Lanesboro, MN, US

Fabric and thread, paper and glue, wood and paint, metal and rust, vintage and new -- I love to create whether it is making something totally new or re-purposing and restyling something from old parts. I gravitate towards a simple look - rusty and chippy, worn and well-loved with plenty of character. Emmas Nook & Granny started out some years ago as a retail shop (the nook) when Emma (my granddaughter) was only two. Yes, I am the granny part of that name. Silly name, I know, but, well, it is what it is. The nook is no longer open, so now I am Emmas Nook & Granny On the Go! You will find me at various venues throughout the year where I continue to offer a sweet blend of vintage, repurposed, restyled and handmade one-of-a-kind treasures you are sure to love.

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JOY in a jar

This is our first Christmas in this house and I'm still trying to figure out my decorating scheme.

Zipper Bracelets

Here are some zipper bracelets I had at JUNKMARKET Under Glass in March.

BYOB in a fun tote

Great alternative to the brown paper bag.

Welcome Velkommen

I recently found a group of pictures of some of my completed projects .

From Feed Sack to Christmas Tree Skirt

They started out as ordinary feed sacks.  After several years of sitting in a pile of sacks in a barn, they were rescued by my friend who asked to have them turned into a Christmas tree...

Little burlap bags

My junker friend Carol asked me to make little bags out of a vintage burlap sack to be used as Christmas tree ornaments.  They are for a tree will be part of the annual Festival of Trees at the...

Get the Scoop Here!

While poking aorund in the garage a few weeks ago, I found three old scoops in a pail.  Forgot I even had them!  (I should look around in the garage more often!)  In a different corner...

Flea Market Under Glass Vendors!

Back at the hotel now after final set up today.

Vintage Grain Sack Tote

Here's one of the totes I have made for the Flea Market Under Glass using vintage feed or seed sacks.  This one is Certified Ranger Alfalfa Seed.  I love the reb fabric (new) with the...

It's time to play dominoes!

Here is one of the projects I am donating to our annual Trash to Treasure auction that raises money for breast cancer research.

Flea Bags

A year or so ago I made a "flea bag" for my friend Frannie Pfarkel for her birthday.  (See the tag?)  It's a combination of a vintage grain sack and coordinating fabrics.  The large...

What do you do with 60 lbs of alfalfa seed?

Make a tote bag, of course!  I found this vintage seed bag in an antique store and just love the graphics.  I used a plaid twill fabric for the lining, shoulder strap, a top band and the...

Trash to Treasure Auction Items

Hi everyone!  Marge here from Emma's Nook and Granny in St. Charles MN.  I promised everyone at the Junkologie blog party at Gold Rush that I would start posting, so here I am.  Lani...

Recent comments

Re: The Final Pfarkel Sister Christmas Mantel Challenge

What a great country Christmas vignette! I love it!


Re: Part 2 - Pfarkel Christmas Mantel Faceoff

Peaceful, soft and sweet!


Re: Christmas Mantels Pfarkel Sister Style

It is lovely, for certain. I know which sister it is, so no guess or even hints from me. I could, however, be bribed with the right incentive. Merry Christmas!!


Re: My Own Vintage Home Market...or Something Like That!

It all is most gorgeous, as I would expect from Lanette. :) Gotta tell the rest of you, I have been to Lanette's home during the Christmas holiday season and it is nothing short of fabulous. She does Christmas better than anyone. If you have a chance, stop by her vintage home market this weekend and tell her Marge sent you! Then give her a big hug for me because I can't be there to do it myself.

Merry Christmas to all!
~ Marge

Re: 21 Pages of JUNKMARKET in Meredith's Cottage Garden Projects

Yowza -- you have a LOT of pages in this magazine!!!!! They must really love your work. Some of the other ideas are kinds of 'last year,' but yours are timeless and spot on!!


Re: How to Insulate Your Garden

So simple and sweet -- a great addition to any garden. You've done it again!

Re: Table Tennis Shoes

Love that look! I think you should make a bunch for Uncorked JUNKMARKET Style!!


Re: Uncorked JUNKMARKET Style at Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery, Spring Valley, MN

I am soooooo excited for this event. I can hardly wait!!


Re: junk love sign

Now that is definitely something to love!! What a great mix of metals.


Re: A Windproof Patio Table

Love this buffalo!!


Re: The JMS Project Runway Challenge is On!

Game on, Pfarkel sistas! I am up for this challenge. See you at Gold Rush!!!

~~~~ Marge, aka Fostoria

Re: Quick and Easy Lath Frame

Fabulous!! Keep those projects coming, Dianne!

Re: Trunk Table Monster Makeover

Jasmin, you never cease to amaze me. Excellent job and a great save!!

Re: From Kid's Bike to Wall Organizer!

Perfect! Just plain perfect. I love it!


Re: Spring is HERE!

Sweet, simple and not fussy looking. I love it!


Re: From Rebar Wire to Spring Flowers!

What a beautiful project to start off spring! Now let's just get Mother Nature to cooperate and really make it feel like spring!


Re: Twenty years in the "re-making"...and it's finally all "laced" up!

Kathy, your chair and footstool transformation are adorable. They'd be great for rocking a grandbaby. Are you sure you shouldn't keep them???? The pillow is gorgeous, too. Congrats on the new store. You will have so much fun there! Hugs back at ya from cold and windy MinneSNOta. ~Marge

Re: Upcycled / Repurposed Pay Phone + Phone Charger + Bank + Accent Light Creation

Oh my stars, this is fabulous!!! Great job, as usual, Brian.


Re: A "Simply Cozy" winter Mantel...

Oh Laurel, you know I always love your style and this cozy mantel is no exception. I could snuggle up there with no problem!!


Re: She Got Wheels. And She Knows How to Use Them...

Oh. My. Stars. I am in awe. I love, love, love the table! And the fairy tale bio tugs at my heart. Keep living your dream -- you are very good at it!! ~Marge

Re: Guess What This Little Number Is?

Uh oh, late to the party once again. This baby is even more cool in person. Will be keeping my lip zipped, too, and that is no easy task. :)


Re: Christmas Tree Obsession

Over the top in such a gorgeous way! Better in person, too, I might add. I hope you post pics of the rest of your Christmas decor. It all should really be in a magazine!!


Re: 3 Shades of Christmas Tree.

Great job, Dianne! No watering and no needles - real or artificial - to clean up. Fabulous!


Re: Spindle Christmas Tree

What a great tree!! I love the colors. Your porch looks interesting. I think I would like to see the rest of it!


Re: Is it really just an ironing board though?

Wow!!!! It's gorgeous! I can't imagine the number of hours you have in this project. Your time and patience certainly paid off. It is a real work of art!


Re: Old Christmas Ornaments in jar

What a lovely collection!


Re: Thankful...

Wow, Kathy, you have been busy!! Looks like a great selection for your show. I'm betting you sell out! Sweet sentiment, too.


Re: Gas Punk

Hi and welcome, Bill! Your work is nothing short of amazing. Keep 'em coming! I am thoroughly enjoying your imagination and creations.


Re: Taking the "Challenge"...Broken Lantern to Ball Jar "Snow Globe"...

Laurel, your creations are always top notch and you know I love them all. Nice work!


Re: Mystery Machine Mason Jar Challenge Entry

That's a cutie patootie if I ever saw one! Brings a big smile to my face.


Re: Pamper Yourself S'more Trunk Show!!! October 5, 2013, 8 AM to 5 PM

I am so excited to be bringing my Flirations line once again to this fabulous trunk show again! If you have never been, you really must do your best to come to this one. Not only is the shopping extraordinary, it's a whole lot of fun, too. My only problem is finding enough time away from my space to do some major shopping. I am thinking Christmas gifts and I just know I will find something for everyone on my list -- including me -- because that's what Pamper Yourself S'more is all about! Grab your friends and plan a day trip to Otten Bros. See you there!


Re: Fancy Cast Iron Base Bar

Extremely cool!!!

Re: Simple Outdoor Table Setting

Very sweet and inviting. The weather is perfect today for outdoor entertaining. What time should I be there?


Re: Two Amazing Shows!

Really do hate to miss these ab fab shows, but alas, I am working at the world famous GETFRESH Vintage store in the charming hamlet of Lanesboro, MN. Have your ever heard of that store?? :) You must visit. We are in the B&B capital of Minnesota!

If you can't make it to either of the shows where Sue is, and you are in the southeast Minnesota area, come visit us at GETFRESH Vintage. We'd love to see you!!


Re: Wheelie Washtub

Excellent idea, Becky. And cute, too! It would be perfect for our deck!

Re: No. 10 Milking Stool & Flashlight Repurposed / Upcycled Lamp

Wow -- I love this!!! It make me smile!

Re: Kitchen Ipad Stand

Awesome idea!!


Re: My Spring Mantel...aqua glass, jars and lots a JUNK!!

Oh Laurel, your ideas never cease to amaze me. It all looks so divine!! I wish I could click "like" on all the pictures and the comments, too. ~Marge

Re: Baby Shower Centerpiece

I am sooooo ready for spring! Love the colors and the vintage umbrella is so sweet! The baby formula pitcher is a pretty cool find, too. ~Marge

Re: my "CHAIR"ity creation donation

What a great union of cast off pieces. Very clever design and donating it to charity makes it even more special. I love it! ~Marge

Re: Bedroom Bar for that Morning Java Jolt!

I love this, Lani! Such a great idea. It would be much easier to face the day if I had a cup before leaving the bedroom. I really do love this!!! ~Marge

Re: Christmas is Coming!

So beautiful and perfect for the holidays - a little bling but not too much. I love the picture looking into the mirror that shows the tin ceiling, too!

Merry Christmas to all! ~Marge

Re: Collecter's Edition of Country Home with Two JUNKMARKET Features!

I also on wish Country Home would come back. Already have my holiday issue! Congrats, Sue, on the great feature in the magazine. Looks to me like your home is on their favorites list -- as it should be. It looks like a great place to spend the holidays. Love the cool junk and cute pic of Lily, too!


Re: Mirror, Mirror on a Pedestal

Love what you put together. It would look great on my table, too! ~Marge

Re: Shhh....no more. JUNKMARKET's Little Sister is here!!

Woo hoo!!!!!! I am so excited to see you have made this grand announcement and even more excited to be a part of this marvelous adventure. It has been extremely difficult to keep this secret these past few weeks.

I am looking forward to seeing EVERYONE at GETFRESH Vintage in the near future. Grab the girlfriends and guy friends and take a little road trip to Lanesboro. The scenery is gorgeous, the town is lovely and the shopping is fabulous. You will NOT be disappointed! GETFRESH Vintage is something you have to experience for yourself. I cannot describe the lusciousness of it. As little sisters go, this one is the best!

Sue, your talent always amazes me. Simple as that. Congratulations and my best wishes to you (and the rest of us!) for many years of success in GETFRESH Vintage in picturesque downtown Lanesboro, Minnesota!!!

Love ya,


Re: Sometimes I like to brag about my friends....

What a moving tribute to a beautiful and talented artist. I love Annie and her creations, too and am proud to call her my friend. ~Marge

Re: My "Big Girl" Ladder Bed Canopy...

Laurel, I love your thought process. You and your creative projects are truly amazing! ~Marge

Re: Farm Implement Repurpose

Rusty farm junk and wine -- it doesn't get much better than that!!! ~Marge

Re: Deck-orating...

I love it all -- I'm a galvanized junkie. I could just move right in. Your son nailed it with him comment. ~Marge

Re: Trashy Moneybag

I want one, too! Very "centsible." ~Marge

Re: Turkey Feeder Planter

Gorgeous!! (I am so in love with blue lobelia.) Your turkey thingies make great planters -- or wine holders, even bird feeders or bird baths. Awesome multi-purpose beauties. ~Marge

Re: The Young, The Adorable, and The Creative

Mae is gorgeous. And Shelby is, too! With her creativity and talent, she will certainly go far. Her attention to detail is impressive. I am so glad "Mae" made it home safely in the trailer. What would be do without bungee cords! ~Marge

Re: My Hunky Chunky Coffee Table


Re: Yardstick & Galvanized Wash Tub Base Side Table

Awesome!! I especially love the feet. ~Marge

Re: My "Top 10 Junk Pick"...NUMBERS

Oh yes, numbers are wonderful!! I love all of these, especially the carnival admission sign. You have such a good eye. What a great collection of signs! ~Marge

Re: Houston, I think I have a Problem...

Pretty clever idea and it looks great, too. Your jewelry 'problem' is a real plus for the jewelry makers!! You might need to consider getting a second bottle rack for the rest of your collection. :) ~Marge

Re: Zipper Bracelets

Thank you, thank you! I was inspired by other zipper creations I saw on the net. I just put a "Marge spin" on them. Lani, I have had an Etsy shop for a few years, but I have never put anything in it to sell!! Maybe someday! ~Marge

Re: Conveyor Belt turned Table Runner

What an interesting repurpose! No one but you would have thought to turn a conveyor belt into a table runner. It fits in perfectly with your industrial style. Great idea!! ~Marge -- I love the cats, too!

Re: Upcycled Tennis Racquet Wall Trophy & Awards Display Shelf

How cool is that! Nice trophy, too. ~Marge

Re: Restored Victorian Chair

Wow -- it's a beauty!! ~Marge

Re: A Little Sense of Humor Goes a Long Way

Totally love this project and your commentary. Like you, it is way out there. You are definitely the crazy blonde chick of the bunch, aren't you! Hehehehehe!

Re: Funky Coffee Table

What a fantastic idea! It looks great in your home, too. I see a place on the end where I could toss my blanket (gotta cover up when watching tv) when not using it. Love this idea! ~Marge

Re: BYOB in a fun tote

Thanks, Sue! I wish I had another dozen shot bags! ~Marge

Re: Using Vintage Textiles In Home Decor

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, textiles. Be still my heart. Lovely!!! ~Marge

Re: The Vintage Wedding

Amazing! You have such a good eye for detail. I love it. ~Marge

Re: Organizing Photos...The Junk Market Style Way

You and your work are amazing! ~Marge

Re: Andrea's Top 10 Pick: Rust

Rust --- my favorite color!!!!!!! ~Marge

Re: Repurposed Metal Shelf and Display Board

Smart idea -- you have a good eye! That just emphasizes why we all need to turn things over, sideways and upside down to see their potential. ~Marge

Re: Refinished table and chairs.

WOW! So elegant. Looks like a lot of work, too. Excellent job! ~Marge

Re: Dress Form from old mail bag

What a great job and a good idea! Another project to put on my to do list. :) ~Marge

Re: First of the 2012 "Top Ten" Picks from JMS Editors and Contributors

Lani, you have a unique talent for making industrial junk look elegant in your home. You are right -- who would have thunk! I admire the way you not only talk the (junk) talk, you really do walk the (junk) walk. ~Marge

Re: Small Kitchen Organization...

Laurel, your creativity always amazes me. What a fun kitchen!


Re: Welcome Velkommen

Thank you, thank you for the sweet words! Bluejean, I did put the words on one word at a time, not letter by letter. It was a little tricky because this side of the glass was textured. It would have been easier if I had cut the reverse image of the letters and stuck them to the other smooth side of the glass. I wanted this side to be the front because the other side of the window was painted white and was not a nice looking. A learning experience for sure. ~Marge

Re: American Girl Doll Day Bed from Dresser Drawer

So cute! I sent this to my sister (she is an American Girl Doll "Grandma") and she asked if the drawer was upside down or not. I can't tell from the picture. Great project! ~Marge

Re: My Redesign on a Redesign!


Re: Craft Show Kiosk

I have now looked at all of your posts, and I have to say I love all of them!!! This one, though, is my favorite. Your ideas are terrific and you have done an excellent job. Thanks for sharing!!! Too bad I have sold all my old doors. Oh well,they were too heavy for me to handle anyway --- but I really do love this display piece!!


Re: Jewelry Trees

Great idea. I will have to borrow this one! ~Marge

Re: Bike Rim Wreath

Awwww, Laurel, I so love your style! Merry Christmas to you, too! ~Marge

Re: DIY Elbow Patches

I blew out an elbow on my favorite denim shirt. Now I know how to rescue it. Thanks for the idea!!!!


Re: found at mt. dora flea market



Re: Candle Logs

Now that is my kind of decorating. Just perfect! I like the little slices of branch, too. ~Marge

Re: Chippy repurposed old door knob backplates

What a beautiful way to repurpose! Welcome to JMS, Cassie!

Re: The Chippy Chirpy Reverse Paint Dresser

Wow! How beautiful!!

Re: Toilet Tank Turned Mosaic Planter

Best looking toilet tank I have ever seen!!! Welcome to JMS!


Re: Christmas in a Can-ister...

What a great idea!! You always come up with such original designs. Keep it up!


Re: Junkolanterns

So cute!! Great use of interesting pieces. I'll bet you could make a cute snowman face, too.


Re: Distressed End Table

Wow, what a difference! It looks lovely. Good job!!!


Re: How to Make a Towel Bar Cool!

Absolutely Lee and Tracie should be contributors. They are sooooooo creative (and very nice, too)!!! I agree with Lani, the towel bar is perfect for your bath!


Re: Junk Yard Additions

Love your crusty rusties! The sink would make an great potting table and the ferris wheel seat would be an awesome hanging porch swing!!


Re: Country Candle Holder Makeover

I have no idea of the original purpose of the stand, but it is perfect for your sweet candle stand in your entry!! The lights really make it special. Very, very nice!! ~Marge

Re: Fun Fall Inspired Bracelet

So beautiful! Nice fall colors, too. ~Marge

Re: Today....It's All About the Gourd

What a novel way to use gourds! They add an interesting texture to an arrangement. Great job! ~Marge

Re: The Sign Says it All

Girdles? Seriously, girdles???? Looks like I left a little too soon!! A weekend just wasn't long enough, but was oh so much fun. Just think of the trouble we could have gotten into if we'd had more time. Sue, Lani and Becca, come back soon. And stay a week!! Hugs, Marge

Re: My Steampunk Hat

I love hats, but must say this one is in a league of its own and I really, REALLY love it. Great job!! ~Marge

Re: Up the stairs...

Love the stairway!! Wish I could be there. Hope you have an awesome sale. Sounds like the weather will be perfect. ~Marge

Re: Presto Change-O!

Love it! Your magic wand works a whole lot better than mine! ~Marge

Re: Vintage fishing lure necklaces

Fishing lures - duh - why didn't I think of that?!! An absolutely perfect idea that I think I must borrow. We have lures that once belonged to my deceased brother-in-law. My sweet hubby has kept them neatly put away for over 40 years. I'm sure he would be pleased if I made a couple necklaces for his brother's daughters. Thanks so much for the idea!

PS Sue, welcome home! JMUG was awesome! ~Marge

Re: Summer Wine Storage

You can never have too much wine storage. :) Great color!


Re: A Little Bit of History coming to JMUG "Fall Edition"

I am trying to find a place for a sharpening stone in our home! Love it all!!


Re: Laurel Putman is Dripping with Charm and Will be at JMUG "Fall Edition

Your imagination amazes me! I can't wait to see what else you bring to JUNKMARKET Under Glass!


Re: Sparkles

What a great addition!! ~Marge

Re: Commercial Dishwasher Racks --- Ideas???

Oooo - I'd like the mesh one upside down (or not!) with legs as a table on my deck. Legs could be galvanized pipe with a flange on the bottom for stability. Great find!!


Re: Collage Pendant

Love 'em! ~Marge

Re: Gretchen Schaumann of Mimi-Toria's Designs kicks off Her September Sales at JMUG Under Glass "Fall" Edition

Everything looks gorgeous! You always do such beautiful work. See you in a few short weeks at JUNKMARKET Under Glass!

Re: Bringing the inside out

That is the perfect color green! Great storage idea, too.


Re: Soft Industrial

Welcome Judy from me, too! I have long admired your style and am thrilled that I will get to see it in person at JunkMarket Under Glass instead of just in photos on the internet. I'm looking forward to meeting you and promise that you will love Minnesota!!


Re: Piccadilly Prairie Grand Opening

Congratulations, Lacey!! I wish you much success. See you in September at JMUG (We missed you in June, but your parents were great stand-ins!) ~Marge

Re: A Chair to go with My "NEW" Vanity!

Your chair and vanity are both great projects!! I love your vocabulary, too. May have to borrow hoop-oop-ee-doop!


Re: A Memorial Day and Beyond Centerpiece

Awww, that is soooo touching. And beautiful, too. I love the combination of elements. It is very Sue!


Re: April Showers Bring May Flowers

What sweet spring florals! And tree cookies, too - yummy!!


Re: "Wining Allowed!"

Hey Lani, those corbels are lookin' a little familiar! Great vision and fab end result! The whole wine bar is gorgeous. If I weren't so far away, I'd be over around 5:00. ~Marge

Re: Reel Plant Holder

Simply lovely, Sue! I really like your spring color choices. And I think even I could keep those plants alive - for a few weeks, anyway. I think you outdid yourself on numbers of pictures for one project!! ~Marge

Re: Rusty Drain Pipe Planter

Neat idea! ~Marge

Re: The Scruffy Cottage Coffee Table

You have such good ideas and they always turn out to be awesome!! ~Marge

Re: My harvest table restoration

Wow, that is beautiful! I too love the chippy 'before' version, but the redo is gorgeous. ~Marge

Re: Seamstress Bracelet

Yikes -- I love sewing notions!! So cool! ~Marge

Re: Junk art door with drawer bins

What a great versatile piece you have created! I love the locks on the drawers and the turquoise color is perfect. Plus you just can't beat free!! ~Marge

Re: Upcycled Candleholder

Very nice -- and a clever use of old patterns, too! ~Marge

Re: Oh, no! I've been Framed....but in a good way!

What a peaceful, serene vignette. I have to agree with Gretchen. This one is at the top of my favs list. I love your use of textures. ~Marge

Re: Get Your Cowboy Boots on and Meet me at the Marburger Farm Antique Show!

Oh.My.Gosh!! I am tired just from reading your schedule! Have a most wonderful time. Can't wait to see what you find! ~Marge

Re: Wine a little bit .......

Looks good!! It will be great in your sister's bar.

Re: Sewing Seeds in My Rustic Garden

I love it! That is my kind of garden art. Great idea!

Re: A Desk Reorganization ala Junk Style!

What creative use of good junk! It looks so tidy and everything you need is in a compact area. I see good ideas to borrow! (I have the key fob room 140 of the Dumpster Dive Motel!)


Re: JMS Membership Red Letter Day

Congratulations on reaching 10,000 members! Thank you Sue for giving us junkers the coolest place on the web to hang out. Your creativity is an inspiration to all of us. It is so wonderful to have this place where we can learn from you and each other, and where we can share ideas and receive encouragement. Here's to the next 10,000!!


Re: Vintage Screen becomes Office Organizer

What a great transformation! Can't wait to see what else you have done!

Re: Garden Memo-Board

Very clever! I might have to borrow that idea if I find some cute fence!

Re: Piano stool makeover

Paint lots of times makes an old piece look great, but not this piano stool! It's gorgeous now. A lot of work for you, but wow, the results are amazing!


Re: Happy May Day!

Love the flashlight vases! Anxious to see your other flea-ideas. Would those be flea-deas or flideas?

Fleasa is my suggestion for the mascot name. I like Flewsy, too.


Re: Pamper yourself.....today!

Sure wish I could have been there. Bet you all are having a blast! Thanks for sharing the pics. Spring is right around the corner, yes?


Re: The Flea Market Under Glass is Just Around the Corner...March 3 - 5, 2011

Emma's Nook & Granny (hey - that's me!!) will be there, too. Thinking burlap, galvanized, sheet music, rusty iron, chippy paint and great friends. Can't wait!

Re: Grain Scoop Vase

Beautiful! Your mercury glass looks just like the real thing!

Re: Old crate stairs

I think this is the most amazing staircase I have ever seen! Love it!

Re: It's time to play dominoes!

How fun to have my clock featured here again!! Thanks, Sue and thanks again to everyone else for the nice comments. This has been one of my favorite projects, and I think it's the one that has gotten the most attention!

Re: A Message from Turks and Caicos

What a perfect way to enjoy the holidays with your family. We all would love to be there with you (but we weren't invited). Oh, did I say that out loud??? Oops!

I am resolving to be a more active participant here at JunkMarket, so looks like I better get busy. Have a safe trip back to Minnesota and a wonderful junkin' new year. Hugs, Marge

Re: What does before/after, random & giveaway have in common?

Beautiful! I especially love the necklace! ~Marge

Re: Carney Bottles 1 2 3

Perfect! And a great idea, too!


Re: Industrial Table [WRECKAGE]

Impressive!! That's the best wreckage I have ever seen!!


Re: JunkPotluck Project

Excellent repurpose and an awesome junk potluck serving piece, too! I love it!

Re: Ugly duckling is now a looker!!

That certainly was an ugly little ducky, but you made it gorgeous!!! Great job! ~ Marge

Re: It's time to play dominoes!

Thanks so much everyone. Your sweet comments have made my day!

Re: My Bumble Bee

That is so clever -- and cute, too!


Re: To Market...to Market...our first annual "Vintage Market Day"

If the quality and quantity of your 'junk' is any indicator, your sale will be a huge success! Wishing you lots of sales and most of all have a whole lot of fun!! BTW, I love the white sandal! :)


Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

I know you've heard this a time or two already, but I've just gotta say this piece is soooooo awesome!!! And I love the way you accessorized it. It is perfect!!

Re: Country Junk Sale!

Love the kitty and of course the rest of the good junk, too! Will have to try to make it to this sale some day. Sue, are you avoiding typing the letter m on purpose??? 'Fess up now -- just what did you spill on your keyboard????

Re: A new kitchen light

Problem solving at its best!

Re: Guarding the garden

Terrific garden art!

Re: Burplap Coffee Bean Sack Tote Bags

Very nice!! They all look great!

Re: Coming In 4 Days Vintage Treasures Market by the Pfarkel Sister's

I'll be there, too! And I just acquired several vintage grain and sugar sacks, so if I quit goofing off and do some sewing, I will have a real variety of tote bags for sale.


Re: More goodies from the Mother in law

I love the kitchen cupboard! What a fab MIL you have.

Re: All Geared Up

Great looking piece!

Re: Mannequin Makeover

Great makeover and the fabric strips are very clever!!

Re: Proof It's In The Jeans

Very innovative, and cute, too!

Re: Mannequin Gets New Life

She's a beauty!

Re: World Map Table

Personally, I LOVE IT! I say show it off in the family room - lumps and all. You worked hard and it is a one-of-a-kind piece. Be proud of it! ~ Marge

Re: vintage magazine art: Part 2

Great vintage picture! It looks like Doris Day and Rock Hudson.

Re: Art & Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

Another awesome junking event -- how exciting!! It is so fabulous to live in Minnesota!!! WOO HOO!!!!!

Re: I've got some "Hang" ups!

Great collection! As I recall, the two ducks were used to hold a crib blanket in place. They were tied to the rails of the crib, one on each side, then clipped to the quilt to keep baby covered up.

Re: New life for old objects

Simple and beautiful. I do so love baby shoes.

Re: Autumn Junk

I'd love to buy a mum like yours for 3 bucks!! The scooter is oh so cute, too. Great fall decorating!

Re: Simply Said

So simple and so nice. I have Cricut envy!

Re: There might be something FISHY about this FUN(nel) lamp!

That is one awesome reuse of junk!

Re: Another 9-11 Tribute

Another beautiful tribute. You are very good at throwing things together!

Re: Pick up the pieces.. but Never Forget.... 9-11 Tribute

What a beautiful piece you created. I heard a tribute on a local radio station today. They played parts of their original broadcasts describing things as they were happening. That was followed by Faith Hill singing the Star Spangled Banner. Choked me up.

Thanks for sharing your art.

Re: The Ugly Ducklings Become Swans - Editor's Challenge #4

Beautiful, Sue! I love the floral centerpiece with the candles. And you did a terrific job of making that wild orange disappear!