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Rust is the Perfect Fall Color

Fall is the perfect time to bring out the rust in more ways then one.

Oronoco Bound

Getting ready for the big show of the season for us. This is a peek at the treasures we will be selling. We have a trailer full.  We are a half block south of the school on 1st Ave...

Antiquing To Michigan and Back

Going to visit our daughters is always a fun adventure for us along the way. There is not too many antique stores we pass up. If we do its usually 5:00 o'clock or we are antiqued out if...

Valentine Fun

Displaying Valentines

A Box of Lamp Parts

What to do with lamp parts

What To Do With A Thing-a-ma-jig

Making a picture frame out of an adjustable funnel holder? 

Storage Solutions

Two of our favorite storage solutions.

I Love Christmas

A few more things that I like to do at Christmas.

Merry Christmas Everyone! Sharing Our House With You

Sharing our house with you at Christmas time.

Old Tree Stand Candle Holder

My husbands tree stand when he was a young boy is now a candle holder for all to enjoy. The photo in front shows the stand being used in 1956.

Christmas Displays

A $1 wood box found at the thrift store was turned into a nice centerpiece by a little Minwax wood finish. I added a door pull, some old blocks, a few pine cones and some greenery in a tin...

Recent comments

Re: Clock themed New Year's party

So glad I took the time today to look at Junkmarket. It's been so busy here. But I agree, great choice in making Andrea a contributor. What a great talent and I always look forward to her posts. This one is just awesome!!! Love the clocks!! Love it all as always!! Mary

Re: Autumn

My husband and I love old advertising and this is very cool!! We always try to look for different and unique pieces. And this piece is wonderful!! The flowers and the gourds were much better choice then the Cheerios! Very nice display!! Mary

Re: A New Wave of Junk

What a fun piece to do!! Love how it turned out!!! The flowers are just beautiful in it! Mary

Re: Tool tote for the table

Love these totes too!! So much you can do with them. Just beautiful!! Mary

Re: Another shed emptied for The Fall "Country Junk Sale"

My kinda of sale!! Great stuff!! Have fun! Mary

Re: Country Pie Cupboards - Each in a day's work

Great job!! Love, love the pie safe!! Very nice!! Mary

Re: Industrial Cart Face Lift

Just saw your cart and love what you did with it!! I have old maps laying around too and would've never thought to do this. You always have the neatest ideas!! Mary

Re: A Simple Grate for some Great Vintage Photos

This so cool!!!I LOVE the old pictures on it but I agree with Andrea it would be fun at Christmas also. Love it!! Mary

Re: Rust is the Perfect Fall Color

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments!
Laurel, I think we have the same ideas sometimes. I would see things that you would do that I have done. Too funny.
Jim, I kinda thought you would like that Internaional box. We think someone put those letter's on later. What ever, it is a fun box. Thanks again, Mary

Re: Megaphone Pendant Lamp

Love, love this! Amazing!! Mary

Re: CB2 Inspired mirror

What a great idea! Looks beatiful!! Nice job! Mary

Re: "Treats" For My Windows...

Very cute ideas! Love them all!! Mary

Re: Ahoy Mate! It's Junk Repurposed with a Coastal Theme.

Love the porthole!! Love how you put it all together!! Looks amazing! Mary

Re: Plumbing Parts with Ruffled Edges

Wow this is so cool! Love how simple and fast it could be put togehter. Amazing!! Mary

Re: DIY Soap Dish

Very clever!! Love it! Mary

Re: Old Pulley Wreath

Love old pulley's too. This is a great idea!! And I love wreaths too. Simple and beatiful!! Mary

Re: Apron Window Valence

My daughter is doing this to her windows also. Very cute. Old aprons are so much fun. Mary

Re: Gone Galvanized

Love this Sue!! Love galvanized too. The numbers were a great addition and I love the details also! Mary

Re: Inspired by JUNK MARKET

Very pretty! I love old windows too and this turned out great! Mary

Re: Bedroom Ceiling Fan Redo

Boy does your hubby sound like mine! I have a really ugly fan by the stairs that I want to replace. So glad you posted this. Yours turned out so great I can't wait to try this. Great project!! Mary

Re: My version of the PB clock.

Very nice Alice!! Love it! It turned out perfect! My hubby helps with those projects too. Nice work to you both! Mary

Re: Making the Best of Mistakes

What a great project and a great cause! Well have to make sure to remember to do this next year. Your bucket turned out absolutely beautiful!! Love it!! Mary

Re: Oronoco Junking Finds!

WOW you found some amazing stuff. I really like that fan and I love stools so I'm sure if I saw that I would've picked that up too. Fun things!! Thanks to you and Amy and the Pfarkel sisters for stopping at our booth and saying hello. It was great meeting everyone. Can't wait to see what you do with everthing!! Mary

Re: Remixed Recycled Jewelry

Beautiful jewelry!! You did a great job! We had some liquor labels like that only they were different colors. We sold them at Oronoco this last weekend and thought they would make great jewerly for someone. Don't know if that's what they are going to do with them or not. Love them all!! Mary

Re: Ugly Duckling Laundry Room

Very nice!! What a great way to hide the hot water tank!! Mary

Re: garden work bench

Nice project! You did a great job!!! Mary

Re: "Hinge-on" to another really simple idea...

How cute and simple!!! And like most junkers I too have a bunch of hinges. Great project. Love it!! Mary

Re: It's time to play dominoes!

What different and clever way to use dominoes!! Great project!! Love it! Mary

Re: Oronoco Bound

Roadtriplouise, we are a half-block south of the school behind the fire station on 1st ave. Look for the white tent with the light blue canopy out front. Hope to see you there.
Lani,I don't blog but I sure hope I can get over to the blog party to meet some of JunkMarket people. Sounds like everyone has a really good time there. Mary

Re: Door Buffet

Very clever idea! Another great idea for old doors! Very pretty! Mary

Re: Vintage Market Day...and an unexpected trip...

Looks like you had a great sale Kathy! How fun! I saw all kind of things I would've liked! Mary

Re: A Re-Design Ala-Junk Style!

Love your redo of your living room!! Very nice! It is fun to rearrange. We just finished painting our living and dining room and it was fun to do things a little different. Great job!! Mary

Re: Bringing a little bit of the Indoors Out...aka Deck-orating!

Beautiful deck redo!! Love your air conditioned sign, too cute! Love the sinks too! Mary

Re: ~~~Summer Breeze Planter

Love your chair and detergent bucket!! I have two All detergent ones but I really like the grapics on yours. I also have two rusty chairs like that and my hubby keeps wanting to paint. He just doesn't get how beautiful rust looks yet. Love your display!! Mary

Re: Etch yourself some Polka Dots!

These are so pretty! Will have to try that sometime. Very nice! Mary

Re: Garden Potting Bench

Great porject! And the green color is fantastic! Great job!

Re: From Corbels to Curtain Rod!

Love, love these!! Very nice job!


Re: Broken Chair Repurposed Into Garden Sign

What a great project!! Great, great repurpose! Love old signs too and that does look vintage!


Re: Bye, Bye Baby...

Cute baby stuff! I have some old wicker buggies and some old dolls from my childhood that I still display. And as toy collectors we will always have old toys around the house. They are alot of fun. Can't wait to see what you do next. You always have such great ideas.


Re: Stylin' Centerpiece

Andrea, This very cool!! I have those meat grinder inserts too and I was going to make some candle displays also. Love this centerpiece!! Nice job! Mary


What great collection of stamps! And I love what you did with them! Mary

Re: Been Busy Lately...

Wow great job! Love them all!! Mary

Re: Oak Harvest Table and Window Curio Cupboard

Very beautiful!! Great job!! Mary

Re: Tennis Racket Frames

These are so awesome!! Love, Love them!! Great job! Mary

Re: AAJMS JUNKMARKET Members Get-Together?!

So wish this was a week earlier. We will be in St. Paul for a toy show the frist week in May. This Sounds like so much fun. I know all of you ladies will have a blast! Mary

Re: Junk Swap

WOW!!! What a cool way to package it and then when you open it up... WOW again. I agree with everyone you could almost leave as is. Great display!! Great stuff!!! Can't wait either to see what what you will do. Mary

Re: You Deserve A Crown

Cute project! Mary

Re: 3 window treatment from $4.00 shower curtain and left over fabric piece

Great way to save money! Love the colors also! Mary

Re: Built-In Desk Nook

Love how it turned out! Great project! Love the color choice too!! Excellent!! Mary


Another great idea for those christmas stands!! Love it!! Mary

Re: From Springs to Sprigs . . . Easter Accents as Simple as 1, 2, 3!

Love the springs!! I wonder if my hubby has any car springs laying around. He will be shaking his again wondering why I would want them. Love all your ideas!! Mary

Re: Check Out My Junk...from the "Junk Swap"

This is so cool!! We have old game boards too and that is just a wonderful idea for hanging them up!! Mary

Re: Farm Fresh Fruit Bowl

Simple and beautiful! Love it!! Mary

Re: A Smooth Place To Hang Your Hat

What great idea! I would never of thought to do somthing with them. Great project!! Mary

Re: My Swap Project 7 & 8 - bluebucket

Wow what a great job on both projects!! I love the glass shade bowls too! Love that clock!! Mary

Re: Finally Finished Junk Swap Project

Boy what a creative idea! Great job! Mary

Re: SWAP Projects from my Amazing box 'O Junk from JunkinLindsey PART 1 of Many

Great job! Love what you did! Very creative!! Mary

Re: My Swap Junk BEFORE project 1-Racers7

Great job!! Very clever!! Mary

Re: Spring Projects

Great spring projects! Love them all!! We have those pesky squirrls in our yard too destroying my husbands birdhouses. Great idea on the birdhouse! Hope it works! Mary

Re: Thrifting Thursday and I got...WHAT???

This is so cool! I think I saw something like this at a antique store were we live and it caught my eye. But I looked at the price tag and it was pretty spendy. It also said what it was but I can't remember. Great junking day for you!! Love it! Mary


Love this!! Very nice!! Love how it all came togehter! The perfect picture for that purse! Mary

Re: Junk, glorious JUNK!!!!!

Looks like you had a great day! Have fun with the projects! Mary

Re: One to grow on...

This is just so darn cute!! My husband dose old toys and probably had some of these laying around that he would of thrown out too. Would never thought to do something like this. Very clever!!

Re: Guess what? We're on Facebook!

Joining now!!! Mary

Re: Another Party

Love all your ideas!! Great Job!! Mary

Re: Junk Swap Fun...Thanks Marie!

Did you ever get a fun assortment of things!! Love that disk!The shoe mold that you made into a picture holder is another fun piece. And the vintage juicer is awesome! The "as is" decorating is perfect!! Mary

Re: A Lamp For The Birds

Very cute! What a neat idea for a girls room! Mary

Re: Barn-style Doors are Not Just for the Farm!

Love, love this!! Now I know how I want to do to our bedroom closet door. It has the ugly bifold door and our whole bedroom needs a redo. Your beroom looks amazing!! Love the added key in the door also! Isn't it wonderful when things work out like that. Great job!! Mary

Re: Garden junk!

Cool stuff!! I'm so jealous of your beautiful yard. Can't wait to dig into some dirt. Love it all!! Mary

Re: My Swap Project 2 &3 - bluebucket

That button door hanger is gorgeous!! Great work!! Mary


This is so clever!! Love it all!! Mary

Re: Junking Saturday

Looks like you had a great time! Its always fun to find some treasures! Mary

Re: My 2nd completed junk partner project!

Thats a new idea do with those rulers. It turned out wonderful!! Love it! Mary

Re: My first completed junk partner projects

Very nice! Love both ideas!! When I first saw this I saw a picutre holder too. Never thought of a clock!! Mary

Re: First post from my swap partner.

Great going Alice! Fabulous junk and love what you did with it!! Mary

Re: A Couple of Fun Collages...

Love these collages!! Absolutely beautiful!!! Mary

Re: Light Fixture Planter

Love this piece!!! Sooo pretty!!! Love old metal too!! Hopefully spring will be just around the corner for us so we can put cute things like this outside! Can't wait! Mary

Re: Step Ladder Wine Rack

Love old ladders too. Love the numbers! Nice job!! Mary

Re: tractor smoke stack turned willow vase

Cute display! Love it! Mary


Love numbers! Have a fun time with everything! What a great find! Mary

Re: finally! i've actually done something

Looks like you had a fun time decorating. Looks great!! Very nice! Mary

Re: Recycled Containers with New Tags

Nice idea! They turned out great! Mary

Re: Old warehouse cart turned coffee table

Love this!! It turned out beautiful!! Love those wheels!! Good job!! Mary

Re: new cake stand

Very pretty piece!! Do not polish! The tarnish look is so much more fun! Very nice. Mary

Re: My Junk Swap goodies from Laurel, aka Chipping Charm!

Looks like fun stuff!! I need some of those flower pins for a project I'm doing. Have fun with everything! Mary

Re: My Swap Project 1 - bluebucket

Great ideas!! Love everything you came up with! Nice going! Mary

Re: Getting Back to Basics

Love your little vignette!! I too like changing things around all the time much to the dismay of my hubby. Ha, ha. I agree this is just perfect! Awesome job! Mary

Re: A Rustic Little Side Table...

Love this crate!! Love wood boxes! Great diplay piece!! Mary

Re: Junk-displayed photographs

I've been missing some great posts planning for a wedding and this is just amazing!! Love everyone of them! I have a really nice receipt holder and now I know what to do with it. We also have a cash register on our counter and a cool picture of my dad working in a old harness store. Have to make a copy of that to do. And I was going to make a picture holder out of my skrit marker too. Awesome post!!! Love it! Mary

Re: A Great Marriage

Very nice! I have those items also and would never have thought to put them together. I like that you didn't permantly affix them either. So many possibilitys! Great job!! Mary

Re: "Olde Tyme" Collage

Very cute Kathy! I love collages too! I like that you spelled olde that way. My husband has that on his jacket for his olde toys. Everyone pronounces it the way it sounds and dosen't get that was the way it was written years ago. Love old picture also, the clock parts, and old advertisments are just fun to read. Great job!! Love it all! Mary

Re: Slam Dunk...

This is so cute! My oldest daughter would love this. She loves sports related items. That black metal trivet looks like it was made for the trophy. Absolutely perfect!! Mary


I know the feeling Janis, some days are excellent and then others are well.. you know. But maybe thats good because then we really get excited when we do find stuff. This is just awesome! Its funny but I was looking for a container somthing like this. Love what you've done!! Just beautiful!! Mary

Re: My First Post!

Great Post! Love the redo! It turned out awesome! Mary

Re: Antiquing To Michigan and Back

Thanks everyone! This was a good junk finding trip for me. Yes, Laurel the unpacking is just as much fun as loading it up. My husband and I call it Christmas time because a person forgets what you've bought and its a surprise when we are unwrapping everything. Our motto is if you can still see out the back of the window of the car on the way home it wasn't a successful trip. Mary

Re: Easy cutest pin cushion pin display in 3 minutes

What a clever idea to do with those silver creamers besides using them for candles. Love this! Very cute! Mary

Re: My Scavenge Wednesday in Ann Arbor 2.24.2010

Yes thriftin is so much fun! I agree with you ladies I would go thru withdrawals too! Looks like you found some fun things! Keep having fun! Mary

Re: Laundry room curtains.

Cute idea! I have some little kids dresses also but never thought of using them that way. Very clever! And the fact that they were yours makes it even more special. Mary

Re: Disk Spacers Re purposed

Would love to find these too. I've always loved these from seeing them in Sue's book. Good for you! Great find! Mary

Re: Junk on Parade Part 2

Love the his and her desk! Great idea. The cabinet door samples are a great find! Mary

Re: seeing the light

Very pretty!! Love the colors that you used. Great job! Mary

Re: Words on Vintage Maps

These are such a great idea! Love how you have them diplayed with the books.I have some old maps that I need to get busy with and do something. Good job! Mary

Re: Late Bloomers...

Laurel, what a great imagination you have! Love the bouquet!!These are just so darn cute!! Great idea for those shoe stretchers! Mary

Re: My Funky Chairs

Very nice work on the chairs! Love your dining room set! Nice work!! Mary

Re: To DYE for!

Very cute idea! I've seen these tins before and would've never thought to do something like this. Great job! Mary

Re: From Fireplace to Mantle!

Rusty goodness!! Love how you used them with the candles and then with the the flowers! Very nice! Mary

Re: "Shift Key" Necklace

Oh Gretchen I just love your jewelry!! Each one is so unique and beautiful! Wish we could've stopped at Anoka when you had your jewelry there but we were headed to Michigan. You do amazing work! Mary

Re: Must be L-O-V-E!

Very cute idea!! I too thought they were old books at first. Very nice. Mary

Re: ~Be My Valentine~

Love this Valentine display too! Love how you did the letters. Great job as always!! Mary


Janis you have such a good eye for making things look sooo beautiful! These are just gorgeous!! Mary

Re: Art & Architecture, JUNKMARKET Style

Oh this sounds like a lot of fun! We will be in St. Paul for the Northland Toy Show May 2nd. See if I can't convince the hubby to stay a few more days. Mary

Re: An odd Couple can make a perfect marriage...at least for furniture

Love old boxes like this! Everything about it is so cool! Then added to the old sewing machine legs for a table is awesome!! Love it when its closed love it when its open!! Isn't it fun when things work out like that. Great project!! Mary

Re: Primitive cupboard

Very nice! Love the how you matched the paint. I love cupboards too! Great job! Mary


This is so cute! Great idea and great job! Mary

Re: Got Ideas?

How much fun are you going to have with these! Everyone had such good ideas. Great find!! Enjoy! Mary

Re: ~My Sweetheart~

Oh my do I love this!! Ha, ha, now I know why you wanted to know what my valentine was sitting on in my post. My cooler is in good shape though and we use it. My heart was beating a little bit fast though before I saw the bottom and the rest of the cooler. I understand completely! You did an excellent job!! Love it!! Mary

Re: Vintage Doorknob Curtain Tiebacks

Another great idea for door knobs! My husband and I have making up a bunch for differnt things also. Love this idea! Mary

Re: "Springing" for the Wine...

This is great Laurel! And good for you for deciding to sell your stuff. You always have neat ideas!! Will have to check that shop out too when we are in the cities. Great Job!! Mary

Re: Patina or Dirt???

I love toolboxes like this! And I love how you displayed all your tools inside!! Very nice! Mary

Re: It's "Wheely" a clock!

What a cool piece !! Love, love this!! Good job!!! Mary

Re: "Bird of Nature" Necklace

Gretchen you have such amazing jewelry!! I love everyone I've ever seen!! Will have to vist the shop in Anoka sometime when we are in the cities. Is your jewelry always at that shop? Truly amazing!! Mary

Re: Shake Up Your Valentine!

I've never seen salt and pepper shakers like these either. Very pretty!! Love what you did you did with them!! Just amazing!! Love the threading of the ribbon remark. I have glasses laying all over the house for projects like that. And I too would love to shop at your house!! You do have the neatest treasures!! This one is just beatuiful!! Mary

Re: The joy of JUNKING!

Oh this looks like it was so much fun. Have fun with all your treasures!! I know how that feels. We got into and old restaurant and got a bunch of old doors for free plus other things. The people thought we were crazy for wanting that stuff but what a fun time. Enjoy!! Mary

Re: Pretty Things

Absolutely gorgeous!! Love the frame and how it all came together. It looks so good above your fireplace! Great job!! Mary

Re: Valentine Fun

Jim, the last photo of the Valentine is on a non-electric chest type cooler. We use it for special occasions and fill it up with ice and it lasts for about two days. It's funny but the guy we bought it from has offered to buy it back for more money then we payed for it. Can't wait to see your collection too. You always do a great job. Mary

Re: Serving up Style for the Big Game!

I love, love, these!! The plate holder I just love! Then the pizza holder, the scale with the snacks. Oh just love them all!! Amazing post as always!! Mary

Re: Flea-ing in the Sunshine State!

Oh Kathy I'm soooo jealous. This looks like so much fun! Like most of us northern's I'm so ready for a good flea market. The guy with the alligator is too funny.I've never experienced that. I know the feeling of a packed car! I'ts too much fun! Enjoy!! Mary

Re: Ina's Piano Trunk

What a great idea! To look at something like that and come up with everything you did!! Outstanding!! Mary

Re: Putting a Little Light on the Subject!

Very cute idea! Love the holders!! Will be on the look out for those! And I agree you could use tea lights but I like the look you used too. The family sign is such a neat idea! I'll be looking around our hometown now. It all came together just perfect! Love it!! Mary

Re: Valentines, buttons and keys

I love old valentines too! You did a nice job of displaying yours! Love the old buttons and keys that you added. Mary

Re: Chippy Cottage Charm will be at Benson Flea Market (Sioux Falls, SD)

Oh we are just going to miss this. We live in ND and are going to visit our daughter in Michigan. We usually go the Minnesota way but thought we would try going down your way once. We are doing a flea market here this weekend. Your booth looks fun!! Oh well, hope you have a good show! Mary

Re: Go Fish, Go!

This is too cute Sue!! We have a winter carnival here at one of our high schools that we always go to and it never failed that one of our kids didn't win a goldfish. Now the grandkids are going and they too bring home one. This would be a such cute project for them!! Love, Love it!! Mary

Re: Rosette Bib Necklace

I've seen these in magazines too. You did a wonderful job on yours!! Absolutely beautiful!! Mary

Re: The Key to my heart!

Love your key collection and the paperweight you made!! What a beautiful sentiment to treasure forever!! Absoluttely wonderful!! Mary

Re: Stained Glass Bike wheel spinner!

What a neat idea! I bet it does look cool spinning!! Great job!! Mary

Re: Barbed Wire Never Looked So Good

Cool light!! Love it! Mary

Re: How to Make a Gear Mold Clock

I love clocks too and have many in the house that don't work either. This is such a cool clock!! Love the idea about the cookies too. Will be on the lookout for those. Great project!! Mary

Re: Still Testing My Metal!

What a fun peice! And I love the rusty bar stools! Great job using the power tools!! Mary

Re: Bird in the Cage...

Very cute idea!! Love how you put it all togehter! Mary

Re: A Trip down Memory Lane- S & H Green Stamps Style

Oh yes do I remember these! I remember my mom always getting them. My frist tricyle was bought with S&H Greenstamps. Thanks for the memories! Mary

Re: Baby, It's Cold Outside!

This is such a cute idea!! How fun would that be to come in to from a day of ice skating or sled riding!! It's so funny but I have a rack almost like that, that I got about a year ago in a antique store in Montana. Mine dosen't have the lettering on the racks but I have the White Rock Sprakling Beverages sign on top. Love how you put this it all togther!! Mary

Re: Large ( 21x47 ) picture frame

Very nice! Love the pictures you put in also! Mary

Re: Okay I admit it, I'm addicted to Thrift Stores

I think we all are. Their is no cure that I know of and thats just fine with me. Great finds. Mary


What a cute fan! Pretty brave putting it on this site!! Just kidding!! Their are a lot of Viking fans in North Dakota too, where I'm from. But my daughter is not one of them. She was rooting for the Saints all the way, so she would've loved this fan! Very clever!! Mary

Re: Vintage Door Vanity

Love what you did with the door!! Very beautiful!! How fun would it be to have a little desk like that!! Mary

Re: Let Me Introduce Some Very Talented Junker's in Training

What a great class! It really amazes me how many young people are doing this. Even my own daughters are really into this too. I think it is so great!! Mary

Re: Sign -Up Complete! See Sue's Comment Below for Next Steps

I'm a newbie too. But this sounds like too much fun not to do!! Count me in too! Mary

Re: Dresser mirror becomes bathroom centerpiece

Very cool idea! Love the shelf!! Mary

Re: Yes, It Spins Too!

Another fantastic table Jenny!! Love, Love this!! Mary

Re: Throwback to my Youth - Take a little trip with me

These are so cute! What a wonderful memory! Mary

Re: Lampshade Bowls

I just love these! I've seen these done before and love them everytime I see them. Great job!! Beautiful, Beautiful!! Mary

Re: Stop the Draft!

Very nice project! Love the color choices and the distressed look! Just an awesome job! Mary

Re: Thrift Store Finds

Aren't the thrift stores the best thing ever?!! Looks like you had a good day. Have fun with your projects! Mary

Re: Sweet new beginnings for Mayo jars...

These are too cute!! What a fun idea! And I agree I love chalkboard paint too!! I didn't know that it came in differnt colors though. Well have to check that out. Mary

Re: Trash to Treasure Clock Tutorial

Love what you did with the clock! It really turned out beautiful!! Love the added bling also. And the picute you picked is perfect! Mary

Re: Practical-ly Pretty...

Yes I get the orangizing bug the frist of the year too. I've been doing excatly what you've been doing! Love the lunch box idea!!! The fridge drawer is really cool too!! I've got lots of glass containers and in the bathroom for soaps and collectibles also. They really are handy. Love all the other comments on the the thrift stores. I can relate. Great post!! Mary

Re: Rusty Chick Protector Still Works

Love this! Anything wire is one of my favorite things.Love the door knob on top too another one of my favorites. This really turned out nice !! Mary

Re: A Shabby Chandelier Makeover

Very pretty! Love the lampshades also! Mary

Re: A Very Shabby to Chic Rocking Chair

Love this chair! What a great paint job!! Mary

Re: A Redesigned Vintage Children's Play Stove

This is too cute!! How much fun would my grandaughters have with this!! Mary

Re: Fern Valley Window...

Very clever! Something new to do with window frames! Very nice! Mary

Re: A Simple Monday Floral Arrangement

Oh Sue this is soooo cute!!! I'm glad someone asked about what kind of suitcase that was because I've never seen one like that either. Just wonderful as always!!! Mary

Re: Hemmed up!

Very nice! Love how it turned out! Mary

Re: Vintage Look Candle Hurricane Shades

I really like these!! Great idea! I have a daughter who is getting married in June and the sheet music is a great idea!! Both very nice!! Mary

Re: I've got some "Hang" ups!

What fun hanger collections. I really like the bird ones ! v Very nice! Mary

Re: Well Worn, But Well Loved . . .

It's always fun to look at other peoples collections. Love your Ironstone! I've been putting a little bit in my bathroom and bedroom. Also love the fact some of the pieces are not perfect.Great collection!! Mary

Re: Nifty Thrifty

Fun finds! Great thinking! Mary

Re: chippy white and wonderful hutch

Love how this turned out!!! I have a top almost like that that I just got at an auction real cheap. Now I need to find a bottom like you have. You JunkFest girls do such a great job!! Awesome, awesome!!! Mary

Re: A "Junky Little Valentine"

Very cute ideas! Love them all!! Love the cloche idea and the pink heart in the nest is great! Mary

Re: Photo Finish

Love , Love the frame holder!! Absolutely beautiful!! It is beautiful just the way it is but made into a picture holder, WOW!! I understand how you are feeling with your daughter going to college. It is tough at first but it gets better. As Patti says they come home for the vacations and I agree with with Lani you have to get Skype. Mary

Re: Would Thomas Edison be Proud?

It turned out wonderful!! Love you put it all together! Mary

Re: Cupboard From Crate Wood

Nice save!! Love what you've done!! It's just wonderful!!! Mary

Re: What's Under That Glass Dome?

Nice way to use the trophies!! I also like that you described what a glass dome and a cloche was. I thought they were one in the same. Now I know. I'm just getting into the cloches to display my antiques and having fun with them. Great post!! Mary

Re: Cloche...Rusty Style

Fun stuff!! I too have a wire thing that could be described as a cloche and just love it too. Great going!! Mary

Re: Screen Savers

Very nice! Can't decide which is my favorite! What fun projects!! Mary

Re: Have Suitcases; Will Travel

I thought I had a lot of suitcases for storage. Never mind. What a great collection!!! I have a small white one like ours and would love to have more white ones. I have the blue ones and brown stripes ones plus a neat black hat one. They are fun! I had really nice set that I got at an auction last year but I sold the set at Oronoco. That was tough to do. Because no you can not have to many!! Mary

Re: Have Suitcases; Will Travel

I thought I had a lot of suitcases for storage. Never mind. What a great collection!!! I have a small white one like ours and would love to have more white ones. I have the blue ones and brown stripes ones plus a neat black hat one. They are fun! I had really nice set that I got at an auction last year but I sold the set at Oronoco. That was tough to do. Because no you can not have to many!! Mary

Re: Testing my metal. aka Testing my mettle!

Oh do I love this!!! Very nice table!!! And your tray in back looks great! You did good!! Mary

Re: What To Do With A Thing-a-ma-jig

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. And actuality Patti, I have 2 grandsons 2 granddauhters. They are a joy!!!But after rasing three girls what a differnce between girls and boys!Night and day. And our youngest daughter in the middle is getting married this June. Mary

Re: Musical Revamp

Oh is that pretty! I have some sheet music laying around that I don't know what to do with. This is very nice!! Mary

Re: dresser makeovers

Love what you did with the dressers! Just beautiful!!! Mary

Re: Croquet anyone?

Love the way you displayed the croquet balls!!! And the fact that your son did the wood pieces makes it even more special.Nice save! Mary


Absolutely beatuiful as usual!!! You do such good work on your dispalys! Stunning is the word! Mary

Re: Sheet Music Wreath

Simple and beautiful!! Mary

Re: It's "Cloche" to Baby Time

Very nice ideas!! Love all the cloches!! And I agree with Marie grandchildern are just the most amazing things ever. Congratulations!! Mary

Re: Drawer-A-Holic

Very beautiful drawer! Love the color and the jars just add to it! Nice!! Mary

Re: Benchs from headboard

Always liked these benches and yours are fabulous!! Mary

Re: This shelf is "wired"!

Great wire basket! One of my favorites is wire baskets. Great find!! Mary

Re: everything's coming up angels...

Very cute! Love how you put it all togehter! Mary

Re: Foiled and ready to shine.

Very pretty Alice!!! Love everything about it! Mary

Re: Some more clock projects

These are so beautiful!!! What a great way to use those tables you see at garage sales really cheap. Outstanding paint job!! Mary

Re: valentine art

I have a box full of old valentines and always trying to think of new ways to display them. This is very cute!! Mary

Re: Art Fun With Vintage Linoleum Cutters

Cute, Cute, cute! Clever, clever, clever!! I have some receipt holders some where too. Ummmmm. Mary

Re: Photo Tin

Very cute idea. Good thinking. Mary

Re: The Kitchen floor

Wow!! Just beautiful!! I can't imaagine doing this with my husband either. I was just glad we didn't argue putting in a regular wood floor. Great job!! Mary

Re: Still Life... @ 12 Degrees

I understand. As your neighbor ( us North Daktotans) to the west. I think we are in the same boat. BRRR is right! Mary

Re: JUNK... the best medicine!

Very cute knobs!! mary

Re: Church Treasures

Love your entry way!! The attendance chart is to cute!! Mary

Re: Beverage bar....junk style!

As always you junk fest girls do fabulous stuff!!! Very beatiful!!! We were selling there last year so did not get to see alot of all your neat things you girls do. This is just excellent!!! Mary

Re: Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Very pretty and unique!! And I too love the fact it was jewerly from the family. Wonderful!! Mary

Re: Vintage Valentine Tinsel Wreath

What a great idea!! I have so many vintage valentines that don't always get diplayed and that is a new and clever way of donig it. Love it!!! Mary

Re: My Dress

What a cute idea1! Love how you put it all together!!! Mary

Re: Architectural pieces and cloches two of my favorite things.

Love this shelf!!! Absolutely beautiful!!! Love the fact that it is a wide shelf too. Great job!! Mary

Re: A Chippy Welcome...

This is just so cool!!! I love it!! I have some lights also that need some junking up. What a beautiful idea!!! Mary

Re: Top "10" for 2010...Ten Very Good Reasons to Buy Junk

Love all your picks!!! And yes I agree with you that it is good to have junk laying around to give you inspiration. I have door knobs, keys, etc. ect. just sitting around because they look cute and will probably become projects or not. My husband and I love that desk!! WOW!! The suitcases are always fun too. Oh and my husband likes the last sign the best. Hope to see you this year in Oronoco. Mary

Re: more burn rescue

Love old moldings and what a great one!! It looks beautiful!!! Mary

Re: Piano bench-turned child creative center

What a cute idea for kids!! Love it!! Mary

Re: 'Coffee With Dick and Jane" CoffeeTime Lamp

Very cute Lamp!! Very clever!! Mary

Re: Garden Fencing Bedrail

Very neat idea!! And I aree with Janis what a beautiful room!!! I wish my girls were still young and at home to decorate a room like that. But wait I do have 2 little grandaughters, ummm. A spare bedroom is calling my name. Love what you did!!! Mary

Re: lamp my brother found in a dumpster

Wow to find that in a dumpster! Great save!!! Mary

Re: From Church Chair to Bedside Table

Love what you've done!! Great thinking! Love the mirror idea with the pictures!!! Very beatiful!! Mary

Re: CafeTable ala Vintage Galvanized Door

What a fun table!! Love the green base too!! Love that you left the hinge on the door also!!! Mary

Re: Sweet While Shabby Candle Holder

Very pretty!! Love two toeghter!!! Mary

Re: Rustic Glow

Very nice!!! And yes homemade is always best! Beautiful project! Mary

Re: Copper Pipe Dining Room Table

What a fun table!! Love all your projects!! Super job!! Mary

Re: Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a Gigantic Pile of Junk

Whay a fun way to use vintage light bulbs. And I have jars full! Who Knew!! Love how you put it all together!! Great project!! Mary

Re: Junkin' is the "SPICE" of life!

What a clever idea!! I have so many spice tins and this would be such a neat way to display them. Great job!!! Mary

Re: How to Make A Paris Lamp

This is just so creative and beautful!!! Love it!!! Mary

Re: One of My Top Ten - Cloches!

I didn't get to see this the frist time so I was glad it was posted again. Love all the cloches! I love the one in the bathroom!!! mary

Re: Farm Rescue

This has to be one of my favorite things ever!!! Love everything about it!!! And to have that history behind it makes it even more special. So glad it was posted again!!! Mary


I'm with Alice too. It would make a great cloche base. But what ever you come up with will be great. What a wonderful looking tree stand!!! Mary

Re: Let the music move you!

Absolutely beatuiful!!! That would look really nice on my black hutch!! Oh well. Love everything about it!! And yes it looks good all by it selve but what a great redo!!! Mary

Re: Piano Roll - Paper Roses!

Oh is this beautiful !!! Have not seen this before so glad it was posted again. Just gorgeous!!! Mary

Re: Mirror of Memories

Very cute! I agree with Laurel, love all the sentiments. They are just wonderful! Made me smile! Mary

Re: The Halls are Decked...

Took a break from cleaning the house before the kids all come home to look at the site. Love all the white displays!!! The milk glass is such a cool idea!! And yes you see them very cheap all over all the time. I know what I will being doing next year some where in the house. It really looks pretty! Love your wreath and oranment idea also! Mary

Re: Paver snowmen

Cute snowmen! Who would of thought! Love the earmffs too. Mary

Re: And the Stockings Were Hung...

Cute idea with the stockings!! Love what you did with the reflectors also. Very cute ornaments! great job!! Mary

Re: "Just what the Junker ordered"

How great is that!! Isn't it wonderful to have days like that !! Have fun going through everything. Mary

Re: Announcing "The Best of 2009". With Christmas Quickies...Instead of Cookies

I always love everything you do!! Have been such a big fan of yours since your first book. This site has been just wonderful!! That money changer is to cute!! Another thing I will be looking for. Have a wonderful Holiday!!! Mary

Re: Old Letters & Glitter

What a great find! Very cool letters! Nice display. Mary

Re: Santa's shopping cart just arrived!

Great displays! I of course like all your tinsel boxes displayed. I think I even see a few I don't have. Love your shopping cart display. I have one too that gets dressed up for the different holidays and is like the one Jim had posted. Wish I had room for it in the house like you have. It really looks cute in the corner! Mary

Re: More or less Christmas

Love all of your displays!! I've been trying to go for less too but it didn't happen this year either. I need to find somthing like you have for your cards one thing I do not have. I really like how you dressed that grate up for Christmas. Good job!

Re: The BEST Reason to Celebrate!

That drummer's hat is just to cute!! What great news! Have a very Merry Christmas! Mary

Re: The Holly and the...

What clever idea with the french fri cutter! It makes a very cute little sleigh! I see them too and never thought of doing that!Love taking vintage things and putting them in with displays like that. And the octopus trap is very cool and different!!

Re: From nut sweeper (!?) to wreath!

What a great find! I too have never heard of a nut sweeper. Great project!!


What a beautiful simple project!! I've done rub-ons on different projects and they are pretty easy to use. They just add so much. Love your easel find also. I have seen them in thrift stores also but never thought of painting them. Another wonderful project from you!!!

Re: Deck the doors!

Andrea you do just the neatest things! Can't wait to see what you do next!!! Love love that door!!!

Re: A "Light Bulb" Moment...

Just saw this post with your vintage lamp holder. It is just beauitful! I did one this year too with a different type of vintage lamp. It is the type with only one socket on it. I really like yours where you can put blubs or stars, or whatever on it. I also had a black lamp that I put out for fall and Halloween. Love the vintage wheel add on! Great job!

Re: A Traveler's Bag from Christmases Past

Love your suitcase and your display old vintage stuff. Good idea. Another great idea for me next year!

Re: I have a Bright Idea . . .

I love the marshmallow jar. Would love to do this but I think my grandkids would be in it trying to eat them. Cute ideas!

Re: Beads & Buttons

Love what you did! I always like to see people take old vintage pieces and make somthing else. You did good!

Re: You belong here!

OMG! I love that centerpiece! It is absolutely beautiful! Love the coffee table and the Etch-A-Sketch is to fun! Great job!!! Now I know what I'm going to do with my old canning piece. Next year projects just keep adding up.

Re: Christmas Vacation...tree

Very cute tree! Will have to let my oldest daughter know about this project. She does sports pennants so she will just love this idea. Mary

Re: Not exactly "choirs'' of angels, but I do have a few

These longer ones are just beaitiful! Never thought of doing them like this. Another project to do. mary

Re: In Memory of Our Dear Friend Junker Midge

Very cute angles. I love all the different ways you can make them up.

Re: "I'm WORKING here!"

What a great shutter! So great to know we have such wonderful teachers such as you. You sound like you have a great sense of humor. Love it! Mary

Re: You can thank Disneyland for this one!

What a cute idea! Love it! Mary

Re: A Ho-Ho - Whole lotta Christmas Junk!

LOVE you hayloader! I've seen it displayed before. You old clock display is wonderful. Great idea! Love it all. Mary


Love all your displays! Very Cute!


These are just beautiful! Love everything you do. Mary

Re: How to Create Sterling Silver Ornaments on the Cheap

Another new fun project. Love it! Went thrift store shopping yesterday and I now want to go again. mary

Re: Christmas Displays

Thanks everyone for all the positive comments. Posting for the first time can be little daunting. My husband has been after me to do this for awhile. Mary

Re: Old Tree Stand Candle Holder

Thanks everyone for all the postive comments. Posting for the first time can be little daunting. My husband has been after me to do this for awhile. Mary