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Hi! Im Niki. And i luv, luv, luvvv taking what seems like nothing, & making it something wonderful, & appealing! I believe that everything wants to be something, more than it is...whether it be a pile of discarded junk, furniture, houses, cars, or even people! I make things continually, whether it be for sale, a special gift, or just for fun! I enjoy seeing things other creative people have made as well...although sometimes it makes me think why didnt I come up with that?! Haha. Our heavenly Father is the ultimate Creator, & i love seeing how he endowed a piece of that in so many of us.😊

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Crosses from "Junk"

These are just some things that I created from more junk that I salvaged.."One man's junk", & all that!

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Re: Art Canvas turned into Rectangular Wreath

So gr8! I have a PILE of old frames around this size, just sitting in my backyard, awaiting the day that i make them into something wonderful! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Re: Water Spigot Necklaces

I'm always attracted to faucet handles like this too! My husband & i acquired an old hardware store, years ago, & there were a lot of these same faucet handles in there. I racked my brain coming up with ideas of things to make out of them-but, i never thought of this! Way to go!


This really appeals to me! I just luv it! Good job!

Re: It's Pumpkin Time in Virginia

Luvvvvv it! Cutest handmade pumpkins ever! I'll bet that you were kinda glad that you forgot to plant your pumpkins! ;-D

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

I suppose you know....this is FAB-U-LOUS!!!!! <3

Re: Remixed Recycled Jewelry

You are super-talented, girl! Of course, I know you're used to hearing that! I love everything you do on here! We seem to have the same sort of taste! Keep it up, & be blessed!

Re: Birdfeeders and Garden Art

Oh, my goodness! These pics just made my day! I LOVE old jello molds like these, & I'm always wanting to buy them, but never am able to justify it, because I don't know what I'd do with them! I love this idea, though! So, next time I see them, I'm going to buy them & do this! Blessings!

Re: Spoon Christmas Tree Topper

I have a real affinity for silverware. Thanks for yet one more gr8 idea for it! Love it! Blessings!

Re: You can thank Disneyland for this one!

I cannot WAIT to make some of these!!! Yeah for x-large stuff!!! This idea made my lil ol' day!!! Thanks so much!

Re: "Just what the Junker ordered"

Oh~muh~dang!!! This is like som'n I've had dreams about! Seriously....hooray for you! How OSM is that? Just goes 2 show....u never know, so it's worth a peek! Hallelujerrr!!

Re: Noel License Plate Art

P.S. WHERE on round, big green earth, do you get so many license plates?! Arggghhhhh! Fun!

Re: Noel License Plate Art

This HAS to be the BEST-EST Christmas decoration that I have EVER come across!!! Wow-za! I love it because it is so whimsical, & FUN...like ME! I really lean toward this type of holiday decoration, instead of formal. Way to go!! Gonna ahve to make one, now! Woooo-hoooooo!

Re: Old tiles

Luv it! Gonna do this for teacher gifts! Thnx 4 sharing! Blessings 2 U!

Re: ~My Sweetheart~

OK, 1st of all...dang...I like, never thought I was gonna get to the bottom of the list of comments! Hahaa! 2nd of all...cutest thing EV-ERRR!! I admit that I was horrified at first to see that you cut this cooler up...then I read your comment as to why. Great way to salvage this beast! Love it like you wouldn't believe! Way to go, mayne!

Re: My shagalicious headboard. Don't try this at home, kids!

One word...WOW-ZA!

Re: "Key To My Heart" Resin Pendants from old keys.

LOOOOOOVE it, gurl! I'm SOOOO gonna make some of these 2day!!! Been needing some "thank you" gifts, & this idea is PERFECT! Thnx for sharing! Blessings to you!

Re: More Thrift Store Finds.

I've been wanting some glass plates like these...tahnks for reminding me! I saw a magazine article once that used these "flower-shaped glass plates" as actual flowers in a garden! They cut slits on one end of a 1/4"-1/2" piece of copper tubing, slipped the plate in the slit w/ some adhesive, then added a copper leaf to the copper "stem." They stood a grouping of them in the garden area, & I've always wanted those lil cuties!

Re: My Funky Chairs

These chairs remind me of a line from the movie, Indecent Proposal, when Woody Harrelson said, "Everything wants to be SOMETHING!" Well, you have made these simple, seemingly un-noticeable chairs into SOMETHING...something wonderful!!! Way to go!


What a gr8 find! and, your work on it has made it "magazine photo shoot" ready! You got SKILLZ, babeeee!

Re: Airstream Project

Love it!! What kind of paint did you use for the sink/ countertops? I've wanted to do this same thing to my kitchen countertops! They are like, 30 years old....formica...the white kind w/ the gold flecks in it. We can't really afford new countertops right now, but I would love new. I would totally settle for painted ones in the meantime, however! Let a sistah know.....Thnx for sharing! Wish I had the "mulah" to buy old RV's & funky them up, & flip 'em, now!!

Re: Coat Hanger Topiary

I'm a NUT for topiaries...& you're right, the frames ARE expensive! I'm SO greatful for this idea, now! Thanks for sharing! Happy Junking!

Re: Wheelbarrow Update

LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEE it!!! So pleasing to the eye, AND soul!

Re: "Fiesta Tree Hangers"

I've loved everything I've seen on here from you! You must be a lot of fun, because your creations sure are! Great!

Re: Bed in the Flowers

My Father-in-Law tried to give me an old brass headboard a couple of mos. back. I told him I'd take it, but then 4got. While nosing around one of his many lots of junk the other day, I saw it laying in the grass, & remembered it. I still left it there, because I still wasn't sure what to do with it. I'm going over there to get it, RIGHT NOW! Thnx 4 the inspiration! Wish you could come check out all of his junk w/ me! It's so fun!

Re: Funky Junky Furniture

SUPER-DEE-DUPER!! That's my style! Fun & Funky! Great job!

Re: Commercial Laundry Hamper

This is SO great! Put it on your porch, with flowers in the summer, pumpkins in the fall, & a smaller Christmas tree in the winter! Maybe make a fabric liner for it...or run ribbon through the mesh of the basket, all the way 'round! Cute! This brings back so many memories! My mom was a single mom, & so we spent a fair amount of time going with her to the laundry mat as kiddos. (Couldn't afford new washer/dryer when they broke.) We would entertain ourselves by taking turns pushing one another around in these baskets! Uber-fun! Wish I had one now to "go for a spin in!" Heehee!

Re: Proof It's In The Jeans


Re: Industrial Romantic Junk Jewelry

Ooooooooh! Fancy use of junk! LOVE that! I'd wear that ANY day...with jeans OR a dress! I know I've got some of these same items around here...gonna have to "copy"! Thnx 4 sharing!

Re: soldering irons

I never knew what these were! Now, I do! My husbnd & I had purchased an old hardware store years back, & I kept finding these in various places throughout the shop, but never knew what they were! Lol!

Re: Doll Chair Cookbook Rack

What an original idea! Tickles my heart! (Plus, I just LOVE cookbooks!!) Keep 'em coming! Blessings 2 U!

Re: Dictionary Place Cards

Awwwww! How beautiful! They should be framed, so you can look at them all the time! Great work!

Re: Pink & Green Fabulous Luggage

This is great, gurlie! I see old luggage like this all the time at garage sales. It's mostly always in good shape, too. I really want to paint some with polka dots! Thnx 4 the inspiration! Keep junkin'--ur producing real treasures!

Re: chandelier

L O V E IT!! My husband is a builder/remodeler, & last year, he completely remodeled an entire get-away home for a couple who simply told him about many things in the home, including light fixtures, "Just get rid of it!" Well, there were several light fixtures with crystals. Needless to say, I went NUTS! I painted one glossy black, & re-hung the crystals...so striking! I'd never seen crystals like them before. They had the old "carnival glaze" on them, making them have a rainbow-type effect. The other "chandlier" was porcelain, with gold-painted trim on each piece. There were also porcelain roses that dangled from each arm of the fixture! I added crystals, hanging from pink satin ribbon, & tied brown tulle bows to the top as well, & hung it in my girls' room. So cute, I could just eat it! Lol.

Re: free find favorites

Love the color! I'm in the process of a much-needed redecorating of my living room, & I'm featuring this exact color of turquoise! Yummy color!


O.K. Every time I see burlap, I think of the A-MAZING curtains that a friend of mine made for her dining room. Her taste is really hih scale, but with a definite CREATIVE flair. So, to see burlap on her dining room windows really surprised me. She hung them on either side of her grand windows, letting them puddle elegantly on the floor. Then, she swagged purple-ish, blue-ish silk as a valance in between. it was absolutely beautiful! It really took the common, & made it pop with the "Wow! Factor." So, there's a neat idea for you! Have fun!

Re: Zebra Chair...from dirty to flirty!

THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!! From junk to FUNK! yea!

Re: Crosses from "Junk"

@ vanj: Yes! I just bent the copper metal tubing...AND I bent the metal strapping for the other fish, too! So easy! Thnx 4 the comment! You were my 1st one ever! Blessings 2 U!

Re: I'm Really Into Heavy Metal!

LOOOOOOOOOVE the BuTtOn BaCk ChAiR!!!! My great-grandmother used to have a whole set of these in black, & I had forgotten about them until now. I liked them even as a child. Although, I also had a flashback of how one had to be very careful about getting up from one of these chairs while wearing shorts...the metal "slats" would pinch your skin if you didn't get up carefully! Beauty truly is pain, I guess! Lol! Uber-creative, gurlie!

Re: Work is for the birds...

This is A-Dorable!!! I have an old metal lunchbox as well, that I just spray painted green, but got stuck as to what to do with it now. I never thought of making it a bird haven! Creative! Blessings to you!