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Reclaimed Green House

This was quite an undertaking, 2 years of collecting materials, trash and even using a contractor's dumpster with his permission! Completed this weekend! Patio doors, fencing, screen door and many...

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Re: Old Drawers to End Tables...

Love it! I have some drawers . . you've got me thinking!

Re: My Spring Mantel...aqua glass, jars and lots a JUNK!!

OH I am so happy to see I'm not the only ones who loves those old Ball/Kerr blue jars! I have mine on the fireplace too with old woodspools, mulyons (sp?)

Re: functional repurposing ;)

Very cool! Good to know I'm not the only one that makes laundry soap!

Re: Aging Galvanized Metal


Re: Make your own coffee bean sack window shades

Awesome!! Great idea! I need something like this for my bath!

Re: Upcycled Yardstick & Singer Sewing Machine Base Console/Hall Table

In a word . . AWESOME!! Simply beautiful and y ou did a great job!!

Re: Ye Old $5 Dresser

very cool and bargain for sure! Can't wait to see the after!

Re: Vintage Ornaments

Very cute! Gives me lots of ideas! Merry Christmas!

Re: Holiday Mantel

I LOVE IT!!!! ACtually very nice throughout the year!! Great job!

Re: More Upcycled Decorative Birdhouses

These are cute! I love them! Great decorative item! Wouldn't want to use them for actual birdhouses tho' as the metal attracts heat and birds/eggs would be cooked. Stinky! But great idea and again decorative item!

Re: Chunky-Funky-Junky Bracelets

Really neat! Love all of the items and how you've incorporated them to a really neat piece!