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Re: "The Best Thing to Hold onto in Life is Each Other".

What a beautiful arrangement. The old foundry mold with the bouquet is an exquisite combination!

Re: Junk Market Swap

Ooh la la...what are you gonna do with all this cool stuff?

Re: Balloon Inflator Lamp

OMG...I love it! Your diversity amazes me. You can create a fun lamp like this and then shock everyone with a beautiful jelly cupboard, table, etc. You never let us down!

Re: Farmhouse Style Shelf

I LOVE this shelf! Your version blows away the one on the mag cover. Beautiful piece, incredible staging and amazing photography. This demonstrates your talent and passion, Jim!

Re: Reclaimed Wood Mantle with Repurposed Elements

Beautiful work, Brian!

Re: ~Happy Valentine's Day

Yeah...Happy Valentine's Day, Big Boy!

Re: Industrial Table [WRECKAGE]

Jim, your table looks so authentically vintage that it's hard to believe it was assembled from new steel parts. Whatever you do to age the steel is pure artistry. If you hadn't shown the before and after photos of the parts tray it would be hard to believe it wasn't actually old. The antiquing, splatters and oil stains are straight out of an old machine shop. Oh how I love this table!

Re: ~Merry Christmas

Jim Healy! I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Please...please...please continue sharing your vast knowledge of design with your junking fan club. I have learned so much from you and this wonderful site. I LOVE THIS VIGNETTE!

Re: Vintage Fireplace Mantel

Yes, this is a very "cozy" place to be! :)


This is soooo cool.

Re: ~Christmas Mantel

Jim, you did a beautiful job bringing this old and forgotten mantel back to life. I continually refer back to your older projects for ideas. I'm inspired by each of your post and if anyone should publish a book on re-purposing, it's YOU!

Merry Christmas my friend.

Re: Vintage Grocery Cart

I WANT this old cart!

Re: Vintage Suitcase Table

I have a suitcase just like yours. Such a great idea.

Re: Vintage School Map

I LOOOOOVE this old map! And, especially the frame you constructed for it. Lucky you for getting your hands on such a magnificent piece. Talented hands too.

Re: The Re-Wrecking of One of My Previously Wrecked Armoires

My oh my, Jim! This has to be my favorite paint finish of all your projects. The color is superb and perfect on this armoire. Could you build me one just like it? Same color too...please!

Re: Starrett Micrometer Mirrors...What?

You already know I love everything you make and this is no exception. I would love to have them hanging side-by-side in my master bath. Will you part with them?!

Re: How to Create Bread Board Art

I'll bet it was as much fun to create as it is to admire!

Re: Old Wooden Shoe Forms and Stretchers

This is a masterpiece combining both your building and painting skills with the coolest vintage pieces ever. I love the patina.


Re: Tepee Lamp

Jimmy Healy! What an amazing replication of a bygone era in design...masterfully reproduced.
I love it!!!

Re: Puppet Theater

OMG! What kid would not be thrilled to own this, or adult! The colors, shape, execution are soooo spot-on that I'm in awe. Thank you for sharing your creative genius with us.

Re: Oil Pan Mirror

Simple, industrial perfection. I love what I see in the reflection too.

Re: All Dressed Up and Ready to Celebrate!

It's such a fun and unique idea.
Happy Holidays!

Re: Chest of Drawers Makeover

I love how it turned out...great job!


Re: Framed Pumpkins

So darn adorable!


Re: Happy Autumn!

I absolutely adore that old toolbox! Your arrangement of mums brings out the beauty of this fabulous find! It is another winner, Jimmy.


Re: Stop the Draft!

Jim, it is not only functional but also a work of art!


Re: From Farm to Table!

Such a beautiful patina! I absolutely love it.


Re: Drink Up! CrAzY Bottle Collection

Mr. Healy!!! This is one of the cooolest, and I mean cooolest displays ever!


Re: Cottage Style Mirror

Jim, I can't believe this is a new frame! As Geneen said, "I'm at a loss for words". Well I am too...it is BEAUTIFUL!


Re: Vintage Curio Cabinet

Jimmy, this is one of the most beautiful pieces you have ever created! I am sure the client is beyond thrilled. One would never guess that it is brand spanking new!!!


Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

Seriously one of the most unique and practical dining tables I have ever seen.

Bravo, Jim!


Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

The reason I just joined Junk Market Style was to comment on this pantry!!!
It is the coolest kitchen unit I have EVER seen. Mr. Healy, you have created a masterpiece of beauty, functionality and nostalgia and mastered the art of aging wood to perfection.
You are one talented builder...and architect too!