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Fall Rust

A quick and easy front door decoration made from a rusty funnel, some barnwood, and fall florals.

Simple Spring Centerpiece

I adore tarnished, thrift store silver plate and pick up pieces whenever I find them at a reasonable price.

Colorful Pallet

I created this colorful sofa table from free pallets--everything but the bottom shelf came from pallets.

Junk in the Trunk Tree

A fun, junky tree

Getting Scrappy

Using leftover scraps of painted wood from other projects, I made this handy jar organizer/vase.

Belted Bulletin Board

Using thrifted belts and an old frame, I made a "bulletin board" perfect for rustic decor or in a man's office.

Pallet Patina

I used the end of a pallet with some extra boards added to the bottom and across the back to make a shelf with storage.

Mason Jar Hot Cocoa Bar

I dressed up some vintage and new mason jars to create a perfect hot cocoa bar or station.

Berry Sieve Centerpiece

A fresh Christmas centerpiece is easy to put together with a few elements--a fun container for the centerpiece, a candle, natural elements, something for height, and few other finishing touches.

Gratitude Rocks!

'Tis the season to remember what we are thankful for.

Scrappy Salvaged Star

Just in time for Independence Day, a star made from wood scraps!

Wheelie Washtub

A lid and some wheels turn a washtub into a fun side table with storage.

Junky LOVE

All you need is love...and some junk extras to make this quick sign.

Hooked on Books

A book coat hook

Unexpected Centerpiece

A baby cradle and an elk horn aren't usually found together, but they are exactly what I used to make a winter white centerpiece for Christmas.

Bed Rail Turned Stocking Holder

I cut an old wooden bed rail or side in half and painted it up in cream and in chalkboard paint.

Burn Pile Rescue

I found this little piece sticking out of a burn pile at the fairgrounds.


Make an EAT sign out of old trim boards.

Flexible Flyer Fun

Using a wagon top and reclaimed wood, I made a fun table that could be used anywhere.

Fun, Fun, Funky

When I started building this little table I had a completely different vision for it--white base with a stained wood top.


Just in time for the 4th of July, I made a simple BIG star using old pickets.  I laid them out and screwed them together.  I left the original chippy paint on them, just added a clear coat...

Headboard, Footboard=Chalkboards

A friend gave me this headboard and footboard.  They had some damage, but had a perfect spot for chalkboard paint.  I cut off the legs for another project, white washed one and left the...

From Picnic Table to Bench

My neighbor got a free, large picnic table, but he didn't want the weathered 2x10's on it.

My Newest Addiction

My newset addiction seems to be metal toolboxes.

Pack Up Your Troubles

I painted up an inexpensive cardboard suitcase with some fun, bright colors and a little chalkboard paint.  Perfect to store some out of season porch decor and greet guests at the same...

Window Salvage

I painted salvaged pieces of trim, pallet boards, bulletin board frames (I take off and save the thin wood frames from garage sale bulletin boards to use the cork) and beadboard and then added them...

Scrappy Side Table

2 scrap pieces of plywood inspired this piece.

Cupboard Door to Picture Frame

Hubby brought home a pile of these glass front cupboard doors he found at a garage sale.  The pile of a dozen or so doors was $2--the right price.  I took the glass out of this one, added...

Junky Memo

A junky memo board--metal magnet board from a bread tin box, photo holder is a vintage bill holder, a bread pan for mail, a part of a door lock, a trowel, and a window lock for hooks and finally a...

Shabby, Salvaged Wood Tray

I made a shabby little tray from picket fence boards and pallet pieces. The handles are cut from a broken window sash. perfect in the kitchen, family room, or bathroom to hold toiletries.

Bread Minus The B...

Wha do you get when you take the B out of bread? READ and that is what I got when I turned a vintage breadbox on its end, added some feet and paint on the inside lid--a great storage place for...

This Project Is A Gas

These 3 pieces of scrap wood have been calling from my scrap pile to make a patriotic project. I came up with this coat hook, made complete with gas can nozzle hooks. Hubby just informed me these...

Drop Yer' Drawers

I added some legs painted gray to a great old and sturdy drawer I painted yellow.  A barnwood top and you have a great side table with storage!

Belted Tray

My belt inspiration continues.

Mad For Plaid

I love old wool blankets.  I used this one full of holes (only spent 50 cents on it) to cover a bulletin board.  Great for the lodge look!

Lone Star

Inspired by my yardstick heart, I decided to use some old leather belts to make a star.  I traced the star on the back of the belts, cut them out, and glued them to a weathered piece of wood...

Love Cannot Be Measured

Was talking to a friend about how love can't be measured, and came up with this idea to make a heart using old yardtick pieces.  I traced a heart on ther yardsticks, cut them out with a jigsaw...

Hot Dish!

Using a few hot dish casserole holders I picked up at the thrift store, some scrap bulletin board pieces and a bit of a coffee sack, I made a pair of bulletin boards perfect for photos, momentos, or...

Cake Diet

Planning a diet for the new year?  Start by turning your cake pan into a message center.  This pan was actually from the thrift store and was large than a normal 9" round pan.  I added...

Book 'Em For Christmas

My name is Becky, and I hoard old books.  I decided it was about time I used some.  These ideas are not only great for Christmas, but can be used all year long.  

Coffee Christmas Card Holder

I covered a bulletin board with a burlap coffee sack (I used one that had some red and green on it) and then added some garden fencing to hold cards.  I curled up the ends of some of the fencing...

Great Skates--It's a Wreath Holder

I think I may be heading into just plain crazy here now, but this idea for a wreath holder (or stockings if you add more hooks) popped into my head last night and I had to try it.  I know you...

Junk for Joy

Spell out Christmas words with junk.  I used to 2 part epoxy to attach these to some old boards (secure with hot glue while epoxy dries).

Pretty as a Pitcher

  Inspired by a Pottery Barn idea of pitchers hanging on the front door, I decided to make it my own.  I didn't want to hear the clinging and clanging on the door so I hung...

Locker Basket Stocking Holder

Need a place to hang stockings?  How about using a locker basket?  You could use ribbon, S hooks, or curtain hooks like I did.  And then have fun adding the details--a bowl for cards...

Junky Centerpiece Inspired by ND Junk Girl

I was so inspired by Andrea's junk centerpiece, that I decided to make one the same day.  I used a camp toaster in the middle to hold a candle, doorknobs for added interest, and set it on a...

A Pleasing Palette

I needed a spot to hang hot tub towels and when I saw this palette, I decided it would be perfect!  I just cut it down to the size I wanted, painted on some appropriate words, waxed it and added...

Tick-Tock Table

I made a fun coffee table out of a thrift store stool and a cable spool top.  A little paint, a little wax, a few screws--quick and easy!

Seat Belt

I made a fun seat or luggage rack or spot for bathroom towels or..., from a camping stool and leather belts.  Thrift stores always have belts, and there is never a big rush for them so I wait...

A Lamp For The Birds

I made this hanging lamp for my daughter's room out of a birdcage.  I spray painted it pink and hot glued pink vellum on the inside.  My daughter thought it looked too plain, so I took the...

Coffee Tray

I made a tray out of the film canister lid from my drum stand table.  If you don't have a film can lid, use a big cake pan.  I decoupaged a burlap coffee sack on...

Step Ladder Wine Rack

I painted a wooden step ladder and added some numbers on the steps.  I then sanded some indents on the back rungs to secure the wine bottles.  The thing on top is a wine opener--looks a...

Drumroll Please...

Marry a metal drum stand (painted blue) and an old film canister and what do you get?  A table of course, secured with gorilla glue!

Tag, You're It!

I made these tags out of old book covers.  I cut them out with a utility knife, embellished them with book pages, paint, or stickers, and drilled a hole through the top.  I put a clear coat...

A Good Place To Nest

This vintage flour sifter seemed like a good place to "build" a nest.  The nest tag is cut from a book cover (I have so many ideas for these book cover tags!). This piece is a companion to my...

Literally, A SPRING Wreath

I tied 6 bedsprings together with jute, added a bird and nest, a messy bow, and a nest tag to make a SPRING wreath!  

Belt Basket

Here is a simple project made by weaving belts through a wire basket from a chest freezer.  It took two belts per row, and you just bucckle one belt to the other.

Camping Stools Turned Table

I made a simple table by attatching a cupboard door to the top of two camping stools.  I then used an oversized tray for the top, but didn't attatch it, and painted it all red.

Shutter Planter

I made this planter from some old shutters that I painted green and a wire basket from a chest freezer.  It still has to wait a week fro plants as it was snowing yesterday!

Potting Bench

Ready for spring?  I know some of you lucky ducks who don't live in a zone 4 can start thinking about planting soon.  Here is a potting bench I made from part of a chicken coop door found...

Saucers Anyone?

I found these three saucers at the thrift store for 25 cents each.  I loved their colors, but wasn't sure what to do with them.  I think Sue's motto is, when in doubt, make a candle...

Wine Bar/ Sofa Table

Here is a wine bar (the cross area is for wine bottles) or sofa table I made from a deck chair I had and scrap wood.  I painted some of the wood to get the colors I wanted. 

Ladder Message Center

I used a bunk bed ladder to make this message center.  I painted a piece of board cut to size for a chalkboard, and used a piece of an old bulletin board covered in fabric for the other...

Wine Rack

I made this wine rack using the drawer "base" from a sewing machine table.  I added a  rectangular piece of wood in each slot and wooden balls for feet.

Spice Rack

This easy spice rack was made from wooden recipe boxes, painted and screwed to a board.  It would also work well in an office or craft room. 

Cutting Board Sconces

Here are some asy sconces made from thrift store cutting boards.

Recent comments

Re: Vintage Curio Cabinet

Great cabinet, love the patina! Simply perfect Jim!

Re: Berry Sieve Centerpiece

Thanks all and Merry Christmas to you!

Re: Deck the Halls with Ball Jars of Holly

These jars with the wire handles make me swoon. What a fun way to show off objects of curiosity!

Re: Mason Jar Christmas Tree

Very original, love it!

Re: Thankful...

What an amazing collection of fun items--loving all the white goodies!

Re: Barn Door and Gun Crates Turned into a Coffee Table

Lovely! Such a beautiful patina on the wood!

Re: Salvaged Wine Caddy

PS--do you know what this wood piece was used for originally? I have a matching piece.

Re: Salvaged Wine Caddy

How do I love this? Oh let me count the ways: 1. reclaimed wood 2. wine 3. rust 4. wine 5. license plate 6. wine

Re: Pretty green Mirror

Pretty shape, pretty color!

Re: Porch Reconstruction= Architectural Salvage!

I love these candleholders--great save!!

Re: Old Dresser into Office Credenza

Perfect reuse--and the storage will be wonderful!

Re: Take the Challenges: Encourage Others and Toot Your Own Horn!!

Love all these ideas and suggestions! Off to do some commenting. Oh and so up for the challenge!

Re: A Junk Piece with Multiple Uses!

Love it--want it! Oh, I could have fun with that!

Re: Overhauled Dresser with Vintage Blueprints & Yardsticks

I love this so much--want it!

Re: Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush 2013 is Here!!

The antique place that I work at sent a few guys--they had a trailer full by noon! Wish I could have joined them!

Re: Metal Table Frame + Metal Headboard = Bench

Love the idea of using the table as the seat--very clever!

Re: Vintage Water Ski Beer & Soda Opener Station

Love this--so fun and bright. Hmm, I am thirsty now!

Re: Industrial Funnel Lamp

Oh how I love this! Such great patina!

Re: No. 10 Milking Stool & Flashlight Repurposed / Upcycled Lamp

So fun and funky--love the shade. Such a great retro vibe.

Re: Antique/Collectible Store Booth Overhaul - GadgetSponge

I wish I could crawl inside these pictures and really look around!

Re: Working Together...a couple old drawers and a sign...

Fabulous--I love how this came together.

Re: From Drab to Fab!

Way to see the gem that this was--definitely a diamond in the rough.

Re: Instant Coffee{House}

What fun and easy ideas to transform a less than cozy area!

Re: Coffee Stations from No Hope Dressers!

I am love with, so wonderful. Really, should we ever throw anything out? So many wonderful ways to reuse and repurpose. Thanks for sharing!

Re: REMINDER! Times All Most Up! JUNK Swap.....2013 Edition!

Sounds like fun, I am in!

Re: A Bar Everyone Can Join in On!

I love it! I am with Jim, a little Bailey's added, mmm!

Re: From a bed to a Nutcracker...

What fun, I love how creative this is and I am sure it makes quite the impression for visitors!

Re: Painted Key Necklaces

I made some of these this past week for my daughter.
I love how you used the ribbon--I will have to add that. Beautiful!

Re: Halloween Mantel Light Show

What a brilliant idea for a candle holder. Love all the other touches as well--details do matter!

Re: Burn Pile Rescue

Thanks, a pew clip was used on church pews to hold offering envelopes.

Re: Old Blue Prints framed in Rustic Charm

I love these and won't be shocked to see a Pottery Barn version in the future.

Re: License Plate Side Table

The license plates were a perfect addition to this table--love it!

Re: Flexible Flyer Fun

Kliff--I screwed through the holes that were already into the bottom of the wagon into the wood frame underneath. There are cross pieces at the top of the legs and a thin piece of wood running under the wagon, between the two cross pieces. Hope that makes sense?!

Re: Printer's drawer coffee table

I love this, what fun! You have my brain turning, what great item do I have to make a tabletop?

Re: Vintage Fashion Portfolio

I love the little extra touches, makes it a real art piece!

Re: $148 Scrap Junk Makeover! WOW!

I love all of it, but the ladder is my favorite touch! Okay, the ladder and the price!

Re: Vintage Scoreboard with Pepsi Advertising

A score indeed! Love it as a headboard--as long as you aren't keeping score ;).

Re: Pink P-Antlers Jewellery Display

I love this--funky and functional, a perfect combo!

Re: Aging Galvanized Metal

What fantastic results--I can't wait to try this, thanks for sharing!

Re: more. JUNKMARKET's Little Sister is here!!

Congratulations and woo-hoo! Oh, how I wish it was a little closer, but someday I will make it for a visit. Until then, i will enjoy it vicariously here :).

Re: Farm Implement Repurpose

What a fun piece, anything wine makes me smile :)!

Re: Repurposed Vintage Philco AM Console Radio

I love the color--what a fun piece!

Re: Foundry Pattern Mirror

Love it--did you have to cut the mirror? The tsg is the perfect extra touch.

Re: Junk art coat hook wall? Yup!

I think I could just sit and look at this wall for hours--so much to see!

Re: Wall Cubbies

I love the way they look, great impact as a unit!

Re: The lighter side of Junk!

This is sweet and refreshing- junk doesn't have to be dark and rusty!

Re: Addicted to pallets

I hear ya sister! Great shape and distressing on this sign--love the pear too!

Re: Antique Crate Island Rack

Love this, the whole feel is so light and fresh and simple!

Re: Hardware Butterflies

Ah, so sweet and unique!

Re: Re-claimed pallet/cafe table

I love all things pallet--great job!

Re: Potting Bench from Galvanized Drawers

I am in love with this--those drawers are drool worthy!

Re: Upcycled Yardstick & Singer Sewing Machine Base Console/Hall Table

Love the marriage of these items--so fun!

Re: 1880's Reproduction industrial Cart

Wow, very cool and authentic looking!

Re: Upcycled Student Room Accessories

Love them all--they add great texture and character.

Re: Yardstick & Galvanized Wash Tub Base Side Table

Bravo! I adore this! I am always on the hunt for yardsticks, sadly they are hard to come by at a good price nowadays.

Re: Simply candle holder

Fun, I love the fork holding it.

Re: My "Top 10 Junk Pick"...NUMBERS

The box is divine. I love numbers as well, but always have a hard time deciding which numbers to put on a project. I tend to go with 5, 16, 42--I don't know why :).

Re: Repurposed Tennis Rackets

Now this awesome--I love it!

Re: 2 new up-cycled bird houses

Very cute--love that opening!

Re: Fish tank pallet table

Pallets--truly my newest obsession--love this!

Re: Shabby, Salvaged Wood Tray

Wow, thanks so much for the feature--I am honored and tickled!

Re: Junk Architect ~ My Home Furnishings Store

You have obviously always had amazing talent and a great eye. I hope to have a day, thanks for the inspiration.

Re: This Project Is A Gas

To answer 2nd Life's question--the wood was already these colors, just different scraps that were next to each other in the pile.

Re: Rusty Milk Can Table

I have a milk can from my grandpa's farm and was just thinking yesterday that I need to do something with it--love this idea!

Re: Massey Ferguson Tractor Grill Side Table

Love this--so cool. My daddy worked for Massey Ferguson for years.

Re: Curbside Creations


Re: Vintage Go-Kart Coffee Table/Wine Bar

What fun! How great would it be at an outdoor shindig?

Re: Fruit Box End Table

Love this fun little piece. How cute it would be on a patio!

Re: The Scruffy Cottage Coffee Table

Fantastic. I have been roughing up lots of paint soon--need to get some pics taken!

Re: Belted Tray

Wow, thanks so much for the feature, I am honored :).

Re: Extreme Farm Furniture

So amazing, the color makes me melt. Do you have any before pics of the shutters? Were they huge?

Re: Bathroom Junk Re-do!

I love it--the band-aid box makes my heart go pitter patter. And yes, I stapled the belts to the back of the frame.

Re: Special find!!

What an incredible find! Love it!

Re: A Rusty Wall Pocket that's a Total Gas!

I adore the wire flower!

Re: Garden Memo-Board

I love using the garden fencing on bulletin boards. My supply of fencing is running low--need to get hunting!

Re: Measuring up

What a great piece--love the measuring tapes!

Re: Bathroom Junk

So fabulous, love it all! The sign is divine.

Re: GAME ON...10 min. project

Great idea, I have a few of these. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Grain Scoop Vase

I love it--my favorite part is that you got the grain scoop as a present--someone knows you well!

Re: A Message from Turks and Caicos

Happy New Year Sue! Thanks for the inspiration you always provide. Extremely jealous--high 4 below today in MT!

Re: My Pantry Goes Burlap!

Burlap--how divine!

Re: Seasons Greetings!

Very cute--I adore those old mailboxes. Thanks for your sweet comment on my book card holder. You can check my post out on my blog to see how I did it :).

Re: Antique Corbel Lamp

Fantastic Jim, and I am guess heavy enough that kids playing ball in the house can't knock it over!

Re: Heart of Gold Necklace

Very cool Jim! I love all of the different metal colors--silver, gold, and my favorite--rust. Hey any idea what kind of tool makes up the Y in my junky Joy sign?

Re: The Entertainment Center

I love this--such a great finish on that wood!

Re: A Christmas Wreath with a Junky Welcome!

Love it--so creative and unique!

Re: Plant Holder Wall Art

Love that Sue, I can't say that Victorian plant holders are a thing I have seen a lot of around these parts, I will have to keep my eyes open. i often play a little game with myself (comes from being teacher) where I force myself to come up with at least 5 ideas for an item. Some are pretty whacky, but there is usually something in there i like!

Re: Buggy Tea Cart

I love this--I always want a baby buggy but can never find them!

Re: Picket Potting Bench

I love this--I have such a fondness for potting benches and this one is perfect.

Re: Stylin' Centerpiece

Love this Andrea! I especially love the little candle covers.

Re: World Map Table

I love it, wrinkles and all. I call it character and aging!

Re: JUNK from my bf's TRUNK!

Love the color! Whatcha gonna do with it?

Re: A Smooth Place To Hang Your Hat

I love these and see them often! Now I have a reason to get them. You could stick towels through the handles and use it as a towel holder too!

Re: old shelf turned upside down, tiny gas pump, tricycle, cherub and doilie

That turned out adorable--good, upside down thinking!


That is fabulous--really like it, very creative. Must be on the look out for garment bag holders.

Re: My Swap Project 2 &3 - bluebucket

I love this white door hanger--so sweet!

Re: Getting Back to Basics

What a great post--and it is so true. I love moving things around, keeping a little drawer stashed with various junk goodies to use!

Re: Canning Jar Lifter Wreaths

What a cute idea-- I find these quite often--now I have a new idea!

Re: I need help with this one!

You could weave it for a chair seat or back or weave it in an empty picture frame and add clips for a memo board. Could also be used for little roses, much like the zipper roses out there. Good luck!

Re: The Bench is FINISHED!

You do work fast--great job!

Re: eat your way around the globe lamps

Love them all, but the spoons one is my fave!

Re: [WRECKAGE] Cabinet

Love it--the color is so vibrant. Is the box of yardsticks on top attached or display?

Re: Literally, A SPRING Wreath

Gee, thanks everyone--and what a fun surprise to see my wreath featured! On another note--how do I change my junky self (picture icon) to the real me? I couldn't find where to do that??

Re: Quick Project #2

Love this- thanks for the inspiration!

Re: World Peace

I love it--chalkboard paint is my friend!

Re: Adirondack from salvage

It's wonderful--I love the colors and the window addition!

Re: bee hive door knob

What a fun piece and the patina on the architectural piece is wonderful!

Re: How-To Make a Tricycle Tire Cookbook Holder

What a fun project! I have to keep my eyes open for some wheels.

Re: Picture Book . . . Na, na, na, na, na na.

Cute-- I would love to find some of these. And I was a Kinks fan way back when, can't think of this tune though!

Re: Presto Change-o

This is great and I have lots of these because i make lamps out of old coffee pots. Thanks for the inspiration.

Re: Sea Glass Mirror

I love sea glass. I had two big jars of it as a child, but lost it somewhere in a move. This is beautiful.

Re: A true "junky" to "funky" transformation

This is a fantastic transformation or repurposing--love it!

Re: Wine Bar/ Sofa Table

Thanks. It's funny, I didn't think about matching the fabric when I chose the colors. I had originally painted the fabric on the chairs. The deck chairs were $2 each at a garage sale and were faded black. I painted them and they lasted about 5 years, but the tops broke. As I had them sitting in a pile to go in the trash, I saw the possibilities of a table and pulled them out. I still have one other chair that will probably be the same thing, unless I see something different.

Re: How to Make a shelf out of a Infants bed

i love this redo! I see cribs like this quite often, I will have to pick them up for now on!

Re: Junk Beautiful- Outdoor Edition, Today Show Appearance and Kick Off Events in Texas

I am so excited, I can't wait! any chance you want to swing through Montana and release it here too?! Hey, a girl can dream!

Re: File Drawer Hanger

These are cute--great job on the patina!

Re: Shelf from Antique Sewing Machine Cabinet Parts.

This is wonderful and what a special gift for your parents!