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We began collecting old things, as something to do together, when our last child went off to college. When the barn became full of antiques, junk and things we had created from it, we held our first Spring Country Junk Sale. It was such a hit with the local Junk community, we were prompted to do it again. We held a Fall Country Junk Sale in October and included the pumpkins, broom corn, Indian corn and gourds we grow, for Fall decorating. Were now getting ready for our 7th fall sale this October.

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I started out with intentions of making benches out of a couple old bed frames, but was inspired by the picket fence planter I had just completed, from salvaged crate wood. Rather than benches, I...

Restored Bird Bath and Toolstand Side Table

Combined a couple of small projects for this post. Saved an XL concrete bird bath basin from a trip to the Landfill made a stand for it with salvaged pallet wood.  Bought a rusty iron toolstand...

Garden Gazebo

I made one of these for the JMUG booth I shared with Laurel  (Chipping With Charm) and Joan (Signs of the Times). That one found a new home with a JMUG pattron. This one's going with Sue to...

Farmhouse Table

I made this Farm House table, from the better of 2 old shed doors. I first trimmed it so all sides were square. Put an ege band around the trimmed edges. Then built legs and support rails from...

9th Annual Fall CountryJunk Sale

Our 9th annual Fall Country Junk Sale starts Friday. We will be open both Friday and Saturday from 9-5, here at the farm, 9650 Harding Ave. Monticello MN. The barn and sheds are pretty much emptied...

Junk Gazebo for JMUG

Laurel Joan and I got together today to try arranging our things for Next weeks JMUG. We were worried about having enough space to hang things, so I put together a gazebo made with a brooder hood and...

Church Pew Rebuild

What do you you do with a 12 ft pew. I picked up 2 pretty cheap, I think because they were so big. Each had a fancy end and a plain end, I took them apart, cut them down, one to a 3 ft. and the other...

Best CountryJunk Sale Ever! Thanks to Everyone That Came.

The June 2011 CountryJunk Sale was the biggest ever! Thanks to everyone who came, I hope you had as much fun as we did. Now we have to go looking for junk to restock, for the Fall 2011 CountryJunk...

The June CountryJunk Sale Starts Today!

Our June CountryJunk Sale starts today 9-5 at 9650 Harding Ave, Monticello MN. We'll be open tomorrow as well from 8-5.

Latest load of junk for our June CountryJunk Sale

Our June CountryJunk sale is scheduled for June 17th from 9-5 and June 18th from 8-5. Here at our farm located at 9650 Harding Ave. Monticello MN. We will post more pictures, as we unpack the sheds...

Milk Can Centerpiece

I cut the top off a old rusty painted milk can, ground it smooth, added a coat of polyurethane and it became a centerpiece. Ground the rim of the bottom smooth, added a funky handle, made from...

Easter Junking

We visited our daughter in Iowa over Easter. Had to spend a little time going through some Country Junk piles looking for Treasure. Managed to fill the back of the truck with a few things we found.

Tin Panel Cupboards

I planned on trying this for a long time, finally got a round to it. I used some old tin ceiling panels for door panels and cratewood for the rest, to make these cupboards. Still have a pile of the...

8th annual Fall Country Junk Sale

The sheds are emptied, we have one more day to get everything organized. Our 8th annual Fall Country Junk Sale starts tomorrow at 9AM here at the farm, 9650 Harding Ave. Monticello MN. See you...

Another shed emptied for The Fall "Country Junk Sale"

Looks like the weather will be great for the Fall Country Junk Sale, this Friday and Saturday! We emptied another shed and are finding things we had forgotten we had! Now  we're running out of...

CountryJunk Sale Preview

The Fall "CountryJunk Sale" is next Friday October 8th and Saturday October 9th, from 9-5, here on the farm, at 9650 Harding Avenue, Monticello MN. Yesterday we started emptying the wood shed. Seems...

Junk Storage Shed Made From Junk

Some of you, that have come to our CountryJunk sales, have asked where we store all the junk before the sale. It hasn't been easy! The barn, the garage, the woodshed, under tarps... To solve the...

Restocking for our Fall Sale

Thanks to all of you that came to our June Country Junk Sale. We haven't finished cleaning up yet, but have already started restocking for our October Fall Country Junk Sale. Check out the pictures...

One more day till our June Country Junk Sale

One more day till our June Country Junk Sale. Still have projects to finish and sheds to unpack. Cindy thinks we could have gone to maybe one or two more sales, if we really wanted to be ready!

Gardening With Junk

One of my spring projects was to get some landscaping done around the barn, before our June Country Junk Sale. On one side, I built a fieldstone terrace alongside the lane and in a low spot on the...

Great Load of Junk for our June Country Junk Sale!

Went to an estate sale last weekend and picked up a great load of junk, for our June Country Junk Sale! A lot of you have been asking when the sale is, if you didn't get the email, it's Friday June...

Primitive dry sink from salvaged materials

I made this primitive style Dry Sink from an old shed door, which I cut in half to make twin doors, salvaged waiscott for the back and salvaged hardware and cratewood. I dropped it off at AAJMS this...

Curch Pew Rebuild

I bought an 8 ft. church pew that was cracked, falling apart, missing part of one arm, but had the perfect weathered green finish. I completely diassembled it (saved the square nails for reuse), cut...

Oak Harvest Table and Window Curio Cupboard

In my last post I showed the materials I planned to use, to construct an oak harvest table. Here's the finished product, along with a Curio Cupboard I made from cratewood and an old door window. If...

Pine Pantry

Once again I saw a cupboard in crate wood that was too nice to burn and this is the result. The door panels and back are leftover Wainscott scraps from last summers kitchen remodel and I used antique...

Chimney Cabinet

My 91 year old mother in law is always saying "when I go, just put me in a pine box" The crate pictured was just about the right size, but in the interest of domestic harmony, I resisted temptation...

Chicken Crate Shelves

We hung some old chicken crates above the door to our porch for use as shelves. They were in pretty rough shape, so we reinforced the corners with old wire and added some shelves with weathered...

Repurposing a crate

The crate in which new tractor parts came, had too many possibilities! With a few modifications and a stand made to hold it, it became a primitive cabinet. I liked the way the finish turned out on my...

Primitive cupboard

If you've looked at my other posts, you'll know I try to make a cupboard out of every piece of junk. Here's a primitive type cupboard, I built around a discarded old shed door. I cut the door off...

Dresser mirror becomes bathroom centerpiece

Came across this partially stripped, discarded antique commode or dresser mirror/shelf/towelbar piece. Originally, we planned to piece it out for use in different projects, but then were inspired to...

Painted Crate Wood Cupboard

The majority of you said to paint the cupboard. Guess that's the way we were leaning as well. I used three coats, white, green and a honey mustard top coat, then distressed it. Now just need to find...

Cupboard From Crate Wood

If you happen to drive by a dumpster and see someone throwing pallets and crate wood out, it's probably me, in search of scrap wood to burn, to heat the shop. Occasionally I come across wood thats...


We wanted to thank all of you that stopped by our Fall Country Junk sale! It was the best ever! We've started collecting junk for our June sale. We just got back from a "JunK"it South, over the MEA...

Almost Ready For Our 7th Fall Country Junk Sale Friday 10/2 and Saturday 10/3 from 9-5

Our 7th Fall Country Junk Sale starts tomorrow Friday 10/2 and Saturday 10/3 from 9-5 both days. Come see us in in Monticello, at 9650 HardingAve.

You don't need coasters for this table

We're busy harvesting Cinderella Pumpkins, broom corn, Indian corn, gourds and squash for our Fall Country Junk Sale, but found time to make this table, out of a huge old 28" grindstone and some 2x4...

New load of junk for the Fall CountryJunk Sale October 2&3

This is what happens when you're the only ones at a sale, that appreciate good old junk! Let everyone else fight over the McCoy pottery, Eastlake furniture etc. we'll take the junk!

Jelly Cupboard from Junk

Here's another cupboard for our Fall Country Junk Sale. This one was made, by putting an old screen and an old shelf together, then adding a back and face frame.

Primitive Cupboards from Junk

These primitive cupboards were made from used lumber, doors and hardware. They and others will be available at our upcoming "Fall Country Junk Sale" October 2 & 3. Also shown are some pictures...

Recent comments

Re: Time for the Fall Country Junk Sale...

Thanks so much to Laurel for posting these pictures! She's always been our biggest supporter!
The sale was great today, thanks to everyone that came. We still have plenty left for those of you that plan to come tomorrow.

Re: just a few more additions!

I do like your mosaics and weathered wood pictures, very creative!

Re: Re-claimed pallet/cafe table

Very Nice job! It's amazing what you can do with pallet wood.

Re: Window Salvage

Very neat! I have a friend that did a similar thing. He used pieces of painted wood in a window frame to make a picture.

Re: Metal & Wood

The birds are really Cool!!!! Are they like a Mosaic of weathered wood?

Re: Hardware Butterflies

Hey Laurel
You told me once not to scrap anything metal, till you had a chance to look at it. I'm betting I've got a bunch more of your butterflies in some boxes I've set aside for you.

Re: Restored Bird Bath and Toolstand Side Table

Hi Laurel
Thanks! Would have preferred the salvaged maple flooring I used on your table, but didn't have enough left.

Re: Garden Gazebo

Glad you like it! I'm still thinking of maybe adding a Cupola. I'll probably make another for the June CountryJunk Sale, I plan to try Porch posts at the corners on the next one. Come down for the junk sale and you can bring it home to ND yourself.

Re: Rusty Little Shoes

Hey Laurel you have a way of adding your special touch to create something unique out of something that would otherwise look familiar.

Re: Funky Coffee Table

Fun to see what happens to the junk we sell! I recently picked up an even bigger dolly than the one you bought. I'll be bringing it along to JMUG next week.

Re: JMUG "Fall Edition" Vendor Feature... It's All About Junk Friends...

Hey Laurel
You took great pictures! My cupboards sure look better with your creations dressing them up.

Re: Indoor Window Box

What a great piece of workmanship! it almost looks like you had a master carpenter help you with it.

Re: my one of a kind, handbags made from recycled needlepoint and leather coats.

What a great piece of craftsmanship! My mother owned a needlework shop for years, would love to see some of her pieces turned into unique items like this!!!

Re: Another shed emptied for The Fall "Country Junk Sale"

Time for a road trip Jim!

Re: Is It A Door....or a Bench?

I like to use old doors to make a primitive cupboard or pantry. Check out some of my older posts, of things I've made using old doors. If you were closer I'd offer to help!

Re: Restocking for our Fall Sale

Hi JunKAllie
We're right up 25 from you along the river. Send us an email and we'll put you on the email list, our fall sale is always the first Friday/Saturday of October. Have been thinking about an early opening Thursday night for Junk Market members, but want to bounce the idea off of Sue first. That might be really fun once we get the winery going, could do a wine tasting and serve pumpkin pie.

Re: Playing Outside... brought our junk to life. That scale doesn't look like the same one sitting in front of our barn- so cool to see what you did with everything!

Re: The Chimney Cupboard Family

Excellent work!!! You can never have enough wood though keep the wood pile growing.

Re: Primitive Cupboards from Junk

We have bought gifts for friends at the "Drawers of Davlee". It is really a cute shop!

Re: Primitive Cupboards from Junk

Thanks for all your positive feedback. Our sale will be held here at the farm, located at 9650 Harding Ave. Monticello MN. Fri October 2 and Saturday October 3 from 9-5. We know it's probably a long way for some of you, but if you do make it here (all the way from Texas for example), maybe we'll break out a bottle from our farm winery, scheduled to open next June.