Hello my name is Dianna, I'm an artist. I enjoy painting art in most mediums, oil, water, acrylic, pencil and ink, preferably on different materials other than canvas.

I also enjoy upcycling and transforming discarded furniture into unique workable home decor pieces.

I share information about simple decor projects on my website

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Rusty Wheel Makes Rustic Chandelier

Upcycled rusty plow wheel, tin can lids and more make rustic industrial chandelier.

Upcycled Wood Cutting Board Tray

Old wood cutting boards make sturdy trays. Round knobs were added on the bottom side to give it height and a different look.

Desert Wood Votive Candle Holder

Dried Cholla cactus found on the Arizona desert upcycled to make a votive candle holder.

Kitchen Pot and Untensil Rack

This pot and untensil rack was made for the breakfast room to add storage to a small kitchen.

Recycled Shutter Art

Take old wood shutters, rags and paint, what to you have? Recycled shutter art.

Chalkboard with Vintage Hooks

Cabinet door and scrap wood upcycled to make a chalkboard with molding. Vintage hooks were added for hanging totes, hats and keys.

Burlap Coffee Bean Headboard

Easy way to make a unique headboard. I used an old door and covered it with large coffee bean burlap bags. When I get tired of the burlap, I can remove it and have an old door as my headboard.

Upcycled Side Tables

Here's a new use for old wooden boxes, create upcycled side tables. It's a clever idea to turn them over and attach legs.

Outdoors Going Green

Ucycled materials used for outdoor decor.

Recent comments

Re: Fish tank pallet table

Love your pallet wood headboard and table.

Re: Architectural Relic Lamp

Nice architectural pieces, very unique lamp!

Re: Upcycled Desk Made From Dismantled Piano Parts

Great upcycle! I love the distressed finish.


Love the rusty wheel as a wreath. Is it from an old plow? I have one that looks just like it. I used mine as a halo for a chandelier.

Re: Glass Insulator Tea Light Holder

Love this idea! I see them all the time and love the aqua color too. But, I'm always saying to myself, what will I do with them? Thanks for the idea.

Re: Rusty Wheel Makes Rustic Chandelier

Thanks, I didn't want it to look country, just rustic.

Re: slipcovers bring it all together ..

Love how simple the slipcovers are.

Re: Pink Sweater turned lampshade covering ..

The shade is adorable! Great upcycle idea.


I love using old windows and window screens for frames.

Re: Abandoned Factory Lighting

It' seems everything I like has your name on it!

Re: It's Illuminating

Awesome floor lamp!

Re: Vintage Chic End Tables

It's amazing what a little paint will do.

Re: [WRECKAGE] Cabinet

Love this upcycled cabinet. Very rustic,great choice with the hardware.

Re: Vintage Kitchen Pantry

Love it! Great job making the shelf unit look old. Nice touch with the vintage bottle openers.

Re: "Wining Allowed!"

Love your iron racks and the mirror tray. Great find on the corbels.

Re: Repurposed Tennis Rackets

Great upcycle! I can't wait to check out your website.

Re: Summer Deck made from Pallets

Love this idea!

Re: outdoor bench made from single headboard/footboard

Great upcycle! Love the bench.

Re: Shabby, Salvaged Wood Tray

Creative! I've got a "thing" for boxes.

Re: Anatomy of a "Junk" Room

Love it! Looks pretty good for a junk room!

Re: Desert Wood Votive Candle Holder

Thanks for the nice comments. The dried cactus wood has a lot of character, it reminds me of drift wood but with a lot of holes.

Re: Continuation of JMS "Top Ten" Brian's Favorite Junk Parts

I just saw a photo of the facet knobs attached to a piece of wood and used for hooks to hang garden stuff.

Re: Funky Coffee Table

Love the old dolly, if you get tired of the vintage suitcases,
old crate boxes would probably work too.

Re: Kitchen Pot and Untensil Rack

That's part of the fun of sharing, being able to inspire.

Re: Kitchen Pot and Untensil Rack

Thank you Laurel and Jim, it does make life easier, especially when cabinet space is limited.

Re: Kitchen Pot and Untensil Rack

Thank you for the feature and comment Sue. The rack has been in use for 3 years and I still love it.

Re: Reclaimed Door Hall Tree

Compact but has a lot of storage to organize an entrance. I love this idea.

Re: Little Display Cabinet

A truly repurposed and upcycled project. I like how you used what you had around the house. Love it!

Re: Gardening bench upcycled from old twin Headboard

Love this, very creative.

Re: Sewing Cabinet Potting Bench

Love the color. I made a potting table/beverage cart with an old sewing machine cabinet. I will have to post it sometime. This is the link if you would like to see photos.

Re: Old Dropcloth Gets New Job in Laundry Room

Great idea for hand towels. I have covered pillows and made slipcovers with drop clothes. I love the rustic look of the fabric after it's been washed.

I've also made floor clothes, if you need any help let me know.

Re: Kitchen Pot and Untensil Rack

Hello MakinItHappen, It's better than looking in jammed packed cabinets and drawers, makes cooking more convenient.

Re: The Vintage Wedding

Beautiful! I put this on my Facebook page to share with my sister and any one else that may be planning a wedding.

Re: Recycled Shutter Art

It has a modern art feel with a little junk flair.

Re: Recycled Shutter Art

Thanks Sandyrae!

Re: Chalkboard with Vintage Hooks

A great way to welcome guest.

Re: Another chalkboard project

The metal ceiling tile is a nice touch.

Re: JMS I need help

Love these crates, particularly the blue one.

Re: best job interview ever

Love finding curb side junk.

Re: Trouble Light From Odds and Ends

Love cage fixtures. I'm working on a project, making a light fixture using the wheel of a rusty old plow. You gave me a couple ideas, thanks.

Re: Wired---------[=

I have a thing for rusty wire, love the lamp. You really have an eye for upcycling junk, a true artist.

Re: Extreme Farm Furniture

Wow! The color is amazing, very simple design, I love it.

Re: HUGE...Antique Corbel Floor Lamp


Re: Andrea's Top 10 Pick: Rust

Love the scales, planter and candle holder. The rustier the better!

Re: Burlap Coffee Bean Headboard

Burlap coffee bean sacks add unique character.

Re: Upcycled Side Tables

They do make cool tables. A simple project too, just reverse the bottom and add legs. Making the legs level was the hardest part for me. Probably a breeze for an architect.

Re: Burlap Coffee Bean Headboard

I like the rough, unfinished funky texture of the burlap bags.

Re: Vintage Ball canning jar chandelier

I love candle chandeliers.

Re: Antique Armoir Door Coffee Table

I like how you added the extra wood for the sides of the table and finished with #'s and stripes.

Re: Bathroom Remodel - Floating Suitcase Shelf

Love the idea! An attractive way to keep extra towels handy by the shower.

Re: Upcycled Bird Feeders with Found Objects

Love the license plate feeders cause I'm a very simple person.

Re: From upside down in an alley to this...

My husband is really good at finding junk for me too. Nice job!

Re: Burlap Coffee Bean Headboard

What?? Did you really mean to write all that about burlap coffee bean headboard??

Re: Outdoors Going Green

Thanks for the nice comments gadgetsponge.

Re: Upcycled Side Tables

I agree gadgetsponge, I like the bright colors with the old wood.

Re: Upcycled Side Tables

they can be used for night stands or any where a little table is needed.

Re: Trunk Table

Makes an old trunk function in more than one way. Great job, looks amazing.

Re: Upcycled Industrial Iron Sewing Machine Side Table

It's a keeper, I like the metal around the table top.

Re: Upcycled Vintage Canvas Bin Side Table

Great find, creative idea. Park a few stools around it and enjoy.

Re: Outdoors Going Green

Hi jerserypickerbro, yes I made the clock. It's made with a large tray basket and cut out wood #'s.

Re: Outdoors Going Green

Thanks Annebell, I have fun creating and upcycling is great for that.


The green house turned out amazing. I want one!

Re: Tre Verde

WOW! I love it!!

Re: Iris


Re: potting table changes seasons

The rack is a very creative touch.

Re: ~~~Summer Breeze Planter

Love these retro vintage chairs. I have a few of my own.


I like just about all galvanized containers. There are so many things that can be created with them.