Hi, my name is Donna and I'm a junkaholic.

I collect cool things off the side of the road, then turn them into must haves for my home.

Excuse the rust... it's intentional.

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New junk growing in my garden

My yard needed a major overhaul this summer. So rather than just pull weeds and do the same'ol, a little junk revamping transpired for a few new vignettes. It's still early in our growing season but at least the features are now set in stone. Or junk. Take your pick.

Resting up on an outdoor pallet sofa

Have you ever wished your outdoor furniture was as comfy as the indoor variety? I'm happy to say, I think I've come up with a way to make that happen. And all it took was some reclaimed lumber, and a...

5 unique JUNK picture frames

Desiring to come up with a few unique ways to frame photos, I played around with some standard junk components. The unique end results please me much more than your typical square wooden frames. It...

A gutsy wheelbarrow coffee table

I totally expect this one to raise a few eyebrows. But this crazy invention came with a purpose.I challenged my blog readers to break out of their comfort zone and see what they could create that...

An Easy Nature Inspired Winter Garland

Here's a quick and easy garland that's easy to change out for each season. The secret? Clothespins...

The spring mantel that will never die

Spring means plants and plants die in my house. So a spring mantel was created with faux in mind.

No room for a side table? Use a ladder instead!

I wanted a king sized bed! There, I said it. But with room for little else, that left me in a bit of a bind for a side table. A ladder sealed the deal. It takes little space, and all your junk has...

Junk art coat hook wall? Yup!

So what's one to do when you have too much junk? Hang it up vertically. In your front entry. Then hang coats off of it all. (Just remember who you're talkin' to here...)

Make your own coffee bean sack window shades

Not one for traditional window treatments, a recently reclaimed burlap coffee bean sack became my window shade of choice. Perfectly cheap, easy AND junky!

A visit to a junk themed campsite

Last summer during a camping trip, a total fluke landed us in a campsite that was junk themed. I had no idea I adored rusty bikes so much... until now.

Make a branch handled tray

After rummaging through a friend's burn pile, his dead trees and old lumber became one sweet little rustic tray, perfect for summertime entertaining... indoors and out!

A messy styled horse gated bedroom

A horse gate becomes a new headboard! Complete with a mess. Admit it... it's a great concept if you don't like making your bed.

Junk storage even a non junker would love

Have storage issues for your own surplus of junk? I finally solved mine with a simple storage unit that was a breeze to install. Why it took me 5 years is a whole other issue...

Create a pallet board wardrobe wall!

If you disklike hanging up your clothes, this invention just may save your... floor.

Ladders, ladders everywhere!

I love old ladders! Here's what I did with a few of mine recently....

There's a sawhorse on my mantel...

If a given project makes me chuckle, that tells me I've been brave. And an upside down sawhorse on a mantel passed my test just fine. :)

The sawhorse patio table that does it all.

My patio is small, but I was bound and determined to come up with a way to combine a lounge AND eating area. So I threw a buncha junk together and came up with a table that served three purposes... a...

Pets and junk

When I take photoshoots inside my home, I'm always delighted when I manage to capture my pets in the shot. Unexpected little faces looking back at you always seem to complete a picture in the most...

Playing with vintage hardware

One of my very favorite things to collect is all kinds of vintage or old/used hardware. I keep hording them until something clicks and I put a grouping to work. Here are a few things I jazzed up...

One last try for those junky roses...

A year ago I received a gorgeous bouquet of roses. Hating the thought of throwing them out, I dried them but never really knew what to do with them. I decided to attempt a new look before they hit...

Giving junk a job

My favorite thing in the whole wide world is naturally junk. But what rusts my bucket to the max is when it's also productive. So I played with a few new pieces over the last while and put them to...

Need a tray? Use a door!

I was desiring to create a unique tray. And not being satisfied with a normal schnormal variety, I slapped together an old cabinet door and old tray handles for a one of a kind type insteadThink...

Old crate stairs

When the good 'ol carpet plan didn't materialize for these stairs, creativity was in order to come up with something cool. Loving the look of old authentic crates, the stairs were designed to appear to be made out of old authentic crates and signs.

Junkified Christmas decor (part 2)

Christmas just wouldn't have been Christmas without throwing abit of festive bling around all my favorite junk things. :) The best part about decorating with junk? Come New Years, there just isnt...

Christmas tree, JUNK style

Finding the perfectly imperfect cut tree was the perfect starting point in this little Christmas creation. I label this one my Whoville Junk Memory Christmas tree. :) Plenty of rust, memorabilia, and...

A table with a story to tell

When I came across a sweet little round outdoor table at the thrift, I promptly plunked it inside instead. But it was a little plain. Plain Jane no more, the little table now wears a new outfit with...

Staging a home for sale... with JUNK of course. :)

I recently did a light stage to my mom's condo that's up for sale. It was empty so I added small touches that emphasised life. Much to my dismay (or glee..), when I brought my staging stuff over, it...

Junk up those windows!

What do these three windows have in common? If you guessed junk, wood, white, or even wierd, you'd only be warm. The secret to my window displays is that you can always see through them. Even if they...

Tool tote for the table

One weekend I was staging for a friend and took a walk into their back 40 looking for a creative centerpiece for the dining room table. I came across this wonderful old tool tote that was full of...

Try the wheelbarrow/wagon wheel combo. Tasty!

Somewhere underneath these summertime blooms gone wild is an old wheelbarrow. It use to be a weird yellow colour so I simply painted the base with white and left the rest rusty and in it's natural...

Rustic gate = happy towels

Desiring to come up with something temporary for the poolside towels, an old gate simply leaning against the side of the house with added hooks proved to be the winning solution! Way too simple but...

10 minute hanger dropcloth curtains

This little eclectic easy idea for curtains is so embarassingly simple, it really doesn't need a tutorial. Basically put, if you desire some 'dummy' curtains for an added touch of warmth to your...

Picket fence tablerunner idea

Here's a tablerunner idea for true junkers. My island in the kitchen happens to be cool metal, however being on a rampage to brighten things up, this recaptured picket tablerunner idea fit the bill...

Old palette TV stand

An old palette I had on hand became the perfect sized TV stand for my small flatscreen TV. The two openings fit the two components perfectly! I simply filled in the spaces where extra wood was...

A ladder that does it all!

An old ladder, grouped with old palette wood made into pickets becomes a unique shelf! Perfect for showing off all your finest rust. :) Mounting a galvanized light inside the ladder flips the display...

A junkin' character building

This once greenhouse was outfitted with old windows and throw away fence wood to create a one of a kind character building! Add abit of rusty relics with your flowers and you have a cute junk feature...

Recent comments

Re: Vintage Curio Cabinet

Jaw dropping AMAZING. Those patinas get me every time....

Re: Collected Junk Office Space...

You KNOW I need drawers all over my wall now, yes? LOVE!

Re: Vintage Wallpaper Display Repurposed into a Mirror

Hahahaha! Cracking up at the words, not the project...

Fabulous design as always Jim, I've needed a junk jim fix (I should copyright that) for a good long time!


Re: Repurposed License Plate Clipboards

No. Way. I'm so in love with this idea!!!!

Re: more. JUNKMARKET's Little Sister is here!!

Oh my goodness... so fabulous! What a gorgeous store! Congrats!! I hope to visit one day. :)


Re: JUNKMARKET Style....25,000 Members strong

Congrats! It's been such a wonderful ride sharing something we all love in common here. Thanks for the perfect place to do just that Sue! Kudos to all of you for your amazingness! :)


Re: Make your own coffee bean sack window shades

Thanks everyone! They were soooooo easy! :)

Re: My new upcycled ceiling light fixture

Coolest junkiest industrial lighting ever!


Re: Ice Tongs and Paper Towels

Soooo brilliant! LOVE this!!


Re: Antique Crate Island Rack

Completely amazing project AND kitchen! Goodness... talk about a total experience...


Re: Upcycled Student Room Accessories

LOVE, but that light fixture?!? Total work of art!


Re: Turning stairs into a TV stand

What a fabulous table! The finish is sooo amazing. Way to upcycle!


Re: Architectural Relic Lamp

Ohhh my... you do have a way with lamps, my junker friend. The two pieces are amazing together!


Re: Upcycled Bird Feeders with Found Objects

Ohhh this is so fabulous! I just LOVE the one with the pastry blender! Lucky little birds. :)


Re: Upcycled Desk Made From Dismantled Piano Parts

Oh wow... I'm blown away. You've truly come up with an incredible new piece... the legs are AMAZING.

Beautifully executed!


Re: Rusty Wheel Makes Rustic Chandelier

Oh my gosh I ADORE this! Want! Need! Must find a rusty wheel...


Re: Renovation Garbage Turned Garden Decor

How fun! Sure makes for a cool looking fence focal point! Now I wish I hadn't hid my broken down old fence with new trees! :)


Re: The spring mantel that will never die

shucks... thanks guys! I'm loving it... it's still up and looking as good as day one! Ha!


Re: Upcycled Minnow Bucket Duplex Metal Birdhouse

Amazing... I adore your creations! Everything has a rightful place with a purpose.. AND it looks so cool. Thanks for today's eye candy! :)


Re: Junk storage even a non junker would love

Thanks all!

Everyday a la, that thing is killing me! So uncool. I'll think of something and you can be certain I'll bring it back here once I do! :)


Re: Sir Walter Raleigh Monkey Tower

Ok, this made me smile. :) You sure know how to put the word 'fun' into a project! A piece like this could totally tell an entire story! Cool. :)


Re: Vintage Record Tidbit Display

what a classic idea! It's brilliant!!


Re: Hardware, Rust, and Rhinestones

I like I like I like!! The smallest of things truly can become amazing treasures in their own right. Nice way to make them productive!


Re: Floorboard Jewellery Stand

Ya know.. this is very clever. This method could be used for so many other different applications too... on old windows, doors, etc. Great portable idea you've come up with!


Re: Curbside find: tiger oak chest!

Truly a beautiful piece! I like that you kept it the wood tone too in this day and age of paint on everything. Very nice!


Re: Upcycled Vintage Canvas Bin Side Table

LOVE this! I'm also redoing my son's room with industrial flair... this table of yours is a beauty!


Re: Organizing Photos...The Junk Market Style Way

Outstanding! AGAIN. And really inspiring.


Re: Upcycled Primitive Coat Rack

What a fun piece! I just love all those eclectic details.


Re: Timebomb Shaker Clock Birdhouse & Elevated Teapot Birdhouse

ADORE! The Timebomb really caught my eye especially... these are truly ART.



gasp... lookit that rust!!! The star is totally speaking to me. This is actually painful. :)


Re: happy trails to you -- until we meet again

Adorable! Look at that hand done work... amazing... I could only wish!


Re: Broken jewelry, old Christmas lights...

Ah man... those bulbs have me homesick for my parent's Christmas tree from when I was growing up... LOVE! And your jewelry tree is totally sweet! Nice unique take on seasonal decor!


Re: January Wreath Change-up

Outstanding! That pulley just takes it over the edge. The tool box with trees is totally sweet... want!!


Re: Wreath made from Nanaw's Satin Ball Ornaments

Absolutely gorgeous! And knowing it was handed down from family, priceless! Aren't those vintage ornaments the best?!?


Re: Can you feel the islands?

What a fun piece! The colours just made it bounce! Love the choice of colours and crackle treatment, everything. Nicely done!


Re: Repurposed Surveyor Tripod Lamp

Oh wow... must have! First must find though. :) That's a really nice piece!


Re: Gotta LOVE Vintage Hardware

Plywood, a few boards and hardware?!? I thought doors were way harder to create! This is so cool! Love the funky shape to it too. It reminds me of something my grandma would have had in her house, those perfect vintage quirks. LOVE it!


Re: Copper lamp

Wow, this is really cool! Amazing how many pieces you've used for this!


Re: Canadian Maple Leaf Dresser

Wow, wonderful execution! Love that you brought Canada into the furniture industry. :)

Canadian Donna, eh?

Re: Christmas Eve Lamp

This is so perfectly themed... especially that tree stand and the way you've used it. Awesome!

That's it Mr. Healy. I'm going to make my first pole styled lamp in 2012! Inspired!


Re: Dresser Repurposing Take 2

this piece is to die for! Shutters?!? Wow. That patina you managed to achieve is amazing...


Re: Budget Cabinet Makeover!!!

Correct me if I'm wrong but you managed to flip dated cabinets into ones that look vintage! How cool! Great call on the white, love it!


Re: What is holding the wine glasses?

LOVE me an old crusty rake. I'm dying to do something similar with one. The black is a really nice touch on yours and looks fantastic on that weathered wood wall. Nice!


Re: Backyard grape arbor

Absolutely stunning! What a perfect fit for that window. Looks totally in it's element in that space.


Re: Old rake into a wreath

How fabulous! The rake themes with outdoor elements so perfectly! Love it!


Re: Holiday Mantel

Oh how I love every detail of your mantel! But that wheel totally stole my heart! AAHH! Must have!


Re: Wagon Wheel for Christmas Gathering

Spectacular junk wreath!! I'm totally going to fight Jim over that feeder! :)


Re: Repurposed Folding Rulers

Soo so loving this... still! Perfect execution, especially against that green door.


Re: Vanity Seat Makeover with Coffee Sack

Drooling... what a great piece! Nice job on the upholstery, looks amazing!


Re: Junky metal box necklaces with sassy gals to inspire your life!

VERY sassy and fun!


Re: Rope Hanger

Great idea! I love rope accents too, even when they're not needed. Nice touch with the galvanized goods.


Re: Chandelier under the pergola

Fabulous piece to do this on! Those shades are adorable! I haven't done it yet... but I want to now. :)


Re: Bridge in the backyard.

make that.. space. Where's the correction key?!? :)

Re: Bridge in the backyard.

Wow... I don't think I would have picked this up to be a headboard/footboard. What a great repurpose and it truly looks fabulous!

Love a dry bridge idea, such a lovely enhancement to your garden spaze - yet another WOW.


Re: HUGE...Antique Corbel Floor Lamp

The wait is always worth it. Thanks for inspiring another 'one of a kind' Jim! I think it's high time I try and make my own first lamp! :)


Re: Tub Settee

Oh wow... that is amazing! Some people are pure genius!


Re: How to Use Candles that No Longer Burn

Brilliant use! LOVE your finishing touches with the book pages... took that one right over the top!


Re: DIY Elbow Patches

Soooo pretty! You've really created an original must have!


Re: Crazy Watch Pendant

Adorable idea.. love how personalized you made it. So perfect for a gift.


Re: Chicken Crate Table

I love those things!! The storage below is just a total bonus. WANT! :)


Re: Ladder as Frame (with a bicycle theme)

Great lines! That bike is a fab addition!




Re: Frames in a Frame

What a cool idea... love how the piece is framed out. Very nice!


Re: Candle Logs

Beautiful! Love a natural look! Curious on what kind of candle you used.. was it a metal lined votive?


Re: Vintage Sled Centerpiece

Ahh!! Fabulous. :) I have one just like it and was debating on how to make it work as a.. you guessed it... centrepiece. LOVE the greens underneath! Beautiful job!

And congrats and welcome on the new status! Woohoo!


Re: Suitcase Wall

Your rendition is fabulous! I can't wait to get my hands on some of these to try it. Well done!


Re: Gratitude Necklace - Vintage Watch w/a Little Bling...

Super cool build! That watch face is fabulous. :)


Re: Silverplate Spoon Trophy Birdhouse

Woa... fabulous Brian! And welcome!!


Re: Chippy repurposed old door knob backplates

Oh WOW! I'm loving that keyhole one especially but they're all lovely! What a perfect thing to give a junker. :)


Re: There's a sawhorse on my mantel...

Wow... thanks!

Suzy, I wasn't able to load a thing here from Safari. Firefox changed all that. Crazy but true!


Re: Pulley Clock Hanger

LOVE this idea! I'm always dreaming what to use with a pulley and this is really cool!


Re: Chunky-Funky-Junky Bracelets

LOVE! The dominos and checkers are the ones that really got me. Very cool and junky like!


Re: The Living Coffee Table

What a cool idea! So unexpected. I would have never thought to put plants inside... LOVE!


Re: The Chippy Chirpy Reverse Paint Dresser

Oh my gosh... it's stunning! I can't believe you chipped that design out!


Re: Toilet Tank Turned Mosaic Planter

Woa.. this is fabulous! I would NEVER have picked out that this was an actual toilet tank from the finished shot! Stunning. :)

Welcome, Michael!


Re: Barn trees for the "Holiday Walk"

This is fabulous! LOVE LOVE LOVE that metal ribbon!


Re: Hotel Key Fob Necklaces

Oh my... LOVE these! What gorgeous touches to each and every one... I'd have a very hard time picking a fav!


Re: Unique Sofa Table

Oh my gosh... this one speaks to me. It looks AMAZING. Drill press table huh? I need to go hang out with... drill pressers! LOL


Re: Fun Fall Inspired Bracelet

Stunning piece! I'm a braceletaholic and this would indeed be a lovely piece to own!


Re: An Elegantly Wrecked Mirror

I meant 'couldn't.' I should stop posting so late at nite... eeep!


Re: An Elegantly Wrecked Mirror

TOTAL LOVE. It just wouldn't be more perfect against that wallpaper...


Re: Picket Fence Flowerbox

Very very nice! Love me some chippy pickets and the extras you designed are naturally perfect!


Re: Tool box or flower caddy with old Brace and Bit tool

Well done! I'd love to see a close up on how you kept your handle inside the hole on one end. I wasn't sure how to do that on mine! Here's my variation on JMS done back in June 2011:


Re: Summer Wine Storage

Very cool! The perfect repurpose I say.


Re: From Metal File Holder to Picture Holder

Wonderful feature! I really like how you trimmed out the photos as well. Very eye catching!


Re: Failed Barn Star attempt

LOVE me a rusty old barn star! I'd sure love to know more about the process you did. Such as how you cut the materials.


Re: Rustic Garden Chandy

Very cool! I have 101 places for a piece like that myself...


Re: JUNKMARKET Style Wedding at Marburger Farm Antique Show...Part One

Well, that was fun! It was awesome seeing you live in action, Sue! Never thought about shopping for a wedding quite like this... great ideas!


Re: Truck Transformation

Oh wow... that's totally adorable! The sky's truly the limit where succulents come into play it seems!


Re: Laundry Room Lamp

That little light of yours offers quite the amazing graphical punch! Coolest thing ever. But you really took it over the top with that amazing cord. I think I need to rethink this fear of wiring and electricity and get with the Jim Program here!


Re: cottage mail

Stunning! A mailbox just couldn't get prettier than this!

Nice to see you on JMS, 3 Ring. :)


Re: Hotrod Chevy BelAire Toy & Galvanized Gas Can Upcycled Birdhouse

So cool! This isn't a birdhouse. It's art. :)


Re: Samco Heater Upcycled Bird House

Wow... I LOVE this!!


Re: A Garden to Go!!!

There sure is Jim, It's called passion. :)

And it's also my privilege to be able to share what i love here too. I mean... you guys GET me. :)

LOVE the concept of this travel garden Sue! And very timely as well... we may be off into the wild blue yonder shortly and I have always brought along something from home. This gives me some ideas. :) Adorable!


Re: Fountain made with vintage teapot, basin and china cups.

So sweet! The theme is adorable.


Re: Kitchen junk lamp

Fabulous! Love every layer on that lamp. It's really a wonderful conversation piece!

I've been having trouble uploading too. Signing out then in again helped.


Re: It may be junk, but it always "...yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither." Psalm 1:3

LOVE those cushions! They marry up the rustic chairs perfectly. Great call! I want some too. :)


Re: Cheers!

Any junk that glows is romance in my book!

LOVE it! Would make a great night light. :)


Re: What you can make with pallets.

I can only imagine the intense effort that went into making these. I commend you! What an ultimate repurpose, especially since they stack. Now that's storage I don't mind looking at!


Re: What to do with a pile of windows?????

Makes for a very interesting garden focal point without obstructing that gorgeous view. Really cool!


Re: Teapot Teacup Chandelier

I'm so glad you posted this here! I fell in love with it the first time I laid eyes on it. The teapot and cup combination are way perfect and carry on a complete story and theme. This one is science! Very cool. :)


Re: Recyled Ladder into Chair

Wow, this looks like a photo from the 20's. What a cool vintage look! I'll be looking at ladders a little differently from now on thanks to this one!


Re: Easy as pie

Totally over the top adorable! Those roofs have me jittery with rust lust. :) What a great execution!


Re: Fighting to Survive

So cool! 'Junk art' is so interesting to pick apart. Always lots to think about and appreciate.


Re: Old Door Folding Table

Fantastic! This would work awesome in my own garage... thinking here...


Re: How to Make a Swinging Bed...

Oh Sue... I'm dyin' here. If I had a massive wrap around veranda on my house like I once did, I'd most certainly make one of these up! Maybe even with a high back so it would be a swinging lounger, how cool would THAT be for reading? Love it!

Gorgeous photoshoot. Wow.


Re: The sawhorse patio table that does it all.

GrandBear, valid point! The top stays on just fine without the added framework. The added frame needs more braces to be totally sound around wiggly kids. My kid isn't that wiggly any longer so it magically stays put, but plan to further tweak with more center bracing. May even create a latch of some sort for the sawhorses so they don't move apart. But strangely enough, the cheat sheet method as is does work.


Re: The sawhorse patio table that does it all.

Whoops.. forgot to share my secret. Get the Shaklee powder bleach. Best stuff EVAH. And doesn't stink like bleach. Imagine.


Re: The sawhorse patio table that does it all.

Dear Sue... you're pretty darn close! I did change into clean ones for the pic. :)


Re: Indoor Window Box

Fabulous! Yes yes yes, the hinges make it take off! Love the idea of having this indoors for a different spin... hmmm...


Re: Junk Art Door/Headboard

LOVE those old doors. This one is a gem!


Re: Happy Father's Day Eve!

They're super happy AND well tanned. Along with their sugar high. What a life. :)

Your jars are darling and make me smile. :) Hard not to with those pearly whites flashing back atcha! :)

(hilarious writeup!)


Re: Old Wooden Locker

Yikes... this is fab! Too bad you couldn't find two because both are ultra cool. You've done an incredible job with your painted finish I must say!


Re: Pillowcase Art Treasure!

Absolutely precious! Those little hands sure tell a story, don't they? Now this is my kinda art!


Re: Funnel flower pot

WAY cool. Just love a great galvanized finish.


Re: all mixed up.

Ha! That hot colour just makes your junk look all the more enticing. How fun! But dangerous. That's one stop junk shoppin' right there... :)


Re: Perfect herb garden

That dairy thing is the coolest ever! Perfectly junkified with that fence as a backdrop. Very cool little space you've created!


Re: Water Pail flower pot

Ohhhh love it! These old watering cans just have such a rich history. Lovely planter this is. :)


Re: Farm Fresh...A New Twist on the Chicken Feeder

This is so beautiful! All the elements marry each other perfectly. That stove grate and handle are the coolest. :)


Re: Footlocker Facelift

Awesome piece! The colour and crackle finish is amazing.


Re: Vintage yardstick chair rail

I love this as a chair rail! Especially in a room with other woodsy artifacts. Congrats on the feature! Well chosen. :)


Re: Cedro Basilo

LOVE this! And look at that location. Wow. The castors make this the perfect workstation for most anything outdoorsy. Nice!


Re: Junk Architect ~ My Home Furnishings Store

That was one enjoyable browse! I could totally see you doing this again with your current line Wreckage. Mark my words.. you are onto something BIG.

The best new/old distressed finishes in the land.


Re: 6' Black Buffet with 54 Oldsmobile Painting and Parts

So cool! Would love a few more details about how you painted it. Hand done? Airbrush? Just love it!


Re: Garden Spades

Neat piece! The blue is a nice change too.


Re: Another old window revived

VERY cute! And perfect for a wall that can use a bit of junk/flower bling!


Re: old sugar mold becomes useful container

Ohhhh...great piece! And your staging belongs in a magazine spread. Wow.


Re: 54 Olds Buffet LIT UP and DONE!

This is so cool, Paul!

I've been trying to find your website/facebook but can't locate it. Could you shoot me the direct url please?


Re: Tool Tote!

Totally in LOVE with those handles! You did an awesome job. I'm very proud of you. :)


Re: Wooden Cigar Box Purse

Wow, I love this! It's much more than a purse. It's ART. :)


Re: Garden in a Box

I love it! The box wears gorgeous graphics! A fairy garden is the perfect description.

Reminds me of the fairy houses we made while camping when my son was young. I'd get the kids in the campground to create their own fairy house nearby. Plenty of sticks, rocks and moss were always used.

Then when they weren't watching, I'd race in and put surprise candy in them once a day. Thanks for the sweet memory!


Re: Fireplace Screen

I'm with Jim. That finish (and colour!) is magnificent! What a great find!


Re: April Showers Bring May Flowers

Oh I love this! Just enough detail on the drawer to make it interesting too. Love the moss and old bottles touch!


Re: Engine Crate turned Planter Box!

Ohhh this is nice! That metal wiring is a great junkin' touch too. Looks pretty high end for junk to me! :)


Re: I'm Really Getting Into Leather!

Jim always makes me laugh. :)

Looks cool, Lani! I really like your front entry period. The soft tones are very inviting!


Re: Another Simple Spring Wreath

Adorable! That round thing is a fabulous find. Excellent use for it!


Re: Tin tile in a frame

What a cool piece! That is one stunning magnetic picture holder!


Re: Candle Holder 101

Absolutely adorable! I want 5.

I haven't gone junkin' in soooo long, just filled up my truck for the dump yet again. This post is going to land me in DEEP trouble! :)


Re: ~Happy Mother's Day~

My neighbor is going to find his work aprons missing very very soon. Imagine using them in his shop of all things!

Love this Jim!


Re: Remnants of Spring: A Tablescape

Love the natural feel to the elements. Makes me feel like I'm dining in a wonderful garden. :) Very pretty!


Re: Kitchen Chalk Board

Very cool piece!


Re: Massey Ferguson Tractor Grill Side Table

Are you kidding me? This is so cool! You've just given that old relic the perfect use.


Re: A Reel Bird Feeder

Love this idea! Out here I'd be putting in peanuts for the Stellar Jays. I saw 7 of them on one bush last week and there was no feed. Imagine what there could be if there was! :)

I had no idea birds liked fruit. I sure hope my dog doesn't.


Re: Michigan License Plate Flag

Amazing! I'm looking at a big 'ol blank wall by my stairway wishing I had all those plates right about now.


Re: Roofing Tin Flowers

How colorfully junky! These are really cute! I mean to the point of selling them. I hope you have a store set up!


Re: Pipe Wrench Bird

Sooo so adorable! I never thought I'd say that about a bug...


Re: Seed Planter Flower

Oh... love me some rusty relics for the great outdoors! This is so cute! Clever design.


Re: Drop Yer' Drawers

Cool idea! This one looks nice and vintage too. I'll be rethinking drawers in the future!


Re: Vintage Go-Kart Coffee Table/Wine Bar

Oh gosh could I ever use this! How wonderful for outdoor BBQ's or sitting around a firepit! LOVE it!


Re: $1,200.00 French Farm Kitchen Renovation

Amazing! I always admire those brave enough to go with open shelves. My stuff just never seems to be as 'pretty'. I love your one of a kind touches which make this one extra special. Beautiful job!


Re: Stylish Wine Cart

This piece is now officially AMAZING. I love the labels against the black. Awesome!


Re: The Scruffy Cottage Coffee Table

Trade you your painting technique for my sign making equipment. :)

Another hit, Jim! How I love the shape of this topper! With the perfect finish to match. Very cool!


Re: Our New Sign

Beautiful! Just love the shape of the headboard. You couldn't have chosen a more perfect base for one lovely sign. :)


Re: Upcycled Candleholder

Oh my... I adore the texture this treatment offers! Fabulous! You have my mind working overtime now...


Re: A Beautiful Combination of Created and Found Objects

Great piece and conversation!

I don't think much of anything stays the same in my home. Usually after a year, I'm redoing something. At this rate, my house will NEVER be done. :)

I'm ready to rip my bedroom apart which was the first room I actually did. But I cut a deal with myself to finish off the rest first that I keep tripping over. Two more closets and I can start redoing stuff!

And as Jim says, it's easy to do when the old stuff cost next to nothing.

I feel a sort of softening up for my style as well. Removing some of the cold hard lines and getting brave with some colour. We shall see...


Re: Oh, no! I've been Framed....but in a good way!

LOVE everything about this, Lani! The textures are over the top all together. Awesome.

Fwiw... I only have ONE picture in my entire house. I regard all else as 3D art, just like your vignette.


Re: Metal File Drawer Chalk Board

Adorable! Love the 'desk top' option for this one too.


Re: Steam Punk Lighting

I LOVE these! I'm totally needing something in my kitchen so you've given me some great food for thought. And that added bling? VERY cool. :)


Re: A Desk Reorganization ala Junk Style!

A whole lotta junkin' goodness resides in your office Lani! Your wood/sign background drew me right in! Those pieces are so cool.


Re: Junk Hang-Up: Vintage Door Coat Rack

Positively drooling here Amy. LOVE the old chippy door wonder! The character this adds to your room is over the top junkin' awesome. :)


Re: Vintage JEWELRY Sign

Jim, I'm always in awe of your projects, but what get me the most are those authentic like finishes. I attempted a new sign and when comparing to yours, let's just say I need to start over. :) Sure would love info on how you achieve that somehow someway someday... HINT. :)

This sign rocks!


Re: Junk furniture for outside

Ohhh, love all your creations! The bits and pieces from this and that are total conversation additions, just the way I like it. :)

And... I'm also a little jealous of that sunshine!


Re: It's a Dilly of a Sign!

What a great wall! And that sign?!? So cool! AND.. you have room to hang all kinds of little round things all the way to the floor from that wheel... what luck!! :D


Re: Cheese Mold Plant Hanger

I'm in LOVE with this! What a wonderful visual. And being somewhat of a plantaholic myself, this one drew me right in.

I'm looking around for things to dangle a plant inside as we speak.


Re: Extreme Farm Furniture

Incredible! Your finishing details and colour tones are simply like no others. Awesome piece!


Re: Happy May Day!

Ohhh the flashlight idea is adorable!

As for the flea? I'll give it more thought and come back if I get a brainstorm. But thus far, I think Rusty is pretty darn perfectly junkafiable. :)

Ok... got one. FleaStyle. :)


Re: Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, now if that wasn't the sweetest sentiment AND project ever. :) Very cool indeed!

Thanks for your continued amazing inspiration Jim.


Re: Hanging Flower Basket Light

Oh wow!! She's over here too! Yay T!!!

LOVE this project. It's not only clever, it proves that rust can be elegant as well. LOVE this!


Re: "Springy" Flowers...

Wow, so adorable! And you know that rusty metal grabbed me... :)


Re: Slightly Sophisticated Coop Lighting

LOL at your choice of words!! I LOVE it. And I'm waiting to see your entire lamp line in a book one day! That would be an amazing read.


Re: Horn Bird

Oh my word... this is so adorable! Great execution!


Re: What's your number?

Ohhhh love this piece! Neat idea to raise it with legs! The graphics on top are really cool! Love me some black and white.


Re: Need a tray? Use a door!

Thanks all! Great ideas some of you gave as well. I totally want to try this with a vintage chippy door next round.


Re: Junky Bedroom makeover-Old door headboard

Missy, how did I miss your post over here! So glad to see your stuff here too! I love your bedroom. I think it's totally fabulous with all the 'junky' touches. Loads of character everywhere you look. :)


Re: Chalk-up Another Junk Reuse!

Sooooo cool, Lani! Love that it's wearing it's metal rusty patina too. Great idea!


Re: old window

Charming idea! I'll be looking at old windows with a new outlook now. :)


Re: Wheel Serving Platter

Andrea, this is soooo crazy awesome! And look for wheels! I'm just in love how you can see through the plates...



I'm in LOVE. The tones and detail take it over the top. A true winner! I want one. :)


Re: Pamper Yourself Trunk Show

This post drove me insane! I'll have to check out some of these links to see if they send to Canad-eh. ARG!!!

Buried in the deep dark igloo north, Donna

Re: Out with the "New", In with the "Old"...

I love this idea for storage or display! I've yet to find as many crates as I desire for this to work in a given area so I'll keep hunting! Thanks for the inspiration. :) Love the look!


Re: Old crate stairs

Thanks for the kind words, everyone! Amazingly enough, after a year, they stairs look identical to the day I created them. The 'acrylic craft paint' really held up!


Re: Illuminated Cream Bucket

Oh my gosh... look at that snow background to your gorgeous bucket creations... totally dream worthy!

LOVE the bucket candles. All the galvanized touches totally speak to me.

Merry Christmas!


Re: Spindle Lamp

LOL!!! At your wit, not your lamp. Wait.. LOVE the lamp! Nevermind. :)

You're crazy fun and talented all in one. Thanks for the major eyecandy and the laugh.


Re: Georgia on my mind...

Very cool! I love how you spelled out your message with other plates. Totally clever and very artsy. :)


Re: Galvanized bucket filled with greens

Fabulous! I LOVE the bucket, but the way you've arranged it all is so perfect. The Brrr made me smile. :) Love the skiis too!


Re: Lampshade Christmas Tree

Sooooo cool! What Kathy said. Beautifully junky without a doubt!


Re: junk swap 2009

What a sweet idea! Love it!


Re: Christmas Junque on the Porch

Ohhh... love it all! The sleigh is so cool and the skates really grabbed me. Very fun!


Re: How to Wrap Gifts with Garden Material

The coordinates! That is sooo clever. And looks awesome too!


Re: Vintage Wall Candle Holder

That striped candle is amazing. What a great vintage look you've captured with everything. Love it. :)


Re: Christmas Front Porch Display

The chair and ironing board duo are meant to be! They are sweet! I think I need an attic like yours to snoop around in. :)


Re: Industrial Junk Trophies

Oh my gosh.. trophy or work of art? I say both! These are amazing. I hope you kept one for yourself. I'd say you earned it. :)


Re: Blizzard Boredom

I just love anything twiggy and branch like. What a great arrangement.. and you sure can't beat that background. :)


Re: Sailors' Stockings

VERY clever meaning behind this one. I'm certain they will treasure the thought you put into this. You've also proven my vision of a music sheet stocking is a possibility. Thanks for doing all the inventing. :)

Re: Cow Girl Necklace

A fabulously unique piece! I just love the tarnished rustic feel.

Re: Be Thankful at the Holidays

Only you could make toilet paper look fabulous, my friend! At first glance, it appears to be a nice fat candle. :) LOVE it!

And I agree with the others, great post. :)

Re: Coffee Christmas Card Holder

Very cool! The fencing is the perfect 3D eye turner. Love the layers!

Re: Ready for Parade! Vintage Toy Car

Oh my gosh... that car is madness. It's got my all time fav finish all over it. Weak...

Re: Antique Typewriter Lamp

I LOVE this! Even Jim has never made a typewriter lamp. What's up with that Jim?!?

Re: Antique Corbel Lamp

Very cool and unusual piece, Jim! Corbels for just holding shelves up?!? What was I thinking...

Re: Wired---------[=

Thank-you for my Junkin' Jim fix. It's been awhile. :) VERY cool. Love all the metal delights in this one!


Re: From Furniture to Fashion

How cool! Fabric! Magical. Wouldn't my wing chair look fabulous decked out in that!


Re: Gorilla Glue/CL Fair Project #4

LOL!! Great story! And let's just talk about that organizer thing... youch.. LOVE!

I'm with RustyDiva... you are so cute! As are the other gals. It's just that we're talking with you this round. :)


Re: Industrial Trophies

Oh. My. JUNK!!!!!!

Jim, please hold a contest so I can try for one too. This is sooooo fun and inspirational! A junk award... my mind is a blur right now. A caffeine high if you will.

Another brilliant JA scheme. Done just the way I like it.


Re: A Falloween Porch Redo with some New (Old) Junk Finds!

Ohhhh yeah... love me some great junk at the front door. Really let's one know what's ahead! LOVE!! That step ladder thing is it for me!

I totally need to junk up the outside of my home. No one but NO ONE knows what lurks behind these closed doors until they enter... >:)


Re: Ring Around the Napkin

Can I just say... if I was a guest in your home and saw those, I'd positively BEG to take one home! And if you said no, I would have had to become a thief. :) Downright junkin' adorable!!


Re: Everything's Coming Up Kale

Very cool! Brilliant idea to use the kale.. you're right, it is gorgeous!


Re: Junk up those windows!

Oh... so do I Vanessa! Playing with junk is my alltime fav thing to do. Throw me a rusty old egg beater and I'll create some must have doodad no prob. :)

Re: Autumn

Cool! Love the typography on the piece. Very creative combination. :)

Re: Making the Best of Mistakes

What a lovely gift! So suitable. Now about that bucket... oh my... a work of art that thing is! I would have had a hard time giving that one up!

Re: Feeling "all" Right - Coffee Table

Oh Lani! You got me! Nevermind Jim. Hurry UP and make something new already. :)

Re: Feeling "all" Right - Coffee Table

And how did you know I was going through a Jim Creation withdrawl? 'Bout time! :)

And you never disappoint. How cool is this! The top looks absolutely authentic. So much so I'm blown away.

Another winner!

Re: It's time to play dominoes!

How clever is the use of the dominos on this one! Your creation made me smile. :)


Re: Can I Have Your Number ?

That necklace?!? NEED!!

LOVE your entire collection. Typography drives me wild too, but then it always has, as I'm a signmaker by trade. :) But I get WAY more razzed when I find cool authentic stuff rather than making it. WAY more.

Re: From Corbels to Curtain Rod!

LOVE! Those corbels are great!! Did you use anchors wherever you screwed stuff in?

I did something similar in my bedroom, simply using a cut off steel rod, then hitting it with a grinder to bring out some steel accents through the black. I love it everytime I look at it too! :)

Re: A Re-Design Ala-Junk Style!

Ohhh very nice! A designer dream team at work for certain! Lots crusty goodness in each photo. I love the cloche thing on the rusty table thing. (Doncha love how junkers don't really have authentic names for stuff... because we never know what it really is! But we love it anyway. :) )

Nice going, gals!

Re: Driving back from Galena, Illinois

Oh goodness... who needs caffeine to make one jittery when all that rust will do the deed instead?!? Fun day!

Re: ~~~Summer Breeze Planter

Being the graphics industry for many years, I've always gravitated towards branded items, especially vintage. If I saw that bucket, I would have totally flubbed the sale because I'd have been speechless with anticipation of having it! (I'm too honest for my own good)

Nice finds and even nicer usage of them both! Too rusty to sit on?!? Rust has feelings too. :)

Re: Bringing a little bit of the Indoors Out...aka Deck-orating!

Beautiful! My favorite aspect are those cool sinks! That's a brilliant idea.

Re: Flowers for a Rainy Day

Your vision was far better than mine. I wouldn't have had a clue on how to make these things look precious. And now they do! Stunning result!

Re: Flowers That Never Fade...

I think I just landed in junkin' heaven. These are adorable!

Re: It's Illuminating

LOVE it, Jim! I've had my eye on the cage style lights for some time now. I could use your variation in only 101 locations. Very cool industrial junk feel. All my favorite things in life. :)

Re: license plate star ..

Oh my junkin' word... this has such a fabulous feel! I'd love to try my hand at one of these! My kinda barn star for certain.

Re: Drink Up!

LOVE. Very clever. It just wouldn't be the same without the typography. I just love the classic black on white. Well chosen!

Re: No Bills Allowed

I LOVE junk garden art and this is no exception. Very neat way to elevate to achieve different levels. That pop of rusty red is right up my rusty wagon alley. Very cool!

Re: Cart

Good call! Love that rusty red patina. Adds just the right amount of colour among loads of greens in the yard. And you can change the location easy enough as well.

Junkers are just beyond their own smarts I say. :)


This is a really cool piece. I love how the white and rust mesh together. And anything involving stars gets a 2nd glance from me anyway. I think I'll go have a look around at my own old rusty signs... neat idea!

Re: Rusty Candleholder

LOVE this! The clock faces reeled me right in nevermind that rusty chunk of wonder. Very cool.

Re: Hanger Made From Salvaged Materials

I never thought to use valves! Very very cool. It's got that nifty junkin' feel. Thanks for the inspiration!

Re: Freeze Frame

It's the spring loaded thing that has me stumped, otherwise to me it resembles a medicine cab door. So unique!

And the use is equally unique. I LOVE this! A picture frame with gadgetry and moving parts and even rust... life doesn't get much better than that! :)

Re: Gourds of mystery???

Garden art is what I call this sort of thing. :) LOVE the look of the rusty metal against the fresh greens!

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

Oh. My. Distressed. KITCHEN!!

Insane. I would have never picked up that the shelving unit was new. Not on your life. You did a fabulous beating job! (I'll always be your friend forever I promise)

I'm totally stunned and in love with this piece. The retro black and white is too cool.

Too bad you don't live next door. My NASA station needs your touch.

Re: Work is for the birds...

What a hoot! That would make a nice little addition in my own birdhouse garden. Thanks for the ultra cool idea! Off to lunchkit junkin' I go!

Re: I'm Really Into Heavy Metal!

Oh gosh... where to look first.

1. FANS! Oh my good grief... WANT.

2. Fans on a ladder. I can barely stand this.

3. That metal rusty turquoise thing. Only THREE things to pine after.

Overload mode here. I need to go de-stress. :) Honestly, this is just a junker's dream front porch. Nicely done!

Re: Hemming-Way

Phooey. Where was this post when I needed it only a short month ago? My mom's place had one of these and I had NO idea what to do with it. COOL.

I totally need a BARN to store stuff so I can just keep it all. Until I find a Jim inspiration post of course. :)

Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

This totally rocks! I'm off to email this to my welder/metal fanatic friend. VERY inspiring Jim! Oh what I would do with my own chop saw and welder!!! (and lessons on using both LOL)

Re: Back to the Beach...

Although I don't collect beachy things (yet?), I sure do gravitate towards them! That oar is a wonderful touch, and is extra cool due to being authentic!

Re: Fish or Cut Bait

This is a beauty! Love that the flame is protected from those outdoor breezes too. And you KNOW you're dealing with a true blue junker when the mesh wire and tin can detailing gives you the jitters! :)

Re: Picket fence tablerunner idea

Thanks all! Judi, this place fits me like a glove! You guys 'get' me. :)

Re: Potting Bench

This is the coolest potting bench I've ever laid eyes on! I LOVE the old sink concept. Very very cool. I want one! :)

Re: AmmoBox Table

This is really cool! Not only is it colourful and fun, it's still got a cool junk aspect to it. LOVE it! I'll take 5 please. :)

Re: Got Gas!

The ultimate in junkin' fun! Your stuff makes me smile. It's flat out fun and whimsical. When's the book coming out?!? :)

Re: Abandoned Factory Lighting

Hmmm... something tells me I need to feature this JunkArcitecht artist on a funky junk blog very soon. This is fabulous. I WANT it!

Re: ~ Megaphone Vase~

That megaphone is a total must have for any junker! What a cool piece! Love how all the elements together just work! Another great JA Original is born. :)

Re: Playing Outside...

That bench idea is the coolest junker outdoor art yet! Love all the ideas. The stacked boxes are really cool too. I enjoyed this!

Re: Vintage Gears turned candle holders

Fantastic! I really love this idea. :) I use mine for holding pens. :) I need more now! Of course.


Re: Rusty Old Wheelbarrow Planter

Oh my gosh.. I've got the same wheelbarrow! I actually use mine though and adore how shallow it is for loading/unloading stuff. I have another without a wheel I've used as a planter like your idea.

Love yours! Aren't the colours the coolest? The outside of mine is a bright teal. :)


Re: Drink Up! CrAzY Bottle Collection

Wow, beautiful! I especially was drawn to the neat shaped ones. Very clever way to display and better appreciate such a full collection.

Re: How to Build a Chest of Drawers?

Totally drool worthy! Those authentic instructions are pretty cool too.

Re: Spool Table

Crazy awesome table!

Re: A ladder that does it all!

Thanks all! Watch it. You'll only encourage me. Dangerous... :)

Funky Junk