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Chair Slat & Vintage Buttons Cross

An old Mexican equipal slat chair fell apart......I just couldn't toss the old hand-hewn equipal slats into the trash. Lashed together with leather thong; I added old white shell buttons sorry...

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Re: Bird Bath made from reused/recycled glass.

So pretty!

Re: Shadowland Witch

What *personality* he...er...she? has!!! Love this piece! Looks like it might play around the house while you're sleeping.............
~Happy Halloween~ !

Re: Twisted Sisters

Wonderful sculptures! They'd be great in a diningtable-scape.
You put things together beautifully.

Re: Gone Galvanized

That would make a really nice outdoor wall-sconce too.
Easy enough to wire in a light fixture.
Makes a great planter! : )

Re: Plumbing Parts with Ruffled Edges

Love this site. Where else can you find a rusted wavey-edged thingamajig referred to as "ruffled" : ) SO nice!

Re: Hall tree benches

These are so cool. Love your sense of design. Inspires me to haul out my old doors, and fire up the Makita...

Re: Sometimes you need to have an extra vehicle just in case....

Love this! Fun! Halloween transportation...with a comfy seat : )

Re: Salt and Pepper Shaker and Found Objects Garden Plant Stakes

Wonderful. I like your solution to stabilizing the post with a flower pot. With critters always passing through my yard, I needed a better "base" idea, and yours is so simple...why didn't I think of that!? : )

Re: ~My Sweetheart~


Re: "Bird of Nature" Necklace

It's like a good story, full of interesting elements, making me curious to see more, and more. Thanks for sharing with all the photos. Your work is beautiful. (everyone tells you that, but what the heck, I said it again anyway!) : )

Re: Grandma's chair

WoW! Love this re-purpose idea! I find interesting belt leather irresistible, but never thought of using the old belts this way. My home is western, so my collection of forlorn tooled belts would be perfect for a chair like yours. Nice!

Re: tv tray cart turned laundry cart / basket

Oh this is too cool. Very useful re-purpose, and very pretty too. Thanks for sharing this good idea. Hmm...just the right size "yarn tote" for my mega-knitter neighbor...


My niece wants me to type: "I like these because they are happy and fun." We were looking for something she can do while her broken leg gets strong enough to go back to school. This looks perfect, and I have the supplies on hand.
Thanks : )

Re: Artwork: Too much junk...too little time

FUN = I'm all for it! Your stuff is....um...compelling. (can't stop lookin' at it) : )

Re: Would Thomas Edison be Proud?

WoW! Being a Californian living in SoCal, Firefighters hold a special place in my heart. I've seen them in action saving our small town from disaster - our Firefighters, our Hot Shots ROCK! I *LOVE* your lamp, and wish I could bid on it.
You've created something very special. Good on ya, lass. Blessings.

Re: More from the front porch

I love that trunk! (and the whole scene!) Did you have to reinforce the inside of the trunk to support the legs? I have an old trunk that would work. You've inspired me - to take a NAP, before adding legs to my trunk.

Re: The Back Porch

Love it! Never too soon to start thinking *Spring*.

Re: Silver Clocks

SO pretty! I love your clocks.

Re: First project of the New Year!!

Beautiful. Love the color & the font. Happy New Year!

Re: The Front Porch

HEY - That's MY chair! It floated away, and then...... ; )...sorry, wishful thinking.
What a lucky find that was! *Love* the legs added to the trunk. Hmm...that'd make a great table, with a piece of glass. Maybe I won't pass up the next trunk I see. You folks have the *best* ideas, and are so generous here! Happy New Year!

Re: Repurposed Casserole Server

*Thanks* for including the directions. I like your suggestion for adding stabilizer. I've seen so many of these pretty holders, all missing their casserole dishes. Your idea is terrific! Happy New Year!

Re: fencing in the platters

Sweet and *wonderful*! Love how you layered some of the platters too. This really is a great idea, and conversation piece as well. It's a treat to see all the platters displayed, instead of stacked in the cupboard.

Re: Colorful, Junky Backsplash

WoW - I'd love to see a photo of more of the wall! Lime green just makes me happy. How cool to use it in your kitchen. (do you know about vaccuming it either before or instead of washing it down?...get dust off before using water...learned the hard way, as usual ; ) I'm curious about that square lime tile. Happy New Year!

Re: Cabinet from old window screen

Darling cabinet! The *sweet* color works so well with the size, style and beadboard. Stars are the perfect accent.
Nice work. Thanks for posting it here.

Re: Canteen Cowboy Lamp

Cowgirl up! *Love* this lamp! My California home decor is western cowboy, much of it old family stuff. Your "seller's remorse" is SO understandable...wish *I* was the lucky buyer. Hmm...I do have an old canteen in the garage, and a cowgirl lampshade purchased on eBay but never used. My canteen has fuzzy plaid fabric that will have to come off.
(I should quit browsing this website -- too many *great* ideas!)

Re: potting table changes seasons

You've inspired me! I have most of the components to make this, but never thought of making multiple shelves, or cutting holes for containers to fit into. ...now to find the time...

Re: Doesn't Matter if it's Black or White . . . .

Nice tribute to MJ and the song! (and that cat looks SO lifelike!) ; ) Wonderful displays.

Re: Holiday Boot

Wish I was on your gift list!

Re: Tiered Server

Love browsing this site - This piece is so sweet, even without treats on the tiers. All the plates speak to eachother, and the bird just makes me smile all over. Nice *sparkles*, pale blues with buttery yellows...You made something truly lovely. Thanks for posting it here.

Re: Wooden Number Tags

Great use for the thinish wood from inside old drawers.
Love the look of your numbers, especially the 5 on the old railroader's lunchbox! Hmm...I'm not good at math, but love the graphic appeal of stenciled numbers. Nice job!

Re: � My 2nd TWIST to my Garden-Art �

JMS is the *best* website! It's Christmas eve day, and I still have things on my to-do list...but can't stop taking little peeks! These flowers are just wonderful. You've inspired me to make some for my neighbor for Easter. She doesn't know that I know who places a gorgeous Easter basket on my porch. This year I'll be placing some *dazzling* flowers on hers! Thanks for sharing. Really pretty!

Re: Screen Door Quilt Shelf

Love this! Nice job. I have an old screen door (not as cute as yours), and several well-loved quilts that only look good folded, if you know what I mean.
Thanks for the tip about trimming down the door...mine is huge, now that I look at it. I'll get started on this project right after Christmas. Thanks for posting this!
Merry Christmas