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Am a crafter, retired decorator(amateur), but very good. Am a mom, grandmom. & great-grandmom. I have two daughters, one grandson and one great-granddaughter. Am very blessed and happy. Have a great Hubby. I like anything antique and shabby chic. Am trying to live green.

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Re: JUNKMARKET Tablescapes - Twin Cities Live Video

Maybe I could movwe to Minn. But the winters, I don't know. I like the table.

Re: A Falloween Porch Redo with some New (Old) Junk Finds!

I must have the ladder. If I could astro fly, it'd be mine. Love the fall dec.

Re: Repurposed Victorian Ridge Caps

I realy like ths idea. Thnx!

Re: Red, White & Blue Garden Whimsy

Great!! Do you use a glue gun,or that 6000 stuff?

Re: Directions? where?

Remember the sign on "Mash"? It said Washington, Inchon,New York. I've always wanted to make one. Very good idea, and very cute!!

Re: Broken China Mosaic Table

I have some of these dishes also. Used them for years. Love your table, it's given me inspiration to do one of my own.

Re: The PAINTED chair and JD Cabinet ala GypsyBarn style!

What is the paint recipe? I painted sofa pillows before, but had no paint recipe. The pillows came out very well. Thanx for reminding me, great idea.

Re: Conductor Tree vs Bottle Tree

Yah, I have a small dead tree in my backyard. I will do this. Great idea!!

Re: Repurposed Silverplate Pitcher Birdhouse with Modified Forks & Spoons

I love this. I have some family silver plate that I will try to make something wonderful. Thank you!!


I put this in my favorite file. I actually have some extra cabinet door that I can use. YAH!!! Terrific idea, and I've been to all these places in Paris.

Re: ugly bookshelf

remove the back, cover it with wallpaper, contac paper or fabric. add moulding to the edges. b igt will look really good.

Re: A Little Mood Lighting

I have made these hanging lamps also. Sold them years ago in a booth that I rented in an antiques shop. I still have some in my collection. I love the the look.

Re: Newcomers Please Read

I am a newbie. I have yet to post anything. I have tried (with my daughter's help) but were not successful. I will figure this out. I do have many ideas, that I'd lie to share. I have noticed something tho', that all the notatiions seem to be from last year. What is up with that?

Re: Vintage 10-Pane storage piece

Would be a great china cabinet also. Thanx!!

Re: Wall of doors

Great idea for our 100 yr old house. Some of our walls need ths treatment. Thanx!!

Re: better pics of my silverware chandie

Wonderful idea. I love all the silverware. I am new to this junk market stuff on line. Thanks for sharing. I haven't mastered the photo thing yet, but will.

Re: vintage chimes

Have made these in the past and friends love them. Congrats, good job and I still love the look. Try gold silverware, its cool!!