Sherri Spear, Paso Robles, CA, US

I guess Ive been a junker my whole life. In my 20s, a tight budget and a desire for style meant garage sale and thrift store finds needed a little creative attitude adjustment. In my late 20s-early 30s I re-learned to sew...this time home decor items from sheet sets, shower curtains, tablecloths, fabric scraps... Late 30s early 40s my husband and I bought a real fix-er up-er. I was full time subcontractor/laborer and learned how to work with tools. After about six years of remodeling, I learned many new skills, the art of patience, and how to appreciate the beauty in absolutely everything! One day, I noticed an old chair in the back of my contractors truck. He was on his way to the dump with it! It was the rocker his wife nursed his children in and I couldnt stand the thought that he was taking it to the dump. He gave me that chair. I refinished it and made new cushions and the upholstery fabric was made from discontinued fabric swatches. The rest, as they say, is history...Ive been hooked on junk ever since.

Gender: Female

Birthday: 08/28/1963

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Junkin' Sacks made from Recycled Blue Jeans & Leftover Fabrics

I needed something creative to do while my workshop is being renovated.

Jewelry Trees

I love making jewelry trees out of reclaimed materials.  Here are a couple I made from some pink chair legs.  The chair was in one of my earlier posts but came back into my life broken...

Jewelry Duty

I had jury duty this week and when I was excused and sent home early, I decided to finish an old project I had started.  The silhouette of the chair back reminded me of the scales of justice so...

Vintage Vanity

I found this little treasure in pretty good condition but felt it needed a little pick-me-up.

A Junker's Desk

I put together my desk using a pair of old oak file cabinets and a vintage door topped with glass.  A vintage cake pan fitted with recycled jars and a lazy susan makes the perfect desk caddie...

Chair-y Chair-y Quite Contrary

One of my first posts was a vintage pink chair...well, it came back into my life five years later--broken; so I've done the first of a few projects from that same's the first photo with...

Flock Party Bird Feeder

Sometimes inspiration for a project can begin in an unexpected place.  The genesis of this bird feeder came from a vintage birdhouse I purchased from my friend Jane at 1 of A Kind...

One Way To Rehab A Delaminating Cabinet

  When I see a forlorn piece of furniture like this cabinet, it's like looking into sad puppy eyes for me.  I just want to adopt.   There was quite a bit of delaminating  so I...

Vintage Door Marries Vanity Bench

  I happen to be one of those people who absolutely love old doors.  I especially like odd sized ones that have been painted many colors over the years and now have lots of chippy paint...

Globe Lamp and Recycled Sconce Bookend

The northern hemisphere of a recycled globe makes a great lamp shade or hanging lamp. Look for the southern hemisphere in a future project.   The bookend was made from a scrap of dogearred...

Scrap Scarf....made from the ornaments off my Bedspring Christmas Tree

Remember my Bedspring Christmas Tree post?.....well, I finally got around to making the scarf I had been dreaming the leftover yarn balls wanted to become...I wanted to mix the weights and textures...

Reclaimed Materials Potting Bench

I built this potting bench from reclaimed chippy fence boards that were a light pink color, tung and groove siding with chippy white paint, white chippy pickets, and blue posts.  I scraped...

Vintage Door Corner Shelf

I found what was ugly bright gold door but I love old doors...  I cut the door in half down the middle then scraped, sanded, and waxed the pieces.  I cut a piece of one-by-one to the length...

Happy Accidents

This post is for dragonflytreasures...hope you see this.  When I saw your ornament makeover post I had to share this.  I bought these empty glass ornaments from Michaels to fill with...

Ceiling Fixture Pedestal Bowls

I made these pedestal bowls from repurposed ceiling fixture and lamp parts.  Simply stack the parts you want to use on threaded lamp rods of the appropriate length and screw together using a...

Steamer Trunk Bookcase

I bought this old steamer trunk, probably paid too much but I just love the history.  It was just too heavy for me to even maneuver around the workshop so I decided that since we don't really...

Rope Hanger

I was looking for an more appealing way to hang things from ladders that were adjustable and easily removeable for customers.  I like the way Pottery Barn and other catalogs were using rope and...

My First Junk Chair

As I was looking through the junk I've posted, I realized that I didn't post a photo of the story I told in my profile about my first junk chair.  Well, here it is.  I'm glad I still have a...

Reclaimed Materials Birdhouse Welcome Sign

Nothing's more fun than the challenge of what to do with left-over materials.  This one started with, "what can I do with this chair seat with the funny offset hole?"  This old leg fit...

Bird Cage Hanging Lamp

I love making lamps from birdcages.  Even though this one is standing in this store display, it is also hanging from the chain above.  I like to use either brown or clear lamp cord which...

Vanity Seat Makeover with Coffee Sack

This vanity seat makeover started with a vintage vanity seat with a rosewood finish, not much padding and pink fabric.  After sanding, I used my rusty metal paint finish.  Then removed the...

Nothing A Little Stripper Can't Fix

I wish I had a before picture of this sweet little bookcase.  I had to be convinced to buy it and I'm usually game for just about anything.  The previous owner had sloppily painted over...

Bed Spring Christmas Tree

I made this Christmas Tree from rusty bed springs.  I simply cut the bed springs from the bed in a row and then manipulated the row into a circle.  The spring that connects each large...

Floor Lamp Display

This couldn't be simpler.  To display my neck warmers, I took an old floor lamp and deconstructed the shade.  I use an old Edison bulb for a warm vintage look and then just use the lamp...

Vintage Doll Bed Craft Show Kiosk

This vintage doll crib was the perfect thing to display my sister's knitted baby items.  I wanted a moveable kiosk that would put items up at eye level.  I wanted something baby-related and...

Baby Hat Displays

Small baby beanies can be displayed on anything round and the size of a baby's head.   Vary the heights for interest and finish them the same for a cohesive look.   I had a couple of old...

Bird Cage Stand and Chandelier Hat and Scarf Display

Necessity IS the mother of invention.  My sister and I do a "craft boutique" once a year at her church and I'm responsible for all our display pieces.  She knits hats and scarves and I...

Craft Show Kiosk

I love making craft show displays out of repurposed materials.  This one breaks down for easy transport.  I started with an old door and two exterior shutters.  Scraped, sanded, and...

Jewelry Trees

I make a lot of Jewelry Display Trees out of old turned legs and various lamp parts, bases, knobs, and finials.  I try to make them spin if I can but they are all one of a kind and unique ways...

Tub Settee

I can't take credit for the brilliant reuse of the tub.  The tub belongs to a friend who asked me to make cushions and pillows for it so she could use it on her porch.  The cushions and...

Window Frame Bulletin Board

This vintage window frame had glass in the top but not in the bottom.  I sanded and waxed the frame, cleaned the glass and cut two small pieces of 1/4" backing then added decorative paper you...

Vintage Doorknob Bracelet and Ring Holder

I didn't need another twine holder so....I grabbed another fancier door plate and a piece of reclaimed wood.  I screwed the knob to the plate from underneath using a washer and then screwed the...

Vintage Doorknob Twine Holder

At the Remnants of the Past Show I saw one of Sue Whitney's clever uses for vintage doorknobs.  She had made little bud vases!  When I got home I pulled out my collection of rusty old...

Did I mention I rescue broken chairs?

I think I may have bought this chair from the JunkGirls when they were it may have been rescued twice!  My first instinct was to just turn it into a swing which would have been cute...

Jewelry Carousels

These jewelry carousels are a fun and easy project.  The bases are marble lamp bases but you can get creative.  Just screw on a crusty spindle or table leg.  The carousel is a lamp...

Proof It's In The Jeans

The only credit I can take for this one is genetics.  I'm the proud mother of a recycler.  Over the years my son has learned he can walk into my workroom and pretty much ask for anything...

Lock Case Towel Bar

I collect old doors for projects and usually remove all the hardware for other projects.  I always turn things over and backwards to see what else they could be...and viola!  Lock cases are...

Shipping Crate Coat Rack

I love old signs and crates and anything industrial looking.  I bought this piece (I think from Georgia Moon).  It already had these five holes along the bottom where it had been nailed on...

Honeycomb makes a Sweet Earring Holder

I bought this piece from Georgia Moon and I'm not sure what it's called but I'm calling it a honeycomb drawer because I think it's from one of those beekeeper boxes.  Anyway, I just thought it...

Purse Planter

I found this basket purse at a garage sale and used it for a planter.  It would be really cute with a flower arrangement (maybe attached to the front of a bicycle?) but I'm not a flower...

Vanity Mirror

I had a picker who used to bring me broken things because she just knew I could find something to do them...hey, it's better than collecting stray animals.  At least that's what I tell my...

Coffee Tin Projects

I had a couple of old coffee tins that were pretty rusty.  I also like vintage kitchen utensils as parts for projects.  One of the tins was rusted through the bottom so I just cut it up for...

Post Hat Stand

I used an old post and mounted it to a couple of pieces of scrap wood painted black to make a hat stand.  Simple yet practical.

Tie Chair

My dad doesn't wear ties anymore so rather than get rid of them, my mom gave them to me to weave into a chair seat.  I found the chair frame at a garage sale.  It was missing the...

Picket Stool

After dismantling an old picket fence and building a potting bench, I had left over short pieces of picket so I built a stool then had a friend paint the bird on it for me.

Broken Shutter Room Divider

I bought an old set of bifold closet doors with broken louvres on the top.  After removing the broken louvres, I painted and "antiqued" the doors.  Then I cut panels to insert in the...

Cast Iron Stove Bottom Ottoman

This ottoman started as a rusted cast iron stove base.  After a good cleaning, I waxed the base with Fiddes Supreme Wax.  Then I cut a piece of plywood to fit.  Added new foam and...

Junky Chair with Promise

I wish I had a before picture of this chair for was literally junky.  It had a regal shape to it so I used silver leaf all over and then antiqued the whole thing with aged oak gel...

Trunk Bottom Book Case

I have a thing for old trunks.  Who doesn't?  They're usually smelly and the paper is often falling apart.  Sometimes the hinges are broken and they don't open and close...

Vintage Chair

I love vintage chairs with chippy paint.  I make sure they're sturdy, sand and wax them and replace the seat with new foam and dacron and upholster them in hand made upholstery patchwork made...

Bed in the Flowers

My raised bed herb garden needed a little color so I bought this old iron headboard from one of the other spaces in Reminisce and painted it Farm Implement Red and stuck it in the bed to give the...

Rusty Dust Pan Bird Feeder

I simply mounted an old rusty dust pan to the fence post and filled it with bird seed.  So simple.

Spruced Up Planter Box

I bought this hand made planter box at a garage sale.  I sanded and waxed it with my favorite wax and added some old trim and a shelf to the top of the window.

Clock Case Book Case

I bought this hand made book case from a garage sale and thought it looked like a grandfather clock so I painted and waxed it, built a door for the top section out of parts from a vintage baby play...

Picket Potting Bench

I build this potting bench using recycled pickets.  The back is an old window frame fitted with chicken wire.  An old enamel bowl is a perfect place to fill pots with soil.  The towel...

Wall Organizer

This handy wall organizer was made from a vintage trunk tray.  I love the original papers used to line trunks and decoupaged the paper for added durability.  In the smaller compartment I...

Buggy Tea Cart

Everyone once in awhile someone will come into the store (Reminisce-Paso Robles) with a freebie headed for the dump.  This baby buggy was in bad shape but I knew was good for something.  It...

Craft Show Displays Made From Recycled Materials

My sister and I did a craft show with our handmade items.  I built all our unique display pieces from recycled materials.  Doors with hooks and shelves are great displays.  Cabinet...

Recent comments

Re: Repurposed WWII Military First Aid Storage Suitcase Table w/ Sewing Machine Base & Yardsticks

Very Cool! I love the colorful palette. I have a pair of sewing machine bases that I've wanted to make into night stands....this has got me thinking I need to look for suitcases for the tops...thanks for the inspiration!

Re: Architectural Wreckage Lamp

Happy belated birthday. Love the lamp and breezeway. I am a huge fan of color and am always inspired by your designs. Hope you had a great day!


Re: Chicken wire love :)

First, I really like your screen name. Second, I love your quirky vision!


Re: Beautiful Antique Rocker

What a beautiful chair! You did a fabulous job giving it a fresh start. Nothing short of amazing! I really appreciate all the work you put into this project.


Re: Knock Knee Trunk Table

Another great project! I love your commitment to your vision, trunks & legs!


Re: Water Spigot Necklaces

Loving this! Very creative and beautiful!


Re: Repurposed License Plate Clipboards

Love this!!! May have to pass this one on....with credit to you, of course! What a perfect gift for all the car guys I know!

Re: Trash finds into Cottage Beach bath

Great job! Love the story..


Re: Just Caulk it for a little OoOo La Laaaaa

Love this! What a smart idea...of course I seem to love everything you do so no surprise here. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing the caulking tip!


Re: Ladder Shelf

I love this idea! It's so hard to find the perfect storage for this've done it!


Re: Paper Dispenser


Re: Vintage Burlap and Lace Wedding

What great ideas!!! I know a few young girls collecting wedding ideas....they will love these. You did a great job!


Re: Shoe Form Window Treatment

Now that's a clever idea! Good thinking'!

Re: Repurposed Coat Rack / Wall Hangers

I love these! They are like functional little pieces of artwork!!!!! My kind of project. Thanks for sharing.


Re: $148 Scrap Junk Makeover! WOW!

Another great project! Hope you're feeling better.

Re: Thrifted Vintage Ruler Lamp

Great job! A creative use of one of my favorites materials.


Re: Altered Watercolor Paint Tin

I really love the memories! Art class was always my favorite, too...such a fun time to play...I'm glad you still find time to play!!!!


Re: Aging Galvanized Metal

Thanks for the tip! Can't wait to try it.

Re: GETFRESH Vintage Opens its Doors

Congratulations and Best of Luck!!! Wish I were closer, I'd be a regular.


Re: Antique Western Bar "circ 1940 - 2012"

Nice job! I love that you used all repurposed materials.

Re: Happy Accidents...Shutter Project Gone Haywire

Thanks, now I just have to figure out what to do with all the louvres...any ideas?
I've done herb markers before but would like to do something different...I have an idea brewing but will have to see how it develops.

Re: Iron Lamp

As a fellow lamp-maker, I appreciate your creativity. I love that you used some lamp parts but in a deconstructed way. Beautiful job!

Re: Habitat ReStore cabinet

Welcome Kirby! Beautiful job. I like the blue interior as well.

Re: Button "M"

Really pretty. I love the artfulness of your composition.

Re: Gifts made by my 10 yr old

As the mother of a son, I know how proud you are at this moment. Sometimes, you just can't believe your heart could hold anymore love for your little boy. His thoughtfulness, creativity, and desire to make something special with his own hands will be something he carries with him forever. Good job, mom, for teaching him these wonderful traits.

Re: Our Kitchen Island Transformation

What a great idea! I love how it turned out.

Re: Reclaimed Materials Potting Bench

To answer Porchman, to the left on the wall is a re-purposed garden trellis. I painted it green, then waxed it and added some aged brass cup hooks that I opened up a bit with pliers so they would hold more product. To the left of that is another old door that I added shelves bordered in vintage yard sticks. Thanks for all your nice comments.

Re: Happy Accidents

Cruzantiques...don't let that stop you. I have family in your area and they come visit...the central coast is a great vacation destination. Paso Robles has about 300 wineries, fabulous restaurants, beautiful weather and a charming downtown right out of a Norman Rockwell....just sayin'...

Re: JMS I need help

I prefer the burlap. Can't wait to see the finished the green color on the crate!

Re: Steamer Trunk Bookcase

Thanks for all your comments. I do sleep but mostly I dream. I have one of those brains that won't shut down...that's partly why I had to stop decorating...I would dream all night of other people's houses; it was exhausting. I'm bad about posting so I didn't do all these projects at once...I just hadn't posted in awhile. I'm trying to get better about taking before and during pictures, which is a challenge for me because I tend to work fast, focused, and alone, and forget to do things like take pictures, eat, and socialize. lol....but I'm working on it...that's why this site is good for me. It connects me to you people who get me and that feels nice. So thank you all for your interest and comments.

Re: Christmas brooch restyled into necklace

I love it! Gorgeous.

Re: Can you find the paint stirrers?

Really? I can't even find a paint stirrer in my shop when I need to mix paint and end up using a perfectly good piece of quarter-round...nice job!

Now I know your secret, Jim. Mine has always been yardsticks.

Re: Wine cabinet from scratch

Beautiful job!...and I love the wood wall behind it.

Re: Dresser Repurposing Take 2

Another great transformation. You have such vision. I admire that a great deal...I always feel like my furniture projects are experiments and I have no idea how they'll turn out. Do you get an idea and pretty much know what you want the end result to be? If so, can you bottle that and send me some?
Thanks again,

Re: Farmers Daughter Desk

Great job! Now you know you'll be asked to do more of these. My own desk at home is an old door; not the fabulous composition you have here, but functional. I've been trying to get it cleared off enough to post it so now you have me motivated. I love your work and seem to be drawn to your style. I look forward to your future posts. Thank you.

Re: Life Long Project Undertaking

OMG, I never thought I'd say it but I wish I lived in Florida!...No offense, I just don't like humidity but I love your junk. If I ever make it out your way, I'm bring a trailer!

Re: Old rake into a wreath

This IS Awesomeness! You did such a pretty job with such a humble tool. I have a collection of vintage rakes in my garden...this would be such fun during the holidays. I hope it's okay if I "pay forward" this idea (I think that sounds better than borrow or steal). :)

Re: Redesigned Christmas Ornaments

I love all these ideas. How did you remove the paint? I purchased some clear glass ornaments from Michael's and transformed them...a happy accident. I'll have to take a picture and post's a funny story. I'm really impressed with the fact that you removed the paint!...and I like the sentimental idea.

Re: Travel Trunk going nowhere now

Sandyrae, Thank you for your comment about my trunk. I just looked at your post. Sorry I didn't see it earlier. It is exactly the same kind of trunk and I think yours turned out just as nice from what I can see. I do like the fact that you put yours up on legs, I think I mentioned in my post that legs or casters were what mine was missing; I just want the option of hanging it on a wall. I use the other half as display and used the biggest drawer from the bottom and a very large container for floral display.

Re: Steamer Trunk Bookcase

Sandyrae, Thank you for your comment. I just went and looked at your post. Sorry I didn't see it earlier. It is exactly the same kind of trunk and I think yours turned out just as nice from what I can see. I do like the fact that you put yours up on legs, I think I mentioned in my post that legs or casters were what mine in missing; I just want the option of hanging it on a wall. I use the other half as display and used the biggest drawer from the bottom and a very large container for floral display.

Re: HUGE...Antique Corbel Floor Lamp

WOW!!! You're awesome. I have a couple of corbels that I'm told came from Hearst Castle and now you've got me thinking.....maybe I won't do the standard wall shelf.

Re: Bird Cage Hanging Lamp

Don't let that stop you...think little girl's room.

Re: Steamer Trunk Bookcase

Hey, it's nice to see you here. I purchased parts and pieces from you when you closed up shop...hope you are well.

Re: Hummingbird cutout from re-purposed frame

Beautiful job! I can definitely appreciate the level of difficulty....unless you have a plasma cutter and the saw in the back is just a prop. lol! Nice work!

Re: Rustic table from scraps

I really like your use of copper supports. Great Idea!

Re: Tub Settee

Sue, If you see this, I ran into Ken Fuller today at the hardware store...seems like I see him every time I'm there. Told him about our coincidence and he had a good laugh. If you look at my "hat stand" post, that is his original painting. It was his first attempt at painting water. I absolutely love it and he told me today that I made a good investment; I purchased that painting at his first studio show and his prices have doubled....wouldn't matter to me though because I absolutely love the painting and don't ever plan to sell it. As you know, Ken and Susie are "good people", always warm, inviting, and talented. Is your book out? I can't wait to see it if you did a photo shoot there. I did many, if not all, of their window treatments.

Re: vintage student desk

I love the red desk! Great job.

Re: ladder back chairs

Nice job Doyle. I don't know where you are in the country but $15 is more than fair. I'm a chair junky and find that they do take awhile to sell but they are still useful for display in my space. You only have three so if someone's looking for four they aren't your customer. Sometimes you have to give them the I'll sometimes put a display sign that says what a great chair for a lonely corner in a kids room for them to drop their backpack...and then it can do double duty as a great time-out chair...or perfect for a small entry..just put a mirror over it and it's a great spot to drop your purse, put on your shoes...or great in bathroom next to the tub stacked with towels... Our store has a tried and true motto..."if it doesn't sell, paint it white".

Re: Shelves

Very cool! From one shelf-builder to another. I appreciate your creativity.

Re: What do you do with a bedspring, fabric and shuffle board puck? Make an Art Doll of course!

This is so fabulous...just cruising again through your posts so that I'll get more ideas for your junk swap box....!

Re: Cabin in the snow

I've always loved miniatures...great job!

Re: Repurposed Folding Rulers

I love this! Old rulers are a staple in my workshop so I always love to see new projects. Thanks for the inspiration.

Re: $92.00 Kitchen Makeover, Re-use, Re-Purpose REBORN!

I love your vision and your great work!!! Bravo!

Re: Tub Settee

Thanks everyone. Sue, I believe you know the owner of this's Susie of the Three Speckled Hens. I made the cushions several years ago and just ran across the picture this week.


Re: Barrel Top Tray

I love this! Beautiful job....and now I know what I can do with some left-over springs....thanks for the inspiration.


Re: Renewed Arm Chair

Great job! That's one thing I haven't tried...painting fabric. You've inspired me next time I don't want to reupholster. You do good work.


Re: Rusty metal thing

Great stuff! Except for the handle...the shape of the "rusty cone thingy" looks like an old bulb planter I have.

Re: Tick, tock ... I've got clocks!

I sure don't blame you. What a steal...I would have paid $3 each. They do make a great display and with so many I see projects is your future as well. Have fun!

Re: WEDDING GOES ON but Tygart's Creek Cabin FLOODED!

First of all, congratulations! You're a beautiful couple with many wonderful moments ahead of you.... With regard to your flood, I feel your pain. I believe we are all given what we can handle and what will make us grow stronger. In the early stages of my own six year remodel of what I lovingly refer to as "the money pit", "the house that Jack built" and "Dr. Doolittle's house" all rolled into one, neighbors asked me how I handled living in it through the process. I tell everyone, I learned to look up. We have a beautiful sky. I also happen to love what I call "happy accidents". Too long of a story to tell here but suffice it to say that when it literally rained on my new carpet and the one room we had just finished and furnished, I realized it was all just "stuff" and we can't take it with us. Having said that, I also learned to appreciate the beauty in every little thing. I've always loved the hunt, the good find; but now I also love rust and distressed finishes and I can't throw anything away with the exception of maybe active termites and mold. I'm the girl who wants the things most people will pay to haul away...because I love the challenge. Good luck and I hope this community will be of some support and creative input for you and your new husband in this exciting journey.

Re: from brassy to classy

Bravo! Isn't it fun taking something apart for the first time? Now you're a pro...


Very cute!!!!

Re: No. 1, 2, 3, & 4 Bookends from vintage molding

Nice job on the hand-painted numbers! I love anything with numbers or letters,especially in old typewriter fonts. Beautiful work!

Re: the loner

I like this piece you found. Might look nice with a narrow piece of wood added right to the top for a shelf. Would make a nice little shelf in an entry with a really cool mirror over it.

Re: the loner

I think the best way to learn how something works is to start taking things apart. Dealing with electrical is perfectly safe if it's not plugged in...don't be afraid to explore. If it's the type of chandelier that looks like candlesticks; just remove the plastic or paper sleeve and you'll see where the wires attach to each "candle". Simply unscrew the wires. Then if you want to remove the candlestick part to replace with real candles, those usually just screw onto the chandelier frame. All those separate arms leading to the candles hold the wires you've disconnected. They all link together somewhere so try to unscrew different parts of the chandelier frame to find where they join. Take them apart and then you can pull the main wire that goes to the plug or would be hard wired in your ceiling. Now you have no more wires to worry about. Just put what you need to back together and viola you have a candelier. Good luck.


Great legs! Good stuff.

Re: I've been pickin'

By all means get it all out while you can and no worries if that shed falls down because old wood is a great find too. I'm always eye-ing falling down barns and sheds when I'm driving around our countryside wishing I knew the people living there so I could just take a little old wood off their hands. Have fun and go build something!

Re: junk heaven-orange park

I love this picture. This looks like what I imagine my husband's nightmares to be when he sees my workshop intruding on the rest of the property....

Re: junk heaven-orange park

Too much fun. You're a lucky girl.

Re: junk heaven-orange park

OMG is this a show or is this just always sitting there waiting for us junkers?

Re: old doors galoore!

Seriously?! Okay, now you're just taunting did take them all, didn't you? As far as I'm concerned you can never have too many doors.

Re: I love Rust

I love rust, too...and anything with crusty paint and rust. Great pictures! I love rust in it's found state but I also love to wax and polish it with paste wax. It does change the color a bit but it takes it from shabby to chic and won't rub off on carpet, etc. when you want to bring it indoors.

Your photos would make great cards in addition to wall art. Great finds!

Re: Did I mention I rescue broken chairs?

I use Fiddes Supreme Wax which is similar to Briwax but with less solvent so it's a bit more environmentally friendly. You can find them online at to locate a dealer near you. Because I have a resale license I buy direct from my area rep. It comes in colors like stain or the light which is actually clear. I either used the clear or the antique brown on the chair. The antique brown has a yellow undertone. For darker antiquing my favorite is rugger brown which is a tobacco color. For painted things realize that if you use a colored wax it will change the color of your project but I like the surprise and the darker colors will sit in the crevices. Rugger over a light blue, for example, will come out a nice blue green color. It's great over bright vintage colors because it tones them down and makes them more rich and aged looking. Those old pinks turn a nice peachy dirty color and whites become antiqued cream. If you look at some of my other projects you'll see what I mean. The tall clock I did started out white on the outside and light blue on the inside. Good luck and happy waxing.

Re: Television Table

What a transformation! Right up my alley. I love all the colors!

Re: help me with my beautiful weathered wood!!!

I love old wood with chippy paint and work with it all the time. There are several things you can try depending on what finish you're looking for. The product I use most often is Fiddes Supreme Wax. You can go online to find a source near you. It's similar to Briwax but with less solvents. It's easy to work with and comes in colors like stain. The color I use most often is Rugger Brown which is like a tobacco color. It gives everything a great antiqued finish but still looks rustic and is the quickest product, I think, because there's really no drying time. If you look at my projects, they almost all have been waxed. It's a paste wax so you just apply it with a cloth or brush like you would stain, wiping off any excess. By the time you're finished applying, it's usually dry enough to buff. I use a pine brush attached to my drill but it can be buffed by hand for a small project like yours. You just buff with a brush or cloth until you reach the desired sheen. It should not be tacky so if it is you just haven't buffed enough. You could also use GelStain by Minwax. The color I use most often for an aged look is Aged Oak. Again, there are many colors and it's readily available. This product is nice because it is a stain and sealer in one; but there is drying time involved. I have a friend that uses encapsulating products to preserve original finishes but I think they are just clear and haven't worked with them myself. Good luck.

Re: Mannequin Gets New Life

I love, love, love this...You are so right; jewelry, or anything for that matter, needs a great display piece. Great makeover!

Re: Arbor with old doors

As a fellow old-door-lover, I'm loving what you've done! Thanks for sharing your project.

Re: O Spring of Junk

I love this look. I don't like to throw broken things away, either. That's a beautiful urn and don't we all bury the ugly parts anyway? Good job.

Re: Lock Case Towel Bar

Nice idea junkermidge but I'm going with messy as a toothbrush holder only because they tend to drip and I don't know if the hole is big enough for a toothbrush...maybe. Another idea, since you have a few and they may not all match...if you mount several of them in a row on a piece of wood with a little space in between you'd have a nice file folder or mail holder....I could just go on all day.

Re: Black and White Dresser

Looks like a magazine photo! Fabulous!

Re: Lil' Cowpoke Armoire

I love this idea. You are very talented. Your design puts a modern spin on a rustic idea.

Re: Thresher finds new life as farm lamp

I can I found a "part" in my shop and can't even remember what it came off of. Love the lamp and the shade is perfect.

Re: Post Hat Stand

Thanks, that's the entrance to my indoor office/workroom. My family has called me "Martha" since anyone ever heard of Martha. It's sort of annoying. I say I'm Martha without the Empire. I'm most definitely not as organized as Martha appears to be and certainly not as if you saw the rest of my workroom, most of the time, you'd understand the truth to that sign; I consider it creative chaos!


No guts, no glory...nice job!

Re: Tie Chair

I don't know weaving lingo either so forgive me if I'm incorrect. I started a tie at either the front or back by putting a dab of hot glue then wrapped the tie around the wood once then started twisting tightly and went back and forth front to back about three times started a new tie. When I got to the end of a tie I put a dab of hot glue to hold it in place and added an upholstery tack on the underside to hold it in place and cut any excess. Once I was finished with the front to back direction, I started a tie at one corner with a dab of hot glue, wrapped it around the wood once to hold it in place and started twisting and weaving over and under the other ties to the other side and just went around the side wood like it was another tie and turned around and went the other direction. The ties are so tight and close together front to back that there is more space between the side to side ties but it's a very firm seat. If I remember, when I got to the end of a tie I just hot glued the next tie to the last one and kept twisting. Hope this helps.

Re: Post Hat Stand

Thanks. The picture is an original painting by my friend Ken Fuller. I love it too. I bought it at his first show. He's a wonderful plein air artist and this painting was done at Carmody McKnight Winery. I believe it was one of his earlier attempts at water. I just love the blue shutters and the way the two boats are drawn up to the shore. It has a wonderful warmth and mystery about it.

The post I used has a large ball on the top so it's perfect for a hat but if you use a spindle you probably want to attach something larger round on the top so it doesn't dent the crown of the hat.

Re: Tie Chair

Thanks. I should have shown the underside as well. The ties are only attached at the front and back. To start I just used hot glue and then a staple and wrapped the tie around flat one time before starting to twist. When I started to weave from side to side I did the same thing to start but then sort of made one continuous tie by attaching one to the next. You could sew it together to be safe. Then when I came to the end I used an upholstery tack on the underside to make sure it was secure. To clean up the underside, at the end where all the "ends" were I used one flat tie and just hot glued it across the whole row to hide all the ugly. Trust me, when you do something for the first time you're just winging it.

Re: What you can do with free 1892 house moulding!

I'm with JunkArchitect...I'm always on the lookout for any wood with old chippy paint....what a find and great use! SCORE!

Re: Another Printer Tray Idea

I love this idea. I have a couple of these trays in my "to do" pile so I'm always on the hunt for the right idea. I've been saving bits and pieces to put in the "shadow boxes" and I love the papers as a backdrop. I make handmade cards and decoupage letters so I have plenty of scrap paper. Thanks for the inspiration.

Re: Croquet anyone?

I'd use the handles for towel bars by mounting them on reclaimed wood or drawer faces...or use all of them to make a wall mounted magazine rack (where the magazines drape over the bars like towels.)

Re: Rusty iron rolling cart

How big is it? My first thought was plant dolly, too. Since I'm in wine country I'd probably put a half wine barrel on it if it's big enough and then add a piece of glass for a coffee table or make a hinged top for it and use it for storage in the family room for toys or throws. I just love furniture with mobility. If you do a lot of outdoor entertaining, it could be neat with either the half barrel or a galvanized tub and filled with ice would be a great place for drinks.

Re: Commercial Laundry Hamper

What a fabulous find! It would be great in a bathroom filled with towels, if you have kids it could be tub toys, or in a playroom full of toys. In the kitchen it would be great for holding potatoes and onions or recycled newspapers and magazines. It would be a neat night stand if you put a table top on it. I'd probably have it in my workroom full of fabrics. Enjoy it, it's great just like it is.

Re: No, Thank YOU Sir!

I love this! I checked out your other posts too and you're my kind of fellow junker. Great stuff.

Re: Junk Swap Set to Begin - Rules of Engagement

I recently joined JMS and have been wondering what the swap was all about so I checked out your posts. I hope you'll do this again since I love a challenge and have plenty of junk to share. Please put me on the list for your next junk swap challenge.

Re: Spruced Up Planter Box

Thanks for your comments. My "secret sauce" is actually Fiddes Supreme Wax. It's made in the UK like Briwax but I told contains less solvent so it's a little more environmentally friendly. My favorite color is Rugger Brown which is what I call sort of a tobacco color so it gives everything a nice "antiqued" look. If you already like the color of your project, I suggest using the light which is really clear.

Re: Rusty Dust Pan Bird Feeder

Thank you fellowjunker. I love rust too. People laugh at me when I say there's nothing more beautiful than waxed rust. I'll have to post pictures of my two favorite rust projects...a bed I pulled out of the dirt in someone's garden garage sale and a trunk my junk hunter friend gave me that someone paid her $5 to haul away...okay there's three. I made an ottoman out of the rusty bottom of a cast iron stove. Sherri

Re: 1 of a Kind bathroom vanity

You know this one of my favorite things you've done. Nice to see you here.


Re: Building a Swap Project an Architect would sign off on

I'm new to this...what is a "swap project" and how do you get a partner? I keep seeing these terms. Is this something organized by JMS? and how do I participate?

Re: Buggy Tea Cart

Thanks for your comments. I ended up giving this cart to my friend who junks for me. She finds me all kinds of treasures so when she wants something redone or wants something I've done...well it's hers. There's someone in line for that cart if she's ever willing to give it up. That buggy came to me and I've never ran across one either but now I'm on the lookout too because of the waiting list for buggy tea carts. Happy hunting.

Re: Picket Potting Bench

Thanks all. I build many potting benches. All are a little different. I'm happy to share the how-to and I do sell them at the store where I have space they can always find me.

Re: Spruced Up Planter Box

Thanks...I'll admit not your average garage sale find. I have people who call me first when there's stuff that "looks like me" to be sold. I think there's some comfort in knowing where your junk ends up. I know I'm happy to know where my finished projects end up...they're like my babies.

Re: Vintage Chair

Yes, I'm busy...can't help myself, there's so much out there to be rescued! The patchwork upholstery has become sort of my trademark...I just can't part with all those yummy scraps of fabric.

Re: Trunk Bottom Book Case

Thanks all. I appreciate your comments.

Re: Junky Chair with Promise

Thank you Ninnarae. I'm always experimenting with new finishes...I call them happy accidents. It's nice to share with people how to get the look. I'm also a fabric and trim junky.

Re: handle solution

Very clever! May I borrow your idea? I just refinished an old desk that I'm calling a garden desk...for the well appointed potting shed and wanted to replace the original handles with something more appropriate. I think you've done it for me.

Re: Create a Fairy Garden with Me in Sunny California

The Remnants of the Past Show is great and I hope to attend. Paso Robles is just a hop, skip, and a jump north. If you have time on your trip you should come visit Reminisce (corner of 14th and Pine in Paso). It's a unique shopping experience where close to 30 creative women (and Greg) share their talents and love of hunting and junking.