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More TRASH to treasure

Just a few things I picked up "dumpster diving"!  The side tables had a mapley finish...I sanded and painted a cream color, then distressed and rubbed a black stain on top.  I also sanded...

The Bench is FINISHED!

Two yard sale chairs ....I snagged for free!  My father and I simply cut a rectangular piece of plywood and upholstered it, attaching it from the bottom!  I actually found this great...

Please help us....we would like to be a bench someday....

Ugh!  I took these chairs home a year ago, free from a yard sale, I would like them to be made into a bench.  My thought was upholstering a rectangular board with white and black...

Funky Side Table

I purchased this table base last year.  It was bright yellow & ADORABLE!  I thought it would go perfectly in my daughter's room as a night stand.  Turns out it was way to...

Kitchen Cabinets

Finished Kitchen Cabinets.  These little pretties were once a VERY UGLY maple color with lots of darker stain on the scrolly routed stuff (I believe that is the technical term?!).  To top...

New use for an old crate

Old crate transformation

Dining Room

Cozy dining area

New use for a Hooked Rug

Rag Rug turned Wall Hanging!

The Back Porch

Probably not the time of year to add porch pictures...but I LOVE my new addition!

The locker room

Great Old Lockers!

More from the front porch

More pics of my JUNKY front porch!

The Front Porch

I just love our front porch.  Not only because it is cozy...but I love all the stories behind the junk/treasures displayed! 

My daughter's room

I recently added some yard sale finds to my daughter's room....I can't seem to get it all together.  The bedding is throwing me for a loop!  But I love the little extras! 

Repurposed Casserole Server

New life for a casserole server!

Recent comments

Re: Bird Bath made from reused/recycled glass.

Can you tell me what you use to hold the glass together? Brand of glue?

Re: Please help us....we would like to be a bench someday....

I have added the finshed product...thank you all for the great ideas!

Re: [WRECKAGE] Cabinet

LOVE IT! Where can we buy it??

Re: Benchs from headboard

CUTE, LOVE the green color!

Re: More from the front porch

Did I reinforce the inside of the trunk...ummmm...no. That had not occured to me, but it may have been a good idea ;) ! I purchased the legs at a furniture shop. I could have bought them cheaper at Lowes. Then I used square metal thingies that are sold in the same dept. at Lowes. 4 metal screws and done. Good Luck!

Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

I LOVE this. Probably my favorite !!

Re: Utensil Holder - Old Heavy Lard Press

My Dad has one in his garage...I am calling him immediately!!!