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Retro Christmas Art Box

Using a retro christmas ornament box, I created this art piece.

Vintage Halloween

  Antique Halloween grace my fireplace.  These decorations are Halloween decor from the 20s, 30s & 40s.  Enjoy.  

Time for Jesus

"Time For Jesus"  Art piece I created using found items including old composition doll head, rusty funnel, square nails, caldle stick holder, photo box, plastic Jesus, old alarm clock and more...

Old Christmas Ornaments in jar

This jar of antique Christmas ornaments is on my fireplace.  It is part of my mantel display of old medicine bottles topped with old balls.  Included in the display are antique mismatched...


Last December I made a tree out of Tomato Cages.  This is the tree decorated for October

Around My House

Around My House

Artique Project

Work in process.  Doll Head, Old Funnel, Old Spoon and my own art pattern - "Temple One, Temple Two"   Art + Antique = Artique.  Enjoy!    

Artique Project

  Art project using old rusty lamp, doll head and other various antique items - Art + Antique = Artique.  Enjoy!  

Artique Project

  Art project created in an old box with various antique items - Art + Antique = Artique.  Enjoy!  

Artique Project

  Art project created in a Coke box with various antique items - Art + Antique = Artique.  Enjoy!  

Tomato Cage Tree - Mardi Gras

Louisiana Mardi Gras Tree - I converted my Retro Christmas Tomato Cage Tree into Mardi Gras festive.  Happy Mardi Gras

More Christmas at my House

Christmas at my house

Recent comments

Re: Piano Pantry

Beautiful Job. I am sure an incredible amount of time went into creating this piece but you will be rewarded for years to come. Congrats.

Re: Christmas Tree Obsession

Beautiful collection. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Mason Jar Christmas Tree

Too cute. One of my favs.

Re: Junk in the Trunk Tree

Love It. I have seen some alone this same line but this is the best I see so far. Good job.

Re: Tailgate Headboard

Awesome! I would love to be a guest. Well done.

Re: Winter Wonderland in a Jar

Well done. Love the results. I'm sure it was a challenge. Congrats, DMc

Re: Vintage Halloween

Thanks, everyone. Just to reiterated, the witch isn't vintage. It does have a vintage feel to it and worked with the grouping so I put it on the fireplace as well. My cat is very scared of the witch so having it elevated is a win win.

Re: Halloween !!!

Love the "boo" sign. You have an excellent eye. Most clever.

Re: The Name of the Game: Come Out & Play

Awesome piece. Excellent finds displayed if an eye pleasing way. You should be proud. Congrats on a job well done.

Re: Repurposed Vintage Water Ski & Sewing Machine Drawer Book Ends

Great idea. Well done !!!!!

Re: Cirque d' Zebra

Love the use of the shoe form. Awesome piece. Congrats.

Re: My Spring Mantel...aqua glass, jars and lots a JUNK!!

Excellent !!!!!

Re: Vintage toy Cars

Wow, these are great. Awesome find.

Re: Bird Bot

Unique colorful piece. You are very talented.

Re: Industrial Dummys

Love it! Fun creative pieces. DMc

Re: Working Together...a couple old drawers and a sign...

Perfect marriage. Love it. DMc

Re: Hooked on Books

Vintage books are great and this is a cute way to repurpose them. This would be an especially good idea for books with damaged pages inside and a fun decorating idea for a classroom or child's playroom.

Re: Wood Spool Shelf

Wow, awesome shelf! I love your design and you made the right choice to not paint it. I also love you collection of items on the shelf they make for a perfect display. DMc

Re: "Eye Candy"...

Great idea. I found an old Hall's cough drops display rack some time back. My first thought was to use it for packets of hot chocolate or oatmeal, but it was too small for that. I tried to sell it, but no luck. I think it may be coming back hime with me. Thanks for the idea.

Re: A Christmas Home Tour!

Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

Re: Christmas at my house!

Love the tree. Very creative.

Re: Repurposed Sewing Machine Drawers Twin Wall Organizers

Wow, very cool !!!! I would put this in my house in a second. Thanks for sharing, Dmc

Re: Sewing Drawer as Riser

Simple. Elegant. Clean. Lovely display, DMc

Re: Chalk It Up to Another Type of Christmas.....Tree!

Wonderful display. The green stand adds that pop of color. while the scale that has a touch of white balances the overall white theme. Love it, Dmc

Re: Junk Tree

Neat little tree. It has lots of character and looks like it was a blast to create. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas. Dmc

Re: Repurposed Parts Whimsical Lamp

Unique fun lamp. Very creative. I also love the cameras, hand and other lamp. Awesome collection.

Re: Tomato cage altered Christmas tree

I love your tree. It was my inspiration for my own tree.