Disputanta, VA, US

its wonderful to find others that make stuff with junk.
Ive been junking forever, even though my family does not see the beauty I see in an old rusty piece of junk. I just hate to throw anything away.
I hope to share some of my junk projects.
I love looking at everyones junk projects, and sharing ideas.

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little garden witch

I made the hat out of roofing paper, the frame is a little witch frame I bought after Halloween years ago real cheap. I put real kids dresses on her for the different seasons and hide her wire witch...

My first retirement DIY project

I had tried the mason jar lights, and loved them, however the bulbs did not last long, I assumed it was due to the heat in the jar, (I did punch holes around the lid to help, but nothing helped) so I...

Deer in my garden!

I must say that I got the idea from someone who filled theirs with rocks, which I loved, but I don't have so many rocks, but I had lots of spanish moss, so I filled mine with that. I couldn't find...

my favorite wreath

this was my favorite, rope with driftwood and large sea shell.  this one sold pretty quick


a variety of unusual wreaths, once I got going, I kept looking for other unusual stuff to make them with

recycled bucket on a stand

I bought this neat bucket on a stand at a yard sale, I think they used it to put ice and drinks in when they had cookouts. I thought it made a great planter!  

potato planter

this is a potato planter, that you add dirt as the plants grow until you reach the top. it's made with old fence pickets and some salvaged 2x4's

colorful fence pickets

spring on fence pickets, flowers, spiders and blossoms

grape trellis

this is my new grape trellis, my husband is still in the process of building the fence, but I just finished the trellis yesterday. Top is old metal gate, large chain is draped and comes around and...

nesting boxes

I hope the birds love my nesting boxes as much as I had fun making them. recycled fence pickets, wire, watering cans, buckets and of course a little imagination!

Our guardian Angel

An angel to watch over our home. She is made from a section of telephone pole, wings are fan blades, head is a bowling ball, and the halo is a Christmas card holder wreath. She stands out on our...

What to do with millions of golf balls?

A friend of mine gave me a million golf balls, I made a few snowmen last Christmas for gifts, and liked them so much I've made 60 for the Christmas Craft show. So much fun coming up with different...

Decorating for Fall

Fall is such a fun time to decorate.


This little guy sits at the end of my lane just back from hunting. His gun and deer in his lap. He's made out of treated wood, burlap for his head, and stuffed a little with Easter Grass (it doesnt...

little flowers

these little flowers were made with glass tealight candle holders,they were different colors, but when I washed them the color came off. I used alcohol ink (which will stick to anything, I love it...

a tree for my wall

scrap wood, wire and dogwood blossoms, and a few leaves turns into a tree I can hang on my wall to enjoy the dogwoods all year.

love to recycle

I have lots of the colorful aluminum cups, and I have been saving them trying to figure out the best thing to do with them, this is what I've come up with so far.

flowers that NEVER need water

flowers made with old pickets, wire and pot lids, plates, cake pans reflectors made with silverware, wood stakes, pot lids, plates, only thing new on them are the reflectors

more pickets!

just LOVE those old pickets

Bells ring,Birds sing

I made this out of an old grater, a tea strainer and topped with a blackbird that goes in a pie to let out steam.

suet feeder

I used old fence pickets, held together with the plate on the back. just bent the forks and spoons. pull off the front of the prepackaged suet and put the plastic container in the feeder. I hope the...

just a swingin'

this is my little scarecrow kid, swinging.

I'm finally rubbing off on my husband

My husband saw someone throwing this away and thought it would make a great flower bed, so he brought it home to me. He is finally getting some creative thoughts! This project is on hold til the...

recycled rocking horse

this was a rocking horse someone was throwing away, I had to replace the tail (better use for a mop than on a handle) made saddle bags with ratwire,and sat a pot on the seat.

drought resistant flowers

more of my drought resistant flowers

bench trellis

In one of our salvaging expeditions, I convinced my husband these old bus seats would be great benches. I needed a trellis for this Carolina Jasmine (the other trellis I had made rotted off at ground...


this is a birdfeeder I made with scraps of pine when we lumbered some trees. I had been thinking about how to do this for some time until I saw the project here made into a candle using a hurricane...

work shop sutters

these are some sutters I put on my shop window. they are made from a large shipping crate top that I cut up. it was the perfect rustic look that I wanted, all I need to do now is add some...

garden stakes

garden stakes made from metal scewers or knitting needles, they were lots of fun thinking of different things to put on them

Christmas Chair cover

this chair cover was made from a sweater with a hood I found at the Salvation Army, the santa came from a yard sale. I crossed the sleeves and made it look like a candy cane roll. I used Christmas...

Anniversary wind chime

these are old aluminum coasters, and I found the server in the middle at at yard sale that says Happy Anniversary. I made this for a friend's anniversary. you never know what you may need so you need...

Candle stick flowers

I made these garden flowers with yard sale candle holders, molds,marbles, and an old decantor top.

garden flowers

I used pieces I had found at yard sales, and some fence rails left over from a salvaged metal fence my husband had gotten. Mostly kitchen stuff (jello molds, plates) and old silverware for the...

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where in Va.? I live in Disputanta and have been on this site several years now, and I love it. So many great ideas, and just knowing I'm not the only junk person out there.

Re: Don't Water Us!!!

they look great! Good Job!

Re: flowers that NEVER need water

since the stakes are wood, I just drilled holes in the silverware and used screws.

Re: drought resistant flowers

I use epoxy on some things too, but these are all bolted on (if you notice,all the plates are either plastic or metal), and the silverware leaves are rivited on. When I drill plates, glass or anything breakable, I have a spray bottle of water, that I spray on to keep the bit cool,(and I use tile and glass bits) this helps alot, and just go SLOW, not too much pressure. Also I have found the diamond bits on my Dremel tool work great, especially for sanding glass holes, and enlarging them. Just like my MOM used to have a spray bottle of water handy when she ironed, I have one handy in my shop, how times have changed!

Re: Rusted birdcage to be made into a ......

there's a liquid you can buy at Lowes, I think it's made by Jasco - Metal rust remover and primer, I use it on lots of metal stuff, (horseshoes, steel stuff I've cut out, etc)
you just brush it on, I usually do it in a tub to capture the runoff since it is liquid, then you let it dry, and it turns sort of white, then use a metal brush to scrape the white stuff off, it works great. Home Depot doesn't have it, I've only found it at Lowes. Good luck! Deni