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Homemade Child-Sized Coat Tree - My First Design EVER!!!!

This is a piece of furniture that will forever tell part of the looooo-oooooong tale of our 110-year-old house. I was so proud that this was my first EVER attempt at building something from scratch...

Boring White Vanity Gets a Punchy Makeover!

An ordinary white vanity from Target (but snagged at a garage sale for 1/3 of the price) turned into a colorful princess vanity.

Rainy Day Lamp Makeover

It started off drab. I'd like to think it's fab. I realize that my projects fall into the "amateur" category, but I'm having so much fun, I can't wait to see what to build or refinish next...

Sundial Turned Mossy Planter

I hope this, my second attempt at garden art, turns out as lovely as I have pictured in my head. I'll post more pictures as I see its growth.

Repurposed Old Farm Windmill - Strictly for the Birds

We took this rusty old windmill (missing the blades) from our back garden and refinished it with hammered bronze paint. We hung a large tube birdfeeder from the middle. What's nice is that...

Radiator Cover Bench - Ideas??

I'm looking for ideas and examples of radiator covers that have been refinished and turned into seating and storage. This baby is about 7 feet long and is in our foyer. I'm thinking pull-out shelving...

Recent comments

Re: St. Patrick's Day Silver

Absolutely adorable and creative....we have far too unique few decorations in the world for St. Patty's Day! VERY clever and inspiring!!!!

Re: No Bills Allowed

What a CLEVER idea!! And you can't beat the price!!!

Re: Old metal mailbox turned Recipe Box Rolling Pin Holder

This would make an awesome breadbox, too! Very beautiful!

Re: Mailbox turned table...

So beautiful and so creative!!! Nice conversation-piece table!!! Fantastic job!

Re: Boring White Vanity Gets a Punchy Makeover!

The make-up jobs done on this vanity number in the teens now. Lulu, my daughter, really loves her vanity, and I am so excited that my intense weekend of spray painting was worthwhile! Honestly, I'd NEVER pick these colors, but that's what being a Mom is all about - trying not to stifle her creativity so someday she can blog on here in my place!

Thank you kindly for your words of encouragement!!!

Re: Rainy Day Lamp Makeover

Midge, it's most definitely an addiction!!

I read somewhere that, when you can't fix everything at once (as in the case of our 110-year-old house), you find inspiration in re-creating everything else!

My biggest project on the radar is a greenhouse made entirely from doors and materials around our house. I'm not sure when it will be started and completed (we need the city's blessing), but I'm soooo excited to give it a whirl!

Thank you for your ideas - the pleats did not occur to me. I'm so not visual, so all of this is a pleasing challenge to me. I'm thinking square-ish....we'll see what happens!!

Re: Nite Nite Nightstand

What a super cool makeover!! For those of us with mismatched nightstands, let this "stand" as an inspiration!!! Very, very cool!!

Re: Drop Yer' Drawers

Super fun way to reuse so many things!! I love it!!

Re: What's missing?.....The REST of the story

Thank you for your comments on my junk!

I have to say that, church pews are one of my coveted pieces.

What you have done here is no less than OUTSTANDING!!!! I love love love it - the color with the wording, very inspirational, and a BRILLIANT use of the piece!!!

PS Congrats on the super bargain!!

Re: Rainy Day Lamp Makeover

Love the square shade idea!!!!

Re: A Desk Reorganization ala Junk Style!

Superb!!!!! A lovely use of all things junky to make life less cluttered! Once I have an actual kitchen (we're under renovation here...painful....), I shall turn to your ideas for inspiration! Totally the cat's pajamas!!

Re: How to Greet Santa on Christmas Eve

Wish I would have seen this in December....well, I'm not wishing December upon us right now, but I think this idea could be used for so many things - a letter to a sick relative or as an add-on to a gift....very, very creative and lovely. :-)

Re: Money to Burn

Ha ha ha!!!! Makes me think of a carnival, a circus, an arcade and the movie Big all at once....absolutely love it!!

Re: Quikie Nite Lite

Very pretty - I can only imagine how it looks with the lights off!

Re: Recycled Lunchbox into a New Year's Eve Centerpiece

Very clever - I would never have thought to make a New Year's junky decoration, especially not this unique and fun!

Re: Country Pump Lamp

Very fun and creative!! Would fit into just about any decor!!! Love it!

Re: New use for an old crate

Fabulous AND functional!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Sunny Table transformation

Yellow is soooooo under-rated!!! We pine for spring and summer all year long yet yellow takes a backseat to so many other colors!!

Great use of this fabulous color, and the distressing is very authentic!!! Love it!

Re: Rainy Day Lamp Makeover

Hubby is suggesting a different shade...he says this one gives it a more 70s look.

Any suggestions on a different shade??


Re: Vintage Chic End Tables

Beautiful!! They look like pieces of art - the creamy white brought out the "instrument" appearance to them! Nice job!

Re: .99 Thrift Store End Table Re-Do!

What a lovely re-do!!!!! And you certainly can't beat the price!!!!!!!

Re: Bird Feeder & Bird bath

This is a thing of beauty, a true piece of garden art....

I love it VERY much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Radiator Cover Bench - Ideas??

What fabulous ideas - I especially love the idea of adding cushions to the top. I hadn't thought of softening it up...maybe some throw pillows?

Also, I love the ideas of the doors that pull up and fold in. Another idea I had to simplify it for the newbie that I am would be to give it a bright, fresh coat (as you suggested) and remove the panels, add a simple shelf length-wise and just place baskets that we could pull out.

I'll be sure to post updates. Thanks for the GREAT tips!

Re: Hanging Flower Basket Light

Oh how fun is this idea!!

I happened to find a junky old wire flower basket hanging in our backyard.

Hubby and I pondered on the lamp idea, and loved it. We are thinking that we might add wire mesh on the overturned basket and adhere broken colored glass to make it a junky mosaic/stained glass pendant to hang in our bathroom.

All of these ideas are so inspirational! Your room is lovely, lovely, lovely!!!