The Great White North

I am a very proud mother of two wonderful young men (does it show?). The more senior dude has left me for college, he loves it. His little brother (at 6’ 7” ha, ha) is finding his career in the Army National Guard. This hen has no chicks left in her nest. B’gok!

I have sewn for 40 years, wait, I’m not really that old, am I? I love textiles & I love having the ability to mold them into something that makes me smile. I have been a professional seamstress for the past ten years for local dance studios. I do not like living inside the box.

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Art & Architecture Junkmarketstyle - I just got home! Part 4 - The Finale!

Sue is the ultimate Eco-Gal! Her event is ringing up thousands - yes - thousands for her charity! That also make her a patriot, this is partially how this country became so great! I too like...

Art & Architecture Junkmarketstyle - I just got home! Part 3

So here is part 3, I think I can do part 4 and it still will barely cover everything that one could see. So go ahead to part 4 and lets see if I can wind up my awesome day!

Art & Architecture Junkmarketstyle - I just got home! Part I

I found Sue right away! I got to shake her hand (score!) and she was wonderful with giving a moment (rather a number of moments) to chat with me. She is RIGHT ON with her styling. I told her...

Feedsack Handbags

These are my Feedsack Handbags. I never meant for this to get crazy like this, but the designs just kept coming out of my sewing machine. A new feedsack comes in and a new handbag is born. Now I...

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Re: Gem of a find

Hi, Robin!
I first thought table legs for a end table? I am only concerned that the pegs might scratch a person (or pets)?
I love how interesting they are.
Good Luck!


Re: Bubbles & Bubbly !!!

I love the wine glass holder & the built in candle holder! Barn Wood is one of my fav's! Thank you for that! As a side -OMGosh the tub & with a view to-boot! I am there!


Re: Beer Garden Stake - Stroh's Beer Tap

You have cornered the market on these. I have a brother who is an avid craft beer brewer and grows his own hops - This certainly would be perfect in his garden!

I could also see this as a set of fireplace tools!

Love this!

Re: Happy 4th of July to All

My favorite part . . . THE BELL! :-)

The next coolest part, is reading everyones comments and how it brings them to really great places. (What do you need reminding of?)

Thank you for sharing!

Happy 4th! God bless America!


Re: JUNKMARKET Style....25,000 Members strong

. . . and still smiling!


So glad to have found you!


Re: My Version of Junk in the Trunk...

Ooops! Just saved this in my Junk Inspiration file. I love the simplicity of your whole set up. Very Calming & relaxing. Thank you for sharing!


Re: Repurposed Water Fountain with Old Galvanized & Silverplate Parts

Greetings Mr. Gadget Sponge!
It is a sad understatement to tell you your work is amazing! I love taking time to check out every detail. Your work makes me smile! Great and creative mind!

I also paid a visit to you beautiful website. It is loaded with fabulous photos and some fun info. I get a kick out of your butterfly plant. When I was a kid, we called it milkweed, because if you broke the stem, it bleeds a milk colored sap.

Thank you for the reminding!


Re: 40s or 50s? era Dining Chair

This is so exciting! I hope that you don't get discouraged by the drawbacks! Please come back and show the project when done. Such great lines on this chair!

Good Luck!

Re: doors ,any ideas for me?

Ooops! Forgot to credit BillyJo for my inspiration!

Thank you BillyJo!


Re: doors ,any ideas for me?

First of all, you could give them to me. :-)

I have odds and ends that I am planning to assemble to become what I call a "wall system". I plan for it to be a combination of chimney cupboards that come together to consume a rather wall. My chimney cupboards won't have doors, misc shelving (hopefully, glass shelves with down lighting from above). I am painting all of the pieces antique white with oil-based poly over the latex. Hopefully they will all stand out individually, but, come together as one piece.

Here is my inspiration:

I think we all are excited to see what you do with these beautiful doors.


Re: JMUG "Fall Edition" Vendor Feature... It's All About Junk Friends...

I am so glad to hear Larry will be there! He is inspirational! See ya tomorrow!

Tami Jordan

Re: Rustic Pressed Tin Coat Rack

I hate when I have to admit this (and I seem to do it a lot)! Why didn't I think of this! Love the tin!

Granary Tin!


Re: The Scruffy Cottage Coffee Table

I'm with Donna on this one. I'm a little stumped. I am seeing you painting a beautiful "fresh" piece of wood. A close up shows some really great gray patina peeking through. I'm guessing a layer of white primer, a layer of gray (???), a layer of white. Beat it up and a little dry brush. Very nice job on "vintag-ifying" this piece. I really enjoy the shape of the top. The vase is a nice addition. Another "lift" project for me.
Thank you for sharing!

Tami Jordan

Re: Vintage JEWELRY Sign

Another giggle, Jim! I am always an admirer of your sketches and I am smiling with the thought of you sketching with a color crayon, you still make it work! The crayon color is perfect! You once again have inspired me, if there is a sign I want, I'm gonna make it (after I consult you). Your client must completely delighted! Thank you for sharing and inspiring!


Re: Happy Valentine's Day!

Oh, Jim, you shouldn't have! My heart is all a flutter! Thank you! -Tami-

Re: Fun Stuff Preparing for the Trunk Show

Wow, Gretchen, you have a lot of really great stuff! Your talent is inspirational. Thanks for the post!



I had been wondering if that old door in the garage would work for a cabinet! Your husband did a amazing job! Kudos! I will have to show this to my hubby! See! It can be done!

Happy New Year! - Tami

Re: Grain Scoop Vase

Greetings Jim!
I have to say, I am impressed with your faux mecury glass! You might have to offer up a tutorial on this!

Happy New Year! - Tami

Re: Pamper Yourself Trunk Show

The date is on my calendar! Look at the talent coming to this show! WOW! I have to single one out! "Mary Jeans"! I am a well seasoned seamstress and when I saw her peices at AAJMS I gasped! Not only a fab seamstress - but beautifully out the box with her creations!
Happy New Year! - Tami

Re: It's time to play dominoes!

I love the dominos! Made me smile! I think that it will bring in high bids!

So where do we find the clock insides?

Best wishes for your auction!


Re: Antique Corbel Lamp

You are an inspiration! I love your pieces! Is it picking up a piece and imagining what it could become, or is it a need for - a lamp - and collecting pieces to produce it?

I hope that I can get you to disclose where you are getting your cords and switches from. I am "anal" about cords - can't stand seeing them. They're not pretty! Love your cords and switches! Cough it up - where do you get them from! :)


Re: Everything's Coming Up Kale

The Kale looks like giant soft roses! Idea: you should have a class running while you set-up, just to get inside your brain and see what your seeing! Every part of it is stunning!

Re: 8th annual Fall Country Junk Sale

I went, I shopped, I am thrilled! I did find Sue's secret stash. I offered to deliver the goods to Sue, but, it wasn't going to happen. I think I will have some negotiations to do with Sue, Hmmmm!

I picked up some more of my fav's: Tin can's, grabbed some seals for my glass bale jars and couple of old license plates and my prize was what I was searching for. I found the remains of an old desk that I need to use for my sewing room/studio. I will be building a table with these. Now a top would be good! I am thinking something "Jim Nealy" galvanized.

What a beautiful farm and lots of really good Junk to wander through.

Thanks to Larry and Cindy!

Re: Jack O' Lanterns made from metal paint cans

My favorite holiday! Halloween! Love the luminaries! Hey people! You have got to go to her website, she has amazing "Fun In The Making"! Great site!

Re: ~~~Summer Breeze Planter

This always amazes me. . .Someone kept these things for, well, forever. Are we not thrilled that they did! So simple, but, very nice eye candy! I have an itch to garage sale shopping. I would actually find a way to sit in the chair. A coat of urethane?

Re: Freeze Frame

Hey Susie-Q, What wax did you use for this project! I am on the look out for waxes. What do you recommend?


Re: Bessie's Music & Icicles

Looks like it could have formally a bird cage??? I love it! This is so peaceful, especially because of your story!

Re: chicken?

Again, I feel so stupid. A chicken feeder becomes a bird feeder. It is so very cool. I love your stenciling. Very simple and yet catching!
Thank you for sharing - I might lift the idea, hope you don't mind. I just don't care for the noisy grackles!


Here I go, thinking all about myself again, I have the perfect idea for you doors. Hang them in my studio in front of my closet for doors. They are fabulous! YUM!

Re: Prepping for Art + Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style Event in May

STOP - STOP - STOP IT! I have Spring Fever so bad! All of these things look so great and we're still talking a little bit more than a month away! I feel dizzy!


Re: Would Thomas Edison be Proud?

OMG, explitive, explitive, explitive! You are an amazing artist (and Electrician)! Fabulous! Congratulations!

Re: Top "10" for 2010...Ten Very Good Reasons to Buy Junk

Welcome Back from you trip! I am envious! Happy New Year! I am also ready for a full year of junking. I agree with Jim, I draw so much inspiration for this site and all of the wonderful members! I'm loving your top ten. Really like to turquoise glass. How about Mercury Glass? And I am a fabric lover, so it's time for the hunt!

Re: My Dress

This is so very precious!

Re: "Early Bird" CoffeeTime Lamp for a yard sale affectionado

I would love this in a kitchen. Wouldn't it be great to have it on a timer right next to the coffee pot. When you head in for you coffee - there is light! I love all of the details that you paid attention to. Fabulous!

Re: Add a little Jingle to your Christmas!

After watching your beautiful posts I have to tell you that you have that talent to take what would be ordinary (happens a lot in my house) and make it extra-ordinary. I love your use of the "bling". This is beautiful!

Re: Galvanized Worktop Table with Hammered Nail Detail

This would be perfect in my studio! I am going to have to "lift" this idea! I have some shopping to do! Yee Haw!
PS: NDJunkGirl - not crazy! This would be great for a dining room!

Re: An OLD Vanity makes a come-back!

Now that's what I'm talking about! My husband and son were asking me last night "why do you want that???". Your project is exactly why I want that piece of junk! It is lovely!

Re: A "washed up" mop bucket? Nope!

What a fabulous way to warm up a "Mop Bucket" and for that matter, an entire room. I love it. I think I will have to "lift" this idea for my house. Would be so perfect for my studio!

Re: Another Crazy Lamp

My favorite is adding the paint scrapper for the pull chain. Every element goes together so beautifully. Another one of those "I want" designs. Thank you for sharing!

Re: Fall Decorations

SHUT-UP! $3.00? That is amazing! Perfect for display!

Re: Junk fall decor

Rocky really puts this over the top! Welcome from one newbie to another - keep it coming!

Re: Happy Autumn

I Love the cart! I want it! GIMME, GIMME, GIMME!

Re: Feedsack Handbags

Thank you all for all of your encouraging words! I happy to say that I have made a sale up at the round barn potting company! Yay! I will try to keep you up to date! Thank You!!!!