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Wagon Wheel for Christmas Gathering

Family will be gathering in the barn for the holidays, so I brought in the wagon wheel from the landscaping and adorned it for the barn wall :)

Welcome to my office

The corner of our den is now my "chic and shabby" office... and completely constructed out of everything old and chippy!

Top 10 Pick...Architectural and Furniture Pieces

Miss Junk Situation has chosen Arch Salvage for the the JMS 2012 "Top Ten". I know it's on my list! This from Tammy... Re-use of windows, doors, drawers, vanity mirror frames, shutters and fences. The list can go on and on!

Industrial light cage planter

It looks like a typical planter basket, but this is a cage cover to an old industrial light.

Recessed light planters

Canisters from recessed lights are going to make great pots/planters for spring.... they have a big hole in the bottom for drainage!

Tool box "jewelry" box

My first thought for this old tool box was to keep this one for my self for jewelry organization!

Vintage Sled Centerpiece

A smaller-than-usual vintage sled made a fun centerpiece for the Holiday Walk Home Tour!

Barn trees for the "Holiday Walk"

We're on tour !

Junk"Y" Situation

Junk designing is such a creative outlet.

Shabby Chic Buffet/Chest

Sometimes BRIGHT color can be limiting when selling a vintage piece.  This piece got a new primitive looking top, and was toned down with white paint while allowing "character lines" of the...

Junk Art Door/Headboard

I've always wanted to create a headboard out of a vintage door !

Totally shabby chic junk table

This half of a vanity's drawers was too cute to leave behind.  The cabinet doors were laying around in my barn and just happen to fit perfectly on the top and front.  It took all of about...

Rusty Canning Cooker Planter

I had been trying to sell this rusty canning cooker with no luck.  I suppose others didn't see it's potential, so I decided to help them visualize. Paint, flowers and pretty staging will surely...

Crate tables... super easy!

Crates-a-plenty, so I decided to change-'em-up a bit.  No need for much explanation. Cut some boards of your choice and get your drill out !!

Junk art door with drawer bins

This fun piece was created COMPLETELY with free junk.  I added the turquoise paint on the door, and the rest just came to mind on a whim!

Window art

Windows and doors are the best for outdoor decor!

Junk furniture for outside

Junk-art furniture....... simple as that :)

Save that door!

Since I'm married to a builder/remodeler, I get the left overs from many projects. And being the wise man he is, my guy knew to save this door with the copper plate and glass knob. We cut the door in...

Uncovering the color

While browsing at one of our regional antique shows, I found this small chest Gotta love what an electric sander can do !  Being a dealer, I knew it could sell right away, but I had to keep...

Frame the frame

Sometimes the FRAME is the art. I use lots of this idea in my own home.  Enjoy!

Vintage grain elevator bins / wall pockets

Grain elevators are historic... and this section of the strap of bins came out of an Indiana location. I have one section in my barn, and this one in my home. The steel was rusty, so I just lightly...

Vintage dresser-vanity re-do

I found this old dresser at a yard sale. It was soooo dark, that I couldn't see the grain in the wood.  It was so old and dry that after sanding, all I had to do was put sealer on it.  We...

New life for this GREAT chair:)

We found this old chair.... it was very sturdy, but had a cracked seat.  Lots of sanding and some new (I mean "old") wood for a seat, and this beauty turned out great !

Recent comments

Re: Funky Coffee Table

Great conversation piece... and super cool! Thanks for the idea :)

Re: Using Vintage Textiles In Home Decor

The chair is absolutely beautiful! Great ideas... perfect representation for all types of linens :)

Re: The Vintage Wedding

This is a beautiful collection of vintage memorabilia. It's all put together so well.... what a great gift idea! Nice job :)

Re: Cassie's Top 10 Pick for 2012: Vintage Hardware!

Beautiful and unique! I'm a fan :)

Re: Andrea's Top 10 Pick: Rust

Excellent pics of some great rusty eye candy:) The scales look cool all bunched together, the kid pic is hilarious! And my fav is the footed candle holder. Oh, I know we'd have fun shopping together:)

Re: First of the 2012 "Top Ten" Picks from JMS Editors and Contributors

Great stuff! You display it so well! Can't wait till yard sale season gets here... LOVE finding industrial junk :)

Re: Small Kitchen Organization...

I love the distressed end table ON the cabinet! That's very clever and works well in your kitchen. It's all great re-uses of good junk :)

Re: Going Authentic

Nice cameras! Love all the "junk finds"....you found some really great bargains!

Re: An Easy Nature Inspired Winter Garland

Simple and pretty. Very cute Donna:)

Re: Broken jewelry, old Christmas lights...

These are great! Both are such works of art! Love the light idea :) You did good !

Re: January Wreath Change-up

Iron junk is so fun to work with.... very nice !

Re: Jewelry Organizer

How clever! The addition of the soap dish is fun:)

Re: Upcycled Silverplate Bird Feeder

Wow! I think this might be my favorite of your creations! It's so attractive, and the story is so sweet. Very nice.

Re: Starry night Necklace

Perfect mix of pretty bling! It's beautiful :)

Re: Holiday Party Ideas for the Wine Lover

Well, if you were giving that to ME as a hostess gift, I'd LOVE it! So pretty! And I think all the bling is very creative. Love the little door bell :)

Merry Christmas,

Re: Christmas Eve Lamp

Christmas must be SOOOO fun at your house ! The antique fire bucket is great for this project. I love everything about it. Cheers to you .... whatEVER you're drinking :)

Re: Christmas Eve Lamp

Christmas must be SOOOO fun at your house ! The antique fire bucket is great for this project. I love everything about it. Cheers to you .... whatEVER you're drinking :)

Re: Antique & Vintage for the Holidays.

Jon... Welcome from Kokomo! I couldn't believe that picture with the Kokomo Brass Works team! How cool... it's my hometown and where I currently live. That print is a great piece of history. The Springfield Extravaganza is also the highlight of my "junkin'" year. We go every May/Sept ... GREAT show! I'll look forward to learning more from you here on JMS :)
Merry Christmas,

Re: Holiday Mantel

It's beautiful and inviting! I bet the rest of the room is just as lovely :) Great ideas Andrea!

Re: Two Upcycled Bird Feeders

Love both feeders...the Arvin heater design is awesome :) You are quite creative!

Re: Rope Hanger

Thanks for a great idea! I have a box FULL of those springs ... I see now why you're called "Clever junk" LOL!

Re: Christmas brooch restyled into necklace

Classy and elegant! It's lovely :) Nice job!

Re: Steamer Trunk Bookcase

What a great idea! We all know those trunks are hard to sell.... people seem to love them, but don't know how to display a beat-up piece of history. I love this re-purposed treasure :)

Re: HUGE...Antique Corbel Floor Lamp

Genius! It looks like it would be so easy to put 3 pieces of wood together, but I'm sure it took a lot of work... It's absolutely spectacular :)

Re: My Redesign on a Redesign!

Very cool architectural pieces! It's a beautiful, peaceful winter design :) LOVE it!

Re: Structo Keepsake Box Roller Skate Truck

Brian, you make amazing stuff! Hats off to you :)

Re: Christmas Lantern

Elegant, and fun to look at for any age! Can't wait to see how you fill it in spring ;)

Re: Bike Rim Wreath

Very CUTE Laurel! I love the "Merry" hanger! So sweet and so simple. Merry Christmas to you too :)

Re: Winter Greetings Basket

Adorable! The cash register number is an eye-catcher, and I love the shutter it's hanging on as well:) Very pretty basket !

Re: "Absinthe Wings" Necklace

HA! A vintage lipstick tube.... Love that! It's a beautiful necklace. Perfect "greens" to wear for the holidays too!

Re: Candle Logs

You make such pretty things Cindi! Those candles will be fun to change up with each holiday! Great idea:)

Re: Forest Glam DIY

That is wonderful! I love those curly sticks... and the vintage glass. Great mix :)

Re: Simple (boy, do I mean simple) fall decorating

Very cute stuff ! Cool rake, and nice use of the bedsprings :)

Re: Trumeau Mirror

Cool project... this is the first I've heard about the looking glass paint! Awesome! Looking forward to more of your ideas !

Re: Christmas in a Can-ister...

As always, very lovely and very inspiring !! Beautiful project:)

Re: Lighting Up your Fall Outdoor Table...Quick and Easy

Very cute fall idea! Bird seed.... love it :)

Re: Marburger Farms - Garden Edition

Great ideas! We've been asked to have our home on a Holiday Walk in November, and you've given me a couple of really good thoughts to add to my 'junk-art' christmas decorating. Thanks Sue :)

Re: Got Mums?

I have a similar box in my barn.... why I haven't thought to put a plant in it, I have no idea! Sometimes things are so simple and I guess I looked past the obvious. Awesomely simple idea ... Looks great!

Re: Picket Fence Flowerbox

Great project... it would look great on my wrap-around front porch :) Did you fertilize those mums? LOL !

Re: Happy Falloween to All

Great use of everything! I especially think the door arrangement with the rope and pulley are awesome! I've been looking for an idea for a "family" pulley and now I have it:)
Beautiful !

Re: Upcycled Light Fixtures

I have several places that these would look fantastic! They are absolutely spectacular :)

Re: Cornflower Blue License Plate Birdhouse

I love the color! Very nice design and very cool parts.

Re: Summer Wine Storage

I think you like wine! Love the color... I'm adding turquoise to my own home with light gold and light green. Love it... and I love your idea, again :)

Re: Junk"Y" Situation

Lala, I sell at 2 different stores in Kokomo Indiana. The Original Treasure Mart, and Timeless Pieces and Treasures Ebay Consignment Store. They are right down the road from one another. Both have facebook pages by the same name, and also websites. Thanks for your nice comment :)

Re: mason jars & burlap =elegant country-shab

I love it! What a memory that will be for all the wedding guests! There's nothing more unique than a country wedding :)
Best wishes,

Re: Cheers!

That would look really cool in my party barn! You've given me a really good idea! It's an awesome project. Very nicely done:)

Re: Jewelry from magazines?

What a perfect piece of vintage looking jewelry to wear while shopping at the junkin' stores ! They're very pretty :)

Re: My Flowers 2011

I love using junk in the gardens... you ideas are terrific :)
Oh, and you have quite the green thumb !

Re: A Little Garden Bling with Silver and Crystals

What a cool idea! I love the "bling" for the garden idea... nice project :)

Re: DIY White Washed Place Mats

You crafty, clever woman.... THAT is a BEAUTIFUL table :) I'm sure you're guests feel really special !

Re: Happy Memorial Day

I remember Woolworth's also. Cool story, and it's awesome that the same flag has been in your family for so long. It's a perfect 4th of July in Indiana! Blessings everyone !


Re: Silage Shooter

It's a beauty! I love the last picture with the chair.... it's all just GREAT together. Nice project :)

Re: Farm Fresh...A New Twist on the Chicken Feeder

What a cute project. Everything looks really sweet together.
The grate is awesome !

Re: Old Door Arbor

Awesome project! I have a similar idea ... just need the time to create it. You've got me putting that idea back on the front burner :)
Very nice....

Re: Old Family Farm Drop Leaf Table Turned Into Wall Art

Do you know how many people are thinking "why didn't I think of that"?! Very simple, very effective, and great graphics! Nice job :)

Re: Fireplace Screen

That's a cool, rusty conversation piece! You've shown that "hardworking tractor junk" a whole new world! Nice :)

Re: Remnants of Spring: A Tablescape

Woweee! The bright green just pulls you right in! And the music between the plates is such a unique idea... Love it all ! Very nice :)

Re: ~Happy Mother's Day~

Another simple and fun creation! Makes me smile:) Good job on this one !

Re: Crystal suncatcher mini-chandelier

Sometimes I find myself thinking.... "why didn't I think of that"?! VERY pretty !!

Re: Another Simple Spring Wreath

Another pretty design by Laurel! Great mix of junk!!

Re: Tin tile in a frame

So simple and so pretty:) I've thought about doing that, but I hadn't thought of the magnets! It works beautifully...

Re: Reel Plant Holder

Well, that's just darling and SOOOO clever! Great idea. I know JUST where to get some reels for myself.... and just in time for Easter too :)

Re: Repurposed bed cot.... to a junk-art deck table

Thanks Tracy... I use the old boards for lots of furniture repurposing. If you find the table with the height that you like, see if built in a way that you could add the primitive boards over the old top for this look. Pub tables are hard to find, but are a gem when found! Good luck :)

Re: Money Bag Tutorial for Vendors

Well, that's just so cute and clever! Just a reminder that we can't overlook ANYTHING when re-purposing !
Tammy :)

Re: Another industrial mirror!

That is a very cool piece of rusty pipe clamp.... I would have just called it a whatchamacallit! Love your idea. It looks great :)

Re: File under "virtues" :)

What a good idea! Great "save" !!

Re: WIRE BASKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really like the sign piece and big rings! I love these :)

Re: $1,200.00 French Farm Kitchen Renovation

Very inviting, incredible collections. Perfect design for a farmhouse :) Wonderful job !

Re: Stylish Wine Cart

TGIF ! I'll bring White Zinfandel...I think all us junkin' friends need to put your cart to some good use! Lovely job Andrea :)

Re: Rusty Drain Pipe Planter

I like it, I like it, I LIKE it !!

Re: My harvest table restoration

It's amazing what lies underneath that chippy paint, and I LOVE chippy paint too ! But this re-do turned out beautiful. Nice :)

Re: Industrial Side Table

What an awesome table! That is such a unique piece. Love what you created Midge!

Re: Chicken wire Cloche

Well, that's just SOOO sweet !!
Very cool :)

Re: Seeing Angels...

Very clever stuff ! I really like the accessories in the wine box shelf. Nice :)

Re: Isn't it wonderful?

I had that same situation with a chair.... check out my pics. I did what Jim's talkin' about. Old wood.... perfect ! Good luck :)


Re: Wine glass holder

I have ALL those things:) Great idea Andrea!! Very cute.

Re: A Beautiful Combination of Created and Found Objects

Very interesting combination of 'stuff'. I really like the blue glasses! And what an awesome dress form... great ideas :)

Re: Oh, no! I've been Framed....but in a good way!

I agree... the best things DO happen by chance! Very attractive arrangement. Love the grate :)

Re: Metal File Drawer Chalk Board

I have chalkboard paint and I have drawers! I better get busy! Cool idea :)

Re: From bread bakin to shelf makin!

I wouldn't have known what that was! It makes a great display. It's a unique piece and looks awesome :)

Re: Junky Outdoor Pallet Table

That is ONE COOL table! I'd like one for my deck :) Nice job!

Re: School Desk End Table

You've created a really cute little corner with all that fun stuff. Thumbs up!

Re: Wire Basket Chandelier

I have a wire basket just like that, and I actually was thinking about this idea. Now I can see what it would look like, so thanks ! Love it :)

Re: A Desk Reorganization ala Junk Style!

Clever uses of some very unique stuff. They all look great together!

Re: JMS Membership Red Letter Day

Congrats Sue! I just told about 25 women TODAY about your site, AND I even had your book with me for show 'n' tell! I gave a program today to a group of sorority women...wanting to know "what I do"!!! I explained I'm a junk artist inspired by my friends at Junk Market Style. You should have seen the pens and paper come out to write that name down !!
Best wishes for a GREAT year!
Tammy :)

Re: Tightening the Belt(s)

Workin' on my "to-do" list for today.... #1 on the list? Go to goodwill !!! What a great idea! Very classy!

Re: Junk Hang-Up: Vintage Door Coat Rack

Junk organization.... it rocks! Very good eye for that chippy door:)

Re: Vintage JEWELRY Sign

GREAT colors and graphics. As a graphic design major, I appreciate what I KNOW is a lot of time you put into this project. Very nice!

Re: On Cue

Very cool idea! And I'm a graphic artist too... and also a dealer in Kokomo!
I'll have to roadtrip north to see your stuff :)
www.junksituation.blogspot.com Tammy

Re: From Broom Holder to Flower Display!

So pretty under that Paris clock! Simple can be so beautiful.... great idea.

Re: Lace & Metal Dress From

Very beautiful work of art!

Re: Extreme Farm Furniture

What a GREAT look, compressing all those years into this piece. Beautiful conversation piece.

Re: Junk that's 'Fit for a Queen'!

Beautifully done... I love the finial on top and the green plant. VERY nice :)

Re: Special find!!

Beautiful! Pretty accessories! Great find :)

Re: "Flea Market Under Glass" Setup is Under Way!

Love all the booths! I bought one side of a church pew that look just like the one in your booth. I haven't decided what to do with it yet... I'll have to post when I do. Good luck to you all this weekend. Wishing a 10 hour drive didn't separate me from meeting you all and SHOPPING ! Have fun :)

Re: Belted Bulletin Board

I am SOOOOO using your wonderful idea ! It's VERY cool...You did good :)

Re: Hold the phone - An estate sale find!!

This turned out very nice! I have one in my home on display and love it. You did a great job:)

Re: Bathroom Junk Re-do!

Very cute collection! I especially like all the stuff on the shelf... fun :)

Re: "Cush" Job...

Simple and unique. Very clever Laurel!

Re: Wheel Well No Fuss Indoor Garden

I love the pitcher... all the elements are great together. Very clever and eye appealing !

Re: Happy Valentine's Day!

That's awesome !

Re: Junkin up your love....?

Simple can be so pretty. Very nice piece !


I agree with Jim! I love the blue box and wire basket. I bet your home has lots of "oohs and aahs" !!

Re: Gear Mirror 5 Different Ways

I love the old with the new... very cool gear. It's a winner ! Thanks for the idea :)

Re: New life for this GREAT chair:)

Thanks for the great encouragement everyone. I'm just getting started at posting my projects. I appreciate your kind words :)

Re: What's your number?

Very attractive! My kinda style... Love it! Very nice job:)