Jan Bigelow, Crossville, TN, US

Enjoy junking, create/make things from junk, shab-chic items, you name it Ive done it! Enjoy teaching make-it take-it classes, have taught for many years, also have lots of ORIGINAL items I have created. I LOVED the color GREEN before MS knew it was a color!! I really enjoy country living especially in the mountains of Tennessee!

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Bottles cut..copper pipe we drilled holes where we wanted the bottles...cut 12 inch small wire to slide through the holes to stop bottles from sliding down pipe....made holes in top of copper pipe to...

mason jars & burlap =elegant country-shab

My grand-daughter's September wedding is taking place in a barn! GOING TO BE ELEGANT"

Givin' the stool the BOOT!

Old Torn Jeans...Worn out Boots...make a great Boot Stool! Place 2x4's in the Boots (screwed in through bottom of boot ) Put pant legs over boots, screw seat on. turn over and tack legs to...

Please Mammy, pass the syrup!

Old syrup glass bottles in shape of Aunt Jamima Mammys are fun to paint, fill with sand and use as cook book holders, or door stops or just to sit on your country fun shelf. Sample is quite...

Canning WOOD be NICE !

Take canning glass jars of all sizes, fill with goodies of your choice, EX.Peas & Carrots. Then fill with water and place lid on. IMPORTANT NOTE: The filling of items and water are ONLY for...

Canning beans on the "light" side with hanging flower basket!

1 antique canning jar, 1 wire frame used for hanging plants, material torn into strips( hole hooked together). Jar lid with electric socket put on  with 2 large washer and 1 finial. LOTS OF...

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Re: Vintage Wedding Reception

How Lovely! Lots of creative thoughts went into all the special details. Jim covered them all in his comment...I do think you will be getting calls to decorate for other events.

Re: Take the Challenges: Encourage Others and Toot Your Own Horn!!

Hi All..typed everything up, took my photos went to post and my photos would not take! Wanted to "toot my own horn" and show you my Mason Ball Jar my surprise all my same photos took on my Pinterest..I really don't know why I can't seem to load right on my fav site Junkmarketstyle!!!
Hugs back to Kathy/Ohio....Jan

Re: Can anyone guess what this is used for?

Thought it looked too wide for shingles...Now that you REALLY know what it does....think of all the tin corrugated birdhouse roofs you can make!! Will check back to see exactly WHAT you did make with it. Jan

Re: Mason Jar Challenge Project

Hi..I agree with Georgia..the mercury glass, especially for Holidays great effect! As we speak I am trying to locate my mason jar creation..this sounds like a "fun" getting to know some new members. Looking forward to seeing all the creativeness done with mason jars. Jan

Re: What do you think?

Great find! I have several in all sizes, and I mount them to our porch rope through the roller and tie a big fat knot so it can't slip back through the roller leave enough to tie bucket handle on. Then on the other side, let rope hang down longer and tie on a bucket (or some thing that will hold plants) Now you can hang two plants at different heights.....just be sure the side WITHOUT the knot is hanging longer then the knotted side and the plant is bigger for weight. I have also tied knots in both sides...close to bucket handles then I don't have to watch that the rope might slip out.


Thanks all...I had fun coming up with this one! ANSWER FOR TIN TIN..when you decide how far down on copper tube you want the necks to stop...MARK, then drill straight through the copper pipe to other side..have small roll of copper wire that fits the hole you just made. Cut wire 12-16 inches long...push through both holes.. curl the ends , cut if too long, really tight curl small copper wire. The curls will stop the bottle from sliding down. START MAKING HOLES AT TOP.Place first bottle neck at top (if directly under gutter allow space) mark, drill, wire, then shove the next bottle up copper tube, follow starting at top you can see just how far up to place the next bottle.SUGGESTION:

Re: Pumpkins with Attitude Sue...I love sweetness..not "sweetness pumpkins" can stay around until late November! NICE CREATIONS....

Re: Today is Her Birthday! So Here's Her Pallet pleasing project.

GREAT IDEA ON BOTH CREATIONS!! The bar came out perfect for "rustic" look and your idea of props!! YOU GO GIRL!!!Funny thing about all this we use to be in the pallet business!!...and we too have made some awesome repurposed items. Looking forward to seeing your next creation. Jan B.

Re: Happy 4th of July to All

LOVE the bike and I also think it's too special that the cooler not only fits...BUT IT'S GREEN!! GREAT JOB...but of course you already know must create in your dreams. I always enjoy seeing what you have come up with. HAPPY FOURTH!!!

Re: Ultimate Salvage Potting Table

Love it all! I also have an old door out by my grill area. In fact..have several old doors plus LOTS of other "junkn-maken' goodies" that I must sell.... anyone interested let me know.

Re: What else can I do with this??

This has many uses but I do believe it was sold by the Amish and they used it for APPLES just like librarylil suggested. I have seen Apples with candles in center.... Also small pumpkins with center carved out and tea-light candle or votives placed in the pumpkins and then twine garland of fall leaves around works well. For cupcakes I would spray white to give Shab-look...


Hi..Jan here your "junkbud". Glad you liked it all, can't wait to see what you do with some of it. Any junkers pass my area, give me a shout for I have lots of items like this for sale....come on over and browse, shop, or just visit! Really want to go to the show......not only for the "goodies" would enjoy meeting all the "fun-creative-junkbuds" I have seen on Junkmarket!

Re: I Need Your Feedback

OH MY..PERKED-UP MY JUNKN' SPIRIT!!! I would definetly do a "junk wedding" HOWEVER..lots of elegant touches added. Grand-daughter's barn wedding was so much fun....STILL NO PICTURES so keep checking back with me I will post them. As for this junk wedding idea I know all junkers like things in orginial old-found state...but for this occasion I would put junk items together(weld,glue, wired, tie etc.) go creative....( a " COUNTRY-JUNK-SHAB-CHIC WEDDING") and then get my trusty spray gun and spray all the different finished creations off-white and then add slight touches of the brides color on a few small items in each of the"shabby" painted creations!.also tuck in some greenery of the season here and there. OH YES...I COULD DO THIS WEDDING!

Re: The sawhorse patio table that does it all.

Nice Country Look! QUESTION?? what keeps the top from sliding off, one photo shows the wood frame just sitting on top of horses, did not see any stop/slot on bottom?? GOSH...I FORGOT ALL ABOUT SHAKLEE....Yeah two great ideas from one GREAT PROJECT...Jan

Re: Country Living Fair and Sobo Style Event


Re: Country Living Fair and Sobo Style Event

OH all excited for I thought I might meet you at the CLFair....then I read date!!!! I am going to the CLFair in October, Stone Mtn Ga.....WILL YOU BE AT THAT ONE???? Don't you just love all this creativity flowing from everyone!! So glad we are a "special" breed of junkers. HOPE TO ME YOU SOMEDAY, Jan Bear

Re: Givin' the stool the BOOT!

THANKS EVERYONE! I really enjoy all the nice comments! We certainly have some great "junkers" out there. I appreciate all the pictures and ideas...since we all can't get together this site is a blessing! THANKS AGAIN, Junkin Jan

Re: Yard Sale is all done Up JM Style...The Details

Wonderful JUNK......LOVE to JUNK...would LOVE to JUNK at your sale Sue! OK NOW your sale is over how about coming to Tennessee?? The first week-end in August the 127...450 mile yard sale starts!!! YES 450 miles of FUN-JUNKIN!!! Starts down in Ala. and goes up to Ohio!! ALL ON THE SAME ROAD 127!! You can google " 127 YARD SALE" and see the fun stuff!! It is suppose to start in August, but tents are going up as we speak! If you can find a spot on the side of the's yours to sell from. NOT ME...I can't wait to see what's out there! Come on all you "junkies" the 127 sale is sooooooooo much fun!

Re: Editor's Challenge

This sounds like a real challenge! Don't mention what the item is to all your 'Junky" buds..make something and have all of us try to figure out what it started as!!! Looking forward to your WONDERFUL creations....Jan

Re: More Garden Junk!

TOO SWEET!!! Sorry I must copy this...THANKS FOR SHARING...

Re: Givin' the stool the BOOT!

Always so refreshing to see that some people really do look at my "stuff" THANKS A BUNCH! It really makes people smile when someone is sitting on it and you see 4 FEET!!!!

Re: Cheap Bottle Tree

I just love this idea...I have one and it is so pretty in the winter..we wind white lights all through it. I was lucky and found a Corn-Drying iron tree that holds 20 bottles! You did a nice job and sooooooo reasonable ! GO GIRL....

Re: Old white window frame

GREAT FRAME! You could take wire or jutestring or rope and wrap around the frame. Start with whatever you choose, tie knot on the top of one corner, the frame is lengthwise, right to left, go to the bottom BUT PUT wire INSIDE the bottom of frame, wrap around frame edge, pull up, go to top of frame and again GO INSIDE the frame, wrap around top frame edge, keep on with this in and out... etc...until you have wire/rope wrapped around the whole frame, and pushed tight together. Place hooks on back side, and hang it up near your door to use for letters, notes, pictures whatever. The wire/rope woven tight together makes a great way to slide pictures, mail, notes,whatever in and out. If you don't have a space long enough for east/west hanging.... hang it the other way.

Re: Canning WOOD be NICE !

Hello all and THANKS so much for looking at my items and how nice to recieve lovely comments! I reall enjoy this site! Jan

Re: Newcomers Please Read

Hello..I jumped in with both feet and to my surprise I have posted some items!!fUN fUN... NEED SOME HELP..I can post and add photo of items, having trouble FINDING the place to add my photo. I have only seen it once but I did not have happy-crafter face ready!!!! Now I do and can't locate the "on" click!!! Any suggestions?????

Re: Canning beans on the "light" side with hanging flower basket!

Thanks for the comments..any questions on "how-to's" for the lock strip method... WITHOUT knots...PLEASE ASK.

Re: Canning beans on the "light" side with hanging flower basket!

Had trouble with pictures, wanted to show one with shade on jar base!! The frame is for hanging plants,remove the 3 hanging chains. After ripping material(several different patterns & colors) into 1 1/2 to 2 inch strips, start at the narrow part of wire basket, make sure you LOCK the start of material in place and start to weave material, pushing down to make a tight fit. When one strip in ALMOST to the end, you ADD another strip by lock weaving..NO KNOTS. When you have finished to bottom of wire, go around the base rim, covering all the expose wire and again LOCK OR SEW end of material. Add fringe of ripped 6" strips. If not even, trim. Take one wire washer, place inside shade the other washer on the outside, put bulb holder through both and screw on the finial. With material shade I suggest no more than 60W bulb.

Re: Can you tell what these are?

I believe they were used to pull heavy drapes back mounted on sides of windows to give a nice window effect. When you wanted drapes closed, you just pull away from side metal pull towards side holders and drape behind the metal bend. NICE OLD FIND....PUT TO GOOD USE AGAIN!

Re: Metamorphasis Puzzle

Hi..Nice piece..and you bought it finished, lucky you. If you turn the frame, one turn to the right or left, and IF it has holes on one side near top and down near bottom where hindges use to could be an old cabinet door that once had colored pieces of glass slid in where you have the pictures. The black iron work was added for decor when they turned it lengthwise.

Re: pincushion

I can follow it until I get to "put the sleeve over it"? Do I roll two different colors of wool for center? and did you mean to pull the "cuff" over it?? I really would like to make some, thanks. When you say you mean the cuff of the sleeve? I see ribbing like a cuff.