Alta Loma, CA, US

Mixed Media Artist, Avid Dumpster Diva, Ardent Daydreamer.
I Love VINTAGE and finding new/multiple ways to use old items.
Been making and peddling stuff basically since I was a kid.
One of my favorite junk items to work with is metal lamp parts.
You can make SOO many things with Lamp parts.
Honored to have been published in several of the Stampington Magazines. To see more of my work or find out what shows I will be selling at, visit my blog...www.lisaloria.blogspot.
One Mans junk is another Girls Treasure.

Happy Hunting!!!

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Decoupage Mannequins

These girls have long since been made and sold, but thought I'd share them with y'all for some ideas. One is your standard adjustable mannequin that the icky fabric was stripped from.  Using...

Lace & Metal Dress From

I have a "thing" for vintage dress forms, there are about 20 throughout my home & Studio. This lass started as a pretty UGLY $15 yard sale torso.  She was then covered with Antique lace...

2 Tiered Tole Table

This table was born because, when building my typical counter displays, I ran out of a rather important component.

Chalkboard Workstation

Being lucky enough to have two Studios as Art& Repurposing are my livlihood,  I often look upon ways to improve my work spaces.  For my inside studio, I needed a more funcitonal...

Monochromatic Teapot Lamp

I don't have process photos for this piece.  It was made a couple years back.The hardest aspect of this project is trying not to demolish the porcelain while drilling through it.  Broke a...

Charlottes Web Spider Baby Display

As I sat working out one day, this not so pretty vintage 10 arm chandelier that I had bought for parts was hanging upside down and I saw it as an octopus or spider.  Ureka!   I bought it...

Recent comments

Re: An Elegantly Wrecked Mirror

Beautiful Lines and finish Jim!

Re: Cheers!

Seriously...COOL! LOVE how it lights up.
Isn't it fun just to create something "just because"?

Re: HoJo's Menu

Interesting commission for sure. Well done as usual. Loving those colors and the shape and angles rock!

Re: ~Happy Mother's Day~

Lovely Jim! Love the old phone number! I am sure your Momma will LOVE it!! :-)

Re: The Scruffy Cottage Coffee Table

Totally Cool as usual Jim!!!

Re: Vintage JEWELRY Sign

AWESOME! Your work is so good start to finish. I also have sketches, watercolors, mural drafts, proposals, designs, etc. in a portfolio that I have had for 25 years. You never know when it is going to all come together. Just Beautiful Jim, I am sure your client is Thrilled!

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

This is unbelievably COOL!
Would LOVE to have it in my home!

Re: It's a Dilly of a Sign!

Super Cool piece. Great pics & Vignette BTW!

Re: United States License Plate Map of the Fifty States

Gorgeous work of art! Would LOVE to have one of these!

Re: Green Mountain State License Plate Map

This is COOL! I have a couple of vintage wood ones with a copperplate in the front that I use as a portfolio.
Super job!

Re: Upcycled Glass Collage

Soldered together, I am assuming. Very, very pretty.

Re: Junk furniture for outside

Rustic Chippy old FUN!

Re: ~ Megaphone Vase~

I just realized the cutout flower was an old tin.
Picked one up this past weekend with a rose on it.

Re: From Broom Holder to Flower Display!

Super Cute! Old bottles have so much character!
Broom, what broom???

Re: Lace & Metal Dress From

It is perfect displaying the jewelry I make for sure!!!
I engineered it to break down for travel too, so it fits better in my Jeep.

Re: thrifted anthro knockoff

Awesome! Very nice job. You should be proud of yourself.

Re: Ghost Town Junk

These are wonderful! Agree with the others, the one with glass is particularly cool as it has multiple textures and a function.

Re: Sun Birdbath

Really FUN!

Re: Little Traveler wins!


Re: Roberta Gets an Upgrade

This is Super Fun!

Re: Extreme Farm Furniture

Amazing Jim. Gorgeous work and photos.
LOVE the color and patina. Looks great in that setting too.
Your Client will be thrilled!

Re: Monochromatic Teapot Lamp

Thank you. Happy you Like it!
Good way to use chipped or mildly fractured pieces.

Re: "Flea Market Under Glass" Setup is Under Way!

WHY do I have to live on the West Coast????
Looks Fab!

Re: Charlottes Web Spider Baby Display

Thanks, Jim...scurrying only in the imagination.
I honestly thought I wouldn't find any use for that chandelier. Glad I saved it!


Re: Horn Bird

Beep Beep!

Re: Happy Valentine's Day!


Re: Lightning Bugs

Considering I live in California and have only seen lightening bugs when once in my life...I really like this.
Wish we had lightening bugs here.

Re: Recycled Pipe Desk

Super Clever!

Re: Great Work Bench Island or Bar

Ohhh, I DIG this!
LOVE old industrial pieces like this!


SCORE! Wow...what you an store in that.
Fabulous Find!

Re: Bathroom Junk Re-do!

FUN! I have one on one of my workbenches that holds various chains for jewelry making! Super functional pieces!

Re: Belted Bulletin Board

This is really cool!
Reminds me of a cross between old steamer trunk straps and
cot straps that are intertwined.

Re: Antique Corbel Lamp

Very cool Jim. I wouldn't part with it either.
I have LOADS of old plugs/cords/sockets, trying to never throw anything away and re-use every bit.
Too bad you are on the opposite side if the country.
I'd let you dig through them.