: box of old bottles

Love the old bottles. Unreal that someone left these behind. I usually pay at least $1 a bottle, so this is quite a haul. Maybe, you need to have a garage sale and turn your extra "trash to cash". (not really trash, but it rhymes.)

Re: coffe table w/ no top

I agree with either of the ideas, but I thought a stool or coffee table/stool when I first saw it. Cool material would really make this great.

Re: japanese parasols

I agree the swap idea would be fabulous. I have extra rusty bed springs, I'd love to trade for some vintage large buttons. Ha! We could really get going here, I'm sure.

Re: random wooden pieces

Great save. Hard to know the dimensions from the photo, but they look tall and skinny to me. My being a jewelry designer I immediately thought of a jewelry display piece. One could put scrabble tiles on the top flat area and write something cool there, and than on the lower flat area, add cup hooks, vintage hardware hooks, etc. and hang your jewelry from them. Or your scarves, or whatever else you need a place to display something.

Re: more windows from the auction! yea!

You always find amazing things, and than create something pretty, useful or fun each and every time for next to nothing. Awesome!
Welcome back!

Re: Wisdom Gal For A Special Friend

Jenny K - this is so very special. You are one thoughtful and talented gal. The details and great recycled finds you come up with are fabulous every time. You never cease to amaze me.

Re: "Every Wall Is A Door"

Jenny - This is now my new favorite project you've ever posted. Now don't get me wrong, I like lots of them before, but this is just so my style and taste. Love it! Love the door knob, door plate, door bell frame, the wood, everything is fabulous.
Thanks for an incredible project inspiration. It was meant to be.

Re: Shelf from Antique Sewing Machine Cabinet Parts.

Very cool shelf Kim and what a treasure this quilt must be for your parents. I know you are a great daughter!!!!
We really need to get together sometime for lunch or something. I work in Osseo part time across from the post office, near you.

Re: Wine Rack

I love this idea! Very clever! Keep posting, you've got some great ideas. Glad to have you on board.

Re: junk box

Melhow - This is a project I could see myself doing for myself. Love it!

Re: Hand Washing Bucket

I sure could use this idea to make one for my garden out at the cabin. The sun would keep the water warm too, instead of it being freezing coming out of the hose.
Thanks for sharing your great project.

Re: Glass Cigar Tubes - Totally Tubular Project

Candy - your project as always is gorgeous. Love it! You are one talented girl and I agree it looks like it should be in a magazine.
I think these could make cool Christmas tree ornaments with stuff in the tubes (vintage white buttons, mica, glitter, etc.) and than a pc. of chain or ribbon around the tops.
Awesome post Candy!
Where did you get 100 of these?

Want to trade some for rusty bed springs?


Re: My Version Of RoadTripLouise's Bracelets

Very clever redesign of Ann's bracelet idea. This site is so great for creativity and you've shown that here with this post. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Painted and papered door and desk

Welcome to the site JunkMistress. You've got some really clever projects that you've showcased here. Great job with the saves of former junk that are now once again viable and useful pieces.
Thanks for sharing!

Re: Box Art

Thank you everyone for all of the nice comments.
Here's what is really cool, is that Ann and I became friends through Junk in September at the annual Junk Bonanza. I'm a friendly soul and my friend and I had just shared a table for lunch w/a young gal (she was alone at a table for 4 and there was no other seating), so I asked if we could share. We visited with her, and than when she left Ann and her friend were walking past looking for a table. I offered our 1/2 to them and we visited a while. We exchanged numbers, emails, Junk Market Style site info, and told them all about the Occasional sales in Buffalo. How fun is that. They've been to Buffalo since, Ann is an active member on Junk Market, visited the Haupt Antique sales, and became a friend to me and now a customer. Junk can build great friendships!!
This is testimony to that!

Re: My Love for Junk is on the Rise!

Love your project post Lani. You've shown once again how great rust and junk can be when you have good taste with putting it all together. You are a natural at this, and could easily teach your skills to others. I guess you already are with us Junk Members. Thanks for the great inspiration.

Re: Rescued vintage wagon wheel rocker!!!!

One mans trash is anothers treasure. Great save.

Re: Fabric over painted dresser

You surely do some great projects with your papers, paint, fabric and deco podge. Thanks for sharing another fun idea to try. I hadn't thought of using fabric. I'm working on a deco podge project right now.

Re: Kitchen Remodel

Your flooring is beautiful! You've used lost of vibrant colors with your remodel which show up well with the flooring you've chosen. The vintage fruit crate labels give you good pop of color to go with your walls and overall feel of the remodel. The pop crate and fruit jar lighting is very creative as well.
Welcome to the site and thanks for sharing your fun remodel. It is always fun to see other members decor styles and the great projects everyone comes up with.
Enjoy the site and the inspiriaton it may bring to you.

Re: Antique Door Knob Coat Hooks

Ok Locklady and Kim. I plan to use a combination of both of your ideas. I have some knobs with the original square spindles, but many do not have that and were sold with just the door knob part itself. Thanks for the hints gals.
Now, Kim, which of the gorilla glues did you use? I have them all and want to use the correct type the first time, without mistakes. : ) Thanks again for the added inforation. You'll find us junkers like the whos and whats on the projects people post, so its always great when more details are provided or like you did added after you were asked by several interested members.
You've got a lot to add to this group, so I'm so glad I had mentioned it in my Christmas card I sent you. : ) I had forgotten I'd included it.

Re: Vintage Potato Mashers find new life as ~ TaDa ~ Bud Vases!

This would be fun to do with a special Grandma's potato masher or a Mom's. Memories!

Re: My Version - Vintage Piano Music

I really like what you've done here. Great save and idea for a future project.

Re: Cardboard tubes recrafted!

Great saves. I do the same type of thing from my office. Last week I saved 3 heavy duty containers that a computer program or something came in. They were in the recycle bin at work, and are like magazine holders. I plan to recover them and decopage them for storage in my studio. I also save all of the heavy grey tagboard type of dividers that are sent with office products and use them for altered art and projects. It all comes in so handy!
Thanks for another great idea of what to watch out for to recycle at the office.

Re: Guest Bedroom

Another beautiful room redesigned. Keep on posting they are gorgeous and so inspiring. I love how you proved your friend wrong about the desk and how you revamped it. I've not seen anything like that done to a desk, but only to a dresser before.
I'd love to be a guest in a home this beautiful. Wow! Very nicely done.

Re: White on White

Yeayyyy Redesigneed! You gave us a post on that room beyond the shutters that we were all wanting to see.
This is a stunning room and so glad you posted these photos of it. You've done such a great job with the white on white. I love that look, but unfortunately my family doesn't share that with me, so only am able to have touches of it. However, I love what you've done.
I'm with Candy that I love the compotes and the cake plate collection you've amassed. I have a small collection of milk glass, but no place to showcase it. I'll have to work on that, as you've inspired me with your posting.

Re: Garden Gate

This is very cool! Love what you've done with it. Simple, but stunning.

Re: Our Scrap wood floor

Wow, you sure are handy will do it yourself projects, and it sounds like you're getting everything refurbished for very little cost. Way to go with recycling!

Re: "Soilax Bucket" Tool Box Lamp

This is very well done and so cool. You are such an innovative thinker!
Just waiting to see what you come up with the piano roll challenge. I'm sure it will be awesome.

Re: Bathtub Planter!

Kim- what a great custom planter you have added to your garded. Love what you've done with it and that you change it with the seasons.

Re: self-hanging collages

These are great! I have a whole stash downstairs that are new that I had planned to do altered art on, but just haven't gotten around to that particular project. I may have to do so now that I see how great yours look.

Re: tissue boxes

What a great idea! I always dislike the boxes tissues come in and this would sure cure that problem. I could make my own custom designed one to go with my look.
Did you use plastic tissue boxes? Modge Podge? Any technique hints you can share would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Salvage Hot Spot

Sounds like it would be such a fun place to visit. So nice of you to share it with the group.

Re: Organizing Junk

This is a fabulous project! Oh, to be more organized. That would be awesome. : ) This is really a creative use of someone elses castoffs and turning it into such a personal and handy project for yourself. Awesome!

Re: "LIGHT IT UP!!!"

What a great idea Janis! Sometimes the best ones are the simple ones, and this is a great project for new comers to the junking world. One that would easily see success and fabulous results such as yours. You never cease to amaze me my friend!

Re: Industrial meets Romance

Fun! I am looking for shower ideas as well, so it was great to see yours as well as chiccottagejunks previous pink server post. Thanks guys!

Re: Silver Plated Pink Compote

Now, I really love what you've done on this project. The vitnage earring is icing on the cake. I just love vintage jewelry touches and the idea to paint a bad silver plate piece is very cool. I hadn't thought of doing this, but it is a great way to use and showcase a fine piece of silver.
My bf and I are putting on a shower for her daughter, and I will for sure have to show her this post for serving piece ideas. Thanks for the inspiration.

Re: Tiny Pink Teacup Tulle Tree

Welcome to you as a new poster. Yeah! It's not so bad now is it. You've done a great job here with posting this romantic pink tulle tree, sharing the directions and photographing the details.
It's always great to get good ideas ahead of time for the next Christmas, so I think anytime is a good time for a project post. Thanks for sharing it with your Junk Market family members. : )


Very creative use of a skirt you no longer use. I notice it is nice and long with the extra length of material you'd garner from a skirt, so that you could pack in a bunch of groceries too.

Re: Is this the year I finally get organized?

Junkermidge I just love your shutter organization project. It is way cool!
Organization is something I try to continuously do and still need more help with it. A fine project this would be to anyone's home.
Great project you shared here.

Re: new life for old jewelry

Ann- this was one of the first things I did when I started making jewelry. : ) It brings back fond memeories. Kind of tricky getting the lengths correct and being sure the wires all got crimped in together. Making it with Grandma's jewelry is so very fun. I started my jewelry business 12 years ago with Grandmas jewelry and now I'm going back to that styling again. Great job!

Re: Pizza Mural for Husband's Restaurant

What a gift of time and love. I bet hubby loved it!


Great idea for washboards. How cute would this be in a laundry room as window treatment. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Old molding shelves

Hey Ann - these shelves are great. What a great gift you got. I just love moldings such as these and you're idea as turning them into display shelves is great!

Re: Cigar box diorama

I love to do altered art, and this would be an awesome project to tackle. Thanks for the inspiration. We just got back from the ocean in December, and with it being -20 here in MN, it would be nice to have a little something to remind me of the hope of warmer days ahead.
Your projects are great. Welcome to JMS site.

Re: Very Inexpensive Bathroom Makeover

Hey Kim- this bathroom is great! Love the contrast of the white with the brown. I will be redoing my upstairs bathroom in the next month and have been vascilating back and forth with going neutral or the milk chocolate brown I used as an accent wall in our livingroom. After seeing your bathroom photos I think the brown is the way to go. Thanks for the inspiration.

Re: Dreaming bench

PJ this is a great bench. The colors are great, the birdhouses really add, and the style is wonderful. This is a great project you created.
Thanks for sharing!


Janis, Janis, Janis - Another wonderful project from my dear friend Janis. This is fabulous and I really love what you've done. I love these pieces I see in the stores, but since I don't need them, nor do I have room to display them I pass them by. However, I do have silver leafing in the basement and a lovely plain compote just waiting for some leafing such as this. Thank you for sharing your treasures and this great project.
Congrats on your contributorship as you are much deserving!

Re: "Odds & Ends"

I'm looking for ideas to use bed springs. Thanks for sharing yours.

Re: A Visit to "Purple Cow", St. Louis, MO

Check out my button pendant posting to contact me regarding the findings off site for more info. Not sure how else to communicate with you.

Re: How to of Gretchen's Button Jewelry

Thanks everyone for all of the nice feedback, which you have all been so kind to post. It is so helpful as a designer to know honestly what others reactions are to your designs, so that you know if you should pursue more time in a collection, or move on to the next design collection.
Kari and anyone else intersted in purchasing these, I just created a blog this week and have that posted now in this post, so you can get a hold of me, see more details on these pendants, or just follow along on my artistic journed. I plan to share many new designs in the future as well as hope to do some teaching tutorials in the future.
Thanks again for being my Junk family!

Re: A Trio of Fresh Ideas!

Incredible Sue! Truly 3 fabulous projects. You are one clever girl.
Was I with you when you got these holders? Just curious. If so, then I know where I can find them for myself. : )
You rock!

Re: How to Make A Paris Lamp

DITTO to everything everyone already said. Love it! My favorite project of yours as well Georgia. I think this turned out incredible. I love Paris stuff, so this is wayyyyy cool!
What insight and creativity you have girl!

Re: Rediscovered Treasures

Lois - welcome to the Junk Market site. Its great to have your talent on board. I just love your table and chairs, and I'm sure the lucky ones that now own it do too. You did an outstanding job of painting it. Would of loved this when my daughter was young. Her table was little like this, but not pretty by any means like this one.

Re: Antique Door Knob Coat Hooks

Hi Kim- another great project. I've finally got all of the door knobs collected, as I too wanted mine to be eclectic and mis-matched. I have yet to find the vintage piece of wood that I want to use for mine though.
Can you share any types as to how you attached these door knobs? I'm sure you've got it all figured out with this great project you did.
I can't believe I didn't recognize your photo earlier. Hey other members, this talented girl, Kim was one of my best friends in my 20's and now she's a talented Junk Market Member. Yeah!!!!

Re: Believe Santa Door Panel

Welcome to the site Judy. You definitely have a God given talent that I'm sure you've spent hours tweaking. This Santa rocks!


Love the lavender sachets, but they are so pretty they look like they should be out of the drawer and into a purse, maybe an eye glass holder for readers or something. Very cool!

Re: Art for under $3

By the way, your room is very beautiful! The blue is strinking with the ivory and brown accents. Great job!

Re: Art for under $3

Marybeth- I just love what you've done with these doors. I would of passed these babies by, but no more. I think the square ones give such a great look than the typical rectangular shape doors usually are. You have created a very beautiful pc. of art for next to nothing. Awesome idea!
Thanks for sharing this fabulous project.

Re: Punched Tin Message Board

Marty this is absolutely wonderful and so creative to take the door off the cabinet and repurpose it for a memo board. It is authentic, useful and looks fabulous too. Thanks for sharing your projects. I'm sorry about your husband being ill, but I am thankful that you have your junk to help you destress.
There is a member of this site that was doing a study on the positive health rewards of junking, and once again in your case this is true for you.
Take care-

Re: Broken Chair for Display

Oh do I feel silly! I just clicked on your photo to see more of your designs and when you joined the site and commented on your chair thinking it was an old post I had missed. Silly me!

Re: Broken Chair for Display

I somehow missed this post when it came out, so will comment now. What a great way to repurpose your chair. It is very useful and creative. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Guttercap centerpiece

I've seen these gutter wire caps repurposed in books before, but haven't ever seen them for sale. How fun they are! I love rusty things.

Re: Repurposed Typewriter

Wacky, but great idea you came up with and obviously useful as well. Very clever.

Re: Junk Christmas cards

Mary Frances - Beautfiul job with the cards and what a great gift it becomes. Very creative and clever. I will plan to go onto your site and look things over closer when I have more time. I'd love to see more of the details you've mentioned and this photo doesn't quite showcase that, so I'll check out your link. Thanks!

Re: Assemblage Fun With Georgia Moon & JennyK

You ladies have created 2 wonderful people from cast offs. Incredible!
Geo, I just love your ladies hat, her legs, the padlock body and of course the stand you created for her is over the top perfect. Love this!
Jenny, I think it is very cool how you pulled together the crown nut crown for the head, and the crown looking bottoms of his feet to pull this into the King category.
I'd love to see what a Queen might turn out? I love crowns.
Thanks for sharing with us, I can almost imagine the laughter filling that lab was enough to keep the mice away this time. : )

Re: Cigar Box Items

Welcome to the site JunkPainter!
I too love the cigar boxes that are out there. I only have a couple, but am currently using them for storage for jewelry design.
I love to do altered art and plan to one day make use of them like you have done, but for now I need them for storage.
Thanks for the inspiration though. What you've done is a great tribute to the Dad in the photo.

Re: LOVE on the line

What a great way to make words. Really good directions too. Your shop looks great from its website, and it is so nice that you've shared some of your great projects here on JMS. Love looks great with the wood you've chosen to display it on too.

Re: The Garden Room - (Part 2)...details, details, details...

Kathy -
Really truly appreciate the details you've shown on this redo of the porch.
My question is this, does Ellen have all of these great shabby finds, or do you provide those in your redos? They are incredible.
Is she the same friend that got the wonderful bedroom makeover you previously showcased?
Love your redesigns. You should be in the business of doing this for a living.

Re: We interrupt winter for...Ellen's Garden Room (Part 1)

Kathy- It's you again!!! That is a good thing! I loved what you did in a past post for another room make over of the bedroom, so was excited to see what this post was all about. You've once again outdid yourselves with this porch
Ellen is a fortunate friend, and you girls did a fabulous job with this room redesign. Should be in a magazine photo shoot for sure. Thanks for thinking to repost on this site.
I am a gardener, my bff, Carolyn is a gardener, my other bff, Laura is a gardener, and my good friend, Lani is a gardener. Is that one of the qualifications of a junker? Ha!
Great job Kathy!

Re: Work bench becomes Scrap Table

I just think your old worktable is fabulous. What a solid table that your Dad had, and how fun to be able repurpose it for your studio/creative space. Love this. Wow, the lemon oil did wonders for it too.
Welcome to the site and thanks for sharing. You've got a great area in your living space to work at, my studio is down in our basement and not near as fun.

Re: Free

I love letteres too. How fun are these? And for free, none the less.

Re: A Window with a re-Purpose!

Looks like you've had a fun time putting together your snowy MN dispaly. Thanks for the details for your repurposing of the window, snow shovel as well as the tobaggon. Fun!

Re: headboard shlef

Nice way to reuse a headboard. Love the details on these old pieces they had back then. Nice save.

Re: Old Dresser Re-mix (appliance garage)

Oh my! Am I ever blushing out of embarrassment! Kim, I am so sorry, I didn't recognize you. I totally did, once I clicked on the bigger photo of you, but your hair looks more strawberry blonde on this photo, and I was used to you as a blonde. I cannot believe this!
I also wasn't even expecting that this was you. Duh! Plumbers daughter, husband from St. Cloud, and you even signed your last post Kim. I think the Buffalo deal through me off.
Your stuff you've posted is awesome.
On Sunday I was out for dinner with Lanette (another contributor and dear friend of mine that posts on your post all the time)and Sue Whitney (the owner of this site and also a new dear friend) and I was bragging about your posts and the new girl on the block. Too funny!
We must get together, girlfriend! Miss you-


Re: Old Door Porch Swing

What a fun project you've created here with new cedar and a vintage element with the door and door knobs. Very cool! You sure do well with your talents!

Re: Shelf, What Is That Made From?

What a great shelf. Very unique and one-of-a-kind looking and the way you merchandised it with candles is great too.
Love the night time photos.

Re: Chamber pot

Traveling spas are such a great idea. Your chamber pot is a cool way to contain the items. Great project to share.

Re: SNOWMAN HILL......Hi, I'm the Mom

Welcome to the site. I love the ball jars as well. The little sheep you show are so cute.

Re: Revive your treasures with paint

Beautiful way to unite mis-matched furniture with the use of paint. Your three pieces are awesome and you should be so proud of them. I have done as well, but mine are roughed up to go with other pieces I am uniting together.
In my kitchen I painted 6 pieces black to make them work together. Paint is a wonderful and cheap way to spruce tired furniture up into great treasures like you've shown here.
Welcome and keep showing your projects.

Re: Doorknob jewelry holders

What a great way to display ones jewelry. I sure have a lot of jewelry to find creative ways to display and organize.
Welcome and thanks for sharing.

Re: headboard bench

Benches like these are so useful. The white is great.
Welcome to the site and have fun with this junking journey. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Spool Table

Love the simplicity and style of your new table. I have the glass top in my basement, if only I could find one of these. Love them.
Beautiful design as always.

Re: Old Dresser Re-mix (appliance garage)

Hey Kim - how do you know me? From when I sold at Atelier/The Porch? I'm confused! I feel bad that I'm not sure of who you are. I grew up in Upsala, MN which is a jaunt from St. Cloud.
Are you in Minnesota now?

Re: Fifteen Minute Laundry Room Fix

Sue - I loved this in the publication, but wanted more info., so here we go. Everything and more details to go with it. Thanks!

Re: GOOD EATS Clock Using Vintage Wood Type

Just love this project. Like Sue, it may be my favorite.
So very unique and cool for the new home it is going to.
Welcome to Cottage Rose, and we'll look forward to your posts.

Re: Toilet Topper

What an excellent job you did on this project. Way cool and for $0000. Incredible. Welcome to the site!

Re: Viking Cowboy and Sailor Joe Lock People

You are truly amazing. I don't know how you come up with such clever altered art projects. Excellent once again.

Re: Wisdom Gal

What a great pc. to start the New Year with. You do such fabulous work Jenny. Truly a gift!

Re: Old Dresser Re-mix (appliance garage)

This project really turned out great. I'm not a big red person, but you've really done the trick with creating a vintage feel to the paint job. Very nice.
The added box that reads "Minars Potting Co. St. Cloud" really adds to the overall great look of this too. Are you in Minnesota or Florida? They both have St. Clouds? I grew up about 35 miles from St. Cloud, MN and it was always our shopping destination.
Your posts are great, so thanks for sharing your techniques & posts.

Re: "BEWARE" of Tarnished Silver!!!

This is great Janis. Love the detailing of the date stamp on it. How fun is that! Lovely as always.

Re: Dominos

What a fun idea you did here. I too love the black/white graphics of dominos and have a stash of these in my basement that I use for jewelry design and such. Another fun use you've shared.

Re: Downsizing with junk!

Love your feather tree and it sounds like with what you used to decorate it, that was great as well. Thanks for sharing.


I really liked all 3 of your projects you shared. The pub table is so one-of-a-kind and a perfect way to use a forgotten beautiful antique. The door table with the chipped away paint has incredible patina and it is so fun that you used the vintage sewing machine bases to support it. I also love the garage door spring idea for hanging your chandelier. I will have to be on the look out for one of those now.

Re: Mobile Boutique

What a fabulous idea! You are definitely special. What a gift of joy you must provide with this bus.

Re: Tin Ceiling Fixture Lamp & Sign

I love your lamp designs. The great chippy pcs. you used with the clean lines of the galvanized pipes are perfect. Love this!
Your sign idea added to the vintage mirror frame minus the mirror is really cool too.
Love your projects you've shared. Welcome to the site btw, and after checking out your profile, the other projects you've posted have been really good too. Your definitely an asset to the JM site.

Re: Dressed up Kitchen Light

Fun idea, but I gotta tell you something interesting. I was shopping in MN at a bridal shop with a friend, and your little bling 3 strand of aurora borealis crystals were priced at $238.00 at this bride shop. Ha! Ha! And yours is identical hanging from your light fixture. Not that it is worth $238.00, but that is the atronomical price they were trying to charge brides. It is vintage, pretty and cool, but not particualarily uncommon to warrant such a high price.
My friend found one identical down the street at a vintage store for $38.00 and this is more in line with the accurate value. Thought you'd get a kick out of this.

Re: Message Boards

These are really nice and I love the combinations with the metal and cork.
Everyone needs a message board.

Re: Vintage Fireplace Grate Shelf

This is a beautiful redesign. The white grate is so special and the shelf you've created is awesome. So glad your sister threw the grate your way, as it is so perfect for hiding the thermostat. Very nice!

Re: A New Year's Resolution

A great "New Years" quote Jenny. However, I'm feeling guilty after viewing this post. On New Years Day, I was in the Junk decluttering mood and threw away a lot of excess pens/pencils. Naughty me!


Janis - another fabulous project indeed, wether you were the oringal creator or not, just your own touches you add to things always makes it distinctly yours. I too have seen this done elsewhere and loved it, but it is hard to find an empty clock to do it to. Duh!!! I hadn't thought to find one and take it apart. Seems kind of silly now, but a brilliant idea indeed. Love, love, love this.
Thanks again for sharing my friend. Your posts are always fabulous.

Re: Vintage Ceramic Squirrel Pin Cushion

This was a really fun post to read. Thanks for sharing all 3 of your creative ideas as well as the added info. you posted later about how you make the pin cushions. Those extra tidbits of info. are so special on posts, and the sharing on this site is so warm and genuine. Welcome to the site and enjoy being an active part of it. Is so fun, once a person feels comfortable enough to get involved and than become part of a larger family of junkers at JMS.
Back in August there were a couple of posts that earlier memebers posted where they took an item and showed multiple uses for it in their home. That is always very inspiring to me, so it was fun to see your post.

Re: A Visit to "Purple Cow", St. Louis, MO

Looks like a place to definitely remember if and when I get to St. Louis. Awesome stuff in these photos.

Re: blueprint wallpaper

This was such a great idea for your husbands office, with him being a builder and all. Very creative and it is so perfect with the industrial basket pcs. Great job.

Re: Studio Junk

Your studio is beautiful and I love the fact that you have added memorable pcs. from trips, and such to your space. You have a lot of creative ideas in your studio, and that is a great way to get your clients thinking and creating as well.
Thanks for sharing your awesome studio with us.

Re: 60 Days of No Craft Stores Challenge: 1st Project

I like what you did here. Simple, but statement making. Thanks for sharing.

Re: A Wish For The New Year...

Happy New Year to all of the Junk Market Style partners. I feel like this is a family and everyone has been so wonderful with their sharing of projects, positive words and new friendships that have been formed, just since August when the site came online. A big thank you to Sue and Kimberly for all of the hard work they do on a daily basis to make this a site we look forward to when wake up in the morning.
A great tablescape Kari, and a Happy New Year to you as well.
Many blessings to each one of you as we start the New Year. The U.S. is still a great country and will pull out of this downturn a much stronger group of people.

Re: Vintage Register Grate Clock

This is great! Love how you've left the patina on the register grate. Very original and way fun!

Re: On Newsstands Now!

I need to find this soon. With all of the snow that came yesterday, the furtherst I ventured out was to the Post office and Target. Hmmm! Neither of them seemed to be selling it! Will look for it as a New Years gift to myself. Anxiously hoping to find it today or tomorrow.

Re: Oh, La, La, Vanity!

Thanks so much for taking the time to post more detailed instructions. I really do appreciate it and hope to do something similiar. I have a cute little smoke stand that is a square shaped box that is freshly painted brown, but is in dire need of some spoofing up, so may give this a whirl. Again thanks for your sharing. You are truly talented and I like Sue are glad to see you post some more fabulous projects.
Happy New Year!

Re: Oh, La, La, Vanity!

This is stunning! Would you mind sharing a little more on your technique with using the posters to create such master pieces? I'd love to give it a try sometime. I just bought a bunch of Cavallini posters and they would be perfect for a project like this.
I went back to look at your projects you've posted, and remember when you posted the 1st groupings. You are a very talented artist.
Thanks again for sharing your designs you've made. They are so unique and one-of-a-kind.

Re: Marilyn Monroe Mahogany Cabinet/Bar

Wow! This turned out incredibly good. What a very creative way to create such a statement piece of furniture by using the posters. This is way cool!

Re: Old window and shutter cabinet

This would make a great little cabinet for extra towels and such in a bathroom, like at my cabin. : )
Kudos to using all salvaged items.

Re: Old door vanities and benches

You've got a lot of very creative ideas for doors. Very cool. Thanks for sharing them.

Re: Fun Little Organization Project

Jenny- I just love the faucet handles with the wooden spool idea. Very clever!

Re: Oar Lamp

A quick project can be fun once in a while. Everyone needs a little instant gratification every now and then. This quickie project is just as great as your more labor intensive ones you've shown, so even though it was quick you still have come through with great style once again. Very innovative uses of pieces to create a one-of-a-kind lamp. I love the original pieces one can create when a person uses found pieces and can't be bought new.
Thanks again for sharing!

Re: Button Crazy!

Welcome to the site! I just love vintage buttons too and use them in my designs. Mostly use them in jewelry design, but also in other projects as well. There is a group of ladies on this site that have also made these button bouquets and you might find it fun to look back and see their creations as well.
Looking forward to seeing more of your projects.

Re: Who's There?

Congrats on your appearance in the Somerset magazines. I am a follow of those. These are very unique. Way to use up something to create a gallery worthy artistic piece that others would of just thrown in the trash.


Welcome to the site!
Your decor is quite unique and you've found some great as well as fun ways to display your tools. Very fun!

Re: Vintage Sled Nightstand

I really love the way you make one-of-a-kind unique pieces out of found treasures to decorate your familys home. Each piece you create is distressed to look so original and the final outcome is always awesome.
Another great job! Also, it is fun to see your mock concept drawn up and colored for each of your visions. Thanks for sharing your projects. You are a great addition to the site, and all of us await your next project. They are always good.
Happy Holidays!

Re: Towering blast from the past

Junkermidge I just love the way you executed this project. It is wonderful for a young boys room or even an avid tom boy softball player for a daughter too. Very clever thinking with the way you inserted the bats and left them so that they could spin with the nail. Smart!
Love this-
Thanks for sharing-

Re: Thinking Big!

Very cool projects. I love these pcs. made from the vintage 6 panel doors.
Thanks for sharing!


You both are sweet girls! You - Janis and you - Carolyn. I'm happy to call you my friends!

Re: Ice Skates Get a New Life

Sherry- the star ornament is vintage. I don't even know how old it is, but very old. My bff bought it at an Occasional sale and gave it to me as part of my Christmas gift from her.
I've never seen one before like it, so not sure where you'd ever come across one, but one can try.

Re: Angels Are Among Us

Very creative angel design. Welcome to the site, and do please post when your next sale is. I'd like my friend, and I to try to make it there.

Re: more button mania

Love the rusted muffin tin with the buttons. Very unique use and very creative use of castoffs turned to art.

Re: The City Floor Lamp and the Country Floor Lamp

Both of these lamps are great Midge. I'd use either in my homes. They'd be an awesome addition to anybodys home. Thanks for sharing all of your great lamp/light projects. They've all been so creative and fun to see.

Re: biker's virtual reality

This mosaic project turned out awesome. I've done quite a few mosaics and have an appreciation for what you've created here. Your friend is fortunate! My bil would love this, as he's a Harley fan.

Re: Little Rusty Wagon

The jelly cupboard looks so original. No one would believe it was newly crafted. The wagon is great on top, but the Santa addition just really adds to the overall design look.
Another great job.

Re: With Christmas Wishes...

A wonderful and blessed Christmas back to you Kari and all of the rest of the Junk Market members. It has been so much fun being a part of this great site and getting to know new people that share the love of Junk like I do.
I too love these vintage picks and remember the day I scored a shoe box full of them at a garage sale about 15 years ago for about .50. Not sure that would happen anymore. They're awesome in this display.

Re: Seasonal Tool Box Centerpiece

What a great post! "Simply Beautiful" sums it up. Need I say more.

Re: I've got the bug!

Hi and welcome to the site. You've done some great things thus far, and I can tell you will have much success with your new venture. You will probably have a unique market for it in Hawaii. What a great place to be living.
Thought you might be interested in checking out this site I stumbled across and really enjoy. This gal moved from England to Australia with a few suitcases and a full fledged family. Her goal was to furnish a beach cottage with second hand finds that she recreated. That is what her blog is about. However, she is in the process of turning this into a business. It is a beautiful blog, and thought of you when I read your post. I think you'll find it inspiring. If you have the time, start at the beginning and read to present. It is amazing!
We are so lucky to have great sites like Junk Market style to inspire us and it has been a great site to make friends through. I hope you continue to post future awesome projects that you create. You're very talented.

Re: Just "GLITTER" it!!

I'm back! So glad to be able to see this awesome post of yours. It is incredible what you've created for your loved ones, and soooo very creative. You are gifted girl! Love the boxes covered in glitter. You'll have to pm me via email all of the details. Please!
Have a blessed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with your family in Canada. It warmed up just in time for our arrival back to Minnesota. We will have a White, beautiful Christmas with tolerable temps. Yeah!

Re: Industrial BirdFeeder

Oh, how fun would it be to be related to you at the Holidays! This is an incredibly well put together bird house and so inventive. Love the use of the turn buckles for the hanging mechanisms, the diamond plate roof you've created, as well as the copper wire additions you used to create uniqueness in your work. Very well done!

Re: My Version of The Politics of Hope

What a great redesign of cast offs. Very creative! Love the addition of the pennies to this pcs. Very cool! Love the rusty pop lids with the scrabble letters spelling out your message. Such great altered art this is. The color really catches ones eye as well.
I wonder who bought this pc. of art? Any idea!

Re: A window full of flowers

Welcome to the site!
This is a great project and such a great price point to. Next to nothing, with just the modge podge and paint costs. What a great way to recycle cast offs into a piece of art.
Just love the chippy/flaking paint on this window frame. I could also invision it with white on white with white flower photos, so this project could just easily be translated into a lot of great different styles to ones liking. An awesome project.
Thanks for sharing!

Re: Mary's Swap Meet

Looks like fun!

Re: Photos of Our Home...

Love the Frenchy chair you redid. I have been adding aqua to our home and love the look you did with this. The medicine cabinet is awesome as well. Now with 3 little boys I can definitely see where the 3 bulletin boards and shutters are a great addition to keeping oneself organized. Just with school alone, it is massive the amount of papers a Mom has to deal with on a weekly basis. What a great idea for other Moms with busy families to keep on top of things.

Re: The "S" wall

What a fun way to involve the whole family. Searching for "S's". With a name like Schaumann, I too look for S's and the first one I found was a large silver S which I put up in our cabin inside an empty silver frame in our bathroom. My sister-in-law took it for something else other than our last name Schaumann, as it was in the bathroom. Go figure!

Re: coffee table scape

Hey Kelly-
Welcome to the site! Isn't it great fun? Glad you decided to check it out. My bf, Carolyn, alerted me to your project via email, as I've been out of this cold blizzardy state basking in the Florida sun, so have been out of the link.
It amazes me all that you do with 3 young boys like you have. You go girl! It's so fun to be creative and make the tablescapes for the Holidays. Your boys will remember this for years to come and playing with the Nativity is very cool.
So often they are of the "no touch" variety, and this is a great way to introduce the real meaning of Christmas to small children.
Happy Holidays to you and your family. Greetings to your folks as well.

Re: The littlest Christmas tree

You are just too smart my friend! What an awesome display.
The girls are having ice cream in a shop that has internet, so just had to check out the site. We're at St. Johns Pass tonight for our anniversary dinner, in Madiera Beach, Florida. Way warmer than MN. : )

Re: Gretchen's Beautiful Version of Sue's Hostess Gift

I wasn't sure how they'd do, as I had the lid on them overnight the night before I gave them to you and probably shouldn't of. Your on top of things, Lani. Sorry for even questioning you.



Janis - I love this! Does anyone else have a clue how hard it is to work with silver pieces? I do, and I'm proud of you to go through so much work to create such a masterpiece.
I don't know how the winner will be chosen, as there are so many great entries with this project. We must love our pets!

Have a great Holiday, I'm flying out of this freezer early, early tomorrow a.m. I'll try to send the sunshine and warmth north with us when we head back home. : )


Re: My Little Tree

What a great photo with the fireplace lit in the background. Your little theme tree is perfect. I love the silver piece you've chosen to display it in and all of the little colorful gift packages under the tree is cute in the tray to.
If you want to do a theme for next year, after Christmas sale shopping is the perfect time to start finding those discounted great buys. I buy Christmas all year long whenever I find great things, whether it be at a garage sale, thrift store, new, or whatever.

Re: Vintage Surveyor's Ruler Art Piece

I just love how you add these great quotes into your artwork which really gives each piece such a fine touch. This would be an excellent way for someone to remember a loved one.
My Grandpa, a Sweded from the old country, was a Master Carpenter (used this kind of ruler) and always carried a pocket watch (real gold one). This brings floods of memories of that dear man.
Thanks again for sharing your great art.

Re: Ice Skates Get a New Life

Thanks guys. I like how subtle and vintagey these skates turned out.
Ann- the ornament is vintage that she bought from an Occassional Sale. I was there a few minutes after her, but she'd already bought this and brought it out to the car. I would of bought it myself had I seen it first. It is a perfect match for me. I just love the pearly look the silver has tarnished to and the star is gorgeous.
Melhow- a bright color like lime green or red would look great laced up with your black skates. I bought the ribbon on sale of 2.49 off the Martha Stewart line sold at Michaels, but any ribbon adds style.
If you want to see more ideas do a search for "Seasonal" and a number of skates will show up for more creative ideas to embelish your skates.

Re: Pollyana's Lemons

E6000 can be purchased at a Michaels, Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's with coupons at 40% off that they have each week. I use it all the time and it is a great product. I also like Gorilla super glue, but you would have to hold it for at least a minute. I've just starting using that glue since being a part of this website and actually like it as well or better than the E6000.

Very creative doll too.

Re: birds of a feather doll

Wow, this looks like it was really time consuming and obviously a lot of creativity went into.
I'm sure your friend will love her.

Re: Holiday Cards - Vintage Typewriter Photo Display Revisited

I swear I posted on this project, but it doesn't show up, so will again.
Love this idea Candy. Very creative! Cute kids, cute names, what a great card you have this year.

Re: Christmas treats anyone

How cute is this Carolyn! I'll be up to visit the week after Christmas, so save some goodies for me.
Very cool display.

Re: Junkyard Dog Collar Contest

I'm in.

Don't tell me Sue, that I am the only one that followed directions in this project posting? My poor Coco is showing up all alone in this post.

Re: Ollie and Candie Light up our lives.

How fun and creative is this Georgia.
Bahumbug is what Ollie seems to be conveying in photo #3.
This contest is too fun!
And I'm suppose to be packing, not doing this. Ha!

Re: Gretchen's Beautiful Version of Sue's Hostess Gift

Take the covers off Lani. Fill up with water to the bottom of the paperwhites, and they should get going to bloom for you. I think they'll last quite a while.
I knew the embellishments had to be rusty for you. : ) Love your rust and industrial you have in your home.
Glad you liked this project. Enjoyed your party. You are a great hostess with the mostess.

Re: How to Wrap Gifts for Teens

Awesome Elizabeth and Sue. You two are a great team. How fun is this! It inspires me to do something like this for Emily's friends. How about a gift card for Caribou and other goodies inside for her friends, so next time they go to a movie they can walk over to Caribou after for a treat?
You've just created more work for me before I go on vacation, Sue. lol My brain is spinning!

Re: Vintage Button Dog Collar

Lisa this is a great collar with the vintage buttons. Love what you've done.

Re: "Indy" the Cat, aka "Jabba the Hutt" Crystal Collar

Not being partial Lani, but honestly, I just love this collar. You'd get my vote in a heartbeat. However, there are some other great ideas as well out there.
I'm a lover of all of your materials, so love what you've done. Indy is a stitch in photos as well as in person. He is a one-of-a-kind junk yard cat! lol

Re: Show off those Jewels

I knew you and Lynette each had one of these, but didn't realize that you sold them at your shop. I totally missed them. This is another fun project to display ones baubles on, and truly being "Green" while using it.

Re: Casual Vintage

How fortunate for you to get 3 of these in one day, so that you could create such a fun project for yourself. I love this, but I know my husband wouldn't get it. lol
Lori, it actually looks even better in your home, than what the photo shows it. Very cool.
Welcome to the site and great job with posting a project that other members may not have thought of doing themselves.

Re: Headboard Christmas bench

Welcome to the site tuxdog. You've made your Mom a beautiful bench and with all found objects. Incredible piece you've created. I'm sure she'll love it and shed tears of joy. It was a labor of love, I am sure of that.
Thanks for sharing.

Re: Scrabble Collage/Easel

I love what you did with the memory scrabble board and the photos. I had a Grandma that always played scrabble with us grandkids and this would be a cool way to "remember her".
Great idea.

Re: Putting a little "Mush" into Christmas!

I truly believe that great displays and stuff outside of shops can lure people in that would typically be "drive bys". Looks like you're accomplishing your goals. Way to go. Isn't this a great site for inspiration!!!

Re: Let it Snow

Junk Architect this is another great project. I agree with what Kari said in the 1st post. I totally had a visual before I even looked at the photos of well worned pcs. which turned out to be accurate. Much talent you have.
As for this site I couldn't agree with you more with your statement.

"I’m truly amazed at how much talent there is on this site. I’ve never seen so many creative people in one place. Every post is an inspirational project that I’m able to take something away from. Each time I open the site it’s like going to an “Art Opening”…even better!"

I hope Sue and Kimberly see this post and realize that this is such a wonderful site they've created and have brought in a great group of truly unselfish and artistic talented people that are spread throughout the U.S. and CANADA, but are brought together with the common thread of loving junk/recycling, etc. It is truly awesome!

Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us. You've amazed many of us with the pcs. you've shared thus far, and we look forward to seeing more great things from you in the future.

Re: Fabric scrap collar

Very fun collar you created for your little friend. Quite festive I'd say. Good luck!
Welcome to the site and have a great Holiday season.

Re: Bits n Pieces Cat Collar

Beautiful Cat!

Re: Walt is a Junker

Great eye Carolyn. You are a converted junker at heart and at eyeball range now. I bet you would of never noticed this last year at this time? It is amazing if you really look at things in life with different eyes, just how much we can go through life not really noticing things. I would say you are noticing things girl.

Re: Laugh out loud

My, My aren't you funny lately Carolyn. I guess I should of logged on hours ago, so I would of started the day with a laugh. : ) You are becoming quite the camera junky. I am proud of you! Two great shots in one week. Can't wait to see the rest in person.

Re: North Pole anyone

Ha! Ha! You forgot to tell me about this one, Carolyn.
When we leave for Florida on Thursday, I sure hope the North Pole weather stays back here in Minnesota while we're gone and doesn't chase us down to Florida. I need some sun to warm my bones, so I can get through the next 3 mos.
Why do we live here???? Brrrrr@!

Re: Memory tree

This is so cool! How you brought all of the great mementos of your Dad and figured out a way to put them together and make this tree representative of a small part of the joy he had of in his life and just how full he lived his life is really special. The fact that it is at the front of your house and at the front door to greet all of your family and the loved ones of your Dad's is cool too. It has a prominent place of honor.
Very cool with the license plate on the painted galvanized pail too. It really shows up well.
Well done my friend!

Re: What to Bring the Hostess

Hey Sue-
I did this project and loved it. I made a large and small size of these for Lani as a Hostess gift. We were at her house for a Holiday party last night. I didn't get photos taken of them though, but had to do more of rusty elegance look to go with Lani's house. I added a rusty number on one area that I etched with a square and added ribbon with black wire and a vintage rusty key. On the smaller one it had the etching with the copper wording "Believe" on it, as well as ribbon, mother of pearl button and copper heart detail around the jar top.
I used a mix of polished small rocks that go with the look/colors of her house, the green moss and paperwhite in each.
I didn't think to take a photo and am leaving for Florida on Wednesday. Maybe, Lani could post the photos if she sees this or has the time next week.
Love this project. btw our Michaels' is really low on the small bottles of this etching, and I'm sure your post is the reason. It is great!

Re: This little table's got game!

Hey junkermidge, it doesn't have to be a holiday project, it is just that most of us have that thought going and are franitcally trying to get it all done. Lucky you have time to dream up other cool non-related Holiday projects. : )
This is a great idea for in a game room or family room that especially has teenagers hanging out in.
Thanks for sharing!


Janis this is beautiful!!! Love the added glitter and little pearls. I haven't gotten to add any bling to my trees yet, and probably will do it after the Holidays and plan to use them and sell some next year.
Did you use spray glue for the glitter? What works best also to glue on the pearls or mini balls on these trees.
They are awesome and so very cool Janis.

Re: Bennett's Christmas Collar

This is hilarious! Great job!

Re: Junk Built Wreaths

Candy- you scored with that pulley girl. Your use with it and the wreath is unique and has fabulous results. Love it!
Very clever with the metal shoe stretcher as a wreath hanger. Who would of "thunk it"?
Looks like you got the snow fall between wreath 1 and wreath 2 photo shoots. : )

Re: A Little Christopher Robin Advice We Should All Make a Promise To Keep...

Incredible! That sume it up.

Re: No mantle-no problem!

I love the idea of this window you've made. It would look great with my vintage redesign stockings I made out of velvets, etc. I'm sure your family will love it! I'll have to make one like this for another year.
Another great idea!

Re: Rustic candelier "dooded" up for Christmas

This is a great idea. Look again, it looks like it is the bottom of a table (4 legs and the part that attached to the table top. Probably the holes were drilled in the bottom of each leg and wahlaa, you've got a unique candelier. I'm sure of it!
How cool is this! Thanks for sharing- btw the greens look great with this.

Re: And, a little holiday something for the "powder room" too!!

Your jewelry display is a super find and looks so good in your powder room. I never have enough places for my jewelry. Having been a jewelry designer for 10 years and a collector of vintage great jewelry finds, I have a surplus of items always looking for a home. The 3 tiers takes up less room I see, and will have to keep that in mind as I am always looking for new display pcs.
THanks for sharing!
Love the mirror too, and you would probably get more impact with it hanging on the wall. Seems like those cools bubbles are hid under the jewelry display pc. now.

Re: Vintage ornament display - better than Cake!

What a great display you've created. Love it!

I second what Birdiemurphy said:
"ahhh...it's a wonderful life, isn't it...buying a bag full of ornaments at the thrift store just to get that ONE vintage piece out of the rest, then "returning" the rest to the thrift store again..."

I wonder how many times I've done this myself? Good to hear I'm not the only one that does this kind of shopping. I just did it a week ago.


Re: Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

Kathy- thanks for sharing your white trees. They're great fun and look awesome! Next year, I will have to try a white tree with my vintage ornaments on it, as it just makes such a great statement with all the colors they are.
I just bought another white disgarded tree for $3.00 at the Thrift store to make more trees out of, so they are out there, you just have to find one. This one isn't pre-lit, so will be much easier to work with. The one I made my tree out of was a 4' pre lit tree, so I had to spend hours unwinding the lights before I could dismantle the tree. Argh!
I too have a gazillion vintage ornaments, and under my steps is filled with Christmas decor, which is mostly vintage. Can you believe that I haven't taken out any of it this year. What I've used this year, was all collected for the new theme. I'm bad with too much too. Oh well. I love the Christmas stuff, but we're going to Florida for a week b-4 Christmas, so am doing less this year.

Re: A little Christmas bling...

This is very beautiful Kathy. I almost bought a that exact color of pink tree last week in a MN Occassional shop. I had never seen one that color before. Very cool, but I have soooo many little trees that I passed it by. Now I'm thinking I should of bought for my sister. She would of loved it with all of her pretties on it.
I have an angel very similar to yours, but a bit different. I just love these vintage finds we discover, don't you.
The pitcher is fabulous too.

Re: Tree Stand Shopper

Too funny! Sounds to me like this $2.00 tree stand has already brought you that back in laughter and fun with your daughter. She's a good sport!

Re: Going Green? I'm GONE!

A beautiful way to go green! The colander with the green and silver bulbs adds a nice touch. THanks for sharing!

Re: More on "Etching"

I was wondering if a person couldn't do the etching this way. Thanks for showing another option and piggy backing on Sue's post earlier in the week. Love what you girls have done. Very cute.

Re: On Newsstands Now!

I can't wait for this to hit the stores! I have both of your books, your magazine, every article I've ever seen in a magazine cut out, and now this to add to my collection. Yeahhhh!

Re: Inspired By Gretchen - Old Garage Door Headboard

Jenny - you are so kind. This is really what is so cool about Junk Market Style is that we can be inspired by each other and than go to our own junk stash and make a fabulous project with the stuff we just weren't sure what to do with or hadn't thought of doing things a certain way.
Glad you were inspired though.

Re: Junk Basket Display

Thanks everyone for the nice comments. It was very easy, so I didn't just make it look that way. It is. On a scale from 1-10,it is probably a 4 for difficulty in making.

Like I mentioned this was a basket type foundation that someone threw in a variety of greens into it. Nothing is very arranged and it isn't even in a sponge type thing, as it will be outside and most likely be fine as is.
The items were wired easily and quickly without much rhyme or reason, and the misc. items thrown in and are loose. I didn't want to wreck anything with gluing them.
Both the wheel and black faucet were from Junk Bonanza and looking for a project they could be used on. I will probably take this apart after the Holidays and reuse the items elsewhere.

Re: What to Bring the Hostess

Love it Sue. I have 3 paperwhite bulbs crying out for a project like this. Thanks for sharing!

Hey, still dying to see what you are going to do with all of those fabulous items you posted early on and were going to make projects from. I have them in my stash and are looking for some inspiration. : )

Re: Gliding into Winter

Great price on the glider. Looks great with the greens, wreath and skis. Picture perfect. Could be a postcard-
Happy Holidays to you!

Re: What to take to the office party?

I love this. I am a collector of nests and love this. I find lots of nests on the ground and have them here and there on our porch. One year a bird used it sitting on the table as is.
Love your post. Thanks for sharing.


Sounds like you were shopping in your own house. LOL That is the cheapest way to shop. The cute little white barn door setting is a nice back drop for either pair of skates.

Re: No Wonder this took so long -- It's three things in one!

All the hard work was worth it though! Look at your one-of-a-kind awesome project you came up with in the end. It looks very professional and I love that it displays photos as well. I have a few favorite vintage cameras that I just love the look of too. The little bulb is cool, so its good that you were able to salvage it. Persistent paid off this time!

Re: My "JUNK" Tree

I'll try to take photos another day, as I don't have lights on this tree and need better lighting for the baby shoes to show up.

Re: Let's Go Skating!!

Love your ice skate display Janis. I just picked up a pair last Thursday and will have to try to find a rub on for my pair, as I love the look rub ons create with all of your fun projects.
You've got the style girl!

Re: Joy To The World

Candy this is such a wonderful junk redo that it should be featured in a magazine!!! However, I agree with Lani and JennyK, you need to "Move up" photo number 8 in position number 1. Just go into edit on this post and you'll easily be able to do it. It is so stunning in photo #8 with the end result showing, and the 1st photo just doesn't pull people in like they need to be. This is a fantastic project. Love it! Thanks for inspiring me with maybe my next redo over my mantle area in our bedroom. A window project of some sort.

Re: Inspired By Gretchen - Old Garage Door Headboard

Oh Jenny how great is this as a headboard!!!! Thanks for the
heads up (LOL) at facebook. It brought me right over to see your latest project. I love how this looks as your new headboard and the new light is so perfect too. $5.00 for that light was a steal!
Glad to of been an inspiration to you! It's so fun when you have something that can have multi purposes. I don't plan to change my fireplace headboard with my redo, but my bedroom needs painting (nasty 15 yr. stencil needs to be wiped off the face of this earth), new flooring installed and change the room around. Want to also change up the way I have things above the headboard, so it will feel fresh and new.
Thanks for sharing. It is honestly a nice feeling to know that I inspired such a talented girl as you. : )

Re: My "JUNK" Tree

Hey Janis your tree turned out great! Love the black,silver & white theme you've chosen to use. You've got some great display pcs. that are packed with memories in your tree too, which is always a fun way to remember loved ones. I used to frame photos of my loved ones in vintage lockets/pocket watches, etc. that I would find.
The door knobs in the tree are cool too. My tree is too weak for the heft of those, as I had thought about doing that, but it didn't work. I've since added a cute vintage white leather baby shoe, and a few other things into my tree.
Very smart idea with the napkin ring turned ornaments and love the vintage silverware with bling too.

Re: Oh There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays!

Hey Queenie- My new name for you "Queen of putting Junk together" as LuAnn states. Perfect!
These are great memory photos, as I now own a pair of cool white vintage skates in which I need to display and these photos just jogged my brain into action. Way to go girl!
Love your style!

Re: Charming Little Chairs!

I could see your red chair holding a stack of plates on a table for the Holiday season. It already has the red color theme going on, or if you like the neutrals like I do, the white one could do the same purpose. I remember in one of Sue's publishing that they used a red childs booster chair for this purpose.

Re: Finally Got Those Skis Done!

I'm glad you were able to get the skis to how you wanted the wood to look. The labor was a "labor of love" and I'm sure you'll get many years of happiness looking at them on your wall.
I have a waterski shelf out at our cabin that we just love and is done in a similar style. I have room to display stuff on mine as a shelf, but gives the same effect as yours.

I have "Let's go skiing" on the wall above our ski which was custom ordered with a self stick type of product that is a one time use. Just another thought that you could add some words to the right above them.

Re: Found...in my own garage!

What a beautiful urn your husband rescued for you by the road. How could he think you might like it? It's fabulous!
Looks great as displayed now. Thank goodness you were cleaning your garage, found this and asked where it came from, just in time for displaying for the Holidays.
Love it!

Re: Vintage Christmas

This is a unique display and would be a good way to display vintage bulbs or anything that you want to keep away from animals or little fingers. I love birdcages and they are so fun to use.
Welcome to the site and thanks for posting your great display idea.

Re: Old door bench seat

This is a great bench and very creative with the curves you've chosen to cut that make it extra special. Nice work.

Re: Mantle Turned Headboard

Your welcome. Where is your store Deb? Texas?
Please take photos if you decide to set this up in your store.

Re: "SILVER BELLS" for Georgia

Very cute Janis, and so nice of Georgia to gift them to you. It must of looked like your styling girl when she found these.
I see your getting your inspiration back. : ) Miss ya!

Re: Button, button...who's got the button?

Very cool Deb. Thanks for sharing your version.
It is so great how we can all take the same project and with our own style make it look totally different and unique, but yet the same.

Re: Great for gift giving -- fun & easy photo displays

Fun ideas for displaying photos. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Re: A few more "borrowed" ideas

I love your wheel display. It is very cool how you've got it attached to the board, and I like the mix of wheels you've used.
The photo oranmanet place card idea is great too. I haven't seen that before with vintage ornaments, but a gift I bought for one of my best friends were new silver smaller size ornaments made to look vintage with flat bottoms that are place card holders for dinner. My best friend already received them and just loved them too. It would of been cooler to have made my own had I saw your post first. Oh well, there is always next year. Cute idea to display the photos too.

Re: A few "borrowed" ideas

Its always good to be reminded of past cool ideas, as we can't possibly remember them all.
I first saw the pulley and pails in Country Living magazine about 20 years ago, but it was more country styling(galvanized pails w/plants planted)there, whereas yours with the white washed white pails is more updated and cool. I like the pulley you have too. I have 2 pulleys I've bought over the years to do this project, but have never gotten around to it. LOL
I hadn't seen the message with the scabble board before, so that was different to me. I sent 4 of them to Goodwill not to long ago, as I wanted just the letters and the stands they come with. After I gave them all away I've seen all kinds of fun projects one could do with the scrabble boards. That's the way it always goes.

Re: Mantle Turned Headboard

Thanks for the nice comments.
Georgia - we have lived with the builders white on the walls and this stupid stencil that I did while pregnant with my 14 year old. It is due for a paint job to start, new fabric, but probably will keep the headboard mantle when I redo. I am actually slowly redoing our whole house, as we haven't done anything to it, until I started last Spring. We also need new carpet in this room, etc. I am anxious to get going on it, but will wait until after the 1st of the year. We'll be gone for a week to a warmer climate yet in Dec., then with Christmas and New Years get togethers it would be too hard to get it done before 2009.

Re: Greco-Roman column

Why not just paint it a fresh white vs. trying to go through all of the work of sanding it off. Not sure if it is plaster that you can sand it without losing the detailing on the post either. You again are at the right place at the right time. You go girl!

Re: It's the Sign of the Season...

This is an awesome and original sign you created. Love the colors you chose and how they look when you have it lit in the dark. I bet it looks great on your house. Clever, and the twig edges is great too.

Re: Sew Cute!

Very clever idea. Thanks for sharing it. The chandelier pc. addition is nice as is the idea of turning this drawer into a useful light.

Re: Holidays & Simple Abundance

This is beautifully done and so glad you were able to rescue this piece from the bulldozers.

Re: rescued from the trash-gorgeous old picture

Way to rescue a great picture. Newpaper print or not, it is quite beautiful of this lady.
Do you always get things for free or $1.00? Just curious, as Lani and I were talking about it yesterday when we were out shopping and it was you that we were referring to. We were wondering how you did it? LOL You must hang out at an auction house and flea market. You keep the stuff others cast aside out of rejection and then you turn it into a wonderful and useful pc. for yourself. Very clever!

Re: vintage scarves

One might look cool draped over a small bed side table.

I have used a vintage scarf loosely tied around a theme tree that was aluminum. Mine was a bright pink tone on tone silk scarf and made a great little Christmas tree skirt.


Re: Vintage Pennant Ornaments

Wow Jim the cabinet you built is gorgeous. I too noticed it immediately when I first saw your post and then read your follow up post about you building it. Very cool! It looks so very authentic!
The pennant tree is also such a great theme tree. I wonder if it has ever been done before? I have not seen one. I remember when I was 7, my Dad picked up a hitchhiker from Australia and brought him home to stay with us for the week-end and he gave my sister a pennant from Australia as it was her birthday. I was so jealous! LOL
Great idea with your Christmas tree stand turned into a candle holder for the coffee table, and the Firestone sign is great. Your colors are perfect especially for decorating for the Holidays.
Welcome to the site, and please do post more of what you've created.

Re: Repurposed glass decanter bottle tops turned into Christmas ornaments.

A beautiful and elegant tree with all of these bottle stoppers. I have used a few of them on my tree in the past when I did more of an elegant/romantic theme with lots of other vintage items, but never had the colored ones or the assortment that you have to really make a statement. How great is this!

Re: Button Bouquet - 101

I love the goblet full of mother of pearl buttons! I have a a silver bowl filled about 1/2 full with varying mother of pearl buttons and they are so lovely I may use them as holiday display on a table. I need a bigger house for more display places!!!
Love the tutorial and the neutral button boquet you chose to display is right to my liking. I may make some of these up and attach to Holiday packages in a bottle as the embellishment.

Re: A Junky Holiday Coaster Ornament

Did you happen to notice if these coasters are marked sterling silver on them? I bought a set very similar this summer and they are sterling silver.
This is a great alternative use for the coasters. The sparkle with the glass, the star and the crystal addition just make it a perfect Holiday Season touch.
Have fun tomorrow with Lani. I wish I could join you, but my husband and I have plans to go the cabin for the day/night and than a family get together on Sunday. Maybe, I'll get to meet you one of these times yet, or Lani and I can make a trip up your way to visit.


Love the cool clock collectio you found while cleaning! Do you think if I go clean my work space I could come up with a fab collection like this? LOL Post what you do with the clocks for display.


Love the eiffel towers pictures added to this spice cabinet. A very special French mirror now.


These are great! A friend of mine did that in her home into an area that housed the 2 bedrooms and bath, so kind of into a hallway. That is the only other time I've seen this done. Hers were white. I am surprised you didn't paint them white, as I thought anything that was in your sight got white washed? Ha! These really pop in black and look great.
Thanks for sharing.
I've never seen a 2 door screen set either. Fun to see.

Re: Funky Desk

Too funny about the mannequin legs. My daughter would say you were nuts too, but then she's 14 and I'm finding most teenagers think their junking Mom's are nuts until they hit their mid 20's, then they become nuts like us. There is hope for your 5 daughters. Ha!
I too love your pool area and it looks so inviting. I can see why you always have friends over with a great area like that for them to hang out in.
You are a very gifted painter, so don't let anyone tell you different. You have a unique sense of style that is all your own, and that is awesome.
Welcome to the site, and I'm glad you found it. I just love it and enjoy so much all of the members, staff and projects everyone posts. It's the best here!

Re: Display Case Frame

What a great industrial project you have created here. The kids are darling too. Very clever how you've put this all together.
I could even see photos in black and white or sepia giving it another whole different look to it. Good job.
Thanks for yesterday! I enjoyed our short time out at lunch and the chance to get to know you a bit better. Tell Sue your a sweetheart, not a nut.

Re: Christmas wash tub

Very fun wash tub display. In the summer you can use it at a picnic/family gathering to cool your beverages on ice. Just put a rubber plug in the bottom and fill it with ice and you've got a beverage cooler. We went to a family picnic reunion and the hostess had a vintage wringer wash machine sitting in her yard under a tree filled with ice and all the water cooling on it. Very fun and resourceful!
Welcome to the site. I'm glad you found it, it is a blast!!!

Re: Funky Desk

Love the chocolate brown desk you painted to go with the cool room that daughter has. The bed is painted very neat too. You are one talented painter/artist.
Your pool is way cool too and the idea with the penny is great. Did the pennies get that verdigres green patina from being outside?

Re: black chair

Hey, I love Candy's suggestion of turning this chair into a bedside table with maybe some books stacked on it and an alarm clock. It is very cool and already black to boot.
Maybe it is a girl thing, a junker thing, or whatever, as I too have an afinity for single chairs. I have been forbidden to bring home another single chair, and picture frame into our house. I have a weakness for them, but not enough spots to display them.

Re: windows

lynda3 welcome to the site and great idea about the windows and the deck.
shamrockerin you find the best stuff, don't you? You're at the right place at the right time, or so it seems. I really like the photo display technique with the windows. I have the one that is in my cabin that is posted on this site and has scenery photos and photos of our daughter in Mexico. Since I made that several years ago, I have seen another member on this site do that with the vintage style photo stickers in the corners of the photos you want to apply to the windows and that makes for an easy application and change out. You might want to try that. I believe on the blog page there is a link for window projects and you could view them all at once and make a choice of projects by seeing a huge variety quite easily. That is a great new feature that was just recently added and is so helpful.
Good luck making your project decision.

Re: Refinished Furniture

Great recreations you've made here. Way to go. I love birds. Love the black coffee table you did. It would look great in my home. : )

Re: How to Wrap with Wallpaper

Thank you Sue. Maybe, I'll get down there tomorrow. I'm on Chauffer Patrol for 5 teenage girls tonight, so can't make the open house. I really appreciate the info. though, as this is something I've been searching for several months and still haven't found it.
Missed you today, but had a nice/quickie lunch with Kimberly. I had to get back in town as I thought I was having 5 extra girls here after school, but they're coming a bit later than originally planned.
Hope all is well with you.
Gotta get you to that new junk shop I told you about and soon. You'd love it.

Re: Fargo Road Trip!

Looks like a fun store Lani. I will have to go on a road trip with you sometime, so that I can see. I have a neice and nephew up there, so maybe can have lunch with one of them while I'm in town.

Re: Inexpensive & Simple Junk Tree Ideas

Congrats Candy on your contributor status. You do make good junk projects, and you'll be invaluable to the site. Thanks for all of the great things you've posted and I'm looking forward to all you have to share in the future.
You're well deserving of your contributorship.

Re: Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire . . .

Ok Lani. Now I feel stupid! I have seen this mantle 4 years in a row and I thought the saying was carved into the mantle. You fooled me!

Re: How to Wrap with Wallpaper

Hi Sue - I love what you've done here. I've been searching high and low for some cool vintage wallpaper for wrapping presents with, but to no avail. I would never of thought the presents could look this fabulous though. Now I will have to search even harder. I was at GW yesterday and all they had was cheesy 1980's stuff. Nothing great like this.
Love the oranment tops as bows too. I've not seen anything like that before. My hubby had a hat made out of crochet and a Squirt can growing up, that their Great Aunties made for them though. Ha! Your ornaments are somehow much cooler than what his hat was. : )
I to am wrapping my gifts according to color codes and love the whole idea of that. Problem is, I'm not finding my wall papers to wrap them in.

Re: Coffee Table Holiday Bling

Thanks Ann. That kitten (she's really a 2 year old cat), sure was thinking about it, but when my husband says "No", she listens. She's left everything alone except for some snow covered faux branches that are in a tool box on display and a sign that says "Merry Christmas". She just has to mess with that.

Re: Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire . . .

Love, love, love this Lani. Even if I was the photographer, you were the creator of such a beautiful display. Lovely!

And who I wonder was the Master Craftsman that created this lovely mantle. Everyone, notice the incredible carving some one did to create this one-of-a-kind piece. It's gorgeous!

Re: Christmas 2008

Love the tree in the great goat cart. Very original and fun!
Unexpected actually.
I bet you were thrilled when you won that large snowman!

Re: Outside Decorating

Very cute front yard Holiday scene you've created. The bench you made out of reclaimed wood and birdhouse are great. Love the ribbon on the squirrel.

Re: Designer Road Kill workshop

Wow, you've really got this place set up handy with 3 tables to work at. Very fun for you. Thanks for sharing your workshop with us. I'd love to have a place like this to work.

Re: Type Tray Coffee Table

This is a great design your Mom came up with. Nice of you to share with us and what wonderful storage it provides.

Re: vintage child's dishes

I just love old childrens dishes too. I have way too many and now that my daughter is 14, I need to figure out what I'll save for when she has kids and I'm a Grandma (hopefully 10 or more years from now!) and what I need to sell.

Re: A Silver and Black Christmas...so far

Love the black and white Georgia. I decorate a little bit at a time too, otherwise it is just too overwhelming and much more enjoyable to do it slowly when you're in the Spirit of things.
Happy Birthday! Have a great time at the show up north. Try coming to Minnesota in the Winter, it's 20 degrees here. You'd love it! Naught!

Re: I Love the Details of Vintage Cast offs & New

You guys are too nice. Thanks for all nice comments you made. I've just really been opening my eyes up to the detailing that is in our everyday lives and how it can really make a difference in our decorating styles. I do have to be careful, as I can tend to add too much and end up with a cluttered look, but I'm working on trying to do better much to the encouragement of my husband and daughter. They like things spare, I like things cozy and detailed.
It just amazes me all the special details in the vintage finds we all tend to love.

Re: Inexpensive & Simple Junk Tree Ideas

Candy the junk idea trees are great. I really love the bingo cards punched out and hope to do that yet this year, as I loved the other idea you posted earlier with the smaller size punched out.
The feather duster would look fabulous on my tree as well, as it is the perfect color. : ) You are lucky to have found it.
Very cool post. Thanks for sharing!

Re: My little red wagon - repurposed and happy to hold some fun goodies.

Wow! This is great for this time of the year, vey cool. I have a very rusty wagon out back and now my wheels are turning. I think my husband would die if I brought it in the house though.
Your display is very playful and so fun. Thanks for sharing.

Re: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas part 3

Ok, so 3 of us love the scale now. What is it about scales that makes them so popular? So great in your bathroom display with the candle and silver bulbs. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Christmas Decor Ideas

Thanks everyone for the nice comments. The clock is a metal reproduction clock that I fell in love with about 4 years ago and bought at an occassional sale in Minnesota. It doesn't have any names or marks on it for identifying.

Re: How to Harvest Bed Springs

Kari- be sure to get the mask on too, as you don't want to be breathing in the dust and junk that is in these old mattresses. It is kind of gross. Some people would of probably tried to harvest the ticking material too, but I just couldn't do it. I didn't want that drug through my house to the wash machine. Yikes!

Lani - I didn't make the project, it was an example only. I wish I could take credit for that, but someone else created it.

Thanks Lani, Janis and Kari for your nice comments. I even have my Grandma's vintage iron bed, and have brought it out to the cabin now to use out there. I am a true sentimental person.

Re: Put a Little Spring in Your Christmas . . .

Hey Lani- I'm glad you posted this showing it for the holidays as it looks great. You know there are so many new people on this site now and most of them never even saw all of the great posts that were posted early on, so it is a good idea with a project like this to show it again.
Love it!

Re: Our Day-after-Thanksgiving show!

Glad you guys did so well. It is always so much more fun when your adding $$$ to your cash stash. Love the aluminum letters. The chalkboard frames and grandma earring magnets are staples at the MN occassional sales and continue to sell year after year. Everyone needs a chalkboard or magnet board as well as the magnets to attach stuff with, so I think it is just one of those things that will always be hot. There are new people getting educated about the whole occasional sale deal all the time and this is so useful.
Cute potty chair/plant holder too. So shabby pink.

Love, love the letters on the floor. There should of been an Abercrombie & Fitch person at your sale for the A & F letters. Ha! Can you tell I have a teenager in the house?

Re: vintage linens

You are fortunate to have a lot of great family items in your stash for using and displaying with. It makes it all the more special.

Re: Sweet Salt Shaker Holder

I too am drawn to vintage salt shakers. Especially sparkly crystal ones like yours. The deer picks are so cool. Where did you find those? Love the rayon seam binding laying in the vingette too. I am always on the look out for that in my shopping trips. It is such a great item to find.

Re: Recycled Junk Christmas Tree Decorated

Lani-Deb-Kari - Thanks for the nice comments. I am really thrilled with how this turned out since it really was a different adaption than Lani's tree she built. She had nice full branches through out her tree that she bought as well as the great porch post she used as a base for the tree. My tree is nice and skinny and takes very little room in our space we usually put our tree. It was much simpler to decorate too, as it doesn't have lights and with the white branches it is easy to see/decorate areas that need it.
Deb the rusty color was in my scheme all along, but I hadn't noticed until you commented how well it actually ties in with the rusty stand. Quite a contrast otherwise with the white and rusty color.
Kari - you are too funny. I am a Lani fan, and wouldn't even consider myself close to her class. She's just got that special gift that is a rarity. An excellent eye for design.

Re: old antique heat grate i picked up this weekend

Check out the price of these guys on ebay. I just did last week and was amazed. I bet you found this cheap too. Besides it being an awesome pc. of metal, it probably was a steal. Lani uses these quite creatively in her home as is.
Sue has shown in one of her books using the bottom of it to oraganize paper in the office, and has made a ladder bookshelf out of a number of grates using the flat part. There is any number of things one can do, and it will be fun to see what you come up. It is actually quite intriguing and fun to see your posts, so keep showing them.
This find is great/grate. : )

Re: Here are a couple things i got the other day....

Very cool finds you have there. Wow, 1897 is 110 years approx. Awesome.

Re: Recycled Junk Christmas Tree Decorated

Thanks you guys for the nice comments. I have been anxious to get it up and decorated after going on that holiday home tour, it has about killed me to have to wait. The nasty wall that needed painting was the hold up, but worth the wait.
Can you believe I haven't even taken my ornaments out yet, these were all ones I picked up this year for this theme tree. I'm bad with Christmas oranaments. I have a stash of hundreds of vintage, and than I go make and buy all of this. Good thing a bunch were from the Thrift store, Walmart, Lowe's, Menards and Target. Who would think you would find such fun stuff at these places.
Now, Candy keep your eyes open for a cast off white faux tree, so that you can make one too.

Re: Tutorial - Making a Recycled Junk Christmas Tree with a Twist

Absolutely it is necessary to get that wall painted first. Ha! Ha! I've been dying to try this tree out, but didn't want to go through all the work of putting it together and than having to try to move it, once the wall was painted. The wall was periwinkle with white patches on it, so it was necessary to paint first. : )
Thanks by the way. I'm glad it turned out as good as it did. Would be better if the tree one finds is all of the branch style ones. Lani has just gone and bought a tree at Walmart and than dismantled it, but at $40 for the tree, plus the investment of a porch post, I tried to go a cheaper route.

Re: Have You Got The Time?

I think the wood Bill Ding clock is very fun! I am inspired to make a clock now. I have the components, just need to find them in my messy studio and come up with a plan.

Re: Galvanized Bins Wall Unit

Your welcome Jenny.
I painted a much needed wall in my livingroom. It is an accent wall that has waited way too long to get painted, so I am thrilled with the results and getting it done.
Than with the wall finished I could assemble a new tree I made out of a junk tree (newly posted). After that I was able to start decorating it. I feel like I accomplished quite a bit too.
Also shopped on Black Friday at 4:45 a.m. and made it out alive! Whew!

Re: cherish the journey

I am serious. You are incredibly talented with how you put things together. You cease to amaze me. You are a true artist there is no question about that. So original!

Re: cherish the journey

What a clever and fun use of cast offs that you have now created a work of art out of. I'm amazed at your ability!
Love this.

Re: Galvanized Bins Wall Unit

What a fun and playful junk display you've created. It is a piece of art now and so colorful. Great idea you came up with. I remember when you found them, that this is what you had thought to do. You complete projects in lightning speed.

Re: I've got my pile ,now I'm ready for a sunny day ,this is a cedar lined armoire in the raw.

I'm sure you're finished results will be fabulous and for free, what a great find.

Re: "All for $5.00? Really? O.K.!!"

Gorgeous vintage ornaments. Love all of it and for $5.00 what a deal of the century. How fortunate you are. Looks like you're having fun decorating your house too. Enjoy the season.

Re: more finds from Damon's house of junk...found a 5 gallon bucket of water valves handles

Wow! You are incredibly fortunate with your finds at the junk yard. Way to go.


Either would be awesome, but a table might be spectacular.
Love this!!! Great find!

Re: How to Dye Bottle Brush Trees

What I like about dying vs. spray painting is the tree branches maintain the airiness that the bottle brush originally has, and doesn't get all sprayed together.
Also, there is no more spray painting in Minnesota in this weather unless you have a special place to do that, and we absolutely do not spray paint in our garage with our cars/motorcycles in there, or the house. No room, so I have to improvise and do the more tedius dying of the trees this late in the season.
I'm not at all for easiest, but it would be nice to try that once. : ) I usually do things the hardest way one can do them, but not on purpose. As a perfectionist, I think to long and don't accomplish nearly as much as someone that just does it. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to retrain my personality totally yet.

Re: How to Dye Bottle Brush Trees

Oops, sorry for the typo in your name Shamrockerin.

Thanks Sue for posting this. It is fun to be a non-traditionalist as than you can decorate with the colors/stylin' of ones home.

Re: How to Dye Bottle Brush Trees

Yes, sharockerin they are. I didn't use that kind, because they all had a frosting of snow on them, and I couldn't figure out if they were it. I used some I bought elsewhere, but yesterday at Michaels I bought them to make more out of. They come 21 to a package and are sold in the village area. Yesterday they were on sale from $14.99 and 50% off, than they had an additional 25% off for Black Friday. I must of ended up paying $5.60 for the 21 trees. A pretty good deal.
My friend, Janis from Canada has also made these with the directions I had sent her via email and hers were dyed I believe pink. Hopefully, she'll post hers too, so members can see the different options one can come up with.


The above is the site that has a step by step tutorial on making these for Halloween.

You can add your own junk than to these trees after they dry, as I plan to add some vintage glass garland beads from a broken gardland to add some color and bling.

Re: great old antique iron scroll work cabinet thingy.

Wow Damon, this is a beautiful find. It will be fun to see what you create with it.
You find the best junk at your scrap yard hunting place!

Re: Make-Up Collage Table

Very thrifty and a fun idea for your daughter. I'm sure she'll love it. Thanks for sharing your detailed techniques with us on how you did this.

Re: More old windows

Thanks for sharing! My favorite are the windows with the filigree airy crosses attached to them. I've not seen anybody do that before. I also like the fluer de lis' too.
Good luck with selling them, I hope you do well at your craft show.

Re: some old vintage aluminum rental boxes i found at the yard.

Love these! They are great.

Re: calling all ladies... here is a sheet metal high heel shoe i made from scrap sheet metal.

What a piece of art you've created. Incredible!

Re: found some aluminum neon sign letters at the scrap yard

These are incredible! Way to go. I just love letters.

Re: "functional junke"

First of all a big "welcome" to the site. Great artistic ability with these two project posts. The cross looks very cool, but it is hard to see the detailing. Is it mostly made of varying pcs. of junk? Looks like bottle caps, horse shoe,etc., and is quite a strinking work of art.
Love the boot purse. I have never seen this before, but as one that wears boots and loves them, this is quite the cool design you've created. Wow! Love the extra details of the removable handles that turns into a necklace and the awesome fringe detailing along the bottom. Really do love this.
Thanks so much for sharing your talent on the Junk site.

Re: Christmas Bling & More Great Ideas

I'm glad you all enjoyed seeing Julie's creations that I shared in this post. She is truly a talented decorator and I just love when she has sales in her home and gets rid of her things so that she can buy all new. I prefer someone else's cast offs anyday.

I too am looking for white skates after posting this post. Funny, that I've had these photos for a year and not until I started posting them did I remember the awesome silver skate display. Love it in silver.

Re: From poor ,pitiful pony to pretty painted pony!

Very romantic and pretty looking horse you've recreated.

Re: my new little Christmas tree

Very cute tree. Love the pink. I use several small silver trees through out my house in various rooms and it gives the opportunity to decorate more areas. Very pretty.

Re: antique mason jar and bottle collection

I too love vintage bottles and jars. I have a whole stash I use for art projects and display quite a few at our cabin.
Welcome to the site and the world of junkers. You are a bonified junker girl.
By the way, are you aware that if you find a members post that you really like that if you click on their member name it will open up to a page that has a list of all of the project posts they're ever posted? This is a great tool to use and you may like to know about it if you hadn't already discovered it.

Re: joan doll

How very sweet and to have your Grandma's doll baby that is just precious. What a great guest room you must have.

Re: salvaged wooden post

THis is another great find. I too love posts. You just need a way to set it upright and it could be a lot of things. Go to Lani's posts and she has a Christmas tree project that gives some ideas for making a post stand upright. There might even be a photo of her trees in Sue's latest post of Lani's open house that shows how she built a bottom for her post.
You are a lucky girl finiding all of these great treasures for free. It is truly amazing.

Re: salvaged architecture pieces

I'd say his loss was your gain. Take them because they are too rough. Is he crazy???? These would be anywhere from $15-50 each at most places selling this type of thing. Here is an example of how I display my 1 precious corbel I have been able to purchase for around $20 or $25. Yes, that is what they sell for.


This doesn't put a whole in any of your rental property either, and can easily be taken with you when you move on.
You have a great find here.

Re: small bookshelf

You may win the "Thriftiest Junker" award if there were one. It is truly amazing all of the finds you've found for free. Can't get any better than that.

Re: Singer Sewing Machine

This is a very cool sewing machine. And for free is even better. I suppose someone got tired of lugging the weight around or a cabinet was bought and the person buying it didn't want the weight of the sewing machine and threw it out. Lucky you! It is a great piece for display.

Re: A Time To Say Thanks...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my new dear friends at the Junk Market site. I too am truly thankful for each one of you and have so enjoyed this site, Sue. I big thank-you to you for establishing us all together and putting so much work into bringing us all together.
Everyone have a great Thanksgiving. I have much to be thankful for.

Re: Vintage School Map Graphic

Cool project! Now if this map doesn't transport me back to 4th grade, I don't know what would. This would be awesome in a family room or study. Very fun idea.

Re: Thanksgiving Centerpiece

What a great centerpiece design you've created! Thanks for sharing it is beautiful.
Enjoyed seeing the artichoke candle holders using the bed springs. I just harvested 41 of them from my Grandma's last bed she had. I just couldn't throw it away, so we cut it apart instead. Now, what to do with bed springs. Do you have more clever ideas?

Re: Wheeling and Dealing Treasures!

DII - Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You were so kind to share your secrets.

Re: Trellis trellis everywhere

Love the square window with the round inset in it. It would also make the coolest end table. Thanks for sharing your photos. Sounds like you're having a blast.

Re: Extra Chair

Do you always get things for free? Lucky person. My husband tells me no more chairs in the house. I just love chairs.

Re: Candle Stick Holder

Lucky you! Love it and its elegance. One mans junk is anothers treasure, and you surely found a treasure.
Welcome to the site.

Re: Holiday Home Tour

Great write up Sue. I had the honor and blast of being part of this wonderful day Sue is writing about. It was soooo very well done in the store, homes and the creativity was incredible. I had a blast with Sue, and for those of you that are/were like me and sooo look up to Sue, she is honestly just a down home awesome person. Makes you feel like you're one of her long lost friends. Very warm! Thanks Sue.
Lori does an increible job of merchandising this store every year, but this year it was over the top with great stuff and ideas. Of course an added bonus of the tour was the ability to come back to the store after seeing the wonderful inspiration and purchasing Christmas items at a 20% discount. That is an awesome perk.
Thank you Lori for once again hosting this fabulous hi-lite of my holidays home tour through "Round Barn Potting Co" in Andover, MN.
And Kimberly, we surely did miss you, but I'm sure you're having a grand time in AZ in the sunshine. : )

Re: A "Crowning" Achievement

Hey Janis- These turned out great! I didn't realize you were repurposing while making your crowns too! You're one step ahead of me. I went to the local hardware store and bought new gutter screen for mine I'm making. Naughty me! I guess you can also use old metal screen from windows/doors to make these as well.
They are really pretty, and so very cool like everything you do.
You've become my special junking friend too!
Did you get your package from me yet?

Re: Instant outdoor (or indoor) table

Ahh, come one, you were too rubbin it in for us poor Minnesotans that are wearing winter coats and boots already. : ) Just kidding! I too noticed the background and the sandals and I was thinking, boy could I go for some weather like that. I have a zillion things I need to spray paint, and no place to do it with the cold weather now, until Spring. : (
Your table you made is great and so useful too. THanks for sharing.

Re: Bench

This is a very beautiful bench. Well done!
Welcome to the site and thanks for posting your great project. I have a bench I bought that was made from a Jenny Lind bed (turned spools in back) on my porch and yours looks much more comfortable than mine.

Re: Wheeling and Dealing Treasures!

I haven't had the chance to welcome you to the site yet, so "welcome", and we're glad you're here.
Your post is great! I just love the typewriter display and you've captured another great idea with the "Count Your Blessings". Thanks for sharing! Could you share where you got the font you used? I love it!

Re: Memory garden

My dear friend, Carolyn, your daddy would be so happy and proud of your memory garden Tom and you created in memory of him.
What also is cool is that so many of your plants are recycled as well and were gifts from your sisters gardens, my garden and other friends of yours.
It looks just beautiful!
And by the way, welcome to the posting part of the site and for becoming a member and not only an observer. You are a great contribution to the site.

Re: THANK YOU & my latest salvage yard bonanza!

Congrats Jenny on the contributor status. You've got a very creative mind and I've enjoyed following along with each one of your great posts.
It is fun for us to have you share a post such as this showing some of your raw finds. Can't wait to see what you create with all of this. Great stuff!


Re: Wheeling & Dealing With My Friends...The Big Day!

Funny & cute how you set up the back of the vehicle to show off and display your treasures you all found. Now really, only us women would think of that. : )
Sounds like a grand time was had, and we'll anxiously await the wheel projects results.

Re: Twinkle, Twinkle BIG Star

I've not seen this done before, but it doesn't mean it hasn't. However, it is a great little project and a cool recycle use of yard sticks. Fun to make such a statement with the large size too. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Hardware angel ornaments

Junk angels. I've never thought of such a thing. Very creative idea junkermidge.

Re: Gear Decor

I'm glad you posted, I couldn't remember the name of your shop. Sorry! I just love my gear I bought from you, and thanks about the wall color. It is our cabin and the former owner was a Harley fan, thus the color. It is being used with black/brown and other warm colors to tone it down. Such a great paint job, I couldn't hardly change it, but decided to learn to love it and it does add a lot of warmth.
Welcome to the site, I hadn't noticed your posting before.

Re: Card File Ottoman

By the way, welcome to the site. Keep posting as this truly is an awesome project.

Re: Card File Ottoman

Incredible redesign here! Love what you've done and very original. I have never seen this before and would welcome it in my house in a heartbeat. The compartments would be full in no time.
Thanks for sharing!

Re: Eclectic Organizing

Smart use of a lamp. It always amazes me the stuff people come up with others discarded lamps.

Re: Tag Maker Tote

What a great project, once again! Love this. It would so help me be more organized. I guess my studio must be like Geo's. You have to search high and low to gather everything in order to make something. Got to work on that problem!

Re: Trinkets for Trimming!

Man Sue I missed this post yesterday, as I must of been getting ready to go out for the night. Had I viewed it before today, I would of told you how fabulous the post was in person. Great time today by the way. Thanks!
So about this post. It is close to being one of my favorites you've done. I mentioned today that I like "smalls" and this is right up my alley. Just love what you've displayed here and like others mentioned, wow would this make a very cool "Junk" calender. I'd buy it in a heartbeat girl. Love this post!
Too bad both of my families quit gift exchanges. I'll have to use they for my friends as at least they'll appreciate the coolness this stuff represents. Thanks again for the inspiration!!!

Re: Home Tour Preview

Lani- These trees look cool together. It will be so much fun to see them in person tomorrow. I am at this time, thinking the only advantage to living in this cold MN weather is that we get the chance to see your fab home tour. Yeayyy! Can't wait.
You are such a wonder girl.

Re: Just wanted to give you a lil' peek in my junk sheds !

Awesome shed you have for yourself and a great little work area indeed. Very organized. Thanks for sharing with us.

Re: Tag... You're It!

Love your treasures you are making use of for this holiday season. The letters, cameos, vintage b x w photos, and of course the clothing tags are fab. I have a stash of clothing tags from my dh and daughters clothes that are put aside for "altered art heaven". They make the best tag back grounds. Can't wait to see what you do with all of these great finds.

Re: Christmas Ornaments

I saw this in the altered book you mention. I have a ton of cool spoons and crystals in my stash and thought this was kind of fun. Fun that you turned them into ornaments.
Not sure if you're using a flash on your camera or not, but if you can move items to natural light and than turn off flash, often you won't get that glare on your photos. Just a thought for in the future to try.

Re: Primitive Bench

A great redesign you've done here with this $1.00 purchase. Amazing what you all find for a $1.00. Where are these deals for me?

Re: Mirrors, Mirrors on the wall. Which is the fairest of them all?

Love the metal wheel you made into a mirror. Very cool pc and so original. Amazing buy at $1.00. Also the white pc. for $1.00 is incredible. Great redesigns and finds.

Re: A variety of tables

Great post with many fun table ideas you've shared. Thanks! I love the diamond window you found in the trash. Some of the best junk has been found for free.

Re: "Junk Friend"

Hey Janis - Where is your crown on your cute little cherub? Cute. Love the Paris postcard behind her too.

Re: File cabinet / coffee table

What a great functional project. It is cool with the base he designed and welded for it.

Re: FLEA BAG!!!!!!

Love it. I want one too.

Re: A Collectible Christmas

Love it all. The bingo card punched out, the white pottery, the silver balls, the neutrals. Love, love, love it. I adore the vitage aqua ornament in your last photo. I am using white/silver/clear and aquas this year on a white tree I'm making sort of in mind with how Lani made hers. Only I'm using a vintage thick drapery pool for my base. Have to paint a wall before I can put the tree up, otherwise it would be up and going already too.

Re: Shimmer Me Timbers

Sue- this is a great project. Fun to read your post too. You are quite the "comedian". You found a way to get around the lack of electricity over the tub, when you created this. Enjoy!

Re: Wheeling & Dealing with my Friends!

Love your wheel! What a great tribute to a fun day of "wheeling and dealing". Wish I was one of the 3 lucky friends. Have fun and post your finds/projects.

Re: Stack O' Drawers / Stack of Signs

Wow, that's a lot of signs. Nice job on the painting and lettering.

Re: Christmas Dining Room

Nice and warm looking. Love the white tree against the color on the wall. The huge candle holder is very cool. Does it happen to be part of an old lamp? Just curious.

Re: Ornament Wheel


Re: JM Christmas Tree!

What a fun and funky junk tree you've created. I'm using white this year too.

Re: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

I think I've just been inspired to make a moss ball like you have displayed in the photo. The walk I emailed you about that Jon and I went on, had an area with a whole bunch of moss by the parking area. Have you ever made one of these moss creations? If so, what did you do to create it.

Re: Auction Bargain!

Welcome to the site. Your member name is very fun!
What a great little bench you came away with. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Bird house from junk ,I think this one has a old glass insulator from a telephone line on top.

Love the "Green mall" reference. Too funny! This is an awesome bird house you've creatd and indeed it does look like a vintage telephone pole insulator. How fun!

Re: Shopping for ideas ~ croquet, anyone?

Welcome to the funnest online site of people around!!! You will have a ball here. Go back into the old projects and start from the 1st page and you'll will find tons of inspiration, unless you've already done that.
Great projects you've greated. The croquet project brings back fond memories of playing croquet growing up. Cool shopping cart, too.


Great pcs. you've accumulated. The whitewashing makes them look so good.

Re: Don't throw out those old cribs!

What an awesome idea to recreate a special memento into something that can be displayed all of the time. I bet he is thrilled.

Re: An Elegant Junky Holiday

Great ideas Amy. Thanks for sharing them.
Sue - thank you for operating a fabulous site such as this. It truly has been a positive experience for me, and has used up dozens of my hours surfing the "junkmarketstyle" site. : ) Glad to have you back in Minnesota again. Will you make it to Lani's on Saturday for her open house? Maybe see you then, as I'm scheduled to go from 1-2.

Re: Sweater Stocking

Great idea.
Thanks for posting. Welcome to the site.
I hope your neice appreciates her great stocking you made her.


You've created some great things with using other peoples cast offs. Great job!

Re: Architecture in the House!

Great post of some of the creative things you've done in your beautiful new home. I am one of the lucky ones that have viewed your awesome home in real life and I can say that it is even more beautiful in person than it is in photos. You are very, very talented my friend.
For all of you Minnesota Junkers, you should really try to fit Lani and Lori's open houses into your venue for next Saturday. It is so worth the time and small amount of $$ that is charged, plus you get a discount afterwards at the "Round Barn Potting Co.". There is so much more to see of Lani's house. Great ideas!
Thanks for sharing Lani-


How fun to have a seperate studio for yourself such as this. The gardens surrounding are beautiful. The little dutch door is cute as well.


Very creative reuses you've thought up here. The buffet mirror is awesome. You go girl.


I like the finish you created. Also, it looks like you extended the bench farther out than the side rails, which is a smart thing to do. I have one that is from a spool style bed and the spools hit you in the back making it uncomfortable as well as the bench was made with too little depth. Your bench seems to have solved both of those problems. Nice redesign. I remember your post on these, they were dark stain, right? And there were 2 of them if I remember right.

Re: Sewing Table Deconstructed

This turned out great. Which method did you end up using to cut out the tile and still be able to retain the tin to turn into a frame?

Re: bus scrolls, vintage hand-made toy race track and big old industrial wheels!

Wow you did great! Love the vintage rusty wheels. The bus scrolls are great too.

Re: A "renewed" chalkboard

Way cool. Looking forward to seeing your next shows photos. You ladies always have creative reuses and ideas.

Re: "8"

Too cool!

Re: the camera

Amazing! I love your pieces of artwork. Now I can understand what Georgia has been talking about. Thanks for honoring us with sharing your art.

Re: "give"

Fabulous art. Very talented!

Re: The Soul of the Airplane

This is awesome art you've created. So neat you know where it is going and that it will be appreciated. Love it.

Re: Something other than angels!

I adore your white headboard mirror. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Latest Projects

Thanks for sharing your projects. I have 2 vintage sewing machines in my laundry room. One was my Moms when she was a young girl (very cool black one) and one was my sister and mine (ivory and red colored). I'm thinking my black one that was my Mom's needs to come out of hiding and receive a more prominent place of display.
Love the gear. It almost looks as though it was from a vintage sewing machine or a farm tool, as it looks like it has a wood knobbed handle on it. Does it?

Re: Some of my dumpster /junk makeovers,I can't beleive what people throw away !!!

Great stuff. I'm glad you showed it to the site members. I especially like the birdhouse.

Re: "Dumpster Diving Diva Window"

How great is this!!! Thanks for sharing, as it truly is an amazing story if you stop and think about how much of a throw away world we've become. You are doing the world a service by educating them along the way. You never know, you may be turning new people onto junking.

Re: Over run with windows!


Lani's personal website:

Lanette has a blog and also has more photos on it, but the French door one is towards the beginning of her blog from last Spring.

I hope this is helpful.

Re: Over run with windows!

Welcome to the site! I'm so happy you found it. I too love this site and am addicted to it. Just a hint to help you enjoy it more - if you find a member post that you really like and seems to be of your interest/style if you click on their posting name they use it will bring you to all of their posted projects they've ever posted. This is a great tool, but a lot of people aren't aware of it.
The first thing I thought of when I saw your post question was to turn them into a room divider by attaching hinges to them. Another idea is to use them as a photo display. Check out Lani's post of her project where she did this for her home and used hers to display her sons graduation photos for his high school open house. The rest of the year she has hers in a corner behind a comfy chair, and it is just an awesome addition. I love your window you found and can understand why you don't want to part with them.
I will post the url for Lani's post in a new comment, as I need to find it on this site.

Re: Junking on a TUESDAY???

Georgia you did great! A couple of ideas for your junk haul. I think the tri-leg stands too are vintage flag stands. I love them. You could use those to hold Christmas trees. I have a vintage aluminum tree that didn't have a stand and found a tri-stand different than yours but about the same diameter of hole and it worked great for any type of pool faux Christmas tree to stand in.
Also, the large light fixture would be awesome with a bunch of rusty junk hanging off of it. There were 2 or 3 of them at the Junk Bonanza and the owner of the shop Lani sells at has one shown on her website. You can check it out at this url:

It is shown under her September 19th blog if this link doesn't work. Thought you might enjoy this idea. There was also a Western themed Junk one at the Bonanza.
Love all your new treasures!

Re: Not-too-shabby "cashier" table

What a great redesign you created her. I love the idea of a small quaint portable cashier table. The details of the cutlery drawer for your $$$$$$$$$$$$$,the shutter shelf, hook for the bags and everything you added makes it so great and one-of-a-kind.
Thanks for sharing!
Janis has me back on my way to relook at your room redesign you did. I loved it when you posted it, but need to refresh my mind. I have 2 days off, so time to get some things done.

Re: Found on the Curb!

Incredible mosaic work. Great save and absolute beautiful refurbish. Good job!

Re: Chaise Lounges from my childhood!

Welcome to the site and a great save you have made here. What great memories these loungers will provide over the years. I had the visual memories going in my head while reading your post. : )
I vote for painting and preserving them vs. leaving them as is. Paint the jolt of color that you love and enjoy them.

Re: Help!!! Ideas Needed

Thanks everyone for great suggstions. I like the idea of packages wrapped up and laying in it. It is kind of open on the ends, so ornaments, or round items would roll out. It will probably find a place on my coffee table. My husband will think I'm nuts when he sees it. Come visit me in the mental institution. : )

Re: big ol box of brass watch gears..i guess gears like me.

Very cool. I love gears too!

Re: Stool Idea

I'll try to find out Janis. She also had another awesome paper too, and I think I might know the store. I'll see if I can find it and let you know. I can mail some too you. We should share our addresses on our email swapping we do.

Re: Help!!! Ideas Needed

Kathy - the porch is a thought, however, it is the one area that is pretty shabby chic with whites other than my computer area, so the black would be probably too jolting out there. I also don't have a coffee table out there or anything big enough to hold it and with the MN weather about to hit us, I'd be concerned with the rust factor attacking this pc. It currently is in great shape other than this gunk someone added to glue something in years ago. The gal told me it was her Grandparents and they found it in the garage. It was very dirty, but otherwise in good condition when I bought it.

Re: Vintage Typewriter Gets a New Home

Janis - Glad you like it!
Like I mentioned this is concrete block basement walls painted. First they were primed white and than painted with the green. The color is kind of a soft apple green like Granny Smith applies. I don't have any more paint, so don't know the color. I think it was from Sears, a we were painting the exterior of our house and I might of bought it then. Just find a nice green you like and have it color matched. I'm not usually this bold with color, but it was my husband and daughters idea and since it was an unfinished area in our basement (block walls) I didn't figure too much damage could be done. Our cabin has a lot of color too, but that was there when we bought it. I would never be brave enough to paint walls the color that is in our cabin. Ha! : )

Re: It's a Spinner

This is truly a one-of-a-kind awesome design you came up with. Very beautiful in an industrial kind of way. I too would love to see your house. I've seen lots of snippets in publications, but I'm sure it is far more lovely in the real time.

Re: Help!!! Ideas Needed

You guys have my mind buzzing. I do have 1 great place I could display this monster on. Either up or down on my coffee tables. I'd have to clear them of most everything else though for it to fit. It's probably about 2 feet x 1 1/2 feet big.
Lani- I think the top is pretty permanent, but I'll have to look again closer. Maybe, I have to remove that whole ball section under the top tray shown on the left in these photos. The tray is scooped up on 2 sides, but pretty flat like for a baby laying it on the ends.
You guys gave some great suggestions. The black does go with both of these rooms I mentioned above too, so that's a plus.

Re: Vintage Typewriter Gets a New Home

Thanks Lani. Not sure what I did to the photo, as it was taken at the Peoria, Illinois waterfront in October and was in color. I was having a hard time figuring out the sepia/b x w deal and got impatient and just started messing around with saturation/etc. and this is what I came up with.
The typewriter was from "The Round Barn", when it was still that name. Don't you just love it? It is more petitie like a portable style vintage typewriter than most of the typewriters I've bought in the past.

Re: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

I knew as soon as I saw the photo up online that this was your post. You've got incredible style. Great job once again.
I don't know how you get away with it, with 4 men in the house and you being the only gal? You must rule!!! : )

Re: Flowers and Silver

What a great arrangement you created for your company. Love the vintage ornament as well. Silver and crystals are always a winner in my eyes. Lovely transformation once again.

Re: Welcome to my house!

Welcome to the Junk Market site. What a great 1st post you've chosen to share. I too would smile each time I came home to look at your displayed treasures. Very fun! Thanks for taking the time to post and share your corner of the world.

Re: All is calm, all is bright...

Great display! I love the white chair, 4 white wheels and the great potted tree in the 2nd photo. The cake stand is a keeper too. You should really do well during the Holidays with the quality of your items. Wish I lived closer.

Re: Terrarium

Georgia I think what looks like eyeballs is really two mushroom birds that are a pair. Am I right, vecernice?
This is an awesome little terrarium now, and must of meant to be just such. Glad you found it.

Re: Love My Chair

What a fun chair you bought. My grandma and grandpa used to have a chocolate brown horse hair sofa and chair set at their summer farm house and this is what the style of the chair was. The barrel shape looks like it would make a nice warm cocoon for us Minnesota Winter gals to curl up in with a glass of wine and a good book.
Your ideas of reupholstering sound great. The outlet Sue mentioned in Minnesota is 3 miles from my house, and is a great place to buy at. Their fabrics are always 50% off the marked price, so you might want to check on an outlet like Sue suggested in your home state.
Have fun with buying the materials and be sure to post a finished product when you get it back.

Re: Old Door Shelf

Welcome to the site! I hope you continue to be a part of the Junk Market family, as this first project you posted was great. Love the scale and snowman you've chosen to display with the cool shelf. I too love the hinges left on. Very fun!

Re: Holiday Home Tour

Everyone, this is one of the most awesome put together homes I have ever seen. My best friend, Carolyn and I have been attending this home tour for 4 years, 3 of which Lani has been a generous participant in. She does an over the top fabulous job with her home and is so gracious and humble about it. She truly is a gifted women.
I have probably 100 photos of her home, from her tours, as she has so many great ideas all of the time, that I photograph them and refer back to them during the following year.
If you are in Minnesota, make the effort to make this open house. It is awesome. The other home on the tour is also filled with great ideas, and well worth the time. Great gals with great stuff!!!
Gretchen in Minnesota

Re: O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree . . .

Love, love, love this Lani! Thanks for the info. and yes I plan to come to your open house. I wouldn't want to miss it for the life of me. It is my new "hilite" of the Holiday Season. : ) : )
Nice chatting via the phone tonight. Thanks for the added info. you shared. I think I need to make this project for this year. More and more I'm inspired!!! I found so many great things to go on it, as I have this in mind now when buying items for it. Second Hand Roses was fun and the Saturday Market was outstanding!

Re: I've Pulled Another Wheelie

Great project idea for the wheel. You have been creating girl! Very fun and innovative. I have a wheel I plan to do something special with for the Holidays, but this is another great idea as well.

Re: Home for the Holidays with Sue

I picked this magazine up about 3 weeks ago, quite by accident at Borders Book Store. Started leafing through it, saw that Sue was featured in it and then it was a done deal that I had to buy it. Told Lani about it, and she made sure she found it too. What a great article and always fun to see what is featured when Sue is a part of it.
Great job! Looking forward to fun stuff for the holidays!

Re: Vintage typewriter turned photo display

Hey Candy- My typewriters look like the ones Sue showed in her photo from down in Kansas. Really Vintage. I did your project, and just need to pull out the typewriter now and set it up. Will take a photo and post when I'm done and give you the credit.

Re: Vintage typewriter turned photo display

I really love this idea. Since I am a jewelry designer I am a sucker for any vintage typewriters I find under $15.00. I usually harvest the keys, etc. for my designs, but I just so happen to have 2 really old typewriters that are still entact and may use one of them to try out your project. One is kind of dirty, and the other came in a cool vintage case. Will have to dig them out, size them up and see which one is asthetically cooler to keep. I just finished off an area at the bottom of my steps in our basement and have a black little table sitting there, waiting to be decorated. Now I have to decide on the typewriter project you created or a black/gold vintage scale I've been hiding in my laundry room. Ha! : )
Thanks for another great inspiring project. I think between you, Lani and Janis (fellowjunker), I could move into any of your homes and love everything about them. Fun to find fellow Junkers with the same style/passion of decorating.

Re: Great Find

A really neat pc you found this week and for a good price. I just love when I find great stuff like this and for a good price in Antique malls. You expect good prices at garage sales, but when its found at an Antique shop it just makes it a great deal.
You'll find a million of uses for it. Thanks for posting and a big welcome to the Junk Market Style site. You'll have a great time I'm sure. We've all been having a blast since this site was created. Thanks Sue and Kimberly.

Re: Finch Handmade Cage

Lucky little birds!!! The finch cage just flows so well with the rest of your decor. Great idea!

Re: Lighting Dilemma

If all of the glass things are mirror, you could using an etching medium to do some cool etching on their backs. Just thought of that when I took another look at the mirrors. I still think they would be awesome on a white Christmas tree.
Want to sell any mirror thingy's?

Re: Lighting Dilemma

Hey girl, you're welcome first of all. Glad you are here and posting. It was fun to go to your site. Now knowing that you like black and whites, I would paint the shiny gold with spray paint and use either of those choices your preference of course. Than some of the other gals have already suggested the Christmas ornaments hanging from the tiers, which would be cool.
Since you say you have 3 of these, the other suggestion of written words on the back of some of the glass prisms would be a smashing success as well. I've used a product that dries clear and you can attach anything you'd like to the flat part of the prism. The sky is the limit. I could see a very cool tissue or wrapping paper being glued to each of the prisms and hanging from the little holes too.
I just love the sparkley prisms and would use them on a Christmas tree too with of course something added to their flat sides.
You are going to have fun!!! I'm a bit envious of this find you've found. But I'll get over it. : )

Re: Our Family Photos

Glad you were able to make a great project from one that was posted on this site as an idea. It is so fun and amazing to see what this great group of Junkers each come up with for projects and than make it our own with our own photos/details and such for our homes. Great job!

Re: Traveling Spa

Love your spa project colors as well as items. What a great idea! Thanks for the tip about the smelling deal too, as I don't have a sense of smell, so it makes it difficult when shopping for junk finds and not knowing if things smell or not. Now I can just use your suggestions in the future.

Re: Mining for Junk? Absolutely!

Its dresser doors on their sides, Sue. Am I right?

Re: O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree . . .

Love your tree!!! Is this the one you use on your porch at your open houses? I just love your post.
I am sooooo sick of our green tree and am itching to do something different this year. You've inspired me!
Great directions too.

Re: Candelabrum

Looks great. My mil has one of these in her livingroom made from a vintage floor lamp.
You were fortunate to find these for free, much less to find so many.

Re: A Junkin Pumpkin

Your junkin' pumpkin is awesome. I will have to create some next year and accumulate some of the items in the upcoming year. I already have a start, but now have some great new ideas of what to look for. Thanks for sharing!
And congrats to your DIL for winning and getting a day off. How cool is that?

Re: This November 4th...

I'll be there! Great way to get out a message.

Re: Keeping it simple - Happy Halloween!

Love your display. I like the simple, but cool.

Re: Happy Hallowe'en Junkers

Janis - love the rusty skeleton key hanging off of the pumpkin. Very cute!

Re: Going Junkin'

Looks like you gals found a lot of great stuff to add to your store. There is a Minnesota floral shop that uses vintage pcs. for display in with their items for sale and it is the coolest shop ever. I hope you find this move a succesful one for your store, and can keep turning great finds into sales.
Welcome to the site, and have a great time at your first Flea Market.

Re: Garden Mosaic Sun Face For Under $1.00

What a great project you've created with very little cost. It really has a great combination of found/recycled items in it which turned this into a garden gem. Thanks for sharing the details of how you did this. I love it when posts have details like this along with the photos.

Re: "green" birdhouse

Great new additions you've added to your existing birdhouse. That is a good idea for when mine need some TLC.
Very fun!
Thanks for sharing your cool birdhouse.

Re: Beehive

I just love how you improvised with using the electrical industrial cover for your pedestal when you couldn't find cloche. Very creative! Interesting to read how you made the beehive too.
Was the magazine a "JunkMarket" magazine filled with Sue & Ki's projects? If so, that was a limited edition that sold out really fast, but I found it right away, so bought a copy. So glad you found the site.
I think it's pretty cool to use the Sanford and Sons song for your ring tone. "If the shoe fits, where it", right?


I love doing mosaics too. These are fun examples and each are so unique from one another. Lots of detailing on those cut outs. Thanks for sharing with us.

Re: Gourd Jack O Lantern

Hard to believe this was a gourd grown in your own yard. It looks like your patience with waiting to find the perfect handle paid of, and now you've got a self grown, hand made, custom one-of-a-kind designer gourd.

Re: from hitching post to bookcase

Love the memories that come from treasured family items. You've redesiged this to be a useful item that can daily remind you of childhood fond memories. Very cool!
Thanks for sharing another one of your great projects.

Re: another window / another idea

Love this idea!!! I've got the windows, now to find the poster like yours. I love the poster you've chosen. Such a great combination! This is great!

Re: Mirror Galor!

Unbelievable prices!!! $1.00 are you kidding me? You'll be getting some great results with these mirrors by the time you're done working your magic on them. I already love the silver one you're working on. Thanks for sharing!!!

Re: Green 50's lamp turned into modern mosaic!

I think the curves on this lamp are great too. I can see why you were drawn to it. Your mosaic job is great! Love what you did with the mirrors and breaking them up. I have a cheap door mirror that I've salvaged and intend to use as a mosaic project for my garden. My mother-in-law mosaicd a bowling bowl with mirror shards.
Love it with the black grout. Will be watching for your finished project post.

Re: And...A Cozy Guest Room Too!

Kathy- THis is a great redo. Your friend is a fortunate girl to have you in her circle of friends. Great job and love the sepia photos'. Just my style girl.
Just read your profile, and realize now we could be soul sisters. It was like I was reading about my own childhood.

Re: An A-Door-Able Desk & More!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Can you come over and repeat this at my house?
You have a great one-of-a-kind creation for your friends house. My husband would find me at the computer even more if my area looked like this.
Excellent, beautiful and gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for sharing. I just love it!

Re: Halloween revisited

Welcome to the site! Isn't it fun how after saving something for several years you come up with such a fabulous project such as these? It's great! I just love to prove our hubbies wrong. Sometimes, all they see is junk and just don't have a vision to turn it into something cool/useful and save the stuff from going to the landfill.
Again welcome! You'll enjoy these for many years to come.

Re: Turn your junk into a pleasing photo vignette!

Love this idea!!! Now all I need is a scanner. : )
Thanks for sharing, and welcome, welcome.

Re: Help!

By the way Garagesalejunkie I'm so glad you're posting this. I plan to show your profile to my 14 year old, so that she knows cool young people can be into junk too. Love your photo shot.

Re: Help!

Welcome to the site! You found yourself a great find here and for free, who can beat that? It is a tea cart, probably maple. I too think it would be great painted. Either a white shabbied up a bit or black if you like that look.
Cindy loves it as a tea cart, but it could also be considered a beverage cart (with teas/hot chocolates/marshmallows/cups/spoons) etc. displayed on it for the upcoming cooler seasons. It doesn't just have to be used for tea.

I also love Sue's suggestion of using it in a bathroom, and I would have the perfect spot for that project right now in my daughters new bathroom. The sides could easily make 2-4 great shelves, with just a rip down the middle of each drop leaf on the tea cart. Paint those as well to go with your decorating styling and you've now got 5 projects from one free item. How cool is that?


Re: Old Chandelier Turned Fabulous

Welcome to the site. I can't wait to hear more about your project and see the end result. Can you share what you mean by "a salt scrub?"

Re: Junk Journal

Ahhhh, my new journal name will be just that "Junk Dreams". I love it! My husband said to me the other night, you've got to get going on some of your junk projects. Maybe, there's hope for him. Ha!
This was after I just had laid a vinyl tile floor and painted a basement hallway with primer & final coat. Cleaned up our daughters new bedroom we were working on, and washed 3 loads of clothes. If only I could get to some projects!!! 1 more week and the room should be complete and life will afford me some junking/designing time. YeaH!
Get out the junk dream journal then!

Re: Junk Journal

Hi Janis-
I sold my tags for $2.00 each, and they flew out. However, I probably didn't make anything off them as my consignment fee was 25% and these all had vintage elements on them, such as skeleton keys, vintage mother of pearl buttons, etc. You almost have to get that stuff for free to sell this cheap. The tags are fun for your own use for gifts and such for friends and family memebers.
The journals I'd say between $8.95 - $12.95 depending on your location/clientele and again like Lani says how much time effort ad detailing you put into each one.
I also think you could sell your filing folders, as there are so many people in the world that want to just buy it, vs. make it like our creative website people here. My best friend would buy it and I would probably go home and recreate it or at least have those good intentions.
I hope this helps.

Re: A Saturday Surprise at Petunia's

Oh Sue, how fortunate for you. It is so fun to unexpectedly come across such great events. Glad you found this one and had a grand time shopping. Will watch and wait to see what you create with your purchases. Nothing like a "Flea Market Fix".

Re: A Store that Built our Junk

Thanks for the comments Geo. My family and I walked around Peoria down by the waterfront, and my 14 year old daughter really got into this. She is the one that found the "D" letter which I rotated on my computer, as it is actually a vintage half moon window on one of the buildings.
It's amazing how much more you see once you start looking for the letters in stuff. I found a "J" in a pipe that if I rotate it on my computer it makes a perfect "J". Fun!

Thanks Lani for the heads up of the website. I will check it out for sure. I don't want to copy, but would like to do something of my own photography. Umpteen years ago I had a scholarship for photo/journalism, so its been a passion for years, but one I'm just getting back into exploring again. Kind of fun.

Re: Junk Journal

What kind of adhesive have you found works best for the paper projects? I am not happy with I've used in the past and would love to hear what others have found successful. I used my purse size one today, and the scrapbook paper I had used is peeling up, and this really bugs me. Please share-
Lani mentioned the tags for sale. I've sold a ton of these in the past, but with the keys I find most people won't pay enough to warrant the skeleton keys being sold with them, however one could use vintage music paper, the vinyl letters and vintage buttons and sell them cost effectively.
Don't you just love skeleton keys? Everyone is onto them in MN, so it's hard to find an inexpensive stash of them nowadays.
Thanks again for your help. By the way Walmart sells the bxw composite style books for those looking for them. I think I found them for .50 a while back and have a whole stash of them in my studio, but haven't gotten any projects done with that stash. Now I'm reinspired by Janis. Thanks!

Re: Junk Pockets

Nice additional information about the stitching up the sides. Did you by chance use black thread? Very cool! I love what you've done.

Re: Weekend Finds

You've got some fun finds. Are you sure that wood pc. in photo 1 is a fan, or is it the top part of an adirondak chair? It's cool whatever it is, but I just have a hard time seeing it as a fan.
I'm sure you'll come up with some creative uses for everything.

Re: A Store that Built our Junk

Thanks everyone. I just couldn't resist sharing this wonderful building that had such unique junk items like the door lock, hinge and pulley built right into the cement way back in 1903. It's been preserved beautifully! A gentlemen saw me taking photos on the street of various things and told me about the opposite of the building (which was this cool entrance we hadn't seen yet), so we not only shopped the antique shop for about 10 minutes, but also took the photos of this great building. I just love it!
I've seen the single letters around in black & white photos before both in MN and they had them for sale in the mall at Peoria, but it's like $180 to buy our last name done up like that. Now us junkers know that we are too cheap to pay that ridiculous price, so I will have the fun of photographing and creating my own version of someone else's great creative idea. I have the coolest "O". Check it out, I just added it to the post.

Re: Junk Pockets

Janis - once again you've posted a beautiful, useful and awesome project. How you get so much done with working part time and raising 3 boys amazes me.
I love these! The sheet music and rusty skeleton keys are so me. Love! I've seen this done before with scrapbook papers, but I so much more love the vintage use of the sheet music you've chosen to use. Now where did I put that extra sheet music??? I definitely need to reorganize my work/craft areas. Yikes! That could take 3 mos. of a time slot.
Thanks for sharing again. You're a great asset to this site.

Re: Junk Journal

Is this one of the black/white composition notebooks? I just love to decorate them with altered art for journals. I also have made a lot of small size ones that fit into our purses for those fleeting ideas when we're away from our bigger ones.
I started writing in a journal like this in August and it really helps the insomnia issues, with too many ideas swirling around in my brain at night. If I get them on paper it really helps.
These are great! Love what you've done as always.

Re: Baby Shoe

What did you find that works so great with the written words? Is it a pen, your own hand-writing? If so, quite beautiful! Please tell-

Re: Curbside Make it Pink Project

Again, I just want to say, this is really, really cool!

Re: A Mini Holiday Project

The painting of these is a great idea, as they really pop the words out at you. I have recently bought one for my garden with written words on it, but it doesn't pop as it is the silver natural color.
A fun project indeed, and an easy one, that would encourage newbies to take a shot at. All of us could do this, and it would add so much to so many different venues. Thanks for sharing a simple, but awesome idea.
Hey, Geo check back at my Hardware store posting, as I've included a follow-up comment and a few photos.

Re: A Store that Built our Junk

Isn't it great? I think the sepia also adds a nice touch to the vintage feel of the architecture of the building.
I did buy $15 of vintage mother of pearl buttons for my jewelry designs. My family thought I was nuts (best to shop with out the family) to spend that much, but honestly, a large share of my baggies were .50 marked down from $3.00, so that is like wayyyy good for mother of pearl buttons. These were special too, like square shaped, some were rare colors, others just had great carving in them. I loved my treasures!!!
I also spent a lot of time taking photos of letters in the different architecture that was down by the riverfront. Would love to spell some words out with my own rendentions of letter of the alphabet, so got a bunch of those photo'd at the same time. Fun, huh!

Re: Junk Built It

My mother in law plans to add twinkle lights to her gazebo for the Holdiays. Great minds think alike.

Re: Trash Barn - Searsport, ME

OOps! You didn't do the potato mashers, another gal I read before you did. Sorry!
You do the textile work in the wash boards. Another creative project indeed.

Re: Trash Barn - Searsport, ME

Wow! What a great haunt you have there in Maine. I'd have a blast in that shop. Welcome to the site. You have some very creative projects with the potato mashers posted.

Re: Rustic Elegance Floral

Sue- Once again you made disgarded junk into an element of beauty. Great project idea.

Re: Back to school Bird Bath Fountain

You go girl!!! Welcome to the site and post often. This is such a fun project you've created. And to think that now you've spurred another junk style member to get creative with one that was featured just that day on Craigs List was perfect.
Keep posting as it sounds like you have lots to offer this already great Junking site.

Re: Junk Finds in my Gardens

Dumpster Diving Diva- Thanks for the nice comments. You will love this site. Looking forward to your posting. Now, I need to leave a comment on your bird bath.

Re: Junk Finds in my Gardens

fellowjunker - you got to me. Now will you get this from me? The site administrators are actually working on figuring out a way for members to communicate with one another, but it isn't a feature as of yet. If you ever want to email me, I'll list my email here. gretchen.schaumann@comcast.net
I've really enjoyed your posts and I'm so glad I was able to help you figure out your camera issue a bit. It's amazing what they all can do. I will be posting soon some photos I took in Illinois that are taken with sepia (which your camera probably also does). It does pay to have the directions handy, as these new cameras do soooo much more than we even realize. I have a 14 year old that has the newer/better camera than mine, so she's helped me out a lot.
Glad you're here on the site.

Re: Rust Brothers No More

Great timing for you, great timing for the store owners. Sad that one of your favorite haunts is closing though. : (
You really made a haul. Love some of the boxes full of metal and will patiently await your creations. I'm sure with your talent the junk will be turned into profitable/useful/awesome projects for your shop. You go girl! I bet you were smiling that whole 150 miles home.

Re: My birdfeeders

Welcome to the site. It is an awesome place to be a part of and I'm sure you'll never regret taking that first unknown step and posting your first project. I was terrified, and now here I am a regular on this site and have a ball.
Your project is great. I will indeed check out your site tomorrow, but my family is tucked in for the night and I've got to get off this pc. Thanks so much for sharing. Your idea here is very creative and all of the members could really play off this project example.
Again welcome, and happy posting.

Re: Curbside Make it Pink Project

Thank goodness you seaved this. You've made a beautiful project. You just have the right elements of class with each of your ideas. The hydrangas are a nice touch. Great job!

Re: Thank You!

Your welcome! We are thrilled you've joined our group of junk buddies. As I've said before, you are a great asset and contributor of some very cool projects. Love your style.
Any new treasures from your junking expedition?

Re: Vintage Port-A-Crib Redo

Sounds like you've got multi uses for this free item. How lucky can one get.

Re: help, I need info, I'm new at this?

Sorry I can't help you out, but wanted to give you a big welcome to the site. You should soon have someone give you some advice on this, as this is great sounding board for questions.
You have some great finds, and the pincones in the copper boiler look great.
I personally let my silver patina, as I love the looks of that as well as the shiny. Its a toss up for me, as I use both finishes. Some polished, some not.

Re: Bicycle Lamp Revisited

Congratulations Georgia on your contributor status. I love this idea. I bought the cutest small vintage wheel at the Junk Bonanza not knowing what I wanted to do with it, but now I know. I will add bling and put it over my work area as well. Thanks for the inspiration. I could even dangle keys and other cool elements that represent my love of jewelry design as well as junk redesign. Awesome!!!
Love the holiday one!
Thanks for sharing with us, oh, you talented one.

Re: Atlanta News

Thanks for sharing about your trip to Atlanta. It was fun to see the photos and read about your time down there. So this is what that cool bird house was created for. Very cool idea you ended up coming up with. I can't imagine it taking 2nd place. It was so awesome!!! Any photos of 1st place.

Re: Bottle Art

They just looked quite fragile like my chandelier light bulbs do, but hey, maybe I just came up with a creative way to recycle chandelier bulbs. Hmmmm! I'll have to think about this now. : )

Re: Getting Ready for Christmas

fellowjunker I would agree totally with what Georgia stated in her post. You've got an incredible gift, so even though you may not have kindred spirits in your circle of friends, please consider us your new junk market circle of friends. We love your style, your feminine posts, and elegant restyling of junk. I love crystals, I love rust, and I love the vintage over the new anyday. I'm glad you're here and again, thanks so much for sharing.

Re: Vintage Skis

What a great gift you've rec'd from your Dad. I think if you go to some of the projects and look at Sue and Kimberlys directions, they would have advice on what to use. Good luck.

Re: Junk Finds in my Gardens

Thanks guys! I thought you all might appreciate that rusty top off the smoke stand that was screwed into a fence post. I had forgotten about it, but took a walk through my yard and noticed it one day, and thought to share it. In a earlier post others were converting other parts of smoke stands and it was mentioned that someone had extra parts, so thought maybe they'd get an idea from this.

Re: Ever Seen A Blue Pumpkin?

Italianpeasant- The pumpkins are faux painted pumpkins. They are light weight type and have been hand painted by the owner of "Round Barn Potting Co" in Andover, Minnesota. Lani of Cottage Elements is a vendor there, so that's why she said she knew where I got them. Lori the owner painted the typical orange pumpkin bluish/grey w/a brown wash over it for the one inside my house and the outdoor one she painted it a brown wash. I just love these alternative colors, as orange doesn't go well with my decor at home that we are currently using. These other colors just happen to work better for me, and when I saw them I bought them. My one is inside my kitchen and the other is on a protected porch, so not sure if these pumpkins could actually withstand outdoor elements or not. Probably shouldn't.

Re: The Ups and Downs of a junking Weekend

Meeting a new junking friend is always an "Up" in my book. It sounds like a bad start ended up as a good day. Lots of treasures, and we'd love to see what all you come up with.

Re: Silver Clocks

I love this idea too!!!
I just looked on my computer and the icon for turning (rotating)the photo looks like a mountain. I hope that makes sense. Love your projects. Have I said that before!

Re: Baby Shoe

Ok. Now these adorable little baby shoes have now become my favorite project you've posted thus far. This is just precious! I wonder if I could find my 14 year olds baby shoes and do this to them? Love, love, love this! I'm so glad you're posting. I see you've been a member for a quite some time, and you've got great projects you've been sharing.
Your house looks really cool too!
Thanks again for taking the time to post on this site. You're quite the asset.

Re: Getting Ready for Christmas

Are you using the little hexagon shaped prisms for this project, that maybe have one side that is flat and the other is faceted? Another fun idea.
Say, you mentioned having trouble with your photos in your earlier post, and not sure if you have an option for doing this or not, but if you want to take detail/close-up photos if you change your camera setting to the flower icon, it usually will give you good detailing for close up shots. I learned this by trial and error as I do jewelry design and constantly had to take close up and detailed photos of my designs.

Re: Silver Lights

What a great look, compared to the average night lights one may have in their home. These are great!

Re: Bottle Art

Great project! Are the stoppers light bulbs with something added to make them with cork? If so, how creative is that?

Re: More on Chimes

Thanks for reposting more details for the chime. I just posted a request for more on that too, as I'm just getting back to the site after a long week-end out of state. You've shared some great posts.
As for changing the orientation if you just move your mouse over various icons on the top of your photo edit page, it usually will write on the screen what that icon does. If you still can't get it to change for you, than it might be a site resizing issue. Otherwise, we can just tilt our heads every once in a while when this happens in a post. I've seen it happen before, and it did it once on one of my photos I was trying to use and I ended up trying a different photo that time.

Re: Last one I Promise!!!

I personally would love to receive a gift like this. Very cool idea. I currently use a tool box in my garden shed at our cabin to store garden tools, gloves, etc. The naughty little mice that magically come in for the long Minnesota winters, aren't able to penetrate the metal, so its' great for that. Love this project you've shared!
Like you, I too love, silver, and no, I'm not sick of it yet. Keep posting girl!

Re: Are You Sick of the Silver Yet??

Hi- I too really like this project, and yes it too intrigues me enough to want to see more details of it. The photo posted, just doesn't quite show us what/how you might of made it from/etc. Could you add more details and maybe try to edit the post. Seems like you've garnered a lot of interest here.

Re: More Silver!!!

As you are finding out, this site can be addicting. It is so fun to see all of your projects and again thanks for sharing them with us all.
It is always amazes me how fun it is to come back to the site after being away for a long week-end and seeing so many new great projects posted. Welcome and thanks for sharing.

Re: For the Birds!!

Welcome to the site. This is a great idea project. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Junk Finds in my Gardens

Thanks guys! Junkinart - You have a great suggestion. When I get back from Illinois I will definitely add some embelishments for the feeder. I had not thought of that. It always did look a little plain, so now I know why. Ha!
Thanks for the rust/junk solution.

Re: Fall Decor... enjoy it while we can!

I love what you've done for your Fall Decorating. The distressed column is fabulous!
I need to get back to the Haupt gatherings, but being up in the very Northwest quadrant of the metro area and them being in the opposite corner, it just doesn't happen too often. When I do go, it's always been positive.
Thanks for sharing your decorating. The rusty colored mums and the natural fallen leaves are great with the fresh white and orange pumpkins. Very nice!

Re: My Creative Inspiration Desk

I just think mistakes can turn out into beauty. Nothing lost with it not being cherry, I'd be happy with what you turned it into it. Very inspirational!
Check out this project I posted. It was a mistake!!! I love it how it turned out, but it was just being primed to go to a furniture distress painting class, which was cancelled after I arrived 30 miles to the location. : ( I went home, unloaded this heavy oak vintage sewing machine cabinet, and decided to sand it so that I could paint the final coat. Started sanding and loved how it was looking and never did anything more with it. A happy mistake! Kind of like how your great desk became into being.


Re: Converted garage sale find.

You've inspired me for next year to plant my rusty wagon and put it out in my backyard gardens for a pop of color with annuals in it.
I've been using it to haul my weeds around, but it just lost out on that job, as it got really rusty this year, and I love its new patina, so I'm going to have to upgrade it to my gardens. How fun!
Thanks for sharing.

Re: Neighborhood Junk turned into a Beautiful Jewel

Pretty amazing to come up with such a functional project from using what a neighbor would throw out as junk. The copper wire useage for the hanging earrings and the roof flashing components are very creative uses of metal.
Since I'm a jewelry designing,this was fun for me to view.
Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Re: Cytology Spice Rack

Wow! Would this be great for my husband, Jon for when he cooks our families meals. : )
I really like this project, and will like Lani, figure out something to make it out of with a twist.
Would you let us in on where one finds those great grommets? I can see using them in my jewelry studio for organzing stuff as well. Love the use you've used them for.

Re: Neutral Fall Outdoor Decor

Thanks again everyone for the nice comments. I'm thinking of getting rid of any of the magenta/pink accents currently being used and replacing them with more earthy tones. My husband thinks that would be boring and currently likes our magenta front door, but I'm kind of growing tired of it as are my likes/styles changing. The only thing major would be to paint the front door, the rest are quick change out pcs., but probably can't do it now until Spring.

Lani= the settee is from the Occassional Sale that used to be up in East Bethel that Kari and her Mom used to run. They also sold at Rose's in Buffalo for years and always had white or black furniture. 4 of my bedroom pcs. are from them too.
And yes, I do love rust, but I need to bend your ear and have you teach me what needs to be done to preserve it and not mess up things that touches the rusty items.

Re: From Cast-offs to Creatures

Sue- Note in the flying fish the eyes this artist used are none other than whatcha-ma-callits (porcelain fence insulators).
This is one creative couple. I would never come up with the art they've created. Thanks for sharing, once again another creative way to use a lot of junk and inspiring us to use things in different ways than their intended uses.

Re: The Softer Side of Industrial

Thanks for sharing about Judy. It was fun to look at the different photos and see the great stuff that was for sale
in Texas at the Marburger show.

Re: A Grate Idea for Holiday Entertaining

I just loved your grates when I saw them last Christmas at the Holiday Home Tour, and I still love them today with your twist on Fall decorating with them. They are awesome.
How did you find so many? It must of cost a fortune, as I've only seen them in the $15-25 range and to serve up a table like this, it really adds up. Any secrets to reveal?
Love the candle centerpiece rusty pcs. too. Do you know their original use? I've seen Sue & Ki use these too, and think they look great.

Re: Neutral Fall Outdoor Decor

Thanks Jenn for the nice comments. I hated the green when we moved in, but grew to love it. We re-painted the color about 3 years ago, so its still fresh looking.

Hi Ann-
Yes, it has been fun to decorate and gather, but not too much has been added lately. The 2 pumpkins, wreath and the brown rectangle wall basket with junk on it are new this Fall.
It is my favorite place in our house currently, as everything else seems to be still in the process or waiting to be rejuvinated.
Its pretty funny when men (contractors) get caught gazing at everything and than comment on how much they like our porch. You expect stuff like that with women, but men?
It is a relaxing place to sit and with the bushes up front, quite private.


You've done a great job with your new screened porch. The architectural piece is fabulous. You'll get a lot of enjoyment out of this area.

Re: Neutral Fall Outdoor Decor

Thanks guys!
Sue- it isn't vintage, but was something I think from a Shabby Chic line of Rachel Ashwells when she first was featured at Target about 5-7 years ago. It too is actually a candle item.
Turn the lights off, light the candles, and it is Romantic out there. Unfortunately, we're usually either at the ball field for Emily's games, or at the cabin now, so we don't get to sit out there as much. I still love it though.
I too like the mix of shabby with junky.

Re: Window Pane Photos

Very cool! Love what you did with this large size window. I did something similiar with a 6 pane window and a family vacation we took to Mexico.

See it at: http://www.junkmarketstyle.com/item/977/vintage-window-turned-photo-display

Windows are so versatile. They make wonderful additions to our decor.

Love what you did. Thanks for sharing yours.


Re: It's a zoo out there!

Wow, you are really talented. I liked the little girls rocker, but now after seeing this one, this is so original and fun. The addition of the wood cut out animals makes this so very special. Great job, and keep sharing.

Re: How does your garden grow?

Welcome to the site! The chair you've painted is very well done. I'm sure it did or will bring a good price at the silent auction and many women will be fighting over winning it. Some little girl will have many years of enjoyment out of it. And finding it for free!! What a deal!


Cool stuff! I would try to go to a Barnes and Noble or Borders book store and see if you can find any of Sue Whitney and Ki Nasseur's books they wrote. It is filled with great ideas for items just like yours. One is called Junk Beautiful and the other is Junk Style. Do a search and you'd come up with a variety of ideas online probably too.
Good luck. You've got some great stuff.
I've been collecting a variety of different door knob styles, to eventually make a coat rack for my entryway. You'd use a long board with the door knobs as what you'd hang your coat off of. There are several versions of this I believe posted on the internet. Junk Warehouse website has some projects posted that you could peak at for ideas.

Re: Junk is for the Birds

Ok Sue, my growing up on a farm is coming in handy now. I actually get to reveal what the thing-a-ma-jig white thing on the top of your birdhouse is. It is an electric fence insulator. It is porcelain and the electric fence wraps around the groove (rusty area on your insulator) and was then attached with a long screw type thing to the heavy duty fence posts farmers used to use. I did a lot of fencing in my days, so that is how I know this. Finally, all that work as a kid came in handy.

Re: Window of Memories


Here is the link of that project. Enjoy!


Re: Window of Memories

lovethejunk- this window turned out so good. I too like it leaning against the wall. Your wall color looks great with the contrasting white of the window display pc.
You'll be converting your family in no time, with great projects like these!
Take a look sometime at "Cottageelements" earlier postings. If you see her post if you click on her name it will open up all of her prior project postings and one of her earlest ones shares several ideas she did last Spring for her sons graduation photo displays. I think you'd enjoy seeing her post. She goes by the name Lani and has a photo of herself with blond long hair.

Re: Halloween Magic!

You have a good eye for displaying. Everything looks great and is so warm and cozy looking with your natural wood pcs. of furniture. A great look for Fall and nesting.
Maybe, if you have time you could post a photo of the two vingettes on the back right and left in this room. They look cool too.

Re: Memo Gate

Very creative project. The colored clips add a bit of zing to the project as well.
If this was used for your family, it also has built in memories too, which is cool.
Welcome to the site, and please continue to share your great ideas.

Re: Junk is for the Birds

This is so creative. You have an awesome project inspiration here.
The window is the belt buckle!!! Right?
Love this project, but what would you have to do different if you wanted to create something similiar to this for the outdoors? I know the hole would need to stay, but what about the glue, etc. Can you use gorilla glue for outdoor application on the washers, or would something else be needed in place of that.
Can't you just visulize one like this outside after a few weeks with the washers turn rusty? How cool would that be for us junkers gardens? Hmmmmm! Now, I'm really inspired!

Re: Beyond Measure

What a fun and easy idea! Thanks for sharing this.

Re: outside fall decoration

Just to clarify, I meant brave to post, not braze as in brazin. A typo on my part. Sorry!

Re: Ever Seen A Blue Pumpkin?

Love your porch photos on your blog, I'll post there. Thanks for the nice comments. Yes, you sure do know where I got the blue pumpkin, don't you? I was at the checkout doing so well, when all of a sudden I noticed this awesome bluish/aqua pumpkin and an awesome brown one as well. Had to have them!


Re: Conservatory - (and the good ol' summertime)

How fun is this? Great creativity in your display inside the conservatory. Thanks for sharing.

Re: In the "Pink" Garden Sign

Wow are you ever clever Geo. I love what you've done with the headboard with turning it into a Pink sign. Great project once again. Thanks!

Re: Fall 50th Anniversary Party

Wow, what a great 50th you put on. Fabulous ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Fall Wedding Decorations

Wow! Fabulous job on the decor. I bet everyone was impressed at the wedding too. I can not believe that in 4 days you were able to accomplish all of this. Unreal!
Thanks for thinking of sharing with us. I missed your junk lady the 1st time around, but went back and viewed that post. Very cool!

Re: outside fall decoration

Hey a big welcome to the site! I'm so glad you were braze and decided to post. It's a bit intimidating at first, but then it's quite easy once you've done it a few times.

Love your Grandpas's stool, the gate behind with the cool keys your hubby found. The pumpkins stacked are sooo cute.
This is just an all around great looking outdoor Fall decorating area. It looks especially nice with the milk chocolate color of siding behind. Thanks for posting.

Re: Ever Seen A Blue Pumpkin?

Thanks guys. My friend picked up a blue/gray pumpkin for me last Friday, but I haven't gotten it yet. I will continue to add some pumpkins that aren't orange, but I haven't seen any when I've been out. I'm going to have to get myself to a pumpkin patch or somewhere that has more offerings than Cub Foods and Menards. Ha! That is where I've been lately.

Re: Eeeeeek!

Another creative Halloween project. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Junk Pug Dolls!

I really like your black hinged doll. You rock girl!

Re: XRAY Light!!!!

Unbelievably creative use of the xrays, scissors and all. Too funny! You sure go all out for Halloween, don't you?


A very fun little display you have there. Very creative!

Re: Handy Trivets

What a great use for trivets and how useful for hanging your cleaning supplies on the backside of the door with them.
Junk Market style gals have had so many great ideas over the years that I've been following them, but it always amazes me when there is another project that I don't remember seeing before such as this. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Picture Holder

Welcome to the site Robin. I'm glad you decided to post this project, as its great. I think you were right when you thought it was the inside of a window, but whatever it was it sure looks great with what you've created. You could use it in December to post Christmas photos as you get them from friends, or something else seasonal.
Great project!

Re: Sweet Little Potting Shed

Kari- I absolutely love your potting shed. It is the element of something I would love to have on my property. You have used wonderful reclaimed items or junk others have thrown away that to us junkers are treasures to make a useful, eye pleasing and fabulous potting shed.
Thanks for sharing!

Re: A Little Mood Lighting

These glass lamp shades are a great color. I have a white frosted vintage one that I have in my kitchen. I bought a stand from when Junk Market had their sales in MN, that they had their welder create. I use it daily to hold fruit. It's also a great use for these vintage lamp shades.
I know what you're talking about when you mention the candle holder thing for the porch. I've also seen them turned into small bird baths hung in gardens.
Enjoy your rainy day treasures.

Re: old window frames

Aren't windows great. They can be refurbished for so many different decorating styles. Your creative use of displaying your quilting talents in these vintage windows is an outstanding idea. I have two sil's that are into quilting and I will have to pass this idea onto them. I have a project idea posted where I used windows as well, but with a beachy theme decor.
Welcome to the site and thanks for sharing your posts with us.

Re: 1940's cook stove

What a special gift. These sure have become the rage, and yours is in such perfect condition. A great addition to your home.

Re: Decorating for Autumn

Love the chair with the mum idea. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Old Ashtray Stand/ New Flower Stand

Georgia- This is fabulous! I would buy this in a heartbeat. Probably my favorite project you've posted along with that magnificant white chippy mirror you created. Love this!

Re: old window table

Seems like you could use 2 of these great tables. One for you and another for your daughter. Than you'd both be happy.
It sounds like your daughter might be coming around, as in your profile you mentioned that she usually doesn't like this sort of thing.
Isn't free stuff just the best?

Re: Glass Conservatory-By Request

Very cool conservatory. I can't believe anyone would sell it for next to nothing. It looks like a lot of windows & doors to create this awesome piece, not counting all the time someone had to put into making it as well. Some people are just crazy. It was a great find LuAnn. Lucky you!

Re: Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs . . .

Very cool signs Lanette. We were at the "Round Barn Potting Company" today and saw some of your other great projects for sale there. Very cool stuff my dear! We went there for a fix instead of junk shopping with you, since you're under the weather. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Re: My great little $3 find!

Welcome to the site!
What a great deal $3 brought your way. You'll enjoy this chair for many years to come. Its amazing what a few dollars and a little bit of creativity can do for a persons house. Good job!

Re: part of my mad scientist lab where it all comes together, talk about junk!

You have accumulated an incredible amount of awesome items to work with. Very fun for us to see your workshop, so thanks for sharing. It reminds me of my jewelry design area workshop which is overflowing with wonderful small treausures, only yours is on a much larger scale. Great fun and great talent you have. Welcome again!

Re: victorian style scientist lamp

What a great project you've created. I recognized the disc from the plow, since I was a farm girl growing up. Very cool use of rusty wonderful junk.
Fun seeing all of your cool designs. You're very talented.

Re: Bewitched

What a fun project, Sue. Very creative.

Re: Spooky Decor!

Looks like you're having fun getting ready for Halloween. A very creative display. What a hoot! Eddie Munster brings back childhood memories.

Re: lamp and bowling ball coat rack

Gotta give you and "A+" for creativity on these projects. Very cool use of a bowling ball. Would be fun to use my Grandma or Grandpa's bowling ball for a cool project like that, but I think they were sold years ago. Great projects.
Welcome, and yes, do share more of what you're doing. It's very good use of junk!!!

Re: Picket Fence Decor

welcome to the site! It is a fabulous group to be a part of. Keep the ideas coming.

Re: Patio Falloween up North

kopykatkim - Great post. If you want to edit your one photo that is faced the wrong way, you just go into my junk. Click on your post to edit. Edit to the right of the photo that is uploaded vertically instead of horizontal. You would have to manually change it on your pc first by using the little icon that looks like a mtn (green colored) you can rotate the photo.
Your front patio looks great! Thanks for sharing and inspiring us all to get going with the Fall decor. I just got my porch all cleaned up yesterday, so will post photos in the upcoming days.

Re: Patio Falloween up North

BelindaW - Please try to post. It's quite easy. I kind of gave directions on a post for kopykatkim. She must of figured it out. Here it is again. I cut and pasted it in this post again for you.

kopykatkim - At the top of the site there is a "SHARE" tab.
Click on that and a it will open up and say "post a project photo". Click on that and it will open up to the actual area that you can post a single project from. You give your project a heading/title. Next there is a post picture area if you click on browse it will go to your computer photos and you double click on whatever photo you want uploaded. You can than write your text to go under that photo. At the bottom of this short area it says upload photo and it will upload once you've clicked. You can load 5 photos per project. You must give a brief or lengthy (like me) HA! description of the project below the area for the photo posting. At the bottom you can add what they call tags (words that represent your project, so that when people do a search for something your project would pop up for that search). There is also an area to choose "your idea" "someone else's" or a "Junk Market project". You don't have to fill out the bottom areas if you don't want. At the bottom when you scroll down it asks you to Post or if you get interrupted it can be kept as a draft to go back to later.
It is much easier than it sounds, so give it a try.

Re: Picket Fence mirror/shelf

saclark - Not sure if Georgia will see your question or not, but I would think "liquid nails" would hold the mirror quite well with this type of application.

Re: Dressed my nest

You've done a fabulous job of display with the treasures you have. I'm not much of a Halloween gal, but love the fall decorating you've done. Great displays! Love the first photo with the faux wreath, ladder, basket & clock. Very cool! I'm inspired!

Re: A squirrely little fall display

Too cute, Kathy. Very great use of the moss, pine cones and small branch.
But, where is the acorns? You need to find an oak tree that has dropped its acorns, so that the squirrels have something to eat. Ha! Ha!

Re: FREE Junk!!

Lucky you! Great free stuff. I have some of those teal freezer baskets in my basement. Let us know what you come up with creative for using them, as I still haven't used mine. Anxious to see your projects you come up with.
By the way, get those ideas out of your head and onto paper, as too much going on up there can cause insomnia. Just ask me, I used to be the queen of insomnia, but now keep an idea journal. Has it ever helped!

Re: Round Top, Texas Junkin'!

Travel Prayers are with you Sue- Thanks Tim for the update.

Hi Sue-
I hope you're Texas trip is fun, successful and educational for you. I'd love to hear more about the Junk Gypsies Junk-o-Rama Prom event when you come back. I read about it once before in a magazine and it sounds like a blast. Be sure to fill us in on your successes and treasures you may find.

Re: Merchandising Junk...Advice Requested

Alvn- Just visited your blog/site and enjoyed reading your posts. Love the photos of your dining room area.
Check out the post I left for you under the "Hunt & Gather" posting regarding the sale Sue and Kimberly went to. I hope it helps.

Re: Thrift Saling in Wisconsin

Love the bingo roller/holder and the scale. Everything you found looks like great finds and you were on a roll. Somedays are just like that. You obviously struck it rich on this day.

Re: Hair Salon or Dentist Office--you tell me??

I too think it may be a dentist tray. I could totally see this as a bedside table or in a bathroom. Sue shows a music stand as an end table in one of her former books she wrote and I loved that I idea. This however, is just a bit more unique than a music stand, but would be much harder to find. You are a lucky girl!

Re: For the love of Clock Faces!

I love clock faces as well. Your displaying them on the chip clip holder is too cute.
Great job, and thanks for sharing. I've been searching for a clock face with no luck. I will someday find one.

Re: My Fall Junk Exchange gift

What is a Fall Junk Swap Partner? I'm feeling a little left out. JK (Just kidding). Although I sure do have lots of junk I could swap with someone!
Fun display, and quite original use of the meat grinders. I'm a sucker for glass/crystal door knobs. They're just so stunning!

Re: Sunday Swap meet

Always fun to find good treasures! My favorite is the little flat bed wagon. I may just have to create something like that someday. Thanks for the inspiration!

Re: Lani's Porch - My Take on Falloween . . . .

Very creative use of junk Lani. Love what you've done with it all. The bird house is very cool! I'd love to learn how to build birdhouses like that someday.
My favorite like Sue is the unique cart by the front door filled with ferns and a bit of bittersweet. How cool of a touch is that?

Re: old window

Very creative. I think the window junk could have it's own little division like this "cool ideas to do with windows". They are so versatile! Great reuse.

Re: coffee table

Outstanding outcome! Can I be your daughter?
Love this project you created and had put together. Great choice of paint too. Very unique.
Hey, by the way "a big welcome".

Re: Don't You Love Free Junk?

kopykatkim - At the top of the site there is a "SHARE" tab.
Click on that and a it will open up and say "post a project photo". Click on that and it will open up to the actual area that you can post a single project from. You give your project a heading/title. Next there is a post picture area if you click on browse it will go to your computer photos and you double click on whatever photo you want uploaded. You can than write your text to go under that photo. At the bottom of this short area it says upload photo and it will upload once you've clicked. You can load 5 photos per project. You must give a brief or lengthy (like me) HA! description of the project below the area for the photo posting. At the bottom you can add what they call tags (words that represent your project, so that when people do a search for something your project would pop up for that search). There is also an area to choose "your idea" "someone else's" or a "Junk Market project". You don't have to fill out the bottom areas if you don't want. At the bottom when you scroll down it asks you to Post or if you get interrupted it can be kept as a draft to go back to later.
It is much easier than it sounds, so give it a try.

Re: Gear Decor

Look in the books Sue wrote, as she has several shown in her books from her home and how she displays them. I love the ones she has on her magnificant fireplace.
This whole wheel is wood, it isn't metal at all. Is yours metal? Mine is very light weight, kind of like what driftwood is typically like.

Re: From UGLY to Tolerable

Yeah Lanette. THere are lots of things I could do, but right now I'm about wore out. I still have to finish painting the living room + accent wall in there, redo our master bedroom, paint the bathroom, etc. We are currently in the middle of redoing a huge bedroom in the basement for Emily, so all of my projects have come to a standstill with re-decorating. There aren't enough hours in the days to finish it all when you are the one doing it all.
As for the cabinets. I saw both Debbie's (just the beginning of her project) and Lori's at their open houses and like what they've done. I haven't convinced my dh that it is a good idea yet. He just isn't into the white cabinet deal, but yet loves the white at the cabin. Go figure!

Re: Don't You Love Free Junk?

csudderth - are the pumpkins the ones that are suppose to be in a current magazine for Halloween? I haven't seen this idea yet, but may have to check it out soon.
junkinhart - there is a cool old C clamp in the photo and it has nice detailing on it too.
Not sure what I'll be creating, but hey it was free.

Re: Gear Decor

Thanks guys! Georgiamoon, next time you're in MN you'll have to head over to Buffalo to a shop that carries these. There is an older guy that is selling them off through consignment and they were used locally to make gears in the olden days. They are great fun! My friend bought 3 for a grouping, but has a larger house to display them in. Sue's are awesome in her house, from the photos I've recently been looking at now that I'm active on this website. Didn't notice them in the past when I went through the books. It amazes me what I miss, and then notice another time.
Christy, were these in a shop downstairs as well as going up the stairways? If so, mine is from the same shop. The name has slipped my mind, but if anyone is interested I could find out the name for sure.

Re: From UGLY to Tolerable

Thanks for all of your nice comments. I have posted the table now, but don't have a real before photo of the Ugly beast, and will have to take a completed photo to add later.
The kitchen redo was really a small makeover, no remodeling was done with an exception of me laying the new flooring. I still have the same old appliances and cabinets. Tried to change out the hardware, but with the 1980's oak cabinets the ivory knobs looked better than the black new ones I had bought. The new wall color made them fit in, so let the knobs as is

Re: Yes.. another window shelf!!!

Another awsome window project! The green color was an added bonus-

Re: My bed

You're headboard looks great! WHat a comfortable looking bedroom.
I too love vintage window projects and never tire of them. It seems everyone has their own little twist when it comes to the window redesign, so it's always a fun reminder of how you can turn a readily available pc. of junk (old window) into something beautiful (your bedside table).
Great job!


People, check out his website. It's filled with great photos of his projects. Very unique!

Re: Georgia Moon at the Fair

What's the bell everyone is fighting over?

Re: Georgia Moon at the Fair

Oh man, Georgia, that bathtub has got to of been heavy!!! I hope it sold.
You're booth display is very good. The fresh flowers and all is such a nice touch too.
Is that an overlay you made for an EZ up canopy I see in your booth? The striped fabric in the 1st photo. If so, what an incredible idea you've created.

Re: A birdhouse with a twist

Hey Georgia - Did you see that Ken made a post? He has an awesome array of designs he and his wife have made. I noticed the trailers on his website link he posted and think they're just too cool for words. I've never seen anything like it before. Very original! And oh, so creative.
I bet they do well wherever they set up for a sale amongst antique people and junkers. They've got a winning idea on their hands.

Re: Ruby Rose

This looks like a great booth, and one I would spend a long while in if I were to attend this show. Looks like a good time. Glad the sale went well.

Re: Restaurant Clip Picture Holder

These are so cool. I've never seen this for sale (the restaurant table stands). Very clever.

Re: Reel Good Table

This is a great project Sue. I had somehow missed its earlier posting, but will comment it now. I think this would be great in a familyroom that has a movie theme. I know a gal that uses that theme for her familyroom and it would be great in her house.
Thanks for sharing!
Very creative!

Re: Scales . . . Scales . . . and More Scales . . .

I love your scales! You've inpired me since this post, and I've managed to collect 3, but none as fabulous as yours. I'll keep looking.

Re: A Deal for Minnesota Junkers - See Description

The frames were bought at a Stamping/Scrapbooking store, but may be available at a bead shop now too. There is a little tab on the top right corner that allows access. The collage was made up of vintage print from a book, reproduction photo of the lady and a pc. of paper bag stamped with a "dream" stamp.
I kept this one for myself. Was looking for the photo of the back side, as they are 2 sided, but can't seem to find it on my computer now.

Re: Not Your Average Shower Curtain Rings

Hi again- I can understand your frustration with trying to locate your redesign jewelry. This week I lost an ebay auction at the last minute, and was so very frustrated. I had found an item that would of been the perfect addition to what I'm working with now, and it was lost at the last second. Bummer!
I too have tended to underprice my jewelry in the past, and have been learning from those mistakes. My magnets went super fast too, as did some silverware forks I would have my husband bend for me into picture easels. They were sold inexpensive and I've even seen some since that look exactly like what I'd sold for 3 x's the prices. We can all learn as we go, but it's good we learn along the way.
Welcome to the site and I'm glad to have another jewelry designer/lover of beautiful castoffs and junk on this site.
I'll try to share some stuff soon. I've been kind of waiting as I posted so many projects the first few weeks and I think people might of gotten sick of me. HA!

Re: Shelves are Collages just waiting to be filled!

Love your collection of beautiful things. Don't you just love the old bottles! I have several of these and currently have black licorice in a tall one and candy corn in 2 of the smaller ones. I don't eat either of these candies, so they are more for the color and season than for consuming.

Re: Picnic bench flower stand

JunkMonkey - Unfortunately, I have found too often that I get rid of something and donate to Goodwill and than I am kicking myself for not having it.

Re: old fence projects

Welcome to the site, lovethejunk! Love the picket fence shelf especially much that you just posted. It is a very awesome project of reuse and so practical too.
My husband and daughter (14) are the same as yours, so you're not the only one that is the only lover of junk in a family. : ) My friend, keeps telling me there's hope for them, as her 24 yr. old daughter just became a believer of junk.
By the way did you know that Sue has been a part of 2 book publications besides the magazine you own? They only published the one magazine, which was a great issue, but have two books out. You can find them at most Barnes & Nobles or Borders Book stores in larger towns. You might have to ask for them though. One is called "Decorating Junk Market Style" and the other is "Junk Beautiful". authors are Sue Whitney & Ki Nassauer. These are filled with more great projects, you'll have to try to get a hold of them and at least look at them if you don't want to purchase. You might be able to find them online too. Note that Sue is selling the latest edition on the bottom right of this site, and that is a new release of Spring 2009. An early edition price. Haven't bought yet, but will for sure. Love her books!!!!!!!
Again - welcome!

Re: Not Your Average Shower Curtain Rings

Hi pieceofthepast - I designed for 10 years, took off 2 years and am now back into it. You can see 2 pcs. that are more simple by clicking on my name. I just discovered today that you can click on someones name and all of their posts will show up underneath their photo/info. I've been posting for 3 weeks and just figured this out. Duh!
I haven't taken any photos of new creations, as I am still working on multiple projects at a time.
One thing I did 4 years ago, and sold a ton of, was to glue the vintage earrings to magnets (Walmart for magnets) and sold them as sets of 4 on a nice card for refrigerator magnets. Now in MN a lot of people are selling the magnets made from earrings, but as individual magnets not sets like I did. I've never seen anyone do your shower hooks in MN.

Re: Not Your Average Shower Curtain Rings

Love this post! It is right in sync with my style as I love Grandma's jewels as well. I also design jewelry and have that in common as well. This is a great project you've just posted.

Re: Funky Painted Desk

Welcome pieceofthepast! I think your desk is very fun! It would keep me happy all day paying bills at something this fun and bright. Great redesign!

Re: Vacation in the U.P.

This is a very clever use of the driftwood and gutter guards. You are very creative!
Any hints on how to find the photo editing site you said you used. THanks!

Re: 2nd Life Totes

Hi Kathie-
Welcome to the site. Your totes are great! I'm sure they will become a big hit in the times to come. Great reuse and very green to boot.
Good to see you at Junk Bonanza and glad you did so well.
Can you maybe shoot out a post about your builder home that is currently or soon to be open to the public. I'd love to see what you've done with recycled junk/green materials. Diane told me about it.

Re: Newcomers Please Read

Ok, so I've changed the post a bit and I'm glad I did. It was pointed out to me from a very wise friend that the word I used "lurkers" was or could be offensive to people. I never meant to offend anyone, so I apologise if I did. I was only intending to encourage others to take the risk and get involved.

Re: Newcomers Please Read

I'm glad people feel more free to post. It is so much funner with more people involved. Thanks newcomers for taking the risk and getting involved. You will really enjoy the site once you get past your initial 1st post. This is a very friendly site, and we're all sharing and learning from one another.
Join in!

Re: It's a Wrap...Station!

Love this project Sue. I was a lurker the first time I saw it, so now that I'm one of the braver souls posting and participating I'll say my opinion "wow". I sure could use one of these in my work area.

Re: Noodle Board

What a great design. Welcome to the site. Glad you posted this. Maybe, I could figure out something like this for my very unlovely stove.

Re: Junk Renewed

Just wanted to comment that I like how you chose the darker stain that goes with your flooring color and gives a great contrast to your cabinets. Great little stools.

Re: Strawberry Tea Set Bird Feeders

What a great project you did, since you raised $75 dollars to help fight cancer. I bet the auction winner was a happy person and now these grace their garden.
How fun for you to have such a handy and helpful husband.

Re: Happy Falloween to All

O.K. Sue you've outdone yourself with this fabulous display. It's very beautiful, warm and inviting. I could invision spending a few hours enjoying a cup of Joe on your porch. Very tastefully done, once again.

Re: Mosaic table top

Welcome to the site! Mosaicing is very fun and cool. You did a great job turning someones $1.00 cast off into a useable treasure. I especially like how you did the center part with adding the white square tiles in the corners. That was a surprise element.

Re: Junk Table

Welcome to the site FoxyRoxy. I love wrought iron furniture too, and snatched a set of 3 little tables when I found them many years ago for a few dollars. It took a while, but I finally figured out a way to get some use out of them.
Thanks for the post.

Re: From "ick" to "slick"...Sconce Rescue

You are braver than I would of been. I would of passed them by, and lost out on a great value. You have turned something dirty and grimey to a great addition to outdoor decorating. Good eye girl!

Re: Painted Window

What a fresh looking project! I can see that a glance up at this window every time you go to do laundry could brightens one day. Great refurbish. I too love windows.

Re: Picnic bench flower stand

Very nice!
Who would of thought a picnic bench could look so awesome with potted plants on it? Great display-

Re: Newcomers Please Read

Thanks guys for your good comments. I just think if we can encourage a few people to start participating vs. lurking we all will benefit and in turn the site can only get better.
I agree that this is an uplifting and positive site. Let's keep it that way. There is enough negative in the world, we can make the effort to keep this positive one post at a time.

Re: Junk Goin' Home WIth Me

Sorry about that! My computer froze on me, and kept posting, unbeknown to me. Yikes! Anybody know how I can remove 2 of these 3 duplicates?

Re: Junk Goin' Home WIth Me

NebraskaJunker - I was in this booth quite a while and it was towards the end of Thursday. I had on a red short jean style jacket, black cowboy boots and blue jeans. Was it me? If so, too bad we didn't know each other from the site yet.
My friend, Carolyn actually noticed the optometrist lenses and steered me in their direction. By that time I was starting to zone out.
I will definitely post photos once I start in with the items. I am currently using other vintage finds to design some of the jewelry I'm making.

Re: Family window

Don't you just love uppercase living? I used their products in 2 of my posts. The indoor waterski shelf "Let's go skiing", and the "Memories" in my window post. Love their product.
Your window is such a great memory idea. The fact that you can change it over, is very cool. Thanks for posting!

Re: Junk Renewed

These are fabulous the way you fixed them up. I much prefer them to the way you found them. You and your husband have done a great job.
Did you just have to sand and restain them, or did you use a product to help with the cleaning up?
I'm also glad you feel at home on this site (in reference to your post that I posted), and will continue to share your great projects.

Re: Newcomers Please Read

junkin4fun - Welcome to this great group of gals. I'm a newbie myself, having joined a few weeks ago. I was right in your shoes, but took the plunge and am I ever glad I did.
I'm glad you were encouraged. I will patiently await your posts and projects. Just enjoy yourself. We're all in this together and it is so awesome to learn from one another.
I feel like I'm meeting a whole family of kindrid spirit. I have to agree, God totally works in mysterious ways!

Re: Newcomers Please Read

I just feel bad, cause I was in there shoes just a few weeks ago, and since I started contributing and being involved, it has just been so much fun!
Join us, gals and guys!

Re: Hostess gift? It's in the bag!

Love the bag reuse Sue. You are one "green" girl. This is a very fun and creative project. Hmmm, gotta go through my stash of bags now, and find myself some soda supplies.

Re: Family Scrabble Board

What a great memory board idea. You rock girl!

Re: Fall is in the Air!

What a fun setting Lanette! I am from the generation of rollerskaters, so especially like that part of your set up. Of course, I didn't use ones like these metal ones. Mine were white with pom poms. Ha! Ha!

Re: Junk Goin' Home WIth Me

Obviously, I was a gathering the little things on this junking excursion. I was focused on finds for jewelry design, so that was what I seemed to purchase.
Lots of fun keys, optomestrist lenses, and I even purchased 4 items of jewelry for myself. Got to support those artisians! 2 are vintage and 2 are vintage redesigns. How fun is that?

Re: Shutter Shelf

Kari - You've really created a cool shelf with the use of the vintage shutter. Great idea to share.

Re: Cow Staunchion

A very creative use. I've never seen the wooden ones, so it was fun to see and have you describe what it was. I've only seen the metal ones before in my Uncles' barn.

Re: Congrats Lani! Winner of "Flat Cheese Grater Contest"

I agree 100% with Sue. I loved what you chose to do with your cheese grater. It was the junk with the elegance of the crystal that captured my vote.

Re: Autumn Glory!

Very nice display! Fall is coming in Minnesota. What a great way to embrace it. The rit dye shelf is quite a find. Love what you've done with it, and the mixing of Fall colors.

Re: Congrats Lani! Winner of "Flat Cheese Grater Contest"

Good Job Lanette. This is cool. I passed up a $1.49 grater today up in St. Cloud, but had I seen your entry, I would of snatched it up.

Re: Misty Watercolor Memories

Love what you've done with the memory board. I will definitely plan to make one, as I love your idea in the large vintage framed pc. of wood you used. The color is awesome as well. Great Job! Thanks for sharing.

Re: Junk Style Necklace

Kimberly- I can't wait for the new book to come out. This week-end I was scouring through the Junk Market Style magazine and their first book and was amazed how much I missed the 1st 10 times I read through it. Ha! I love the outdoors and decorating spaces so really look forward to this new addition you guys have created. You are a great asset to Sue's team, so glad you've been a part of her crew.
Thanks for the nice comments, I have been truly been reinspired to be creative again these past 2 weeks, and feel like the direction I'm heading is one I'm being lead to.
It was fun to create jewelry once again, which I did a lot of this week-end.
Geat to meet you at the Junk show.

Re: Bulletin Board

Thanks Sue. I did go online to the Gorilla Glue website, and I thinks its the super glue I might want to get first. At JoAnn's they only had the 1 hour glue that you need to clamp the items with. I'm looking for something more like the E6000, for use with gluing a multitude of jewelry material types together.
Looks like a couple of hardware places locally carry it, so will go buy it nextweek. Going to the cabin in the morning, so won't be gluing anything until after the week-end.

Re: Bulletin Board

Cool project, Sue. I was thrilled to get to meet Kimberly today. The timing was just right.

Would you mind saying what kind of glue you've found to work well with these kinds of projects, or give an info sometime about glue that works for different materials on projects. I've spent a fortune on different glues and find it frustrating to use the wrong glue on a project. Is gorilla glue a great product? Never heard of it before you're site.

This would make a cool welcome sign for the front of a store, front door (graduation welcome like Lani's blog shows for her son Zac's grad), etc.
I just bought white porcelian letter push pins from a couple of gals from Nebraska, and they said they were movie theatre sign letters. They would look cool on something like this.

Re: Useful Suitcases

This really isn't anything new or exciting, but I still love the look of the suitcases stacked, and they are so useful with hiding paper clutter for my business.

Today at the Junk Bonanza in MN, I must of seen 10-15 suitcases being walked out by new owners. A lot of what I saw was like the two brownish looking ones.

Re: Free Cupboard

I goofed! I was signed in under you, Laura when I made the last comment. Oops!

Re: Corbel Display

I will have to use the beach sand/shell theme after the holidays, as I just came back from Fleet Farm with candy corn and black licorice for the jars. We were there for something else and in the aisle the candy was jumping out at me.
Good suggestions gals.

Re: Free Cupboard

Oh, you guys, this is even more beautiful in person. My photos just don't do it justice, but had to post it for Laura to share with you guys. Her husband did such a great job that you can't even tell what is old and what on the bottom was added new.
I'd take it into my home in a heartbeat.

Re: JUNKMARKET Leaded Window Finds a New Home

My friend, Laura and I were talking via phone this a.m. and she mentioned how fussy she is with what she purchases, and that when she does make a purchase it has been something that has been timeless. Just what you said. Laura has great taste, and with a dh like that so talented, she's added some great things into her home. I just visited her yesterday, and started snapping to share.
Must be fun for you to see some of these beautiful things you've sold in your past with great homes!

Re: Storage Cabinet

"Trust your heart and your instincts and you can't go wrong."

What a great statement, Kimberly. I will remember that one. I am a rare bird in my family of 7 kids, the only
one that really has a bent for chippy, junk, etc. The
rest go for the good old "oak" in its natural look.

Re: Junk Style Necklace

Lately I have been thinking of that. We just got wireless/high speed at home, so that makes a difference. Had the dial up wayyyyy too long!!!
I have probably 15K in raw materials, so really should do something with it.
A bit intimidated by the whole blog thing, but love the idea behind. I've contemplated ebay/etsy, but haven't looked into it yet.
Maybe I'll get to meet you tomorrow at the Junk Bonanza. Are you Sues' new partner in crime? Ha!

Re: Printer Boxes to Jewelry Organizers

Thanks Kimberly. Aren't they just awesome! I have jewelry currently laying everywhere and in such a disarray. Gotta get organized.
Redoing our bedroom w/aqua accents, so this grabbed me. Not sure if I'll keep the other two colors, or make it more neutral yet, but I'll post again when the baubles are in the boxes.
Plan to use the metal letters to stamp the jewelry with too, so it was a "wow" purchase.

Re: Junk Style Necklace

Hi Kimberly - I can/I would, but to find the people that have the desire/interest is unique in this day and age. I designed full time for 10 years while home with our 14 year old. Two years ago when I quit and went back into part time corporate work, I was trying to keep up with 9 shops. It became too much. I was in 2 baby shops (Oh, Baby in the Galleria/Edina, Oh Baby on the Lake/Wayzata), Serella Bella in Excelsior, Atelier in Buffalo, Thrifty Chicks in Monticello and later in Paynesville, Dragon Fly in Monticello, a shop on Grand Ave in St. Paul, and "A Place Called Home" both in Maple Grove and their St. Cloud locations. I did the Edina Art Fair once and that was overwhelming to sit for 3 days attending an outdoor fair.
Still can sell out of my home though, and do custom orders.
Thanks for the interest. I've been collecting lots of junk these days with the intent to do more with it, but not on such a large scale. Maybe, the Junk Bonanza 1 x p/year.??

Re: Junk Style Necklace

Thanks Sue! You are so sweet.

Re: Storage Cabinet

I remember reading about that in one of your publications. I bet those contractors just shook their head at you. Most contractors have a love affair with things perfectly mitered, fresh stained wood and absolutely no paint on items.

I have 2 brothers and a bil all that do finishing work and are perfectionists. My Grandpa was a master carpenter and a immigrant from Sweden whom was also a perfectionist. It seems to run with the trade.

Re: Junk Table

LuAnn- One is on our porch at the cabin between 2 adirondak chairs for drinks, the other one (the one displayed here) is a little side table next to my husbands easy chair for drinks.
"Kitten" was a ferrel 4 week old kitten we rescued from a peat bog swampy area in a drought 2 years ago. I had nursed her with a visine bottle, as she was so little she didn't drink. She's an awesome cat, if only she didn't shed!!!

Re: Junk Table

Sue - it seems through a change of life style (veggies, fruit and vitamins) since last October, I've had oh so much more energy. I'm kind of like a whirlwind when I do get going on projects, but my head is always spinning.
I have to be careful or I'll get insomnia from too creative of a brain. That is partly why I backed off the jewelry design business, my brain would go all night. Not good after awhile.

Re: Corbel Display

Your right Junk Sophisiticate. I noticed the licorice, candy corn, etc.in that issue and thought, "hey, I think I have some of those jars and could do that." I guess I'll have to pull them out from this display for the season and use them upstairs on our main floor living space. How cute would that be for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Re: Granite Garden Paths

Lani-you can go dumpster diving with me and come to our cabin anytime that you can get away. It' 100 mile from our door to the cabin and 75 to the dumpster (on the way). We could go junking on the way out.

Re: Granite Garden Paths

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you. This is such an awesome site Sue. My friend mentioned 2 weeks ago to me that she thought it was sad that so few people got to see our cabin decorating as it has mostly been done with Goodwill, Salvation Army, Occasional sales, flea markets and such. The only new items we bought are the mattress we sleep on, the futon our daughter sleeps on and 4 adirondak chairs we built from kits at JoAnn's for our front porch.

Re: Vintage Silver Tray

Ahhh, we have 4 great minds thinking alike now. Cynthia, Lani, Kimberly and myself. This is too funny! It is an extra special cool silver tray though, so it wouldn't be one I'd want to walk away from.
I wonder how many other uses we could come up with. I could invision sand, shells, beach glass and tiny pebbles in it too, with maybe one ivory or aqua candle in the center. Get in the basement Lani and dig yours out!!!

Re: Decorating Beachy Style with Found Objects

Thanks again Kim, Lanette & Sue for your nice comments. I sure do appreciate such compliments from such a talented group of ladies as yourselves.
Yes, Lanette it was quite a few years back up at the "Round Barn" that I found the cool white box. Loved it immediately!

Re: Decor - Beach Theme at Cabin

Cynthia it probably was a sugar/creamer holder, but was an "only" somewhere in my junking and found a home with me.
Sue-my SIL is a hoot. I would never of thought of that, but she came out after using the bathroom that 1st time and made a crack about it. I've kept it in there, but should maybe reconsider. Ha!
Did you notice there are 2 mermaids guys? I used one in the shelf display and one on the silver tray display. They were $1.50 for the 2 of them. It was an awesome find and are so old and with the perfect muted colors of vintage finds.

Re: Decorative Display Pc.

Thanks Sue. I just loved the old chippy paint on this. It might even be a "Junk Market" find. Can't remember where I picked it up.

Re: Buffalo/Paynesville Junking Trip

Thanks ladies. It was a riot shopping. I don't tend to mix the black and white together much, it's either the chippy white stuff in a room or the all black in a room.
I'll post the 2 boxes soon when I get the metal printer gagets cleaned out and replaced with some of my jewelry, but will be a week or so.

Re: Waterski Shelf

Thanks Sue, but I've purchased every single book/magazine you guys have published and still have them. I'm looking for the right ladder. I have things stock piled in my garden shed at the cabin, but haven't built it yet. We host the 4th of July every year, and was thinking those red/white & blue skis one sees around would look awesome as a buffet table. Not sure that I'd have room for this ski project inside the cabin, as it's only 700 ft., so tiny.

Re: Old Beverage Holder Wine Bar

Very cool, Lanette. Your ideas rock! So glad I know you and get to run into junking now and then.

Re: Granite Garden Paths

Thanks! It's a work in progress, but I'm really looking forward to next Spring already, to see how it weathers the Minnesota winter, and for all my flowers to come back.
No blisters. A few scrapes and sore muscles (definitely), but between water skiing all summer and the laying of these paths its been a great workout. Ha!